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“I didn’t work all my career to come to the MLS just to be compared to Carlos Vela. The media made a huge mistake. You don’t compare Ferrari’s with Fiats. Tonight I showed I’m the best player in the league.” - Zlatan Ibrahimović after beating Vela's LA team.


#RTした人にめっちゃ甘対応する いいねでも可! めちゃくちゃ甘やかしちゃうよーっ


LA Galaxy-LA FC derbisinden önce Ibrahimovic: "MLS'in en iyisi benim. Vela, en iyi döneminde ve MLS'te oynuyor. Ben en iyi dönemimde nerede oynuyordum?" Derbide Ibrahimovic, Vela'nın 2 golüne 3 golle yanıt verdi ve maçı kazandı. Bugün Ibrahimovic: "Ben Los Angeles'ım."


ليس من حقكِ عتاب عاشق مات شوقٍ من الغياب #علي

"Black sheep" for just 12hr more on ReTweet for chance at FREE TEE!


adam 38 yaşında. 3 gol atıp maçı 3-2 kazandırıyor ve attığı bir gol var ki akıllara zarar... Zlatan İbrahimovic yaşlanmayacaksan oynamayalım bilader

FOUND THIS! #InsulatedJackets Columbia Womens Powder Lite Mid Jacket – Black


【Swing CATSメンバー紹介④】 行田光牙(いくた・こうが) CV. #大河元気 パート:ドラム 「腕が折れたって、死んだってオレは叩き続ける」 誰より生演奏にこだわる光牙だが、新のプレイに湧き上がる客席を見て、信念が揺らぐのを感じる。 #jazzon #ジャズオン


#ThingsStupidPeopleSay “Send her back!” “Lock her up!” “Burn the witch!”

✅ Sağ ayakla gol ✅ Sol ayakla gol ✅ Kafa golü Ibrahimovic'ten mükemmel hat-trick Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3-2 Carlos Vela


「ゆるふわのハチワレちゃん♪」埼玉県 - 猫の里親募集情報(271364) :: ペットのおうち…

Any words that come out of Diane Abbot or David Lammy’s mouths #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

We are also on #Instagram Scan the #QR code on the image to find us. Follow us for your Daily #Apple news, tips & tricks from our team of Engineers & Software Specialists. #Birmingham #Brum #Apple #Mend #Diagnose #Refurbish #Upgrade #DataRecovery #Backup #Mac #iPhone #iPad




A brand new exhibition is opening at @argenteagallery next week celebrating the history and industry of #Birmingham! Gwen Wilkinson's collection "Forward" will be on display from 25 july to 7 September 2019. Read the highlights on our blog >>… @MyJQ


Join us in #Birmingham for our annual study day. This year we celebrate the diversity of #diabetes #dietetics. Oh, and there’s a bit on #carbs Book now to avoid disappointment.… @CarbsAndCals @SuccessDiabetes @BDA_Events


Off to an Ordination in #Birmingham today and then Marco's First Mass in #Oxford tomorrow. He is from Kidlington Parish where I have been celebrating Mass all of August for the last two years and thus know him and his family. Here is Kidlington Catholic Church.







every time Trump does a nazi rally and the heat gets to be a bit much, he helps out exactly one (1) black person and his fans are like "SEE? How can he be racist?"

I will fight for you I always do,until my heart Is black and blue.

„To watch raucous crowds of (mostly) white Americans unite in frenzied hatred of a black woman — to watch them cast her as a cancer on the body politic and a threat to a racialized social order —is to see the worst of our past play out in modern form.“…

Not to mention one of the first steps to systemic racism... first minimum wage in America was supported to protect white jobs from black workers...…

The latest updates on the ongoing #ASAPRocky legal situation: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reached out President Donald Trump, who is now intervening via Twitter... Details:…


The latest updates on the ongoing #ASAPRocky legal situation: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reached out President Donald Trump, who is now intervening via Twitter... Details:…


In 2016, under President Obama, 10,786 Somali refugees arrived in the United States. Trump took office in 2017, and the number dropped to 2,770, followed by only 139 Somali refugee arrivals in 2018, and 141 thus far in 2019.

Progressives are the True American Patriots, while Trump is the most anti-American "President" ever. Open of my @SXMProgress show…

Probably the most offensive thing about these sexualized cats in the Cats movie is that they only have 2 boobs instead of 6-8 the way god intended

RIP Pickles. She lived a long and happy 19 years. #cats #cutecats #bestmeow


Thought about giving my cat a beer to help him relax after a hard day of cat stuff. Then I remembered that people with common sense wouldn’t do something like that because alcohol is toxic to cats. I mean who would have thought right?

Me in a theater alone this Christmas watching Cats

Magazine advert for ‘NFL Blitz 2003′ on the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox.


Niggas really said “Tay K needs to stay in jail” #FreeTayK till it’s backwards ho


Hope Hicks –– who helped Trump concoct the totally false statement about Don Jr's 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians and then famously said that Don Jr's emails from said meeting “will never get out” –– stands by her lies to Congress.…

California’s law mandating women on public company boards spreads as Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Washington consider similar rules

Why the idea of an 18-game season—with players only allowed to play in 16 of those games—isn’t so bad

Rest in peace, Mitch Petrus. The former NFL lineman died Thursday night due to a heatstroke. The Super Bowl champion was just 32 years old.

It's time for Reiter Than You w/@jodymacman filling in for @sportsreiter talking NFL's Tyreek Hill decision, #OpenChampionship & more! Guests: 7:00 ET/4:00 PT - @BarrettSallee 8:00 ET/5:00 PT - @CaseyStern 9:00 ET/6:00 PT - @RexHoggardGC LISTEN LIVE:…

This album has radio hits, oscars, and Grammys , this shits in different areas #TheGiftAlbum


Tom Brady got suspended for knowing about under inflated footballs but Tyreek Hill was found not to violate the NFL’s personal conduct policy for threatening personal harm. Hmmm.

Thank you, Clemson. Bittersweet walking out of my office today for the last time. Excited for my new opportunity with @uncwbb and so grateful for my time at Clemson. When you hear them talk about the Clemson Family, know that it’s real.

Reports: Clemson DB, former top-60 recruit enters NCAA transfer portal

Clemson CB Kyler McMichael has entered the Transfer Portal


Clemson cornerback Kyler McMichael enters NCAA transfer portal…


Clemson is only school to have three former players make the cut at this year's Open Championship. Congrats to Lucas Glover, Kyle Stanley and Doc Redman.

This week, Clemson IE student @chakara_17 successfully defended his Master’s Thesis entitled “A Machine Learning Framework for Energy Consumption Prediction.” Congrats to Chakararajan and all of our students defending this summer! #thesisdefense


Hyping up the Bama game only to lose by double digits…

low budget black widow reporting for duty



Cinestaan Film Company’s #BombayRose will open Critics Week with its World Premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. Proud to be a Producer of this beautiful animated feature by #GitanjaliRao @bombayrosefilm @cinestaanfilmco #RohitKhattar


[ON AIR] #StateCaptureInquiry: Former SA president #JacobZuma his testimony at the #ZondoCommission on #CNBCAfrica DStv 410 or here >>


Retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal announces which 2020 Dem he'll endorse for president


Washington is hopeful that European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen can inject new life into deadlocked transatlantic trade talks, US ambassador tells POLITICO

After listening to brown skin girl , I really don't want to hear or see any Davido and wizkid comparison ever again . #TheGiftAlbum

Good morning, President Trump! Because of your retweet a Special Veteran will be surprised this morning with a 30k gift at 8:30am ET. Tune in live @Pulte. Thank you! @realDonaldTrump @DanScavino

The NYT writes of Trump what could be said of the Squad with some minor tweaks: "The president is looking to divide Americans along color lines, to conjure a zero-sum vision of America in which whites must contend against nonwhites for jobs, wealth, safety and citizenship."

US iTunes Top Albums: (NEW) #1 - Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

Congress is trying to pass Trump Infrastructure Legislation which awards Corporations and Fossil Fuel Industry but nothing for us. #NBCPolls says Americans Willing To Pay More In Taxes. My Poll: Who Do You Trust To Carry Out A Vision With Our Tax Dollars…

Jon Favreau has over the past decade has become an integral player in nearly every arm of Disney’s film empire.

Wow I can’t believe Lion King is getting bad reviews who saw that coming

How can we help? That's the only question members of Congress should be asking the Border Patrol when it comes to the crisis

Congress must pass @EthansLaw2! So far in 2019, there have been at least 134 shootings by children. Most guns used in school shootings come fr/ the assailant’s home. Hundreds of thousands of unsecured firearms are stolen each year, fueling crime.… @bopinion

I think we need to go somewhere else, this place has no atmosphere #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Intelligence collection procedures have varied within and across IC agencies—making it difficult for Congress, the public, and even the agencies themselves to determine the scope of intelligence gathering. Here’s Diana Lee and Paulina Perlin:

"It's 4am and Dane's light is still on. Think he's eating a cheeseburger." #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Democrats on the House committees set to hear testimony next week from Mueller believe the hearings will help Americans understand "the gravity of the president's misconduct," staff members told reporters.

Top NC running back "on cloud nine" after picking up prestigious #Clemson offer:


Georgia Tech linebacker David Curry is eagerly anticipating the Yellow Jackets' season-opening game against Clemson and quarterback Trevor Lawrence. @GeorgiaTechFB @ClemsonFB

8 #scramble up and down Clemson rd with @newt605 to celebrate ACC media week. 9 for #coffeeteria. @F3Columbia


Sean Pollard, the starter at center for Clemson football, hosts an annual fundraiser to battle pediatric cancer. @ClemsonFB

Vatanı ve milletine katkı sağlamak için ömrünü adayan,içinde bulunduğu camiaların tümüne örnek olmuş Değerli Amcam Şaban Ali Yaşaroğlu’nu kaybettik, Cenâb-ı Hak’tan Rahmet diliyorum,mekanı cennet olsun.


Ünlü Tiyatro Sanatçımız Nedim Saban bey ziyaretimize geldi. Otizmli bir kardeşimizi anlattığı tiyatro oyunu;Süper İyi Günler ve özel tiyatroların üzerine konuştuk.Nedim beyin hazırladığı bu çok özel oyunu destekliyorum.⁦@nedimsaban#tiyatrokare #Süperiyigünler


Vali @munirkaraloglu önderliğinde İl Müdürü @Ozenmustfa yönetiminde #GelinKardeşOlalım projesiyle Erzurum #Tortum'a giden;#Alanya İlçemiz proje istişaresi için Tortum Kaymakamı Şaban Arda Yazıcı'yi ziyaret etti ve Tortumlu çiftçilerle buluştu. @TCTarim @bekirpakdemirli


Tokat Eğitim Bir-Sen 1 No'lu Şube Başkanı Şaban Ceylan ve yönetim kurulu üyelerine, Tokat Eğitim Bir-Sen 2 No'lu Şube Başkanı Mehmet Demirtaş ve yönetim kurulu üyelerine ziyaretlerinden dolayı çok teşekkür ederim.


It is 1 am when we call it a day for #DutchDialoguesCharleston @CUSoA_Clemson. Tomorrow we present the outcome of four days of discussion, research and design. @HistoricChas @CityCharleston.


sabah saban aassssssırı yukseldim lanmnnnnn…

FSU goes 8-4. Beats Miami. Loses to Florida and Clemson. Drops two more games along the way. Makes a bowl. Who knows what happens in December.

It’s been a good week. Any week that includes Clemson’s Football Media Outing, eating a hot dog with Dabo, hanging out with @_Zach_Lentz @MDavidHood @steelerwill bowling at the Allen E. Reeves Football Complex, and taking photos for @ClemsonMaven is a good week.A very good week.

How do you make $100 million in the music business?…

PENDAPATAN LUMAYAN...Bertandang ke Pasar Nelayan di muara Sg Teluk Bahang. Peniaga di situ Sdr Nazri seorg nelayan. Saban malam berniaga ikan segar. Pendapatanya cukup lumayan!


Had Alabama beaten Clemson, just one more win, and they were favored to do so, Alabama ‘18 would’ve been considered by many to have been the greatest college football team of all time. But yep, they lose. And now I get to read they were a season long disaster.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier John Horgan, and the President and CEO for @BCTransit, Erinn Pinkerton, announce joint funding to improve public transit in British Columbia:

. @TomCruise aparece en la Comic Con para presentar tráiler de ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. VIDEO ►


President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts… via @whitehouse

Our president with his friend, a "terrific guy" who's "a lot of fun to be with." h/t @barubin

In the military, if you only lead the people who look like you, you’ll lose every battle. That's what the president is doing when he tells US citizens to "go back" to where they came from. It's damaging to our strength as a country, and it’s wrong.

The Five's Greg Gutfeld @greggutfeld simplifies President Trump's new asylum rules via @YouTube

National security lawyer: Trump might ‘already be in prison’ if not for the DOJ policy…

0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 That is the number of people Donald Trump has won over since 2016. #TwitterXanax

Trump considering nominating Eugene Scalia, the son of the late Supreme Court justice, as his next secretary of Labor

Top Gun: Maverick is just the white bro version of Creed, if Creed was all about Rocky.…

The new top gun trailers looks out of this world good.

*whispers* ...the first Top Gun was shitty so I sure as hell ain’t watching the second one...

The Top Gun sequel looks like 100% self-indulgent nostalgia-peddling nonsense and I am 100% here for it. As soon as that music started up I was all in.…

The trailer for Top Gun: Maverick is out. The film is scheduled to be released June 26 2020.

Those who let their #AntiSemitic views be known to the world should not have positions of power in our gov’t. But #IlhanOmar & #RashidaTlaib are still serving in #Congress. They must be censured. Fight back. Sign our petition today.

John McCain did not: -Tell any immigrant to "go back" from where we came from -Hold a rally where people chanted "send her back" regarding a US citizen -Commit felony campaign finance violations John McCain did: -Serve in combat -Survive as a POW -Reform campaign finance laws…

THIS is courage. THIS is what a leader does. For me, this was the moment I knew I would always have respect for John McCain, even when we disagreed politically. History will be the judge, but hem hawing around with “I didn’t like that” sure doesn’t say Leadership to me.…

I Feel The Need For Speed! Also they need to bring back the danger zone song! #TopGun…

Chris Hayes is on fire right now. Vote every single silent Republican out. Leave none behind. #Inners

Trump said he tried to quiet the 'send her back' chants at his North Carolina rally, saying he 'started speaking very quickly.' But on stage, he paused, appearing to hand the moment to the crowd via @ReutersTV

The Republican brand? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . CRUELTY HATRED BIGOTRY TORTURE. . . thats the brand

House passes bill to raise federal minimum wage to $15 an hour

i have never seen a republican that was good looking not even one yall should be called the ugly party instead

i can’t believe im about to do a REAL comedy set only about being gay and my former love for republican lookalikes

THANK YOU for making us one of the top conservative podcasts in the country! We’re having our best week of listenership ever. If you don’t mind, subscribe free on iTunes: Or on YouTube:

Marine anti-drone buggies on USS Boxer knocked down "threatening" Iranian drone (also full analysis of images from the transit through the Strait of Hormuz):…

Marine anti-drone buggies on USS Boxer knocked down "threatening" Iranian drone (also full analysis of images from the transit through the Strait of Hormuz):…

UK government statement (wanting de-escalation) after US warship destroys Iranian drone: “We are aware of an incident in the Strait of Hormuz and are monitoring the situation closely. Escalation in this region is not in anyone’s interest.”

U.S. Navy “destroyed” Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz, Trump says - NBC News $50 drone destroyed y’all !!!! ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ our American tax payer drone was $150mm…

If there is no Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins playing then please do not call this Top Gun! #ThursdayThoughts #DangerZone…

.@seniorbowl met w/ @VandyFootball prospects TE Jared Pinkney, RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, and WR Kalija Lipscomb at #SECMD19. Not a better group of “triplets” in nation. Coach Mason has proven to recruits that you can go to Vandy for an top-notch education and also be a high NFL pick.


A packed house for “Structured Literacy for Leaders” #MEGA2019 @GregCobb6 @AlabamaDeptofEd @Alabama_Reading


#MEGA2019 I absolutely love this Vocabulary Session!!

You never once suggested that God placed Barack Obama where he was, never publicly offered prayers for him and his family, never made any effort to affirm his humanity or show the love of Jesus to him in any measure. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation…

Am defo one of those people who notice everything going on but just don't have the energy to act on it bcos what's the point lmao

If you do not support the mandate, you do not support pre-existing conditions. Stop lying to people…

Is chanting for her deportation not also an exercise of First Amendment, Benjamin? Sounds like you’re more ok with her hatred of Jews than people wanting her out of our country. That’s just weird.…

Don't be afraid to get started, regardless of how far you have to go. #ThursdayMotivation


On #MandelaDay last year we celebrated @NelsonMandela’s centenary in Johannesburg, South Africa by shining a light on 100 #SparksofHope:… #MandelaMile #MandelaDay2019

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do - Nelson Mandela #MandelaDay2019


#IStandWithIlhan #NationalSnakeDay If you do not Love America go back to the #Shithole Country you came from! #SendHerBack


Regarding @IlhanMN, I do think we should SEND HER BACK. Back to Trump's overcrowded border detention camps, with a whole group of Congresspeople, so she can help point out what a sick bastard this President is, and work to help these split up families.

WATCH: MEA responds on US President Donald Trump's credit-taking on Pakistan's sham Hafiz Saeed arrest…

Everyone on Facebook making fun of everyone on FaceApp for giving away their information, seem to have no idea that Facebook has been trading their information for nearly a decade.

While I agree w u, the difficulty here is that Trump has ripped off the bandaid that covered the gaping wound of racism. Racial sentiments used to be shunned; now they get think pieces and cowardly responses from enablers. For many of us, this won’t just go away…

bosen liat foto faceapp di timeline twitter sama insta :(

President Trump targets four progressive Democrat Congresswomen known as the “squad”, slams the 2020 Democratic hopefuls and touts the booming economy in a fiery rally in North Carolina.

PRESS RELEASE| LETTER DATED 3/7/19 "ENACTMENT DIVISION OF REVENUE BILL & THE BUDGET PROCESS". @DCI_Kenya Detectives have launched investigations into the source of the suspicious letter directed to the #AG, which is alleged to have originated from the Office of the President.


Trump’s message of “you hate America If you criticize trump” is more evidence trump is the most anti-American president ever. Trump is just pro- trump.

Please try and source your news on the KyoAni tragedy through reputable sources, don't believe everything you read on twitter Japanese or otherwise. Reports are scary, if you want to stay up to date follow NHK World or trusted ENG industry members

I have an advantage of knowing the president very well, and he's not a racist and his comments are not racist...…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was asked if Carlos Vela is the best player in the MLS. Just listen to his reply.

On November 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump will go back into the White House. Four more years.…

京都アニメーションさまで起こった事件に憤りと心痛が止みません。被害に遭われた皆さまに心よりお見舞い申し上げます。これ以上被害が大きくなりませんように。また一日も早い回復を心よりお祈りしております。 アニメは日本文化の宝です。 #京都アニメーション #KyoAni #PrayForKyoani

After #Trump’s unconscionable racist behavior this past week, I am utterly angered, embarrassed and ashamed that the Democratic Party joined with Republicans NOT to impeach yesterday. WTF are you waiting for???


"Her silence on the border crisis and on her father’s racist tweets shows she has abandoned even the pretense of being a voice of reason inside the White House..."…

It’s crazy to think about, if Republicans had just told Trump he was a fucking idiot for saying Obama was from Kenya years ago, we might not be where we are today, with them having to issue half-hearted apologies to a woman they don’t really like.

Laura Loomer Official - Laura Loomer Official…. Keep reporting LAURA your banging it out of the park. Very proud of you and your work god bless. Keep it up us Republicans need you.

White GOP lawmaker: "I'm a person of color"


Pete Buttigieg speaks in Kansas City, MO: "Every few days there's a fresh outrage from the President, and it gets us talking and we need to talk about things like racism emanating from the White House."

La Velá de Los Remedios, anteriormente conocida como Feria de Abril.…

Big-time show today! @ATLUTD with a monster win, @AtlantaFalcons extend another important piece, the @Braves start a huge series with the Nationals. & Bama & Clemson exchange words via Media Days @JohnFricke & @Bighugh53 will get you to it all! Joining is @Longshoe & @corryjoel

Clemson running back Travis Etienne led the ACC last season in yards after contact. @ClemsonFB

"It was more preparation," Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses said of Clemson's win in the title game. "I wouldn't say they were a better team."

#MEGA2019 The Wiley Blevins session MAXED OUT today; we had to squeeze in 35 more chairs! SO...WILEY IS MOVING to JUBILEE TOMORROW!! Thursday’s sessions 328 and 379 will be moving to second floor, JUBILEE!! Please come early for a seat!! @wbny


It is an honor to get to work beside these dedicated instructional leaders @MadCoSchools ...their commitment to excellence inspires me every day! #ALLmeansALLMCSS #MEGA2019


Naomi rocks. Follow her Motivators. She's all Trump all day.…

Trump Slams Progressive Democrat Women, Talks 'Bulls**t' at North Carolina Rally -…

This week, we have bad news from SDNY. But I do not criticize the line prosecutors. The politically-driven hands of the AG may have snuffed out any effort to indict “Individual-1” (Trump), who directed Cohen to violate campaign laws to hide the Stormy deal. The boss gets a pass?

Biasanya aku setuju kalau MILF itu menarik. Sampai orang2 pada make filter muka tua di FaceApp.

Props to Schumer for having a working brain! Fuck #Faceapp and quit using that shit you dumbasses…


Federal Watchdog Agency: White House Should Fire Kellyanne Conway for Violating the Hatch Act. Conway has become a 'repeat offender' by disparaging Democrats, the office said…

Entre 800 a 1,000 motoras, LOS CACOS MANDAN Y VAN. #RickyVeteYa #RickyRenuncia…

The convention is open! Come on by our booth, 4292, and say hello! Free sticker and pin when you visit. #Sdcc #sandiegocomiccon #SDCC19


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