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So many beautiful works by #MandalaArts and all for #chakra energy. Spring is the season for #crystalwaterbottles and at #crystalelixir we a really attractive wholesale offer - please get in touch via our website.


I saw No Vaseline was trending and got scared we were having another dryjacking debate

his lil stubble, his glasses, he's basically bare-face and always beautiful i will never get over his beauty


We've rounded up all our favorite celebrity looks from the 2019 #Emmys.

Malcolm is quite the criminal profiler. Catch up on the series premiere of #ProdigalSon here:

Chelsea Clinton is probably the only person in America who thinks Hunter Biden is qualified to give advice to a Ukrainian gas giant. She was on the board of directors at Expedia before she knew how to book a flight.

President Trump told his acting chief of staff to withhold nearly $400M in military aid for Ukraine days before he phoned its leader and allegedly urged him to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden's son, WashPost and the NYT report…

Biden's kid got a $50k a month gig he had zero experience for and by most accounts probably did zero work for. Just a gaffe.

It wasn't his expletive-laden session from last week, but have to love Khalil Mack getting asked by a media member to take us through the strip-sack. "Which one?" he says with a straight face. #Bears

Same reporters with a second day of chin scratch pieces about whether Biden will be sunk by Trumps propaganda.…

wes anderson is gonna remake Belly w shia labeouf and donald glover as tommy and sincere. watch

ice cube dissed his own group and got invited right back smh. No Vaseline is hands down the best diss ever

University of Notre Dame Fire Department brings on first female firefighters


Monday At The Showcase Humboldt 4 vs Estevan 3 (OT) Nipawin 3 vs Notre Dame 0 Flin Flon 7 vs Weyburn 2… Tuesday Schedule Yorkton vs Melfort 10:00 Battlefords vs Flin Flon 1:00 Kindersley vs Estevan 4:00 Nipawin vs Melville 7:00

Up until this year, The University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss had never had a Homecoming King. But now they do, and his name is Carl Tart.

Notre Dame, we won’t forget

Have y’all looked at the college football schedule for Columbus Day weekend yet? Florida at LSU Oklahoma at Texas Penn State at Iowa USC at Notre Dame Michigan St at Wisconsin Alabama at Texas A&M Mercy!

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1939) Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara, Cedric Hardwicke. Dir: William Dieterle 12:45 AM ET A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder. B/W, 117 mins, CC, #drama #TCM

remeber when someone said that notre dame burning down was aesthetic and someone said to them "je vais cramer ta mère on va voir si c’est esthétique"

Would “beat ole miss” count as doing something about it ??…

VIP: Ole Miss' highest-rated commitment, 4-star safety Eric Reed, tells us the latest happenings in his recruitment:… #OleMiss #HottyToddy



i do not think said i have said this explicitly/outright anywhere (certainly not on facebook & the like) so i will say it here: happy #BiVisibilityDay from me, a bisexual person

If children were to read a poem a day, Imagine all the words that would stay .


#BiVisibilityDay ol' ugly ass but it's bi day so I will post myself just once


After this day of chaos, Labour are in a bigger mess over Brexit than ever. Imagine if there actually is a second referendum. Labour’s rallies will be a sight to behold. “What do we want? NO IDEA! When do we want it? NOT A CLUE!” #Lab19…

“What's mad with all this media stuff, I just can't imagine that's overly exciting talking about mine and Harry's hair. This is the third time I've been asked it today. It’s a good hairstyle, a good hairstyle you know what I mean.Who can blame him?” Louis on Harry Styles’ haircut

Franchement imagine ton mec c'est un criminel. C'est chaud. Et en plus t'as fait un enfant avec cette pourriture. Mais wah c'est horrible. #LaPartDuSoupçon

"Expertly punishes?" How does he think China is going to react to being "expertly punished?" If you think the Trade War has been hard on the U.S. economy, just wait for Biden's Climate War.…

FOTOS: Así lucen tras una caída los iPhone 11 hechos con el "vidrio más resistente"

Wow. Someone in the crowd spots an eagle, and Joe Biden takes a minute to talk about his deceased son Beau, and the night he died. Biden says he saw an eagle on the lake that night, and hadn't seen it since. "Maybe that's my Beau."

Let him keep blowing his load on Biden as long as he wants cause Biden isn’t gonna be the nominee.

A new poll by a firm linked to Biden is testing messages designed to undercut support among Democrats for Medicare for All

How many media outlets are going to repeat Trump's claim without pointing out that there is no evidence Biden did anything?…

Proctor really the only reason I stayed watching this shit. His role was important

Sid Haig, a character actor best known as the murderous clown Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's “House of 1000 Corpses,” died Saturday


.@RobZombie, @choptopmoseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, and other Hollywood notables have paid tribute to Sid Haig.…

Sid Haig died. More importantly, he lived.

HBO claims bragging rights in its battle for viewers with 34 #Emmys. More here:

Yengem abime doğum günü ve yıldönümü hediyesi olarak Tommy Hilfiger saat almış son durum;


Tommy's just massacre-ing the whole damn city and the feds still can't arrest him #PowerTV

i definitely think Proctor brother gone kill Tommy tho cus his people was fasho with the shit too

#ShutDownDC bro why would you do that dc is awesome they made batman

Polar bears can probably be bi too, right? Anyway, I was very visible today! #BiVisibilityDay #ShutDownDC


The guy is for Notre Dame? He should try being an @OleMissFB fan.…

"Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he had moral qualms about being a college football fan..." " the future that 40 years from now, in the best case scenario, is Notre Dame known for a world-class soccer program instead?”…

Es alarmante la cantidad de gente que prefiere un Reese’s sobre un Milky Way. Mientras más rápido este mundo se vaya por un precipicio...mejor para la humanidad

2 islamic women in court for attempts in 2016 to blow up car ... Notre Dame Church plot.

Aside from the few nutty Ole Miss fans on Twitter who are peddling conspiracy theories (saying @Emilnem is a Cal cheerleader or biased; and her video is doctored), the Ole Miss fans I met in person were very friendly. They’d talk to you, & wished us a safe trip home. #CALvsMISS

#Alabama HC Nick Saban previews Ole Miss, praises Anfernee Jennings and Xavier McKinney on being defensive leaders, updates three injuries and discusses the importance of Bryce Young's commitment for 2020 class. @TDAlabamaMag…

Thomas Cook deja las facturas por pagar y a más de 150.000 clientes colgados vía…

Thomas Cook quiebra. Lo que quizá muchos no sepáis es que fue la persona que preparó el 1er viaje organizado. ¿Cuál fue el destino de ese viaje? ¿París? ¿Roma? ¿NY? No, un congreso ANTIALCOHOL. Un fracaso absoluto. No creo que hoy viese con buenos ojos el TURISMO de BORRACHERA.



Out of all the weapons I’ve played in MHWI I must say my favorite overall is Hunting Horn. The spin move is way too good. Great for combos, individual damage, the new echo attacks, and can be cancelled out of. Absolutely a blast. Velkhana’s HH is also bae

Sad day for everyone going on holiday with Thomas Cook but much sadder for the employees affected, these people work bloody hard to ensure everyone has a great holiday, absolutely gutted for them!!!

Giuliani accuses Ukraine of laundering $3M to Hunter Biden, asks how Obama could let that happen #FoxNews

"Better Call Saul" supera los 20.500 votos en FilmAffinity con un 7,6 de nota media. El spin-off de"Breaking Bad" que protagoniza Bob Odenkirk optaba a seis #Emmys, incluyendo el de mejor serie dramática, aunque terminó llevándoselo "Juego de Tronos"…


Rule Britainnia: Phoebe Waller-Bridge's #Fleabag leads the charge as Brits dominate #Emmys winners


Biden's Ukrainian nightmare: A closed probe is revived (Hunter was appointed to Ukraine firm Burisma Board & receiving payments n 2014) JB was appointed by bho as Ukraine main contact 2/14 Hunter's partner appointed 4/4 & Hunter 5/14 #Trump #KAG @jjauthor…

Si enverdad aprecias a alguien y solo le puedes ofreser tu cariño mejor alejate, no querras arrastrar a alguien preciado a tu miseria. #FelizLunes #BuenLunes #SiguemeyTeSigo #Emmys #QuiénEsLaMáscara

My favorite part of the #Emmys was when the #GameOfThrones Season 8 writers were brought up on stage, stabbed through the heart, and then a dragon swooped in and carried off their carcasses.

어깨 둘러지고 고양이박수 치구 있는 거 보라구


Alabama: Muslim Auburn University student says he would execute US soldier if ISIS ordered him to do so…

Colonel Reb hasn’t been the Ole Miss mascot for 17 years now. At some point y’all are gonna have to stop blaming bad stuff on his ouster. It’s really simple. Bad football = poor student attendance. All other variables are just noise.…

gg songs I want ateez to cover 1. ddu ddu ddu 2. midnight (chungha) 3. deja vu

How ignorant do you have to be to not understand that people aren’t excusing the things Cupcakke said about Chungha, but also don’t want her to die? Y’all are actual fucking weirdos.

#UNC landed five-star Walker Kessler late Sunday night. Chose UNC over Duke, Georgia, Cal, Auburn and Gonzaga.

Not every game is going to be a Bulldog domination. Georgia was tested Saturday, and it passed.…

Islamic State Pair on Trial For 2016 Arson Attack Against Notre Dame Cathedral…

Milk bar and confectionery shop at Auburn NSW 1950s, courtesy Phoebe Sparagis family album


#ItsNotThatHardTo say “Thank You” (and with a fucking smile like McDonalds) when someone holds the door for you

Daniel Thomas: Auburn’s win at Texas A&M was for Jeremiah Dinson


Le pivot 5-étoiles Walker Kessler (#15, 2020) s'est engagé avec UNC (plutôt que Auburn, Duke ou Michigan) selon @EvanDaniels. Un 7-footer blanc à UNC ? Le couple parfait sorti du passé. #CBB


Unfortunately, the Pac-12’s perception would be radically different if Oregon had just beaten Auburn and USC had beaten BYU. Scheduling hard invites chaos.…

Sports Zone Sunday college football chat: -Thoughts on Ole Miss ending -John Rhys Plumlee's electric debut -State have a shot against Auburn? -USM survives non-con gauntlet -Alcorn wins, JSU headed to Indy, are we?

i am so happy that we get to revisit Ole Miss losing for the next 2 or 3 days

Ole Miss fans keep on sending me images of the “touchdown” on 3rd and goal with the TV camera from space that shows the end zone as background, and that @Emilnem video was doctored. Am now convinced Ole Miss fans watch InfoWars like Super Nintendo characters.


The point is that there should’ve been a review in real time. Then decide irrefutable evidence. It being a touchdown is a toss up. No cameras give a good angle. But that gives Ole Miss time to get an actual play call in, instead of having to do a QB sneak to beat the clock.…

One IQ point lower - Joe Biden would be a house plant.

Whatever your politics, you have to agree there will be something aesthetically satisfying if the latest Trump scandal leaves the President intact but takes down Biden for nepotism and corruption in office

Biden contradicts his son Hunter who confirmed to media in prior reporting that he and his father did, in fact, discuss his Ukrainian business venture in Burisma. Is Biden calling his son a liar?…

Ole Miss questions Pac-12 refs after bizarre finish… via @abc7newsbayarea

Mike Pompeo Suggests That Joe Biden Might Actually Need Investigation for Corruption and Election Interference

Funny thing that @WBALPete pointed out: Mecole Hardman was lined up way off of the ball on the 83-yard touchdown play. Just food for thought, carry on. #Ravens #RavensFlock


You “Kyle over Cam” clowns do realize Arizona just picked first in the NFL draft like 5 months ago right? Lmaoo Kyle Allen has beaten the Saints back ups & a team 5 months ago was picking first in the draft lmao We have to go there because you clowns are taking it there lmao

BREAKING: Biden's son Hunter retained a Fusion GPS client to prepare a report giving the corrupt Ukrainian company Burisma on whose board he sat a clean bill of health for investors

Biden goes hard after Trump in Iowa over Ukraine accusations. #AskTheRightQuestion

My CFB Top 15 (Week 5) 1. Clemson 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama 4. Georgia 5. LSU 6. Oklahoma 7. Auburn 8. Wisconsin 9. Notre Dame 10. Florida 11. Oregon 12. Texas 13. Penn State 14. Iowa 15. Cal

For the 3rd time let me explain it to the hypersensitive Matt Ryan fanboys. Today's loss was due in part to awful defense & too many penalties. Our star QB coughed up another redzone pick (we got 0 pts) in what ultimately became a one possession game. Demanding more is not hating

Ex-Texas, Ole Miss quarterback Snead dies at 32: report…


Notre Dame’s injuries were about as fake as Manti Te'o’s girlfriend...#UGAvsND

"All (Matt) Ryan needed was just one more possession to pull off what earlier seemed like an improbable comeback. But it wasn’t to be." @MatthewTabeek's Take:


Matt Ryan missed on a grand total of three passes. Three. Leave that man alone

Auburn QB Joey Gatewood on WR Anthony Schwartz's touchdown:


So much food on the table, but won’t grab a plate till I do my thang in the kitchen @ Texas A&M University - Kyle Field…

Hol up did I see us -6 early line over Auburn?

These are the must-see shots from UGA's win over Notre Dame

By halftime of the TAMU game, Auburn led by 11 points and is now 33-1 when leading by two scores at halftime under Gus Malzahn and 17-0 with Steele’s defense.

Great team win. Too much talent to expect this team to roll over and die. If you've watched this game long enough, you've seen championship teams without a great QB. Just need a QB that doesn't lose the game (Looking at you Matt Ryan) and thats what Teddy is doing.

Good grief. Knox is overpowering defenders with ease. Knox had always been one of the strongest players on the team during his time at Ole Miss. #NFLRebels


Analysis: Amid #NotreDame's waves of progress, there's nowhere to run for underwhelming rushing attack…


Loved being back in Oxford MS this weekend! We didn’t win the game, but we definitely won the party. Cal fans are awesome - made so many new friends this weekend......Mandy, Gordo, know who you are! Can’t wait to go back for Ole Miss/LSU game in Nov.


Mizzou fans should be big Auburn supporters this Fall. Auburn goes to Florida on 10/5 and hosts UGA on 11/16. The other Tigers winning one or both of those would be very helpful for a Mizzou top two finish in the East.

Former Auburn receiver Darius Slayton with the catch for 46…

lol matt ryan had a QBR of 93.3 in a loss

Lots of blame to go around the @AtlantaFalcons today but can't blame Matt Ryan. Falcons scored on 4/6 possessions. That's about as good as you can ask for.

Big Play Highlights: #NotreDame Commits Jay Brunelle makes an incredible touchdown grab, so does Jordan Johnson. Gabriel Rubio shows why he's a Top 100-ranked talent, and Xavier Watts' showcased why I've been saying his ball skills are elite. (VIP)…


Auburn HC Gus Malzahn said he found 20 offensive plays with self-inflicted mistakes from the Texas A&M game. He wants to see a lot better execution on that side of the ball moving forward.

Gus Malzahn announces Anthony Schwartz on offense, Derrick Brown on defense and Matthew Hill on special teams as helmet sticker winners vs. Texas A&M

Alabama is laying 34.5 vs Ole Miss

Gus Malzahn is here to tell us all about Auburn's win at Texas A&M. Helmet stickers: Offense - Anthony Schwartz Defense - Derrick Brown (duh) Special teams - Matthew Hill

Auburn's helmet stickers for the Texas A&M game... Offense: WR Anthony Schwartz Defense: DT Derrick Brown Special Teams: WR Matthew Hill (second week in a row for him)

Yo con mi hermana siempre: ole Camila Yo con mi hermana cuando necesito un favor: hola hermanita futura miss universo

This call will go into the history books at Ole Miss as one of the most controversial. And it wasn’t reviewed.


Convincing win for Kyle Allen in the Texas A&M Transfer Portal Bowl. Would have been nice for Sumlin to give him the trophy.

I may have missed the first My Hero Con earlier this year as a vendor but I’m gonna try my hardest to make my way all the way to Texas for the second one at the end of January!

Bizarre stat of the day. Since joining the SEC, Texas A&M's played 12 home games against teams ranked in the top 20. The Aggies are 4-8 in those games...and all 4 wins came in overtime.

Thankful for the provision of shade tents, cooling fans and cooling benches in the hot Texas sun yesterday. It was a hot one on the east sideline. Props to our managers, trainers and nutritionists for keeping everyone in the game. #WarEagle


Auburn is now ranked #7 in the AP and Coaches’ Polls. They are the 4th highest ranked SEC team, despite being the only team with two ranked wins, both away from home. #wareagle

#BuenDomingo viendo y escuchando la música en vivo que tocamos ayer en la entrevista en No Somos Nadie. Explicamos por qué hacemos #RockAlterNarrativo y por qué somos #ElÚltimoRock. Échenle un ojo, está en nuestra Fanpage. #FelizDomingo


Tariq believe he’s ghost but he’s really tommy. They both react without thinking #PowerTV

Rappel La #Martinique est placée en #VigilanceJaune pour "Fortes pluies/Orages", "Vents violents", et "Mer dangereuse à la côte" jusqu'à lundi soir en raison du passage de la TT #Karen dans le sud de l'arc antillais


Notre Dame vs. Georgia on the @SEConCBS was the highest-rated CFB game on any network this season earning an average household market rating/share of 6.2/13 Top Markets 1) Birmingham: 26.8/41 2) Atlanta: 25.9/47 3) Jacksonville: 17.4/30 4) Nashville: 15.0/26 5) Columbus: 14.1/25

CBS announces Georgia-Notre Dame was the highest rated college football game of the season.


#PowerTV #PowerStarz Vincent: Give me $2 million or I kill him. Everyone:

Couple things 1. As @rphillipsTMS told me, this could be SMU's biggest win post death penalty. 4-0 & cruising w monster win in Ft Worth 2. Two Bay Area teams went into SEC country& won. Cal and San Jose St over Miss & Ark #BayAreaFootballJustMeansMore 3. Sorry i doubted Auburn

Watch out Florida, #Karen is on its way. We’ve never seen anything like it. Yuge water and wind. It might hit, it might not. We’ll see.


Our #OxfordFGC showed up and showed out at the Versus Huntsville tournament! Ole Miss Alumni Sonido got 1st place, followed by Ole Miss students Ataraxia at 2nd, 3 Chainz in 33rd, and Syliris in 49th (The tournament had 135 players).


1) There's one thing Bo Nix really needs to work on. 2) Anthony Schwartz needs only one hand to break open a game. 3) Auburn saved the best of Boobee Whitlow for last.…

SUNDAY REPORT CARD: Grading #Auburn’s 28-20 win at Texas A&M. “We’re still not there, but our team is growing up and they’re getting more confidence.”…

What did Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore have to say about his controversial catch that appeared to be a touchdown Saturday versus Cal?… #OleMiss #HottyToddy


Nix helps No. 8 Auburn over No. 17 Texas A&M 28-20…

Through 4 gms the Dawgs have a glaring weakness, the punt game. Below are Camardas avgs against some of the better opps the last 2 yrs 2018 LSU 35.5 Auburn 38 Texas 37.6 2019 ND 35.3 This needs to get fixed or its going to cost them a game. The 27 yarder almost did last night

Also, to all our fans, stop saying this was Pitt’s super bowl. Gives credit to all the SEC fans that said the same crap after Auburn. How can someone want a win more than us?! UCF didn’t play UCF football but has to own the loss and move on. This is what the 1-0 mantra is about.

After a layup next week, we'll really find out who Florida is. They've got Auburn, at LSU, at South Carolina, vs Georgia all in a row.

A thousand thousand! The Tempest III, 1 #ShakespeareSunday

My column on Cal going 4-0: The Bears aren’t just winning games, they’re building a culture that could last far beyond this season.…

Happy #HobbitDay! “Tea is at four; but any of you are welcome at any time!”


Cal football isn’t just winning game after game, they’re building the foundation for something greater.…

Mother, Today I return to battle! Gen. Snit has decided to give many men rest after our successful campaign. No matter, I trust all of the Brave men who go to battle with me. We will be victorious again. Your package was a great service to us all. Love, Dallas P.S.- #ChopOn

Give me more tweets about how pathetic Ole Miss’s crowd is after the alum and athletic association ruined our team by getting caught paying players and trusting Ross Bjork #HottyToddy

Speaking in Jackson, Miss. Monday night. Think this might come up?…

Looking to finish the last regular season homestand of 2019 with a sweep! #ChopOn


Bonus question of the day.. I was put in Twitter jail earlier this morning and I have no idea why. What do you think I did? LMAO #DoSomethingPositive #Noles #NoleNation #Bills #BillsMafia #ChopOn

'Huge fail': College football world responds to controversial Ole Miss game… via @clarionledger

Big time win on the road for @AuburnFootball. All Auburn All Orange this Saturday vs Mississippi State. 6:00 kickoff. 3:00 @AUSportsNetwork coverage. See you there. #WarEagle @RideForTheBrand…

Max Fried and the bench bats pushed the @Braves closer to the 100-win mark on Saturday night. @JeromeOnSports, @nickgreen20 and @PeterMoylan recap the action. #ChopOn | @CoorsLight

me encanta que mi panorama am sea enterarme que cupcakke se culeo a shawn mendez

They're like the stuck up fancier version of a Snickers but they suck and nobody in the family likes them…

Five new characters getting revealed in bbtag in a nutshell…

.@UCLAFootball trailed 49-17 in the 3rd quarter, but came away with the win. The Bruins now have two of the top three comebacks in FBS history: Michigan State at Northwestern in 2006: 35 points UCLA vs. Texas A&M in 2017: 34 points UCLA at Washington State tonight: 32 points

【動画】天上天下 第10話、棗 真夜の太もも絞めシーンをM男ホイホイ仕様に編集しました。

me: cancels on plans because I’m insecure with my body also me: eats 3 packs of Twix in one sitting

"This is a program changer." Remember that time, long long ago, when UCLA had an improbable comeback vs. Texas A&M and it totally changed their program?

Texas' Keaontay Ingram ran harder than he ever has before with 114 yards on 21 carries but said, "I wouldn't call it a breakout game, but I'm starting to get my feet back under me." Ran with confidence.

This might be crazier than the Texas A&M 45-44 comeback win. UCLA is on a 43-7 run right now.

The last time @CollegeGameDay came to Lincoln for a #Huskers game I took this photo with my digital camera that I then had to take home and plug into my computer so I could download it before uploading it to a Facebook album.


What was UCLA down to Texas A&M two years ago? I’d ask Commissioner Scott but he left early.

Too much to say about this one, but Adrian Martinez puts a perfect bow on it. "It would've been easy to give up ... our guys didn't lose confidence, stayed steely-eyed, started doing our jobs and it was a big team win." #Huskers

Dedrick Mills calls himself thunder. Calls Maurice Washington lightning. Named Wan'Dale Robinson the sun after the game. "Wan’Dale gotta be the sun right now. He brighten the game up for us." 27 touches, 168 yards, 3 TDs. Call him whatever you want. He's damn good. #Huskers

Freshman Wan'Dale Robinson: 27 touches (19 carries, 8 catches) 168 total yards and three TDs, including the game-winner. Said Scott Frost: "He wanted the ball. He wanted to take over that game and in a lot of ways he did. I'm glad he's wearing scarlet and cream." #Huskers

Scott Frost makes it all worth it for these young ones after the game. Smiles and high fives down the line. Class act by the #Huskers head coach. Some excited players headed back to the locker room on the side.

Kirby Smart respects the Irish after @GeorgiaFootball gets the win.


Me seeing Kirby Smart trending and not seeing a pink marshmallow anywhere.

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