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What I really want is a second version of "Hello." "We." "Are." "One." "Direction." #OneDirection2020


This Ozark show is RUTHLESS, no pun intended but srsly

day 567 of quarantine: im starting to see Hallucinations of sb's face on my wa- oh wait it just a poster of him


Today I received three quarantine recipe emails and one recipe. Predicting at minimum six chain emails and two recipes by tomorrow. Logging out of email for the next ten months to flatten the curve

I’m gonna start pretending I have a boyfriend to get through quarantine idgaf

biden putting on eyeshadow to win the tenderqueer vote

On the Netflix Original Drama “Ozark,” why does the big time cartel spend so much time on this dumb little river boat casino in podunk fuckville?

vou ser obrigada a começar ozark graças a critica positiva, sentindo que essa serie vai surpreender no emmy

Season 3 of Ozark was just... top tier.

If Crooked Hillary, Obummer, Biden or any other Democrats we’re in charge right now Coronavirus would have killed over 2 million citizens and our Country People need to wake up and take this seriously. The MSM is blatantly trying to kill people because of TDS Enough BS… I remember Obama-Biden DHS for its crackdown on Occupy. They stand against everything we have been fighting for. They stand with the banks.

"my principles are for sa........i pooed myself" - joe biden…


It comes as health officials have warned that voting in person can risk transmission of coronavirus.…

Brandi Carlile sings “Hello In There” in tribute to the late John Prine. #OneVoice1

Dave Matthews performs “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” in tribute to John Prine. #LSSC

rest easy john prine❤️ you were a true legend & won’t be forgotten. #FallonAtHome

The Quarantine Club • For Breakfast Club Movie Fans ONLY !!

if it's not easter baking with redacted and yall start drama i swear to god

Fox has the race Trump 42, Biden 42. CNN has Biden 53, Trump 42. Interesting #s maybe about vote ceiling & vote floors but important to remind everyone national polling from here on out is at best just interesting. It’s ALL about state polls because it’s how we elect Presidents.

I legitimately thought the Biden plan to lower the age for Medicare to 60 and forgive some means tested student debt was a joke someone posted on here as a bit and now I find out that it's fucking real? I can't take several more months of this

Trump trolls Bernie supporters — urging them to turn against Joe Biden…

Colin Kaepernick is reportedly hoping to sign with a team by the start of the 2020 NFL season


I'm also #SocialDistancing from the scales right now.....not going anywhere near these bad boys. #coronavirusaus


Mad magazine illustrator Mort Drucker dies at 91

Mort Drucker, Master of the Mad Caricature, Is Dead at 91

#YIAYwalk I SNEEZED IN EVERY STATE!!! guess who we bumped into?

Our “Zeder.” Safe and Happy #Passover and #Easter to everyone. Both holidays are about family, freedom, justice and redemption through faith in the power of God.


my mom bought me an easter egg... i am 18 yrs old and pagan but thank u mom love u

Nobody telling y’all niggas to come out of quarantine being full blown mechanics or some shit, they saying don’t sit around this whole time not doing anything.

i don’t know who needs to hear this but just because the lead singer of your favorite band bleached their hair in quarantine DOES NOT mean you should too.

So since being in Quarantine and living with my boyfriend, i have really now understood men and how their brain works

So, Easter Weekend in Brazil. São Paulo Governor João Dória was on the radio last night telling people to please, please, do not take a weekend trip to the beach. I bet police stop them at highway blockades if they do. We'll see how that goes

i am an eighteen year old girl from toronto canada and i've decided that i would like to debate joe biden. twitter do your thing

Why would you vote for joe Biden, a man with a screenplay idea and then ghosted me!

I genuinely believe that voting for Biden is a necessity to protect the vulnerable. However, yelling at people who are heartbroken over a candidate who gave them hope isn’t going to help us defeat Trump. Let people grieve. Few of us are excited about voting for a predator.

As founder of, I always take great pleasure in using my platform of “Muslim” and “Marine” to educate and start conversations. Very much looking forward to getting out again once the dust settles. In the meantime, feel free to reach out. #ThursdayThoughts


The brilliant MORT DRUCKER has died at the age of 91. Dig these 13 COVERS by one of MAD MAGAZINE's greatest artists: @BatcavePodcast @CoolComicArt


Robert e lee is trending


I invite you to follow me and help me share good content. I believe we must spread motivation, love, and support to others around the world! #ThursdayThoughts #artist #books #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


saw this on a friend’s insta and whew gonna go ahead and guess 2020 is not a great time to watch Casablanca for the first time


WHEW this is a PIWERFUL and hella intentional read!!! Gonna share this with my team.…

its always the non leafs that speak the most about nature WHEW

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