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Solid gaming laptop under $1000 17" FHD 144Hz Display, THX Spatial Audio, Tuned by THX Display, 9th Gen Intel i7-9750H, Nvidia RTX 2060, 1TB SSD, 16GB Memory, Windows 10 Home, Black


Donated. Please donate to Tori. @David_Leavitt is a moronic dickhead, we all know that from his bourdain comment. Let's treat Tori to a vacay or some other relief.…

Forever ...(is a long time) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ @halsey #ManicTheAlbum


this aaron hernandez shit is crazy

I’m an Aaron Hernandez sympathizer. Idc idc

Thanks #eminem for the introduction to ~~ ~~ ~~ Young M.A "OOOUUU" (Official Video) via @YouTube

Trump Expected To Add Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr And Robert Ray To Impeachment Legal Defense Team.…

alright yo we get it, mac miller dropped an album

The disconnect between political piety and bush fire reality

there’s just something bout Mac Miller’s voice.... instantly soothes me

If you aren’t crying to Mac Miller tonight we aren’t friends

you also shouldn’t have to endure some dude harassing you over a display sticker because he doesn’t want to pay full price for a toothbrush…

Alan Dershowitz is already backing away from Donald Trump’s impeachment team…

Before assisting @realDonaldTrump's defense, @AlanDersh predicted @realDonaldTrump would try and block @AmbJohnBolton from testifying.

Trump impeachment lawyer Alan Dershowitz previewed his defense strategy to Ari Melber, arguing that abuse of power isn’t an impeachable offense.

"I knew that the Trump defense was going to rely in large part on alternative facts, but i didn't know they were also going to use alternative law," Laurence Tribe says of Alan Dershowitz's legal argument for President Trump's impeachment trial.

i cant stop thinking about 929 how do i stop thinking about this song #manicthealbum

Alan Dershowitz: My Cousin Wrote and Told Me to Change My Last Name for Joining Trump Defense Team (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Niall will you please share with the world your favorite song off of #manicthealbum


One of the all-time pros I’ve ever covered - David Backes. Athletic subscribers: Sadness in Bruins locker room as team says goodbye to Backes. ⁦@JoeyMacHockey⁩ with the story. #stlblues…

A great David Backes moment: Sammy Blais tries to line him up but Backes sends him FLYING

"You’ve got a guy that – who knows – might be one hit away from having some damage. ... I know that’s it a business, but that is the human side of it when you’re around the players long enough." On what's next for David Backes:…

David Backes has had a great career and intends to play out the rest of his deal. Team can either buy him out or possibly trade him after the season. If he gets injured in minors they can’t buy him out so there is some risk in assigning him to #AHL. #Bruins

Mac Millers’s Circles, Eminem dropped a new album and this, The Holy Grail, National Treasure 3 is finally happening. January 17th 2020 is the day this decade officially starts. Everything before this date no longer exists. Let’s have a hell of a decade people.…

I expanded my ahegao folder with byleth faces. My folder is EVOLVING

Idk man Eminem just doesn’t do it for me anymore

I finally watched that Byleth video.


mac miller really is looking out for us from heaven

Nitty,twork,Ave, Lux,Verb,etc... Would F**k Eminem all the way up…

Eminem dropped an album? That’s sooooo hype broooo

Bro what ???? I'm actually gonna lose my fuc*ing mind…

taehyung posta cover de traffic light do paul kim, com apenas uma vela acessa e ao redor tudo escuro, com a voz calma e perfeita dele de fundo, meu coração tá destruído eu: #BlackSwan #흑조챌린지

So the aaron Hernandez Netflix documentary was crap. They literally didn’t mention any new info that everyone in the world didn’t know already. Like the case happened a few years ago we all already know and remember it. What a waste of 3 hours smh

puta merda eu não tava preparada pros clipes com o mac miller

remembering that time David Brooks wrote that he sampled some weed in college and the high fucked up his college paper. Fucking WUSS.

Thinking about how much more hate The Game Awards last year would’ve gotten if Byleth was announced then

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance - A Disneyland Attraction We Never Knew We Needed #StarWars #GalaxysEdge #RiseoftheResistance #Disneyland


Fuck David Brooks. And Paul Krugman. That's just how I feel about it.

Have you ever experienced a moment like this? Would you agree with the quote? #FridayFeeling #NeverStopExploring


Lmso this man Aaron Hernandez left his blunt at the scene?

Amidst the #MLBCheatingScandal, here's some positive & outstanding baseball news: The #SFGiants hired Alyssa Nakken! She becomes the 1st female full-time coach on the #MLB level! Congrats Alyssa! #WomenInSports #FridayFeeling #BreakingBarriers #LikeAGirl…

The Aaron Hernandez documentary isn’t just about his story. And that’s what it makes it so damn good. Must watch.

Here are some observations on opening day and strategies for those interested in #RiseoftheResistance #Disneyland


All I want is my ducky and a nap. And a forever home. #adoptceely #FridayFeeling


Ok I am going to post the fp5 from really hyped and happy to Not Joker Hero Terry Banjo Byleth

NBA's most popular jerseys of 2019: 1. LeBron 2. Giannis 3. Steph Curry 4. Jayson Tatum 5. James Harden 6. Luka Doncic 7. Kawhi 8. AD 9. Joel Embiid 10. Kyrie Irving 11. Ben Simmons 12. KD 13. Russell Westbrook 14. Kemba Walker 15. Zion


#NHLBruins fans have waited for Don Sweeney to pull the trigger on David Backes for some time. Now they await another trigger to be pulled.

Top 5 Players Jersey Sales ➖➖➖ 1.) LeBron James 2.) Giannis Antetokounmpo 3.) Steph Curry 4.) Jayson Tatum 5.) James Harden (Via @TheSteinLine).

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