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The FBI Used Christopher Steele's Credibility to Launder Information From a Source Known to Be Unreliable @streiffredstate…

Not sure why the Left is crowing about this tid bit that #Ivanka knew #Steele If anything it shows what an amoral grifter Steele is Tries to sell his fiction-writing services to the Trumps Fails Then writes a disgraceful Trump hit piece #Low…

You can go through Daniel Goldman's timeline for days, and show how he can't stomach the President. @RepMattGaetz…

빅히트 "BTS와 수익배분 갈등 사실무근…JTBC 사과 요구"…

Stop and make sure you know... HOROWITZ STAYED IN HIS LANE. DURHAM has a separate more powerful lane that can leverage every sing piece of evidence out of IG report. Hence FFG? WTF is that these days?

armys: freaking out bighit: freaking out jtbc: freaking out taehyung: who has a cold yall

Hey @RepMattGaetz, this guy Daniel Goldman is obsessed with @realDonaldTrump Just search his timeline.…

Don't get too upset with Ivanka over the Chris Steele thing. Pegging Jared is fun and all, but once in a while a girl has needs of her own.

Ivanka Trump knew ex-spy Chris Steele for nearly 10 years before Russia scandal…

i aint gonna lie bruh nick cannon so cringe i would like another the warning from em after this

Attorney General: Surveillance of Trump Campaign ‘a Clear Abuse of the FISA Process’… via @epochtimes iho

Now that the IG Report is out, will the FISA Court schedule a sanctions hearing?

The Chiefs’ defense is stepping up at the right time, and Tyrann Mathieu is a huge reason why (and more NFL notes from @AlbertBreer)

Nick cannon said Suge told him he's the new Pac


Where are the Tapes? @realDonaldTrump DECLASSIFY - you said you would - please sir. FISA…

Breaking the Fourth Wall: When they find a cure to ALS, the ice bucket challenge and Pete Frates will be monumental reasons why. Rest Easy Pete, you were a hero to more people than you’ll ever know

Attorney General: Surveillance of Trump Campaign ‘a Clear Abuse of the FISA Process’… via @epochtimes o

Being a Red Sox fan, I was very familiar with the impact Pete Frates had on not only the Red Sox community and its fans, but the entire world. His story will live on forever. Legends never die. RIP.

its not too late to give this Bengals employee Sportsman of The Year…

I wish one of you guys would be right once but for much you’ve been telling us what Horowitz was going to report and now you’re telling us Durham is gonna arrest people it’s all bullshit Democrats don’t get arrested when they’re tied to Obama and Clinton…

So if they made Gaetz take a breathalyzer during today's #ImpeachmentHearing, would he pass? #MattGaetzIsATool

If you’re the Patriots and you need video tapes of the 1-11 Cincinnati got some big problems

When you have the facts... you argue facts. When you have the law... you argue law. When you have nothing... you get loud. #MattGaetzIsATool #DougCollinsIsAFool #ImpeachmentHearing

Según la policía, unas cincuenta personas visitaban White Island cuando se produjo la explosión, que lanzó una gran cantidad de ceniza y piedras al aire…

this annoying bitch is talking about juice wrld i wanna beat her ass

#BanKpopAccounts im literally only on this tag to find out wtf locals means and why its being used? I have no idea and am hella confused

Patriots fans handled the loss to Chiefs exactly how we expected them to.. .. By beating the hell out of each other!…

Juice WRLD Allegedly Popped Pills on Private Jet, 70 lbs. Marijuana Seized

Claro ahora todos eran fanes de juice wrld nombre 3 de sus mejores jugos de fruta

Bu tagin bu fancame ihtiyacı var #BanKpopAccounts

Juice wrld hes gone too early this is not right at all bro #RIPJUICEWRLD #RIP #juicewrld

Rapper Juice Wrld's chilling final moments hours before airport seizure death…

El volcán se ubica en White Island, una isla deshabitada al noreste de Nueva Zelanda, pero había medio centenar de turistas…

So according to the internet Lizzo's outfit is not OK, but that Timberwolves superfan who calls himself "Jiggly Boy"? Harmless fun! Internet, you're a bunch of idiots. Give me Lizzo any day! #Rikishi


Thanks Pete for standing up for the truth. You’re a true patriot. We patriots stand with you.…

South Africa’s flagging economy could face a second recession in as many years due to a new wave of nationwide power cuts

Miss South Africa @zozitunzi beat more than 90 contestants from around the globe in the 68th installment of Miss Universe, which was held in Atlanta's Tyler Perry Studios. What message do you have for her? #VisionUpdates


No matter where she stands, every single word out of Miss Zozibini Tunzi is about placing the eyes of issues where they should be. She genuinely talks from a perspective of experience and empathy. Miss South Africa represents what the world needs today

Miss South Africa said her favorite artist is Nicki Minaj. We should stream Tusa now to celebrate. #MissUniverse2019

"I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me with my kind of skin and my kind of hair was never considered to be beautiful. And I think it's time that stops today." - Zozibini Tunzi, the new Miss Universe

It's past due to find out how the Patriots' biggest offensive offseason addition can boost New England's offense.


ไม่ต้องนอยค่ะลูก ฟ้าใสไม่มง มีเพียงเหตุผลเดียว ที่ฟ้าใสไม่มง คืออะไร รู้มั้ยคะ? ตอบ เพราะ ฟ้าใสเป็นผิวสีให้เค้าไม่ได้ ฟ้าใสไม่มงเพราะฟ้าใสเป็นคนผิวขาว เหมือนที่พี่เชรี่บอกเป๊ะๆ ว่า เค้าจะเอาผิวสี จ้า สู่ขิต #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverseThailand2019 #Thailand #ฟ้าใส

Erupción del volcán White Island en Nueva Zelandia


Beyoncé reveals sneak peek of Ivy Park Adidas merchandise line


Maison Margiela 2020 belt over the Ivy Park sweatsuit. A whole fucking look.


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