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Es el nuevo tipo más simpático de Marvel.…

¿Quieres arreglar tu teputación On Line? Contáctanos'>'> #BigLittleLies #21Jul #Marvel


HOW CAN IT BE OVER???? Can we just get one more season???#BigLittleLies

nicole literally knelt down in front of meryl *brust into tears* #BigLittleLies

Trying to distribute Emmys and Golden Globes to the cast of Big Little Lies. #BLL2 #BigLittleLies #biglittleliesfinale

Family Chantel is a mess. None of them take any accountability for their actions, yet want everyone else to. And this really started w/ Chantel telling them a lie about their marriage in the beginning. It didn't even give Pedro a chance. Really all her fault. #90dayfiance

#BrownSkinGirlChallenge I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.


If I was a part of this Tell All, I would’ve smacked the spit out of Ashley’s mouth for calling the cops on Jay for no reason. #90DayFiance

Your skin, it glow like diamonds #BrownSkinGirlChallenge


Nicole hasn’t seen Azan in a year and she’s still acting like they’re going to get married. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter

Waited 15 minutes to put in ice cream orders @sonicdrivein in Kent then nobody spoke to us on the intercom so we waited another 15min to our order in at the window for the employees to tell us they aren’t serving ice cream #NotCool on #NationalIceCreamDay


#BrownSkinGirlChallenge why isn’t this about Indian girls & their skin tone? Internet has made it all about the culturally appropriate “brown” and another reason to feel bad about your difference. Ladies, please judge your character, not your looks. All the crayons are necessary.


Going to a predominantly white school my whole life made me feel different and ugly because I didn’t look like every other girl. My hair was ALWAYS touched when I wore it down, so eventually I just wore a ponytail everyday. #mixedgirl #BrownSkinGirlChallenge


im taking a sleeping pill, Insomnia will NOT win tonight

Poor Jeff how many time can someone be thrown down the stairs! #SouthernCharmNOLA

Im so ecstatic that my fav show #SouthernCharmNOLA is trending. This show is seriously amazing

marvel stans to natalie portman

okay gente eu vou fazer uma thread de história sobre o quarteto fantástico com guias e drives de leituras para vocês conhecerem a primeira família de heróis da marvel... o que acham?

the reason why thor got a fourth movie is bc thor stans are the least toxic stans out of the big three (tony, steve, thor) and they have been rewarded for that non toxicity

OK @Marvel, are we gonna talk or what

Natalie Portman got to “wield” Thor’s hammer and now she gets to wield Thor’s hammer

LRT: Importante. Jane Foster ES THOR. No es Lady Thor. No es Female Thor. Es Thor.

本日はPandora ep1 の謎解きにまつわる記憶を取り戻すために奔走したり、初めてVRCでのらきゃっと様をお目にかかることができたりしてとても楽しかったです!! 関わってくださった方々、ありがとうございました~! それでは、おやすみなさーい!!


Natalie Portman to become goddess of thunder in new Thor sequel

Let's get this straight: the same man who can be clearly heard bragging on tape that bc he's famous he can SEXUALLY HARASS, ASSAULT & VIOLATE WOMEN by grabbing them by the p*ssy against their will that man with 16 credible accusers wants your sympathy for Presidential harassment

The ultimate #HateHoax

they really making anotha blade I’m boutta get some gold vampire fangs just for tha premiere

If i was a pokemon id be jigglypuff cause no one ever listens to me!!! #NationalIceCreamDay #SundayThoughts #HotHotHot

¡Se avecina un nuevo #Blade y se trata de Mahersala Ali!


One player decided to have ice cream either with or for breakfast. It’s #NationalIceCreamDay, so guess it’s appropriate. We’ll only say that it wasn’t Belli.

Hey, OK, you got me... Manny did not look like a Mustang last night, he was a Ferrari. My question is, what kind of gas was he using? #PacquiaoThurman

JB Holmes started the day -10 and could have been the potential spoiler to the party, unfortunately succumbed to thousands of Irish voodoo dolls to shoot a 87

And We All Know That #EricaThomas Will NOT Be Held Accountable For Trying To Start A Race War Through Another #Democrat Approved #HateHoax Im Going to Keep Posting this Video So Everyone Gets to Know The REAL Congress That Are Taxes Pay for #Hoaxes, #Fakenews, #Lies & #Smears

JB Holmes blew thru a bunch of dough today

Mercedes Schlapp Tries To Have It Both Ways: Trump 'Stands With' And 'Disagrees With' Racist Chanters

.@GregHardyJr 'super proud' of quick TKO vs. Juan Adams at #UFCSanAntonio

david harbour playing someone called alexi in the black widow movie.....just pour More salt in my wounds huh

so i was reading the information that Marvel gave us about the Phase 4 and the Black widow movie and i saw this??? Stranger things explain please im still not over any of it


Es gibt endlich einen Black Widow-Film bald, nächstes Jahr, wann ist Mai nächstes Jaaaaaahr wooohoooo

Hawkeye: ‘Thanos killed my family so I’m going to become ....a vigilante.’ Us: ‘Oh great so we’re going after the American intelligence community who hoarded all the intel and resources that could have helped defeat Thanos?’ Hawkeye: ‘Lol no just some Asians I think.’

scarlet witch will be in Doctor Strange 2! OMG I CAN'T WAİT FOR THAT


black widow and the eternals casting


All I’m saying is they better make the Blade movie R rated.

so i was reading the information that @Marvel gave us about the Phase 4 and the Black widow movie and i saw this??? Stranger things explain please im still not over any of it


noah fence but wendy already has wandavision... why did marvel decide to put her in a sequel to doctor strange i mean,,, sharing the spotlight with him???? cmon we’ve waited 5 years for a sequel :////// i hope they don’t do stephen dirty bc its on sight


So there it is boys and girls. The first confirmed movies and series of The Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4. It’s gonna be a wild ride. Really looking forward to Eternals, Thor: Love & Thunder and Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness. All the rest looks really promising.


jonah simms is engaged to thor. another win for the bisexuals

Natalie Portman regresa , Wanda con Dr Strange juntos , La serie de Loki, Black Widow ,Angelina Jolie y Salma Hayek se unen al MCU ... I CAN’T WAIT !#AvengersEndgame


Comic-Con : Marvel dévoile la Phase 4 et son calendrier…

Everyone is excited about the new blade movie but I’m confused cause the same dude played cottonmouth in Luke cage which is still apart of the mcu. Please explain marvel.

#MarvelSDCC was actual garbage I literally only have hope for black widow, blade, and doctor strange. You wanna know why... BECAUSE THEY AREN’T WOKE

ma che cazzo di loghi hanno fatto per la serie su hawkeye e loki madonna che brutti

The Lion King (1994): Magnificently animated adventure that is a wonder for the eyes and the heart, that is one of Disney's most dramatic and emotional of their animated films and one of their most joyous as well. Richly enjoyable, especially for Jeremy Irons and James Earl Jones

#MuellerIsComing I hope he doesn't bring his star witness that just got charged with child sex crimes. Sad that much of the SC work was with a person like that.

stream serendipity and lies yass #TeachSomethingIn5Words

stream stigma and singularity yass #TeachSomethingIn5Words

Does the existence/megasuccess of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical, CATS, make a good case:

To all people with cats

I guess now is as good a time as any to confess that, as a young child, my parents nicknamed me “Tugger” because I was fickle and they were legit CATS stans. My dad even had it carved and hung it on my door.

cats (2019) and all the furries are coming out of their closets and i’m scared lmaoo

This is what happens when bigoted Trump emboldens his supporters with his racist speeches #IStandwithErica

Imagine Chloe x Halle harmonizing behind Beyoncé on Brown Skin Girl.


Nothing remain for this #BBNaija house- Omashola. Reason the show is now very boring. They're all hooked up. Baba is bored. I think they need to bring in new housemates or bring back some old ones.

honestly they gave a shit end to yigit right? all the plots that should matter they just ignored or put some stupid lazy plot, SO LETS DO THIS TOO, JUST JUMP THIS MEMORY SH*T, MAKE CAN REMEMBER AND ACT AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED so they can marry, have sex and babies

Brown skin girl song by beyonce ft wizkid should be the national anthem for them brown skins girls... What a perfect time for any girl to be brown.....

#InsteadOfHealthcare in the USA, if you are facing needing surgery and elect to defer or not have it due to cost, you need seriously to read this...…


Just finished Last Chance U. Anyone finish it yet? What were your thoughts? My one takeaway- JB should never be allowed to coach ever again

#InsteadOfHealthcare Obamacare nearly destroyed our health system.

#InsteadOfHealthcare quit being lazy and perform your own emergency appendectomy.

After scoring a hattrick today vs Carlos Vela’s LAFC, Zlatan Ibrahimović said: “I didn’t work my career to come to the MLS just to be compared to Carlos Vela. You don’t compare Ferrari’s with Fiats."

Guess who’s back????? The one and only @jonfavs returns to @soundtrackinguk to talk @disneylionking and we couldn’t be happier. Listen here.…


Hot take inbound: 1. Bocchi deserves SOME degree of the backlash she’s getting. What she said was messed up even if it was a joke. She shouldn’t have run away from the situation either in my opinion. 2. Ryuga exposed this information in literally the most toxic way possible.

Ima go see lion king tmrw

Are cats high maintenance? Because I'd like a cat.

kind of embarrassing when we bring our cats to the vet and have 2 write their names....... miao-miao, orange, and tilapia .

"If Bocchi uses the N-Word like that, imagine what she does behind closed doors" You're absolutely right, she and I actually go to the same KKK meetings. I can always tell it's her because she brings her Isabelle plushie to all the cross burnings

Oh NO how DARE you HARASS bocchi into DEACTIVATING :O she’s so INNOCENT and SWEET and you’re so JEALOUS of her. She would NEVER do anything sinister!!! She’s only 15!!1!!1

Le retour de Last Chance U sur Netflix ouiii

last chance u one of the only shows I binge watch

bocchi and i made the same mistake around a similar time, and i improved on myself soon after by actually taking time to research both ethnic and hatred history out of regret for what i did, and it really helped in the longrun i can't bring myself to say a DAMN slur anymore (1/2)

Episode 5 of Last Chance U. Sheesh.

Roger Goodell’s decision to clear Tyreek Hill is packed with controversy. What convinced the commissioner? @McCannSportsLaw tries to make sense of it

Rapper Tay-K found guilty of murder, faces life in prison


AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT CATS : you can't just fully leave their human faces on there. One of the amazing things about the original makeup is how it helped give the suggestion of cat features. Makeup is amazing and CGI could be too but this is a failure.

I love how when the Cats trailer dropped, Shane Dawson is immediately trending on Twitter.

i understand that tay k was wrong and i do believe he should serve some time but life in prison is inhumane as FUCK

Damn.. So Tay K Got Life? Shorty In There Sick Rn

George Nader was just arrested for child sex trafficking, but the extreme right MAGACHUD QAnon psychos want you to believe without proof that Rep. Omar married her brother for citizenship. If you believe that, you’re a stupid racist liar. Period.

If Flacco starts 16 games this year, this is your reminder that last year's Broncos were part of the least-watched primetime game on broadcast television in NFL history…

I hope All or Nothing sheds a light on how under appreciated Ron Rivera is as a coach. He’s an excellent leader. Never too high or too low. Connects with the players. He’d be hired the next day if ever let go in Carolina.

This means Sproles will likely pass Tim Brown for 5th on the NFL’s all-time all purpose yards list. He’s only 162 short right now. #kstate #HOF…

I’m not going to thread my All or Nothing thoughts so they will he randomly sprinkled in over the next few days ... but it’s clear to see why the Panthers need an indoor facility. It’s wild to practice in a downpour and then play in perfect weather on Sunday. Doesn’t help anyone

A Friday get together on CBS Sports Radio (6-10p EDT) filling in for Bill Reiter. Down to 73 players in the final major, The Open, with an American and an Irishman atop the leaderboard. No Tyreek Hill punishment? Is Goodell going soft? Your opinion matters 855 212 4227.

Blackwater consultant, Trump campaign associate, convicted sex offender George Nader charged w/possession of child porn, bestiality and transporting child porn stemming from images found when FBI agents working on Mueller’s behalf executed a search warrant…

Mueller's 'Star Witness' George Nader Indicted on Additional Child Sex Crime Charges… via @gatewaypundit

A Greenville, North Carolina, restaurant near the site of Pres. Trump's Wednesday rally plans to donate all of its profits from that day to a non-profit immigration advocacy group.

RIP Stuart Scott ! Some of the funniest commercials on ESPN !…

Like all of you, I loved All or Nothing, if you didn't appreciate Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil, Greg Olsen before, you will now. Thought it was interesting that they left out the offensive line completely other than Ryan Kalil.

not to shag my own arse or nothing but my all time played tracks on spotify is truly banger after banger


Powerful stuff from ESPN’s Dan Le Batard. He’s saying what a lot of Americans are thinking.

Charlotte leaders condemn racism they saw in Greenville: ‘We will not tolerate it’

Just remember that when you lose everything that you posses, the only thing that will be left is your people! Therefore you must love and cherish your people above all else. Those who put trivial concepts like GDP or diversity above their people will end up with nothing!

I'd like to ask the Black Delagation if we can draft Dan Le Batard in the next racial draft. At least try and trade for him.

Dan Le Batard calls out racism at Donald Trump rally, criticizes ESPN in rant on radio show… via @YahooSports

.@WCCBNewsRising is now officially the gulliest morning news show. Thanks for having @chrispolanco on the show to talk @IntChampionsCup & House of Soccer! #ICC2019


Jack is 'on the list' of targets that Cliff is considering. #bb21

For every guest who rides the Kilimanjaro Safaris® Expedition at Disney's Animal Kingdom opening week of The Lion King film (July 19 - 25, 2019), Disney will donate $2 (up to $350,000) to the Wildlife Conservation Network #TheLionKing #ProtectThePride



Twitter/ Facebook distinction: The Cats trailer hasn’t appeared even *once* on my FB feed. Advantage: Facebook.

I fixed Cats

sam smith najveće sranje da pjeva, zbog njegovog glasa, meni će to bit najljepša pjesma

Seriously, Jess. Just go to bed. #bb21

Kat (re Christie's power): "Why would she tell people that she had that??" Cliff: "She told me that as a threat" Jess says Christie's just a straight shooter who wouldn't lie. #bb21

Posted 3:51am: Kat says if Bella and Nick won't target Cliff if they win HOH and they are alone. Cliff said that is what he is thinking. Cliff says I need the support of all of us that have been treated as expendables #BB21 #BBLF

This 'Keys To The Kingdom' by Tiwa Savage & Mr. Eazi on Beyonce's 'The Lion King' album is amazing. Lovely music.

To sum up: Cliff wants to create a coalition of the 'expendables' to go against the 6. Jess and Kat keep throwing out reasons why the expendables shouldn't trust each other. #bb21

The Hogg fam has been on an emotional rollercoaster this week!! @dhogg10 #bb21…

Top 3 songs on the Gift album. Brown Skin Girl - Beyoncé, Wizkid, St.Jhn, Blue Ivy Already - Beyoncé, Shatta Wale. Shatta killed the song. Amazing flows Find Your Way Back - Beyoncé

Sam Smith é tão maravilhoso, reizinho sem defeitos AAAAAA

porra Sam Smith tu tá maravilhoso caralho

Valeu muito a pena esperar esses 5 anos, por um álbum novo da Iggy Azalea pqp, esse álbum está simplesmente incrível.. #InMyDefense

Restaurant in Greenville, where Donald Trump's "send her back" rally was held, donates 100% of proceeds to helping immigrants || Via Newsweek…

More dan half the house is sleepin at 11.30am on a fri wk3? The bbn franchise has never had it this bad There is nothing to watch Biggie needs to shake them Put them all up 4 eviction Step up or go home The prize money must be generated nt handed down @Ebuka #NoTime #Bbnaija

Restaurant in Greenville, Where Donald Trump's 'Send Her Back' Rally Was Held, Donates 100% of Proceeds to Help Immigrants #Immigrants…

Saturday & Sunday Canvassing for Dan McCready in Monroe! Senator Bishop joined the racists chanting in #Greenville With only 1 month left before the start of early voting we need all hands on deck to prevent that bigot from taking over #NC09 Volunteer:…

eu não tenho palavras para descrever Nile, da Bey e o Kendrick.

An All or Nothing mentality towards trading can help your profitability If it’s an extremely obvious setup - take it If you’re not sure about the price action - avoid it Being profitable isn’t just about taking opportunities but also knowing when to avoid them altogether

Fact check: Trump made 20 false claims at his North Carolina rally

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