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You're not even safe from these cowardly police sitting in your own home. #BothamJean #AtatianaJefferson #Dallas


Stefon Diggs TOTW? Reply with who needs one! #Madden20

No need to apologize, Teddy; it's all good as long as #Saints keep finding ways to win… via @nolanews

#Texans come back and beat the Kansas City Chiefs - Here's how they did it.

#AtatianaJefferson Could have been my Mother, my sister or anyone that is close to us. #LivingWhileBlack has become a daily struggle.…

#TrumpBetrayedOurAllies They don't know about it. They believe any damn thing he says.


Round One of the friendly rivalry between Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes goes to the #Texans QB. #WeAreTexans…

As a Houston Texans fan I really feel for y’all Atlanta folks

Id trade sidney jones for a rim job and a pack of newports at this point

abolish police abolish ice abolish prison #AtatianaJefferson

Are you sure they are really posting their pics without any bra ? #NoBraDay.


Love Letter. #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Shouldn't have #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words all guilty

Sick, tired, & exhausted of hearing and reading the same bullshit over and over again #AtatianaJefferson

“Everything I have done I owe to them.” Gleyber Torres has always credited his parents with helping him pursue and achieve his dreams: via @MLB

When has Tommy ever called the police? Y'all here worried about fingerprints.....once Tommy finds out what Lakeisha was going to do he will help Tasha cover the murder #PowerTV

A man called the police because he was worried about his neighbour who had her door open and was playing videos games with her nephew so the police decided to... shoot her through her window and kill her? #AtatianaJefferson

It's sickening what happened to #AtatianaJefferson. It's sickening this keeps happening over and over again in America. Why become a cop if you are threatened by the mere sight of Black people, of POC living their lives? This was pure-blooded murder. No justification.

The next person that needs to go to "Power Heaven" is Blanca Rodriguez #PowerTV #PowerStarz #PowerSeason6 #FinalBetrayal

Fear God What a concept, live in fear. Fear of an afterlife in hell. Fear of the disapproval of the man in the sky. And his son of course. What a concept.

Can someone tell me why the phrase “fear God” is trending on this dumpster fire we call Twitter? And why is it being interpreted as literal fear? Fear in this context, as I understand it, refers to a sense of respect and reverence. It’s not a call to be scared of God. Please.

Shoot first asks questions later... so what if she had a gun in her house. It's Texas, everyone has a fucking gun in their house. #AtatianaJefferson…

My black family. Let's all try to do something today that empowers another black person. #AtatianaJefferson…


If you call yourself a good Christian, yet defend Trump ripping children from parents and putting them in cages, causing a humanitarian crisis in Turkey, asking foreign governments to interfere in our elections on his behalf, then yes, you should fear God. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies

Fear God and shun evil. Resist the devil and he will flee. Believe Yeshua and all He said about #Torah. (Matt 5:17). Eat what He ate and not what your church TOLD you was "food". Avoid drunkenness but drinking wine and beer are fine. Weed and pharmaceuticals are idolatry.

Now would be a great time for @BernieSanders to come out in support of abolishing police departments/ICE, as they are nothing more than anti-POC, modern-day slave patrols. #AtatianaJefferson

ICYMI: WATCH: Stephen A. Smith apologizes to #Clemson football team:


#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk they'd ask us to go back to carving turnips


We all knew Clemson was going to beat us but my questions about Willie hasn’t gone away

Bama kicked to 5 and not 17. They know the scouting report and made an adjustment to bait us into returning it. Also, if you’re gonna play it safe on returns why not kick it out of the end zone?

Good Morning to everyone especially Gleyber Torres!

Of course my Facebook is littered with Clemson fans talking crap about gamecock fans celebrating the win. WHY DO YALL CARE?!? Seriously, get a life.

Joey Galloway moves us down to #3 in his poll. Has Clemson #1. Then again it’s Joey Galloway. Why does he even have a poll???

Not the worst of the three but jumps twelve foot and a half. Winter's Tale #ShakespeareSunday

Having work More plentiful than tools to do ’t. Cymbeline #ShakespeareSunday


Al día siguiente de conversar con Omar Vizquel le pregunté a Gleyber Torres sobre eso y esto fue lo que respondió

“Man, do you know how special you are?” Tom Verducci examines the greatness of Gleyber Torres…

Gleyber Torres so far this postseason: 8-for-17 with nine RBIs in four games.

How does the whole Trending thing work on twitter? The #1 spot has 44k tweets and everything 2-20 has much less. Then there’s #21, #ExposeCNN with 143k tweets... #21 Whatcha hiding twitter?


After the Derek Stingley pick, when Tiger Stadium was rocking, Ed Orgeron said he turned to Joe Burrow and said "This is what great quarterbacks are made of. We're going out there to score." Then Burrow delivered the dagger, the 54-yard touchdown to Ja'Marr Chase. #LSU

LSU Updated Gamer - "Whatever they did, we made them wrong." ... QB Joe Burrow:

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