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Sur ce disque où pointe l'inquiétude, les Strokes se font bastions d’un héritage rock aujourd'hui menacé qu’ils haranguent dès l’ouverture du disque, sur « The Adults Are Talking ». #OnResteOuvert

New York City's Hart Island turns into mass grave as coronavirus death toll skyrockets…

Your primer to every new Strokes album: Half the reviews are "the Strokes are back!" the other half are "a new low for the Strokes" and three months later both camps have completely forgotten that exists and everybody just goes back to "Is This It?"

So that low budget Hausa girl Juliet Ibrahim is insulting Africans on Tory Lanez's IG live e be the things Na we fuvk up las las

Seeing how she started in PP, all the pain and loss, the mourning of her Unicorn Baby and seeing her now finally with her healthy baby is one of the most beautiful things seen in a tv show. Finally Amelia has the happiness she deserves. #GreysAnatomy…

On the plus side, I can wear a bandana over my face when I grocery shop like a cowboy.

Café calentito desde la cama, lluvia en la calle y season flnale de #GreysAnatomy ❤️

I downloaded like a cowboy before listening to it that’s how good @ParkerMcCollum’s music is to me

Jajaj la verdad no sé si creerle a The Sun, pero bueno ya me emocione demasiado como para retractarme #OneDirection2020

Alright DVSN lets what the album hittin on

I am now finally playing #finalfantasy7remake and would like friends and newcomers to come chill with me!! #TwitchTV #TWitch #twitchaffiliate #TwitchStreamers #Livestream #furry

Joe Pizza is the archenemy of Tim Apple.

Tonight, we #LightItBlue to thank healthcare and essential workers for their dedication and incredible work during this pandemic. You are superheroes ❤️ Thank you to FM Systems & Bison Electric for helping us light up the 'Dome tonight! #MakeItBlue | #StayAtHome


Did Joe Pizza Tell Trump About Hydroxychloroquine?…

shit got real. What did you guys think of tonight’s episode?!?! #FamiliesOfTheMafia

Mort Drucker (RIP, Mad Magazine) was behind all of those caricatures...…


Trump Campaign Releases Devastating Video Hitting Biden On China


Mort Drucker died at his home in Woodbury, New York, with his wife of more than 70 years by his side.

ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk. Jack Davis, Don Martin, Mort Drucker and Al Jaffee are the essence of MAD MAGAZINE to me. of those, now only Al Jaffee is still alive.…

The notion that lowering the medicare age from 65 to 60 is a "youth issue" is Hillary levels of aloofness. Biden, do better.

Be careful with your words. #TrustGod—you’re stronger than you think you are. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:13 • #ThankfulThursday #FaithWalking #GetUpMornings #GetUpErica #EricaCampbell #ECspeaks @getuperica *Full video at and my YouTube channel

#ThankfulThursday @Dgr_latina for all the laughs and keeping it real! Appreciate you!!!


Thank you to the entire Rocky Mountain Team! The entire team has been amazing during this time! I’m grateful for the balance, flexibility, resilience, determination and desire to put our people and customers first with every decision we make! #ThankfulThursday #FirstAndFast


Biden proposes reducing the age from 65 to 60 for Medicare eligibility #Biden2020…

‘If u want something, go get it.’ ‘I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.’ @EliWolf16 #Legend #ThankfulThursday #relentless…

Panic on the brain, world has gone insane <3 #LevelOfConcern


Mort Drucker, the revered and prolific cartoonist that pioneered 'Mad' magazine's signature film and TV satires among many other works, has died at age 91


⚾️ We are in the 8th inning and appreciate you all joining us today for the #ThreshersAtHomeOpener. Here is your "gate giveaway" souvenir! #MiLBAtHomeOpener


Mort Drucker, the Mad Magazine cartoonist who for decades lovingly spoofed politicians, celebrities and popular culture, dies Thursday at age 91.

abel: *says nothing* the media: damn he’s cocky af abel: *says something* the media: wow such a problematic person how dare he

also with Robert E Lee trending let’s also remember that John Brown was actually good

Abel ne zaman babe dese içim bi' hoş oluyor

shiplemeyi anlıyorum da selena şarkıda mavi gözden 1993 yılından bahsediyo.. abel mavi gözlü değil ve 1990 doğumlu hala şarkı abel için diyorlar sözlere en uygun kişi niall hadi ondan bahsedenleri anlıyorum da ne alaka çözemedim

#RIPMortDrucker, who essentially invented the Mad Magazine movie parody. My favorite was "The Guns of Macaroni" Yours?…

"I’ve already read and heard this thing about Shakespeare fifty times. I’ve heard it from writers, and I’ve had to point out to them, 'You are not Shakespeare.'"…

Y’all are not finna come at Abel like this I’m sorry

Analysis: Senate Democrats Object to Clean, Bipartisan, Standalone Bill to Help Small Businesses Keep Workers Employed…

Fran Lebowitz is a god-damn national treasure.

The last time I was in New York I walked past Fran Lebowitz near the Chelsea market. It was about dusk, she was in a suit, smoking, walking fairly slowly and looking semi miserable. I felt like I had truly SEEN NEW YORK for the first time and it was magic!…

Chris Johnson went Aaron Hernandez 2.0


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