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The striking thing about the #Kingsman video is that it’s a scene where Christians are murdered in their church. Yet @realDonaldTrump supporters will applaud the video. Everyday the Republicans slip further into madness. They will defend a video of their leader killing Christians

Of course a Trump super PAC would edit him as a brainwashed mass murdering Kingsman deliberately used by a villain to cause havoc, kill people and destroy a church only to be disposed of when he's no longer of service. Putin would have loved to make this but they did it for him.

Beneficial effects of low-volume #HIIT exercise vs. continuous or no #exercise, on cardiorespiratory #fitness but not on fat mass: new meta-analysis… @exerciseworks

fucked a man now I'm gay #unexpected

#unexpected this hashtag sucks wet mud. it suck dry dirt. fuck off

toya seems like a good friend i really appreciate her staying by mariahs side & not letting them slander her as a drug addict #Married2Med #marriedtomedicine

PLEASE @TLC #Unexpected stop this exercise in stupidity. Adults behaving badly is one thing, but these stoopid kids, allowed by their even more stupid parents (grands) to engage in stupid behavior shouldn't be rewarded.

Max’s dad is such a nice guy. My heart breaks for him. And Chloe, Max almost od’d more than once - he IS a drug addict. #unexpected

#unexpected Chloe is so NAIVE! Coming from a recovering addict who has found ppl dead od'ed from fentanyl/heroin F*** the Prom.How about Max(your baby's dad)get sober so u dont find him purple+stiff.Its not IF but WHEN.These 2 need to wise up fast.

#SoICalled911 for my neighbors safety and when the police officers entered my apartment to ask me some questions, I never felt scared or threatened. That's my white privilege in America. My apartment even smelled of weed and they didn't try to question me on it.

Correa doing his best JJ Reddick impression. (wink)…

Or Carlos Correa, Arod... What is the deal with national announcers not having any idea what our teams players are named? Will Smith? JJ Reddick? Carlos Beltran?

#ISawYouAnd something changed.

#ISawYouAnd the Force brought us together, and kept bringing us together until neither of us could deny our destiny to be together forever." @MasterJediMara #StarWars #ForcebondForever #LukeSkywalker #MaraJade #TruthInLegends


#ISawYouAnd chose not to make eye contact, even though I was captivated by your unconventional beauty.


#ISawYouAnd knew tonight was a full moon

Joe Buck is the worst announcer I have ever heard. First calling Josh Reddick, JJ Reddick, and now calling a run, a point. Don’t ever let this man call another Postseason game

joe buck just called josh reddick “JJ”

I mean, why not give JJ Reddick a shot in right field in Game 3.

Will Smith JJ Reddick The media can’t be bothered with actually learning the names of the #Astros players folks

Trump betrays everyone, everywhere, every time! #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies

And he did it all on an impulse, after a phone call with Erdogan, who no doubt reassured him it would all be fine. He believes every strongman and dictator who tells him anything. And today, what is he doing? Playing golf. #TrumpLetIsisLoose #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #GOPComplicit…

Reflecting on the fact that Jared “I’m Boinking The First Daughter” Kushner was @realDonaldTrump’s choice to bring peace to the Middle East .... #DonTheCon probably listened to that incompetent asshat about Syria. #TrumpGenocide #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpIsISIS

Trump keeps pushing his FALSE NARRATIVE about #HunterBidenUkraine but Trumps THREE STOOGES of @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr and @IvankaTrump have their GREEDY CORRUPT HANDS in questionable businesses HERE and ABROAD. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpCrimeFamily #OneTermDonny

Qualquer coisa estamos aí #LGBTQtakeover


US shared intelligence with Turkey that may have aided attack on Kurds… WTF? #riseup4rojava #TrumpBetrayedTheKurds #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #KurdsBetrayed #TrumpMeltdown #Trump

Congressional Republicans and Trump have exposed our Christian allies to genocide #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies…

Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas in coverage…

#Raiders fans after watching the #Chiefs lose their 2nd straight game at home:

Carolina Panthers fans after that 12 play, 99 yard touchdown drive: #KeepPounding #CARvsTB


My first NFL game! Go Panthers!!! #CARvsTB


I do pray for all the women who are fighting breast cancer. #NoBraDay


What a savvy, reach across the line from Christian McCaffrey, going 12 play, 99 yard drive from their own 1 yard line to get the TOUCHDOWN. Panthers up 10-0 over the Bucs. #KeepPounding #CARvsTB


Trump comments on everything - well then lets hear him say the name #AtatianaJefferson She was a 28 years old woman playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew in her OWN home. And police murdered her!…

El Camino só serviu para uma coisa: me deixar com saudade de Breaking Bad. Totalmente desnecessário

Si, me voy, pero el 35 % de pobres (y aumentando), el 60 % de inflación (camino a una hiper), y los impuestos a un 70 % se quedan con vos. Sé feliz.…

Gledajući "El Camino" shvatam koliko mi nedostaje "Breaking Bad", najbolja tv serija ikada.

If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head... #Sonnet130 #ShakespeareSunday (My dear Linda, named after my grandmother, had to go to the Doll Doctor for a new hair because I experimented too much...)


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