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A 4.3 magnitude earthquake hits Northern Ca, a coyote is spotted roaming Sacramento, articles of impeachment filed for Trump, a standoff with police and local republicans respond to President Trumps comments about the four congresswomen…

-- ON AIR -- You can travel to #LoveIslandUSA with Ben Maller Show as we yap about The Big Day in sports till 6am ET. #AgeChallenge LISTEN:…

The current Goons roster when the FO actually completes a trade... #FaceApp #AgeChallenge #CFUR


The Supreme Court’s Worst Decision of My Tenure

È morto l’ex giudice della Corte Suprema statunitense John Paul Stevens

Eu quero um GRAMMY LEGEND pra essa mulher hoje ! #SpiritMusicVideo


John Paul Stevens: Canny Strategist and the ‘Finest Legal Mind’ Ford Could Find - The New York Times…

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity Details: #FaceApp I WAS BORN #SDLive Jansen #SpiritMusicVideo #AgeChallenge The Big Day John Paul Stevens Damon #RHOBHReunion

DENISE RICHARDS! Thank goodness for women like you. Yes, I’m admitting it, I watch #RHOBH...and I love it! @DENISE_RICHARDS

Psytrance starts off so dramatic, Orchestra and impeccable singing, just for the song to go ‘Gi Didi Di Gi Didi Di Gi Didi Di Gi Didi Di’

Please notice that Tyrannus Corruptus (racist) has said nothing about the passing of Judge John Paul Stevens. Who was Republican. But the racist had plenty of time to repeatedly whine that he is not racist. Even though everyone with a functioning brain knows damn well he is.

WTF kind of story lines will this show have now that LVP is gone? All they discuss EVERY FREAKING EPISODE IS Lisa Vanderpump. All of you put together don't have the successful career LVP does. She could AFFORD to walk away from you pack of lying botoxed bimbos. #LAWSUITS #RHOBH

No se porque mierda los normies "cancelan" a Chris Pratt,osea men,el comprende que vale verga su opinion politica. Han visto las mierdas que dice Ruffalo? A ese si que dan ganas de coserle la puta boca

If you're going to have Richard Spencer on your national cable news show, at least preface it with meaningful context like this.…

Petition to replace Chris Pratt with Christina Applegate in the Hollywood Chris Collection

Chris Pratt and his "white supremacist" shirt...

Why am I such a doormat? #ThoughtsOfInanimateObjects

Nominations for the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this morning in 124 categories. Here are some reactions from nominees #Emmys…

Kellyanne Conway should stay off meth, but her most pressing issue is staying off mics.

Shorter Kellyanne: This isn't about race. We think lots of you Jews should go back to your countries too.… via @TPM

Holier than thou George Conway won't call out his racist wife Kellyanne. #DeadlineWH

CAPCOM: "We recommend you accept the NOUN 49 display on the DSKY now. Over." Collins: "Okay. It looks like an awful big one ..." CAPCOM: "We think that this is possibly due to some TLI dispersions, and it's probably satisfactory. So go ahead and accept this." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Debt ceiling looming Spending appropriations due Immigration issues unattended Border in crisis Infrastructure bill pending USMCA ratification pending What does @SpeakerPelosi focus on and bring to house floor? A bill to say horrible Trump. #2020 #Democrats #TuesdayThoughts


This is simply @Liz_Cheney @SteveScalise @GOPLeader supporting white nationalist language. All three are Republicans. No shock here!…

Game of Thrones lidera nomeações ao Emmy 2019. Veja os indicados!


#ObamaWasBetterAt knowing that if someone was born in New York or Detroit, the 'country' they 'go back to' is America.

The #Apollo11, as Neil Armstrong said, was a giant step for mankind, and we’re continuing to take steps to explore the unknown & reach out to see what is and what can be. Today, let us continue to be inspired by that accomplishment fifty years ago.

Timeline of key events in Eric Garner chokehold death.


“My sister died fighting for justice. You won’t kill me. You won’t kill me” — Emerald Snipes, Eric Garner’s daughter…

Analysis: Steve Scalise says House Republicans didn’t disrespect Obama’s position. Let’s go to the tape.

En algún universo alterno Grimes y Azealia Banks son amigas, si se hizo su colaboración y nunca conoció a Elon Musk, quiero ser de esa realidad alterna.

Canadian Emmy nominations include Ontario-shot 'Schitt's Creek'…

Mark Sanford, ‘Never Trump’ Loser, Considers Presidential Run Against Trump in 2020

Will Mark Sanford make a 2020 run against Donald Trump? SC GOP says take a hike

Roger Stone is having a no good very bad day. Which is exactly what he deserves.…

Sometimes everyone thinks this is my job. I know a bunch of UX designer who will see the slide and say, hey that’s my job! #mtpcon


Get your official #HumboldtGator #ChanceTheSnapper memorabilia today! Shop t-shirts, mugs & totes at


House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said that Republican leadership is urging all Republicans to vote against the resolution condemning Trump's racist tweets.…

A judge admonished Roger Stone on Tuesday for violating a gag order before imposing a court-mandated social media blackout on the political trickster and longtime friend of President Donald Trump. #inners

Roger Stone Barred From Using Social Media As Judge Tightens Gag Order

What the Emmys got right (‘Fleabag,’ ‘Schitt’s Creek’) and wrong (‘Game of Thrones’), according to @MatthewGilbert.

Pues de los Emmy me gustan las nominaciones de #Chernobyl #WhenTheySeeUs #BetterCallSaul #Fleabag y sobre todo la de #Succession De #GameofThrones me sobran la mitad

Beyonce, Killing Eve and Fleabag lead the Emmy nominations…


It’s one of my favorite methods is #wizardofoz, yet so many #prodmgmt people push back on manual testing because they are too busy building software @davidjbland #mtpcon >> So True! Software is just automation of manual processes—why aren’t you manually testing first?


Liking the way @davidjbland is breaking up the Business Model Canvas at #mtpcon



For years, #GameofThrones stars Lena Headey (Cersei) and Jerome Flynn (Bronn) have dogged by rumors of feuding. Flynn sets the record straight.…

taylor swift and bombalurina coming for that egot


emmylia clarke and lena headey nominated. we felt it, we knew it, we see it

Happy 51st birthday to one of the NFL all-time greats, Barry Sanders! Sanders made the Pro Bowl in all 10 of his pro seasons! Funko POP Barry Sanders: Don't forget to check out the greatest 80s podcast on the planet & subscribe @


I know #chancethesnapper hates us all so much and if he could... he would eat us all

#MaybeTheNextTimeI make sure to get the one that says “Some Pulp” @TheSopranosClub


#ObamaWasBetterAt sending pallet-loads of cash to mad Iranian despots, so they could accelerate proxy wars & world terrorism sponsorship. Arms Dealers must love the guy.

New Vlog out on my YouTube channel A studio session with Ethic Entertainment, click on link below to watch #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #pangani #HarrietOnAir #jambomassawe

Trump's attacks on nonwhite lawmakers are "racist to the core," and "beyond the bounds of human decency." "What’s just as bad, though, is the virtual silence from Republican leaders." -- @gtconway3d… True, but the reason for this makes it even worse:…

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert #TravelTuesday #TuesdayThoughts


Starting your business is like planting a sapling. When your business blossoms, it makes all the patience and hard work worthwhile #TuesdayThoughts #MotivationalQuotes #Entrepreneurship


Brilliant.. Tying four radicals to Nancy Pelosi #tcot #Ccot #FoxAndFriends #MorningJoe #WWG1WGA #QAnon #Trump #MAGA #KAG #TuesdayThoughts

50 years ago today we saw the launch of Apollo 11. Entire nation stopped, and joined together in wonder. #TDIH #Apollo11 #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning…

#ObamaWasBetterAt respecting ALL American citizens!


#ObamaWasBetterAt Everything...

#ObamaWasBetterAt increasing the number of Americans living in poverty

Vi Jikook nos trends e pensei: "Mano se assumiram, eu agora que eu desmaio" #jikook


George Conway Says He’s Changed His Mind About Trump: 'Racist To The Core'…

As a hockey player, I cannot say for certain. #ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo #HockeyTwitter

Me searching where I can bootleg the Zeus channel so i can watch Blac Chyna battle Tokyo Toni every week

Tokyo Toni is a toxic mother, her daughter needs to permanently cut her off

Zion Williamson has a 81 overall #2KRatings yet is a: Top 5 overall athlete Top 5 finisher Top 3 overall dunker

Where’s Luol’s rating I didn’t see him in the top 10!?!? #2KRatings

What You all think bout lebron being #1 for another year? #2KRatings


No surprise, #IlhanOmar has been an US citizen longer than the wife of the sitting president.… #RacistPresident #TheSquad

#RacistPresident #ImpeachNow tRump has been a racist all his life and has given a voice to racist!


Is it madden 20 time yet?

All these competitive Madden players signing contracts kinda feels like the NBA off season! Who will TryThisPlay sign?#Madden20

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Trump administration has "very serious concerns" about Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency Libra, which has already drawn the ire of President Donald Trump and Democratic lawmakers.…

How tf is Kemba and Mitchell the same overall smh y'all disrespect kemba every year #2KRatings

Ben Simmons becomes Australia's richest athlete with huge 76ers deal…

Will Pelosi condemn the squad for not condemning Al Qaeda? For not condemning the domestic terrorism of Antifa? If not, then we take it this is the official Democrat platform position.

I see Ilhan Omar being attacked in some conservative circles for not denouncing Al Qaeda. Her response was the correct one—she refused to dignify it with an answer. No American Muslim should have to spell out that they're anti-Al Qaeda. It should be the starting presumption

Mitt Romney only seemed about 47% committed to that answer...

Golden Tate on Matthew Stafford: Best quarterback I’ve played with


I'm glad #RacistPresident is trending, but we all already knew that. The heartbreaking part is that trump says, correctly, "Many people agree with me."

All the African American kids that had to hear "well then go back to Africa". Before they could truly understand that their ancestors were "more" American than that other kids. #RacistPresident #GoBackToWhereYouCameFrom

If yo girl don’t buy you the new madden or 2k when it drop, you ain’t got it like that lol

The Treasury Secretary, who previously defended Trump’s praise of neo-Nazis, isn’t sure what everyone’s getting so bent out of shape about

Ben Simmons physically cannot shoot a basketball and got paid 170 million

Menteri Keuangan AS Steven Mnuchin memperingatkan soal risiko digunakan untuk tindak kriminal.

Quando Kirk Cousins tem OVR maior que Mitchell Trubisky no Madden 20. CC: @CurtiAntony


Saw Drew Brees trending and freaked out. Then, I saw it was his QB rating in Madden and damn, I still freaked out! What the hell? How is he under 95? I don't know why they keep fucking with my white mens (Brees, Beto, and Mitch Landrieu) like this, but ya'll better stop.

If you honestly watched all of Mitch Trubisky’s plays and all of Kirk Cousins’ plays and you left with the conclusion that Mitch is better than Kirk, I can’t help you. And it would be tough to have any rational football discussion with you going forward.

Pelosi/Mnuchin spoke about spending caps/Debt ceiling tonight. Will speak again tomorrow

ABD Hazine Bakanı’ndan son dakika Libra, Bitcoin ve kripto para açıklamaları #binance #bitfinex #paribu #vebitcoin #btcturk #koineks #kriptopara kaynak :…

I’m with JW on this one. They’re one of if not the most talented teams in football. If Trubisky makes the leap - and I believe that he will - everyone will shut up soon enough. #Bears…

Dreams don't work unless you do. #MondayMotivation


Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see. © Agbley John Quotes #mondaythoughts #IQRTG #MondayMotivation

Arsene Wenger was actually not ready to leave Arsenal but he was like “lemme leave so these guys (the fans) will know that I am not Arsenal’s problem”. A year after, we got to know that it’s Stan Kroenke that’s actually sitting on Arsenal’s money with his shit-hole. #WeCareDoYou

A rare picture of Mbalula rushing to go report back to Jacob Zuma on what Rupert has just said to him. #JacobZuma #StateCaptureInquiry #Baba


we can all agree on this: #BigLittleLies season 2 really delivered on the Laura Dern mood stills


Yesterday’s Feast Day of St Bonaventure celebrations!


Feast: St Bonaventure, Bishop & Church Doctor. “The mouth of the just man utters wisdom, and his tongue tells forth what is just; the law of God is in his heart.”(Ps 36:30-31) Bonaventure challenges us through his teachings to be "rooted and grounded in charity" #UCHolySpirit

Today, on his feast day, we read the words of St. Bonaventure, doctor of the Church, who reminds us of our need for mercy and healing in the Sacrament of Confession. M-F at the CIC, 11:45!


Prayer of St. Bonaventure to the Holy Spirit #memorial


Tom making his way on to twitter to see why he is trending #tomhollandbetterprayup

WIG. WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!!! #rhop

The last two episodes of #RHOP have been so entertaining. Everything about Katie is hilarious. Now to #BigLittleLies

My favs this season surprisingly is Karen and Monique. Well I’ve always liked Monique. But Karen isn’t so cookoo for Cocoa Puffs this season. #RHOP

Renata telling off her fucking husband in tonight’s #BigLittleLies is my idea of stress management @LauraDern

Bonnie admitting that she settled for Nathan? #BigLittleLies

Poor Ashley she cant stand the fact all the gossip and picking she did on others came back to haunt that ass with a vengeance #RHOP

Is it just me or does Candiace’s mother look like Tiffany Pollard’s mom?! You see it. Must be the same actress. #RHOP

Nicole is so delusional every time she talks about her and Azan getting married she might as well talk about the palace she’s buying & filing with unicorns & leprechauns #90DayFiance #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter

Me at a party: Yes I know I'm quiet Yes I know I don't have to be Yes I'm having a good time Yes I wanna go home Yes I'll stay five more minutes Yes I'll give you a ride home Yes I had a good time Yes I'll call you tomorrow No I don't want to do it again #IntrovertsUnite

Jihoon’s mother is a savage #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTheOtherWay

Pao is so ridiculous. Putting her mom against Patty before she even got there soooo juvenile. #90dayfiance #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter

we're only united online right? cause i dont wanna go outside #IntrovertsUnite

Who will KOFI Kingston Opponent be at #SummerSlam #WWE #SDLive

I had to press rewind a couple of times to hear #TiffanyAndrews sing that song again! Wow!!! #BETSundayBest

Hubby: #HATM's verdict? Me: Problematic but it made history & knowing it look cool. Hubby: Really? I thought it looked like a bunch of nerds got in way over their heads. I kept thinking "what a bunch of dumb M-Fers, that's not how it works." #perspectives

Again, @HerbertHistory for an amazing year and a lot of great discussions, questions, and Twitter friends. Also, to @dottiehudson & @jbf1755 you all are amazing for watching this with all of us. It's awesome. Really grateful for you all answering questions and sharing #hatm

Basically Kelly just told this girl to go on and be an R&B Singer and just have a Gospel segment in your show #BETSundayBest

Thanks @dottiehudson for giving us such a fun ride of a film. Hope you reap in those royalty checks for a while. #HATM

My husband says that National Treasure is "the Goonies without all the charming Goonie-ness of it." #HATM

I feel like we're missing the question of just who is paying these people. The treasure would be tied up in litigation in international courts for decades. #HATM

Riley cutting off Ben is every innocent person that @malumdiscordiae and I have assaulted with random historical trivia. #HATM

And then they end by calling her "the girl." #HATM

Chelsea Barnes sang that on tonight! Yes ma’am/sir she did #BetSundayBest

الأنتعاش الذي تشهده صناعة الجنائز في النجف.يعود بفضل الله إلى جهاد جنود الدوله.ويجيك سلولي غبي مغيب يردد هالجمله الفدغاء .(داعش).عملاء ايران #BTَSInRiٍyadh #ًكلنا_سارٌه_دنِدراوي #سُاره_ٍظرنطاوي #الٌسودان_فِي_قلْب_سلماٍن

نشرة الرابعة | حفل تاريخي لـ سوبر جونيور في جدة #SuperJuniorInKSA #STRAYKIDSINJEDDAH #BTSInRiyadh

بث مباشر مباراه تونس والسنغال على موقع كورة ستار #تونس_السنغال #WimbledonFinal


Finished my college in between the Finals !! #WimbledonFinal

everyone watching the #WimbledonFinal rn

Şu an ben bu maçı nasıl kaçırırım diye kafamı duvara vuruyorum. Ama olsun tenisin iki öz evladı karşılaşıyor ikisini de seviyorum ama ne yalan söyleyeyim gönlüm ekselanslarından yana.. Haydi @rogerfederer #WimbledonFinal

من النواقض التي ارتكبها حكام آل سلول ، هو استحلال الربا بنشر البنوك الربوية #BTَSInRiٍyadh #ًكلنا_سارٌه_دنِدراوي #سُاره_ٍظرنطاوي #الٌسودان_فِي_قلْب_سلماٍن July 14, 2019 at 08:45PM

President Donald Trump has said a group of Democratic congresswomen should go back to the 'broken and crime infested places from which they came', ignoring the fact the women are American citizens and all but one was born in the US…


'Fox & Friends' Hosts Fawn Over Trump's Racist Rant Against Democratic Congresswomen…


Trump Urges Democratic Congresswomen To 'Go Back' To Other Countries In Racist Rant…


Don’t know about any other keys, but the ‘back’ key on my TV remote is definitely wearing out tonight #WimbledonFinal #CricketWorldCupFinal

#CricketWorldCupFinal I’m going to have a heart attack... this is so unbelievably tense... COME ON ENGLAND!

Telling a group of American women of color to go back to their country is fundamentally un-American. That the President of the United States is making such comments toward sitting members of Congress is racist and hateful.…

#SeductiveSunday #newswinsuit #SundayMorning #lewdrp "What do all my lovely followers think of my new one piece swimsuit.. I normally like two piece swimsuit but I'm always happy to try new things."❤️❤️❤️


Comrades: Please drop any and all #ICEraid resources in response to this tweet (in both Español and English). Primary links or images, please. #ICE

We found some gold behind the beach today!!! #Exmoor #Flowers #SundayMorning


So #Shippuden is trending for literally no reason sooooo, have Sasuke and Itachi in cat form.

#ManlyExcusesForBeingLate my labradors we’re playing and I didn’t want to interrupt their fun.

Since #Shippuden trending..GOAT scene

one of my fave fights. #Shippuden

Ivw been waiting... #Shippuden

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