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not sure if EA intended this, but you can make the sims 3 launcher display any html file you want by simply dragging it into the launcher window

Has anyone explained to the dipshit troll that the DISPLAY, not the actual toothbrush, is marked as being 1 cent? And that the display model is non-working, and literally only has a scannable barcode and price because it needs to be accounted for in inventory?

はぁい、って言った…? じよは養命酒 声聞くだけで見てるだけで元気なる




This is the left. Complete fucking moron. Sueing target because they wouldn't sell him a $30 toothbrush for $0.01, which is on a sticker that clearly reads "display". Way to make Tori's life hell you complete douche. #IStandWithTori @Target @AskTarget…

I came on here to drag myself at the beginning of last year when I got back a terrible GPA in my first semester of law school (a 2.7), so I think it’s only fair to come back here to brag that exactly a year later I just got back a 3.9 GPA. Straight As, baby!

#HubbleJustDetected Adam Schiff's soul escaping from #PatientZero: a swinish bug eyed #TDS pandemic in a flesh colored mask.

Time to head over to the #BeemieAwards afterparty @GalleryRacing of course!


The top 5 moments from tonight’s #BeemieAwards! 5) @DawnLupul’s video 4) @Raps7’s story about bringing a garbage bag home 3) @_zoemetz’s photo 2) Harry Jollendorfer (2-4 was TOUGH to sort out) 1) @GalleryRacing’s sponsorship. Terrific job by @BeemieAwards and Co., as always.

#NorthridgeEarthquake I was there. No one tells you that the shaking is scary, but the SOUND is fucking terrifying.

#NorthridgeEarthquake Los Feliz, Alexandria St. Our place slammed up&down, stairs twisted, furniture flew. Fear took us to drinking for 2wks straight.


The #NorthridgeEarthquake was 26 years ago. I lived near the epicenter. It’s one of those things I’ll never forget.


#NorthridgeEarthquake 26 years ago today I delivered a baby behind a camper in the Olive View Hospital parking lot while the ground was a-shakin'.

Tony Deppen is calling out the winner of this match at JJSB4. Also, that wrestler will get signed before Tony. #microwrestling

My mom texted me to stop being mean to David Brooks

Over the last few years David Brooks’ columns have been growing more and more poorly researched, yet the @nytimes keeps publishing them. How can this be happening?…

Bill Clinton’ın Azlinde Özel Savcı Olan Ken Starr Trump’ın Ekibinde


This is not a good look for Trump. He’s hired two scoundrel lawyers two represent him: Ken Starr and Jeffrey Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr are representing Donald Trump’s impeachment legal team. The pair also represented noted pedophile, Jefferey Epstein, against charges for molesting underaged women.…

happy bday to everyone’s grandma, betty white. 98... that’s crazy. the last golden girl ):

When I see Betty White trending it’s the opposite: I don’t even worry about it, I know she’s alive.

Y’all realize that Betty White turned 98 today?? NINETY-EIGHT. A saint.

im jealous of david brooks and his hot wife

Arada sen olmasan benim buralar hep kamikaze ütopyamın tanrıçası..

Eminem US iTunes Albums All Genres 1 Music To Be Murdered By 17 MTBMB Clean Version 22 Kamikaze 128 TES 146 MMLP 179 Revival

Re: thoughts on Todd Monken- Georgia is getting an absolute steal. Given how things shaked out after last off-season, I fully expected him to be an NFL head coach in 2020. Obviously the situation in Cleveland played a factor in that not coming to fruition.…

If you haven’t listened to Circles please do it’s a masterpiece by the one and only #RIPMAC


#UnDiaComoHoy 17 de enero, PERO de 1942 nació Muhammad Ali o Mohamed Ali. El que es considerado como el boxeador de todos los tiempos.


What we do know: Monken will call plays. Coley will stay on staff. What we don’t know: What spot Coley takes. If this is the end of the shuffling on staff.

Starting from this year, Astros are gonna be considered rivals with every single team in MLB. They DESERVE to get heavily booed in every road game they play this year. #MLBCheatingScandal…

Boxing gloves should be January's astrological sign. Happy B-Day, Muhammad Ali, who would've been 78 Jan. 17. Happy B-Day Joe Frazier, who would've been 76 Jan. 12. Foreman's B-Day 1-10, Hopkins 1-15, RJones 1-16. Usyk born on a good day in a good month. He's 33 on Ali's B-Day.

Georgia head football coach Kirby Smart has reorganized his offensive staff, naming Todd Monken as offensive coordinator.  James Coley will remain on staff and serve as assistant head coach.

David Brooks: Midwest swing voters vote their values: abortion, guns, white supremacy, MURRIKA! Meanwhile, in the Midwest:


With the hire of Monken we have done everything we can to win a championship this season! It's time! Great way to start the decade with a natty!! #GoDawgs

So everyone is in agreement on Monken it seems. Good.

Monken tabbed new OC: Our story updated with quotes;…


Todd Monken, aka a man whose last college OC stint led to Brandon Weeden being the 22nd overall pick at 28 years old, is a fantastic hire imo

Monken has a pretty sterling track record as far as available OCs go, but the question to be answered is whether he'll get to do what he wants or if there will be meddling from above. Keep the meddling to a minimum and UGA should be better on offense this year.

eminem still rapping about rape and shit like the manchester bombing making jokes, really? grow with the times

Yep. Certified banger. You love to see it. #Walls…

#Walls. Definitely one of my favorite songs in the album.

Han min geile tweet müesse lösche will ich susch gsperrt wird und wer wür em cl*udio denn sege dass er en hueresohn isch? So yah i‘m sorry guys

nunca vou superar a morte do mac miller

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