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dei play em kaytranada com tinashe e gilberto gil se materializou aqui exclamando: “TOMÁ UM GIN”

O q dizer sobre o ataque de Leilane Neubarth, d Globo, aos críticos d Greta.Hitler lutou pela sua causa. Lenin lutou por uma causa. Che e Fidel lutaram por uma causa. Maduro luta por uma causa. Dirceu luta por uma. Não significa, q lutam por algo bom…

Bolsonaro quer bater em Greta na hora do Recreio…


Michelle Obama tells Greta Thunberg to "ignore the doubters" after President Trump slams the climate change activist

Remainers don't worry, Labour can still get you a second referendum in the house of commons when there's a vote on the cherry amend.... Oh wait no that was is March and Labour screwed it up by Abstaining #Brexit #GeneralElection2019 #Remain #LabourParty…

The gaming industry is now bigger than the film industry. Check out the magnitude of The Game Awards 2019. It's mind-blowing. By the way, they've mentioned #crypto. Soon we'll see #blockchain projects like @PhantasmaChain on that stage. #theGameAwards…

Congress will not let amended Citizenship Act get implemented in Maharashtra, says state minister Nitin Raut

Ravens HC John Harbaugh says they knew before most of us that Lamar Jackson was going to be what he is. If they REALLY knew that.. they probably would have taken him before they used their 1st of 2 1st round picks in 2018 on TE Hayden Hurst

Former NBA commissioner David Stern suffers brain hemorrhage at NYC restaurant, undergoes emergency surgery.

I met up with so many friends tonight. It was an awesome event overall. But the greatest part about the night was being able to share it with my beautiful wife! ❤️ #TheGameAwards


Que Trump le diga ridícula a Greta Thunberg, puede ser considerado como un elogio por Greta. Hay que aprender a darle el valor correcto a las palabras y eso tiene mucho que ver con quien las dice y el porqué.

#CABBill2019 All the 6 religious persecuted minorities , specially Hindus & Sikhs should remember this in every elections now - #Congress gave away a whole country to Muslims but not ready to give others even basic right & dignity

i do think lamar should be mvp. however..the east coast bias is so evident here. how is wilson NOW getting mvp considerations but never once in his 8 year career? wilson won a damn SB in his 2nd year and has been breaking records left and right lol…

Nous y sommes, le dernier article de l'année, le Bilan du Blog pour 2019. Flops, coup de ❤️ et mon GOTY, c'est maintenant ! A l'écrit :… En vidéo : N'oubliez pas le like et le partage si le travail vous plaît !


these magic the gathering people can't leave me alone whether it be spamming their annoying ass trailers during #TheGameAwards or demonetizing my stream


As a member of NATO, Turkey has many nuclear weapons in Incirlik Air Base (of the US) and the US is still moving ahead with its sanctions. Before shooting your mouth off, understand what India is up against. Congress/ Senate is where the real power is. A 2/3 vote overrides Trump.…

Alguém que me diga se o kaytranada fez som com o Masego?

Kendrick Lamar - XXX (feat U2) - Damn via @YouTube

Piove in tutta #Italia, sono le lacrime degli europeisti dopo il voto di ieri in Gran tranquilli, Hillary #Clinton è ancora in testa nei sondaggi❗ #UKelection2019 #ElezioniUK #BorisJohnson #GranBretagna #Brexit


The coup has failed Moderate Democrats are about to commit political suicide. And it’s Friday Winning!!!!! #TRUMP2020Landside #KAG #FridayFeeling #Hannity #FoxandFriends #MorningJoe #FridayMotivation #Tcot #Ccot #ImpeachAndConvict #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentHoax #impeach


Can somebody explain to me how the #ComplicitCorruptGOP accusation that Dems have already decided to #ImpeachAndConvict Trump is any different than #MoscowMitchMcConnell's vow to work directly with the WH Counsel? #AmyMcGrath2020 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

#NBA | El inventor de la nueva NBA, David Stern, sufre un derrame cerebral ➡ Ha sido ingresado de emergencia la pasada madrugada en un hospital de Nueva York. Por @megamrd


You stick to your instincts! You’re one of the finest assets the USA has ever been graced with! Much love, respect and support from decent minded Canadians. Aho! #ImpeachAndConvict #impeachment…


Soooooo… Is anybody gonna start talking about the fact that the House will vote on #ArticlesOfImpeachment on #FridayThe13th? Truly a circus, made for the king of clowns, @realDonaldTrump. #Impeachment #LockHimUp #Impeach45 #ImpeachAndConvict #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation

Donald Trump, Sammy "The Bull, and the Mob — Retweet ad infinitum #ImpeachAndConvict…

The @LibDems have just helped the Tory Ian Duncan Smith, the architect of Universal Credit, keep his seat. #YellowTories #GeneralElection

On #GE2019 duty tonight for @BBCWiltshire covering Salisbury.


Iain Duncan Smith HOLDS Chingford and Wood Green seat - surviving a strong challenge from Labour and Momentum activists who spent years campaigning to unseat him #GE2019

The reason Labour have been obliterated at #GE2019 is simple The working class voted to Leave the EU. Labour, a party supposedly a party of the working class, betrayed their vote. Labour became a party of the metropolitan socialist elite. Sheer arrogance of the party!

Both Labour and the Tories thought Stockton South was on a knife edge. Tories just won it with a 5 thousand majority

It’s official: #JewsErmZionists manufactured our defeat, eh @Freedland? Utterly disgusting subliminal nastiness. @TheCanaryUK #GE2019…

.@campbellclaret: “It you go around saying, ‘we don’t want your vote, we don’t want your help, bugger off, you’re just a Tory’ don’t be surprised if they go and vote for the Tories.. It will be 50 years since any Labour leader, other than Blair, won a general election.”

NEW: Senior Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith narrowly holds his Chingford seat. Labour had hoped to pull off a major upset.…

The Tories Should Abolish The UK’s Supreme Court -…

Gunna to try my hardest to stop checkin twitter n sleep and wake up to a majority for labour. If labour wins ill quit weed and nicotine as i wont rely on substance to stop me being afraid of facing reality. If we still live under tory government ill be buying an ounce #LabourWin

The official result is yet to be announced, but it's becoming clear that Nigel Dodds (DUP) has lost his seat in North Belfast to John Finucane (SF). #UKelection #GE2019


Tories seize Stockton South with massive swing

Ian Duncan Smith - the man who introduced Univesal Credit - retained his seat. Those who voted Tory do not give a fuck about the poor. IDS starved them. He made them homeless. He drove them to suicide. #GeneralElection2019

“People are so fucking dumb. Nobody reads anymore, nobody goes out and looks and explores the society and culture they were brought up in. People have attention spans of five seconds and as much depth as a glass of water.” - David Bowie #UKelection2019 #UKElection #DavidBowie


Lib dems of Chingford, Hugh Grant hates you

Enough: time to turn off PC and read for an hour - something bloody and unpleasant, I think. And some Jackson Browne for that mournful air. Vent tonight, lick wounds tomorrow, prepare for the long, hard road back on Saturday.…

Remarkable the levels of 'analysis' they can spin out of footage of a man standing in a school sports hall. #UKElection #BBCElection

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