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Does anyone wanna come over and watch PAUL? I’m into this Area 51 shit Rn

Les meilleures offres du Prime Day 2019 d’Amazon…


চলছে Amazon Prime day সেল ! Galaxy Note 9-এ রয়েছে একাধিক আকর্ষণীয় অফার…

Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Cameras are $160+ off for Prime Day, deals from $314… by @justinkahnmusic


Won’t you be my neighborhood watch?…

#4TOWIN - WIN £1,000 TODAY - FREE ENTRY Our predictions are in the image. Can you do better? Visit before 17:40 BST today. #Nottingham #Tigerfish #BantaBay #Kimblewick #ClemA #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation 18+ T&C Apply


Get connecting to the Free Wifi South Africa. It's meant for you. Follow @connected_SA for more information #TuesdayThoughts…

Great #NintendoSwitch Memory Bargain: SanDisk Ultra 200 GB microSDXC Memory Card A1 App Performance 100 MB/s Class 10 U1 - £20.29 [Prime Day Deal]…


against all odds, you get to the area 51 containment room. this is what you find. what do?

#ObamaWasBetterAt showing respect to others. Sharing the stage with others instead of pushing them aside.

lmao can u believe I had the audacity to tag this article as "culture"…

#ObamaWasBetterAt being an honest, stand-up person!


#ObamaWasBetterAt everything, quite honestly.

#ObamaWasBetterAt being a loving husband with a wife who actually loves him.He is a loving person, loves his wife. A Happy Family


We have prepared a Amazon Prime Day best deal guide for you. Which one do you want to buy? #WPSGuide #WPSOfficeIndia #WPSOfficeGuide #AmazonPrimeDay #Electronics #Apple #Xiaomi #Lenovo


Instead of planning on how you’re going to raid Area 51 why don’t ya’ll be useful and plant some fuckin trees

“The Force doesn’t care about your feelings” #OverheardAtStarWarsCantina

A Guy Approaches Some Bear Cubs, and Is Almost Mauled by Their Mother…

Si tu supprimes les scènes un peu fortes de la série, tu te retrouves avec une série pour adolescent banale. Super. Sans mauvais jeu de mots, retirez vous le balais que vous avez dans le cul. #13ReasonsWhy

Well, @HillaryClinton would be working right now. She would be leading instead of tweeting. I'm #StillWithHer and #LoveTrumpsHate #HillaryClinton #RacistPresident


Jed is more concerned about Luke than he is Hannah. #TheBachelorette

We were witness to an awesome sighting as a mother #hyena returned to the den site with an impala carcass for the cubs to feed off. What unfolded before us was incredible as she defended the carcass against the low-ranking hyenas in the #clan. #safari #travel


Terrific Tuesday @mullyhaugh from 5-9 @670TheScore. Recap #Cubs trade of Monty and sloppy loss to Reds, #WhiteSox drop 4th straight, NFL, more... 5:20 5@5 6:40 @MLBBruceLevine 7:20 @LenKasper 8 @scottmerkin 8:40 Mike Florio @ProFootballTalk @JoeO670 updates, @Jurchak1 traffic


George Conway writes an op-ed calling President Trump a 'racial bigot'…

There's a reason people say not to get between a mother bear and her cubs.…

I’m sitting in a friend’s home in Weston Ct about to head out to Chicago to see the Cubs. Blurry-eyed, tired and too dumb to figure out how to run the coffee pot. Not a great start to what will be a great day.

Two giant #pandas in a zoo in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality gave birth to two pairs of twins on June 23, the zoo said Tuesday. Female panda Lanxiang, 17, gave birth to a pair of male cubs in the wee hours of June 23, weighing 167 and 115 grams, respectively.


Cubs acquire catcher Maldonado from Royals:


When a woman asks you to leave, get your ASS UP. #TheBachelorette

Name a position and you can bet @kFarm17 can play it! The @Reds utility man has stepped up big for the squad, but his work behind the plate and with the bat has been crucial this year. #BornToBaseball

Not sure what's better, the pitch or the reaction? #LaPiedra | #BornToBaseball

Go @Reds Go! Cincinnati takes the series opener to advance to 7-3 on the year against the Cubs. #BornToBaseball

Some important context here: One America News Network (OANN) was granted a permanent seat in the White House briefing room in 2017. Trey Yingst (then-OANN’s Chief White House Correspondent) was one of the top five most called upon reporters covering the Trump Administration.…

Gold Star father blasts Trump for failure to govern while refusing to ‘defend and protect’ America: On Monday’s edition of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Gold Star father Khizr Khan eviscerated President Donald Trump for his latest racist attack on……


Congresistas responden al "ataque racista" de Trump: "No piquemos el anzuelo, es una distracción"


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns Donald Trump's attack on US congresswomen, via @nzherald…

Biden: Anyone who agrees with Trump's 'go back to your country' tweet is racist


day 4 of these area 51 jokes


me and the boys after storming Area 51 for that intergalactic weed stash


What started as a joke....hundreds of thousands of people are taking seriously.

'This is the agenda of white nationalists,' Rep. Ilhan Omar said about President Trump's 'xenophobic' tweets

Says the dude who made sure trump became President. Fuck James comey. Fuck him to hell and back.…

Useful heuristic to analyze What Trump Said Today commentary: - Did the predict Trump would win in 2015-2016?

The thing I love most about Ben Simmons is that he’s only 19... and not an old 19 like Jayson Tatum, Ben is a young 19. Not enough people bring that up.

Every year people get mad about the servers, but ratings are the thing 2K does worse than anything There needs to be a complete reset the way Madden did where there are CLEAR tiers between players

El alíen que saque del área 51, atrás voy yo, más atrás los 250k corredores de Naruto protegiéndome


I don’t know why everyone’s talking about Area 51 but I do know that whatever the reason is, it’s excessively white and lame.

Cody Bellinger is now tied with Christian Yelich for the major league lead with 32 HR

Yesterday: Christian Yelich's 32nd HR of the year. Today: Cody Bellinger's 32nd HR of the year. Baseball is *the best*!

Donald Trump spells al-Qaeda “Alcaida” in handwritten speech notes


Cloudscape from Stafford Motor Speedway, CT


Ilhan Omar Asked "Are You Pro Al-Qaeda?" - Refuses to Answer - Defends Muslims - Shies Away from Marriage to Brother (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

D’Angelo Russell and Ben Simmons will be traded for each other within 6 months

Clint Boling announces his retirement from the NFL, capping off an eight year career with the #Bengals. Boling met with the media in the locker room after announcing his retirement. In the Locker Room pres. by @GEICO:

Clint Boling said he was diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg after the end of last season. Tried medication, wrestled with idea of continuing to play, but made the decision to retire for his family. #Bengals

Andy Dalton at the #bengals training camp next week.

With Clint Boling retiring, all eyes turn to Christian Westerman. In the 2018 preseason, Westerman was the #Bengals highest-graded offensive lineman, earning an impressive 90.5 pass-blocking grade, allowing 0 pressures in 97 pass-blocking snaps…

The news on Clint Boling’s retirement is not good news for the #bengals. You can find guards just about anywhere. But none quite as good AND versatile as Boling.

#Steelers @CamHeyward will now likely face either #Bengals Christian Westerman or John Jerry at LG twice this season.

As for the position going forward, I wrote about it a few weeks back in TWIB. Will be a competition, but #WestermanHive, prepare to engage. #Bengals

A game that personifies Boling's career was the finale in Baltimore in the lost season of 2017. Boling had kicked out to play LT the week prior due to an injury to Ogbuehi. Boling shut down Terrell Suggs and set the stage for the Dalton-to-Boyd miracle game-winner. #Bengals

Clint Boling was classy, stand up and a total pro in how he represented the #Bengals on and off the field. Props on a heck of a career. Best of luck in what ever is next. Enjoy that family.

I am new to this but I write #political #satire and my #MondayMotivation and #mondaythoughts are always about what has happened over the weekend in politics. What is everyone's #MondayMotivation ? #WritingCommunity #authors #writers #writersnetwork @irdiallo

Do not let failure overtake your desire for success. If the former occurs raise the latter. When self-doubt creeps in, increase self-belief! #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts

Cause and details of death Great surprise RIP BIANCA How did she die ?? Full details from here >> #ripbiancaً


buy the plane ticket. book that trip. go out and adventure. explore unfamiliar places. do that thing that scares you. learn new cultures. let go of stress, and let life in. you’re not promised tomorrow. life is so precious. #mondaymotivation

*checks prime day sale, sees nothing I want or need* "I believe very strongly in supporting the strike against Amazon. Honestly, I'm disgusted by the people shopping there, shame on anyone who-"

Honestly I feel like twt made me gain abit more braincells gkrkvkd because it's dramatic and you have to be careful all the time to not get hurt TWT teaches me more than school WBK

Alan Turing, el matemático que descifró los códigos de los nazis, imagen del nuevo billete de 50 libras


Ninja... please be careful who you meet and what you do on social media. There are crazy peeps out there. I feel bad for that young girl Bianca... may she rest in peace. She had her whole life in front of her. Truly a sad story. #ripbianca

instead of raiding area 51 i’m gonna raid these concentration camps.... and then area 51

“same effort” only like 5 people will probably actually show up to area 51…

Honestly ako nas mn fog lain t7t markat bs they still dk how to dress nor have a personality. Ur money isn’t gon get you one.

Releasing my first ever shirt and I couldn't be more excited! It honestly feels surreal that everything I've been planning is coming together! Pre order date TBA


Honestly i think, i will need to go off the grid for a while. Things just aren’t going well and seriously i’m not okay and i really need to get my life back on track. I want to do better and be better and i need to work on myself.

everyone after returning from Area 51 with their rescued aliens and realizing that the base was radioactive


ชอบแฟชั่นยุคนั้นจัง คือชุดนี้และบอดี้ของกาสะลองทำให้นางเหมือนหลุดมาจากรันเวย์ของ Christian Dior ให้อารมณ์แบบ First Face เดินเปิดงาน เก๋ๆ #กลิ่นกาสะลอง #กลิ่นกาสะลองep11


One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian. She’s on a mission to convert skeptics.… from @MrDanZak

Extreme Rules Results - Bayley Def. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross #ExtremeRules


You can’t support Trump and claim to be Christian. Those are facts.…

#ripbianca is crazy and madly upsetting

Hola a las nuevas 150 antenas que me empezaron a seguir por ese tuit. Solo quería aclararlea que solo soy homosexual cuando celebro una victoria de Federer, porque no conozco una forma heterosexual de hacerlo. Good day.

Ascolti al top per Sky: Federer-Djokovic la finale di Wimbledon più vista di sempre…


Still can't believe yesterday happened. #WimbledonFinal surely the best and tensest end to a sporting final #CricketWorldCupFinal Hold my beer

Today is the feast of St Bonaventure (1218-1274), Bishop and Doctor of the Church. His writings are amazing. This pictured 1 minute read encapsulates what it is to truly follow God. Take a minute to read it. You have the time. :-)


New centennial patches this season for St. Bonaventure.…

St. Bonaventure — Franciscan, bishop, Doctor of the Church. Born in Italy in 1221, Bonaventure was a Franciscan who had his EYES FIXED ON JESUS — who he called the “one true Master.” St. Bonaventure, pray for us!


Hey #breviaryviews fam! I can’t do a stream for morning prayer, but here is some pics and a short explanation for the feast of St Bonaventure: I’m doing prayer from the common of pastors, pg 1426 will be part of my prayer


How to read the Old and New Testaments together, according to St. Bonaventure…


"When we pray, the voice of the heart must be heard more than that proceeding from the mouth." St. Bonaventure #SaintoftheDay

I will fucking perform in front of a group for an hour and not let you get a word in edgewise, a.k.a. “hanging out with friends,” grab my purse and go home and not leave my house for a month. Leave me alone. Seriously. #IntrovertsUnite

My Area 51 alien waking me up on Christmas morning


#CWC19Final #ENGvNZ | Kids, don’t take up sport - Jimmy Neesham shares emotional tweet following heartbreaking loss (Via @HTSportsNews)…

How my area 51 gf be looking at me after i unlocked several orgasm spots…

A nail biting finish to the cricket world cup 2019. Congratulations England cricket team for a deserved long awaited world cup victory. #CWC19Final

Should England have got five, not six, for overthrows? #CWC19Final


Candiace likes to play the victim card and judges others but doesn’t want to be judged. Sadly, she can’t even see her own behavior and it’s impact on the other ladies. Or her marriage. She needs to GTHU, call Iyanla or get some new friends. #RHOP

Creo que fue un show sólido #ExtremeRules, y el mejor detrás de WrestleMania y Stomping Grounds a mí gusto. También pienso que WWE no falló en PPVs en todo el año, hasta me pareció decente Arabia (sacando el ME). Hace años que no me entretenía con todos los eventos.

Just watch #RomanReigns reaction, telling the referee to stand back when it comes to #TheUndertaker. #ExtremeRules

#uncancelandimack like seriously disney, you started the childhoods of people, why stop for the old people. Continue thinking about the kids. That is whats important

One year of hype! One year of buildup! And now the official road to SummerSlam can begin! NXT TakeOver will return to my kingdom of Toronto followed by the end of my mission to attend each of the Big 4 shows in WWE with SummerSlam! LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!! YOU'RE ALL INVITED!!


Tip to extroverts: silence is not automatically awkward. #IntrovertsUnite

Hoy Rey Charlie supo que es parte del corillo, Puñeta #RickyRenunciaYa

You can tell I'm an Introvert since I prefer Talking with myself #IntrovertsUnite #haiku #introvert

so the cast can get surprised with AT LEAST ONE MORE SEASON #uncancelandimack


If for some reason Seth doesn’t face Brock at SummerSlam or doesn’t win then I won’t be rational. But right now I do see the storyline appeal and giving him a chance to get a definitive, unquestionable win.

There’s one man and one man only who should face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and that’s Shooter Shane McMahon. #ExtremeRules

Happy One Year anniversary #HATM and thanks @HerbertHistory for starting this wonderful thing

Women are not “the spoils”!!!!!! #HATM

Riley's response to the start of the story about the house is pretty much my family everytime we go on vacation. #HATM

“The girl” is not a prize or “spoils” lord almighty #HATM

After a rough start to the year, Yasiel Puig is hitting .393/.441/.833 with a 218 wRC+ over the past 30 days (23 games) #BornToBaseball

My seats at the @Rockies and @Reds game are amazing! #BornToBaseball

The #Reds should not waste any time pulling Mahle. #BornToBaseball

Geno drives in a run to give the Reds the lead! #BornToBaseball

What will finish first, the Wimbledon match or the one at Lords? #WimbledonFinal #CricketWorldCup

LOL 11-10 in the 5th set of the #WimbledonFinal SHIT!!! #Wimbledon

Yo queriendo que gane Federer... Obvio sin el anillazo!! #WimbledonFinal #FelizDomingo #14Julio


The word is racist you absolute states BBC political team. Get in the bin. BBC News - Trump under fire for racially-charged tweets against congresswomen…

From Gilbert Christian to Signing Day to the present....Happy Birthday @Mitchlightfoot Thanks for always being cool to me & my boys....Appreciate you brutha! #RockChalk


I want to be as clear as possible: If you support Trump's tweets today attacking four Democratic Congresswomen & telling them to go back to their countries then you are racist. Spare me all your crocodile tears and defensive outrage. If you behave like a racist, you are one.

Well to do my part of the #NationalNudeDay. I‘m not convincible... #furry #yiff


My “fallen parentage” were better Christians than you on your best day. It’s the same God for all 3 Abrahamic religions, no matter how much you like hating Muslims, you deeply Christian guy.…

You guys are gonna break into area 51 and find out its the bon Appétit test kitchen in there or something

Anyone who believes in human rights, even stone cold atheists, is more Christian than the religious right. The religious left is gigantic if we see it for what it is.…

Meet NightCrawler, he is our house gecko that has been living in our house for the past 7 years, the average lifespan for a common house gecko is 5 years. He's old, but he's happy, plus he eats bugs. #lifespan #gecko #lizards #SundayMorning


Spoke at the NightVision Christian Music Festival yesterday in Olathe CO. Thanks to all for your support. What a great crowd!


‘Captain Marvel’ star Lashana Lynch will reportedly “be introduced as 007” in ‘Bond 25’


Reminder to pray for His Most Christian Majesty, King Louis XVI’s soul this Bastille Day #ViveLeRoi…

لوكلير معلقاً حول سباق سيلفرستون: "كان من الصعب إبقاء فيرستابن خلفي طوال مجريات السباق. لكنها كانت المعركة الأكثر متعة التي خضتها خلال مسيرتي في الفورمولا واحد حتى الآن. أعتقد أن النمسا قد فتحت عيني وأدركت إلى أي مدى يمكننا أن نذهب وما هو متوقع. لقد كان ممتعا للغاية". #BritishGP


Join us live tonight for our final David Lynch at home gig over on MIF Live at 7.30pm! Ft. Chrysta Bell, Oliver Coates & Hatis Noit. Don’t miss it!


After scoring his first @MLS goal of the season, @fanendo was thankful for the support of his wife and daughter for helping him through a challenging beginning to the 2019 season. #CHIvCIN | #FCCincy

Rest up. Reds & Rockies back at 3:10pm ET. #BornToBaseball


breathtaking soundcheck for DAVID LYNCH's final musical presentation tonight @HOME_mcr a few tickets left if you'd like to see Oliver Coates (frequent collaborator of Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood) + Chrysta Bell + Hatis Noit please be seated by 7.30pm…


What's the over/under David Bell will not start Ervin today after doing something no #Reds player has done in 70 years?…

Last chance to see our bird of flames @Chrysta_Bell at @HOME_mcr tonight as part of David Lynch Presents at @MIFestival with the incredible cellist Oliver Coates + support from Hatis Noit. I've already cried twice during Oliver's soundcheck. Come.…


David Lynch at HOME with @thenewpuritans , @Chrysta_Bell Bell, The Whyte Horses ' David Lynch tonight was a stunning bill of disconcerting and thrilling art rock in all its possibilities from all three bands.'… via Louderthanwar

According to my twitter mentions, I won a NASCAR race last night. I’m pretty pumped about it. @Matt_McCall @TheOrangeCone #NASCAR #QuakerState400 #KentuckySpeedway…

What happened to Twitter? Get on this morning and all I see are positive comments about last night’s #QuakerState400. I love it, it’s just different and unexpected

The @Reds' Phillip Ervin entered today with 84 career hits. Tonight he went 6-for-6. In the last 40 years, the only other MLB player to go 6-for-6 after entering the game with fewer than 100 career hits was the Dodgers' Paul Lo Duca on 5/28/2001. #BornToBaseball

finna meet the loml at Area 51

David Bell asked for a review of the pitch that seemed to hit Nolan Arenado... in the ninth inning of a seven-hour game that his team leads 15-9.

Do you wanna f**k a alien ? — yeah, thats why im heading to area 51…

#CWC19Final #SundayThoughts #GroupHousingSocieties #29thRishiPrasadJayanti Mughals #Thalapathy_TheCommander Adi Godrej manhattan Dolby Atmos राजेन्द्र सिंह Best Shayari Ever For more .....…

#SONDAKİKA Pençe Harekatı'nda bir mağarada 3 teröristin cesedi bulundu

Scarlett Johansson auditioning for her next role that’s not a tree or animal.

Kejadian itu menjejaskan sebahagian besar #Manhattan, termasuklah kejiranan Hell’s Kitchen dan kawasan teater #Broadway #SinarOnline #SHGlobal… via SinarOnline

NY Waterway is offering free ferry rides out of midtown Manhattan in the wake of the #blackout

Customers Lose Power as Electrical Failure Hits Manhattan’s Upper West Side by #GlobeNewsExpress #News

Reuters tweeted on July 14, 2019 at 04:50AM: A Manhattan blackout left more than 70,000 households without electricity for several hours before power was restored several hours later.…


Reuters tweeted on July 14, 2019 at 04:45AM: A Manhattan blackout left more than 70,000 households without electricity before power was restored several hours later…


Major Power Outage Hits Manhattan "More than 40,000 in Manhattan don't have power," reports CNN: Of the 42,000 customers without power in New York, most are in Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side, the utility company said. The city's fire departmen…

New York City Power Outage Leaves 44,000, and Times Square, Without Electricity NEW YORK — Authorities were scrambling to restore electricity to Manhattan following a power outage that knocked out Times Square’s towering electronic screens, darkened marquees in the theater …

Pençe Harekatı'nda sıcak gelişme! Mağarada 3 teröristin cesedi bulundu, sayı 64'e yükseldi

UFC on ESPN+ 13 results: Urijah Faber scores electrifying finish of Ricky Simon…

Phillip Ervin ties a club record with 6 hits in a game! Last time it was done was Walker Cooper in 1949. #BornToBaseball


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