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~ Birkaç gün önce ~ - Carlos Vela 19 gol, 12 asistle MLS'de birinci. Hala en iyi oyuncu olduğunu düşünüyor musun? Zlatan: Vela kaç yaşında? - 29 Zlatan: Ben 29 yaşında neredeydim? - Avrupa'da Zlatan: Büyük fark... MS | LA Galaxy 3-2 Los Angeles FC Zlatan ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Vela ⚽️⚽️

let me relax in ma pool nd listen to @shattawalegh nd @Beyonce #Already paaaa paaaa paaah


AFTER THE ER demonstrations we now have to listen to the POLITITIONS waffle ,vote for Boris the BAFOON or any othere pollitition & all they will do is claim over the top exspences


Absolutely fantastic fresh hat-trick from Ibrahimovic. Gone too soon?

Don't Miss "Go Where Your Competitors Aren’t; From $0 to $50milion+ in less than 5 Years w Jeff Bishop & Jason Bond" on Misfit! Jeff & Jason share the lessons the've learned in creating their #business & #success Listen Weds @ #Entrepreneur #Startup


Nobody: Absolutely nobody: People with no degrees:…

Listen to عمرو دياب رصيف نمرة خمسة by Hager Atef El Samny #np on #SoundCloud…

What's the Best Song From Beyonce's 'The Lion King: The Gift' Album? Vote!…

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay #DonaldTrump is our greatest president and the second coming of #Jesus

Absolutely thrilled to be conducting the @OneYoungWorld opening ceremony concert @RoyalAlbertHall this October for their 10th Anniversary! And fabulous as always to be working again with the fantastic producer @PrivateDrama. Can’t wait! #OYW2019

In 2017 katie and mel couldn’t even sigtnext to one another and now they’re sharing a hotel room I absolutely love that for me

Kendi kendine düşman yaratıp sonunda da ben en büyüğüm muhabbetini en iyi Fatih Terim ve Galatasaray yapar ama Zlatan müptzeli de bu seviyeye epey yakın.

Varje gång man tycker att nu tar han i för mycket så gör han så här. Backar upp det han säger. Imponerande. #Zlatan

i tweeted this 8 hours ago and still have not received a dm from a female i am absolutely disgusted…

booksmart is so so so good. it had so many positive messages, was really in tune with modern friendships and teenaged relationships, and was so fucking funny i Absolutely adored it.

#TheLionKing Review | "In the pursuit of total beauty and realism, one misses the simplicity of the traditionally animated characters," says @rjstutee.…

I’m Tryna fuck somebody daughter in a Walmart bathroom

One time I was so high I went to Walmart to buy Reese's at 1:30 in the morning and when I got back in the car I was so excited I grabbed one and bit right into it, paper and all, and didn't even realize til a few seconds later. That time was 2 minutes ago... Help me

Walmart-owned e-commerce company Flipkart has roped in consumer goods giant Unilever’s general manager Vikas Gupta as the head of its marketing function…

IMO, there’s no better way this week can play out than Cliff or a close ally winning POV & backdooring Christie. Send the power out the door with her & watch her alliances fracture. #BB21

The entitlement is strong with this one. #BB21…

In India, rugby is perceived as a 'man's game.' And yet it was 26 women who did something never done before by Indians ⁠— create history by winning their first ever international XVs rugby medal! Here’s how they beat the odds. #MakingIndiaProud…

For the record, I’m rooting for Nicole for integrity and Kat as a wildcard as winners of #BB21. The rest have been problematic or extremely questionable.

Indians in ICC Hall of Fame: Bishan Sing Bedi (2009) Kapil Dev (2009) Sunil Gavaskar (2009) Anil Kumble (2015) Rahul Dravid (2018 Sachin Tendulkar (2019) ICC Hall of Fame began inducting members in 2009. Tendulkar, Allan Donald and Cathryn Fitzpatrick included in 2019.

i’m so dumb can’t wait to fail this year lol i’m so dumb i feel bad for anyone who’s met me i just want to wake up one day as a completely different person someone better, prettier, more unique instead of this boring ass stupid walmart great value quality cardboard box

Get you a best man who will take you to Walmart at 2AM on your wedding day because you can’t find your belt. @ColbyW__

La Policia Local #Torredembarra informa d'una intervenció conjunta amb @mossos aquesta nit passada, en un establiment del c/ Indians. 3 denúncies a clients per tinença de drogues i al propietari per tolerar-ne el consum i incomplir la llicència d'activitat.


Kashmir (Indians Real Face) Indian Great Terrorist Country in World.. #IndiaIsTerrorState


Ein winziges Restgebäude einer ehemals größeren Struktur: vielleicht ein Gartenhaus, vielleicht ein Funktionsgebäude im Umfeld der Eisenbahn. Jetzt ist es jedenfalls ein charmantes Wohnhaus mit großer Holzterrasse in der Baumkrone, a tinyhouse at its bes…


Trade Candidate Faceoff: Bauer Vs. Stroman Vs. Minor…


Mit dem sogenannten Remer Prozess im Jahre 1952 wurden erst die Attentäter des #20.Juli 1944 vom Vorwurf des Eidbruchs und Hochverrats freigesprochen und der Staat zur NS-Zeit als Unrechtsstaat bezeichnet. Der Staatsanwalt, der den Prozess vorantrieb war Fritz Bauer.

„Ein Unrechtsstaat, der täglich Zehntausende Morde begeht, berechtigt jedermann zur Notwehr.“ Fritz Bauer in seinem Plädoyer zur Rehabilitierung der Widerstandskämpfer vom 20. Juli 1944.

Ein Spruch aus meiner Feder für heute lässt wissen: Hält der Himmel um Margareten (20.07.) den Regen zurück, hat der Bauer bei der Aussaat der Herbstrüben Glück, doch bleiben seine Schleusen bis Ignaz (31.07.) nicht dicht, verspätete Saat nur kleine Rüben verspricht.


Thanks to all my fans - I appreciate your courage! Most people are afraid to face the facts, logic & research findings that explain our sexuality. They prefer the comfort of sexual ignorance & fantasies! #JaneThomas #SexEd


As I said when news of Epstein's "jail" escapades broke, it is clear that the sheriff's department was corrupted. An internal investigation won't do.…

as armys chegando no tt pra subir tag incomodando os hater #ARMYCYPHERPARTY

Tripped out, melodic, fantastic. My favourite track on this EP, absolutely love it!…

Juan , please change that suit!!!! 4 days is long enough.... #happybirthdayshane ##TheJuanWilliamsThe #thefive

vamos relembrar essa fancam 0 defeitos de jung hoseok o rapper que faz os haters espumarem #ARMYCYPHERPARTY

I’m very pleased to see my research with @algaraca featured in @sacbee_news. As @algaraca says in the article, activating racial resentment drums up support not only for Trump, but also for Republican candidates down the ticket.…

all i want from this website is the option to not have anybody see my liked tweets on their tl, and also for every republican to get racked in the junk by a giant cartoon sized hammer

I absolutely love it. Just another weapon that teams have to prepare for. This is going to be his last year in the league. Let’s send him off on top and retire the jersey number 43 in Philadelphia!…

I was about to say “please make the POV comp another ball roll” but then remembered Cliff Hogg is a comp beast and can win whatever comes his way #bb21

Cliff to Holly- You and Michie are not who I want to go home this week #BB21

MAGA Crowd Don't Mind That Trump And Epstein Are Accused Of RAPING a 13YO In Court Documents As Long As It's Not Their Daughter. #RapistPresident #ImpeachmentInquiryNow


Jack to Analyse/Christie/Jackson- Based on his (Cliff's) confessionals, we have served the alliance he wanted up on a silver platter. He wanted Nick, Bella and Sam #BB21

Tay K - The race will always be a legendary song for me

Christie- I feel like he (Cliff) told me everything but nothing. I left more confused than I went up there. Jack- So did I #BB21

#PalmBeach Sheriff’s Office Investigating Handling of #Epstein’s 2009 Work Release…

Miami Herald: Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into handling of Jeffrey Epstein Miami Herald: Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into handling of Jeffrey Epstein.…

2013: Queens Republican Committee tweet during @ScherieMurray city council campaign…

Today the NFL announced that it would not be suspending wide receiver Tyreek HIll. Hill will continue his play following a criminal investigation into a domestic violence case involving his 3-year-old son. @breakingchesky has the latest tonight.…

Trump didn’t corrupt the GOP. If the Republican Party weren’t already perverted/sick, psychopath Trump wouldn’t have been able to “take it over.” How do people hear the crazy in Trump’s words, but not McConnell’s? They’re indistinguishable.…

Weird that the Republican party and Trump's campaign are paying half a million dollars for a nobody former comms director. Could you guys be any more obvious.…

5.6 crore Indians lived outside their state of birth in 2011

1/ Tomorrow's action at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma has something unique to it. The original concentration camp there was built two yrs after the Civil War. They've imprisoned Indians and later Japanese Americans during WWII. Now it will be reopened to hold migrant children.


#OTD 1910 - Cy Young registered his 500th career victory as the Cleveland Indians beat the Washington Senators 5-4 in eleven-innings.


Will Indians stop pin pointing flaws in food, arrangements, etc in a wedding? A father saves his hard earned money for merely five days marriage rituals and just wish one thing in return that his daughter’s special day should be filled with only good memories

Matt Fowler enters year two at 8M-I Oswego after putting the Indians on the map in his first year with the program. Fowler won a state title at Spearville prior where his 8M-I team was ranked #1 in the country ⬇️

5.6 crore Indians lived outside their state of birth in 2011

Final shots from #Indians Leagues Park. The facade from home down the first base side. ⚾️


James Bond. Jack Bauer. Jason Bourne. JAVY BAEZ.

#Yankees trade rumors: New York reportedly “high” on Trevor Bauer, “lukewarm” on Madison Bumgarner…

Seriously doubt Bauer will be traded with Tribe in the wild-card. Giants' recent hot streak hard made them rethink MadBum. Not excited by Minor or Boyd. Stroman wants to come, so we'll see.

John Bauer - Agneta och Sjökungen


Rush Limbaugh admits GOP's fiscal attacks on Obama were "bogus," defends Trump's deficit

everyone should watch this exchange from the incredibly courageous @NadiaMuradBasee refusing to be silenced in the face of disinterest and rudeness from Trump…

.@AOC on an El Paso detention facility: “It was the physical manifestation of Trump’s rhetoric in calling migrants animals. . . . Their hair was falling out, they had sores in their mouth due to the lack of nutrition.”

Snatching Defeat from Their Own Jaws — The Left Refuses to Stop Crippling Themselves Regarding Trump #TCOT #GOP #MAGA

Chancellor Angela Merkel showed solidarity towards the congresswomen President Trump attacked during her summer press conference. More from the conference:


Sam Smith กลายเป็นแม่ไปแล้ว


Earn a free drink by listening to #InMyDefense #IggyAzalea #Starbucks


Trump Distances Himself From The Racist Chant He Inspired via @YouTube

حافظ سعید کے بارے ہمیں دنیا کو بتانا چاہیے، انڈین پراپیگنڈہ کا شکار نہیں ہونا چاہیے. @ImranKhanPTI #NewsOne #HafizSaeed #ImranKhan #Trump #Pakistan

How a racist tweet became Trump rally chant in three days… via @torontostar

Trump’s Tax Law Threatened TurboTax’s Profits. So the Company Started Charging the Disabled, the Unemployed and Students.…

"He was the best." "I absolutely idolised the man." "He would do anything for us as a family and anybody who needed his help." @CharlieEdinburgh pays a touching tribute to his dad, Justin Edinburgh, who passed away last month aged 49.

Michy and Kenedy are absolutely killing me I cannot take much more

“The Lion King: The Gift” has hit #1 on US ITunes!


Haters pelo visto é o pior ano para ser hater da Beyoncé #TheGiftAlbum


listen, I'm grateful for the song, but who tf is lying to Sam freaking Smith, I just wanna talk :)

The beat for “find your way back” is NUTS

This year has already seen a number of Disney remakes, from Dumbo to Aladdin, but #TheLionKing might just top them all thanks its phenomenal cast and brilliant CGI. And it lands in cinemas today…



I still don't understand why Trump's eyebrows are so dark in this picture.…

#TheLionKing Box-Office Prediction Day 1: @iamsrk And Aryan Khan To Roar The Loudest…

I am going to cry blood in lion king tonight. My favourite ever movie with my queen in it? It’s too much

"Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids In fact it's cold as hell".#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon Ah shit, here we go again - CJalien

I have no idea what I’m doing #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

On this day, July 19... 2016: Republicans convening in Cleveland nominate Donald Trump as their presidential standard-bearer; in brief videotaped remarks, Trump thanks the delegates, saying: "This is a movement, but we have to go all the way." Fox News


Hahaha, suck it Mike, you're stuck in the lander, nobody will remember you. #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

I need to see the documents immediately.…

#EXCESS #DIGITAL #MEDIA #Marketing ! For More details Visit: Or Call: (888) 328-5261 #ExcessRealty #RealEstate #Realtors #DigitalMarketingForRealEstate Beyonce #TheGiftAlbum WizKid Heat Warming Cat Sam Smith Cliff Shatta Wale #TrudeauMustGo Peppa


meu deus o #InMyDefense está cheio de hinos para balançar a raba, obrigado iggy por tudo!


Jess doesn't know if she believes that they didn't tell her about the flip in order to protect her game. "What kind of mind game are we playing right now?" #bb21

Posted 3:33am: Jess comes in the HOH. Cliff says come in, all us outsiders. Jess says you have people shaking in thier boots. Cliff says they should be. We are people and consequences for you actions #BB21 #BBLF

Republicans, just go ahead and admit all your talk about "Judeo-Christian values" was really more about Islamophobia than any kind of adherence to actual Jewish values.


It's far too early to lend too much significance to polls.Trump always inflates his numbers when he's in trouble. I wonder how many Republicans will run for POTUS as his poll numbers start tanking around 28%? Will Amash run just to mess up Trump's numbers & insure Trump loses?

“It’s Going to Be Staggering, the Amount of Names”: As Epstein Case Grows More Grotesque, Manhattan & DC Brace for Impact The disgraced financier “collected people” Could some of them be implicated in his crimes? Many may try to find a shelter in #Israel…

Cliff tells Kat and Jess that if he makes a big move it won't be an emotional 'did me wrong' thing, it'll be that he might not get this chance again to take out someone that's not good for his game. #bb21

Rumours Prince Andrew attended wild parties with naked young women at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion continue to dog him despite years of denials…

Jess to Cliff: “You’ve got people shaking in their boots down there. What? No party in the HOH room this time?!” #bb21

Posted 3:28am: Cliff says he was told that the decision was not made till hours before the eviction . Cliff does not Believe it. Kat says to ask Jess. #BB21 #BBLF

“When Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein Were BFFs.” Take a look.…


Power to the (Klein-)Bauer - Für eine solidarische, klima- und umweltschonende Landwirtschaft. Die Demo von #FridaysForFutureStuttgart zieht los zum ba-wü Landwirtschaftsministerium. #FridaysForFuture @fridaysforfutu1

Find Your Way Back is proper SA House music.

The new Bauer Vapor sticks, including the Vapor Flylite are now in store


Reminder: #Demeter ist esoterisch-okkulte Landwirtschaft nach dem Hellseher Rudolf Steiner. Düngen mit #homöopathischen "Präparaten" aus Tierschädeln und Kristallen, Kuhhörnern und Gedärmen ist für alle Demeter-Bauern Pflicht. Ja, auch bei Deinem Bauer.


Per Morosi: One source said late Thursday that the Padres have emerged as the most serious suitor for Bauer. SD is interested in acquiring Bauer as vet anchor to its rotation -- he’s under control for '20, as well -- Pads could move one of Franmil, Renfroe or Urías to Cleveland..

New six-colour #Rapida145 at Videcart Packaging in Spain: The member of the Abelan Group has been producing packaging solutions for the food industry for over 40 years, relying on large-format sheetfed offset technology from Koenig & Bauer #largeformatprinting #packagingprinting


Manchmal ist das, was früher Architektur genannt wurde - also die bildgebenden Ordnungen - auch nur in die Wand geritzt. Dennoch können wir erkennen: das ist ein Fenster. Subtil & wunderbar. #fenster #denkmal #denkmalschutz #denkmalwürdig #ritzung #ö


Celtic FC's PR fixers are starting to hit their stride. Isn't it fortunate that there are such close personal links between Hollicom PR and Bauer, owners of Radio Clyde?…

Mi scompenso un attimo e torno.

#Kafka2019 (Del libro "Herido leve" de Eloy Tizón.) "Kafka envió más de trescientas cartas a su primera novia, Felice Bauer, tan solo durante el primer año de su relación, entre septiembre de 1912 a septiembre de 1913; casi una carta diaria."

Manchmal ist das, was früher Architektur genannt wurde - also die bildgebenden Ordnungen - auch nur in die Wand geritzt. Dennoch können wir erkennen: das ist ein Fenster. Subtil & wunderbar. #fenster…

“It: A Coisa, Capítulo 2”: Cena mais sangrenta da história do cinema? Jessica Chastain revela detalhes do banho pegajoso que levou: “Me arrependi muito” (Fotos: Getty/Reprodução) ==> #ITChapter2


Little Women, Ad Astra, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood, Parasite, Joker, Cats, RocketMan, The Lion King. These are the films that have furthest reached our hearts in the last year. These are...your nominees for Best Picture.

Beckham was a wide creator and never an out and out winger like Sterling, completely playing as a wide 10 with massive defensive duties. Stats ruining the beautiful game…

every artist in this fandom has a way of drawing jungkook’s nose and that’s beautiful

Twitter is never more fun for me than when it is exploding about things I have no real attachment to. What a blessing to have Cats AND Top Gun 2 all over my timeline. So many laffs.


#Espectaculos ✈️✈️✈️ Tom Cruise sorprende en la Comic Con para presentar avance de "Top Gun" | Enfoque Noticias…


Trump Plans to Nominate Eugene Scalia for Labor Secretary Job…


I didn’t think it was possible to dislike anti-abortion extremist Randall Terry any more. Then I read his comments defending Trump’s racist attacks on four members of Congress: “These wenches. These disrespectful wenches criticize our country incessantly.”…

Everyone piles on after Mitt Romney goes full coward over Donald Trump…

When Donald Trump takes some heat for the "send her back" chant, his immediate instinct is to (falsely) claim that he tried to stop it, dumping the blame entirely on his own supporters. Just sells them without a second thought, just as he does with every other person he meets.

Nolte: Joyless Never Trump Scolds Melt Down over ‘Send Her Back’ Chant…

I'm gonna see Top Gun cause I know Tom Cruise is going to work in a scene running a full speed for no reason in fighter jet movie.

Im super excited to watch this!!....TOP GUN 2: Maverick Trailer (2020)

Happy Birthday #Ike May God Continue To Show His #Mercy On You, Grant You All That You Heart Desires, AMEN!! And Because My Baby Loves You,We The #TeamMercy Wish You A Bountiful Birthday Our 2pac #BBNaija


BREAKING: Minority Leader Schumer and a group of around a dozen Democrats will reportedly visit migrant detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday - The Hill

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler in a letter to Hope Hicks’ attorney asks Hicks to clarify her testimony to the committee by Aug. 15.

love or hate Charlie Chaplin he’s speaking straight facts right here


Oh look. The #DietGOP gave us a convenient list for 2020 primaries. We are done with Undercover Republicans. #GTFO #tytlive…

My Snapchat score is way too high to have never been sent boobs

Inbox: Today, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler sent a letter to Hope Hicks demanding that she come before the House Judiciary Committee to clarify her testimony, after a federal judge in New York unsealed evidence which revealed apparent inconsistencies with Hicks’ testimony.

OH OKAY Thank you, Indiana Stonewall Democrats! @INDems


Happy birthday ike . wishing you all the best in life amen. Love you boy #bbnaija #Ike

We already knew President Trump lies about the hush money payments. Did Hope Hicks? And did she do it under oath?…

JUST IN: House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler demanding Hope Hicks come back in to clarify her testimony about the Stormy Daniels-Cohen-Trump phone call. - My earlier @politico story on this here:


Republicans saying being racist is not un-American is a refreshing dose of honesty…

Inbox: Chairman Nadler Demands that Hope Hicks Clarify Testimony Before House Judiciary Committee Here's the letter:…

Snapchat : hoe3x I’m only available to do video calls for this hour so hmu if interested #boobs #booty #cum #cumshot #cumslut #cumtribute #cumwithme #daddy #horny #kinky #nsfw #nude #nudes #sellingnudes #porn #pornhub #pussy #pussyplay #sex #slut #tits #xxx #wet #slut #dmme "


...aaaand the award for worst take on Donald Trump’s racism goes to... JOHN MCCAIN’S DAUGHTER…

This is what “shutting down bigots” actually looks like. The late Senator John McCain put this bitch back in her seat.… Trump's failure to halt 'send her back' chant reminds some of McCain's handling of a heckler in 2008…

So cool to meet and speak with Dave Baker, president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. @profootballhof #FUTP60summit @futp60 @genyouthnow @custom_ed @dairymax


I took this awesome picture of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells a few years ago and I want to make sure it gets out into the universe before the ghosts that haunt this place come for me.


I’ll take a baker’s dozen


Deputy minister @ThembiSiweya and myself spent our #MandelaDay2019 at the Alutha ECDC in Khayelitsha township, Capetown. We read stories books for the kids and partnered with #SAWIC, women in construction by making contributions of gas heaters, clothing and toys for the kids.


I truly believe that kindness changes lives positively. Take someone to lunch, volunteer, or mow someone's lawn, then ask that person to do something kind for someone else. #PayItForwardCampaign #WorldKindnessDay #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayMorning

My life improved greatly when I did the following: 1) Stopped listening to people. 2) Stopped worrying about what others thought of me. 3) No longer associated with toxic people. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayMorning

We’re at Sibonile School for the Visually Impaired today, celebrating & commemorating #MandelaDay. Members of the #ProteasWomen’s team & CSA’s staff joined forces with @BlindcricketS to grow the reach of the game we all love. #ShapingTomorrow #MandelaDay2019


Ugu District Acting Mayor, Clr Mthiyane is joined by Ugu District Based Government Departments in celebrating Mandela Day at KwaNzimakwe, Ikhayalethu Home of Love and Care, a centre that accommodates children with disability. #67Minutes #MandelaDay2019 #nelsonmandeladay2019


IN IMAGES | NYDA CEO, Waseem Carrim gives love to the babies at Ethembeni Home in Johannesburg where the NYDA is today spending #MandelaDay2019 #67Minutes


KyoAni means a lot to me and it’s so heart breaking to hear what has happened. My love and support goes to the families of everyone and to KyoAni. I’m so sorry that happened. #PrayForKyoani


“A dozen or so kids line up to catch a pass from Baker Mayfield, and one of them is so gut-wrenchingly adorable, I briefly wonder if he's a plant.” — @minakimes with one of my favorite ledes ever.

絵も歌も不得手だから、絵や歌で人に感動を与えられる人には憧れと尊敬があります。悲しい。 #京アニ #KyoAni #PrayForKyoani

Do you ever just look at one of your mates and think, fucking hell I would lost without you

Remember the Summer of Hell cover? The New Yorker is back with a new one, this time tackling subway overcrowding.


Sacrifice your political career, @SenJoniErnst for America. It looks like the U.S. Senate GOP are ok with Trump leading the racist rally behind the US seal. @coreygardinerx When is a GOP senator going to stand up and say, "Presidential racism is not all right"?

Not long ago we interviewed @blakeklein @PintWine for @musicaltalk regarding their ever growing production of #QueenoftheMist Check our their new #CastRecording now. Well done to everyone involved! #ThursdayMotivation #stagey #musical…

B, T, and S coming together to tell their fans to vote for Trump #MAGA #Trump2020 #GayLefts #GunControl #Republican

I can’t call Trump a racist because I am too. It would be hypocritical wouldn’t it?

I don’t understand why more Republicans aren’t saying this — Former Texas judge leaves Republican Party: Trump's 'ideology is racism' - CNNPolitics…

Another beautiful day in Syracuse. Come check out the Regional Market and the T-MOBILE deals today. #NERules @je21ny #AreYouWithUs

Cnn or MSNBC! If you really cared about America you would donate one hour of airtime to have ARI read the muellar report to the people outloud! Most people dont have time to read. But they will listen! TRUMP AND GOP WOULD GO NUTS one half hour reading one half hour discussing!

There are beauties and there are beautiful girls.


Don't cry over the past, it's gone. Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrive'd. Live in the present and make it beautiful. @KissesDelavin Kisses Delavin Kisses Delavin Kisses Delavin Kisses Delavin Kisses Delavin Kisses Delavin #KissesDelavin

todo mundo vai assistir O Rei Leão e eu vou ficar em casa, sofrendo. Ser pobre é um hell

Check it out! I donated to 'Help KyoAni Heal' - @gofundmeさんから

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