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Pam Bondi plans to defend Trump from impeachment by appearing in so many pictures with Lev Parnas that you forget Trump knew him too.



Gotta give props to our graphic designer, @AltZero_! Amongst other things, he designed the poster for our recent Ready to Fight event! AXL are lucky to have such a talented designer on their team!


I gotta get better at my distance demon game

List of Trump Lawyers... - Ken Starr - Alan Dershowitz - Tomi Lahren - A Bedazzled Swastika - Pam Bondi - A 55 Gallon bag of shit - Scott Baio - The curly hair gun girl - A MAGA Hat - Judge Jeanine - Vince Vaughn - A Bible

yes every time i see a pretty girl i will use that paragraph mind ur business.

i love this image so much like look at my girl she’s so >:(


Trump Just Hired Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers… via @thedailybeast ***We all know how well things turned out for Epstein. Just sayin'.***

Yeah, def like Nero Gotta try out Devil Breaker too


can someone sync up bernie speeches to mf doom instrumentals

Bernie's reductionist understanding of American racism is just downright laughable.…

why is eminem cancelled?

Mac dropped a better album than Eminem

A reminder that the failure to prevent & adequately respond to sexual assault at Baylor was much broader than just the well-publicized cases involving football players. Reporting on Ken Starr's failed leadership at Baylor should reflect that fact.

Trump’s defense will be led by ‘a lunatic, ‘a wacko’ and an ‘off his rocker’ Ken Starr, according to Trump himself…

Bernie Sanders is dominating Google trends with 17 days left to go until Iowa Amazing trend for the progressive movement


Odell Beckham Jr. no deja de meterse en problemas, ¿y entonces?…

might carve out some time next week to make a definitive ranking of all the hottest killers. young stalin, aaron hernandez, 1987 matthew broderick.

"What I can’t understand is people who would want to bring down righteous justice on the Astros but don’t want Trump removed from office. If only we were as willing to care for the integrity of our republic as we are to care for the integrity of baseball."…… "Donald Trump is a crusader against the pedophile deep state democrats #TrustThePlan " Lmao

girls are so obsessed with ted bundy aaron hernandez and joe goldberg it makes me wanna kill y’all

8 things to know about the Astros sign-stealing scandal, including a former White Sox pitcher’s early suspicions:

Vou lá pesquisar a vida do Aaron Hernandez porque estou adorando o documentário.

Os australianos e astros de #The100 Eliza Taylor e Bob Morley, estão juntos em uma campanha de camisetas, para arrecadar fundos para os bombeiros que estão combatendo os terríveis incêndios na Austrália. #BlesstheRFS #YayfortheCFA

One more thing. Last one before I stay off for the day. If I'm ever on trial, I want at least one Astros fan on the jury.

if anything good has come of the baseball scandal it's knowing that ned yost (who fell out of a tree) and dayton moore (who blamed danny duffy's pitching performance on porn) would not be able to orchestrate a scheme so far-reaching as the astros scheme in order to win us a WS

Skepticisms AGAINST #BuzzerGate • Astros got shutout 7-0 by Tanaka in Houston in ALCS game one. • They only scored one run in game five. • Got out hit in six ALCS games by NYY 44-36. • Astros lost all four World Series home games in Houston.

Each week throughout the season the Starting Five will highlight the top NCAA Division I women’s basketball performances from the previous week. Here are the latest players of the week. #ncaaW

Does @Vol_Softball have the pieces to put together a deep postseason run in 2020: #NCAASoftball


#SECWBB Did you know? @AuburnWBB junior forward Unique Thompson leads the NCAA in double-doubles, having 14 out of the 15 games the Tigers have played this season.


EMINEM, Dreamville, mac Miller oh shiiiit Music for days

Eminem released a surprise album?


Yo Eminem is having fun and rapping to rap and I like this bro

hepimiz eminem'in yarattığı hiphop dünyasında yaşayan insancıklarız

Eminem albüm çıkartmış alooooooo

Eminem dropped?

subin angel subin loml subin white subin cute subin best boy subin love of my life subin tiny subin pretty subin hands subin subin


mac miller's new album and new sex education season... i’m so happy??!!!

#Sextou e o MKTEsportivo começa o dia com uma indicação para o final de semana. "A Mente do Assassino: Aaron Hernandez" chegou na Netflix e vale muito a pena assistir. Impressiona a frieza do ex-astro da NF. No mais, assista!


Some Showerthoughts would make pretty good movie quotes #Showerthoughts

We made a Spotify Playlist for you to keep supporting Louis’ new single #Walls! Make sure to stream from all your devices!

¡EEUU! Sepa cuál organización de inmigrantes apoya a Bernie Sanders para presidenciales 2020 #EnLasCallesMandaElPueblo


Verified lib journalist: Senator Sanders, do you condemn these vile attacks against me? Bernie: What attacks? From my staff? Lib: No, but I was called a quote "insufferable shithead" this morning. Do you condemn StalinistGarfield69? Bernie: Wh... Lib: So you endorse it

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