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Gracias, Cuco, por pasar 93 horas conmigo este año en @Spotify. Eres mi artista número 1.… Te amo

This dude Nomura really Versus XIII baiting again... LOL

Trump has the best shitters. Flush more shit than Biden. Amazing flushes. The best flushes. #toiletgate

Rereading Moria and Miranda’s statements. I doesn’t say that there is no hope. Just says there’s hope if we can find a new home or if the demographic ect change. I still have long term hope. #weloveanne

Biden would be smart to call the bluff and say he‘ll testify under oath if Trump and his relevant cabinet members do too.…

En mi spotify wrapped sale el podcast cristiano q escuchaba mi hacker todas las mañanas

Here’s a song for you… Turn To You - (Mother's Day Dedication) by Justin Bieber…

Folks, we have a political party and a man in the White House ready to shred our democracy and you are all arguing about Biden getting mad at an old man and hurting his feelings when this old man was spewing ignorant GOP propaganda. Just stop.

MBB | The Cowboys hand the Skyhawks their first loss of the season with a 98-83 win over Fort Lewis! Raquan Mitchell lead all scorers with 29 points and 8 assists! The Cowboys will be back in action tomorrow night against Adams State! #LetsRide

"Princess Cordelia arrived at the most beautiful kingdom in the world. She knew not a soul, and was worried no one would like her." #renewannewithane #weloveanne #wewillfightforanne

This conversation between me and my sister is just way too funny to not tweet. #weloveanne


Rudy Giuliani just blew up Trump’s “no quid pro quo” talking point… via @voxdotcom

Joe Biden has lost it! If this was TRUMP the media would have be all over the news for doing this!!! Joe Biden Calls Voter a Damn Liar via @YouTube

NEW: Joe Biden is vehemently defending how he handles criticisms of his son Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine. “I'm not going to comment on anything other than my son speaks for himself,” he told reporters tonight aboard his campaign bus…

Dumb Devin why were you texting with someone who you claim not to know? Mooooooooo Lev Parnas Has Texts Showing Devin Nunes Met Ousted Ukraine Prosecutor To Get Dirt On Joe Biden, Lawyer Says…

Snow White and the Seven and Seven #BoozyDisney

Snow White Russian #BoozyDisney

#WorstBarsOfTheDecade The one where the drunk man unzipped his jeans and peed on me when I was watching the presidential debate.

No agent ♥️ for me during #pitmad yesterday, but I am super grateful for all the support I received. Plus my pitch was retweeted by @MeganLacera which made this fan's day.

When 3 heroes from the Realm of Grynne discover an artefact which can transport them to our present day, the luckless trio will have to learn how to survive without a sword, bow or spell to cast. It’s Dungeons & Dragons in reverse as 2 worlds collide. #PitMad #WritingCommnunity

As an observer, the best part about #PitMad (outside of learning about amazing books-to-be) is finding SO many new awesome authors to follow. Twitter has such an amazing #WritingCommunity! #FF

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. Many Hale

maniac on spotify’s viral 50 charts! (12/6) worldwide: #33 (+6) US: #15 (+2) ireland: #19 (+5) hong kong: #21 (+2) canada: #24 (+2) south africa: #28 (NEW) australia: #35 (+1) UK: #38 (-2) portugal: #43 (NEW) new zealand: #45 (NEW) brazil: #50 (NEW)

Good to be on patrol at the #WoodhallSpa #Christmas Market this evening with great engagement with the public enjoying #ChristmasJumperDay #community #FridayFeeling @LincsInspector @lincspolice @MarcJonesLincs #communitypolicing @wass74



My heart breaks for the lives lost and families affected by today’s shooting in Pensacola, FL. I pray for the swift recovery of the injured victims. Thanks to the military personnel, local authorities and first responders who ensure the safety of service members and civilians.…

Jason Witten on this emotional sideline moment last night: “I just, well, did you see the game? I was just trying to get something going. I have played a lot of football, and I realize this opportunity is rare for all of us.”……

falem o que quiser da negra halsey, mas que ela tem umas músicas boas, ela tem…

I am lowkey mad that this song didn’t make my tops song’s ☹️…

Equinely-Inclined 194: The Adventures of Dally and Spanky and Francesca Carsen Too! Liberty training tips, thoughts on holiday gifts, and more… #horse #equine #podcast

Isn't this our exact point? Sam Darnold, Jeff Driskel, Mitchell Trubisky. Studs against the Cowboys.…

Bears vs. Cowboys last night was the most-watched Thursday Night Football game of the year (18.8 million).

Thank you to all the first responders at Naval Air Station Pensacola. My prayers are with all touched by this tragedy. @NASPCOLA

A member of the Saudi Air Force is suspected in today’s shooting at a naval base in Pensacola. His actions are being probed as potential terrorism. Saudi Arabia, where we sold nuclear secrets, where we have troops protecting their oil, where Jamal Khashoggi’s torture was planned.

I'll take Urban Meyer, Lincoln Riley or Chris Petersen. All excellent candidates for the position. If I had to I would pick Meyer.…

Gee; I wonder the motive Suspected Pensacola Shooter Was A Saudi Student, Officials Say…

Suspected shooter at Naval Air Station Pensacola was identified as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a Saudi military officer training at the base.… via @nbcnews

#BREAKING: Suspect in deadly Pensacola air station shooting a Saudi national


They didn't sing over Wonho and I cried. I miss him so much. I'm heartsick. I want to be whole again. Make this right. A past is something everyone has and very few are proud of. Prove that's not all that matters. #EpicRespectMonstaX7 #스타쉽_일_좀_제대로_합시다 @STARSHIPent

Man who gave Roddy permission to make a song this beautiful. This is a masterpiece.


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