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“Crisis? What crisis?” They bet Tranmere Rovers. With an almost full strength team. Please stop making me cringe.

Let me get this straight -Ukraine had no idea aid was being withheld -Ukraine said they weren’t being blackmailed So why are we even having this conversation?…

Cases of the Coronavirus have increased by 50% in the last 24 hours. 56 now dead and a 3rd case identified in the U.S. #coronarvirus #CoronavirusOutbreak…

#coronoa #coronarvirus #coronoavirus #China #Coronavirustoronto If there was one person on the flight who had the virus then everyone has it. The virus is being underplayed by the government. Do you really think that they are ones to tell the truth?

#MenAreResponsibleFor being loving fathers, kind husbands, great grandfathers and wonderful little boys.

Ffs people are actually doing up Statman Dave-esque tweets for a performance against Tranmere. This is what it’s come to for United fans?


Recording Appears to Show Trump Calling for Ambassador’s Ouster Since ambassadors serve at pleasure of POTUS it's a moot point! Especially when the comment was made before Biden announced run for POTUS!…

Politics · Trending #AmericansDemandWitnesses 31.4K Tweets

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer explains what he said to Tranmere keeper after Man Utd taunts | @DiscoMirror…


Solskjær: “Não eram apenas os torcedores do Tranmere que estavam irritados, havia outros também [torcida do United que pedia a saída dos Glazers]."


#MenAreResponsibleFor a lot of wonderful and lots of bad things..Some can be real twunt who belongs to the sewer (I'm looking at you BoJo, & Campbell &... ..), some are mildly twunt..and some are bloody wonderful. They're human. Like us.

#MenAreResponsibleFor laughter about all things having a sexual meaning.

Texans and #AmericansDemandWitnesses Amazing that @JohnCornyn is afraid to call Mulvaney, a cabinet holder to testify under oath. Total obstruction must be challenged by Senate. #TruthMattersRightMatters No wonder you look so conflicted. You are. #SundayThoughts


Joker movie: “Lack of supportive services for the mentally ill can result in greater social ills. The wealthy don’t seem to care about mental illness or widespread poverty until it directly affects them.” SNL writers: “LOL #WhiteMaleRage !”

#WhiteMaleRage when u eat the fatass burger at the restaurant and then u get full but u really want to finish it but u cant because ur so full

Super excited for the men’s free skate today! Join us from 3-6 Eastern on NBC for the action! I’m also very honored to present the medals to today’s victors during the medal ceremony ☺️ @NBCSports @NBCOlympics @taralipinski @terrygannon83 #uschamps20

#Rolex24atDaytona - I want to go to this one year

Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa looking beautiful at the #RocNationBrunch today.


What are some of the funniest takes you've seen about Joe Rogan endorsing Sanders in that ad? I'm putting together a bunch of tweets and takes to address in a Glasses Off.

Conor McGregor wants Stephen A. Smith to apologize to Joe Rogan, Donald Cerrone…

Wuhan sağlık çalışanı, hükümete koruyucu ekipmanların kalitesizliğini şikayet etti .Maskeler sahte! Corona Virüs China Fake health equipment #NeverTrustAPersonWho

In a statement, @SecPompeo accuses an NPR host and veteran reporter of misidentifying Bangladesh as Ukraine on a map, the Business Insider reports #BangladeshIsNotUkraine…

#IEWorld | Tape made public of Trump discussing Ukraine with donors

In context it actually doesn't sound like Trump knows which ambassador he's talking about, he's just showing off for his fans. But it's fascinating hearing these rich true believers trying to impress their hero.…

なおセラピスト(42) 分かりやすく言えば『女優顔』って言うんでしょうか。何とも綺麗な顔立ちをされています(*´▽`*)デレ♪そしてたまらない美しすぎる声(*ノωノ) それでいて話しやすい、人見知りしない気さくな性格なのでどんな方でもすぐに打ち解けて頂けます。


Lindsey Graham Offers Kind Words to Adam Schiff After Opening Arguments of Senate Impeachment Trial

Lindsey Graham Offers Kind Words to Adam Schiff After Opening Arguments of Senate Impeachment Trial

Somebody's been partying #livepd

dad jokes. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) @KaitlinHawayek, @jeanlucbaker x #USChamps20

How long can Ukraine resist Russia? So far, almost 6 years. On top of the previous 23. On top of the previous 70. How long did you resist, POTUS? Not one minute. Not one. Damn. Craven. Minute.…

#Parnas tape of him talking affairs of state and international relations with President #Trump makes a mockery of Trump’s assertion he doesn’t “know the man” and he was “in a few photos”. #Ukraine #MarieYovanovitch…

Pompeo has managed to stand out among Trump’s national-security advisers for his overt sycophancy. (“He’s like a heat-seeking missile for Trump’s ass,” a former ambassador told journalist Susan Glasser.)…

Parnas recording shows Trump talking with indicted businessmen the President has said he doesn't know.…

Les médecins quand ils apprennent qu’ils eux même le coronavirus #coronarovirus #coronarvirus #CoronaOutbreak #virus

Keep tweeting , we are falling !!!! #AnyoneTomorrow

.@RepAdamSchiff You are the shining star in an otherwise dark and dreary firmament. Thank you for all you’ve done to remind us all that #RightMattersTruthMatters That’s why #AmericansWantWitnesses

Pila de comics pendientes Check. 4 libros pendientes Check. Comics que releer para podcast Check. 3 series a medias Check. Otras 7 sin empezar Check. ¿Que leches hago viendo Star Trek La Nueva Generación?

CALLING ALL SCIENTISTS: Join fellow researchers in the collaborative effort against the #coronavirus. Go to to participate in the Coronavirus Community. #Collaborate4Cures #CoronaOutbreak #Genomics #ReinventingResearch #EmpoweringScientists


Recording appears to show Trump interest in value of Ukraine aid… via @msnbc

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