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It's Prime day (again)! #PrimeDayAmazon #PrimeDay


#ObamaWasBetterAt..... covering up career criminals.


George Conway: Trump is a racist president. “Just as bad, though, is the virtual silence from Republican leaders and officeholders,” he writes.…

honestly what's the point of life

Guess she didn’t like the iPod #ObamaWasBetterAt


Yo disfrazada de alíen para poder entrar en el area 51 sin ser detectada


My take: 1) Old tactic of Tehran buying time & portraying Zarif as a "moderate." 2) Proves U.S. President Donald Trump's maximum pressure policy is working. 3) Don't jump to any conclusions. The mullahs are seeking media coverage to, again, buy time. #Iran…

Lawyers to President Muhammadu Buhari have expressed opposition to the play back of videos of the February 23 presidential election before the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal. Read more:…

Von der Leyen pledges a $1.1 trillion green deal in a bid to become European Commission president More via @business


I'll be leaving some Discord servers because honestly I'm in way too many, most of which I'm not active in. But please don't take it personal if I do leave your server, I love you regardless, whether I'm in it or not ♡♡♡

peinando al alien que saqué del área 51, muy majo, la verdad, sólo me ha introducido 5 sondas anales y con cariño. #inclusion


im a gemini amd honestly idk if thats good

My new jobs work group chat has turned into the passive aggressive photo sharing of things people haven’t done “right” and honestly I’m not in the mood for it

Under "Trends for Me" this morning is "George Conway writes an Op-Ed calling President Trump a Racial Bigot" I'm not sure if the clowns at Twatter have any Fvkin Clue or if they are just as mentally screwed as the demonrats. I don't give a shit about that Fat Blowhard has to say.

Oferta Flash #PrimeDay | Esta tableta gráfica XP-Pen 22 Pro compatible con Mac y PC rebaja su precio casi 500€ en Amazon. Hazte con ella aquí >


Wow - Amazon slashes Prime membership by £20 for #PrimeDay 2019…

Slim. Stunning. and supreme. Check out this ASUS ZenBook S with a 25% saving for #PrimeDay: #Windows10 @ASUS @ASUSUK

Dress up like a giant robot, man☮️ #ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo (unless someone asks me to)

#Rockies Twitter nation is angry tonight, my friends -- like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

After his solid five-inning effort in the 2-1 #Rockies loss to the #SFGiants, RHP Chi Chi Gonzalez was optioned back to Triple-A @ABQTopes. It brings the roster back to 25, after having an extra roster space eligible for Monday's doubleheader.

I look forward to us all perishing in the Area 51 raid - then I won’t have to have my heart ripped out by baseball anymore, because an alien will have literally done so #rockies

So in today's #SFGiants / #Rockies double dip: Blackmon, Story, Dahl, Arenado: 2-for-26, 0 HR, 0 RBI Brandon Crawford: 6-for-9, 3 HR, 9 RBI Baseball.

'NBA 2K20' RATINGS REVEAL LIVESTREAM: START TIME // watch it now online // server 1 #2KRatings


Klay is the most disrespected superstar ever #2KRatings

Joe Harris his jumpshot was so ass in 2k19 I swear to god #2KRatings

lebron really about to be a 97 at like 34 #2KRatings

Looks like the stable genius thinks Al Qaeda is spelled "Alcaida". I can't even.... @realDonaldTrump


I don’t think Jon Robinson and coach Vrabel build our team based on madden ratings #JustSayin

#TheBachelorette Hannah: says she doesn’t want to have sex with Tyler America:

I disagree with my Madden rating.

After staying mum on Trump's tweets about the freshmen congresswomen all day, @GOPLeader finally spoke with reporters tonight. "The president is not a racist...this is really coming down to a battle about ideology...I think he was frustrated."

Knowing that the actual event is a joke, place your bets on how many people are ACTUALLY going to show up at Area 51 in September... if even just 1% of the people who have responded “going” so far really go it’ll be over 11,000.

"Trump is not some random, embittered person in a parking lot — ...By virtue of his office, he speaks for the country. What’s at stake now is more important than judges or tax cuts or regulations or any policy issue of the day."…

Aaron Judge teria um rating do Madden maior que o Daniel Jones…

An. American. “President”. Is. Openly. Lying. About. Duly. Elected. Congresswomen. Supporting. Terrorists. Meanwhile. Republicans? ...crickets. This is unacceptable. All of it. Period.…

No one batted an eye when Republicans were called racists, but liberals are nervous now that Democrats are doing it to one another, writes @wjmcgurn… via @WSJ

The only #ICEBae we recognize

these area 51 memes are SO unfunny i hate locals so much

Al Capone's legendary number 2 man, Alfredo C Aida, often called simply Alcaida...

Air Force responds to Facebook call to storm Area 51…

Job interview question in the next couple of years: “were you involved in the 2019 Area 51 raid?”

Trump campaign staffer tries to prove president never tweeted "go back" home to House Democrats by using tweet in which president wrote "go back"

DANG! Former TX Repub state appeals court judge defects to Democrats because of Trump's racism. #KeepGoing, Texas.…


Watching all these NFL players upset that their ratings in madden are too low reminds me of the video where Sidney Crosby in 2016 said he should be like an 84 and all the other players gave themselves lower ratings than their actual ratings.

Almost needed CPR after seeing "Richard Spencer" was just named Acting Secretary of Defense. After figuring out it's not *that* Richard Spencer,, I realized it says A LOT about the dumpster fire in Trump's White House that I was willing to believe Trump appointed a nazi.

Don’t even know if ima rock with Madden this year. Game cause unnecessary stress in my life

Does Ben Simmons need a jumpshot to be considered an elite player? #76ers #HereTheyCome


Now I'm confused. 5 minutes after delay announced #rockies starter goes out to warm up.

Couldn’t have happened at a better time. Let me go get right. #MTBCasting…

And because this day couldn’t get any longer...... we are now in a weather delay. #Rockies

#Rockies Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado have tied Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez (2000-03 with Oakland) for the most consecutive seasons of 20 or more home runs each for a third baseman/shortstop duo. FWIW, Story and Arenado have an opportunity to make it six straight years.

Monday was the first time #Rockies Manager Bud Black used a position player (Mark Reynolds) as a pitcher during a nine-inning game. On 6/7/09, Black used IF Josh Wilson in the 18th inning of the SD-ARI game. Best part: Reynolds hit a game-deciding three-run homer off Wilson.

11 current & former students are participating in the World Under-24 Ultimate Championships this week in Heidelberg, Germany! Follow along with @USAUltimate @USAUltimateLive & @USAUltimateU24! #GoCarls #USAUltimate #PullForUS

if calling trump a racist over those tweets makes the people in middle america defensive i've news about those particular defensive people in middle america…

Alan Turing será homenageado na nota de 50 libras na Inglaterra | Mundo | G1…

Every member of Congress who remains silent in response to Trump's racist attacks on their colleagues is complicit. If you are silent, you are aiding and abetting racism — the same racism and white supremacy that Trump's policies are built on. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

Please call your members of Congress regarding the president's tweets Sunday morning. We need every member of Congress on the record. This is beyond unacceptable and if they will not speak out please let them know #SilenceEqualsCompliance 202-224-3121

The way Americans will say “I’m from America, by the way” as if the whole time you’d been listening to their accent and assuming they were from Dudley.

My #DoctorStrange piece along with 4 other works for the @MarvelStudios @Avengers #Endgame tribute were showcased in the @PosterSpy #MondayMotivation - big thanks to @jswoodhams! (artists shown: @berniedave / me / @JurassicKevin / @DannySchlitz / @sinagedesign )


America.. “land of the fee, home of the slave”...

Alan Turing to feature on new £50 note. First gay person. A mathematical genius, he cracked Nazi #Enigma code & pioneered computing on which all modern life is based. But was persecuted for his homosexuality & driven to suicide in 1954… #Turing #AlanTuring

I can’t believe this has to be said, but here goes: America is an idea. Where you’re from, the color of your skin, your religious beliefs, etc make no difference to your equality as a citizen of this great nation. To suggest otherwise is un-American.

Caso Evelyn Hernández: La ley sobre el #aborto en El Salvador, una de las más restrictivas de América Latina, lo prohíbe en todos los casos y castiga con prisión a quien lo practica.

Since Democrats have to spend protecting your right to register to vote, Please understand it is a moral imperative to do so. Voter Registration Is Surging—So Republicans Want to Criminalize It…

Alan Turing was pure genius. Helped break codes during WWII, made seminal contributions to computer science.…

The NRCC is rolling out our new Socialist Showdown website! Read all about the socialists challenging incumbent Democrats and the ensuing chaos as @CheriBustos and the @dccc blacklist folks on the left!

Muuuuuy buenos días ofertas de mi #PrimeDayAmazon llamado vida. #FelizLunes

This area 51 shit getting to be a little too much but it's better than political twitter any day of the week

Gay codebreaker Alan Turing to be featured on British bank note


“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” ―Alan Turing


.@AOC's Loan Shark Prevention Act has overwhelming support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents. It's no wonder Fox News is terrified to talk about her……

We’re thrilled that Alan Turing is the new face of the £50 bank note – the WWII codebreaker is one of our LGBT heroes. Watch the video to find out why he should be one of yours too. #Turing50

turns out area 51 is right next to las vegas i already bought my ticket


The fact there are so many idols/artists recommending their songs make me feel overwhelmed??? #DAY6 #MGAMAVOTE @day6official #The_Book_of_Us #Gravity #Time_of_Our_Life #한_페이지가_될_수_있게

The bishops are not advocating Catholicism; they are promoting socialism. Amusingly enough, they are, in Lenin’s words, the “useful idiots” promoting open borders that benefit big corporations via cheap labor & the democrats by importing votes.…

Bock mit den Aliens aus Area 51 bisschen zu beybladen

If they found a tape of Trump saying the N-word, the Republican party would defend it. Lindsey Graham would come out and complain that "EVERYONE USED TO SAY IT" while they exhume the corpse of Robert Byrd jr. "The democrats are the real racists just look at this KKK member dem."

Keanu Reeves being onboard with the storming of Area 51 may actually give us a chance to get our hands on alien technology #ShaunLathamShow

Dear maga people: learn about socialism, communism, and Democrats. You'll find that Democrats are neither socialists nor communists and that the GOP has no agenda but power and they're preying on your ignorance for their personal gain.

This is what's wrong with the human race. When did we go wrong? #ripbianca


앨런 튜링이 영란은행 50 파운드 화폐 도안에 채용.…


#Amazon factory workers will be going on strike on  #PrimeDayStrike. I will stand with them. I don’t need anything that badly. #BoycottAmazon #PrimeDayAmazon

so hubster just informed me that Alan Turing is going to be on British currency... and I thought he said Alan Tudyk and was very confused for a minute.

finally all these fucking meme pages will stop claiming to have the video or autopsy video. let’s try to get bianca’s account taken down now let the girl rest #ripbianca


America is many races, one people. Racism is against American principles. Being against assimilation — against becoming American — is equally against American principles. If one side throws “E Pluribus Unum” out the window, all bets are off. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

You’re a fucking traitor, Random. He doesn’t have his coffee boy Michael Cohen anymore, so now he’s using you, you complicit piece of shit #ImpeachTrump #SilenceEqualsCompliance…

Good morning @Kassting. Why do you cast people with a record of domestic violence for Big Brother? #BB21

14 charges???? How does one even get 14 charges!?!?! @kassting who is responsible for this? How does this get through the ENTIRE casting process. Domestic abuse? Do you even have enough security in the house to keep them safe?!? This is completely across the line. #bb21

jess is not a real feminist pass it on #bb21

Jackson’s arrest record. The mistreatment of Audrey Middleton. The incidents of bigotry and bullying that happen year after year. How much more evidence do we need that this show is toxic and problematic and needs to go? #BB21

Robyn Kass & Allison Grodner deciding to cast Jackson #bb21


#BB21 The cracks are starting to show in this season’s biggest alliance (via @toofab)

Pretty sure Sam was a 3-year-old golden retriever in his past life #bb21

How could Kemi be in that house for 21 days and still not know how close Sam is to Nick and Bella? This is so fascinating to me. #BB21

Wishing everybody a blessed feast of St. Bonaventure! Saint, Theologian, Cardinal, Minister General of the Franciscan Order, and Doctor of the Church! And, lest we forget, patron of @StBonaventure University! #GoBonas


Today we celebrate the life of St. Bonaventure. #BonaFamily


Today, the Church honors St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan and Doctor of the Church. Known for his great ability to pass along his teachings and love for Jesus, may we too follow his example in passing on our love for Christ.

"As 'pride is the beginning of all sin' (Sirach 10:15), so humility is the foundation of all virtue. Learn to be really humble and not, as the hypocrite, humble merely in appearance." -St. Bonaventure

Today's saint - St. Bonaventure, pray for us!⁣⠀ ⁣⠀⁣⠀ #catholicsaint ⠀ ⁣⁣⠀


The @USAUltimateU24 Women's Team starts off their @wfdfwu24uc day 2⃣ strong with a win over Belgium 1⃣5⃣-0⃣. Next game is against New Zealand at 10 a.m. ET! #USAUltimate #PullForUS


Congratulations to every Republican in the House and Senate for having even less of a moral compass than Geraldo.

MS Dhoni to join BJP? Party's working president JP Nadda adds to the speculation. Read here.…

Candace does not like to hear the truth about herself. Case closed! #RHOP

Not one Republican has spoke out against Trumps racist remarks... but Geraldo has. Let that sink in for a moment. JFC we are doomed!…

AEW is about to crown a 48-year-Old Chris Jericho as its first ever champion, so maybe pump the breaks on the Brock Lesnar complaints #ExtremeRules

I hope thousands of people zerg rush Area 51 because all I have left is hoping the next disaster that befalls this country will be funny.

Question of the day: What do you think will come out of the testimony of Former President Jacob Zuma at the Zondo Commission? #MorningLive #SABCNews @Sakinakamwendo @LeanneManas


गंगा-जमुनी तहज़ीब का जनाज़ा अपने कंधे पर उठाते हुए पूर्व उपराष्ट्रपति हामिद अंसारी की "सेक्युलर" पत्नी सलमा अंसारी ने मदरसे मे मंदिर बनवाया उम्मीद है कि हिन्दू समाज भी धार्मिक सौहार्द की मिसाल पेश करते हुए जल्द ही शिशु मंदिर मे भव्य मस्जिद का निर्माण करेगा…

Candiace is EXACTLY like her mother. EXACTLY LIKE HER. #RHOP

Her lack of personal accountability is astounding. #RHOP…

Justin Amash rips Trump over "racist" tweet telling progressive Dems to go back where they came from


Can we get a side by side play back of Dorothy in therapy and Candiace's arguement with Chris. It is almost verbatim. #RHOP

Candice needs to work her issues out before she goes any further on this show...hearing her yelling at any feedback is wearing #RHOP

wait- who’s telling tom to pray up? do they really think- i have to laugh #tomhollandbetterprayup

Just FYI: Dems can lose #NC09 and still pick up House seats in 2020.

I don’t agree with Geraldo much of the time, but I’m behind this.…

#Wimbledon | ¡Hasta el cansancio! Tras casi cinco horas, Djokovic gana a Federer en histórica y dramática final.

The official handles of International Cricket Council (ICC) and #Wimbledon decided to entertain fans with a hilarious exchange on Twitter. #WorldCupfinal #CWC19 #WorldCup2019…

Things you’ve probably heard more than once if you’re an introvert: “You’re always so quiet!” *sarcastc voice* “Don’t talk so much!” “How are you tired? You’re always sleeping.” “Just go for a little bit! You can always leave early.” #IntrovertsUnite

Trump, after tweet backlash, hits Dems 'sticking up for' people bad-mouthing America - Fox News…

Folks say "if we #ImpeachTrump, and Senate doesn't vote to remove him, he'll call it a win." What do you think will happen if we DON'T impeach him? No televised hearings, nobody learns of his guilt, and he calls it a win ANYWAY. DEMs: Stop playing NOT to lose. PLAY TO WIN.

I once was labeled a "high functioning introvert" which I find oddly amusing... and relatively accurate. #IntrovertsUnite

Shintaro Mochizuki made history on Sunday becoming the first Japanese player to win a boy's Grand Slam title, beating Carlos Gimeno Valero of Spain 6-3, 6-2 in the #Wimbledon final.


I'm an introvert and I struggle with anxiety... I am happy alone, with just my art supplies or my writing stuff. #IntrovertsUnite

HEY @VP #FakeChristian Go ahead & Hate your neighbor, go ahead cheat a friend, do it in the name of Heaven, you can justify it in the end, their wont be any trumpets blowing come your judgement day, on The Bloody Morning After...…...One Tin Soldier rides away! #EndTrumpCamps

#Rockies take the series from the Reds with Sunday’s 10-9 victory behind Ryan McMahon’s three hit, three RBI game and Scott Oberg’s invaluable two inning performance.

A diving grab for Nolan Arenado and the #Rockies hold on to take a nail-biter of a game and to take the series.

#Rockies beat the Reds 10-9 and win the series!!! Oberg 2 scoreless innings. RyMac with 3 hits and 3 RBI. Wade Davis with the save. Double Header tomorrow. Let's Go!!!

Final: #Rockies 10, #BornToBaseball 9 The Rockies have won their first series of the second half.

Wade Davis and Scott Oberg restore some semblance of order in the #Rockies bullpen and RyMac finishes 3-for-4 with 3 RBI as Colorado holds off the #Reds, 10-9. Back at .500 at 46-46. DH against San Francisco tomorrow, so rest up kiddos.

When they get in the groove, magic happens! Sarah Kim to Claire Trop to Linnea Soo for the goal. #USAUltimate #PullForUS

Joe Freund proves that sometimes you don’t even have to see the disc to get the D. #USAUltimate #PullForUS

This has to be the most exciting final of all time, Hardwork of 4 years will now be decided in 4 overs. 39 from 23 #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

England southafricaing against New Zealand? #CWC19 #CWC19Final

Two finals are going on and can't stop watching both. #CWC19Final #WimbledonFinal

I don't know who to root for. But we are all winners with this legendary match. This is the ultimate participation trophy for tennis fans #WimbledonFinal…

מה נסגר? אוטוטו באר שבע בטדי #WimbledonFinal

To the fifth set and 9-9, that's better than anyone can imagine. #WimbledonFinal

Partido para el recuerdo. Qué final de #Wimbledon #WimbledonFinal

Stress Level: Roger Federer’s wife watching the #WimbledonFinal


Trump tweets racist attacks at progressive Democratic congresswomen…

Why don’t you and malaria go back to mother Russia. That’s where you wanna go anyway so go now while you’re still in good (except mentally) health. ⁦⁦@FoxNews⁩ Trump⁩ Urges Democratic Congresswomen To 'Go Back' To Other Countries In Racist Rant…

TRUMP: I am a racist NY TIMES: Trump Makes Racially-charged Comments CNN: Dems Decry Racially-charged Trump Statement WaPo: What to Make of Trump's Racially-Zested Annoucrment CBS: Both Sides Involved in Tense, Racially-sprinkled Spat

Kemi to Nicole- Dont worry about your life outside of this and how you are being perceived. You are not being perceived negatively. You are a nice person. Even if you were, fuck them #BB21

no outfits. no equips. no shame. #nationalnudeday


So, the new 007 will be a black woman. (007, the code designation, NOT James Bond) I am intrigued. They certainly chose a captivating actress. All I care about is being told a good story. And so, I look forward to following these NEW adventures of 007.…

Just a normal meme, Not an Area 51 meme


Me entering Area 51 vs Me leaving Area 51


I love both David and Kemi, but y’all act like David’s horrible if he doesn’t want to get into a showmance with her. As soon as feeds came back when David returned, Kemi said she didn’t like him. So when David says the same, he’s hated? Come on... #BB21

Trump tells progressive Dems to "go back" to their native "crime infested" countries, even though most were born in U.S.

This so true, at least where progressives are concerned. I suppose Dems like @SpeakerPelosi would be a little more circumspect when speaking to tribal Democrats who believe in voting Blue no matter Who. Anyone else seems to be fair game. And woe betide those who don't bow down.…

Kemi - They (g8tful) all talk shit about each other once someone finds out they are talking shit about them.. AHHHH #BB21

When you equate Nancy’s criticism of her caucus (who also non stop criticize her and other Dems), to a racist Attack by the president, you are really not doing any of us any good. Truly, so fucking dumb.…

President Trump cribbed a line from a Jim Crow past most Americans hoped was well behind them, suggesting that the four progressive House Democrats collectively known as ‘the squad’ should return to the countries associated with their ethnic backgrounds.…

#BB21 Cliff to us - Too many things between now and Thurs. Too many things can happen. If I were a betting man, I'm betting that it won't be me going home. Famous last words.

#Rockies send Senzatela to win the rubber match against Cincinnati and rest Arenado & Blackmon after an incredibly late night at the ballpark.


Congrats to Ryan Howard: potential #Rockies player and certified Isotope. On my first date w/my future wife, we went to a Low A @BlueClaws game. I asked, “Who’s the prospect you like most?” She pointed to the first baseman, who had just homered. That’s when I knew I loved her.…

#Rockies vs. #Reds, with Arenado, Blackmon not starting.


65 minutes before the gates open, #Rockies fans are lining up for their Blackmon bobble heads


The @Rockies take on the Reds today at 12:30pm! #Rockies

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