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There isn't a player who backs up their talk with performances as much as Zlatan. That's why he gets away with his arrogance.

Zlatan è sempre Zlatan: tripletta di Ibrahimovic nel derby di Los Angeles ⚽️⚽️⚽️

beyoncé singing as nala in lion king gave me tingles mygOd her voice is ethereal

I'm going to watch Cats tonight. I fear I may not come out the same person that I went in.

hyped for fucking Lion King babyyyy lesgoooo

(Girl who has seizures when she laughs saved by ...) See Full >>… Kindly re-tweet #pet #pets #viral #usa #canada #uk #america #iknow #fun #trending #trendingnow #CatsAreCute #catsoftwitter #cats #meow #purr #lovecat #lovedog #dog #dogs #dogsoftwitter


literally haven't even seen the cats trailer bc i'm already scared of the screencaps i see on twitter

Swedish Prosecutors in A$AP Rocky Want Him in Jail and Want to Indict

President Trump says he will step in to try and resolve the A$AP Rocky situation…

I’ll bet money trump thought A$ap Rocky was an ice cream @ first

All the closet racists after seeing the Bocchi drama

Smash Twitter: Everything is fine, and nothing can go wrong. Bocchi:


This whole Bocchi shit just makes me mad for 2 reasons 1. She's a kid 2. These same people were the ones getting mad at trolls making fun of her. Now they're doing something infinitely worse, ruining her life. Trolls are saints compared to you.

โอเล่ กุนนาร์ โซลชาร์ ได้กล่าวถึงความทรงจำในการมาเยือนสิงคโปร์, ความท้าทายด้านสภาพอากาศ และความประทับใจที่เขามีต่อ อันโตนิโอ คอนเต้… #MUThai #MUFC #REDS #MUTOUR #ICC

I asked Tyler Beede if he could point to a time when the team started feeling the confidence they have now.

Giants push win streak to seven games behind Tyler Beede start and Mets 10th-inning gaffe… via @sfchronicle

Bumgarner is one thing. 3 hits in 8 innings against Tyler Beede is a disgrace. This team needs a manager to rip into them for this pathetic display. Unfortunately I’m the manager so I will probably be handing out cupcakes after the game. #Mets #LGM

Tyler Beede's last three starts: 21 2/3 IP, 14 H, 4 ER, 1 BB, 16 Ks. He has a 1.66 ERA in July and has allowed just two extra-base hits total in those three outings.

The fans at Oracle Park offer a standing ovation for Tyler Beede, who blanked the Mets over eight innings. Beede needed just 89 pitches to do it, lowering his ERA from 5.44 to 4.70. Mets 0, Giants 0, mid-eighth.

Nice standing ovation for Tyler Beede, who comes out of the game after eight shutout innings (three hits, one walk five strikeouts). Tyler Austin hitting for Beede.

deGrom is done. 7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 3 BB, 10K. Simply dominant. Also, the Mets have allowed Tyler Beede to throw the longest outing of his season.

I honestly don't know what to say anymore. I try to hang in there with this team and hope better days are ahead and then games like tonight happen. I mean, I'll always be a fan but goddammit I want them to be a playoff team again at some point in my lifetime! #Reds

Congrats @RyanLavarnway. Makes his debut with the #Reds tonight. Only notches 3 hits, goes yard twice and knocks in 6. 1st player with 4 RBI in Reds debut since the RBI became an official star in 1920 (saw that on @MLBNetwork ticker). Keep killing it! #BornToBaseball


NATION. #SHARKYSPORTSTALK Nightly. #MLB Recap: -understanding variance in baseball -small window ball dispersion - #Rockies ; #Reds ; #Braves -poker talk -Have a great #FREEFRIDAY Night. Tune in & Enjoy! Comments & Questions Welcome! #SHARKYWATERS…

Cue the fireworks. This might be the best spot to watch the #Reds fireworks from! @WCPO


Hours after suggesting players should get a one-time transfer with no penalty, Jim Harbaugh expresses concern that players could fake depression to receive immediate eligibility.

Why don't I believe Jim Harbaugh? Well for one thing he flat out lied today saying he has nothing to do with waivers. Folks, I can assure you the head coach of the sport has a TON to do with waivers. The school must consent for the NCAA to grant it and the school relies on coach.

Glenda Hudson was upset when she heard Jim Harbaugh's comments on mental health today. Her son, James, left Michigan and claims the NCAA is blocking his immediate eligibility at Cincinnati because he never reported issues at Michigan. For the first time, she's speaking out:

Jim Harbaugh thinks Reds fans deserve a mental health waiver after that half inning.

Jim Harbaugh Claims College Athletes Are Lying About Mental Health on Transfer Waivers…

Harbaugh: "We're planning on being no huddle and will have the ability to change tempo." Best thing Jim said all day Let’s go #GoBlue

brandon routh wrote starred and directed superman returns all by himself

He's baaaaack. The @Eagles have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with @DarrenSproles.


All this talk about Cats is really messing up my personal brand SEO.

#CashAppFriday Giving everyone 900$ for whoever retweets and like this ! Drop ya Cashtags then DM me !


Tyreek Hill gets cleared by the NFL, the Chiefs are allowing him to attend training camp, and there’s talk of a contract extension. @TerezPaylor breaks it all down ⤵️

This won't surprise anyone, but Nate knocked it out of the park with this, including his typical extra information, such as why the NFL viewed this case as different than other recent cases.…

We're in a #heatwave here in NYC and many other places, so it's more important than ever to drink smart. I contributed tips to this great @NBCNewsBETTER piece on how to have a healthier #happyhour. Remember to drink a glass of H2O for each serving of booze…

Don't forget to keep pets cool in this #heatwave. Tips on how to keep your pets save and a look at how @zoonewengland animals keep cool.…


This is the best thread you’ll read on the new Top Gun movie:…

I want Tay K free too but you can’t be out taking people’s live and expect a slap on the wrist

When you nearly miss the green light because you're staring at the cute guy with a righteous beard behind you in the rearview mirror.... Then you notice it, he's driving in this heat with his window open! Who let this alien out of #Area51. #chicago #heatwave

Me: Have you watched the Top Gun trailer? Friend: The Chocolate Conjurer? Me: YOU’RE A GENIUS THAT WOULD WRITE ITSELF.

Pretty sure this is going to brand me as permanently uncool, but I teared up at the new Top Gun trailer. I just love airplanes so much.

『 Top Gun: Maverick』 本当なら楽しみだよね〜 (´・ω・`)ノ

Jim Harbaugh tried to deflect attention from his record in The Game with a shot at Urban Meyer, but the sour-grapes attack fell flat. Chalk up another win for the Buckeyes in the rivalry, this time in a hotel ballroom in Chicago.…

Jim Harbaugh on his Urban Meyer comment: "I don’t see why people are so afraid to say what they think. Maybe that’s something that's worthy to be examined." Asked if he poked the bear: "I'm not into making animal analogies, so the poking the bear thing doesn’t resonate with me."

Jim Harbaugh on if he was poking the bear with his comments about Urban Meyer: “I’m not into making animal analogies.”

Jim Harbaugh on his Urban Meyer comment

“I don’t know why people are afraid to say what they think” — Harbaugh when asked about his comment re: Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer last night with the reference to TTUN at the Luke Combs benefit concert at Flannagan’s in Dublin, OH

The #OHBudget I signed yesterday supports my goal to allocate additional funding to ensure multi-system youth within public children services agencies and youth who are at risk of entering them receive the care they need.


The #OHBudget has been signed by @GovMikeDeWine and contains funding for important public health initiatives to protect and improve the health of all Ohioans by preventing disease, promoting good health, and assuring access to quality health care.


What's all the fuss about? Jim Harbaugh said Thursday his comments about controversy following Urban Meyer were 'no bombshell' ...…

Jim Harbaugh on Urban Meyer: “Really, a phenomenal record everywhere he’s been. But also, controversy follows him everywhere he’s been,” per @timkawakami


The #OHBudget expands funding for the @OhioHigherEd Choose #Ohio First Scholarship to help improve scholarship benefits for those seeking a degree in #STEMM disciplines.


#Ohio is blessed with so many natural wonders that make our state unique. Through the #OHBudget that I signed yesterday, we will work to preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy! #OhioFindItHere



I’d like to announce that this account is now solely dedicated to coverage of Cats (2019) and the various war crime trials that will follow its release

JAY-Z brings back the jet-ski meme on new Beyoncé & Childish Gambino collab track:…


‘Top Gun: Maverick’, guarda il trailer del sequel con Tom Cruise

If you wanna see a collection of unfunny tweets, just look at -#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

#TheLionKing Day 1: Shah Rukh And Aryan Khan To Roar The Loudest…


ta impecável ta perfeito demais @IGGYAZALEA rainha da porra toda extremamente lendária e play nessa lenda #InMyDefense


Prof Sam Moyo's critique of post-colonial civil society as too 'urban', too 'neo-liberal', too 'modernist' was far ahead @blevava…

Never seen Top Gun. No regrets

So where are they people who were saying shatta wale career is dead ? Don't Joke we the guy shatta wale, he will always prove you wrong.. learn , don't be quick to judge people, your favorite is bleeding . #shattayonce #ShattawaleBeyonceAlready #TheLionKing #TheGiftAlbum


"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for chicken fried" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

"I thought Mars was supposed to be red?" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

"More cheese Gromit" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

蒸し暑いときは高尾山でビールでも飲む(◉ω◉)むん♬ #高尾山 #ビアマウント #ビアガーデン

AiTunes USA #51 NEW Beyoncé, JAY-Z & Childish Gambino - MOOD 4 EVA #52 NEW Beyoncé, Shatta Wale & Major Lazer - ALREADY ELAAAA TÁ CHEGANDO GALERAAAAA #TheGiftAlbum

urban cowboy in jeopardy

pag umabot to ng 300 likes and rts il-layout ko si ryan bang for 1 day

Ryan Bang and Song-yupsal made my day! ❤ #ShowtimeWalangBitaw

Thanks to the #OHBudget just signed by @GovMikeDeWine ODNR will be making $25 million in improvements to state parks. Additional funding will also allow nature centers, pools, campground offices and stores to operate for extended hours and a longer season!


The newly signed #OHBudget will allow ODNR to acquire additional land, such as the AEP ReCreation property in Eastern Ohio. ODNR will have more flexibility to capitalize on important opportunities to offer even more outdoor recreational opportunities to Ohioans! #exploreohio


Scenes from a totally normal presidential campaign…

The US military industrial complex has for the past 75 yrs had an overwhelmingly net negative effect on the world, and one of more insidious ways they're able to whitewash this is through direct collaboration with Hollywo-OH FUCK TOP GUN 2 LOOKS SICK

"Trump says..." But All I hear is "Trump says #GoBackToAfrica" Vote #Bernie2020 Don't even care what President #GoBackToAfrica Got To Say About Fucking Anything. Ever. #DumpTrump2020Party <--- Join #Bernie2020 Iranian

lemme know:) if this flops. donald trump tweeted this


So today, we learned that Hope Hicks committed perjury, she obstructed justice and she willingly violated election laws. She should definitely be in prison right now, but she’s not.

Court documents closely tied President Donald Trump and his former top aide Hope Hicks to hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election

Anyone who knows me also knows I have 5 copies of Top Gun, in the event I ever can’t find it. Truly cannot contain my excitement!!!…

My brain broke. First the trailer for Cats. Followed immediately by the trailer for the new Top Gun.

Say what you will about the Cats movie, but it is honestly incredible what FaceApp can do

So there is a Top Gun sequel. You cannot re-create the greatest movie ever made! Ever seen a Navy pilot 35-years later? I have. Trust me, they are all retired to the beach bar NOT playing volleyball. SMH.

Faceapp challenge daw. Makikiuso na rin. Hehehehe.. Good morning to all..


El libro “#IT” significa mucho para mi. Solo quiero que, en la nueva película, el verdadero villano se manifieste; aquel que da sustrato a la maldad de Pennywise. #ITChapter2

It's what she deserves. It's exactly what she deserves. #IStandWithIlhan…

Filling the trains and terminal with Minnesota love for my congresswoman, @IlhanMN. We won’t stand for this racist vitriol in our government or our communities. She’s home and ready to keep working for us. I’m ready to send her back. For a second term. #IStandWithIlhan


Love it or Leave it——Urban Meyer will return and coach college football! (2020)

Depois desse trailer do novo Top Gun estou com aquela música, Danger Zone, na cabeça.

Can’t wait to take the highway to the Danger Zone...…

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. I don't give a shit about Tom Cruise. As far as I'm concerned, Top Gun is just Val Kilmer with some side characters with Danger Zone on repeat.

I'll watch this if and only if Danger Zone in the movie.…

#TopGun2 looks awesome, flight sequences are going to be amazing. But if they don’t play Danger Zone at least three times I am out.

Justin Fields is already Ohio State’s starting quarterback, even if Ryan Day won’t say it yet…

Fascinating. KJ Hill said he talked with Ryan Day at the Rose Bowl about whether he should stay or go pro, and Day told him Justin Fields was transferring to OSU. Hill said he would have gone pro otherwise.

This is wonderful. Standing ovation to you and your friends, Ryan. You made this man -- and his wife's -- day, very special. #AlzCaregiving #hero…

Jim Harbaugh Says Urban Meyer Has A "Phenomenal Record, But Controversy Follows Everywhere He's Been"


“The thing I learned from Urban right from the minute I got there – you’ve got to work The Game every day, and the way to honor the rivalry and to respect the rivalry is to work it every day, and we do” — OSU coach Ryan Day on UM-OSU…

"Urban Meyer's had a winning record. A really phenomenal record everywhere he's been. But also, controversy follows everywhere he's been." — Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh was both complimentary and critical of the former Buckeyes head coach.…

Thrilled to share that the #OHBudget was signed into law today with a $2M investment in the Lead Safe Home Fund. A special thank you to @GovMikeDeWine and @ElectMattDolan for their commitment to creating more lead safe homes! #LeadSafeCLE

Communities nationwide are competing for private investment in #OpportunityZones, and we want to give #Ohio communities the edge. The #OHBudget invests in #Ohio businesses by supporting Opportunity Zones in economically-distressed communities.


Lt. Governor @JonHusted joined @GovMikeDeWine today as he signed Ohio’s official operating budget. This budget will help drive innovation and important workforce development priorities in the coming year. #OHBudget

We want #Ohio to be a leader in computer science and coding education. By investing in training more teachers to become computer science educators, more students will receive quality education on these subjects in their schools. #OHBudget


Micro-degrees are low-cost credentials that take under a year to complete. The #OHBudget I signed today set aside funding for the TechCred Program, which will provide these credentials to thousands of current #Ohio workers to help advance their careers.


#Ohio is facing a skills mismatch where businesses aren't growing because they can't find enough qualified workers. The #OHBudget I signed today will help lead us on an innovative path toward a better and stronger state. #InnovateOhio


In addition to the #OHBudget bill I signed this morning, I just signed two additional bills: #SB107 allows certain entities to file campaign statements electronically and #HB59 designates April as #Ohio Native Plant Month. @MichaelRulli @BobdHackett @Scott_Wiggam


Those who need treatment for substance use disorders should have easier access to help. The #OHBudget that I signed today will help us focus on increasing treatment capacity throughout #Ohio. #RecoveryOhio


I launched the #OhioSTART Program while serving as Ohio's Attorney General. It has been successful in helping parents struggling with addiction and their children. With funding in the new #OHBudget, we can now work to expand the program. #RecoveryOhio


Reps. @Juanita_Brent & @RepPhilRobinson Wednesday urged #Ohio governor to veto #OHBudget provision that would have limited money for local school districts. He vetoed that language this morning. #DeliveringResults…


All #Ohio kids deserve the chance to live up to their full potential. The new #OHBudget invests significant new resources in children services agencies throughout Ohio to help our highest-need children, foster kids, kinship caregivers, and others.


For #Ohio to thrive, we must invest in the future. The #OHBudget I signed today will make strides to reduce the number of families living in lead-blighted homes, enhance children services, and help give kids a good start in life. More info:


Today I signed the state’s operating budget that invests in #Ohio’s kids, water quality, workforce development, recovery, and education, and provides significant tax relief for taxpayers and regulatory relief for businesses. #OHBudget


Gov. @MikeDeWine & I promised we’d make children, families, fighting addiction, closing the skills gap, & investing in the economy of the future our priorities as Gov/Lt.Gov. We took a big step toward that today. I remain grateful for the opportunity we have to serve. #OHBudget


Moments ago, I signed the #OHBudget, which lays the groundwork for a better #Ohio for future generations and makes unprecedented investments in children, families, workers, recovery, education, and more. My team is compiling the final details and will release more info soon.


On Wednesday evening, Senate President @LarryObhof signed a state budget that cuts taxes for all Ohioans, reduces regulation for job creators and makes record investments for Ohio's children. For additional #OHBudget highlights, click here:


This morning @MartinBester had the best cappuccino​ from @ilovecoffeeshop at the @_NMCH_. The coffee is made by deaf baristas! #GMAHeartsOfHope #JacaBreakfast #MandelaDay2019

Dear #Q, What do you think about #QTeam dropping a unique #Hashtag, unrelated to anything else in the world. Hopefully it won't be scrubbed right away by algorithms like #QBaby did. We'd have a #QAnonCensus. Seeing the #Breadth of the movement would be GREAT!

Hoje eu fui abençoada com a selca Taekook e o taehyung sem camisa ô gloriaaaaaaaa ALELUIAS #selcataekook #taekookersgoingtojailparty

पाखण्डियों के लिए सन्देश। पापकर्म तो शास्त्रविधि अनुसार सद्भक्ति से ही कटते है #ThursdayMotivation


In his wisdom, #African father @NelsonMandela affirmed that overcoming #Poverty is an ACT of #Justice and a RIGHT to a #DIGNIFIED and DECENT life. #AfricansRising celebrates him this #MandelaDay2019. #AfricaWeWant #MandelaDay #WeRise


TBT: #BBNajia2019 #MandelaDay2019 #Zlatan If you had patient while your Dad watched this program from 6:30Am -11:00Am my bro. you must be an Arsenal fan.


A new day! That means a new great opportunity to achieve your goals and be happy into the process. #thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #nature #photo


#MandelaDay2019 @Endumeni_LM led by Speaker Khumalo members of OSS incl @KZNworks & @IECSouthAfrica on the house construction for Makhathini family at Sibongile.


Prayers ascend as energetic wings and their migration manifests your reality. ~Ariaa Jaeger #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #greatquotes #photgraphybyariaa #Photography


President Trump set off a firestorm Sunday when he tweeted that the four should “go back” to their home countries, though three were born in the U.S.…

As a lover of animation, and an aspiring animator myself, I'm absolutely gutted to hear about the horrible events @kyoani/ Kyoto Animation. I wish all involved the very best, and mourn the ones we have lost today. This world is a horrible place full of bad people. Don't be one.

Trump supporters intelligence is insulted daily Trump supporters are name called and unfairly labeled daily Trump supporters have been physically assaulted Trump supporters have been called Deplorable But a chant at a political rally is crossing the line #LiberalLogic

Moderate Dems being fearful of rebuking Trump when he says hateful shit pretty much explains how we got here.

Kyoani... oh my god...

少なからず、この業界に身を投じている人間としては募金しとこうぜ。… やらない偽善よりやる偽善。

The only #faceapp challange we all should be paying attention to. Reduction in green and increase in harmful gases is the future if we will not pay enough attention. PC net.


Their second hit song after 99 Red Balloons. #FoundAtArea51

Leute, die sich #Alexa ins Wohnzimmer stellen, finden bestimmt auch #FaceApp ganz toll.

special delivery for #IC2S2 - our latest in Nature Human Behavior:… Five years in the making. Accompanied by my essay in @HarvardBiz:… Findings may be relevant to a range of scholars, CSS, diffusion, #ScienceOfScience thread [1/n]


The #OHBudget was delivered to my office just before midnight. My team has been working all night, and it is now ready for me to review and sign.


Was a gutty performance against their rivals on the road what the @ColumbusCrewSC needed to spark the team? @gyasinho certainly thinks so. #Crew96

If we were Cincinnati FC we would release a t-shirt celebrating this moment. #Crew96

Diaz to Williams to level it!! #Crew96 | #CHIvCLB | 2-2

A 90th minute equalizer for the Columbus Crew! Wow!! #CHIvCLB

Ankara genc yakisikli sert vurucu sevgili isteyen evli liseli yada dul farketmez msj atsın resim atarım #GuezelBiSeyYaz #bizimyolumuzbaska #FaceApp #KızlarFarukaSoruyor #instagramdown #ErkenciKus #HerYerdeSen #ErkenciKusBitmesin #instagramdelete #instagramdown

Puerto Rico took over every single street that leads to La Fortaleza!!! #RickyVeteYA

BREAKING: House Votes to Hold Barr, Ross in Criminal Contempt Over Census Citizenship Question. Barr's payback will be swift and delicious.

Trump is a great showman. No question about it. #TrumpRally

SEND HER BACK was chanted at the #TrumpRally and I agree! It wasn’t Racist! No matter what color you are YOU can go back home or move if you don’t like America. I stand With Trump! Who’s with me??? #TrumpRallyNC #GreenvilleRally #Greenville

Trump rally breaks out into “Send her back” chant targeting Ilhan Omar. Americans used to wonder how the Germans could allow the Nazis to take control ...

¡'El Chapo' lo volvió a intentar! Preparaba segundo túnel en prisión de Almoloya


i rewatch gossip girl like every 6months we need a where are they now

House Votes To Hold Barr And Ross In Contempt

Don’t need #FaceApp to know what’s going to happen. Asians don’t raisin... until 70... then BAM! YODA.


What up bitches, I'm the Mother Fucking Queen. #ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay

Rand Paul is an American disgrace. Denying health benefits to my wife who twice battled cancer after going to repair lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11 World Trade Center attacks earns you a special place in hell. Who are these monsters our citizens have elected to lead us?

gossip girl sin blair y chuck no es gossip girl CUALQUIERA…

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