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when everybody was watching brother nature get jumped & pulled out their phones, thats exactly how these men do women who get harassed / beat in public lmao

That was light work for Joshua #RuizJoshua2

Did you know that Andy ruiz has added more weight due to punches received Anthony Joshua. The coco wey dey im eye alone dey weigh 200 pounds.#RuizJoshua2


19-21 December, remember that, we will be able to enjoy the music in MDLBeast festival, no one wants to miss the biggest music festival in the region. #RuizJoshua2


Incredible effort by Tre Brown to run down the Baylor WR from behind and stop the go-ahead touchdown. Oklahoma's defense would go on to hold the Bears to a field goal and a 23-23 tie. #OUDNA | #BoomerSooner

Gonna tell my kids this was Anthony Joshua #ManchesterDerby #AJRuiz2


Shaun King is gonna start a gofundme for brother nature and steal all the money.

Because Anthony Joshua and Manchester united tonight.!!! #MCIMUN #boxing #ManchesterDerby #RuizJoshua2 #RuizJoshua

wilder baylor anthony joshua

Media reacts to Baylor tough loss in Big 12 title game.…

Do you think people used to eat cookie dough as dessert and then someone just decided to throw it in the oven? If yes, what did they call it? Can’t be cookie dough with no cookies. #SaturdayThoughts

The threats that can come across your network are vast and in order to avoid them you should consider having a Simple But Strong Cyber Security Strategy. #cybersecurity #infosec #Strategy #Awareness #SaturdayThoughts #SMB #Business #MSP…

I hate OU for making me root for Baylor. And I hate them more for beating Baylor.

Like a total loser, Donald Trump just made Elizabeth Warren's electability argument for her #SaturdayThoughts #Warren2020…

Baylor OL Sam Tecklenburg fights through emotion to share his thoughts after the 30-23 loss to OU in OT in the Big 12 Championship.…


Hats off to Baylor for playing one hell of a game. There players play with a lot of guts. Best of luck with your Bowl game. #sooners

Baylor RB Trestan Ebner helped bring the Bears back on his 81 yard TD reception. After the tough loss, he shared his thoughts with the media…


Danimarion is a carefree Lamia who is 182cm in height. They have short, curly, white hair and golden eyes. Their bust would fit a K cup. Their first encounter was with a group of thugs who they traumatised. #MonsterGirlGenerator #shindanmaker

Play of the game: Tre Brown saves a touchdown with OU up 23-20 by chasing down Chris Platt at the 17-yard line. Baylor scores and OU has to score a TD on the next drive. Massive play.

I’m sure someone has already said it on here but Tre Brown running the Baylor WR down from behind, defense holding to a FG... Play of the game.

#katyperryisoverparty Apro twitter e: -trovo l'hashtag -cerco di capire che succede -la bacheca é piena di insulti al Kpop ma non vedo i sottocitati post sul kpop -le army fanno schifo(?) -fan di Katy Perry incazzate -io continuo a non aver capito Intanto tutte noi:


this is like the 4th is over party i've seen in the past two days #katyperryisoverparty

#DepressionFeelsLike.. Is Depression always about sadness? It is also about emotional flatness.. inability to grieve or feel pleasure.

Happy #bathandbodyworks candle day 1. I’m upset that they raised the prices from $8 last year to $9.50???? Who do u think u are 2. Did I still spend $60 on candles before 8am? Yes

#DepressionFeelsLike you are the inverse of a person.That there's no sense in telling anyone this, since everyone perceives it already. While it dwelt with me, it was feeling claustrophobic in a small space,with nowhere to move as the space closing in is the walls of your mind.

After the Bears 31-24 victory over Dallas, you owe your biggest apology to:

“Mimpimu tidak mempunyai tanggal kadaluarsa. Ambil nafas dalam dalam dan coba lagi.” – K. T. Witten.

Thank you Sam Hunt for spending 9 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

In 2019, I refused to let one sound define me. What were your top genres? #spotifywrapped…

Thank you @thebeatles for being my top-streamed Artist of the Decade! #SpotifyWrapped…

HUGE week recruiting for the Bears! A big time OL from the Sunshine state and the Coveted Hat Trick from the Sip!! The bears just became even more dangerous! Tomorrow: The Redbirds!

cbc's tweets have never gotten this many replies before awae got cancelled whew #weloveanne #wewillfightforanne

Weak Arctic ice sees 56 polar bears descend on Russian village #ClimateChange

EVERYONE I REPEAT EVERYONE!! We are trending 4 in Canada rn. The power this fandom has is insane !!!!!#weloveanne

Thank you YNW Melly for spending 80 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped


Someone just told me the Clippers should trade Jerome Robinson and Patrick Patterson for Kevin Love. I told him the Cavs would laugh at that, so he suggested we throw in some picks. I’m going to bed early tonight.

Thank you @billieeilish for spending 34 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

In 2019, I refused to let one sound define me. What were your top genres? #spotifywrapped…

#DepressionFeelsLike A sandpit you keep trying to dig out of but slowly fall deeper

Second-Half Redemption Lifts Bears Past Delta Devils

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