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Los Cowboys buscan patear un gol de campo para pasar de ser un juego de 2 posesiones a un juego de 2 posesiones. Byron Jones está cuestionable para regresar y Cooper no regresará #CowboysNation

dnv só p participar do biscoito #LGBTQtakeover


We need justice for #AtatianaJefferson she broke no laws. It is no exaggeration to say that the men and women in blue patrolling the streets of the United States have been given a license to kill.

Fuck you for including the presence of a gun in this statement- a gun that in no way informed this officer’s decision to open fire. The officer didn’t announce himself; he shot mid-demand. He murdered #AtatianaJefferson. Full stop.…

Damn! Proctor daughter lost both of her parents. Cash done lost his mama. Power really bout that “fuck them kids” life! #PowerTV

Dallas #Cowboys “HotBoyz” have 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 QB hit... #DALvsNYJ #CowboysNation

Man I love Tank but that’s just about the only time we’ve heard his name today and it was a penalty on him. He HAS to step up sometime soon! #Cowboys #CowboysNation

If #AtatianaJefferson had been a white woman, the Fort Worth police wouldn't be saying anything about seeing a gun in her home. White people are allowed to keep guns. White people are allowed to do a lot of things that POC are not. Like surviving encounters with police.

Finally here from Demarcus Lawrence. Offsides. #Cowboysnation

I shed a single tear I felt Tommy's pain and agony even though Keisha was a pain in the ass I felt bad that she went out like that. #PowerTV

I was a teenager when an innocent Amadou Diallo was murdered with 41 shots from the NYPD. A year later I was stopped & frisked around the corner from my home for no reason. Decades later I remain unbelievably afraid of law enforcement. Pray for the family of #AtatianaJefferson.

4thQU & we r losing to The JETS. #cowoys rantline is open 214-866-8300 lv ur opinions we air calls tomorrow morn on the #Scullyshow 6-10a @theeagledallas #DALvsNYJ #CowboysNation @CINDYSCULL @EdWithSports

Keisha’s death was sad but nobody got to me like proctor #PowerTV #power #powerseason6

Kinda feel bad for Tommy #PowerTV

Most Interesting Week 8 Games Washington/Oregon SMU/Temple Ok State/Baylor Utah/ASU Memphis/Tulane PSU/Michigan

RED RAIDER FOOTBALL: "It has been confirmed that the ruling on the field of an Illegal Snap was incorrect. The play is not reviewable by rule because it is a dead ball judgement call by the official."…

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words Not Frankenstein

HE CUT HIS HAIR #지민아_사랑해 fear god #지민이와_우리의_영원한약속 #SpoilAMovieIn2Words #JPNvSCO  #IfPumpkinsCouldTalk ラグビー #pearl #RWC2019  スコットランド #UTAGE 決勝トーナメント進出 Nigéria ベスト8 南アフリカ #BRANGA #JAPvSCO

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words I just want to say this hashtag has saved me so much time.

returns successfully #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

With a 9:30 a.m. ET kickoff for the London game, I'd imagine this is what it's like to watch football on the West Coast. I think it's fantastic! #CARvsTB

This makes me so sad. We all take this, feel this, personally. #AtatianaJefferson could have been my niece, my daughter, my sister... She was ours. #TamirRice was ours. #PhilandoCastile was ours. #BothamJean was ours.…

no one CARES! stream lights up by harry styles . #CARvsTB


Offense. Any offense would be nice. #GoBucs #CARvsTB #NFLUK

It’s too early for football but I am awake and it’s time for the panthers to get get this W #KeepPounding #CARvsTB

So let me get this straight, @NRA... God-given right: a white man with an AK-47 at Wal-Mart Threat: a black woman with a handgun for protection against unidentified intruders in her own home Your silence on #AtatianaJefferson shows you only care about certain people's rights.


I have never had to worry about being executed in my own home because of the color of my skin. Why, after all the trials, all the media attention, in 2019, are police officers continuing to do this? This has to stop. #BlackLivesMatter #AtatianaJefferson…

Where is the @NRA? Why do you fail to support the gun rights of Black and #ADOS Americans? Or is your goal to defend gun manufacturers and trigger happy racist, and their "right" to murder Black Americans? #AtatianaJefferson…

Little did her neighbor know that a wellness check on #AtatianaJefferson would end in her execution in her own home.

So, we want and undefeated Baylor now?

#ShakespeareSunday O excellent motion! O exceeding puppet! Two Gentlemen of Verona, II,1


Each tapioca #pearl is a planet, each flavour is the true galaxy of my ever-moving home. I still try to get it, even now when the plastic cups crack like ice. But they're always closed And I worry. How will I cope this winter with so few worlds in my belly. #vss365 #boba

Congrats to Zadie Lavalley for verbally committing to Baylor University to play for the Bears! Congrats Zadie very proud of you! #asallday #athleticsnation


#vss365 PEARL? I had me a girlfriend with a giant clam named #pearl. That damn thing stunk to high heaven. She loved it though and I did for little while. Then I got stuck cleaning the damn tank all the damn time and it never spit out any pearls. Booted em both out eventually.

Big 12 has a lot of explaining to do on the illegal snap call in the Baylor/Texas Tech game. When a call like that is made in OT, it has to be reviewed by the replay booth. You have to get that call right.…

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