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Did the hyenas nazi goose stepping during "Be Prepared" make it into the live action Lion King? Or did they cut it because that would've hit too close to home for some people in the White House?

Lion king was sooo good ❤️

Manny Pacquiao becomes oldest welterweight champion after beating Keith Thurman


Gotta support one of the girls who always helps us out, Mila #BrownSkinGirlChallenge


Momo trying to read English is on the list as one of the cutest things in the world #TWICELIGHTS #TWICELIGHTSinNEWARK #TWICELIGHTSinNJ #TWICELIGHTSinUSA

Just heard that Sixties icon Paul Krassner has died at 87. This is a review I wrote of one of his books for the L.A. Times. I remain a fan of this collection and him. And fondly recall chats we had off in the corners of loud parties.…#PaulKrassner

momo’s ending speech!!! hinting at next year AND MOMO’S CIRCLE!!!!! momo founder of english #TWICELIGHTSinNewark

Jihyo And Momo “Goodbye” by Taemin Cover/performance part 1 #TWICELIGHTS #TWICELIGHTSinNEWARK #TWICELIGHTSinNJ #TWICELIGHTSinUSA

Nicole- Did Jack or Michie go up to Nick and say "we want Nicole up there"? Christie- No. I know Jack didnt. I would not put it past Michie #BB21

Christie- Michie is not someone that I want in this game for a long time. He talks down to a lot of the girls. Nicole- He has gotten worse. Christie- I dont like the way that he plays this game. I think that he cast the rogue vote. I'm 90% sure #BB21

Christie told Nicole that she would love to be able to save her power to use during a double eviction in order to get one of the guys out #BB21

Christie- I would much rather go to the end with someone like you than someone like Jack and Sis or Holly and Michie. I wouldnt make it past Final 5. Nicole- If you are not going to make it past Final 5, I wouldnt make it past Final 7 #BB21

Christie to Nicole- I dont know if he (Cliff) would want to just put her (Bella) up as a replacement. I wanted to make sure that I would have the votes to get her to go #BB21

Keith Thurman's reaction to getting knocked down quickly became a meme on Twitter.…

WSB-TV: Gausman makes strong return from IL as Braves beat Nats 7-1

Gausman makes strong return from IL as Braves beat Nats 7-1…


The ONLY #HateHoax I remember is when a compulsive liar and racist engaged in Presidential Harassment for years against President Obama, claiming he wasn't American-born. And even AFTER he was proven to be a fraud, he NEVER apologized, and not held accountable.


You just don't save those....!. Harry Kane sent fantasy pulses racing on Sunday with a sublime goal as @SpursOfficial edged a five-goal thriller in Singapore.

Hi dont watcg hotel del luna because second episode Me : crying

Voilà le genre de "haine" qui pullule sur le net et dont ceux qui pondent des Lois liberticides se tapent le nombril avec une pelle à tarte... Soutien total à @MajidOukacha et à tous les apostats de l'Islam !


"How you feel about Favreau’s interpretation of 'The Lion King' will depend largely on how you feel about the original," writes TIME's @szacharek

Cat’s Meow: ‘The Lion King’ Rises To $531M Global In 10 Days; ‘Aladdin’ & ‘Spider-Man’ Each Near $1B WW – International Box Office…


This ice cream is out of this world! We're raising our cones (and cups!) to celebrate the historic #Apollo11 mission! #NationalIceCreamDay #Apollo50


#FakeLionKingFacts Being the Lion King is a symbolic title with no governmental authority. The Pride Lands are actually an oligarchy run by three mandrills, five zebras, and a giraffe.

JB Holmes slow play, and lack of desire to even attempt to play quicker is atrocious. Total disrespect for those in his pairing and behind him. That 87 today was well deserved.

I love the trailer for Cats (2019)


#HateHoax is trending...let's keep it going. Maybe journalists will actually start verifying stories again...doubtful but hope springs eternal.

miss you. miss your writing. miss when we'd ask about each other's cats.


JB Holmes shot +16 today imagine what he could’ve shot if he just took his time..

They show zero empathy or remorse for what they did, yet lash out and play the victim when called out on their bullshit. #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho

i still cant believe marvel saw inside my mind and put richard madden, angelina jolie and david harbour in the mcu. now all i need is nikolaj coster-waldau and gwendoline christie in it so that life can make complete sense

Their name is Stephen Miller and they work for the Trump administration. #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho

If you think Cliff is lying to Christie, you DON'T want him to tell us that on feeds. You don't want the extra Houseguest letting Christie know that something is up. She is going to freak out all day today anyway, but the DR would put her over the edge. #BB21

If Cliff is going to backstab Christie, his plan today should be: 1. Staying in his room all day and resting his ankle. 2. Tell ZERO people his plan. Not even Nick and Bella. Bella might act all happy today, triggering Christie's paranoia who in turn might use her power #BB21

After the veto comp, Christie spoke to Cliff about her power and his plan for the week. Recap:… #BB21

Birtherism was the highest form of Presidential Harassment, rooted in Racist Insanity, the calling card of MAGA TROLLS, men & women tied to an idea that white skin is an accomplishment. Breaking News: white skin is NOT an accomplishment, Mr. President. #PresidentialHarassment


I wonder what would happen if @realDonaldTrump admitted he was a racist. His popularity would probably go up.#RacistGOP 'He is not a racist': Trump campaign aide Mercedes Schlapp - ABC News - via @ABC


#PacquiaoThurman #Marvel Thurman: I am inevitable. Pacquiao: And I am Iron Pacman.


partiu assistir os filmes antigos do blade pra lembrar o quão incrível o personagem é

Marvel's 'Avengers: Endgame' to set all-time box office record…


Natalie Portman as Thor is cool but I secretly wish she would put on a ton of muscle for the role to look the part


J'étais tellement pas prêt pour les annonces de @MarvelStudios de la #SDCC2019, cette phase 4 elle va envoyer un pâté intersidéral

Christie to Kat- Cliff straight up said, before we got to the Bella conclusion, "if you didnt use your power, would you be okay if I just put Holly up? I dont mind if she goes. You can rally for votes. She does nothing" #BB21

Ada tiket gratis 5 buah nih di Plaza Senayan untuk Lion King jam 14.00 hari ini. Buat yang lagi di Plaza Senayan yuk cepetan confirm ke saya kalo mau ikut


Sleeping next to her destroyed box #kittens #cats #cat #meow


Me: I can’t believe people get so excited about comic con movie announcements Also me: the only thing I have to live for is the Cats movie coming out.

These marvel phase 4 titles give me more confidence in my own ability to come up with movie titles

The ‘Cats’ trailer is the worst thing @katehalliwell has ever seen, so of course she watched it 35 times and has 66 questions to ask:

Christie: "Sam's frantically following me from room to room" I can't remember even seeing them in the same room tonight except for during the moon landing. #BB21

出掛けた先の野良ですがよかったらどうぞ (ekKXoLD3196Haao)さんより ... #Cats #Cat #Kittens #Kitten #Kitty #Pets #Pet #Meow #Moe #CuteCats #CuteCat #CuteKittens #CuteKitten #MeowMoe… .


Christie to Kat/Tommy- Michie might be so much on my shit list by next week that his ass goes up #BB21

Christie- I feel like bringing in Nick is going to be pointless. It makes us run out of people to put up. If I do win HoH, and Bella is gone, I'm going to put up Sam and Nick. Tommy- Me too #BB21

Christie to Kat- We are not working with the couples until the end. Tommy- When they approach you and want to make this seven, you have us really on your side. Kat- I would never come after y'all #BB21

Kat to Christie/Tommy- The day after I got off the block, he (Jackson) was like "we cant work together anymore". I am still his friend but, in the long term, I'm smart enough to know that he doesnt have my back #BB21

Christie tells Kathryn she's being rubbed the wrong way by Jackson and will nominate him if need be. NOW'S THE PERFECT TIME TO BE A RAT, KAT. #BB21

Tommy to Kat- We (Christie and I) are trying to find a way to bring you in to be #7, but we are not trying to work with couples. Christie- I dont like the way Michie talks to me, I dont like the way that he talks to you sometimes. Kat- I agree #BB21

Christie told Kat about her conversation with Cliff. She let Kat know that Cliff is willing to let her keep her power, and he will backdoor Bella #BB21

Greg Hardy needs a serious step up in competition after #UFCSanAntonio…

Cliff come through I can't have Christie thinking she's the second coming of Will and Dan #BB21

#TeachSomethingIn5Words Electric cars are bigger polluters (because of the energy cost of mining, extracting and refining the materials for the batteries - which have a ten year life. #ExtinctionRebellion are not interested in the truth - only power.



NEWS: Battle Cats x Evangelion Crossover Has Big Nya Energy ✨ More:


i just KNOW i didn’t just read about a “monbebe” describing minhyuk as a “stupid, dumb blonde”

please dont get distant with me, I need you more than you would ever know I do

Happy 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing! #Apollo50


if i was an obedient child and blindly listened to my parents id be as stupid as some of yall fr

Predictions Are In: Beyonce’s ‘Lion King: The Gift’ Set For #1 on Billboard 200


How many of the people who chanted that the president should send a congresswoman back to Africa are going to see Lion King this weekend you think?

going to college right after hs is not for everybody, dont let anybody push that on you…

I hate saying this but getting paid for an opinion #KickVic does not make it automatically true. XD. Vic could by this logic pay Sabat to come in and say that everything Monica et al. Is lies and it would be true. See how stupid this sounds XD.


I loved this article about "Making The Lion King" with the support of real-time engines and virtual reality:…

Never confuse language with intelligence #TeachSomethingIn5Words

My parents and I saw CATS back in the late 1980s, when I was going through my ALW period. During the intermission, Old Deuteronomy stays on stage and you can get an autograph from him. My dad went up. The actor stays in character as a cat while signing....

Good to see all the ineffably stupid "Actually, the Electoral College Is Good" takes are being recycled yet again.

Busting to go see the new lion king

-Così sei proprio bella. -Solo così?

It’s kind of fascinating how in the 20th century CIA managed to pillage dozens of countries in the global south while also spending three billion dollars to teach cats to smoke weed or something

Nick and Bella can go. Ugh they’re so f-ing stupid. They’d literally nominate Jess and Nicole next week. #BB21

I want Jack gone more but if Nick/Bella are dumb enough to still put Nicole up next week, I’m fine with Christie taking Bella out with her power as well. #bb21

Choosing a watch face today was pretty easy. Happy 50th Anniversary.


Happy Moon Day! 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing! /r/CryptoCurrency


Check it. Huawei's new OS is for industrial use, not Android replacement via @techcrunch #tech #digital #data #business


Off the Alpha tape by @sarkodie is out with - #Bleeding (Official Video) Check it out please with a review. #SarkSZN via @YouTube

I check it, if you use local net, you can't use twitter. But if you use International Roaming, there's no problem.



I hope in Season 10 this stupid ass snow is gone.

#BOXOFFICE Collection : Here’s the first day collection of the Hindi version of #TheLionKing that has #SRK and son #AryanKhan render his voice! #Bollywood | @iamsrk | #TheLionKingWithKingKhan | #Simba | #Mufasa | #Disney…

Çav bella çav bella çav çav çav

Donald Trump has said he has always liked Boris Johnson and thinks he will do a great job,“He’s a different kind of a guy, but they say I’m a different kind of a guy too.” Boris Johnson refuses to call out Donald Trump for his open racism! Johnson will make UK serve US demands!


Fuck me ive just seen that ‘Cats’ trailer. The whole thing looks like a face swap meme nightmare


goodnight sorry im annoying i just miss them so much already and dont know how im gonna open at work tomorrow knowing that i just had one of the best weeks of my life only to have go back to STUPID REALITY

Listen ya not much cooler than anyone else ya know wid ya big stupid bag to go on the nemesis ye

"Step out your estimate, Step in your essence and know that you're excellent" . About a minute into 'Bigger', from The Lion King: The Gift, I paused. Rewind. Play that again. And again. The poetic words that echoed the sentiments of friends and family, e…


Nak tengok the lion king ☹️

Can’t imagine a white American telling me “at least I have a dad” as per that I’m black therefore I have daddy issues... lmao me? A whole African? Lmao you must be very stupid.

Some fam members wont support nor be proud of u unless u have an attractive name or have graduated from univ, and i think thats stupid.

hey do you guys mind if i sit here and think about every stupid thing i’ve said and done in my 20 years on earth until i don’t have any braincells left to put thoughts together

the new cats movie looks so weird


The wiki has continued production of kit and warrior images! We are also preparing a new set of lineart for our unknown residence cats

This is probably obvious but my opinions aren't that of my characters. The people Bella talks to are mercenaries, sociopaths and a very pretty lady that is inadvertently ruining the entire world. I loved Undertale.

Posted 1:19am: Christie does not want Bella here. She is an animal. She does not want her in jury. Christie says she can't play this game with her. Christie says if this backfires. Christie says no one will keep Bella. #BB21 #BBLF

#bologna vista da un bicchiere di vino è ancora più bella.


Donald Trump skall alltså ringa ”Sveriges väldigt talangfulle statsminister och lösa Aasp Rockys situation” Hade egentligen varit roligare om han hade tagit kontakt via twitter så en hade kunnat följa konversationen i realtid.

Chilly uses any advantage she can to shift units. (After this part Bella asks her if she would create things she actually enjoyed if she had infinite money, and Chilly, nekkid, goes on this long tirade about how only an idiot would reveal their true selves on the Outernet)


I was only able to crash the #NPC19 party for a short time, bummed I missed seeing one of my favs @JessicaCabeen, but glad I could pop in the city to hang with several edu-rockstars! Can’t wait for @MSAA_33 #mssaasi next week! #LeadLAP #principalsinaction #gocrickets #culturize


Great dinner conversation. @Joe_Sanfelippo @casas_jimmy @BethHouf Not with me but I know it had to have been good..@NASSP #NPC19


What a treat seeing the amazing @BethHouf at #NPC19 in Boston. What a gift she is to education.


Leaving on a jet plane with this guy. Last time we flew was three years ago. Excited to experience Boston together after I share #BalanceLAP tomorrow with @JessicaCabeen at #NPC19!


Always good to see my man and colleague @casas_jimmy, the author of the widely used book, Culturize. #NPC2019 #NPC19


To the grinders out there, there is no instant gratification. From 1986 - 2004, I was speaking in rooms when 5 attendees was progress. The reality that folks will stand in hallways for an hour to hear my message is mind-boggling...Why? Because I haven't forgotten my past. #NPC19


This was my walk space today at #NPC2019 #NPC19 in Boston For those who know me, you know that was a struggle, but for those who REALLY know me, you know I was blessed by this experience! #bam


Sproles is also aware of his place in NFL history. He's No. 6 in NFL history, but he's only 182 yards behind Tim Brown on the all-time list. He wants to get in the top five. The other 4 in the top five? Jerry Rice, Brian Mitchell, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith

Just another typical Trump campaign kingpin who was very close to the entire Trump family. George Nader Hit With New Charges of Sex Trafficking… via @thedailybeast

"The radically different standard that American conservatives use to evaluate charges of bigotry against Trump and Omar has nothing to do with principle. It’s identity politics by another name," @PeterBeinart…

Let's look at how well "digital fur technology" is doing to sell people on those #Cats cats


A história por trás de 'Bella Ciao', hino dos protagonistas de La Casa de Papel #LaCasadePapel3 #ArquivoBBC


#CatsMovie stars The Les Twins reveal their surprising nickname for @beyonce!


British record holder Lawrence Okoye is set to make a discus comeback seven years after he quit the sport for an #NFL career.


So... am I the only person who actually likes the look of the cats in #CatsMovie ? I mean... just look up the Broadway and it looks the same....

Person 1: What do you do? Person 2: I’m in Cats. Person 1: Oh, I love that musical! Person 2: Oh, no, you misunderstand-

Paul Robeson. Rube Foster. Jackie Robinson. Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Marvin Miller. Curt Flood. Colin Kaepernick. If you want the full human drama inherent in sports and you ignore the political realities, I think you're doing yourself a disservice.…

‼️SERIE‼️ Brandon Routh va reprendre le rôle de superman aux côtés de Taylor Hoechlin dans le Crossover de l’Arrowverse ! Le crossover sera diffusé sur 2 mois : 3 épisodes en décembre et 2 en janvier #Arrow #Supergirl #TheFlash #LegendsofTomorrow #Batwoman


Sam tells Cliff the name of the 8 called Gr8ful. Cliff I knew about the group never of the name. I know we are not part of it. I saw the crack yesterday Sam: Huge crack. Cliff: I'll let everyone else go after nick/Bella #BB21


Sam, you're lying. LOL Bella was the first person to tell you about the 8 person alliance and then told you, you were still part of it and you were the 9th. #BB21

Top Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee warn Pres. Trump against intervening in a $10 billion cloud computing contract the Department of Defense is considering awarding to Amazon, according to a letter first obtained by @ABC News.

tay k is actually trash

Christie- It (the power) is the only thing that we have. Bella has got to go up. Analyse- One of us has to the win the veto #BB21

I stumbled across this old tweet. It's a great example of how reputable media outlets will strip out context, deliberately, to make Republicans look bad and deceive their readers.…

Brandon Routh will play Superman again in the annual Arrowverse crossover…

If anyone wants to pass some dollars this way for #CashAppFriday, I’m going to a family reunion tomorrow and was asked to bring a dish and a gift. Any dollars would help bring these items. Venmo: shotheekwe

Inbox me if you have a active credit union or Venmo account #CashAppFriday #Venmo


Bought a book and got a free selfie tutorial with the author! It’s been a great #NPC19 Conference. Lead Like A Pirate! @BethHouf @ccs_longhorns


Join #Novel19s tonight at 8pm to hear about #MGLit and #YA debuts! Stick around at the end of the chat to win a copy of THE MIRACULOUS or some of the other wonderful books! Also, my responses have been scheduled because I'm on the road. So if I don't reply to you—that's why!


Win a copy of ‘The Royal Pup Pack’ – a children’s book about the Royals and their dogs!…


Trump being told by a woman that her family was killed by ISIS and he just stays sitting, at times nearly turning away from her. There's not an ounce of empathy in this President.…

It's Friday! Listen to Tyler and Matthew talk about the difficulties of passing on the family farm, President Trump taking notice of Ag labor, and whether or not Russia is stealing your face. (*recorded on Thursday...don't judge) @jasonbanebwe…

The original sexy cats


Iggy Azalea's nemesis Peppa Pig released her debut album


Forget Cats, what about DOGS?! I am ready for that role


Waiting for that majestic visual experience? Say no more! Book your tickets for #TheLionKing here:…

Cliff and Kat's conversation is HOW you play the motherfucking game now #BB21

datemi un motivo per odiare sam smith a pelle mi sta sul cazzo ma non ho una ragione valida so di poter contare su di voi

MOOD 4 EVA, BROWN SKIN GIRL AND ALREADY are the highest charting songs on iTunes


KAT IS FOR REAL PLAYING THE 6..HOLY SHIT. She just told Cliff about the 6’s plan about targeting N/B/S and that it’s dumb to do their dirty work when they’ll eventually get rid of all of the floaters. Girl I am so sorry I ever doubted you. SHES PLAYING THIS GAME YALL #BB21

Cliff to Kat: Me, you, Jessica, Nicole, and possibly Sam need to group up. YES!! #bb21

Kat says if Nick/Bella/Sam go, 'that 6 person block' might 'get all us out' before turning on each other. Cliff says that's his worry too. #bb21

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