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I see someone's put another 50p in "Zlatan", the world's most boring cunt. You're like 52, stop trying to start fights with MLS players, cut your hair and spend some time with your kids

Zlatan Ibrahimović, 37 años.

時々猫であることを止めているように見える、うちのひななかさん (tohcomix)さんより ... #Cats #Cat #Kittens #Kitten #Kitty #Pets #Pet #Meow #Moe #CuteCats #CuteCat #CuteKittens #CuteKitten #MeowMoe… .


Amidst the CATS discourse it's important to remember that "My vision is clear and wide-ranging" is an actual lyric in that miserable rendition of Be Prepared and I'm still outraged a full week later

I’m so excited to watch the Lion king

Let's Kindly Vote Already By Beyonce Ft Shatta Wale as the best song on the "Lion King" Album.

The Lion King was beautiful (‘:

Everyone Said the Same Thing About the New ‘Cats’ Movie Trailer…

cats (2019) was created for furries change my mind

This is the moment, @RobThomas @veronicamars. Right now, where it's just done. You're out of my life forever." #VeronicaMars

"I'll play Veronica until everyone in Neptune is dead." Kristen Bell (@IMKristenBell) is back as #VeronicaMars and does not want it to end with season 4

So I already finished the 4th season of #VeronicaMars and all I have to say is... @robthomas how could you do that?!

Tom Cruise, piloto real en «Top Gun: Maverick». El actor estadounidense regresa a la secuela del filme que le convirtió en estrella

"Mystery" solved. China's Tencent Pictures is one of the main producers of Top Gun Maverick:


Bully - Canis Canem Edit, talking smack about the Cats trailer, Top Gun and peepin' this new Witcher trailer. Come through will ya?! #NZStreams #TwitchANZ #Bully #RockstarGames #Twitch #NZTwitch

Gold Coast Notes @CarltonFC: - Bam Bam found his role? - didn't rely on Crippa! - Jones/Weitering combo +++ - Ed Curnow, top gun - Sam Walsh: rookie, superstar - SPS/Harry/Levi/Jack/Simmo very good - 2nd half of 3rd qtr unacceptable - should've won by plenty more tho #BoundByBlue

Andrea Vélez: la mujer que hundió al Chapo después de que el narcotraficante la mandó a matar


Was back at my favorite place and this is how it treated me.... #FridayFeeling


Sproles, 36, returns for his 15th NFL season. He played only six games last season, with injuries limiting his production. He didn't like going out that way. The Eagles have a lot of depth at RB, but could use help in return game and another versatile offensive weapon.

Blue face says he’s the best lyricist. Freddie says he’s better than Doom. Trump tried to stop the “Send her back” chant. Area 51 is the new “bubblin at Dublins” and I’M “weird”?

Have just had my first taste of sliced ham..was delicious..#CatsOfTwitter #cats #kittens #blackcats #lovemycat #AdoptDontShop #catsprotection #panfursquad


I'm Not Going To Go See The Lion King Because I Never Saw The Cartoon Version All The Way Thru Hahaha

alright, comments on the new lion king: it’s nice. i enjoyed it a lot. the visuals were very good. however, i feel that the story and the music is what made it good. that is NOT to say that it looks better than the original - just more realistic. i enjoyed hearing donald G.

Wicket just interviewed to be a meteorologist @KSNNews. He didn't get the job. Apparently, he needs to know more than a few puns about it raining cats and dogs. To place a hold, call 316-524-9196. Adopt Wicket: #AdoptICT


I’m going to fuck every last one of those cats

Tay k in prison?? Omg thats so sad


Current Cats in the house to support the former Cats playing in @thetournament. #BBN #LaFamilia


Video of McCain shutting down supporter who called Obama "Arab" goes viral after Trump fails to silence "send her back" rally chant


Harold Faltermeyer doesn't get enough credit. In a three year period, he scored "Beverly Hills Cop", "Fletch" and "Top Gun". I've seen countless tweets mistakenly giving Zimmer credit for Faltermeyer's "Top Gun" score.

Last year in #TX32, civil rights attorney & former NFL linebacker @ColinAllredTX (D) upset longtime Rep. Pete Sessions (R), the chair of the powerful House Rules Committee. This is a Romney➡️Clinton district in the north Dallas suburbs. It went O'Rourke+11. Abbott held it by 5.


Jump into the weekend and enjoy all the summer fun that Canada has to offer! With gorgeous parks, tons of lakes and lively cities there is no shortage of things to do. Share your plans with us by commenting below! #FridayFeeling #WeekendVibes


Hoje a NFL deu aquela esfregada pra limpar o chão de uma oficina de carros e resolveu não suspender O Tyreek Hill depois do escândalo de agressões contra o seu filho. Se você entende inglês, veja este vídeo com o áudio da conversa entre ele e a noiva.

trump gotta pardon tay k

I can understand the outrage at “send her back” but I cannot understand the lack of outrage at “Trump supporters must be...destroyed” No, wait, I can. It’s called being duplicitous hypocrites! A Dem specialty! Sad commentary on their state of affairs.…

If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane. - Jimmy Buffett #quote #FridayFeeling


everyone trippin over people tweeting “free tay k” gotta keep that same energy offline too don’t be scared to voice that opinion in a public setting

#InsteadOfDissingTrump Go Knock on Doors just like #BetoORourke is doing right here. He is truly reflecting the #Leadership I want to see in the WH. #BetoForAmerica…

Donald Trump shares the same message as former KKK grand wizard David Duke, according to Duke himself. If you support his racist attacks telling people to "go back," then you are supporting the same message as the Klan. #fridayfeeling

George Nader disappears from the trending topics to be replaced with AP Rocky trump loves changing the news cycle

Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" the between inning music here Seems like everyone is HYPED for the Top Gun sequel

I'm not even disappointed with the child abuse investigation (neither side cooperated with the DA, the NFL only had Hill's side, the NFL wasn't given any of the evidence), I get it, I'm disappointed that an abuser got away with making threats to his abuse victim.

#CashAppFriday Giving everyone 500$ for whoever retweets and like this ! Drop ya Cashtags then DM me !


Rep. Ilhan Omar Makes Lindsey Graham Look Like An Ass After He Compares Trump To John McCain…

#CashAppFriday Who Has CashApp And Needs A Blessing ? First 100 - 250 People To Follow Like , Retweet & text me on Kik alexrichy321 Will Receive $1100 ❤️ #cashapp #applepay #Blessings #giveaway #venmo #CASHAPPBLESING


The most tantalizing plot hint in the #TopGunMaverick trailer comes from Cruise's choice of attire in two snippets: a pressure suit, which isn't standard-issue attire for sitting in an F-18.…

It was payday so sellers dm me. Personal and open ones #buyingnudes #sellingnudes #nudes #CashAppFriday

Honestly five times a year something news-worthy happens that has nothing to do with John McCain and then liberal doofuses still find a way to say "this is like when John McCain told that racist hag Obama was a 'good man' instead of a Muslim"

In keeping with tradition, everyone who follows me & retweets this will receive: absolutely nothing. #CashAppFriday


This is what 2008 Don Lemon tweeted the day that John McCain corrected a supporter when she called Obama an “Arab” and he told the crowd to be respectful. Lemon tweeted this right after it happened. No matter what the right does, the left will call the right racist and hateful.


Why did the federal prosecutors end their investigation of payments to silence two women at the end of President Trump's 2016 campaign? At least in part because DOJ says it would be unconstitutional to charge a sitting president with a crime.…


Women for Trump at Pa. Rally: ‘Four More Years’

Republican strategist Tara Setmayer accuses President Trump of 'riling up the racial resentment, ugly underbelly, that is still alive and well apparently in the United States' and hopes more members of her party will 'stand up and speak out against this type of racist rhetoric'.

Movimientos sociales de EEUU analizaron efectos de las sanciones de Trump contra Venezuela


¡Envíenla de vuelta!, los cánticos racistas en acto de Trump que sacuden EE.UU. ►



Scar says to Simba, "Go to your den Simba, I don't babysit!" Simba in his den with Nala & Zazu dancing to "Don't Jealous Me" by Tekno, Yemi Alade, Mr. Eazi #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing

I think it’s the appropriate time to FINALLY drop these?! In honour of “The Gift” Album. My Power! #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing


Had a dream that Sega came out with the Sega CD 2. New games and old, remastered, same controller, dedicated tips & tricks hotline. It was beautiful. Everyone stopped talking about the Cats trailer and in fact everyone killed themselves


I'm thinking Cats will be the Heavens Gate of our age.

At this stage I honestly can't work out whether I'm going to get more columns out of David Cameron's book or the new Top Gun. But we're talking absolute multiples in both cases.

The Lion King Has A Good Start - Other Hindi Releases Dull #TheLionKing…


VIDEO Trailer I Tom Cruise a prezentat imagini din viitorul film ”Top Gun: Maverick” la Comic-Con de la San Diego


‘Already’ by @beyonce and @shattawalenima Wale is out on all platforms! Have you heard it? Go listen and support! #lionking #Stormenergy #lionkingthegift #thegiftalbum #already


I’m finally seeing lion king tonight, I’m not gonna be okay lmao the original was my special film with my mum so this is really gonna hurt

The Lion King is superb! It feels like you are watching National Geographic. Great effects and wonderful music. Tho I wish that they added more drama to other scenes. Overall it is great! 90's kids will surely love the movie! #TheLionKing

Sam Smith = İstanbul’da üniversite kazanan Anadolu gayi

Who they think they are to tell us? Make me sad and make my jealous Don’t believe a word cos they are so wrong

Wait. Don’t Jealous Me isn’t bad abeg.

I can’t wait to dance to Don’t Jealous Me in my room whew .

Woman: He(Obama)'s an Arab (she meant Muslim) McCain: No ma'am, he's a decent family man, citizen... The cognitive dissonance is astounding! This whole exchange IS RACIST. He basically said can't be Arab/Muslims cos he's a decent citizen. Is this your King?!…

Beyoncé should have featured Niniola on FIND YOUR WAY BACK

People are sharing footage of John McCain correcting a racist supporter following the Trump chants…

Yeah it's weird how people liked John McCain, who was a man you could respect even if you didn't agree with him, but they don't like Trump, who no sensible person could possibly respect even if they could decipher whether or not they agree with his current nonsensical lie.…

Compare this to Trump soaking in the chants “send her back”#IStandWithIlhan…

Corille: lo estamos logrando. No podemos claudica. Sigamos protestando como podamos. Yo seguiré participando aunque esté explotá. #RickyRenucia #RickyDictador

Trump agradeciendo que México sea un culero con los migrantes. Venga. Esa. Maroma.

New Top Gun movie trailer!!! @Toucherandrich

But that Top Gun 2 trailer tho! Didn't even see it coming. Take my money!…

Is Donald Trump Making America’s Environment Great Again?…

Another Embarrassing Trump Video Unearthed عبر @YouTube

70 Catholics arrested in D.C. protest over Trump immigration policies…

For those of you wondering where the @SeaOfThieves stream is today. My back is feeling much better so decided to come show some love to our sea life #BeMorePirate @AquariumPacific #FaceApp #OldManCarrillo


La decadencia del cine de Hollywood, últimamente se mantienen a base de remakes y películas malas de superhéroes. Ya no saben que hacer, la calidad y sobre todo la originalidad se les murió hace rato. Ahora toca el turno al remake de Top Gun.

Mera dímelo Mussolini, porque así mismo te queremos hacer @ricardorossello #RickyDictador

Everyone is joking about Cats but I thought Top Gun 2 looked even worse.


Consumers love FaceApp’s filter for making selfies look older or sexier, but its Russian ownership has suddenly sparked worries about potential data misuse via @Breakingviews


There is no Danger Zone is this new Top Gun trailer. Blasphemous.

When you’re in the midst of the storm & feel like the whole world is against you, you turn around & find @BernieSanders taking a break from campaigning to be at your side. He may not always have the right words but he has the kind of heart we need in a president. #IStandWithIlhan


Seriously, read this. Just read the words. The president and his entire squalid cabal are as guilty as sin.…

can't believe the CATS trailer didn't even include Danger Zone

"Welcome to Denver!!!" #BroncosCountry was ready to greet @JoeFlacco at #BroncosCamp.

As Community Health Centres #CHCs around the globe, we stand united for a world that embraces diversity and rejects fascism, racism and xenophobia. We stand with @IlhanMN and call for a “United States of Hope and Opportunity”, not a US of Fear and Hatred. #IStandWithIlhan

I still say I Salute Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela more than I Salute Tata. My opinion! #NelsonMandelaDay #MandelaDay2019

ニュースでやってたやつか 京アニのクラウドファンディング Fundraiser by Sentai Filmworks : Help KyoAni Heal…

Jsuis vraiment dévasté parce qu'il s'est passé à KyoAni. Que les âmes des pauvres gens qui y sont morts reposent en paix et soient rendues immortelles par leurs oeuvres.

Minister @JacksonMthembu_ & Deputy Minister @ThembiSiweya in partnership with SA Women in Costruction contributed gas heaters, clothing and toys for the children at Alutha ECD in Khayelitsha. They also took time to read story books with the children. #MandelaDay2019


少額ながら私も寄付させていただきました。主導しているセンタイ・フィルムワークスについては一定の信頼を置いています。 ひたすらに心が痛くて、何を願うかもわからないまま、ただただ祈るばかりです。 #prayforkyoani…

What a awesome time to go a drive and enjoy the session with friends by super stable #RainRaider @apollotyres

KyoAni made some of the best anime in the world. I have said time and time again that they bring me the greatest comfort anime and not to mention some of the most beautifully crafted and gorgeous story telling.

The kids interview with the President is done. Congratulations and well done @RXRadioSA Red Cross Children's hospital. #MandelaDay2019 #NelsonMandelaDay #MandelaDayon405 #NewzroomAfrika

A plantation drive was carried out by NMCG as part of the ongoing #AfforestationWeek in Kanpur in which members of Kanpur Police, IAS officers, students and other officials participated. #NamamiGange #JanShakti4JalShakti


A no-deal Brexit could plunge the British economy into recession, hammer the pound and drive up government borrowing, according to the U.K.'s financial watchdog

#EnPortada Zlatan Ibrahimovic revienta al mexicano Carlos Vela


me by the time the major parties agree to raise NewStart #AusPol #RaiseTheRate #FaceApp


#BubbaArmy we added a couple new faces to the BRN’s #FaceAppChallenge! What do you all think??? #AgeChallenge #OldFaceChallenge #FaceApp


I wonder how many people tweeting #IStandWithIlhan share her inability to denounce terrorist groups like Antifa, Hamas, and al Qaeda #dk

federale regeringsvorming weegt op Tilde & Flop via @ladh #FaceApp


When Ilhan Omar finally sees tRump #IStandWithIlhan

Jon Stewart rips into Rand Paul after he blocks 9/11 victim compensation fund: 'An abomination'…

Hey, first responders, remember not to save Rand Paul

#foundatarea51: The King.

After @Apple and @Android shared previews of their forthcoming disability Emojis on #WorldEmojiDay our Assistant Solicitor, Adriana Anelli believes the new inclusions 'are a major step forward for disability awareness' ⬇️… #Disability #Emoji #emojis


Mature business people expect problems... that’s why they hired us. When things go wrong: 1. Focus on facts, not emotion. 2. Over-communicate and collaborate. 3. Act immediately, delaying drives fear and uncertainty. 4. Be transparent and honest. #WednesdayWisdom

1.… 2. 1.Sentai Filmworks様のクラウドファデ ィング 2.京アニのグッズホームページ 今のところこの2つが助けになる有効な募金方法だと思われます。 しかし、クラウドファンディングに関しては絶対に安全であるという保証がありません

What a brilliant keynote talk by @kenbenoit @IC2S2. I think the moral of the talk is that social scientists need to speak more with #NLP researchers to create dedicated text analysis algorithms for the purpose of more accurate computational social science studies. #IC2S2


What’s your original discipline and how did you get started with computational social science? Let us know in the comments & come grab some great giveaways from our stand at #IC2S2…

All those defenses of the Electoral College as “cooling the passions of the mob” were always idiotic, but they’re even more so today. Trump is a far-right demagogue who is inciting his supporters to violence…

Trump supporters don’t like the fact that a turnip has way more followers than most of them. I get DMs from them every day with messages like “you taste disgusting” and “you are the worst root vegetable.” As if they eat vegetables.

Headline: "Anthony Scaramucci flat-out calls Trump a 'racist'." Stopped having him on the show months ago. I like him, a good guy, but publicly he does this Neville Chamberlin nonsense trying to appease everyone and just gets everyone mad at him.…

Trump basking in the moment, as the crowd makes a vile, racist chant. Own this horrible moment @gop This is who you are now.…

#WorldEmojiDay ¿Cuál es el emoji más usado del mundo, según Google?


Sorry to be the one to break it to you, my fellow Americans, but in addition to Russia owning your President, they now own your face. #FaceApp

So #FaceApp is an insidious way to get access to all of your photos. The user agreement has language in it to give it access to your photos on your phone. Don’t do it.

Rand Paul says no to 9/11 victim compensation funding while Trump holds a nazi rally. There’s nothing more un-American than that. #TrumpRally

What it really means that House Democrats just formally held William Barr and Wilbur Ross in contempt…

Before the election, Trump is going to show up to one of his rallies in blackface and no one in the Republican Party will say one negative word about it

This is the energy I’m bringing to work all week now that I know gossip girl is coming back.

Jon Stewart goes on Fox News – speaking directly to Trump supporters – and eviscerates Rand Paul and Mike Lee for blocking 9/11 Victim Funding and shames McConnell for failing to protect 9/11 first responders. Bravo Jon. #Maddow

Pres Trump is a "phenomenon," says Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. "The only way to defeat a phenomenon is with another phenomenon and the phenomenon we need right now is an uprising of love for this country and what democracy means and what it stands for."

Rand Paul is a sad man.

What would it take for the Murdoch/Fox news empire and the Koch brothers to turn on Trump?

Jon Stewart Rips 'Bottom Feeder' Rand Paul For Blocking 9-11 First Responder Funding | @crooksandliars…

Jon Stewart forced to remind Congress of basic decency yet again after Rand Paul blocks 9/11 victim compensation bill.


Jerry Foxhoven, 66, then the director of Iowa’s Department of Human Services, sent an email celebrating the rapper Tupac Shakur to all 4,300 agency employees. A few days later, he was ordered to resign. “I think it’s a coincidence,” Foxhoven said.

GOP Sen. Rand Paul blocks bill to boost 9/11 victims fund, cites national debt #10TV


I used FaceApp to see what I'd look like at 50 and, wow, this thing is scary accurate. #FaceApp


House votes to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt of Congress


O traficante 'El Chapo' foi condenado à prisão perpétua nos Estados Unidos. O juiz ordenou que ele devolva mais de US$ 12 bilhões vindos de seus crimes. O ex-chefe do cartel de Sinaloa, de 62 anos, foi condenado por 33 mortes e por duas décadas traficando drogas. #JornaldaCultura

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul on Fox News for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’…

When you’ve been soundchecking for 3 hours and still can’t hear anything #FaceApp


This #faceapp needs a ‘black don’t crack’ option.

gossip girl is supposedly coming back & I am EXCITED

Sinaloa después de "El Chapo": ¿y ahora qué?…

Oficialmente viciada em Gossip Girl

House of Cards buscando el giro de siempre para cerrar con Kevin Spacey: todo fue un sueño

And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk more. ~ Erica Jong #quote #wednesdaywisdom


Kevin spacey walking outta court like

Kevin Spacey: prosecutors drop case accusing actor of groping teen…

I want that kevin spacey case investigated from outsiders. This is bs. missing evidence... no trail bs my ass

do i even have to say anything besides vessel rlly is that bitch #truceisgold


Meet me at the taco stand I want tacos. #ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay

Follow me so I can DM you the blueprints of how to get me out! Can’t wait till the 20th! #YIAY51 #area51raid #Area51

A prototype Twitter that works for android #YIAY51

Drew Lock is driving into team headquarters to sign his new deal. Will have to pass physical and may miss conditioning test. But he will be there for Vic Fangio's first big football meeting tonight. #9sports

Broncos coach Vic Fangio had an incredible answer when asked about the team's 19 training camp practices that will be open to fans this year, the most in the league.


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