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Just thinking about all the iconic ways the guys could come back like 1D Day 2.0 Video Diaries Some sort of concert or live performance Twitcam with all of them! #OneDirection2020

Minzöl ist die MACHT! Die Pflanze muss direkt aus der Hölle kommen! #COVIDー19 #Coronakrise #TRUTH

Disastrous jobs data sharpens Trump's dilemma over closed economy | Analysis


Nice, didn't even realize that nominating Biden has come with an anti-Chinese narrative thrown in for free…

All false to pass a narrative that isn’t there. Sanders dropped out to unite the democratic side and pool all votes in for Biden. If you vote for Bernie now you’re just dividing the party ensuring that Republicans win. Y’all don’t know politics…

Inspiring to see @LevisStadium shine blue w/ more than 350 U.S. sports venues & landmarks at 8pm for tonight's #LightItBlue initiative to support health care workers and others on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic: #49ers #LightItBlue x #MakeItBlue


(Has no idea what Joe Pizza is) Yeah, this uh...really says a lot about society


Brandin Cooks has missed 2 games in the last 5 years and everyones acting like hes dead.

When ya girl cooks for you but it was all your idea

Ya que #Brooklyn99 es tendencia, paso a decir que es la mejor serie de comedia que existe. I said what i said

Ufff ver #Brooklyn99 en tendencias es lo mejor, amo esta serie es de las mejores que eh visto uwu !! nada puede superar i wanted that way uwu xD!! Pd amo peraltiago uwu ❤!!

Sus apariciones en los capítulos normalmente son breves, aún así siempre me matan de risa. Los quieto mucho Hitchcock y Scully. #Brooklyn99


Fallece caricaturista de Anthrax y de la revista MAD Lee la nota completa dando clic aquí ->


“This virus can hit anyone, anywhere — regardless of race, economic status, or access to power — but it doesn’t impact every community equally. It hits hardest those who are most vulnerable and who have the fewest resources,” Biden said.

Fake News You Can Trust . . . . Biden Cuts Hole In Mask So He Can Still Sniff People's Hair | The Babylon Bee…

Joe Biden is the nominee because the most marginalized people in this country overwhelmingly supported him and trusted him over other candidates. Black women voted overwhelmingly for Biden. @angelicaross this is a strange take.…

i saw john mccain was trending and was like "omg did he DIE????" ha. ha.

#SemanaSanta2020: "Hoy, la distancia es un acto de solidaridad", considera Mons. Carlos Castillo, arzobispo de Lima, ante el #COVIDー19. "La única manera de mantener la tradición del esfuerzo cristiano es estar espiritualmente cercanos a las familias, pues no nos podemos reunir".


الأمين العام @antonioguterres يحذر من إمكانية أن يعكس #كوفيد_19 التقدم المحرز في مسار #المساواة_بين_الجنسين و #حقوق_المرأة، ويحث الحكومات على وضع النساء والفتيات في صميم جهودها للتعافي من الجائحة. #COVIDー19

Did you get the placement? The check?…

Phyllis Lyon, a gay rights volunteer who with her longtime partner was among the first same-sex couples to marry in California, has died in San Francisco at 95.

Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.― Albert Einstein #quote #thursdaythoughts


Mad magazine illustrator Mort Drucker dies at 91

I #follobackforfolloback and followed everyone I could today. #follo4follo #FolloMe Is it hard for everyone to gain new followers? In about 4 weeks I launch an app to help people gain followers #free #FreeCodeFridayContest

Joe Biden rolled out Medicare and student debt forgiveness plans as he kicks off his campaign against l Trump amid soaring job losses caused by the coronavirus.  Biden proposed lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60 from 65 and bolstered his student debt forgiveness plan

Medicare to 60 does nothing to reduce the cost of prescription drugs The Joe Biden campaign is a joke

Joe Biden proposing lowering the age for Medicare to 60 is great for me, a 27-year-old with the soul of a 61-year-old.

Medicare to 60? Student debt forgiveness for some? What's next? Minimum wage goes up 10¢? Raising taxes on the 1% but voluntarily? Close Gitmo on the weekends? 2.1% reduction in kids in cages? The sky's beyond the limit!

Democrats hate America and American Small Businesses. They want full collapse. Fire them all! #Election2020 #erincruzforcongress…

As an outside observer it really is stunning how out of touch Biden seems from a movement nominally in the same party as his…

Senator Sherrod Brown Knows How to Save the Soul of the Democratic Party… via @RollingStone

Our minds can be convinced, but our hearts must be won. - Simon Sinek #quote #ThursdayThoughts


#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho think they know everything too smart for their own good.

.@jackblack put his zany spin on one of #Passover's most beloved songs, "Chad Gadya"

Just in: @NNPrezNez Navajo Nation President I’m self quarantine after exposure to a first responder with #COVIDー19 The Navajo Nation President also says several Arizona National Guard and US Army Corps engineers are in self quarantine as a precaution. #abc15


The national media is reporting @NCSenateDems have a huge opportunity to #TakeTheMajority in 2020! "Under the state’s new map, Democrats see a viable path to winning control of the state's upper chamber for the first time since 2010." #ncpol…

Reminder: Senate Democrats and House Democrats fought for more money for themselves and now basing their block for your relief on race and hospitals that are allowed to inflate CV cases for money.

Life in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, plus grad classes, plus life in general. Day 1,830,572: I feel like Chris Johnson’s mouth.


Speaker Pelosi: "I don't have any intention of spending any one second on Sunday trying to convince anybody that it is necessary for us to address the needs of everyone in our society...If we don't share that value they're not gonna get it on Easter Sunday or Passover or Ramadan"

I know many of you are in isolation during family focused holidays like Easter and Passover. I’m so excited to share that this Sunday at 7pm EDT you can tune into @TIFF_NET's IG Live for a Q&A with BELLE director……

For #MiLBAtHomeOpener, staff members from MiLB HQ and club front offices shared their favorite Minor League memories! ⚾️❤️


#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho sniff my daughter's hair.

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