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#AtatianaJefferson was MURDERED by @fortworthpd for looking out of her bedroom window. Let that sink in.


primeira vez q participo de uma hashtag #LGBTQtakeover


fotos aleatórias só pq eu nunca participei de nenhuma hastag aq no twitter #LGBTQtakeover


Biii...xcoito imagina tu chegar em casa e tua namorada ser essa #LGBTQtakeover


Sharen Wilson is the Tarrant County DA who will decide if chargers are filed in the murder of #AtatianaJefferson . She has a history of refusing to charge officers in use of force cases. My prediction is that she WILL NOT charge the officer who killed Atatiana Jefferson.


Today was a great day to not play Diggs in fantasy. Glad I made that decision.

This shit offense from the Broncos today SHOULD usher in some urgency to get Drew Lock on the field. It won't... but maybe losing to the Chiefs by a 100 will. And that will happen unless something unspeakable happens, like Mahomes sprains his pinkie toe or something.

#TrumpBetrayedOurAllies is another Liberal talking point. They would rather see American soldiers die in a place where tribes have been fighting each other for hundreds of years and will for hundreds more. I would rather see American soldiers live and come home.

Passed a Seahawks fan at the bar & another Browns fan said “Aww another one?” The SEA fan responded “lol yeah another one.” This is the CLE I support. We’re ok. #SEAvsCLE

Who is the most impactful draft pick since Patrick Mahomes was taken? It's probably Mecole Hardman or Juan Thornhill. The Chefs have wasted A LOT of draft capital in the last three drafts. 2019 is promising, but man they've wasted a lot of chances to improve this football team.

#NoBraDay because wearing bra makes me sesek

If you’re tired of hearing about the endless police shootings taking place in this country, imagine how tired those are that have to deal with it. Silence is complicity. Speak up. Speak out. Stand side by side with those targeted by this system. Say her name #AtatianaJefferson

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words the killers

Hahaaha noooo way.. I would trip on those bitches #NoBraDay

Pea Soup... #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

His daughter #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Dios se encargará de abrir las puertas para que puedas seguir avanzando en el camino correcto en tu vida, y cerrará las que te llevan a caminos equivocados, abrirá las que te acerquen más a su voluntad y cerrará las que te alejen; Dios te ama y quiere lo mejor para ti, confía.

Whoever called the police on #AtatianaJefferson is just as responsible for her death as the police are. Stop calling the police on black people.

誰の顔になりたい?って聞かれたら毎回迷わずAfter Schoolのナナ様って言います


#SpoilAMovieIn2Words They’re dead

Woke up with #AtatianaJefferson on my mind. #SheIsMe. Black woman. Abiding. Living and minding her own. Loving. Human. #SheIsMe and all of my Sisters. Every black woman I know.

Neighbor, please do not call the cops to check on me if you see my front door open. I am Black. #AtatianaJefferson…

Last year, Tennessee beat Auburn 30-24 on October 13th. This year, Tennessee beat Mississippi State 20-10 on October 12th. Pruitt must like facing SEC West teams (not named Bama) on this specific weekend.

We are reminded daily that we are not safe from the state. #AtatianaJefferson

I feel like one of the few people on here that really enjoyed El Camino

President Trump promised he would do things differently. Promise kept. This week: * He greenlit Turkey's operation in Syria, resulting in the slaughter of U.S. allies and the liberation of captured terrorists. * He announced the U.S. military is for rent to Saudi Arabia.

I have yet to be contacted by any member of the @realDonaldTrump administration to brief me, nor have I been notified of a broader Congressional briefing, regarding the unfolding events in Syria / Turkey / Saudi Arabia. #Article1

There are millions of reasons to not support Saudi Arabia and none of them are "Bin Laden was right."…

#IfPumpkinsCouldTalk they'd get cancelled real quick

Foi a 10ª vitória de @JoannaMMA no peso-palha - a recordista no #UFC! #UFCTampa

Almost fumble on PR. Kicker doinks FG in. Bama holds on TD to Harris. Block in the back makes fifty yard difference Another block in the back gets thirty extra yards. Rusher on punt goes unblocked for fumble TD.

Waking up undefeated, or something... #GoAvsGo

#UFCTampa Promotional Guidelines Compliance pay: Jedrzejczyk takes big cut for non-title bout

Keep those A+++ Report Cards coming! #GoAvsGo

วันนี้เราไปแจกการ์ดจีมินน้า ใครอยากไปเอา มาหากันได้น้า สถานที่ สยาม เวลาเดียวบอกอีกทีน้า ใครอยากมาแลก เม้นได้เลยน้า #HappyBirthdayJimin #HappyJiminDay #studygram


Did we just watch a SEC Championship Game preview? Reaction as LSU holds off Florida in Death Valley:…


El camino is good because it's like if fic was a movie

"El único camino a casa es el silencio".


el camino só me fez querer assistir breaking bad mais uma vez sem defeitos

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