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A Moon rock plucked from the lunar surface by Apollo 14 astronauts likely originated on Earth. The odd rock, nicknamed "Big Bertha," is roughly 4 billion years old and bears a striking resemblance to the oldest rocks found on our planet.

Details of Eddy Pineiro Injury Makes MNF Game Even More Studly #Bears…


Danny Trevathan on the #Bears' 5 takeaways: “It’s very contagious. They can’t block one, they can't block two. So, you know, you get a turnover, you get pick, you get a sack, kinda like Oprah.”

The Bears were flagged 4 times for illegal use of hands tonight. Kyle Long on that: "Usually in years past if you touch a guy accidentally in the face, they’re going to walk up to you — the ref will tell both of you, hey, be careful with that. Instead, now, a flag comes out."

HaHa Clinton-Dix is gonna get PAID this offseason. He deserves it for choosing to play for the beloved Bears on a cheap contract!

imagine having to watch the Jays and Orioles go at it for 5 hours, sounds like one of the circles of hell cant believe some people are actually still there watching... must value their time almost as little as those who tuned in for the Bears/Redskins game

The #GilmoreCappers flexing after Rams last night + Bears tonight. #TeamGilmore

Jim Baker, former FBI general counsel: If Trump was invoking privilege merely to keep secret an inappropriate request of a foreign leader, “it could be interpreted that he has abused his power.”…

What was the Jay Gruden era like? Me: Like stirring a full tub of Gatorade with a plastic sleeve of paper cups #HTTR

Según mediciones preliminares la audiencia de los #Emmy2019 en Estados Unidos cayó un 23 por ciento respecto a 2018. #Emmys


Gwyneth Paltrow moved across the #Emmys stage with a walk so delicate it seemed like her body would fall apart if she moved any faster

Celebrities are so out of touch with the REST OF THE WORLD that the only thing they can discuss is their unskilled worker pay; only gay trans and transgaybi populations; and hate of all white people. The audience is as small as who they pander to. #Emmys…

Nashville celebrates all of October w/Artober, a month-long celebration of the arts. #FirstDayofFall…

Well done @ChristopherHahn for tearing into the disgusting, despicable thing that is Michael Knowles…

WHAT A DESPICABLE HUMAN PIECE OF TRASH Michael Knowles of Daily Wire. Calling Greta a mentally ill-child. My gosh - so sad just heart wrenching.…

Donald Trump’s day so far - Bill Weld says Trump committed a "death penalty" crime - That escalated quickly - Trump admits he withheld $ from Ukraine - He knows whistleblower report is about to surface - Impeachment is underway - Trump is going to prison - It’s still only 3:30pm

Happy #BiVisibilityDay to our dear friend Andy Richter, who due to some oversight has not yet unblocked me

wayament we on libra season ❤️



Enjoy the first day of #fall! Andy Warhol, “Still-Life Leaves (Early)”, before 1950, © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. #AndyWarhol #warhol #FirstDayOfFall #fall #art #leaves #leaf #StillLife #drawing #seasons


Unless it’s @MariahCarey’s evergreen, always on time “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, SAVE IT. #FirstDayofFall ______ Note: #30DaysofDisney and #31NightsofHalloween are safe places for those of us who respect calendars and believe in giving each holiday ITS SPACE

Fleabag não deve ganhar nova temporada mesmo depois das vitórias no Emmy 2019, afirma Phoebe Waller-Bridge #Emmys2019 #Emmys


ظریف شرط دیدار آمریکایی ها با ایران در #UNGA74 را چنین بیان کرد: ایران پیشنهاد اجرای دو تعهد متقابل ۲۰۲۳ را در برجام داده است. در صورت اجرای فوری تعهد توسط ایالات متحده، دیداری در چارچوب ۱+۵ صورت خواهد گرفت. #UNGA

Read ISN submitted statement to the #UN #HLMUHC! Kidney disease cannot be left behind in member states #UHC plans!… #UNGA


Before we celebrate the #FirstDayOfFall, we’re taking a look back at some of the OG “Summer Blockbusters” with @WhatsNoovie. Check out this behind-the-scenes clip highlighting some of our most iconic collection items. #AcademyMuseum

Truth To Power: Disgusted Activist Greta Thunberg Rips Janky A$$ Politicians New A-hole At #UNGA For Being Weak On Climate Change [Video] (Image via Stephanie Keith / Getty)…


Keegan walks out on Tiffany after discovering she was raped in #EastEnders… via @MetroUK

Raeesul jumhoorihyaa @ibusolih 7 aharah fahu #UNGA #ClimateActionSummit gai mirey muhaathab kurahvaa migadiakee meege eh aharukurin riyaasee inthikhaabu kaamiyaabu kurahvaa raahjeyge rayyithunaai muhaathabu kurehvi dhuvahaai vaguthu. #MaruhabaaRaees @presidencymv


of course I'm the guy who kept saying "Kegel" instead of "Hegel" during grad school philosophy class and didn't understand why the professor was smiling

this is now a bill weld stan account



veteran character actor and Rob Zombie Trilogy star Sid Haig, rest in peace…

FAKE NEWS HITS ALL NEW LOW: MSNBC allows network contributor Bill Weld to call for President Trump's execution under the death penalty, claiming treason *without proof*. MSNBC provided no push back to Weld after making these ridiculous comments.

I'm gonna miss seeing Sid Haig : C I would have loved seeing him as Pennywise..

Honestly, I’m Baker Mayfield if he was a 7/10


Living dead girl via @YouTube Sid Haig was so nice to this crazy fan. #sidhaig #captianspaulding R.I.P.

Oklahoma's really about to go from Baker Mayfield ➡️ Kyler Murray ➡️ Jalen Hurts ➡️ D'Eriq King

Baker Mayfield hit the folks one time and y’all bought in

if U watch power U know Tariq is a real wasteyute

شباب نرجع نذكركو مشان الله الواحد مش متحمل حاله و الدنيا نار و النفسية تعبانه…

If Tommy doesn’t end this season dead. Power is cancelled. #PowerTV

EXPLAINER: The world’s oldest travel firm Thomas Cook collapses - What next and why? via @kholtonreuters @GuyReuters $TCG

Thomas Cook Group to be liquidated, Thomas Cook Airlines UK stops flying, Condor continues to fly (for now)…


Thomas Cook shutting down should be a warning to every millennial. Sirf #wanderlust se paise nahi bante.


THOMAS COOK GONE BUST ! DOME BEACH RESORT ! CYPRUS KARMA ! HA HA HA ! Patronising Reps. The pictures you don't see !

Dün Los Angeles'ta gerçekleşen 71. Emmy Ödülleri sahiplerini buldu. İşte tüm kazananlar.

Television's brightest stars have lit up Hollywood for the 71st Emmy Awards and @AngelaBishop was there for all the action and fashion!…

o povo dizendo que game of thrones mereceu pelo conjunto da obra? isso poderia ate fazer sentido se fosse a primeira vez da serie no emmy, mas got vinha ganhando todos anos. o resto do ~conjunto~ ja foi premiado. faria mais sentido dizer que merecia perder pelo conjunto da obra

stel je voor dat je voor chungha’s nek probeer te komen dan hoe kankerdom ben je dan


Have you seen our Blog post (Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 2) earlier today? Check it out now if not! :D… #cats


優勝かロッテcs どっち取るか 優勝

So farewell #ThomasCook, we spent much time together, alas you were so often, as you were at the end, Lions led by Donkeys.


福浦和也選手 26年間という長い現役生活お疲れ様でした! 西武ファンだけど、福浦さんにはよくいいところで打たれた印象しかありません。福浦さんの応援歌はロッテの中でも好きです。 これからは、立場は変わりますが、松井稼頭央さんと新しい時代を作ってください #chibalotte #福浦和也 #THANK9

I’m very excited to share my first journal article. It’s called ‘The empathic foundations of security dilemma de-escalation’, and has just come out in early view with Political Psychology @Journal_PoPs.… 1/

Aaron Donald stays on the move at all times when rushing the passer, especially when 1-on-1. @AaronDonald97 stays active with his movements. His hands/feet never stop. His persistence pays off when he executes a counter forklift, gets vertical & sacks Mayfield #PassRush #LARams

Today is International Day of Sign Languages. In July, #TheNine met a Dundee student who has created more than 100 new signs to help deaf people express themselves when talking about science. #IDSL2019

Cultist with a bitchy attitude : "#IRaiseALittleHellWhen The altar is perfect and not a moment before."

#IRaiseALittleHellWhen I get to talk to people that want to change the "Rules" on sports.

#IRaiseALittleHellWhen anyone makes the mistake of getting too close to me.

Seeing Aaron Donald in person is pretty damn rad

“Troubling in the extreme” is code for “Criminal behavior, but oh well... how does my hair look?” And yet... AND YET.. this is still a stronger statement than anything Nancy Pelosi has said.…

A 3 a.m. film session at Lambeau Field following the preseason game in Baltimore showed @HighRizer22 & other veterans on defense what this unit had a chance to be. #DENvsGB | #GoPackGo

eu dnv com as mesmas fotos de sempre #lovingLGBTQ


Would have loved to see any of Barry's three nominated actors win Supporting Actor at #Emmys2019, but Tony Shalhoub was born in Green Bay and the Packers are 3-0 and I forgot my point oh wait it's #GOPACKGO

#lovingLGBTQ homem trans não é bagunça não bb


Mitt Romney Says Trump Allegedly Asking Ukraine to Investigate Biden Is Extremely ‘Troubling’ via @BreitbartNews WHAT'S EXTREMELY TROUBLING IS THE MORMONS ELECTING YOUR DUMB ASS AND SENDING YOU TO WASHINGTON...A JUNIOR SENATOR...NO PRIDE...

Dropped Early via @Eastbay adidas AM4 Boost "Showtime Mahomes" BUY HERE:


Kyle Allen joined Mahomes and Mariota as only QBs with 4 or more passing TDs in one of their first two career games. More stats here:…

Season Two of “When Andy Met Patrick” unfolding: The Andy Reid-Patrick Mahomes bond continues to grow, and the Chiefs are rolling…

Who are Week 3's biggest winners so far? - Josh Allen, who has 2 4Q comebacks in 3 weeks - the Saints' special teams stars - not the Buccaneers' special teams stars - the Dolphins, who tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Dave Gettleman, to whom i probably own an apology…

I am so freaking happy for the #Colts and Jacoby Brissett.

chiefs with a good win, but is anyone else worried mahomes is getting hit far to many times, especially today. They need to figure out how to keep him cleaner.

Can’t wait to watch the film. It appears teams are attacking Seahawks run game with line movement and run blitzes. Able to get an extra defender in the box that’s not accounted for and that dude has been winning that chess match more times than not. #Seahawks #NOvsSea

"7-2" on #NFL PREMIUMS Sun - "2-0" on #NFL BIG MOVES (#Bengals/#Steelers) - Combined "17-6" on #CFB & #NFL OVERALL Combined "9-1" on $750+ #CFB & #NFL BETS Combined "4-0" on #CFB & #NFL BIG MOVES #SNF PREMIUM Bet = #BROWNS +4.5…

This is now a Kyle Allen Stan account


You tell me at the start of the season the Lions would face the Cardinals, Chargers and eagles and be 2-0-1 headed into week 4 against KC I would’ve took it in a heartbeat. Lets keep the momentum rolling fellas’ #OnePride

#RapidRecap of #Saints: Standout Offensive Player: WR Alvin Kamara Standout Defensive Player: LB Demario Davis Turning Point of the Game: FF by CB Apple picked up for a TD by Bell Intriguing Stat: Alvin Kamara with 161 yds & 2 TDs #WhoDat #SaintsGameday #NOvsSEA

Troubling? That’s all you can say?…

Just troubling? Do tell us more about troubling? It looks The the last straw before someone starts #ImpeachmentHearings…

Troubling???? It's impeachable. The part of Jeff Flake is now being played by Mitt Romney. Susan Collins is still playing herself. #ImpeachTrumpNow…

Mitt Romney is troubled. “troubling in the extreme”…

.@Redskins on behalf of #OnePride nation, we’d like to pledge temporary allegiance to you during your battle against The Bears. So go forth and win with pride! #HTTR

What a great team win!!! Proud of this team!!! #OnePride

Mood. #OnePride

Demetris Robertson: I Just Needed a Shot to Get Out There The speedy WR spoke with the media after Georgia's 23-17 win over Notre Dame

Tropical Storm #Karen has developed in SE Caribbean, unfortunately, a meme name. #TropicalStormKaren Oh, Karen!


Saxe is the reason why everyone is getting killed #PowerTV

Tropical-storm-force winds are expected to arrive to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Monday night. Along with the winds will be heavy rain, aiding in the risk for flooding. #Karen


Georgia won the football game. Notre Dame won back some national respect. On a night where the Irish needed to be nearly perfect they weren’t. And yet, Notre Dame’s inspired performance between the hedges is something it can repurpose all season.…

Notre Dame stays undefeated with a thrilling come from behind win yesterday. A 34-point 4th quarter against Fairmont State preserved the win for the defending playoff semifinalist.…

The way I’m going to look at things is Notre Dame (14th in team talent per 247) went to Georgia (3rd) and had the ball with a chance to win with a minute left. Michigan (11th) went to Wisconsin (33rd) and got slapped in the face multiple times.

Awkward position today. I'll be cheering for the Ravens over the Chiefs, even though I hate the Ravens and Harbaugh, and I like Mahomes and Reid. Travis Kelce helps, though. He's a douche.

Kyle Snyder extends his world-medal streak to five, winning the senior men's world freestyle bronze medal match 3-0 over Elizbar Odikadze of Georgia.

Here comes the almanac of my true date. The Comedy of Errors I, 2 #ShakespeareSunday


Former Ohio State LB, current BTN analyst calls Wisconsin’s defense ‘the best in America’


CFB seasons are fluid, but this weekend's takeaways: 1) Notre Dame has the team to go 11-1 2) The Irish's toughest remaining opponent is USC

Georgia football: Grading the Bulldogs after a close win over Notre Dame…

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath be……


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused ……

China’s Communist Party is looking at the beginning of the end of one-party rule? When the exhibition space reopens in 2020 with a project by Renata Lucas, all five of Dia’s New York City sites will be free. #FFtoday #UFCMexico

Caution sign. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is now 4-11 versus teams ranked in top 15 at game time.

The idea that Harbaugh just needs to be more of a fucking asshole is one this Badger fan hopes he fervently pursues.…

Still don’t know whether Georgia is not as good as I thought or if Notre Dame is better than I expected. Probably a little of both. But anyway, HAVE YOU HATED CLANGA LATELY?!?!?

What a God we have! And how fortunate we are to have him, this Father of our Master Jesus! Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we’ve been given a brand-new life and have everything to……

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy……


“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” 1 Peter 1:3 KJV

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” 1 Peter 1:3 NIV

Pick one, non PPR. Cole Beasley, Courtland Sutton, or Marquez Valdez Scantling. #FFToday

The issue is Jim Harbaugh must fix or rediscover himself. Quickly.

Justin Fields on pace to hit incredible TD mark this season

Dont be that person saying "I knew they shouldn't have hired Harbaugh", because you're lying. He has succeeded everywhere he has went. Apparently Michigan is just cursed.

Are the Buckeyes ready for Big Ten play? They certainly look the part of a legitimate national contender after four weeks. Here’s what @LettermenRow learned from the demolition of Miami on Saturday.

It's time to move on from #CoachKhaki as #Michigan can't seem to compete with the Big Boys any more...w/@osgnelson @jwilkerson16 @osgsports…

With that type of money, you're going to hear people talk about Jimbo the way they're talking about Harbaugh…

Today’s the day!! Hope to see all of our FRIENDS at Crisler!! #goblue

Been waiting all weekend for GAME DAY!!! Wolverines face Kent State at 1 PM at Ocker Field. FREE admission. Meet us there! #GoBlue


Back at it today with our Kentucky series finale. Noon first pitch at Alumni Field. FREE admission! Can't make it? We'll again have a Facebook Live stream today. #GoBlue


UCLA is actually going to win this game, 67-63. Maybe the wildest college FB comeback I've seen since Joe Montana led Notre Dame to that epic Cotton Bowl W over Houston.

"C'est exceptionnel de le voir comme ça", le coq miraculé de Notre-Dame de Paris exposé à l'occasion des Journées du patrimoine…


Así se vivió desde la sección 204 el terrible momento donde la afición enloquece, entiendo el enojo pero no la reacción, lamentable... #UFCMexico @CCLegaspi @RodDelCampo @LaChicaKO @IndiscutidoLA

It was a nearly perfect night for the Calgary Centre's NOVA meeting and maybe the best night so far this year. Totally clear, calm, and fairly warm, with the Milky Way stretching almost all the way across the sky. Definitely not grumpy tonight.


【LIVE情報】 [H.U with 今剛] 2019/10/05(土) 18:00 / 18:30 at 岐阜・M’s LIVEHALL Adv ¥5,000- / Door ¥5,500- ※ドリンク別


y’all are lame asf,, milky way is WAYYY better than twix

Martell actually called her his girlfriend. Wow. That takes it to another level. Not a random chick. A whole ass girlfriend he had outside of his wife. #lamh

#HookEm thoughts after the OSU W: Mike Gundy coached like he’d never watched his team play before. The running backs couldn’t have been better. You’re in good hands with Sam.

Last but definitely not least, we have an A’s Access Membership! What is your favorite benefit of A’s Access? Reply with your answer + #RealTownFans by the end of the game on 9/21 for a chance to win. One random winner selected. Rules:…


Next up, Ramón “Laser” Laureano Bobbleheads! What has been your favorite Ramón moment? Reply with your answer + #RealTownFans by the end of the sixth inning on 9/21 for a chance to win. Five random winners selected. Rules:…


Next up is a 20% off coupon at How many pieces of A’s gear do you own? Reply with your answer + #RealTownFans by the end of the fourth inning on 9/21 for a chance to win. One random winner selected. Rules:…


Working on new choreography? Team retreat. #GoBlue

Jim Harbaugh, "We were outplayed, outprepared, outcoached..." #GoBlue…


Get your hands on a Semien Hometown Hero shirt! Where did Marcus go to college? Reply with your answer + #RealTownFans by the end of the second inning on 9/20 for a chance to win. Three random correct answers selected. Rules:…


Seeing Michigan get run over by a big red truck has become a common sight over the last few seasons but usually it has an Ohio license plate... #GoBlue

Jon Jansen and I will be talking about the Wisconsin game on Inside Michigan Football TV Show tomorrow morning,10:30am on WXYZ channel 7 and 5pm Monday evening on Fox Sports Detroit. #goblue #michiganfootball #learfield #jonjansen77

Highlights from @AlabamaFTBL's win over Southern Miss presented by @Alfa_Insurance. #RollTide

#SteakFry I vote with my $$$ Wallet! I am going to #ChickfilA for dinner tonight! Who's with me??????…


the best thing i ever did was the most wholesome thing ever and i miss it with my whole heart ♡‧₊˚ #HappyNayeonDay #ItGirlNayeon

“It was pretty surreal” — Gators QB Kyle Trask after first start since 2012

Simpler was better for Alabama on Saturday.…

In Case You Didn't Know @BrettYoungMusic made everyone swoon at our #iHeartDayStage ❤️

Everyone bragging on Tua like Troy's Barker didn't throw for 500+ and 4 TDs on Southern Miss last week.

“When you see something that’s wrong in America, you fight it.” @TomSteyer talks about his work with NextGen at the #SteakFry #IACaucus


Aaron Boone was ejected during today's game by 3rd base umpire Joe West. It's his 5th ejection this season and 9th of his career. The Yankees manager felt "great" about how the team played in his absence. #YANKSonYES

What a surprise, everybody complaining about Joe West. And he just keeps missing calls.

You play Maurer the rest of the season. End of discussion.

One can see Aaron Boone swallowing what he’d like to say when he’s asked about Joe West. It looks kinda like what you’d look like if you took a bite into a lemon.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Joe West. Make yourself at home. But I’m outside. So, now you know the difference?

Urban Meyer is not coming. Mike Leach is not coming. Lane Kiffin had his chance and blew it. Take a step back and look objectively. Our program is in shambles. Without some level of stability, nobody wants this job. Let Pruitt learn and build.

Should have put Maurer in earlier and have him stay in late JG should have never came back on the field. Being hard headed got Butch fired, les miles fired and is gonna get Pruitt fired....#Vols

I used my ibotta cash to buy groceries on vacation!#IbottaTouchdownGiveaway

Forget Area 51, we can Narato run off a cliff. #gcses2020 #gcse #gcses #gcse2020 #killme #kms

proceso a descargarme el iOS 13

iOS 13.0 IS SO NICE!!!

Ex-Celtic Isaiah Thomas got crushed on Twitter for his reaction to Antonio Brown's release by the Patriots.


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