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Schiff: There was 'witness intimidation in real time' from Trump… via @msnbc

WATCH: The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine testifies that a political ally of President Trump suggested she “send out a tweet, praise the president” when it became clear she was abruptly losing her job. #impeachmentPBS

Marie Yovanovitch: "The State Department is being hollowed out from within." #ImpeachmentHearings

#BestCartoonThemeSong This is personally my favorite opening for Vrains.

We, on my view, the division between the two parties have deepened. The ambassador collaborated with Adam Shift Schiff. She jeopardized the lives of our public servicemen and women around the world. Shameless communist. We are however going to be ok.

Thank you, Ambassador Yovanovitch. You’re a true patriot.


The hearing room breaks into applause for Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, at the conclusion of her testimony in the impeachment inquiry.

Trump ‘blew up’ Republicans’ Yovanovitch strategy with bone-headed tweet: Former GOP House Intel chair…

Area Director, Molly M. spoke with the students at St. Anne in Rock Hill, South Carolina to celebrate #AmericaRecyclesDay. Learn more about our free PreK-12 recycling curriculum:


WATCH: Nicolle Wallace and Chris Matthews fact check Reps. Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik's response to the public impeachment inquiry testimony of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.…


What's pathetically ironic, is the tweet that this disgrace to ALL women is trying to dismiss in favor of discussing impeachment - IS in fact an impeachable offense: witness intimidation IS a crime.…

Except said tweet engaged in witness intimidation, while Ambassador Yovanovitch was testifying...…

Every once in a great while, an event occurs in sports that actually exceeds the capability of the various Hot Takeries to hype it all the more. We've definitely hit that here. That's been neat to witness in and of itself. #DKPS #Steelers #HereWeGo #Browns

I just talked to Mason Rudolph at Starbucks....He said the Myles Garrett helmet hit to his head corrected his vision and now he can throw to the right team. Before that he thought the Browns players were Steelers players. Weird...

When your boss asks for "one more thing" five minutes before you leave on Friday... #FridayFeeling #VanHelsing

Since mass production of plastics began more than 50 years ago, 8.3 billion metric tons of the stuff has been created — but only 9% has been recycled. On #AmericaRecyclesDay, make sure you know the do's and don'ts of recycling plastics.

“No one should face criminal prosecution simply for seeking asylum or crossing a border.” Learn how WITNESS uses video to turn the tide by exposing immigration enforcement agents’ cruelty + abuse:… #EyesOnICE

Marie Yovanovitch Testifies She Has No Firsthand Knowledge of Trump's Ukraine Phone Call or Delay in Aid…

Day 2 : I learned Marie Yovanovitch was removed from the ambassadorship to clear the field for #Trump’s pinch hitters - Perry’s pay to play, and Guiliani’s play to pay - to work over vulnerable Ukrainians for personal gain. There is more to that story. #ImpeachmentHearings

Imagine being a Congressional Republican and staking your reputation on a guy who committed witness intimidation in real time. #ImpeachmentHearing

Roger Stone was never funny. He was as entertaining as watching a kitten be tortured. The NYC press treated him like he was a rascal. He wasn’t. He was a dangerous, cruel miscreant who arguably committed treason to put a narcissistic, monstrous Russian asset in the White House.

Well look at this shit... looks like Ambassador has a Go Fund Me ..Unbelievable @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino


#BestCartoonThemeSong Adventure Time Steven Universe OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes SpongeBob SquarePants Hilda Harvey Girls Forever! The Casagrandes Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Phineas and Ferb We Bare Bears Pokémon Season 1 Sonic X Fairly Odd Parents My Life as a Teenage Robot

We've got that #FridayFeeling — because all of our apps are now compatible with @Confluence 7.1! You can learn more here: #AtlassianApps

On the bright side for Roger Stone, he's about to get inundated with marriage proposals from steampunk swingers. #rogerstone #trump #impeachmenthearing

I agree, however didnt Mason Rudolph try to rip his helmet off first unsuccessfully.? You did see that correct? And please don't muddy my question, I agree with everything that is coming Garrett's way. Just acknowledge Rudolph did start it. It's not a "take"…

Extended Video: Let's just Stephen A. Max Kellerman, Ros-Gold Onwude and I all had distinct insights & thoughts on how humans react in the heat of the moment & how actions in those moments should balance on scales of judgment.

Roger Stone to Michael Cohen: the men in Trump's orbit implicated in crimes…

Totally spent this afternoon listening to Alex Jones freak out on his radio show about Roger Stone's conviction. Yes I took much pleasure from his pain and honestly I don't feel bad about it. lol

Unpopular opinion, Mason Rudolph was upset that he got completely tackled (to the ground how tackling used to be) and tried ripping Garrets Helmet off(didn’t work). Then Garret ripped his (Rudolph) off to show him not to mess with his him. And then little man syndrome kicked in

Interesting element of Garrett-Rudolph incident that one #Bears100 member mentioned to me today: It's unlikely to help the relations between NFL/NFLPA at a critical time for all parties.

Still think Mason Rudolph should be suspended....the dude initiated the fight! Hello @NFL!

#BestCartoonThemeSong (THREAD) Even though many current animated intros are shorter due to time constraints, they can STILL turn out to be really good in the end. Here are three short intros from recent shows that I particularly enjoyed. Big Hero 6: The Series

JuJu Smith-Schuster has done to my season-long fantasy teams the same thing that Myles Garrett did to Mason Rudolph yet somehow JuJu will still be in there starting for me again next week. #IcantQuitUJuJu

Mason Rudolph didn't escape punishment

The Steelers linemen jumping to Rudolph’s defense is what being a team is all about. Aggravated assault with a weapon is not acceptable. I still love the arguments on this topic, but a helmet can do some damage when swung by a super human. #SteelersBrowns

What I learned from the Rudolph/Garrett situation is that I need friends like @MaurkicePouncey. Dude came in HARD and fast for his teammate.

Thank you @STLCityRecycles for providing the #bluebin ♻️ containers for just $1! Perfect for home or office! Last year the STL City Recycling team helped us go green by providing containers around the office and at work stations. Keep up the great work! #AmericaRecyclesDay


. -- biggest WINNER today *TRUMP* DOW in RECORD territory Retailers poised for BLOWOUT XMas sales #ImpeachmentHoax imploding .. again -- biggest losers today @BretBaier , Leg Tingles - Chris Wallace and @FoxNews y'all just made total and complete assholes of yourselves.

.@DaveWarrenCBS4 visited @WasteManagement on #AmericaRecyclesDay to learn some tips and tricks on how to properly recycle. Find out what he learned on #CBS4 News at 5 p.m.

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