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The Senate approves rules governing the #ImpeachmentTrial of President Donald Trump. More here:


I gots to go to bed, kids. But it was SO worth staying up for! Can't wait to see how GOP polls as Epic Fail tomorrow! #ImpeachmentTrial

How Derek Jeter overcame Jorge Posada's first impression


Longtime New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter appeared on 396 of 397 ballots cast by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.…

#ImpeachmentTrial:@WhiteHouse OMB released at midnight 191 pgs of records not produced for the Congress for Ukraine investigation. Emails texts on Ukraine aid. Me thinks it may have been released b/c there's no other way to get it out due to obstruction.…

#ImpeachmentHearings At the crack of Justice Roberts closing of the Senate tonight 1:51am #MoscowMitch runs over to Defense table to shake hands and ask for his Trump Charity monthly check.

#NotMeUs means building a mass movement for social, economic, and racial justice." Let's unite and make it real! #Bernie2020 #ILikeBernie #BernieSanders2020 #IEndorseBernie

And so the first day of the #ImpeachmentHearings #ShamTrial ends with #MoscowMitch smirking at the Chief Justice the same way he smirked with Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. He loves using raw power to screw the people over.

Larry I am also a big fan and like Bernard as well. #ILikeBernie…

Who the fook didn’t vote for Derek Jeter?

To the guy who didn’t vote Jeter

Looking for a guy who loves sex in unusual places! Call me NattySeltzerParty GOPCoverup ImpeachmentHearings ImpeachmentDay Kansas ImpeachmentTrial ThisIsUs Nadler Jeter De Sousa Silvio Luka Randall Senate Mavs NattySeltzerParty FFBWednesday MapOfTheSoulTour Martinelli Mustafi


Delonte West, el caso que la NBA no quiere que conozcas;… #NBA


Speaking of Delonte West, I know Bron used to be SICK whenever Delonte wasn’t at practice

Eski NBA yıldızı Delonte West’in son hali..


Officer suspended for shooting video of former Celtics player Delonte West…


The Elites Claim They Want To #ImpeachTrump and Erase #BernieSanders at the same time. BULLSHIT. Don't fall for their LIES. They SUPPORT TRUMP! Hillary Clinton SUPPORTS TRUMP! Look at how she TRASHES MILLIONS OF VOTERS AGAINST TRUMP! #ILikeBernie

I’m a nobody. Ergo, #ILikeBernie Here’s the receipt


Bilmem bilir misin bighit türkiye diye bir ülke var hatta ve hatta biz kardeş ülkeyiz bilmiyorum tarih dersinde hiç değindiniz mi ama var türkiye diye bir ülke allah çarpsın var amk #BTSTOUR2020

Having gone thru the process of getting my uncle on disability for dementia I know for a fact he wouldve been delonte west without the support of my family. This system will throw you away and let you die on the street

FYI, during the Clinton impeachment, Democrats and the White House didn’t block ANY documents or witnesses. And allowed six weeks for Senate testimony, not 24 hours. #GOPCoverup

bighit watching armys stress out over tour dates #BTSTOUR2020

Every single Senate Republican just voted for a coverup instead of a fair trial. Not one single patriot. They know their guy is guilty so they deny the American people their Constitutional guarantee of an #ImpeachmentTrial.

Americans are not idiots. We watch enough Law band Order to know that a fair trial has witnesses and evidence. This is a sham. GOP do the job you were hired to do!#ImpeachmentTrial #GOPCoverUp #WhatAreYouAfraidOf

Time to hold your @gop senators accountable. Flood their office with calls and don’t vote for anyone who doesn’t respect the Constitution le rule of law. #coverup #CoverUpMitch #ImpeachmentTrial

If there is one person in the world that nobody wants to be besides Donald Trump, it's Mitch McConnell. Break out the voodoo dolls... I hope he's up all night feeling the pinpricks. #GOPCoverup

#ImpeachmentTrial The full truth will eventually come out and each senator who has enabled this phony proceeding will be forever shamed.…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again give me a one on one with tariq at Locke, fucking divvi #power #fumin

#ILikeBernie because he is for the people, be afraid! #FeelTheBern


#ILikeBernie because I know we’ll get more Larry David on #SNL if he wins

#ILikeBernie. HRC, not so much. Definitely lost all respect for her. #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

Two organizers in Columbus, Ohio were dragged out of an #MLKDay event by cops for chanting #Justice4Julius during a speech by Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther. #JuliusTateJr was a young man killed by Columbus cops in December 2018.… #BlackLivesMatter

Can you imagine the faux outrage from Yankee fans if Jeter only gets 99.3% of the votes?

On this #SquirrelAppreciationDay no one ever quite rocked the relationship with those brown fur balls quite like my mom. Hand fed em for decades. The #squirrel whisperer without question. I know they miss her, as much as she misses them..

I’ve seen a bunch of leaks for #Powertv and my only question is... what happened to Tariq’s DNA that was found at Ray Ray’s home?

Despite what people may think, Hannah Brown and Peter Weber are not dating after #TheBachelor.…

My son's abuela reading A BRAVE LITTLE COOKIE to him on #MLKDay. It's a children's book by Dr. LaVon Wright Bracy, mother of Senator Randolph Bracy, written to share her story of integrating the school system in Gainesville. @rbracy30 @memearte


Our too-big-to-fit-on-the-float @SMU group had a great time at the Dallas #MLKDay parade yesterday. Give them props: our @SMU_MustangBand knows how to celebrate!


The NFL needs to help Antonio Brown and the NBA needs to help Delonte West. Mental Health and CTE are real issues that a lot of former players are dealing with as a direct result of their careers.

What is Tariq so god damn mad about?

Yesterday, on #MLKDay, hundreds of GW community members served throughout Washington, D.C. in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and GW’s annual King Week.


#MLKDay #MLKSaidCutTheCheck It took 50 years to be taught Civility. #ADOS is now addressing the economic part of Dr. King's demands for the Negro.…

... ... ( 한 번 슥 둘러봤다가... 다시 자러간당. )

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