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Buffaloes at Akagera National park!! They are one of the Big Five at Akagera National Park. . Beautiful one day Adventure, perfect the next!! #VisitRwanda #Temberurwanda #Adventure #Tourism #Travelers #Tour #Amazing #Safaris #Herbivores


I have some gorgeous bouquets going out this morning filled with @DAustinRoses and scented phlox which together smell absolutely amazing! We also have the first of the Dahlias in smaller bouquets available from the……

Michelle Obama weighs in on Trump, 'Squad' feud: 'Not my America or your America. It's our America'…

Key Mueller figure with ties to Trump indicted on sex trafficking charges


Stars like Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift and Idris Elba come out to play in the newly released trailer for the "Cats" movie.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic'i Türkiye'de izleyemedik ya ona yanarım

Nu får ni sluta skriva catchiga tweets till Trump innan jag avlider av skam.

being genuinely happy feels amazing

Da ne bo potem spet stokanja v javnosti, ko se Trump ne bo hotel rokovati!…

What an amazing community collaboration. We can’t wait to do it all again later this year. Thank you for being part of a wonderful evening.…

Days after declaring himself the best player in MLS, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a hat trick against Carlos Vela’s team…

The "Cats" trailer was embarrassing to watch.

After Avengers: The Endgame, #Super30 and many more, #TheLionKing has become the latest target of TamilRockers, details inside…

Exploring what it means to be an Anglican Christian: catholic and reformed; children of Elizabeth, not Henry; poetry rather than prose; 16,000 parishes as well as 41 dioceses. What else??

Cats to ask questions over playing surface after AFL-listed duo injured in @GeelongVFL win. #VFL @mottersjames


Mexico is going to pay for the Border Wall. #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

There is one particular Carrie outfit from Sex and The City season 3 that remains a particularly hot topic. Years later, fans have debated whether her mismatched Christian Louboutin sandals were intentional...…

Alexandria - World Class Life Story - A Review A Christian book that focuses on the trials and challenges we all face.…

#Homöopathie ist gängige Praxis und Patienten entscheiden mit, mit welcher #Medizin sie behandelt werden möchten: "... die meisten meiner #Patienten kommen schon wegen meiner homöopathischen Ausrichtung.“… #Selbstbestimmung #Therapiefreiheit

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A dark, powerful and breathtaking read from impressive new #thriller writer. "Draws you in & you can't put it down! Awesome." #ThingsStupidPeopleSay #Legal #murder #lies #family #deception #lawyer #MustReads #noir @RubyFiction #weekend


Tommy is so fake. Ohh Kat I love yous sooo much Im so proud to be working with you blah blah lick lick. #BB21

We're going to make your country Christian and use toilets and there's nothing you can do about it lmao…

Christian Full Movie 2018 | "Anak, Umuwi Ka Na!" | Amazing Grace of God ... via @YouTube

Mutuals posting anti-Christian things. Mission failed, we'll get them next time

Posted 12:49am: Tommy says people who hang out with Bella are dragged down. First Kemi then Nicole. Tells Kat to be careful with Bella. #BB21 #BBLF

#BB21 Kat says Bella has to get out before jury b/c she would fu&k sh!t up in jury. Tommy: I love her. Christie: Outside of this house we would probably have the most fun at the clubs. Kat: Bella gives 0 fu&ks. Tommy: She just played a dirty game. Her word means nothing.

Best case is Analyse gets to play vetoe and miraculously wins and takes Jack off, keeps herself safe. Because I am not sure I can handle Christy’s freak out and paranoia over using her power or not. #bb21

Kat stans are annoying sorry #BB21

I wish BB would do an all night random messages bit for the Veto Comp and do the messages tonight. Jackson is running on little sleep and would suffer greatly. *insert evil grin here* #BB21 #MakeThemSquirm

ICYMI: Socorro ISD is now offering out-of-district open enrollment. #TeamSISD is the right choice for endless opportunities! Read more about SISD open enrollment at

Some CATS history: Steven Spielberg has been trying to do an animated version since at least 1990. Here's design concepts ca. 1995 by Nico Marlet, who'd go on to be a key designer on Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. If you have more art or worked on this, get in touch.


Sam to Cliff- Best case scenario Jack goes. He has got to go. It's too big of a threat #BB21

eu entendi o conceito dos efeitos em cats e quem continua falando mal é burro ou se faz


Patrick Mahomes + Tyreek Hill = Boner @PatrickMahomes @cheetah (Via IG/patrickmahomes)


O trailer de Cats ta lindo Quem não gostou oq tenho a ver

Cliff says he's leaning toward Jackception nominations (not a direct quote). #BB21

Cliff- I want to work with you and Nick and Bella. Sam- The house flipped so fast. Now we are drawing lines #BB21

Cliff to Sam- I'm not saying that I have made a decision yet. I'm leaning towards Jack as my primary target #BB21

NFL PLAYERS ARE ARRESTED AT A LOWER RATE THAN THE GENERAL POPULATION. Let's hold police officers, judges, doctors, lawyers, politicians and others who take oaths to a higher standard. They go back to work after "incidents" and it's kept silent.…

Posted 11:38am: Cliff's face when Jack left his HOHR. #BB21 #BBLF


New on @TheNFLWire: At the risk of unleashing the Hounds of Hades, I have compiled a Power Rankings just in time for training camp. *ducks* *moves to Estonia*…

Anyone listening to Conservative Radio today? The news rejoiners keep saying "The President keeps criticizing 4 women of color". WTF? Can't we just say 4 Democrat women? Also, keep saying George Nader convicted on child trafficking per Mueller connected to Trump. Im sick of it

SUPER! @BrandonJRouth to play #Superman again in #Arrowverse crossover on @TheCW. Routh previously played the Man of Steel on the big screen in 2006's Superman Returns. Read more in my @CNET article here: @DCComics @CW_Arrow @TheCWSupergirl @CW_TheFlash


#GOPCommunists don't like to have any political opposition. And they want to control the media - like Fox News - Pravda of the rightwing.…

Brandon Routh Playing ‘Kingdom Come’ Superman In ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’


Superman returns (again), as Brandon Routh is set to reprise his old DC role for the Arrow-verse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

George Nader indicted on child porn charges and traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity…

George Nader indicted on child porn, child sex transportation charges - The Washington Post this was kept very quiet; why?…

I've never seen an American president go after women and children like this thing is. #RacistPresident #RacistInChief #RacistTrump #nazipunksgohome @realDonaldTrump fuck you, go suck your own dick in mother Russia. #GOPCommunists

My reaction as I'm reading posts in the #GOPCommunists hashtag


EVERYONE in Trump’s orbit belongs in jail. George Nader Hit With New Charges of Sex Trafficking… via @thedailybeast



Brandon Routh, Arrowverse ortak bölümünde 13 yıl aradan sonra Superman'i canlandıracak.


Brandon Routh Thought He’d Play Superman for Years, Then #SupermanReturns Bombed


Tyreek Hill isn't being suspended because it couldn't be determined how his son's arm broke. So either he broke it and he's incredibly lucky or he didn't break it and just happened to tell his wife she "should be afraid of him too" when confronted by her with the alligation. Okay


Fixed it for you: George Nader, the TOP Trump campaign adviser & Trump campaign intermediary to Saudi Arabia, Russia, & the United Arab Emirates, was today indicted on child pornography & child sex transportation charges. Because Trump’s guy RAPED A 14 year old CHILD.…

The people of Minnesota welcome their Congresswoman back home. #IStandWithIlhan #RefugeesWelcome

In the face of Trump's newest anti-Black & Islamophobic attacks on @IlhanMN#IStandWithIlhan. Add your name to tell @IlhanMN you have her back too:

I am full of gratitude and admiration towards you Mr. Ballard for the opportunity and the mentorship you have given me all these years. I was so blessed to be part of your team! Forever grateful! I promise I will #TakeAction & #BeExtraordinary. @Antwine_MS #TeamSISD…

WOW!! Talk about taking #TeamSISD to new heights! From all the awesome #SISDAroundtheWorld posts it’s clear TEAM truly enjoyed & made most of summer break. I can’t wait to welcome teachers back next week & hear more about these amazing adventures!…

Excited and ready to start setting up technology at our beautiful new elementary school, Cactus Trails. #TeamSISD #SISDDoTS


Aplikasi viral FaceApp memancing diskusi panas tentang hak privasi. Kepala Perlindungan Data Jerman, Ulrich Kelber, mengatakan data-data pribadi bisa jatuh ke tangan yang salah. Menurutnya, persyaratan penggunaan aplikasi FaceApp "terlalu kabur".

If you know you really appreciate your Nigerian artistes, dont illegally download this #TheGiftalbum. Buy it, stream it.. So their Children’s children can enjoy proper royalties money!

Hate all the Cats content. Keep it coming.

Iran rejects Trump's claim that the US Navy destroyed one of its drones

I have concerns for @IlhanMN safety. I appreciate her bravery for taking on the MIC & AIPAC All reasonable Trump supporters need to speak up on her behalf


Ahora todo el mundo acojonado al daros cuenta de q le habéis dado vuestro perfil biométrico a FaceApp. PUES HACÉIS LO = CADA VEZ Q FIRMÁIS 1 PETICIÓN EN CHANGE.ORG, SÓLO Q EN VEZ DE BIOMÉTRICO ES EL PERFIL IDEOLÓGICO, Y ENCIMA VINCULADO A V/ EMAIL REAL, BOBOS!

Audience is loving Shah Rukh Khan as Mufasa and the FANs are super excited for hearing Aryan's voice as Simba in #TheLionKing शाहरुख खान की आवाज में ‘मुफासा’ को खूब पसंद कर रहे दर्शक, आर्यन को सुनने फैंस पहुंच रहे सिनेमाघर…

#faceapp @ThisMorning Doesn’t look too bad... Better results if you’re 50 plus like the Eamonn one sent yesterday #itv #ThisMorning


Ma: "Ingat ka pala sa FaceApp na yun, ha? 'Wag mo nang i-download. Nanakawin daw yung data sa phone mo." Me: "Ma, ang self-absorbed naman na io-overestimate ko yung interes ng mga Russian sa akin."

♡New Arrival♡ 明日7/20(土)より【OZ cats】&【Dorothy】の2つのシリーズが発売いたします♪" ぜひ店頭でご覧下さい♡ ※OZ catsシリーズのグリーンの発売は8月上旬を予定しております。


No-confidence Motion Against Senate Chairman: NA Speaker Asad Qaiser, Shibli Faraz sit with Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani to observe brainstorming for Sanjrani to survive Opposition's no-confidence motion #DunyaNews #Dunyaupdates

Before using Faceapp, just read the "terms and conditions" of the app. You're giving permission to get access to your all data and media stored in your phone. Don't go with the flow.…

THE LION KING: THE GIFT available to stream and download


Watched Lion King for the first time yesterday. First degree homicide, conspiracy to commit murder, revolution, war, death, depression, migration, growing up as an orphan, parenting, another murder, and a potential sexual assault. Kids movie they said, I was weeping throughout.

Behind the scenes, preparations are intensifying for both Democrats & Republicans, who have held mock hearings with aides playing Mueller to help sharpen their questions ahead of the back-to-back hearings. From ⁦@mkraju⁩ and ⁦@jeremyherb⁩:…

No-confidence Motion Against Senate Chairman: NA Speaker Asad Qaiser, Shibli Faraz sit with Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani to observe brainstorming to kill Opposition's no-confidence motion #DunyaNews #Dunyaupdates

Do you want to tell me 449 MPs allocate themselves K.Sh 327 billions & 47 Counties with 55 millions people erroneously allocated K.Shs 305 or 316 billions. Shame!Shame!Shame! We'll give you #PunguzaMizigo2019Bill @KenyaGovernors @Senate_KE @SenCommitteeKE

Poll: McConnell is most unpopular senator…

Don’t jealous me is shaku and Zanku material pls

The Senate has approved the nomination of Aliyu Saidu Abubakar as non-executive commissioner of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Read more:… #dailytrust

Wow!!! What a time to be alive!!! “ I have vowed before I obey the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, before I obey the rules of the senate, I will first and foremost obey the word of God: The Holy Bible! “@dino_melaye March on we are praying for you!

Is the Democratic field about to shrink? - I sure do hope so... run for the senate seat Beto...…

The one in white is a cattle rearer but does not know d meaning of livestock. The President. The other one in black is a lawyer but does not know d meaning of Technicality in law. The CJN. “Senate hearing with Tanko merely reminded us of d depth of our leadership crises” - Oby


I don’t agree with the headline, but I do find the growing number of GOP opposing him openly encouraging.…

Representing #TeamSISD 13,000 feet up in the air! ✈️ What an incredible view of San Diego! #SISDAroundtheworld #ShookTransend #Skydiving #BucketList


Thank you SISD grounds staff for keeping Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco ES safe and clean! #TeamSISD


An amazing, talented director joining the Eastlake Band Family! Help me welcome Mr. Caleb Tullius, our new Assistant Director! #TeamSISD


#TeamSISD ES Principals planning, collaborating, and sharing best practices! It's going to be an amazing year!! ##BeExtraordinary!


At our first Leadership Meeting of the new year, Aneth Segovia represents again for Academic Services/State and Federal Programs as we continue on the road to the best Response to Intervention process. Great presentation as always! #TeamSISD #ACADEMICS


I am so excited to welcome my new coyote scholars to my kindergarten classroom for the new school year! @jpb_coyotes_BES #JPB2020 #TeamSISD #jpbcoyotes #TheButlerExperience #JPBUniversity


A huge thanks to our head custodian/artist, Edgar Sanchez, for adding some color and life to our Early College hallway #TeamSISD #RISE #PHEC



We take "border security" for granted. But for much of US history the border was open to white settlers and closed to racialized others. What's more, it seems that "border security" as a concept only took off after 9/11 and skyrocketed w Trump. Would be great to track etymology.


[john mccain] is not gonna fuck you bro

Does Roy Blunt know that Lara Trump prepped the crowd before Trump took the stage?…

This is a bad take, Dan. Trump is very literally a fascist. I used to say "proto-fascist," but the jig is up on that. He is full-on fash, dude.…

Will I be seeing the new top gun you ask?? (You didn’t) My answer?

Okay, we need a name for this sleeveless shirt. -how about "wife beater"? No that's horrible! Something normal. Non-violent. -um..."tank top"? No. No beatings and no...tanks? -gotcha. "blood gun" Phillip... -"murder vest" Phil.

I guess Hope Hicks is too pretty to go to prison.

Oh, I can say it now. I was an extra for Top Gun: Maverick last fall. I got to shake Tom Cruise’s hand and meet Miles Teller. It was dope.

【ロシア製】老け顔化アプリ「FaceApp」、各国当局が調査… 米国はFBIなどに「国家安全保障とプライバシーのリスクについての調査」を要請。ポーランドなども分析をしているという。


Trump allowed ‘send her back’ chants for 13 seconds - he was thrilled with the chant until today’s backlash from Republicans.

god i wish people would stop sucking the dick of john mccain's corpse

"Top Gun: Maverick" is expected to hit theaters next June.…

Me: *Realizes Kenny Loggins is trending. *Scrolls through Twitter for 5 minutes. *Still has no idea why Kenny Loggins is trending but.... My brain: *Rev'n up your engine..listen to her howlin roar...highway to the danger zone!!

FaceApp should come out with a version that makes people look like they're in the new version of #CatsMovie

TOP GUN: MAVERICK - trailer INT. COMMANDER'S OFFICE - DAY COMMANDER Boy, it makes no sense that you're still flying planes. MAVERICK Nope. COMMANDER Seriously, it's been 30 years. MAVERICK Yup. (cut to TOP GUN just reshot with 2019 actors, plus Cruise gets to fly jets now)

If @realDonaldTrump really wanted to stop the racist 'send her back' chants, he'd tell them to stop! Just like when he claimed to 'disavow' the 'lock her up' chants but later reveled in them John McCain stood up to hateful rhetoric Trump chooses not to…

Top Gun 2: Maverick and the 2017 Amendments to the Former Spouse Survivor Benefit Calculation Protocols

The fact Trump is exploiting race & racism to hold onto power should cause outrage across the political spectrum. The readiness of Republicans to align themselves w/ this virulent demagogue & his vicious strategy means they have abandoned their morals & their legitimacy to serve.

Republicans want a white republic. They'll destroy America to get it | Via: Time…

La situa: Ho visto una foto di due vecchi su IG a Fontana di Trevi. Volevo commentare "che brutti" pensando che fosse quella cagata di faceapp. Invece erano proprio due vecchi.

Republicans: “what are you even doing here?” ‘An abomination': Jon Stewart blasts Rand Paul for blocking 9/11 victims bill - NBC News…

ba na ne sizin yaşlı hallerinizden..her storyi allahım lütfen bu da FaceApp olmasın diye dua ederek açıyorum

YOU ASKED FOR BIRTH CERTIFICATES!!! SHUT UP ALREADY! Scalise: Republicans “Never Disrespected The Office” When Obama Was President via @highbrow_nobrow…

So many Black Republicans were down for racism that impacted immigrants that didn't look like them like it wouldn't touch them eventually…

En el chat decían que la UPR tenía poder de convocatoria. Vamos a demostrarlo una vez más. Por nuestro país, por la UPR. #RickyRenuncia


When a Democratic president takes office, Republicans will line up to pass a multitude of laws declaring a siting president can be indicted for a…

Republicans have decided a certain woman looks suspiciously foreign, @TomTolesToons draws


In honour of the new Top Gun trailer dropping today, who remembers this amazeballs animated version of "Danger Zone" from @archerfxx? Paging Kenny Loggins... #DangerZone…

New turf coming along. Aug 22nd is target completion date. Can't wait to see the finished product. @hellasconstruct @viva_lajeff #now #IamEPISD


#TeamSISD SCE-I Coaches still going strong in our Snippetty Grammar training with Alice Nine!! ♥️ Learning from the best!! @jcsnine


Look who stopped by Socorro ISD Leadership kickoff meeting for 2019-2020 Thank you Board members! #TeamSISD @JEspinoza_SISD @SISD_ADM


Love my PDN/Antwine team with all my heart and praise God for the new challenge. Looking forward to doing great things with the Colts! #TeamSISD…

#TeamSISD Superintendent Dr. Espinoza kicking off the new school year with the best Leadership Team in the State. #TeamSISD Continuing to provide Endless Opportunities for all.


Greatness does not just happen. Hard work, encouragement, dedication, passion, and grind are all the ingredients needed! SpartanStrong! #TeamSISD

For the past 8 years we have been part of The Liv Village and we are very proud of this initiative. There are 7 children in the house that we have adopted. We will continue to create a safe space for our children as they are our future. #MandelaDay2019 #67minuntes


A new Rasmussen poll has found that one third of Democrats think it’s racist for a white person to criticize a politician of color. Period. Checkmate, bigots.… #IStandWithIlhan

I wonder how many who are tweeting #IStandWithIlhan support her effort to persuade the US government to declare economic war on Israel for no coherent reason other than that Israel is a Jewish state #dk…



Happy Thursday. Coffee’s on. Let’s do this. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation


Read these words with an open mind and they will change your life. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:10-12 As it is written, There is no one righteous, no, not even...…

So what are you doing with your 67 minutes? #MandelaDay2019


Paint your way up!!! Paint your way to riches and maximum online visibility Connect with other painters, clients and earn more on for FREE Signup today!!! #findthepro #ThursdayMotivation #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayThoughts


I hope for recovery and healing for the injured and families of the people lost at Kyoto Animation. Kyoani is a special studio where people were treated well and given room to grow, and seeing the outpouring of love is evidence of how beloved they are, in this awful tragedy.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! PRE SCREENING OF LION KING IS TODAY 7pm and 9:30pm Check out some Celebrities on the Red carpet in London premiere. Make sure you come and walk Thr red carpet in your best outfits tonight!❤️ #lionking #Ghana #FaceApp #SilverbirdGhana


US Senate Minority Leader @SenSchumer sounds alarm over Russian-made #FaceApp, calling for FBI probe into possible 'national security and privacy risks'

Nunca olviden quienes nos dieron la espalda cuando más necesitamos de ellos. Cuando la Policía de PR y el Dept de Corrección venga mendigando por su causa, usted da la media vuelta y sigue caminando. Si no hay para nosotros, NO HAY PARA NADIE! #RickyRenuncia

Ricardo Rosselló no ha hecho expresiones en casi 24 horas. Si aparece hoy que sea para renunciar. Ya el libreto lo sabemos de memoria. #RickyTeBote #RickyRenuncia #RickyVetaYa

#FoundAtArea51 The answer to this gem of a question!


Observen la cajita de pirotecnia. ¡Que bello es todo! #RickyRenuncia #RickyVeteYa #RickyTeBote


#FoundAtArea51 Too much radiation

SEIU stands with Puerto Ricans who are rightfully demanding better leadership. Puerto Rico has faced unprecedented heartache, only to be held back even further by its Governor & Administration. It's time for Gov. @RicardoRossello to resign. #RickyRenuncia

VerdeValdo subestima a inteligência dos brasileiros! Se acha esse toco de vela apagado em macumba de encruzilhada!

.⁦@kenbenoit⁩ argued that violations of bag-of-words assumption is more problematic in English than in German #ic2s2


Packed theater for the #ic2s2 kickoff: seems everybody survived Amsterdam's unique traffic rules (mind that here bikers take rightful priority over everybody including pedestrians)


Hands down, best PR Team EVER!! Congratulations!! #TeamSISD is honored and grateful!!!…

MMS new admin team receives targeted support as the Moose look to take it to the next level for 2019-2020! #TeamSISD @SISD_ADM @SISD_MS @Montwood_MS


Had such a great day with #TeamSISD WIN Academy teachers. We rocked grammar and language learning together all day. I count it an honor to share with these teachers. #A9Gram


Honored to accept the @NSPRA Gold Medallion Award, the TOP NATIONAL honor for outstanding school PR programs, on behalf of #TeamSISD! This truly is a TEAM award, recognizing visionary district leadership and relentless teamwork of all Socorro ISD! #NSPRA2019


gossip girl sin el cast original


“Chain migration” is one of President Donald Trump’s biggest immigration bugaboos.

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un emphasized their good personal relations at their recent meeting at the DMZ. But relying on personal chemistry in future negotiations has its downside, says @naokoaoki.

I don’t have a racist bone in my body: Trump…

Baby at the RALLY Q BABY #QAnon called out by Trump as a Beautiful Baby and said it is ALL about the KIDS.. #Trump2020LandslideBaby #QBaby #TrumpRally


you may not always be the prettiest girl in the room but you can always be the kindest girl in the room. and that’s ok because having a pretty heart is far better than having a pretty face.

Hey @ my trans mutuals... This is a pretty broad question I think, but how does one go about getting on HRT?

Ayyyy just Threw a Song on this Bad Boy for my Buddy @ZackVelocity for the SOAR RC. I thought the song went pretty well. @Crudes @makz not much But Hey I love doing it.

I used to make fun of my mom for mixing white wine and sprite. Now I’m sitting here with tequila and peach Bubly in a Yeti Rambler and she has her revenge.

I see pundits calling Republicans “cowards” for not calling out Traitor Tot’s racist demagoguery. But they’re not cowards. They’re delighted. Trump is saying out loud what the GOP has been tacitly implying for the last 40 years. They know exactly who their base consists of.


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