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A profile in courage—braving lowlife bullying— Ambassador Yovanovitch embodies America’s highest ideals of public service. She rejected Trumpian corruption, putting her nation first, above self. How refreshing. How inspiring.

Trump attacked ex-ambassador in ruinous move only he would be stupid enough to make…

House Republicans disgraced themselves today. In every way. They were rude, rabid and out to protect a criminal. Democrats asked the right questions and defended democracy. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich was as I knew she would be, succinct, truthful and completely professional.

Ambassador Yovanovitch fought corruption for decades. President Trump removed her to set the stage for his campaign to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political opponents. #DefendOurDemocracy…

I hired Donald Trump to fire people like Yovanovitch! #DrainTheSwamp #QAnon

If you missed Marie Yovanovitch's testimony today, or even if you just need a recap, read this piece by @becket, @kathrynw5 and me:…

Ambassador Yovanovitch received a real-life tribute of respect in the halls of Congress. Few people in real life deserve this demonstration. Her courage, ethics and patriotism deserves this recognition.…

Ex-U.S. ambassador to Canada praises witness in impeachment inquiry disparaged by Trump…


C’mon, Ted. Of course witness intimidation can happen on Twitter. If you threaten to murder someone on Twitter, that still counts as a death threat. Doing something illegal isn’t magically absolved just because it happened within a tweet.…

Probably the single worst thing Trump could have done today was attack Yovanovitch literally while she was testifying. Lo and behold...

Impeachment hearing: Marie Yovanovitch calls Trump's attacks on her 'intimidating'…

On January 1, 2020 - The FTC ruling on YouTube/COPPA/ “Made for Kids” content will have HUGE RAMIFICATIONS on the entire Disney community. So if you enjoy any Disney-related YouTube channels... I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO SIGN THIS PETITION.…

Through the #EveryBottleBack initiative, we've partnered with @LoopFund to modernize recycling infrastructure to ensure our plastic bottles are collected and remade. Hear from their CEO Ron Gonen on how this initiative will drive transformative change. #AmericaRecyclesDay

Adam Schiff: We saw real time witness intimidation from Trump. MSNBC.

If you were (or are) an attorney, how would you feel about your client smearing a witness against them on Twitter during their testimony?

With each passing day, credible witness, and guilty verdict, it becomes harder to avoid the conclusion that we are currently led by a gang of crooks, headed by the Grifter-in-Chief himself. Unless, of course, you're a GOP Congressman.

The only reason I’m excited for Disney+ is for heavyweights

#BestCartoonThemeSong Adventure Time is the real king there. It shows you its magical land of OOO and presents its tone and main characters with that nice, catchy theme

good to see that Mason Rudolph is still the little bitch he was at OSU. This is the most attention he’ll ever get in his career.

Can’t lie Chixtape 4 >> Chixtape 5

when your boss says you can leave early on a friday #FridayFeeling

chixtape 5 is impressive and a perfect lusty vibe but the better question is how tf did that nigga clear all them samples?

When you meet another with an open, loving heart, you're offering the greatest treasure. #FridayFeeling #IAMChoosinglove #twentygems


Chixtape 5 and some Henn Dogg with my loves and I’m whooping ass in Uno

Chixtape 5 gets me goin

I Know You Get No Bitches If You Not Bumping Chixtape 5

Reminder on recycling plastic bags, wraps & films: Don't put them in curbside recycling.Take them to store drop-offs. If you put them in curbside, they will be landfilled because they muck up the curbside recycling company machines. #AmericaRecyclesDay

Did you know that the average person generates over 4 pounds of trash every day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year? Remember to do your part by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling! #AmericaRecyclesDay #ReduceReuseRecycle #Recycle #ERC


Did you know that @miamidadeswm customers recycled 4,240 tons of newspaper from Jul.-Sep. 2019? Learn more about the #Simple5 and how to #RecycleRight by visiting #AmericaRecyclesDay


Мы в топ50 чарта биллборд Все обосpaлись #ThisTimeForWonho @OfficialMonstaX


#ThisTimeForWonho хорошо иметь запасные акки


Violence outside the confines of the rules in any sport should be treated no different than the equivalent act on the street. Myles Garrett (and others) committed assault tonight and should be prosecuted. We allow way too much latitude to pro athletes. #MylesGarret #PITvsCLE


#LatinGrammy Mon Laferte la hizo. Se llevo toda la atención y miradas de los Grammy, y además visibilizo ante toda Latinoamérica lo que pasa en Chile. La amo @monlaferte

Oh what a day, the NFL turned into the UFC, Disney Plus and Thrust took full effect, and the GOAT Melo is back in the league where he belongs. GN Twitter I’m signing off HAPPY tn

I think something happens to Baliey and the baby . Look at Ben rushing .#GreysAnatomy


Mason roudolf is hot trash. Why we dont start hodges idk

Let's continue the fight We can and we will do this Monsta X forever Forever 7 Stream and buy 'If only' #BeStrongForWonho #기억해_514

#MassacreMitch doesn’t care about gun violence any more than he cares about democracy. He is a toxic, amoral, Machiavellian figure with no conscience dedicated only to maintaining GOP power & serving the NRA. #EnoughIsEnough

Don't try to solve the issue that made you angry while you're still angry. - Steve Keating   #quote #ThursdayThoughts


everyone in Santa Clarita, please be safe. I’m beyond heartbroken

Another mass shooting at a school in California. 16 year old shooter. But hey, not like anyone is going to do anything about it. Remember this when you vote next year. #GunControlNow @KamalaHarris @SpeakerPelosi

Una de las menores aseguró que ella y sus compañeros habían practicado cómo actuar en estos casos. A las afueras de la escuela secundaria Saugus en Santa Clarita, varios padres respiran aliviados al ver a salvo a sus hijos.…

Three students have died in Thursday's Santa Clarita school shooting, the @LASDHQ confirmed. The suspected shooter is in grave condition.…

Chris Wallace is only 1 of 2 voices on Faux "news" that is willing to speak truth to power. It wasn't a 'snoozefest' It wasn't boring It didn't lack pazzazz It. Was. Very. Damaging #ImpeachmentHearings #OneVoice1 #ThursdayThoughts...…

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