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moi quand je vais devoir voler les places des allemands/anglais #MapOfTheSoulTour 

#Senate adopts #McConnell framework for trial 53-47. Senate adjourns until 1 pm et when the trial resumes. Thanks to @ChadPergram for the late night.

Should I get “fuck love” tattooed on my knuckles?

this is an instant sadness killer omg i love this man sm

i love him so much he's so precious i wanna cry )))):


Shame on you @SenateGOP. America will never forget your duplicity. These [Senate GOP] are corrupt people who are not leaders but follow a man who is a narcissistic cancer on America. ICYMI: Our Debt Clock under Trump.…

And there you have it everyone: Day 1 of the Senate Trial of the most corrupt President in our Nation’s history is in the books. We have witnessed true patriotism from our Democrats and endless Republican fuckery. Goodnight.

Having some pomegranate green tea. Probably my favorite tea. I’m pretty sure tea is just some huge, centuries long practical joke perpetrated ny the Chinese on the white man. Where is the flavor?

I personally will also buy any fundraiser t-shirt if it has language on it. It could pretty much say anything.…

Great rule of thumb I'm realizing for the internet, easy words to live by and improve your cyber life tremendously: If you're mad shut up

me watching this for the 900th time in a row just to hear how he says “shut up you’re not my mom” again

“Mrs. Clinton’s missive against Mr. Sanders and his supporters can only hurt the Democrats’ chances against Mr. Trump later this year.” @WashTimesOpEd…

More unanswered questions for "Don't be evil" - Another step towards a Hillary Clinton attempted comeback?…

De Sousa took viva la stool too seriously…

Kinda want to see Ozuna in Portland

Disgusted in the Kansas basketball teams display of behavior tonight. And no matter what Silvio De Sousa has done well in his career, this is how his college career will be remembered


An outfield of Ozuna, Acuna and Pache/Waters would be a lot of fun

Hillary saying “nobody likes Bernie“ is funny because most of the people who voted for Hillary hated the bitch.

#IDontLikeHillary and I welcome her hatred. She should be on Bernie's anti-endorsements page. Being disliked by a corrupt, establishment sell-out like Hillary Clinton is a badge of honor. #ILikeBernie




Got to use the term "rough and tumble" in casual conversation today so yes, I have Super Bowl fever.

Since Kraft bought the Pats 26 years ago, most... reg season wins: 1. Patriots, 291 playoff wins: 1. Patriots, 33 playoff apps: 1. Patriots, 21 conf champ apps: 1. Patriots, 14 Super Bowl apps: 1. Patriots, 10 Super Bowl wins: 1. Patriots, 6

can't believe there's people out here calling poison ivy as 'villain' because she can't stand humans for destroying the whole nature destroying the whole fucking world killing animals killing plants making oceans full of plastic bags shut the f*ck up step back

The shut the fuck up avi is a classic, but should it be replaced by this BEAUTIFUL image?


Shatto Milk Company is known for supporting our hometown teams, and the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl calls for something new and unique to be covered in red and gold--cheese curds.​…

live playing rs while I wait in the TemTem queue (it’s a new Pokémon-like mmo I think it’s gonna slap)


From Joe Montana to Alex Smith, five notable QBs have gone from the 49ers to the Chiefs. One more has gone in the other direction.

#SquirrelAppreciationDay Here’s Bob Ross with two baby Squirrels


shurik_elendor: ya hay rule34 de temtem shurik_elendor: que mal todo necesitamos los códigos de autodestrucción del planeta

Kamala Harris just told Nicolle Wallace that she believes lying Trump lawyer Cippollone is lying simply to force Schiff and the House #ImpeachmentManagers to use up their limited time having to debunk the lies. It's outrageous and despicable. #ImpeachmentTrial…

President Trump's legal team accuses Democrats of a "dangerous attack on the right of the American people to freely choose their president" in formal response to Senate impeachment trial summons.

We present to you a v v wholesome #NationalHugDay thread. #LetsGoOilers

White House defense team argues President Trump did nothing wrong via @YouTube @mgolingan1 #OANN

Will the Red Scare take Bernie Sanders down? Or will it be the Basket of Deplorables all over again?…

Now that Joe Rogan has endorsed Bernie Sanders every male roommate I've ever had will be voting for him

#HillaryClinton wasn't saying that NOBODY likes Bernie Sanders. She was saying none of his colleagues in the Senate liked him. She acknowledged and lamented in that same interview that there are lots of people who are taken in by Bernie's unworkable progressive messages.

So so poor defensively. How can we keep failing to shut out games like these. Way too many points dropped from winning positions.

House Democrats rushed through impeachment, then stalled for a month once they realized the reality of President @realDonaldTrump's acquittal. President Trump won't be acquitted because of a rigged Senate process, but because there isn't any evidence to support the charges.

Callum needs to shut that down QUICK, poor Shaughna #LoveIsland

TemTem, Vegas stories, and coffee. We are LIIIIIIVE!!


Shut up. If you can’t testify under oath no one wants to hear from. You have a lot of nerve pushing this on the American people.…

#ILikeBernie and I'm done talking about the Walmart lawyer who lost to Donald freaking Trump.

The 2020 NFL Draft Stage Will Be IN The Bellagio Fountains, With Drafted Players Getting To The Stage Via Boat


When Derek Jeter made that great relay throw, he caught the ball that he threw. When Jeter hit a three-run homer, only Jeter was on base. When the Yankees won the World Series, onlyJeter got a ring. Either you believe in the unitary Jeter or you're a polytheist.

Proficiency Materials drop at 1.5x rates in HARD story battles. Arm your strongest units to defeat the Titans! #AttackonTitan #AoTTACTICS


JJ Watt, the Pewaukee native, former Wisconsin Badger and current Houston Texan, is hosting 'Saturday Night Live'.…

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