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eu não sou casas bahia, mas prometo dedicação total a você #LGBTQtakeover


Use code Sharkzy when you buy the season 11 battle pass. It makes you more cute. Fact proven by @ZenMaster1x

The Redskins won...finally...


p de putaria, o flop vem #LGBTQtakeover

Texans 31, Chiefs 24: The good, bad and ugly

um anjo com ascendente e lua em escorpião #LGBTQtakeover


the balloons were so cute pls

I'm on my way home now. But really.. The boys are so hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. They're so cute. I really want to see them again next year! It was so awesome. The feeling and everything. Damn. GOT7 did t.h.a.t.

7 of those points came after the refs missed an obvious illegal pick that ended up being 52 yards 3 points came from the Texans fumbling and giving the Chiefs amazing starting field position at the 18 He had only 58 passing yards in the 2nd half against an injured secondary…

Rumors about whether or not Stefon Diggs wanted to be in Minnesota were swirling not too long ago, but his standout performance against the Eagles has put an end to those—for now. How Diggs and the Vikings offense got back on track for @theMMQB:

What does Deshaun Watson think about being the Brady / Manning showcase with Patrick Mahomes for the next decade? What's been different lately for him? #texans #chiefs #nflnetwork #nfl

Not long ago, rumors were swirling about whether Stefon Diggs wanted to be in Minnesota. He shut down those—for now—with his standout performance against the Eagles (by @aabdelda)

Diggs with 35 points ON MY BENCH

I might have gotten slapped in 2/3 of my fantasy leagues... But the Texans beat the Chiefs!! Good weekend!!

Texans best the Chiefs at Arrowhead AND the cowboys are losing to the jets???????? Such a beautiful day

LIE - @BTS_twt #JIMIN A million years late but #HappyBirthdayJimin !! You make a lot of people, including me, very happy so keep being lovely and doing what you do. I hope you enjoy life for a long time #happyjiminday #OurStageFairyJimin

Donald Trump: Great & Unmatched Wisdom When given an outline of the USA flag... Trump manages to color it as the Russian flag Called Air Force One the 'Aircraft One'... which is Putin's plane Sent birthday greetings to US Navy, with pic of Russian Navy cruiser Pyotr Velikiy

The “Fire Tedford” crowd has come out of the shadows again. These same fans were falling over themselves when Fresno State compiled a 22-6 record the last two years. You want to know what would drive this football program into the ground? Firing Tedford.

Fresno State transfer Bryson Williams had 19 and 9 in the victory for UTEP. Maybe the most under-the-transfer in all of college basketball. Kid is a stud. Had Pac-12 interest.…

Elite guard Jalen Green has already taken visits to Oregon, Memphis, Auburn and USC. UCLA is also getting involved recently. Green also mentioned he's looking into taking an official visit to Fresno State. "They're officially an option. ... It's the hometown."

If you want a laugh this afternoon, watch the Battle of Britain with subtitles on. They literally have nothing to do with what’s being said

Yang lucu hari ini di kasih jelly terus dokter nya bilang “kamu gapapa ya di tinggal seminggu , kalo kamu kesel makan aja jelly” cute sekali dokterku


armys are too nice honestly. other fandoms literally out there defaming, trending hate hashtags, getting 30k likes on tweets against bts, collectively voting for other artists on purpose so that the boys don’t win. so many things. i hope armys clap back one day.

i miss minho and he literally. posted

I literally called he was gonna try and force Evans. James Bradberry is a dawg #KeepPounding

bro i literally don't care about a event let me play creative


oneits are literally second third gen of eggs

I’ve literally seen/been in 4 situations in the last two weeks where I didn’t know whether to step in or call the police because it looked like it was getting out of hand. The problem is the fact that was can’t trust the police. A person who does call them shouldn’t be vilified.

Police murder of Black people is a public health emergency and should be treated as such! We demand action & accountability. #AtatianaJefferson…

kell grew up feeling more like a possession than part of the maresh family, he would stand in the palace courtyard's orchard with his eyes closed and imagine being elsewhere BUT IN ACOL HE FINALLY FINDS THE HOME AND FREEDOM HE'S BEEN CRAVING FOR WITH LILA AND RHY [sobs]

How in the hell do you yell show me your hands and shoot in FOUR SECONDS? The murder of #AtatianaJefferson by the Fort Worth Police Dept. is beyond shameful. This will be our a Monday top story on #rolandmartinunfiltered

Texas law doesn't prohibit firearms in the household. Why's this the subject of matter in an unarmed deadly shooting of #AtatianaJefferson, especially if she was no where near it? @fortworthpd @MayorBetsyPrice @wfaa @FOX4

benim parlak kanatlarım olduğun için teşşekür ederim meleğim iyiki hayatıma girdin iyiki benim meleğimsin ve iyikiii doğdun. #HappyBirthdayJiminً #JiminBirthday @BTS_twt


Who was #AtatianaJefferson? Woman killed by Fort Worth police officer in her home… #SayHerName

Sax better be dead by the end of next episode.. Ghost likes to think ahead #PowerTV

Order this from your favourite restaurants in Abuja @ or download our mobile app Call: 09034353718, 08176232005 Whatsapp: 09034353654 . . #yippeehub #yippeehubfood #abujafoodvendors #SoarSuperEagles #wizkidfc4life #PowerTV #lagosflood


everyone hiding from Tommy in the next power episode like: #PowerTV

At what point do we become properly outraged? When #TamirRice alittle boy, was killed by a scared racist cop and THEN got off, where was the proper outrage? #WhenTheySeeUs #PhilandoCastile #BothamJean #AtatianaJefferson #BlackLivesMatter #StopKillingUs…

The Turkish Air Force targeted a group of civilians mostly medical teams and journalists on their way to Ras Alayen now! This is horrific and it’s a graphic Video. The world needs to know Turkey is committing #KurdishGenocide…

This classic shot shows the last time IAF's vintage flight flew a Vampire and the Spitfire on Air Force Day 1989. Resurrection of the Spitfire is in offing by @IAF_MCC, likely to fly a couple of years down the line. The Vampire will wait a bit longer!! Photo @mohitjayal


GRAPHIC: The Turkish Air Force bombed a civilian convoy (including journalists) which was under the protection of several SDF fighters. Many casualties reported…

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