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خوش به حال مسیح که از ثابت شده های راهش است. Blessed is Jesus, who is one of the providers of the way. #اللهم_عجل_لوليك_الفرج #الأمل_الموعود #ThePromisedSaviour


#Satan absolves us of all guilt, allowing us to fully embrace our #lustful natures guilt-free. What a #blessing! But you must reject #jesus and start #worshipping the #DarkLord to receive this gift.


The 90s Designs remind me of Classic Disney Characters since there was a huge glove fetish back then xD…

Sizes up to 14 are available for the black/gum adidas NMD_R1 for 40% OFF retail at $78 + FREE shipping. BUY HERE -> (promotion - use code ADIFAVS at checkout)


The Museum mourns the loss of African American business juggernaut Earl Graves Sr., the founder of Black Enterprise, a magazine considered the “Black Business Bible.” A 2013 Freedom Award honoree, he carved a path for success & a landscape of possibilities for all Americans.


Stephanie Grisham out as WH Press Sec, Will Be Melania‘s Chief of Staff… via @BreitbartNews

[⚙️Dimension Eater⚙️] > Worldline α: Tatzz (200cm/100kg) Image Color: Red > Worldline Ω: Tatzz (180cm/90kg) Image Color: Ice Blue > Worldline Δ: Tatzz (187cm/150kg) Image Color: Forest Green > Worldline Σ: Tatzz (180cm/75kg) Image Color: Black Chiito Metai OC By:@jinm2001


#UnderstandingThisDistress That the life here on earth is so perishable, is so unbearable, is so difficult and is temporary, not Eternal. Why is humanity busy wallowing in SIN? While ETERNITY with JESUS is everlasting, the hour to make a meaningful decision for Salvation is NOW.

Los 4 Trankásticos están en Disney+ Tengo una deuda que saldar....

I’m listening to a Disney playlist on Spotify and The Fox and The Hound song came on

On February 25th Kayleigh McEnany, the new White House #PressSecretary, said: “We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here" Just what we need another LIAR in the White House #TuesdayThoughts…

#TuesdayThoughts If your pastor insists on having in-person church services this #Easter Sunday it means they want money. I wish there was some kind of story about money lenders in temples I could cite to help relate this warning to fellow Christians, but oh well.

Uh-oh. Stephanie Grisham will no longer be press secretary but be Malaria's Chief-of-Staff??? So this means she's in charge of sanitizing the Whie House for Coronavirus??? Good luck with that, washerwoman. #COVID19


I love this! It is so Trumpian. Just sweep the drek around and put it in another room! / "Stephanie Grisham Leaving White House Press Secretary Job to Serve as Chief of Staff for Melania Trump"

She also has no @nbcsnl skits against her WELL DONE, Stephanie Grisham!…

Snake emojis being tweeted at Representative John Lewis seems like a good cue to log the fuck off

இப்போதைய காலத்தின் தேவை தனி நபர் இடைவெளி.. தனியாக இருந்து ஒற்றுமையாக வெல்வோம் கொரோனாவை! #SunNews #Corona #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #IndiafightsCorona #Pandemic #stayhome #stayhomestaysafe #TN_Together_AgainstCorona #socialdistancing #worldhealthday #worldhealthday2020 #healthday2020


Across the world today, healthcare workers are on the frontlines of humanity’s #COVID19 resistance. As we commemorate #WorldHealthDay today, as a medical doctor and a father, I am thankful for all that they do to keep our communities safe and healthy.


Deep Thoughts with … Steak-umm? Alrighty. Steak-umm’s thread on the importance of data versus media spin a must-read

Bheki Cele Alcohol is everyone's problem believe me. You may be a responsible drinker, but there are many who are irresponsible drinkers. They have killed many on the road, stabbed/shot someone, unwanted pragnancies, spread desease and has got many black people even more poor.

Still not understanding why racism is allowed to be apart of Non-Black peoples growth process and Black people are just suppose to forgive y'all.

I try my best not to be a vulgar Marxist, but reality keeps ending up more vulgar than I'd thought possible…

끼팔전문 소속사 문제: 사장도 자기자신 끼팔을 즐김..

Does anyone else find the fact that Trump has a financial interest in the drug he has been pushing as a cure for Covid-19 to be the least surprising news story of 2020?…

The morning after watching a doctor predict it will be 18 months before U.S. returns to normal, I see "Fauci or the Jews" and "Megyn Kelly" trending, and I'm thinking there's no bleeping way I'm going to make it.

#Why_Need_TrueWorship In the whole world the saint rampal ji maharaj can tell us the true worship or bhakti way ..the bhakti is necessary for moksh to know more get free book Gyan Ganga #GodMorningTuesday #TuesdayThoughts


Have to say I didn't see this one coming: Steak-Umm taking up the space that traditional media have vacated on correct interpretation of #COVID19 scientific evidence?…

Corruption so normalized here it lives in open and in public for a complacent, complicit and adulating citizenry. Trump Has ‘Financial Interest’ in Hydroxychloroquine Manufacturer: NYT…

Onward is the anti TigerKing. All the characters are wonderful. The story is uplifting and wholesome. Everyone is likeable.

#Cyprus: The embassy has been made aware of a possible flight from Larnaca to Stockholm/Arlanda, Sweden, at noon on April 8. Booking is available on the airline’s website: You must book onward travel to the US. See details:


2. Pelosi needs to make $2b for election funding non-negotiable in the next bailout package (or pass it as free-standing legislation and demand a Senate vote). Republicans need to be asked: Is bailing out our democracy less important than bailing out cruise ships?

[쇼챔피언 349회(0408) 생방송 출연진] 강다니엘 / 세정 / 임영웅 / 홍진영 / 주니엘 / 시적화자 / 원어스(ONEUS) / 스텔라장(Stella Jang) / FAVORITE / TOO / 홍은기 / K타이거즈 제로 / UNVS / 블랙식스(BLACK6IX) /마이스트) / DUSTIN / 해린

the last of my commissioned art and real life pic mixes, turned out so well, the artist requested not to be named, hopefully down the track they will change their mind and get the recognition they deserve. The pleasure house trains hard.



Her first endorsement after the show, few days after buying a 75Million house Brekete kingdom was in sivia pains #MercyEkeMemories #BBNaija


thank you... ::checks notes:: ...Steak-umm…

yot dali di b ako nalang na ma direct sa percy jackson nga series ka uyaya sinyo pagiyohon dejk haha

might reread percy jackson series for nico only

WWE meets Dragon Ball Z: Rhea Ripley's ring gear pays homage to DBZ's Vegeta at WrestleMania 36 #WWE #DragonBallZ…

Just watched Remember the Titans!! Loved it so much.

starting black lightning ...

remember the fucking titans

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