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Murió Danny Aiello | El actor tenía 86 años vía @Pagina12

December Friday the 13th make sure to bundle up before going out murdering young people ❄



On Friday the 13th I broke a mirror. First bad thing to happen to me today was being hit by a Pullmans door so hard I felt my lung collapse. I'm not ready for 7 years of bad luck

OMG IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morreu o ator norte-americano Danny Aiello - RTP Notícias…

Celebrate Friday the 13th with our new audio commentary for FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII – THE NEW BLOOD, featuring @eviltaylorhicks, @phantasm2, and @KillByKillPod’s Patrick Hamilton & @porcelain72! #Fridaythe13th #CorpseClub


Happy Friday the 13th yall


I truly believe nobody would oppose the presence of Syrian refugees in their countries if they have the opportunity to taste rose jam, which is literally made from pressed Damascene rose petals.

I'm jus not gonna say anything except, start to respect eachother, kind and loving and stream Levanter. I am so sick of this unnecessary drama on my timeline I literally don't even want to read into it anymore.

SAIU! Vem ouvir “Fine Line”, segundo álbum de Harry Styles >>>


30 mins into The Matrix Reloaded for the first time. So the last citadel of humanity is literally a mad steampunk rave? I’m rooting hard for the machines at this point.

For Biden and the other 2020 moderates, Boris Johnson's stunning win could have a silver lining

Boris Johnson’s U.K. win couldn’t be a WORSE sign for U.S. Democrats. We TRIED to tell you - the world is DONE with 3-year temper tantrums, here AND in the U.K. Brexit will be implemented and Trump will be re-elected.

Jim Bakker claims that "there is going to be an explosion" if Democrats impeach Trump and "America is not even going to be worth living in."

tá bom eu to ouvindo falling e ficando triste com coisas que nem aconteceram tá feliz harry styles?

A day after Bernie Sanders endorses Cenk Uygur, prompting backlash among Democrats and even some of Sanders’ supporters in California, Uygur’s campaign says he “will not accept endorsements.”


RIP Danny Aiello, who had a great run of film roles a bit later in life. Have missed him on screen in recent years. Say it with me: Johnny Camm-a-RER-i!…

thank you, harry styles

Yo ahorita con el álbum de Kaytranada

KAYTRANADA - 2 The Music ft. Iman Omari


#FineLine já é número 1 em mais de 70 países ao redor do mundo no iTunes!


America needs to hear it directly from the President’s mouth. Trump needs to come before Congress and expose those lying, corrupt Democrats to their face! (Sarcasm)

Brød igennem som gangster i Godfather: Danny Aiello er død


GamesBeat Decides 133: Xbox Series X reactions, NPD, and more by @jeffgrubb

Yooo the new xbox doe


Microsoft can suck a dick from the back with this new computer of a Xbox they dropping

What this man did to become the legend he is I think we can all take a lesson from. We don't talk about Tom Joyner enough and today was the end of a legendary career.…

Día negro para los actores italoamericanos:en EEUU, Danny Aiello ha muerto y, en Bolivia, Alpacino (Mojica) es enviado a la cárcel.

Someone will sign Janoris Jenkins. Fewest yds/Tgt allowed since Week 8 (via @SportsInfo_SIS) Janoris Jenkins, 3.48 Eric Rowe, 4.33 Joe Haden, 4.42 Marlon Humphrey, 4.52

Everyone’s talking about kaytranada so I’m listening to it , it’s very well produced but it’s MID. Not next level. Not future.

Nah this might be my favorite release week of the year. KAYTRANADA and Free Nationals did they thang!!!



* i'm selling stuff at disneyland for all you guys visiting.


I think Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind is a very nice retheme of Flik’s Flyers and a great location with all the activity around it. #disneyland #dca


going to disneyland & showing my aizawa plushie to mickey was the best day of 2019 :’)


This is like those pictures at Disneyland’s haunted mansion where you look down the image and the character’s inevitable doom is shown…

Le demi de coin Janoris Jenkins a appris qu’il ne fallait pas mordre la main qui te nourrit, vendredi matin.…

Baw Tom Joyner not go be on the radio no mo?

【隻狼~SEKIRO~】不死斬り~IMMORTALITY SEVERED~ SEKIRO Congratulations on winning GOTY!!! The Game Awards受賞めでたい! C97冬コミ新刊に入る絵です。 Full size from URL link→… #隻狼 #SEKIRO #TGA2019 #GOTY2019


haussies take over cherry pit 2020 cause we’re whores

“もうひとつのGOTY”、Twitter認定ゲーミングツイート・オブ・ザ・イヤーは……あのゲームのツイート #TheGameAwards #TGA2019…


Kaytranada didn’t have to come for they neck like that wtf

Pra comemorar o Goty eu vou trazer umas unidades em promoção para alegrar o amigo @onorathi nesse natal

Como q a poha do jogo tem a melhor trilha sonora, melhor direção e melhor atuação mas não ganha o GOTY????? #TheGameAwards #DeathStranding

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