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No one woulda cared about the National Archives until they decided to be "neutral" instead of being faithful to the archive.

Mac Miller places six tracks in the top 10 on US Spotify, the most of any artist: #4 Good News #5 Circles #6 Blue World #7 Complicated #8 I Can See #10 Hand Me Downs

«Estuvo muy bueno el nuevo álbum de Eminem» —Nadie, nunca, ni los que colaboraron con él.

Mac Miller surra Eminem e debuta todas as 12 faixas de seu álbum póstumo "Circles" no top 30 do Spotify US. O bem venceu!


I’ll vote for whoever outlaws Eminem music

This is unacceptable - the doctoring of historic photographs and the declaration of AFAB anatomy as inappropriate.…

National Archives exhibit blurs images critical of President Trump - The Washington Post…


Doctoring political photos -- a standard method of authoritarian regimes. We've arrived, alas.…

Doesn't the archive have something to do with history, and here they are erasing history?…

What does the word “archive” mean? (I mean in the U.S., not in North Korea.) National Archives exhibit blurs images critical of President Trump…

#SpaceForce Was the only way they got her into the capsule

I can’t lie this aaron hernandez is gorgeous

i think we can all agree that ross lynch

I know it is a silly idea, and won't happen..... but I want to join The #SpaceForce!

I got a sneak preview of the updated #spaceforce uniforms. Looks oddly familiar


#YouShouldntHireMeBecause elbow is constantly chasing after me and i'm gay

Imagine being an “award-winning journalist” & not understanding the difference between a price tag on a display unit & a price tag on a unopened retail unit…

So good to be recording another win with you @Dynastyodds. It's no longer news that your games are guaranteed. Many can testify to this from their wins too. #TheWitcher #Otis #BabuOwino #CrystalPalace #Iniesta #Neymar #TylerPerry #TachaXTitanscollection #Jhene #EXOLStandWith9


It's extremely funny to me how a certain subset of my social circle all *hate* Eminem, with many of the complaints being "man he's so white this is cringey," but the one black person here, Zeria, is a massive Em defender

Aaron Hernandez knew it was a wrap when his homie in the Burberry Easter shirt got up to testify lols

Jhene aiko is criminally horny I’m calling police

Siddharth Nigam @Siddhar00771185 I am eligible to win Oppo F15 smartphone. Oppo F15 comes with 6.4 inch display, 8 GB RAM, 48 MP Rear Camera and a 4000 mAh battery. #OPPOF15Quiz Thanks @amazonIN


Telling detail of the Lev Parnas/Robert Hyde/Anthony de Caluwe triangle: Each of them tells reporters he’d been warned the other guy was a scumbag. De Caluwe was warned about Hyde, Hyde was cautioned about Parnas, and Parnas was told to avoid Hyde. And yet here we are.

the aaron hernandez documentary is so insistent that he was gay & his girlfriend was a beard like??? they could have been queerplatonic????

This is Eminem, this man has been having a reckless mouth since his debut. Idk why people are so shocked…

Saudi Arabia has reportedly paid $500 million to begin to cover the cost of the US military operating in the Arab country, a US official says. #Saudi_Arabia #America1st #TrumpKnew #SmackDown #AFallFromGrace


Just know I’m riding for my nigga like Aaron Hernandez fiancé for $40 million.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would rather have no display at the National Archives than one that literally blurs out the reality of our history. #nationalarchives…

This movie got me on the edge of my seat. But how she going to let him kick her out her room like that she should have went back with the bat and fucked him up and that bitch #AFallFromGrace

‘Shove it,’ Rep. Ted Lieu tells GOP colleague Devin Nunes in response to lawsuit threat…


El nuevo álbum de Mac Miller es una obra de arte.

Did this negro really say “My mama look better than that?” #AFallFromGrace

Did y'all hear that from Lev Parnas on @andersoncooper. Victoria and Joe Digenova got Bill Barr his job with trump. No wonder Matt Schlap knew that Barr would shut down the Mueller investigation as soon as he got there!

today was amazing minus the fact i was practically robbed for $200 but other than that, i'm thankful to be surrounded by great people and am thankful for Mac Miller

Está muy bueno el nuevo disco de Mac Miller

Parnas se había rehusado a testificar durante la primera fase del juicio político pero luego de ver a Trump negando haber tenido cualquier vínculo con él y sus socios, decidió hablar.

ICYMI - You can now view #FireEmblem's Byleth in the updated, full-sized #SuperSmashBrosUltimate mural. Full image here:…


You know what's upsetting about Byleth on Smash? Their moveset is a very good chance (and similar from what I'm thinking) to be a Monster Hunter character. Like using multi weapon when using B moves .



Don’t look now but 2020 is here and the @PetersburgGOP just had @CamEdwards as our featured speaker. Our neighbor Hopewell recently became a 2a Sanctuary City & it’s time to discuss doing the same in @PetersburgV. Out next mtg is 2/5. See you all there!…


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