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Sadly, Paul Krassner (R.I.P.) will not be able to lend his considerable magic this time, so let's exorcise The Pentagon in his honor. Also, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave needs to have a demon removed. "Beelzebub has a devil for a son" and he occupies our White House.


【Marvel Contest of Champions - 1/6th scale Venompool Collectible Figure】 #hottoys #ホットトイズ #Venompool…

Tom Holland stans are the only marvel stans that are being starved rn I don’t know how to live like this

Chris Hemsworth Teases Thor: Love and Thunder…


Tipping uber drivers to own the libs

Gente reclamando dos logos da Marvel e eu só querido esse logo Metallica/Thundercats do Thor pra minha vida


i am so pumped for mahershala ali to be blade

Acuña, Gausman guían a Bravos sobre Nacionales ATLANTA — Kevin Gausman se mantuvo en el montículo hasta el octavo inning después de ausentarse más de un mes, Josh Donaldson y el venezolano Ronald Acuña Jr. pegaron……



Ugh why are people saying we want Sam Raimi to direct everything? Other Than SM4 and Blade Thats it. Lmao ya'll love making shit up. Blade is a very good movie it's campy and has a Lot of class. Thats why we want the man who directed evil dead Because it would fit his style.

Me subí al uber, me dijo que si podía poner música porque qué hueva oír la hora nacional y él no tenía música en su cel, puse unas rolitas del @LngSHT, le gustó un chorro. Platicamos, era un morro como de 22, me dijo que me veía como 5 años más joven. Qué buen trip 35 estrellas

It's official now. If you breath wrong towards Nicki minaj just know it will be above me. I'm going to set it off and I and talking about no Queen Latifah #WeLoveYouNicki

Gab definitely not my friend no more. Said she liked Sasha Fierce more than BDay and she just said Beyoncé was a Gemini when EVERYONE knows she’s a Virgo. Bye

Korang kalau nak cari uber boleh contact kita okayyy 017-5005600 #uitmjohorassemble #donepromote

Para que putas hay uber en Santa Ana si nunca tienen auto disponible

"Many have been wondering when the blockbuster franchise would introduce an LGBTQ character, including Thompson herself. The announcement is all the more significant because @TessaThompson_x is openly bi." @IndieWire #RepresentationMatters #BiTwitter…

I will place a record with/for @Beyonce. I speak that to existence.

It was an absolute honor covering the Supernatural happenings at #SDCC for y'all today. There will be SDCC vlogs being uploaded over the next week or so, ending with the Sunday vlog (as always). Dreams came true this weekend.

nicki has been through so much and not once has shown weakness. #weloveyounicki

Mahershala Ali’s ‘Blade’ Reboot Is Not Part Of Marvel Studios’ Phase 4


Yo siento que en #Blade, por respeto, deberían mencionar "lo mucho que él se parece a un fallecido gangster de Harlem".

The Giants are 8-2 in their last 10 games and have gained a game on the Dodgers, who are only 7-3. At this rate, the NL West should be a tight race by about January.


Among the winners at this year's Comic-Con was #Marvel; see the other winners (and losers) #SDCC


Why is #WeLoveYouNicki trending... did something happen?

ain’t nicki the bad bitch who pays off people’s student loans? yeah, she is. #WeLoveYouNicki

Good news: NFL season is 7 weeks away Better news: Preseason is less than 2 weeks away Bad news: The Giants are already eliminated from the playoffs

Happy Birthday buddy, hope you had a great day with the fam. #Giants #GiantsPride


Giants are tied for 2nd in the NL West


Paul Krassner, Anarchist, Prankster and a Yippies Founder, Dies at 87…

Braves to throw 7+ IP with ≤ 1 run, ≤ 5 baserunners, 8+ strikeouts, and a win vs Nationals (all are at home): Kevin Gausman, Sun (W 7-1) Mike Foltynewicz, Jun 1 2018 (W 4-0, SHO-2) John Smoltz, Sep 7 2007 (W 7-1)

Nationals fail to make up ground in NL East with loss to Kevin Gausman, Braves.… #Nationals #Braves #Gausman #SundayNightBaseball


It's #NationalIceCreamDay! At the game today? Reply to this tweet with a pic of who you're enjoying the game with and we may deliver you an awesome @Rivendale_Farms Ice Cream gift pack!


Use #eggs to make ice cream this #NationalIceCreamDay! Eggs make it extra creamy, just be sure to cook them at 160°F to prevent foodborne illness. #EggSafety #FoodSafety


Yesterday after 8 holes, Shane Lowry and JB Holmes were tied for the Open lead. Over the next 28 holes, Lowry beat him by 21 shots.…


Pics! @twhiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, @Renner4Real and more of your #Marvel faves at #ComicCon2019: #MarvelPhase4 #MarvelStudios #MarvelSDCC


I feel like we’re not talking enough about Mahershala Ali as Blade.

Lion King opening weekend half a billion

"the future is female for marvel" — scarlett johansson.


Angelina Jolie entró a Marvel como personaje secundario, necesito que la vuelvan principal.

.@TessaThompson_x, @MarvelStudios head #KevinFeige confirm her #Thor character #Valkyrie will have an #LGBTQ storyline in upcoming #ThorLoveAndThunder…

My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman - These are not 6-10x revenues business models long-term, Sports Fans. $GRUB $UBER…

Come show off your carnival game skills today @ 675 L St, 10am-4pm! #SHAZAM! at #SDCC!



#FakeLionKingFacts The Lion King really takes place in a normal house cat's imagination.


#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho #Conditioning you to expect less & less positive treatment over time. Subtle, gradual, slight demeaning statements. "Jokes" at your expense. Then, the RARE positive word/deed to keep you HOOKED, working for favor. #NPD #Narcissist #Education #SelfHelp

The #TWD cast chatted with @TVLine alllllll about the upcoming season. #SDCC…

Thor: love and thunder ficou parecendo uma comédia romântica da Netflix com o Noah Centineo

Join us at Booth #1634 for a FREE Cuphead poster! #SDCC


“Fase 4” da Marvel vem aí! Angelina Jolie em “Eternos”, Natalie Portman como Thor, novidades de “Viúva Negra” e @MahershalaAl no papel de Blade; saiba tudo sobre os futuros lançamentos do MCU! (Fotos: Getty) #SDCC2019 #MarvelSDCC


deve ser uma merda ser fa da beyonce a mulher é muito intocavel nem no estudio ela foi tirar foto isso que era trabalho imagina algo simples tipo interagir com fas

Nobody: Beyoncé: are u with me lions



VIDEO | “When did you break it [Bob and Eliza’s marriage] to the cast? - They found out on twitter like everyone else” (Watch the whole interview of Eliza and Richard at #SDCC here:…)

Comic-Con: Mahershala Ali To Play Blade In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


I know what I said but I'm playing the next Xbox cup, shit looks way too easy for money

In an all-time performance, really a performance of the ages JB Holmes finishes Double, Double for a whopping +16 on his round! That is #GolfHistory folks!!!

JB Holmes shouldn’t be allowed to play in a Major next year

#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho they are standing on the other side of my shower curtain

I was -31 in my Open pool yesterday and had a 15 stroke lead heading into today. JB Holmes, Stenson, and Kuchar decided to rip that happiness away from me. Brutal

Marvel announced Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings with @SimuLiu is set to star as Shang-Chi, and Tony Leung will be playing the real Mandarin.

โซอี้ก็ยังที่ 1 เหมือนกัน ดราม่าอะไรแม่ไม่สน


Mahershala Ali made the first move with Marvel Studios and “Blade.” Comic-Con audiences learned on Saturday night that Ali would be playing the Marvel Comics character in a reboot


Are you ready for Phase 4? Marvel fandom: yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesye yes yes yes yes yesyes

My ranking of excitement for Marvel Studios projects announced at Comic Con:

Mahershala Ali as 'Blade' highlights Marvel's big announcement

Every MCU Phase 4 Movie, Series Marvel Announced at Comic-Con…


Friends don’t disappear when you don’t send nudes

me when I work on my 3D printer: *cleans bed with razor blade, accidentally melts part of the extruder housing* it's fiiiiiine me when anybody else works on my 3D printer: if anything happens to my precious baby i will kill everyone in this room and then myself

If you’d told my little phase 1/phase 2 mcu fan self that my most anticipated movies for phase 4 would be thor 4 and doctor strange 2... I would’ve instantaneously combusted right there tbh, but alas

Marvel Fans, please welcome! #PHASE4MOVIE Black Widow, Eternals, Shang-chi, Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4 #DISNEYPLUS The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What If, Hawkeye #CONFIRMED Blade, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Guardian of Galaxy 3, Black Panther 2, Cap. Marvel 2



Yaralı Kuşlar Dizi Oyuncusu Emre Çaltılı Kimdir? (Cemil Kim) #Kimdir #EmreÇaltılı #YaralıKuşlar Tvitarttiir Açldı #MutluPazarlar #NormEnderMekanınSahibi #boksgecesi #EğitimŞart #SanaBirSeyDiycem Nijerya'da 4 Türk Riyad Mahrez Mahershala Ali Kolonya

はえーやっぱり単発だな… かっこよ… #シティウォーズ


Don't be getting any ideas to send Trump back to where he came from. We sure as hell don't want this PoS. #Scotland #Germany…

I freaking love when you send me pictures of dogs

EXCLUSIVE: #EastEnders star Danny Dyer sent mystery blonde a selfie in his boxers and begged her to send 'some filth'…

VRの中でカメラを構える...! 『ライオン・キング』の作り方…


hi oomfs pls reply with your instagrams mine is @/silksung

Our latest post (Kittens With Peculiar Paws Found in Abandoned car) is now live! Please check it out on… #cats #katzenworld #catlovers :D




gonna see lion king tomorrow NO ONE SPOIL IT FOR ME

The plan to mine the world’s research papers; A giant data store quietly being built in India could free vast swathes of science for computer analysis — but is it legal?…

ytl ). dear J the Na. i'm sorry i'm such a coward, i have no guts to make you mine. i'm sorry i'm a loser. i lost you. i let him owned you. i'm afraid to say that i love you. sighs, i'm happy for you both. - J, lee.

Mmm yah lion king was amaze

What’s y’all favorite spongebob meme? This is mine


the animated lion king was better idc

Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel Weisz, Mahershala Ali, and Florence Pugh when they find out that they have to watch previous MCU movies to answer interview questions

#Cats don't require pool cues! via Number10cat #catsoftwitter

Qualified for the Xbox Cup Finals tomorrow wish me luck!! I will be streaming the whole thing! . . . . . . #fortnite #xboxone #contoller #twitchstream #fortnitegamplay #xboxcup…

#UFCSanAntonio Post Fight Scrum with Leon Edwards "I want one more fight before the end of the year, the little weasel Jorge Masdival, I’d love to get him..."…

Tonight’s Sacramento boxscore. Note that River Cats faced Hunter Strickland, Mac Williamson and Kelby Tomlinson. Orlando Calixte was on the Tacoma bench. Old #sfgiants don’t die. The #mariners snatch them. (h/t Conner Penfield).

Waterloo played Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Xbox One) in the last 24 hours… #exophase

Still triggered @netflix for randomly deleting my watch history (bug Hulu guy now) but I have to watch @BreakingBad on my phone charged through the laptop after this massive storm with having no power. Basically camping and living in the ice age #UFCSanAntonio

.@UmpsCare Charities hosted children and mentors from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. Thank you, UMPS. #SFGiants


New chapter soon in 'British Women Travellers: Empire & Beyond, 1770-1870,' ed. Sutapa Dutta. Mine's on Mary Eliza Rogers/ways Victorian women were embroiled in British imperialism in the Middle East. Other contribs inc @ShannonBDerby and @Voloshkova_Nata…

y’all don’t have friends like mine


Loyal Cat Breaks Out of Shelter to Find His Forever Family It has been said rescue cats usually choose us rather than us choosing them, this was definitely the case for a stray tabby in Mississippi, U.S. CLICK to view >…


me: i love cats, i would die for them jake: i hate cats me:

#TheLionKing Went to watch it Last night, missed my dad so much rip , he used to call me simba , similar story to mines and had to fight to death to get whats mine and became king of my world .

Tonight's Saturday night discussion... Any awkward stories? Mine was I went to the doctor as I was having a skin allergy, he asked me to strip to my underwear so he could check my skin from head to toe, I completely forgot I was wearing these boxer shorts! Whats your story?


Join me in mining bitcoins new craze that you can sell what you mine on coinbase @they_callmecat @NesoGG @RexRTs…

sketched a character. meant to be a disguise for another character of mine, or something.


All right, I am henceforth disappearing from the wilds of Twitter again with two exceptions: 1. Whenever I have a thought about Cats 2. Whenever someone mentions Dragon Age in my online vicinity

Today’s Vintage Ad With Bizarrely Out-Of-Place Cats. Buy Gastrine! For the dyspepsia you’ll get when you realize the cat’s been drinking from your cup!


North Carolina is made up of more than Racist Trumpers. #Reiders #AMJoy @JoyAnnReid @RevDrBarber Watch now on #CLTV

Found a Democrat that wants to help. Will Schumer & Pelosi listen.…

#MuellerIsComing After the end of World War II, the U.S. Government made an anti-fascism film in 1943, warning us about the dangers of a divided nation. We must stand united. This isn’t about Democrat or Republican; this is about America.

My favorite @linkinpark / @ChesterBe gif. While everyone else is sharing sadness .. I'll choose that. He would have wanted you to smile. #RIPChesterBennington

Tired of this Democrat division. Get elected on what you accomplish not on division. Don't tell me what I am, you don't even know me.…

Had a dream/nightmare last night (alas, real) where Katie Hopkins was harassing interracial couples in Israel. I can only assume this has actually happened.

President Donald Trump has retweeted British columnist Katie Hopkins, who is known for her far-right racist rants.…

Menez just walked onto the field at Oracle for the first time, with Anderson, to join other pitchers playing catch. I always try to imagine what that feels like. #sfgiants

One small step for man, one GIANT home run for Gaylord Perry. #SFGiants

Conner Menez is here. Taxi squad. #sfgiants

Wish we'd bought Zlatan three years earlier....

Iran says British tanker seized because of collision

Bitcoin craze hits Iran as US sanctions squeeze weak economy… via @SatankMKR

maybe i just want to feel your body against mine and have you rest your head under my chin, maybe i just want to sit in silence. just exist next to u

Ibrahimovic: "Vela'ya saygı duyuyorum, iyi bir futbolcu ama siz bir hata yaptınız. Onu benimle karşılaştırdınız. Bu sizin en büyük hatanızdı."


Iran : militantes des droits humain, Golrokh Iraee et Atena Daemi condamnées à 3 ans et 7 mois de prison…


Listen to the Lion King (dubbed) more closely, and you’ll notice an unfortunate linguistic hierarchy. Simba, Zazu, Mufasa and Scar all speak 'standard' Hindi. The films villains however, speak 'Bandra Bihari.' | @Plebeian42 writes.…

two goals of mine 1) be confident 2) be healthy


UK Box Office Predictions: Will the Lion King Rule the Box Office?…


The Hugh Grant analogy on my Lion King video is truly some of my greatest work to date.


someone's claiming that he owns me and he's mine woooah saan ka kumukuha ng kapakalan mo ng mukha? charrrr

Two years ago I wrote this. I should have added: “People who make creepy musical films of people dressed up as cats and singing dreary songs.”…


Give endangered jaguars legal rights, Argentina campaigners ask court… With fewer than 20 left in the South American country’s Gran Chaco forest – the big cats could be classed as a ‘non-human person’


My favorite things about #SDCC The parties are such an important time in San Diego. Outside of meeting fans, I meet artists from projects I was a fan of & get to meet my favorite celebs and colleagues who I respect The IMDb party is the heart & soul of the industry gatherings


Really thought Beyonce was going to re-record all the Lion King classics and Spirit was going to be the only new song. I am so sorry I doubted and underestimated my Queen. Because wow. She defs thought of me when she made this album - like she thought “Feyi needs this”.

Davos Seaworth karakterine hayat veren Liam Cunningham, yeni bir Game of Thrones spin-off dizisi önerisinde bulundu: Better Call Davos. #SDCC


Larry Elder: “Elder Fact Checks @Politifact Who Fact Checked Elder On Slavery, Reparations and the Democrat Party—ELDER WAS RIGHT!!!” WATCH: #MediaBias

Comic-Con Bucket List: Meet @MelissaBenoist☑️ She was as kind and sweet as you would imagine. #SDCC #Supergirl


Democrat Party corrupt as hell, news at 11.…

Why is @BernieSanders in the democrat debate? He's not a democrat.

Democrat Congresswoman Returns From Syria with Proof Obama Funded ISIS, Exposes It LIVE On CNN…

E al pari di certi giornali e Democrat Usa, si scusa raramente o a fatica per aver pubblicato fake news, fialetta di Powell inclusa (senza contare il silenzio sul Rapporto di Lord Chilcit riguardante Blair)…

#SFGiants’ fans appear to be split on the direction the club should go in at the deadline. Here’s the question, which 2-3 players will get them into that Wildcard game? I’d go w/Zack Greinke, Jose Martinez, Jorge Mateo. Who’s your trio?


Alex Dickerson didn't even need to be asked about the playoffs. #SFGiants

Alex Dickerson relives the moment he knew he could score. #SFGiants

"To have the fog machines going, the strobe lights and the music playing, that’s what you play for.” Sometimes you're lucky. Sometimes you're good. On the night the #SFGiants climbed back to .500, they were both.…

Yapcak işiniz kalmayınca tekookerlara saldırıyorsunuz orospuçoçukları bak sinirlendim gene #ARMYCYPHERPARTY

i literally cant stop watching this

omg y'all are so sensitive. Some people don't like Cats and guess what, they don't have to!! Good for Taylor that she's excited and enjoyed working on it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Cats aren’t that small. I hate it.

The fact that George Nader served time for child pornography charges and the Trump administration hired him anyway truly says all we need to know. Fucking despicable.

The NFLPA needs to use the NFL’s refusal to discipline Tyreek Hill as an example when they’re negotiating the new CBA as an example of the arbitrary and capricious application of discipline by Goodell. Tom Brady at 4 games for deflating footballs doesn’t jive with 0 for Hill.

Uyy se le estaban acabando los soldaditos #RickyGameOver #RickyDictador -Un grupo de policías que agrupa a unos 6,000 agentes le pidió hoy al gobernador Ricardo Rosselló que renuncie-…

Another of Trump's pals and former 'associates' has gone down for sexual deviance. George Nadar was indicted this morning for trafficking child porn & essentially raping a 14 yr old boy. Anybody else see a pattern here? #FridayThoughts…

This report isn’t precise, but it sounds like Oakland’s suit v. the NFL was dismissed, but with leave to replead. That means the judge wasn’t satisfied Oakland has even a preliminary case, but is giving them another chance to try. But bad for them. 1/…

#GOPCommunists They're not Communists. They're fascists, plain and simple. They focus on a terminal form of captialism and there is just no way to make that pretty.

#GOPCommunists might be the dumbest thing ever to trend, seeing as: 1. Russia has been a capitalist oligarchy for 30 years 2. North Korea is an absolute monarchy 3. American communists pioneered the civil rights movement in the '50s Trump is just a fascist with fascist friends.

George Nader, a key witness in Mueller’s investigation, has been indicted on sex trafficking charges The 3-count indictment, unsealed on Friday in Virginia, accuses Nader of transporting a 14-year-old boy from Europe for sexual activity…

So the MLB suspends Aaron Boone for telling an umpire that his players are “fucking savages”. The NFL doesn’t suspend Tyreek Hill for hitting his kid with a 1-2 combo.


Key Mueller Witness George Nader Indicted On Child Sex-Trafficking Charges…

Offensive lineman Mitch Petrus, a walk-on at Arkansas who went on to a three-year NFL career that included a Super Bowl win with the New York Giants, has died. He was 32.…

Ok, first of all, Trump doesn't even know who A$AP Rocky is, or even care. Second of all, Trump supporters hate rap and everything it stands for. Thirdly, Trump is doing this to prove he's not racist. Fourthly, he needed a distraction from the news that George Nader was arrested.

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