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No doubt! Hyeongjun and Dongpyo will lead those girl group dances on variety shows

“I didn’t work all my career to come to the MLS just to be compared to Carlos Vela. The media made a huge mistake. You don’t compare Ferrari’s with Fiats. Tonight I showed I’m the best player in the league.” - Zlatan Ibrahimovic after bagging an amazing hatrick last night.


Wande Coal should do a Brown Skin Girl cover

What the actual fuck ??? Yall better stop caring only about animals and consider humans minority for just one sec…

Zlatan ibrahimoviç keşke beşiktaşa gelse...

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said there will be two separate meetings between PM Imran Khan and US President Trump. #PMIKVisitingUS

What will it take to get people out on the streets to protest! There should be millions right now out in every city, town, whatever! Trump must be stopped!…


Statement from House Democratic Leader @EFillerCorn, House Democratic Chair @C_Herring, Senate Democratic Leader @DickSaslaw, and Senate Democratic Chair @SenatorLocke on reports that Donald Trump will attend the...…

"You Have to Deal with Me I Have Autism & Asperger's! I'm a Civilian & Citizen!" ~ Customer "Fine That's Public, When in Private? Go Fuck Yourself!" ~ Non Asperger's & Autistic! #America!

Splendid. Excellent. So, soon, whites will have to create all-white universities for refugees from the other. Perfectly politically correct and it will start all over again. Make America great again.…

Anyone who thinks Trump is donating his salary, and sacrificing for America, here is his financial statement proving he's profiting off the presidency.…


(Como Madrid Central) Amazon deforestation: Brazil's Bolsonaro dismisses data as 'lies'…

#royalfilms Captain America - The Windsor Soldier

“No we’re not on the market, houses in our road always sell straight away” #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

That was a terrific match. Best part were both the returning NTers and regulars rising to the occasion. #UTAvPOR

ESPN radio and TV personality Dan Le Batard lit a match and burned ish down! He called out Trump’s racist remarks, his supporters’ silence and called his current employer “cowardly” for refusing to call the racist elephant in the country a racist:


hearing “shekpe” in brown skin girl would have banged…

Fuck hot girl summer. It's mf sad boy summer, & we all depressed as fuck

Look at how annoyed he is at being inconvenienced with her story. He makes me sick. America, can you just for the love of god FINALLY get rid of this piece of garbage?…

De fick bli en sad girl summer istället:/

All hands-on deck. Donald Trump says he recently talked to Kanye about bringing ASAP Rocky home from jail. He says he's going to call the Swedish Prime Minister to see if he can help:


He's the challenger to Trump. Why is there a media blackout on him???…

“It’s very sad. Very sad. It’s a phenomenon that started two years ago. It’s disgraceful…we’re looking at it very seriously.” President Trump expressed frustration while discussing the #Homelessness problem in #LosAngeles and #SanFrancisco.…

#Marines w/ Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Southern Command are renovating a school in Trujillo-Colon, #Honduras. The @USMC task force is conducting training & engineering projects w/ partner nation forces in Central & South America. #EnduringPromise @MARFORSOUTH


Donald trump is NOT "our country." Donald trump IS, however, garbage. Racist, rapist, lying GARBAGE. And one of the things that makes America great is that we get to call him that. Because HE IS that. That is all.…

New @PFF_Fantasy Article: Our fantasy football guru @JeffRatcliffe talks about the fantasy impact of #Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill (@Cheetah) getting no suspension #ChiefsKingdom…


Edina trabalhou em quatro jogos do Mundial Feminino deste ano, incluindo a semifinal Inglaterra x Estados Unidos. Será seu segundo jogo de Série A. Trabalhou pela primeira vez em CSA 1 x 0 Goiás, pela sexta rodada. Esteve em BH também pra apitar América 1 x 2 Sport, na Série B.…

tommy has a good read on the game but his read on our perception of the game is SO off. first he said “america go easy on nicole” and now he thinks we’d be upset if nick and bella aren’t nominated. WE WANT YOUR BIG ASS ALLIANCE IN SHAMBLES #bb21

The front seven can mask a weaker secondary, but expect the Bears' D to take a step back

Predicting Every Team’s Record for the 2019 NFL Season #Steelers…


Watching Last Chance U. Man that coach Garden City had embarrassed himself... for once I’ll say Brown was more mature than someone else lol

Live look at the NFL applying the Personal Conduct Policy

#Badgers Orr on Taylor and the NFL: "He does a great job of not even bringing that up. Nobody talks about that. Nobody thinks about it. It’s not a question floating around in the locker room. It doesn’t come up at all."

shane wishes his 60 year old looking ass could do this but he might break a hip #happybirthdayshane

“It’s going to be awesome to welcome him back and bring him back with the guys and get to work.” – @PatrickMahomes on Tyreek Hill’s return to the @Chiefs. Hear more from Mahomes on Hill’s return on KCTV5 News at 5.

New story. After convoluted investigation, the NFL decides not to suspend Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill. In his statement, Hill thanked Roger Goodell, the NFLPA, the Chiefs & his fans.…

I met the best guy attorney who is helping me find a lawyer to take my NFL pension case on contingency. He's a fan of John Matuszak. I believe my spirit guides are at work. (Location of photo: Valhalla) #RaiderNation #Valhalla #Raiders #Tooz #Snake


Conservatives & Moderates: Censoring others for political beliefs and redistribution of wealth are literally communist ideals. Leftists: NO U. #GOPCommunists

I knew from the moment that I saw that corgi that @antoni would just #QueerEye4

Last Chance U is back and I couldn’t be happier

If ESPN celebrates Jackie Robinson Day next season, they are hypocrites. God bless Dan Le Batard!…

this brown skin girl doesn’t even slap as much as ja ara e. yes i said it. come and beat me.

"I'm going to grab you by the craters." -Donald Trump #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Shatta Wale is trending No. 16 in the United States, Wizkid, No. 8 and Burna, No. 13 #TheGiftAlbum

real women vote for trump!

i never thought id be stanning a 7 year old girl this hard BITCH BLUE ON BROWN SKIN GIRL #TheGiftAlbum

Their lies & crocodile tears before Trump can't vanish the fact that Qaidyanis are non-muslims as constitution approved the facts regard their Faith. There is no messenger of Allah after Mohammad PBUH & he is the last.١١١١١١١ #قادیانی_دنیاکابدترین_کافر


Just fucked my man to sleep, so now back to this album and to get ready for dinner while he take his lil nap. #InMyDefense

Watch the tape. There’s no way to argue that Donald Trump wasn’t complicit in racist chant. | Analysis by CNN's Chris Cillizza


The Apollo 11 moon landing was a distraction from America's problems…

anyways....thinking abt how sam wilson is captain america and will be leading the avengers


Anyone feigning disgust at the "send her back" chants is reading something into that wasn't in the intent of the crowd, but rather in their own racist mind. What we mean is that this vile little shit, who came from somewhere else, insults America so, simply, SEND HER BACK! GTFO

There int owt up ere what a waste a bloody cash n time! #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

“The price of emigrating to America is inestimable ... The cost of forsaking one’s homeland, heritage, goods and kindred in the hope of providing a better future for their children is staggering. I call this the immigrant tax,” ⁦…

It’s not cheese. WHAT THE HELL!?! #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

o rebolado do sam smith era tudo que eu precisava pra ter forças pra viver esse dia

Acordo e já tem single novo do Sam Smith

#TheLionKingReview : To Be Honest, The Movie Is Incredible And Amazing, #ShahrukhKhan's Voice Is Powerful And Silvery, #AryankKhan's Voice Feels So Fresh. CGI Animation Is Astonishing. #TheLionKing @iamsrk @disneylionking #Mufasa #Simba #HakunaMatata 3.5 Stars

I my the only one hearing @OfficialNiniola Maradona instrumental on this find your way back by Beyoncé #TheLionKing #LionKing #wizkid burna boy tiwa savage Davido Mr eazi Yemi Alade tekno

Find Your Way Back || Beyoncé This song with the sprinkle of Yoruba gibberish

#SignsWhenSomeoneIsLying When he's: -Speaking -Tweeting -Blinking -Breathing -Pooping -Thinking (LOL) -Saying "believe me" -Saying he doesn't have a racist bone -Talking bout his friend Jim He's a compulsive liar with over 10,000 lies and counting.

The Top Gun 2 trailer has a 100% lack of Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone, and frankly that it unacceptable.

I'm going to admit something right now and you can call me a racist or whatever you want. Since #Ilhan in her essence, is a Jihadi and hates America. The country that RESCUED her.... I do not have a problem with the chant "Send Her Back". If that makes me a racist, so be it.

'Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election, and he was put into office because the Russians interfered.' —Former Pres. Jimmy Carter says Trump is an 'illegitimate president.'

Mackenzie Davis is opening up about what it’s like working with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton on #TerminatorDarkFate! #SDCC #ETComicCon

That Rossello hasn’t resigned amid *international* calls for his resignation is pure arrogance. #RickyRenuncia #RickyDictador

I went to see Top Gun with my dad as I was not old enough yet to be allowed in alone. First proper movie in the cinema that was not a kiddie thing. Although this is now against everything I think is cool and right I still might need to see this.…

I've never been more excited for a movie. Born in 86, same year Top Gun released...watched it daily for years growing up. Knew every line, every word. I'm fuggin stoked! #talktomegoose #negativeghostrider…

Wait... there's a NEW Top Gun movie?!

Not sure which trailer I liked least - Cats or Top Gun. Both felt uncanny valley

Take an inside look at the making of #TerminatorDarkFate with the cast and filmmakers! @Schwarzenegger.

Como bien sabemos, Ricardo Rosselló hizo su bachillerato en MIT. Esto es lo que acaba de pasar. Ni el pueblo, ni tu escuela, ni tu universidad ni "los tuyos" te quieren. Eres una basura. #RickyRenuncia #RickyRenunciaYA #RickyDictador #RickyVeteYA


#SignsWhenSomeoneIsLying Well, the obvious sign is:

"I've dreamt of you. I've craved you. I've MISSED you." #ITChapter2 #SDCC2019


#SignsWhenSomeoneIsLying Whenever @realDonaldTrump opens his ugly mouth.

They are this person. #SignsWhenSomeoneIsLying

FBI warrants show Trump's close involvement in hush money effort… This ones a ‘duh it’s Individual 1 who is ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ ‘ who, again. LIED. Hope Hicks should go to jail for perjury.

John McCain is burning in hell as we speak. KyoAni animators are in heaven.


Quick, tiny hand gestures. #SignsWhenSomeoneIsLying

John McCain is a racist and good riddens he’s dead.…

Hope Hicks lied...knock me over with a feather…


"No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite" #MandelaDay2019


Imagine being 10’s of k’s in debt for a worthless degree that says “I’m woke”. Not only would you be trained to be unemployable insufferable annoying jerks, you could have just learned the same thing on twitter I’d be pissed off too! #ThursdayMotivation #Refund

#MandelaDay: #Madiba’s image isn't free. We’d like to change that by helping you honour SA's greatest leader. Visit for free images of Nelson Mandela from the archives. #46664 #mandela #NelsonMandela #SouthAfrica #MandelaDay2019


Hey guysss, It's this Saturday, ***20th July, 2019*** Slots are still available for interested individuals. It's time for you to be a boss of your own. For more details, call me on 08186907976 or send a DM #AbujaTwitterCommunity #skincare #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayMotivation


This #MandelaDay2019 I'm also very pleased to meet Warrant Officer Michael Daniels and Constable Emile Farao at the #WCSOPA2019 who went beyond the call of duty in their efforts to reunite Denzil Daniels and his mother Jane, after Denzil went missing 6 years ago.


“Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.” – Peace Pilgrim #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayMotivation



"And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother;" ~Mark 7:12 #Bible #Faith #Jesus

#IStandWithPresTrump to resign & leave the US. MAGA has always been about how much Trump thinks the US is screwed up. He has trashed US policies, programs, officials, and even war heroes zillions of times. If he doesn't like the US, he should leave. #IStandWithIlhan

Gone into hiding? Who the hell does Sam Newman think he is? #TheFinalQuarter

【募集:枠1名】ギルド「蒼の薔薇」で来シーズン加入のメンバーを募集します。 討伐はなるべく固定チームを作って取り組んでいるため、ちゃんと連絡やり取りできる方である事が条件になります。 ギルレHELL3周、外部ツールDiscord使用中です。 討伐、ギルレにしっかり参加できる方是非ご連絡ください!


(not a SDCC hint!) Just a pic of my girl Nya!


"Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye." ~Mark 7:13 #Bible #Jesus #Love

Hay una campaña en @gofundme para apoyar a Kyoto Animation:…

“แต่เขาเป็นเพื่อนของฉัน” “แล้วผมล่ะ?” - Captain America : Civil war -

She married her brother and said 9/11 wasn’t bad, all you losers supporting her have no idea who she is, she supports many terrorist groups, shame on you supporting her just cos u hate trump #IStandWithIlhan

Another catchy little phrase for Trump supporters. Short, easy to remember, misogynistic. Who could ask for more? #SendHerBack

Top Searches on Merriam-Webster Include 'Fascism' and 'Racism' After President Trump's Latest Rally -…


daddy long legs are demon spiders. they are a taste of hell, they are mankinds punishment and i despise them .

Watching CBS This Morning, and they just called Trump's tweets racist, without equivocation. Progress, a tiny bit of progress.

Entrevista EXCLUSIVA com Jonas! Bate Pronto traz algumas curiosidades da carreira do homem. Será que ele prefere Jorge Jesus ou Renato Gaúcho? Qual time faltou jogar no Brasil? Qual gol mais bonito da carreira? Tudo isso nesse link aqui!…


In the current market situation one must think twice as the rising tide may lift some boats but may topple some boats as well #StockMarket #Nifty #sensex #WhatsappForward #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayWisdom #thursdayvibes

To my old life farewell mane cause on the real that shit was living in hell mane #goodsense

#FoundAtArea51 Jimmy Buffett’s lost shaker of salt.

I mean we are the children of Namjoon and Seokjin the “don’t follow what the agency says” kings #TaekookersGoingToJailParty

Esperemos que detengan a quien atropello al niño Jesús @anyalanis14 así como detuvieron a los rateros de Juan Osorio, haber si existe igualdad. Cobarde

Just seen the Trump supporters baying ‘Send her back’ at his rally. This isn’t patriotism, America, it is racism perpetuated and encouraged by your President. We in the UK need to step back and see this happening in our own country, too. This is how evil begins.

"And when he had called all the people [unto him,] he said unto them, Hearken unto me every one [of you,] and understand:" ~Mark 7:14 #Jesus #Faith #Bible

man actually pisses on the entire MLS and Vela in one sentence. Unreal…

#FoundAtArea51 Abruptly disappeared

#Istandwithprestrump Seems to be getting suppressed and is STILL the top, only with #QBaby following... But I do stand with the president. #SendHerBack

今回義援金を募った、米Sentai Filmworksが扱っている京アニ作品 ・CLANNAD ・けいおん! ・中二病でも恋がしたい! ・境界の彼方 ・甘城ブリリアントパーク

Not loving the many analytical uses of the term "fake news"--too ambiguous. Let's talk misinfo, disinfo, media manipulation. #ic2s2 @IC2S2

Nice talk just now by @evoluchico on null models for opinion dynamics #IC2S2 @IC2S2


Here’s a crass idea: Let’s do the next #IC2S2 entirely without papers using Twitter data.

Keynote by @kenbenoit on what computer science won't teach us about texts #IC2S2


The U.S. helped defeat Ebola in 2014. Now, we're watching a crisis become a catastrophe | Via Time…

Donald Trump’s exclusionary vision of America is a travesty

you can have a whore girl summer without having a hot girl summer, and i am proof

Flamengo do jesus com 1 volante marca mais do q qdo abel botava 3

Evelyn took time to call the store to confirm if the girl was wearing fake clothes?? Please Tamy give this bitch some attention, too much free time #BasketballWives

i hope yamen gets terminal aids from the girl he picks over our bad bitch alana #LoveIslandUSA

Something dark & terrible has been unleashed in America by this man. If this movement reaches its logical conclusion, it will destroy our democracy. It will wreck our society. We must redouble our efforts to stop this man. We must push back against this.…

On Jesus I need two right now!


My coworkers are always telling me I need to see their weird 80s movies but I know for a FACT that none of them have seen the Lizzy McGuire Movie... Hypocrisy is alive in America

Duelo de crenças no Maracanã: Santos fazendo milagres contra Jesus #FLAxCAP

el bufete Soto & Aldridge con su caso más importante: #Rickyrenuncia #RickyRenuciaYa #RickyVeteYa


No healthcare for #911FirstResponders? You know, I though something like that was only done by cartoon villains. Rand Paul you’re slowly going from being Ayn Rand to Skeletor.

"And it came to pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the house, behold, many publicans and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples." ~Matthew 9:10 #Bible #God #Faith

Jon Stewart blasts ‘abomination’ of Rand Paul trying to ‘balance the budget on the backs of’ 9/11 responders -…

Grealish has just scored a worldy, while the camera was showing a replay of their chance, and they've not even showed a replay of the goal. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Yo why this girl REALLY cancelled my hair appointment because she works that day. Bro how unprofessional are you people?!?!?!?


One day I hope my balls are as big as @KyleLarsonRacin Jesus.

Chris Cuomo: "What would you do if the President said, 'I am a racist'?" Kris Kobach: "Then I would not defend him b/c there's no excuse for racism in America." Cuomo: "Would you still support him as President?" Kobach: "Um, I don't know. That'd be a really tough question."

Jon Stewart Rips 'Bottom Feeder' Rand Paul For Blocking 9-11 First Responder Funding | @crooksandliars…

OUR Congress spent the entire day and our tax money deciding to condemn a tweet! Can you believe this America! Enough is Enough! We are sick and tired of them! Vote them out of office in 2020 America! All of them!


"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!" #ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay

$50 in diesel on Pump 12, and grab a pack of smokes while you're in there. #ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay

Ebola Outbreak in Congo Is Declared a Global Health Emergency #Ebola #DRC @unicefchief @UNICEF #Health @WHO

Rand Paul has no principles and never has. Don't be fooled.

I love Jon Stewart so much. This is heartbreaking and despicable.…

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