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Qué buen día para Twitter. Nunca había visto mejores tendencias. #OneDirection2020 #Brooklyn99

The trade contradicts the logic used for trading Hopkins. O'Brien claims Houston dealt Hopkins because it didn't want to pay him more money, but it's paying Johnson and Cooks (and free-agent) Randall Cobb) a lot more than they would have paid Hopkins…

With their new album out next week, @dvsn is joined by @tydollasign @bujubanton on their new song, "Dangerous City"


An appreciation of one of my first comic-art heroes: #MortDrucker, a tender-hearted legend and master of the sublime line. @NatCartoonSoc @SOI128 @art4mad @MADmagazine @jaketapper @HamillHimself @tubatron @og_aljaffee @alyankovic…

Bernie suspended his campaign BUT he is Still on the ballot in ALL States. We can still vote for him in The Primaries. This is great news. #BernieOnTheBallot


Sen. @KamalaHarris on the death of #phyllislyon. For more on the #LGBTQ pioneer's life head here:…

I would love to participate in #GAMEFUELCarePackage #Sweepstakes for the chance to win free Game Fuel! #StayInTheGame

Бх уже давно все спланировали и даже показали, как правильно смотреть онлайн концерт #BANGBANGCON

This slide shows some of the causes of twin crisis and how the effect will be demonstrated in changes in behavioural patterns at public, private and personal levels. #ThursdayThoughts #coronavirus #OilPriceWar #economy


i‘m gonna cry my eyes out while watching their old concerts #BANGBANGCON

Just bottled 20 liters of home brew. Can’t wait to see who my true friends are .. #LOCKSOUTHAFRICADOWN #cyrilramaphosa #ThursdayThoughts

Senate Democrats blocked $250 billion to supplement a "paycheck protection" program for businesses hurt by the coronavirus outbreak. Democrats don't oppose the relief, but blocked the funding because they want a bigger price tag.…

Republicans like Bill Barr would really appreciate it if everyone could start dropping dead to boost the Dow in May. You had your fun, and according to Bill O'Reilly, some of you are on your last legs anyway, so why draw things out?…

Essential workers like nurses and grocery-store employees would get a $25,000 raise for working through the pandemic under a new plan from Senate Democrats… via @businessinsider

Chris Johnson was my fav football player ever and still is

#MiLBisFUN What ideas do you have for future promotions, jersey designs, and fan celebrations? #MiLBAtHomeOpener

#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho arent in my household because SOCIAL DISTANCING

We are grateful to our @LatinoUSA Senior Editors Sophia Paliza-Carre (@spalizac) and Luis Trelles (@cu_bata). Thank you for your tireless work despite the difficulties of this #COVIDー19 pandemic. You are #PRESSential. #ThankAJourno


Ex-NFL star Chris Johnson accused of funding Florida murder-for-hire shootings that left two men dead in 2016, helping hitman "become a leader of a famed drug trafficking organization" #BecauseFlorida…

Alrighty Broly, Fusion Reborn, and Coolers Revenge…

Na: *senyum²* Zah: ngapa lu?Naber? Na: *still senyum²* Zah: dih apasi *ikut senyum²* Senyum aja trs ampe Lee Sooman dance "new thangs new thangs new thangs" #NCTzenSelcaDay #NCTDREAM


Be a patriot. Defend the Republic against enemies both foreign and domestic. Vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. #ThursdayMotivation

“Many people who are dying, both here and around the world, were on their last legs anyway,” Bill O'Reilly said on Sean Hannity’s radio show. “I don’t want to sound callous about that.” Hannity: “You’re gonna get hammered for that.” Yup, our news sources matter. It reveals us.

Putting unnecessary shit by the Democrats in the stimulus package that has absolutely nothing to do with #COVIDー19 #Wuhanvirus for they’re political gain! #wayspeoplearetheworst

#WaysPeopleAreTheWorst Oversight erased, Supreme Court hijacked: Trump turns the presidency into a dictatorship…

They always say David Fletcher, but can David Fletcher play catcher? Can David Fletcher handle the pressure? Will David Fletcher go on an adventure? Or will David Fletcher become Mike Trout’s successor. Slam Poetry.

Fuck it. I’m gonna make a whole mixtape of beats Chynna would have liked rn. She loved that raw dark shit.


Michele should practice flipping the 50/50 coin to increase her chances of making it work. Research has shown that with practice you can get a coin to land on the side that you what more than 50% of the time. #Fact #Survivor

#my600lblife Is this girl crazy? The entitlement and the attitude. Does she think he owes her something?

KEEP IT GOING!!! David Fletcher



The face you make when you try the “new” @CallofDuty and yes I did get one guy. #lifegoeson #coronavirus #family #XboxOne #wontshavetillitsover


Y’all wanna unfollow? Here have some art.


My gramma “kee.” The legend with a nickname that no one (including her) can explain. But seriously, what the hell does “Kee” even mean, gramma? Anyways, if I can stay away, y’all better stay away. #istayhome…


Y’all think you know me but you don’t. You know how I dance and you know I’m silly af. That’s about it lmao

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