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#RIPNickCanon #TheMaskedSinger What a great representation of your values. Knocking a man because he's white, adopted kids, and got clean. Whose the real pos?

If Judaism is a nationality, then evangelical christianity is a fantasyland. #Judaism #WednesdayThoughts

Can’t wait to see the rallies and chants against Bloomberg and the unhinged piece of shit in the White House challenges their nationalism...#Judaism

Imagine inventing a nationality in order to repress speech and thinking that you are doing something...good. #Judaism

It was a glass house shaped like a box, said the bobcat. The colors swirled inside. The colors! Magenta and lime green and a golden curry color in the black velvet night. I was so hungry, I could almost taste it. #vss365 #curry

#DisabilityAblesplained I've got the worst offender: "But you don't LOOK sick!" And you don't LOOK stupid so now we're both stumped, huh?

Making #Judaism a nationality isn’t just stupid, craven, and dangerous, but it’s also confusing. Were my ancestors never *really* Eastern European? And since I converted to Islam, am I now a Muslim Jew? #Antisemitism…

“Are you trying to #curry favor?” “I’ve got a date, let me take her upworld.” “No.” He waggled a data drive. “It’s the Collatz Conjecture. It’ll take you hours to solve.” The doors whooshed open & he led the girl inside. He could’ve sworn the computer sighed happily. #vss365

Reading through #DisabilityAblesplained and getting so furious at the gall exhibited by some (way too many) abled folks. Y’all need to just STOP IT already

Booger King #RuinABrandWithOneWord

I encountered peak #GE2019 #DisabilityAblesplained recently: “If you didn’t have such a negative outlook maybe Tory cuts wouldn’t affect you as much.” Not even from a internet rando. Someone I’ve known for 20-odd years. Ableism is IN right now!

excited about Cole but also a little bummed to see Didi gone

Suddenly I’m missing Didi considerably less.

Ok wait. Repubs said for years now we cant keep saying this is like hitler and the Nazi rise to power. But Trump signs and Ex order TOMORROW that will declare Judaism as a NATIONALITY NOT A RELIGION. A legal change that can ( and will) lead to the argument that Jewish people

WATCH: Trump campaign tweets video of Trump as "Avengers" villain Thanos


The Kosher Market in Jersey City was targeted they havent released the names of the shooters why were they targeted dont they know the shooters ID by now?

What you don’t spend your Tuesday night thinking existentially about the state of American Judaism?

<3 judaism hawks at heat duncam robinson bam adebayo kendrick nunn hello sunday texas tech thanos nimmo marte american jews didi gregorius the heat correa inside the nba matisse thybulle nuggets at 76ers floyd mayweather estefano

So the Yankees lost didi but got Cole. I have so many emotions and I don’t know how to process them

i wish i didn't live near hershey right about now #TrumpRallyHershey

What type of blood deal did the leopard make with the producers?? That is the only way that he has stayed this long! @MaskedSingerFOX #maskedsingerfox #treeimhereforyou

Wow @robinthicke has to be leading the panel in correct guesses. Someone keeping track? #maskedsinger #maskedsingerfox

Night 1 in the books & #maskedsingerfox is trending .... meet you here again tomorrow night @JennyMcCarthy @NicoleScherzy @kenjeong @robinthicke @NickCannon @MaskedSingerFOX


Wow! Was not expecting her to be eliminated tonight. What was the audience thinking? #maskedsinger #maskedsingerfox #fanart


I kept thinking Ana Gasteyer but wasn’t sure. But it wouldn’t go away and I guess I was right! #maskedsingerfox #TheMaskedSinger


Why are they ALWAYS eliminating the women?! All we have is the #FlamingoMask to represent all the women. #maskedsingerfox #maskedsinger #TheMaskedSinger

I left a note on their google play, you should do it too. Give them the one star treatment #JTBC_정식사과해 #JTBC아웃 #JTBC_보이콧 #JTBC_뉴스룸_사과해


Germany: 10th December #HumanRightsDay - BNM protest in Munster against human rights violations by Pakistani army and secret agencies in #OccupiedBalochistan. #StandUp4HumanRights #StandUp4BalochRights #SaveBalochWomen #StopBalochGenocide


Oh, shit. I know a lot of y’all don’t consider Roxette a serious band who did serious music but fuck that. I have a lot of happy memories tied up with Roxette, some of the few good memories from high school, and they are still one of my go-to road trip bands. I am crushed.…

Happy #HumanRightsDay from #Maldives! Looking forward to close #partnership for advancing #HumanRights for all.


I can’t think of a better way to honor #HumanRightsDay than to attend a DLM taping. Wait, just thought of some better ways. But come anyway! 8:00 at UCB on Franklin. @ucbtla

Today is #HumanRightsDay. Each of us can be and do better. Keep it in mind when and where you shop. Support those who help make our world better. Not every company or country has the answers, but we can all be working on solutions. We have to! Help lead the future.


Today's #ResistanceLive covers the two articles of impeachment as filed (!!!), what it will take to flip 20 senators for removal, procedures in a Senate impeachment trial, Lavrov at the WH, the USMCA and way more. Get it here:

Triste la muerte de #mariefredriksson los 61 años, la vocalista del grupo #Roxette QEPD Ahora a recordar todas sus canciones que son grandes !!!


Republican voters made a huge mistake picking trump to be their standard bearer. Because of him, the GOP is now officially the party of infidelity, racism, ignorance, and unconstitutional bribery and corruption. Congrats MAGA. You fucked up. #ArticlesOfImpeachment

NEW EPISODE: On #KUWTK, Khloe & Kim threatened to fire Kourtney from the show. In real time, Khloe is still posting novels about Tristan & Jordyn on her IG and Younes & Kourt get handsy in a Miami club. #TuesdayThoughts


Nick this verse a Heartbreaker, you can't stand the heat/you had a Vision of Love, but it was just a Fantasy/told Mariah, We Belong Together, she end up takin off/Nick still Obsessed, the nigga can't Shake it Off #ripnickcannon

ok but naw literally all bighit asks for is a proper apology, no lawsuits (for now), no pulling out from gda, nothing! and yet jtbc won't even do that. what kind of trash company ffs #JTBC_정식사과해 #JTBC아웃 #JTBC_보이콧 #JTBC_뉴스룸_사과해

素敵な曲が一杯あるけど、湿っぽいのは彼女たちらしくないし、やっぱりこの曲。 明るくてポップでキャッチーで、今も全く色褪せない キラキラした僕の青春そのものでした 大好きだよ。 ありがと #roxette

#TuesdayThoughts सतलोक को महापुरुषों ने सनातन धाम, सचखंड, परमधाम , निज लोक, मुक्तिधाम, असली जन्नत आदि कहा है जो कि स्वर्ग महा स्वर्ग ब्रह्म लोक तथा पर ब्रह्मलोक से भी ऊपर है अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखिये साधना चैनल पर रात 7:30 बजे से।


#ArticlesOfImpeachment #ImpeachAndConvictTrump Agreed. If it wasn't for his golden-spoon birth, he'd be lucky working supervised menial jobs. Or he'd be institutionalized in a psychiatric ward or prison. Articles of Impeachment… via @politicususa

Honestly, the last thing Trump wants from an FBI Director is adherence to facts. Think about that statement.…

#TuesdayThoughts वेदों में प्रमाण है कि पूर्ण परमात्मा कविर्देव जब पृथ्वी पर शशि रूप में प्रकट होता है तो उसका जन्म किसी मां के गर्भ से नहीं होता तथा उसका पालन पोषण किसी माता से होता है उनकी परवरिश कुंवारी गायों द्वारा होती है। अवश्य देखें रात्रि 8:30 से ईश्वर चैनल।


Abuse of power, obstruction of Congress, and remember...


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