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Me when asked to repeat a cardi b song #WeLoveYouNicki

EN GUAYNABO?! Ay no, ahora se jodieron. Vamos a ir todes les boriblanquites guaynabiches al paro mañana.…

#MassHysteria when you’re near. #defleppard

Después de lo que vi en Guaynabo esto irá a peor, veo masas de personas contra barreras de policías. Ay padre. #RickyRenuncia #AbajoRosselló

Goodbye to Paul Krassner, a life-long subversive who edited Lenny Bruce's memoir (and tripped with Groucho Marx!)…


RIP Paul Krassner. Delight in The Realist Archives.


ATL wins game four (to tie series) vs #WSH 7-1, 11 hits to 6. #Braves WP: Kevin Gausman (3-5), 7 Inn, 8 SO, 0 BB, 1 ER, 83/63. 2 HR’s: J. Donaldson (23); R. Acuna Jr. (24). #Nationals LP: Joe Ross (0-2), 5.1 Inn, 6 SO, 2 BB, 3 ER, 98/56. #ATL 60-41 (+ 6.5 over #WSH). #MLB

Kevin Gausman dominates as Braves down Nationals 7-1…

Kevin Gausman dominates as Braves down Nationals 7-1…

Quick, someone tell AA bringing Gausman back from the IL doesn’t count as a move! @Braves

Due to her clout chasing #HateHoax, @ItsEricaThomas is now being referred to as #EricaSmollett - and it is everything I needed today.

Going to watch Real play in 2 days and Bale will most probably not play. God! What is this luck of mine?!?

JB Holmes shoots 87, the highest final round score by anyone in #TheOpen since 1966.

Great day to celebrate #NationalIceCreamDay! We’ve got the 3 basic flavors: Vanilla, Choc. & Strawberry, & they’re not basic at all because our ice cream is FoMu: coconut-based, locally made. We always have one “special” flavor too. Right now that’s Red Rasp. Crumble. (#vegan)


Sometimes the weight of the message you deliver, tells the people who you are. #NOISundays #SundayThoughts #SundayMorning #Farrakhan @louisfarrakhan

#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho Deflecting #abuse onto YOU Projecting mis-deeds onto you Blaming you for the abuse "I wouldn't have ________ if you didn't ______" Never taking responsibility for the pain they cause. "You should get over it." #NPD #Narcissist #Education #SelfHelp

Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! One way we love to enjoy ice cream is when it’s sandwiched between two waffles, then dipped or drizzled in chocolate. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


JB Holmes plumb-bobbed his way to an 87. Well played, lad.

#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho Coming over uninvited after a breakup Leaving notes/letters/cards on your car Calling incessantly Texting non-stop Leaving messages at work Stalking Harassing NOT allowing you to move on A narc will stalk, harass. #NPD #Narcissist #Education #SelfHelp

Because this how the convo going to end anyway. #ManlyReasonsToIgnoreACall


JB Holmes is a joke. He doesn’t even try to speed up knowing the rules. As far as I am concerned he is a CHEATER. The most disgusting thing is no rules official has the stones to call him on his BS.…


That's because Democrats have always devised and executed better fiscal/economic programs and policies. Republicans only pretend that this is what their agenda is. Of course, it never was... #uppers…

Can we project this on the front of the DC Trump hotel? #uppers…

Also, she runs under the radar, but the #FreePressMedia needs to start shining a light on Laura Trump. She is tightly coordinating these rallies and one armband away from a full blown Goebbels. Media thinks it’s Stephen Miller, but it’s Laura... @ZerlinaMaxwell #uppers

I'm all those things - white, woman and born here. I would not vote for him or anything who resembles him with your vote. @UPonMSNBC @UpPastryPlate #uppers

Sh*t @ZerlinaMaxwell .... I’ve been in the middle of those people and it is a Klan rally. For the #FreePressMedia not to report these as Klan rallies is reckless. That is what they are. #uppers

Marvel Studios teases their plans for X-Men and the Fantastic Four at #SDCC:…


Marvel Studios Developing X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR Movies…


Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vence a Keith Thurman; es la tercera victoria consecutiva luego de su regreso #PacquiaoThurman


ironicamente, a Marvel se tornou INEVITÁVEL

7 movies in 2021, Marvel? SEVEN!? There's confident and there's crazy. #Marvel #MCU #Phase4…

Man with all this Thor Love & Thunder stuff its got me thinking. Aaron has 1 issue of regular Thor left, then his King Thor and after that his almost decade long run is done. Whose gonna/could take the book after such landmark era? I don't envy that person.


if the hawkeye series is real then the tweet about mcu pushing through with the clown idea that clint trains kate will also be real and existent within the mcu

Marvel Studio PHASE 4 - Black Widow - Eternals - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Thor Love & Thunder - Captain Marvel 2 - Black Panther 2 - Guardians of the galaxy 3 - Fantastic 4 - Blade - X-Men #SDCC2019 #MarvelPhase4


Marvel Phase 4 announced cinematic universe movies and series No dates confirm - Fantastic 4 - Blade - Black Panther 2 - Captain Marvel 2 - Guardians vol. 3 - X-Men - Some big TV series including wanda and Vision, The Falcon - Winter soldier and much more #SDCC #Marvel


The Marvel movies will continue until morale improves…

all of this with phase 4 but no ant man 3...we won but at what cost

A Blade reboot you say? Am I finally gonna go see a Marvel movie for the first time in the past like, 15 years? That reminds me, I need to get the original Blade trilogy (that I love) on Blu-ray.

Note to self: If I'm ever in TX and need a lawyer, don't hire this guy! #LivePD


Doctor Strange being a scary movie basically means MCU stans will be too scared to watch it while I lap up the horror elements like a fine wine

UFC on ESPN 4 in Tweets: Pros react to Leon Edwards’ decision win over Rafael dos Anjos, Greg Hardy’s quick TKO finish (@dannyseguratv)…


Quando você achava que o Chadwick Boseman tinha sido uma boa escolha para ser o Pantera Negra, a Marvel vem e coloca o Mahershala Ali de Blade. #SDDC2019

i have now attended the first AND second longest events in UFC history. I think i’m just not going to go to live events anymore. #UFCSanAntonio

Can someone post the awkward reaction to the strap-on comment. Hilarious lmao lol. #livepd

$3,000 won't cover that medical bill. #LivePD

Best remake kung si Wesley Snipes gihapon, tf Marvel…

Official #UFCSanAntonio bonus winners! FOTN: Bautista vs. Son POTN: Harris POTN: Hooker #UFC…

"This is the story of the #RepublicanParty now. It’s not they’re just #complicit and silent and hiding in fear, it’s that their complicity and silence has enabled this entire #racist high jacking by @realDonaldTrump" @amjoyshow #Reiders #AMJOY #TrumpIsARacist

Angela Bassett is 16 YEARS older than Katie Hopkins. Racist white women age like whole milk.


New boss fight video!! Plus, a large Kickstarter update:… | #screenshotsaturday #pixelart #gamedev

Trump has perpetuated a divisive rhetoric that normalizes racism, bigotry and hatred. This is wrong. This is unacceptable. We need a President like @PeteButtigieg who unites the country, not divides it. Your vote is your remote. #IStandWithErica #ChangeTheChannel #Pete2020…

See you at the rave #screenshotsaturday I've set up a number of accessories and cloth variants, and at the outset of the game the player will be able to choose their own personal glow color. #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity Equipped items show on your back, and you can get dirty

Solskjaer on Mason Greenwood: "He has never been on my mind to send on loan. We have to keep him here. He’s ready to be involved in the first team." [via PA] #MUFC

Dems are funny 100% chance this never happened...#IStandwithErica

#IStandWithErica I want proof before I comment any further.

I thought of this today. It combines two of my favorite travel and Harry Nilsson.… Happy Apollo 11 moon landing 50th anniversary.

happy 50th anniversary to the moon Men

Hello America. Katie Hopkins is neither a journalist or a 'political commentator'. She's been fired from various media outlets and kicked out of South Africa for her senseless racism. She's an ignorant, ex-reality star, dog-whistle specialist with a desperate need for attention.

He made shite of the Inter defence!…

Gonna be scenes in India when Mason Greenwood gets a League 2 loan and gets 1 goal all season

If Mason Greenwood doesn't impress you , then your not from this World.

Have you played Nexomon yet? Are you ready for a new monster capture adventure? #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev #nexomon


Threw together a test room to see how my game's different mechanics interact with each other. And they're doing surprisingly well! A bunch of fun new bugs to squash, but I'm getting there. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #pixelart #godotengine

A pixelated arsenal. #pixelart #gamdev #screenshotsaturday

"Ellos asesinaron a mi mamá, a mis seis hermanos..."

My uber driver is talking about beheading Trump.... 5 stars

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’i tek kelime ile anlatın...


Watching zlatan smashing that goal yesterday. Never rated him till I went to see Sweden vs England and he scored a Worldy overhead kick. When he came to United I wanst sure but Jesus the guy could score. Wished we had him a few years younger

Zlatan on proving himself against Vela: “Please do not offend me. I don’t need to prove nothing, even if I don’t score the goals. I have a lot of respect for Vela. He is a good player. But you did one mistake — you compared him with me. That was your biggest mistake.”

Mike Leake throws 8/9ths of a perfect game, Mariners win 10-0 – Lookout Landing…


michael looks like he smells like newport’s, dirty ear and unemployment. i can smell his broke dusty ass through the tv. #LifeAfterLockup

Do the producers expect us to buy this whacked acting job Lizzie's putting on about Scott on drugs? WE TV needs to hire up. #LifeAfterLockup

The system didn't take shit from you, whiner. You were the one who screwed up your first parole meeting because you couldn't stay out of Meghan's vagina. #LifeAfterLockup

Me as #UTAvPOR kicked off (10pm): so tired, might crash at halftime Me now (1:30am): watching 3 Youtube videos that I have seen at least twice before


Donald Trump Admits Melania Brought A$AP Rocky’s Arrest To His Attention…


Trump talks a lot of shit about Democrat politicians but he doesn’t attack their low information, brainwashed, zombie freak voters.…

YOUR ARE A FASCIST AND A FUCKING LIAR. If your sheeple are THIS STUPID you can keep them. Why don't you and your cattle go live at your buddies (Epstein) island. I'm sure your so called " great genes" will improve with more inbreeding. Trump name now officially means garbage.


We must remember it’s not my America or your America. It’s our America.…

"Alcatraz de las Rocosas": así es ADX, la cárcel “supermax” de EE.UU. donde ingresó Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán

SOMETIMES MY OHIO JUMPS OUT. Example: Today the barista got my coffee order wrong and I didn’t correct him so I wouldn’t HuRt hIS fEeLinGs in case we ever see each other again in the BiGeST CiTy iN aMerIcA.

Jemele Hill said she viewed Le Batard’s comments with pride. "In this current political climate some things are so outrageous and unacceptable that it requires people in positions like Dan to give the proper context that it needs," she told @benjstrauss .

Mi state dicendo che #Bennacer è campione d'Africa. #paqueta è campione di Coppa America e #Dybala è campione di subbuteo? Me lo confermate?

Hosting "Sports Talk" starting right now on @WWLAMFM with @DScottAlexander! What are the most ridiculous and overhyped Saints & NFL storylines of the offseason? Plus, we'll play the expectation game for the Saints, LSU, Pelicans, Tulane, and more! 4-8pm, tune in!

let's hope he takes a shower this year #happybirthdayshane

Take the Black with an all new Fantasy Black Book Show! @JoePisapia17, @BogmanSports, and @IsItTheWelsh welcome @Michael_Fabiano from @nflnetwork to the show to talk #FantasyFootball! Listen:… Subscribe:…

I can’t wait for the Fall...and NFL Regular Season early September

Patrick Mahomes talked today on no suspension for Tyreek Hill


Do the leftists tweeting #GOPCommunists even understand how close to communism the Dems' loud minority really is? The education system in this country is lacking in the history and poli sci departments. Holy shit.

dohyun’s reaction when hangyul’s name was called this is so precious i’m crying #PRODUCE_X_101

Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes. Who you got?…


2 episodes into #QueerEye4 and cried at both of them

Jonah Keri’s lawyer: "Death threats are sometimes said in a moment of anger especially when there's an emotional situation of divorce and you're seeing your family go down the drain," Morena told reporters. 1,000 times, no. Death threats are not a normal reaction in divorce.

Everybody's pissed and throwing heat at Roger Goodell, let's not forget the NFLPA ferociously defended him. If you're going to throw shade throw it at everybody

I don't know how it's even possible anymore for me to be surprised. But man. Fuck Jonah Keri.

Can we please put more care and place more value on the evil and indefensable act that Jonah Keri commited and not that he tweeted against domestic abuse years ago?

Find Your Way Back beat was def inspired by the Great Sarz @beatsbysarz God bless you for the sound you created .

ORLANDO'S MORNING NEWS: I'm in for the great Joe Kelley (@talkradiojoe) this morning. Our top story is more possible severe weather for CFL, plus the rest of the nation is scorching too! OPD stops facial recognition testing, President Trump disavows "Send her back" chant

Contrary to Trump's claim at the "send her back" rally, #RepOmar did NOT praise Al-Queda. She merely discussed the impact of using the Arabic word as a scare tactic to increase intensity and hatred.#IStandWithIlhan #TrumpLies #TheSquad…

Sam Smith is the Diva i strive to become. @samsmith #HowDoYouSleep

If they had anything on Trump. Anything. Mueller would have pinned him to the wall. You are not getting a do over. Hillary is not coming back. Obama is is GITMO. You people are stupid. Quit being traitors. The American people are resolved to take back the Republic from Satan.

If Democrats want to win, they need to learn this lesson from Obama's presidency…


Angela #Merkel in a press conference today about #Trump's #racism: "This runs counter to what is the strength of America." Distances herself from Trump's words & says about @AOC, @IlhanMN, @RashidaTlaib & @AyannaPressley: "I feel solidarity with these women." #TrumpIsARacist

Pelosi needs to pull Rashida And Ilhan Omar off committees They do not represent America and Americans since they illogically proclaim Americans nazis and Israel Nazis and neither are

Literally just pure love Sam Smith though. I’m no bothered about waiting so long for music when stuff like this comes out (although you can release more if you want tho lmaooo)…

ampogi ni dr. strange parang AWA tapos si capt. america natutulog SJSJJSSNNS


SHATTA WALE trending in America! He Global Now!!

Stream My First Album by Peppa Pig

Vamos organizar isso aqui, hoje os gays ficam dando streaming pro Sam Smith e os héteros pra La Casa de Papel

we got used to seeing sam smith killing his songs just by standing and seeing him dance is something we never thought we needed until now…

Nile green is having a fashion moment right now. What could be more chic than these lovely dress shoes in green brocade fabric, made by Clark’s of Street, in Somerset, around 1930. Are you dancing? #dance #footcandyfriday #nilegreen #brocade


Sam Smith、ニューシングル「How Do You Sleep?」のMV公開!…

Anyone who has been a fan of #LionKing has loved Timon and Pumbaa as much as Simba and Mufasa. Giving it a total desi twist, Shreyas used the Mumbaiya lingo to add his special zing to the character.…

*Mufasa's death scene is about to begin* Me: I'm not gonna cry..psh, I've watch this movie before.. also me: #LionKing

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