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The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is of great history but little real interest as it will be resolved on party lines. #paulraftery

After a late night battle of insults the Senate has approved a GOP rules plan to govern President Trump's impeachment trial…

This week in stupid: “Donald Trump is a man of his word.” —Pat Cipollone, American Sycophant #ImpeachmentHearings

Rupture du tendon d’Achille pour Dwight Powell, saison terminée : les Mavs ont perdu cette nuit mais la défaite est anecdotique……

I find it funny that GOPers keep talking about calling on Schiff to testify. Really?!? That guy shreds you every single time! So go ahead! You'll look like this when all is said and done... #GOPCoverup

Well my fellow Americans, the McConnell/Trump cabal held in the US Senate. The fix is in. The sham trial has been enabled with the blessing of Chief Justice Roberts. Just another sad day for justice and decency in Trump’s America. #GOPCoverup #ImpeachmentHearing

Kansas e K-State finiscono la gara in rissa Silvio De Sousa ne è il protagonista più evidente (lo si è visto brandire uno sgabello, a un certo punto) ma è facile immaginare che fioccheranno sanzioni da entrambe le parti

Does anyone else get a Madame vibe from Scheana with the new girls? Is she running an escort SURvice out of her apartment? #PumpRules

Honestly watching Sandoval and Stassi’s fight has me heated. She did nothing wrong and reacted emotionally because of this unnecessary drama at her APPROVED party. Also super proud of Schwartz for calling his partner the fuck out #PumpRules

So was tonight's #LegendsOfTomorrow shown out of production order? We were warned that #CrisisOnInfinteEarths was produced as the 8th ep of the season, but this was presumably the first one produced and it completely acknowledges the fallout from COIE

The air I was missing, my legends #LegendsOfTomorrow a show with everything…

It blows the mind how different S1 of Legends Of Tomorrow was compared to what it is now. Like, I...I don’t want to think about that other show. Tho, Hawkman - Falk Hentschel, was the sweetest guy to my son who wanted to meet him at a Con after S1 aired. #LegendsOfTomorrow

Hello Glasgow! We’re excited to be in your amazing city and can't wait for our Celebration together tonight! There are a few tickets left! Tell a friend and we'll see you real soon!… #bowie2020 #abowiecelebration

In other news #LegendsOfTomorrow comes back on MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!! Hell yeah!!!!

Watch my new videos, you will cum right away! GOPCoverup ImpeachmentHearings ImpeachmentDay Kansas ImpeachmentTrial ThisIsUs Jeter Nadler Pam Bondi De Sousa Silvio Luka Coco Gauff Randall Mavs MapOfTheSoulTour CHEARS FFBWednesday Martinelli Twickenham BTSTOUR2020 Arsenal Kante


"He's not going to the University of Michigan. The only place Derek Jeter is going is Cooperstown." With scout Dick Groch's prophetic words about to officially come true, read how the future captain of the @Yankees landed in pinstripes:


The Senate voted 53-47 to table the Schumer amendment to subpoena White House documents related to the charges against the president. Not a single Republican defected. #ImpeachmentTrial

Anyone who thought even one member of the @SenateGOP would choose truth and justice over party, you haven't been paying attention. #GOPCoverup #VoteThemOut #ImpeachmentTrial

I am a U S Citizen. Don’t Citizens deserve the facts evidence in a trial? Republican Senators day no? Yea, that’s what innocent people do. #coverup #impeachment #ImpeachmentTrial #MidnightMitch #MidnightMoscowMitch

I can’t help to feel somewhat defeated. It is as clear as day that the Republican Party are indeed, traitors to our country and to democracy. #ImpeachmentTrial

Anxiously awaiting @ewarren's unifying #ILikeBernie post, following @HillaryClinton's smears...

Didn’t need a wire Didn’t need a trash can Didn’t need PED’s Didn’t need an Apple Watch Thank you Derek Jeter for playing the game the right way. New York is always love you. Congrats Capt on your HOF induction, you truly earned it! #HOF2020 #MyCaptain


GBRW makes his triumphant baseball twitter return by challenging Jake, cohost of Talkin’ Yanks, Talkin’s Knicks, Talkin’ Baseball and other classics of Jomboy Media™️, to a battle of “Derek Jeter: HOF Idol or Defensive Liability?”. Stay tuned to ESPN 8, the eighth one, for more.

Discounting the steroid guys, the only players on this year’s ballot who get my Hall of Fame vote are Jeter (of course) and Schilling.

Xavier Rhodes: Passer Rating against 2016: 45.3 2017: 73.8 2018: 85.1 2019: 127.6

Trump's approval rating has remained steady throughout the impeachment process. #Trump2020 #ImpeachmentTrial…

OMG, @repschiff spoke so eloquently extemporaneously. (My #senators won't know what that word "extemporaneously" means so I will share it means off the top of his head. Schiff is that great. A #statesman.) #ImpeachmentTrial #TUESDAYTHOUGHTS TIRED OF #REPUBLICAN #COVERUPS

FOR THE RECORD: Susan Collins has gone on record voting against the admission of witnesses and documents in the Trump Impeachment Trial. She has lied to us-again. We now MUST do everything in our power to replace her in November. She. Is. Done. #ImpeachmentTrial

Who else got no sleep last night because they were having war flashbacks about the last time BTS tickets went on sale? #BTSTOUR2020


While politicians and candidates actively avoided mosques, Bernie Sanders - during one stop in Michigan - visited scores of mosques in 2016. #ILikeBernie


The least likeable politician, Hillary Clinton, is attacking the most likeable politician, Bernie Sanders. You can look at the favorability polling, it's a fact. #ILikeBernie

These Temtem reviews only fuel my disdain for the hype.


uuhhhh, we're really getting a young president snow book? ew? not looking forward to seeing readers start idealising him

#ILikeBernie lol how is hilary clinton still relevant and why do people care what she has to say at this point. sit down and retire in peace, you got grandchildren that maybe actually want your attention.

Happy #SquirrelAppreciationDay! Look at this cute little pile of adorable! Our Animal Control Officers were called for these guys who were no longer in their nest. They were transported to a rehab center and later released!


¡#Temtem ya está disponible en PC! Estos son sus requisitos mínimos y recomendados…

you mean to tell me... we could have gotten a prequel about haymitch, mags, or finnick... and instead we have to read about president snow? I HATE IT HERE!!! IM TIRED OF THIS NONSENSE!!!…

President Snow was my favorite thing in the Hunger Games movies after Haymitch so tbh if the casting is good and characterization goes as ham as the movies did I am on board

Bocanegra: "(Gressel) is a big boy. He understands the business... I don't think there is any bad blood. It's a good situation for him personally and financially."


[200121] #GDRAGON at Chanel Fashion Show 2020 in Paris #GDatCHANEL (cr. kwonyc weibo)


#WeWillFightForWonho because he did not deserve what happened to him. He will fight for him because through his actions, words and personality he stole our hearts. We will fight until he his happily home with his brothers.@OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent #늘_머물러_있을게

The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict posted a graphic with a fabricated statement attributed to Anakbayan spokesperson Alex Danday on its official social media accounts.…

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