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Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch gets a standing ovation from the audience as she leaves the hearing.

Today would have been a good day to ask Ambassador Yovanovitch about the US Embassy in Kiev's work with alleged Russian agent Konstantin Killimnik but maybe we're not ready for that yet

Everybody sees this for the @GOP theatrics it is! Thank you Ambassador Yovanovich for being a true and courageous patriot!…

Wonder how involved she was with the DNC/Steele Dossier HOAX?? She had to have known...IMO...she's a Russian agent; she's got the background for it and a PERFECT COVER as a Russian agent by being the US APPOINTED Ambassador to the Ukraine that Russia wants to takeover. ESPIONAGE…

Marie Yovanovitch’s Testimony Showcases Donald Trump’s Obsession With Revenge

I hired Donald Trump to fire people like Yovanovitch

Some people in the hearing room applauded after former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch finished giving her testimony

UPDATE: Defense for #PatrickFrazee rests its case without calling a single witness. Frazee himself declines to take the stand. All testimony in this trial is now finished. @csgazette  #KelseyBerreth

It’s gonna be incredible when one of the impeachment charges is witness tampering and the President complains this wouldn’t have happened if he’d only been banned from Twitter

Trump cites the First Amendment in defending his right to Tweet intimidating comments during Ambassador Yovanovitch's testimony. Tip: The First Amendment does not protect speech in the furtherance of a crime. If the speech itself is part of a crime, you are not protected.

The fact that Trump’s personal lawyer and a Ukrainian official accused of corruption could oust a U.S. ambassador based on a campaign of lies should worry anti-corruption advocates everywhere, Marie Yovanovitch argued Friday.… via @HuffPostPol

Pathetic @SteveScalise . Is that all you've? Mocking a witness by calling her "star witness" in sarcasm?…

Obama leaves an ambassador to die in Benghazi and the Democrats and Media covers for him. Trump fires a crooked ambassador in Ukraine and the Democrats and Media pushes for impeachment. See the difference?

And they say women are emotional? Thank you Ambassador Yovanovich for your heroism and your service for the past 33 years. #AmbassadorYovanovitch #ImpeachingHearings #ImpeachmentHearing #Yovanovich #TrumpImpeachment #TrumpBriberyCrimes #TrumpRally #TrumpIsADisgrace


Man, @RepMarkMeadows is trying to say Trump's tweet was a fair characterization of Ambassador Yovanovitch's record?? He is a FUCKING JOKE.

Today's hearing with former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch will re-air at 8pm ET on C-SPAN --OR -- watch anytime online here:

Fox News anchors say Trump's tweet raises the possibility of witness tampering… #SmartNews

President Trump is too indulgent with all the thugs in the democratic party and fake media. He has been hit front , back left and right by this charlatans. Iovanovici is not a witness since she was not the Ambassador in Ukraine at the time in question. She is just a puppet.

Y’all be talking about Disney plus mad crazy but what is DIS huNEY? PLUS, you need to brush your teeth

Today's hearing didn't even try to move the needle on impeachment. The witness had no first-hand knowledge of anything that happened during the entire time period leading to President Trump's call with Ukrainian president, the call itself, or anything that has happened since.…

Roger Stone guilty on all counts in federal trial of lying to Congress, witness tampering…

Trump basically threatening to shoot the witness on 5th Avenue... and Republicans defending him. Wtf

Roger Stone found guilty on all counts.…

Live updates: Trump denies witness tampering, says he has right to free speech…

Neal Hefti won a Grammy for his Batman Theme, so clearly this is the winner. #BestCartoonThemeSong

If #Disney don't release a toy range with Tiny Yoda, I'm gonna disintegrate one Jawa each day until they do. 'Hee Ho Ho, ho ho ho!' #TheMandalorianSpoilers

Sick to my stomach right now. Roger Stone convicted in a case literally about nothing and now @daviddaleiden & @CtrMedProgress have been convicted in a CA courtroom for exposing Planned Parenthood's illegal baby body parts business.

Roger Stone guilty on all counts: lying to Congress, obstrucion, witness tampering - The Washington Post…

Lock Him Up — “Dirty trickster” Roger Stone convicted on all counts in Mueller indictment | Ars Technica…

Garrett getting suspended for the year is fair, IMHO. Mason Rudolph should also be suspended for at least two games.

This morning, I celebrated #AmericaRecyclesDay at @csddoverhigh with the students in @dhsteenvision and learned more about their efforts to encourage recycling ♻️


After seeing more footage and pictures of the fight I must say Mason Rudolph does have a very very punchable face..Hopefully Mike Tomlin realizes that and puts Devlin Hodges in for the rest of the season.

U.S. embassy and consulate #construction projects recycle materials to save space in landfills and reuse resources. Also, many of our building materials contain recycled content. #StateOBO is glad to do our small part and celebrate #AmericaRecyclesDay! #BeRecycled @kabtweet


No worries. No Stress. Why would you want to settle for less? #FridayFeeling #Vacation #Relax


Happy #AmericaRecyclesDay from my Senate Recycling Caucus co-chair @JohnBoozman and me! Recycling is a small step that just about every American can take each day to improve our quality of living and protect the environment we share.…

Today is America Recycles Day, and we want to be sure our residents "know before you throw" to ensure we're recycling right in Prince George's County! Learn more at: #AmericaRecyclesDay #BeRecycled #PrinceGeorgesProud


i love #BlackOutBTS , love having a space for black people to feel beautiful. ALL the time, we hear things like “you’re so pretty, *for a black girl*” or get straight up insulted for our skin. if you posted, know that i think you are HOT AS HELL BBY

The celebration continues at the #LatinGRAMMY Official After Party thanks to @Bulova, @HennessyUS, @Vegas, @Mastercard, @McDonalds, @NissanLatino, and @SourpatchKids.


Yeah, not the biggest fan of your music, BUT THAT SHIT IS YOURS! This is actually horrible and I’m sorry you’re dealing with this #IStandWithTaylor…

#DCUniverse has released a new family-unfriendly trailer for the new #HarleyQuinn animated series and you won’t see anything like this on Disney+!

ск*ут*ер бр*ун и ск*тт б*орче*а не прикладывали никаких усилий к созданию шедевров, которые сотворила тейлор. после такого они не заслуживают никаких прав мне очень жаль, что вся эту ситуация происходит с тейлор, которая каждый раз вкладывает душу в свои песни #IStandWithTaylor

#IStandWithTaylor #تايلور_سويفت ممكن نلفت نظر العرب برضو؟ شاركو بهالهاشتاقين ووضحو رايكم بالموضوع نبي اكبر عدد من الناس يوقفون مع تايلور .. هالمره مارح نسكت لازم نقلب العالم عليه مثل ماشارك بقلب العالم على تايلور زمان

If they hurt you, they hurt us too So we'll rise up Won't stop Hold on tight, hold on to us #ThisTimeForWonho #몬베베가_너의자리를_지키겠다 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent


Cam Heyward was emphatic that Myles Garrett should be suspended: “Yes! Hands down. And I told those other players on the other side, "You all better handle that. ... We play this game, we all work for it -- but for someone to use a helmet as a weapon, is uncalled for.”

Opinion: This was uglier than a brawl, and Garrett deserves long suspension…

You, a fool: Disney+ is amazing because of Star Wars and Marvel and dozens and dozens of classic movies! Me, an intellectual: Gravity Falls

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