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Sadly, my friend Paul Krassner, satirist, activist, comedian, author, and publisher of The Realist, has passed away. Since the 1960s, he was always there for me, as I was for him. Read more:…


Falece aos 87 anos Paul Krassner, um dos intelectuais americanos que fizeram a ponte do movimento beatnik dos anos 50 aos hippies dos anos 60

i’m so glad i saw Spider-Man over Lion King tonight... that jaunt was easily a 10/10


The panel today was really sobering in terms of how final this is. It hurt, it truly did. But im glad they'll all have new opportunities in the future. J2M are such bright minds and brilliant souls and I can't wait to see what they bring us in the future individually. #SDCC

I take back everything I said about Kevin Gausman.

Guaynabo se tiró el #NiviaChallenge y es que me he quedado estúpido.

So @ConEdison purposely shutdown power for 30K residents in Canarsie, Mill Basin and Flatbush to prevent a bigger outage. We have senior citizens and families, suffering in this heat. How dare they point a finger on Brooklyn's map and choose. We are not collateral damage.

Gausman vuelve de lesión para guiar a Bravos ante Nacionales

Kevin Gausman pitched into the eighth inning, and the Atlanta Braves beat the Washington Nationals 7-1 on Sunday night to protect their NL East lead.…

Gausman delivers gem as Braves thump Nats


That was the best Gausman has pitched since he was traded to Atlanta

Anti-TMT rally draws hundreds to Waikiki #HNN

Hanbin's fave scents from 5gam are Morning Dew, woody&cassis, profonde bluebell, and Waikiki. He also uses Woody & Cassis diffuser in his room.

#BREAKING: A #TMT spokesperson tells @HawaiiNewsNow in an #EXCLUSIVE interview from Hilo that #Maunakea remains the preferred site for the #ThirtyMeterTelescope — saying project executives have no immediate plans to withdraw from construction in #Hawaii

Waikīkī, land of spouting waters, is overflowing today


Hundreds of protesters marched along Kalauaka Avenue this morning in opposition to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on #MaunaKea. #aina… Photo: Billy Hull, @StarAdvertiser


VIDEO: Hundreds of TMT opponents march in protest in Waikiki

i work at a hotel in waikiki and currently guests are calling the front desk and requesting ear plugs so they don’t have to hear the voices of hawaiians outside their windows who are calling for the protection of #MaunaKea i can’t find the words for how cruel this is.

#TMT opposition leadership addresses swelling crowd of more than 2,000 people on #Maunakea & asks protesters around #Hawaii & world to maintain #KapuAloha as #ThirtyMeterTelescope construction opponents await next move from state law enforcement… #HINews

Send prayers and strength to the #NativeHawaiian people as they take peaceful steps to defend their sacred mountain #MaunaKea. Wearing a scarf made for the efforts to protect the sacred mountain peaceful walk in #waikiki today


A day to forget for JB Holmes. Started the day in third. Shot a +16 round of 87, finishes 67th out of 72. #TheOpen


JB Holmes shot 87 today to close The Open. Dropped 64 (!) places today. With a share of the 54-hole lead at The Players in 2017 (not a major, but still), he shot 84. Went from T-1 to T-41.

JB Holmes shot 87 Eighty seven

I didn't comment on the #IStandwithErica hashtag when it took off on Friday. This is why. Race-baiting Democrats like @itsericathomas STILL think they can lie to the American people and that we won't find out the truth. We The People have had enough. #HateHoax #EricaThomas

New “Nighttime” #Vegan #icecream Simultaneously Cures Midnight Munchies and Insomnia #NationalIceCreamDay #IceCreamDay…

Saw Lion King at @TheatreBloxburg! It was amazing! The music, lighting, actors, and everything was perfect! Great work to @crunchlinq! Also saw these guys @BloxUKPM @bloxburg_j and more (comment ur @ if I forgot you)

Greetings, Keyblade wielders! If you haven't, make sure to log in and grab the Nala Snuggly avatar part before 3:59 a.m. (PT) today! You can complete the entire Lion King avatar set with the Timon Snuggly and the Balloon Pumbaa avatar parts in the current WJE! #KHUX


Part of the agreement with Iran was that the U.S. and @realDonaldTrump would give Iran some of it's money back, money that the U.S. thinks it should keep for itself. See, the U.S. are run by some thugs. #NOISundays #SundayThoughts #SundayMorning #Farrakhan @louisfarrakhan

The Lion King is the Number 1 Movie of all time. #FakeLionKingFacts


Revealed last night at #SDCC: the cover art and special SteelBook art for Death Stranding:


2021's Thor: Love and Thunder Ends Phase 4 (For Now) #Phase4 #SDCC…


Ashton Turner was in last place (73rd) after round 3 at +7. He shoots 68 (-3) this morning and ends up in 57th two shots ahead of JB Holmes who started the day at -10 in 3rd place but faltered with an 87 (+16).

Remember the same liberals who tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh and his family, despite it being obvious he wasn't lying, are the same people who believed Jussie Smollett & Erica Thomas, despite it being obvious they were lying. They don't care whose lives they destroy. #HateHoax


I'm beyond furious that elected officials from my state are now orchestrating hate crimes! Time to demand @itsericathomas resignation or recall her! #HateHoax @BrianKempGA #ericathomashoax #EricaThomas…

#HateHoax Thanks Democrats. Keep flaming this racial divide. Way to unite the country!

King Shark better be hawaiian, because he's actually supposed to be legit the shark god based on hawaiian myth

my solidarity stands unwaveringly with the natives of hawai’i. here a political organizer and indigenous hawaiian woman haunani-kay trask gives a speech calling attention to the brutal US colonial occupation of her land and fiercely rejects the nationalist american identity.

Yes it is another Hawaiian shirt Sunday here at Sahlen field. Pat and I are ready. New baby shark ink(it’s not real).Game time 1:05.


Was in Hawaii for a quick trip. Leaving soon, but am always struck with how caring the Hawaiian culture is. Helping when needed and always caring would make all of our teams better whether that be in the sports or corporate world. And it’s not that hard to take both up a little.


""The pain began when they took people off the land," he said. "And then they took governance and stewardship of the land, like Mauna Kea." The battle is bigger than the telescope, said Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, a teacher and cultural practitioner."…

That part. Also: where was our Asian community when the Mauna Kea action happened here in the Bay?? That’s a question one of my Pacific Islander youth asked me. Y’all love being AAPI when it comes to our culture, dance & music, but what about when it comes to showing up for us?…

“Before 1893, it would have been unthinkable that the Government of the Kingdom of Hawai’i would ever conceive of such a plan. Yes, Kalakaua loved astronomy. All Hawaiians loved the stars. However, they loved Mauna Kea even more.”… #MaunaKea

Manny Pacquiao’s victory is a victory of all, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said on Sunday. | @FMOrellanaINQ #PacquiaoThurman…

Humility will always raise you up. Stay HUMBLE. #PacquiaoThurman



consider all the ways you’ve done harm. all the parts of your lovers in which you’ve killed & all the ways you can. consider that you are the blade. all the blood you’ve drawn. & you’ll learn choosing to be a feather is anything but light.

Los tres grandes anuncios de #MarvelSDCC: - #NataliePortman vuelve como #JaneFoster en #Thor4 y será la versión femenina de #Thor. - #MahershalaAli protagonizará una película o serie de #Blade. - Quedó conformado el calendario de películas y series hasta fines de 2021 #SDCC2019


Now that we know Blade is in the #MCU can we get a #BlackPanther #Blade team up movie in phase 5 or 6? Would be great to see Mahershala and Chadwick on screen together.

she’s not gonna survive black widow press tour oh my god someone help her please…

cast de black widow passando na sua tl para abençoar o seu dia

Wait David Harbour's playing as ALEXEI in Black Widow!?! THAT'S NOT A FUCKIN COINCIDENCE Y'ALL


r*nner calling kate bishop female hawkeye........IT CANNOT GET WORSE

i know y’all ain’t disrespecting aja’s hawkeye design…

Marvel is making my wet dreams come true with these announcements of David Harbour, Daniel Brühl and Sebastian Stan not to mention Tom Hiddleston that we already knew but still...

me estoy cagando de amor por lia mchugh, siento que la voy a re amar en the eternals man


y’all pussies for not recording the black widow trailer

florence pugh, david harbour, richard madden, angelina jolie, mahershala ali and natalie portman are you KIDDING marvel is really trying to make me care about marvel again after the atrocity that was endgame

those unfamiliar with the TMT events or the Hawaiian culture, know this. you are witnessing firsthand a renaissance of the Hawaiian culture and despite the ten year fight, this year will be remembered as one of the greatest and most important years for Hawaiian history.

Fact check: Joe Biden misleads with claim that Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All plan would cause a "hiatus"


Eff that. If Bernie gets screwed and isn’t the nom, I’m voting Green.…

Why does Bernie like warren so much ?

I'm told Bernie's union problems have the Cosplay Socialists in a panic.

Hawaii island Mayor Harry Kim gives praise to protesters blocking access to Mauna Kea [+video]


Leon Edwards established himself as a legitimate threat at welterweight. Now, his sights are set on the top of the division. @ShaneTConnelly recaps the #UFCSanAntonio main event.…

Hawaiian pizza is the best pizza on god

sorry babe, the Hawaiian shirt and Chacos stay ON during sex

Beautiful to see 120,000 people around the world rise to sign in 4 days. We are stronger today than yesterday. Join us, share with a friend and colleague, and forward it on. Kū ha'aheo (live from California!) ❤️ #StandWithMaunaKea @Change .@puuhuluhulu…

Btw this pictures only about 1/5th of the people who were actually here today. Hearing estimates of anywhere between 3,000-5,000 came to Mauna Kea today.…

The immediate halt to the construction of the TMT on Mauna Kea - Sign the Petition! via @Change

Utahns gather in 'sacred' ghost town to support protest in Hawaii

What can I say. What an amazing day! My teacher heart is full. Thank you @KaneoheEl for hosting. @TeachinginHI @HSGKristen for planning. @mschung808 @EdTechnocation for planning the board. #808educate #808uncon


Thank you #808educate and #808uncon for such a wonderful event. And thank you @KaneoheEl for opening up your school and sharing your sense of place with us all. I loved connecting and meeting so many new people! It's a great time to be an educator :)


Mahalo Uncle Mark for the Fresh pa’i ai! The best compliment to the Hawaiian food from Fresh Catch Kāneʻohe! Mahalo @HSG_HI & @HSGKristen for the Ono grinds @808Uncon #808UNCON


How are our schools implementing HĀ? Hot topic at the #808uncon @808Uncon #808educate


So many amazing educators here today @KaneoheEl for the @808UNCON! I'm excited and honored to a part of this learning experience! #808educate #808UNCON @Stajima1Stajima


Happy 50th anniversary of Human Moon Day! If PS63 weighs 1.6kg on Earth, what about on the moon? To the moon:… #MSI #PS63 #PSseries #Elegant #Prestige #Creators #CreatorPC


Sunglasses don’t make everyone cool #TeachSomethingIn5Words

The best song ever written, Given Up, by Linkin Park. Play it fucking loud. Love you Chester. #RIPChesterBennington #fuckdepression

Katie Hopkins is afraid. Donald Trump is afraid. They seek political capital and support from the fear they cultivate in others. They set the worst possible example. Justice, fairness and decency mean little to them.

You know who’s really good? Rhian Brewster. And Mason Greenwood. And Eddie Nketiah. No amount of banterous likes and retweets will change that.

How has it been 2 years since Chester Bennington died? I still can’t believe he’s gone. #RIPChesterBennington #MakeChesterProud


Trump Defends 'Send Her Back' Chanters with Retweet of Katie Hopkins, Far-Right Commentator Who Called Migrants 'Cockroaches'…

I'm in #HALLH #HallHLine BE DAMNED! I GOT IN GOD DAMNIT! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! #SDCC #SDCC19 Hall H Line is #HELL! Thank you for your help though @HallHLine @Comic_Con Happy 50th Anniversary!!!!! Let's DO THIS!!!! #Westworld @WestworldHBO #Marvel @Marvel @MarvelStudios


Hello Viewer's, This is a Logo. How it looks? I also do al type of #Graphic related works & #Brand Identity. If need pls click #MTVHottest #WhyteRivas #FortniteEvent #Greenwood #catchphrase #IStandwithErica #SaturdayThoughts #Neil Armstrong #Katie Hopkins


Just to make it plain Who Trump is aligning himself with - Katie Hopkins - racist, xenophobe, white supremacist. Her use of the word “cockroaches” to describe immigrants is not accidental. It’s the same language used leading up to the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide.…

I mean, I was rooting for Lee Westwood, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to not love what Shane Lowry is doing right now for The Home Team. #TheOpen

Lee Westwood could never win an open but could throw 1 away

The Mauna Kea Kiaʻi (Mauna Kea Protectors) are occupying the base of Mauna Kea to block construction of a Thirty Meter Telescope atop the sacred mountain. Listen to those on the front line explain what they’re standing for.

Stream This: Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of @NASA's Apollo 11 moon landing today, @Strandofoaks shared an alternate take on the 'Eraserland' track "Moon Landing" (p.s. Happy Birthday Tim!)…

If you’re mentioning Mauna Kea for the clout in your raps...... but don’t stand up for our culture every single day of your life..... I might kill your career. The Same Cops that Stepped on my homies skull at Haleakalā are here. People are risking their lives.

early days but, from what i’ve seen in these couple of pre-season games, i can genuinely see mason greenwood sending pep guardiola into a downward spiral in which he loses his job, money, family, self-respect and life in quick succession.

Vegas comin In strong!!!!! The world can hear us Hawaiians!!! Let it be known!!!!

Krystal Two Bulls, an Oglala Lakota/Northern Cheyenne woman from Montana, is among the Mauna Kea kiaʻi. She answered the call, in the same way some Hawaiians did for the Standing Rock / Dakota Access Pipeline situation a few years ago. #MaunaKea…

although i’m in space science and am passionate about my field, i don’t approve of sacred land and native hawaiians being disrespected. science and it’s progression does not need to be cold and inhumane. we can do so much better.

Younger Native Hawaiians are using lessons from the past to fight a telescope on a mountain they consider sacred. They see the protest as indicative of a bigger cultural struggle.

MaunaKea is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s the gateway to the sky, sitting in the middle of the pacific with zero light pollution. Seeing the stars from the summit is life changing. I support the native Hawaiians as they try to protect this land.…

Having a blast here here in Hawaii #AlohaFriday


Zlatan is the only footballer I know that brags about how good he is, even arrogantly, and yet delivers when needed. That is what Pogba wish he was.

eugenia cooney is so kind and wholesome this girl has such a big heart she deserves so much love and happiness

Mauna Kea closure crippling tour companies #HNN

With Hawai’i Nei, my home, on my back, I feel that I can conquer any opponent. When there are two of us..even better. But when there are Hundreds of us standing in solidarity on MAUNA KEA, in Kahalu’u, Waimanalo, Las Vegas, Philippines.. WE CANNOT BE DEFEATED! #Hawaiiwestand


But officer I was nervous. I needed my safe space!#LivePD

The #SFGiants hit .500 tonight. Tyler Beede is feeling the energy. "We feel like we're one of the best teams in baseball right now the way that we're playing."

How? Why? WHAT? The Giants kept their winning streak alive in one of the most bizarre ways possible. From Tyler Beede's dominant start to the Mets Mets-ing, @PavlovicNBCS breaks it all down


Here’s the video of Rainbow Falls today. Filmed with my @nikonusa D7500 I just hit record on this one. #hawaii #explore #bigisland #hawaiilife #hawaiistagram #hawaiiunchained #hawaiiphotographer #hawaiilove #nikon #nikond7500 #alohafriday

Tyler Beede is through a career-high eight innings. His last three starts have been his three longest.

Tyler Beede set a new career-high with eight shutout innings. He walks off the mound to a loud standing ovation from the crowd at Oracle Park. He simply dominated the Mets tonight.

Amazing Vintage Photos Show Astronauts In Hawaii Training For Moon Missions via @PISCES_Hawaii #Apollo50th #WeAreLaniakea #AlohaFriday #ScienceFriday

The sunny Leeward Coast on Oahu sits at the foot of a mountain range just miles from Waikiki, but the contrast between the regions is amazing. ❤️Photo Creds - @enzo_hamma #Aloha #OlaProperties #Ola #Hawaii #BookDirect #ClearWater #BeachDays #AlohaFriday #Oahu #Westside


The recent remarks about Khalil Mack from the #Packers CEO makes me wonder if Ryan Pace duped the #Raiders into trading Khalil Mack to the #Bears.…


Wow Mr. Jim “5-0 vs the NFL” Quinn was ill prepared for the case and had to beg for 45 days to come up with some new ideas to prove a valid case. This case was damn near thrown out and likely will be in 45 days.…

NFL and Chiefs got it wrong on Tyreek Hill. Now, the child must be the priority…

Episode 1 of the new season of @QueerEye and I am just elated that the Fab 5 focused on helping a teacher. They are making me as a viewer so proud to be a fellow educator, just in the things they are saying and doing. I love these men and I love this show. ❤️ #QueerEye4

Got a margarita in my hand and a box of tissues. Bring it on season 4 of @QueerEye !!!! #QueerEye4

Queer Eye is back. Oh how I've missed you ❤️ #QueerEye4

Plenty of the National Guard being brought to #MaunaKea right now are Samoan. The Hawaiian government seeks to divide Polynesians. Here, a piece on "Why All Samoans Should Stand for Mauna Kea." #ProtectMaunaKea #TMTShutdown…

So sad seeing all of these Hawaiian athletes/public figures not using their platform to spread awareness about Mauna Kea... your silence speaks volumes

please consider donating to to help bail out the 33 native Hawaiian elders who were arrested protecting Mauna Kea, a sacred site, from a construction project they were never consulted on

Is the irony lost on the left trying to push this notion of #GOPCommunists while it is THEY who are calling for socialism!?! Do they not know history and what communism and socialism means?! #LyingDemocrats

Please stop using Jonah Keri’s old tweets as some kind of cold take, ‘lol this aged poorly’, gotcha BS. There are no jokes to be made on this one.

I understand some want to be educated before making their stand, but seeing our kupuna get arrested and seeing Hawaiians crying together should be enough for you to want to rise up. Trust your own culture.

I had a customer tell me that Mauna a Wākea’s kia’i are an “inconvenience.” — You know what’s an “inconvenience?” Native Hawaiians STILL having to fight for BASIC RELIGIOUS RIGHTS in their own ONE HĀNAU. But you know what, we’ll keep fighting, a hiki i ke aloha ʻāina hope loa.

Like many others have noted, the battle for #MaunaKea is more than just a battle against the TMT; it is a battle for the culture, history, traditions of Native Hawaiians. It is a ongoing struggle for their right to exist in their own land.

Hawaiians: “Get plenty yaaahd for bang in!” David Ige:

Don’t mind cancelling Jonah Keri one bit

Wizkid killed that brown skin girl track. Yo I'm so impressed. #TheGiftAlbum


while i have wifi might as well download the peppa pig album

The Lion King: 'Cried as children, crying as adults,' say netizens as Mufasa's death remains just as tragic 25 years later…

Woke up and started listening to Peppa Pig’s first album. She snapped and served us vocals

Maxo kream est vraiment super super fort il mérite

The state Supreme Court has given the green light to the project that would put one of the world’s most powerful telescopes atop Mauna Kea on Hawaii's Big Island.

Si la construcción es tan problemática para una población local que la considera un insulto a sus creencias, y que está hasta las narices de occidentales, ¿no será más fácil tirar directamente por el plan B ya previsto y llevar el telescopio a Canarias?…

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