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Jesus is now driving power boats.


Sampaoli quer ficar no Brasil por que ele sabe que se o Jorge Jesus sair do Flamengo ele seria um nome forte pra assumir o clube mas Hoje sem chances pra ele.

love when my eye won't stop twitching from too much caffeine. big fan honestly, can't get enough

"Forget all the story tie-ins and new characters and #StarWars references – this alone is enough to make Rise of the Resistance one of the most compelling attractions out there."

ONE SINGLE SEAT IS OPEN FOR THE STAR WARS MARATHON AT DISNEY SPRINGS AMC!! HURRY UP IF YOU WANT IT!! #StarWarsTheRiseOfSkywalker  #TheRiseOfSkywalker  #RiseOfSkywalker  #StarWarsMarathon #StarWars  #DisneySprings #AMC


Uma trilhaça dessas, bicho! Para evitar spoilers, Disney libera trilha sonora original de Star Wars - A Ascensão Skywalker com faixas sem título; ouça:


#lebanon ‘s Kahlil Our revenues for last 3 months have decreased in VERY BIG WAY We have numbers that are HONESTLY VERY WORRYING Public salaries were priority would be paid this month and in COMING MONTHS We are faced w REAL DIFFICULTIES in financing the state as a whole


I honestly can’t wait to be a dad

Just remembered I'm seeing Star Wars a week tomorrow.

thinking about how at my final polish oral exam at the end of hs i got an illustration portraying the father son relationship and i rly wanted to talk about star wars but i couldnt cause if u get an image instead of a text u can only talk about literature im still sad about it

#OTD S.S. Lahaina Shelled 12/11/42 Freighter Crew 4Japanese submarine I-9 shelled her about 800 miles northeast of Honolulu, T.H. The crew abandoned ship, but the following morning, they attempt to reboard the ship.


kiju kaju cash down juon an honolulu protestant united church of christ “birej” non ad maroñ kalôk juon make amim MON JAR ie..…

Is Titus Ekiru the most unheralded marathon runner? Since he made his international debut 2017 @MaratonSevilla in a 2:07:43 CR he has won Honolulu twice (CR 2:08:00), set an Italian All-Comers in Milano (2:04:46), CR Mexico City, + 3 half marathon wins…

Guess who's working on a Honolulu blue Chase Young jersey swap... #OnePride

The #OPEC monthly report will be out at 1pm GMT, (2pm CET, 3am in Honolulu...etc...) #OOTT

El discurso de ayer de Cristina fue full Deanerys Targaryen.

Hi yes can Judaism just be about worshipping God like every other religion out there and not some political movement or racial identifier please and thank you

Honestly a bit pricy for the second-best pitcher in New York, if you ask me.…

I’d say these guys owe Freddy a dinner if they hang on. But based on how they play D...I doubt they even know who he is. Play some defence...just a little. Jesus.

Jordan Family Band - Call On Jesus

I’m one of those people that’s so happy we got Cole but really sad Didi left and so I have a lot of feelings right now

I honestly think that 2020 will be my best year . There’s so many changes and no ones ready

A 16-year-old girl was abducted gangraped and murdered in UP's Bulandshahar on January 2, 2018. family of the deceased girl has now relocated to a different district following threats to not pursue case. Family alleges of poor prosecution in the case. Listen in.

Don’t get it twisted you can be 22 years old and still be a girl and yet be 18 and be a woman. My point is age don’t mean anything. If you have no goals and standards you’ll attract dudes with no goals or standards.

I think I'm actually getting a new car tomorrow and I am honestly excited and proud. I've been working so hard for this and its finally nearing!

Jesus when he died & rose again 3 days later

Zionists wanted to transform Judaism from a religion to a nationality. Our Holy Land became a political State. Biblical Lashon Kodesh was nationalized & Hebrew was born Our religion was hostaged & turned into a national culture. Israel is a Zionist State. Not Jewish!

Filis de Filadelfia acuerdan contrato con Didi Gregorius

Judaism is not a nationality because the nationality of a Jew — like that of a Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or person of any religion — is that of the country in which they have citizenship. Nationality is not an intrinsic identity. It's something you can change.

There is no ancient Hebrew word for "religion." There *is* an ancient Hebrew word for "nation". What we call 'Judaism' are the beliefs & practices of 'nation of Israel'- the people that preceded the religion. /1

NYT article (in addition to the CNN one already posted) on Trump's order to declare Judaism a nationality. If it was good for Hitler, its good for Trump, right?…

#Trump's #campaign team are idiots. Sure, use the scene where #Thanos doesn't destroy anyone, he's obliterated. #TrumpImpeachment #avengersinfinitywars #avengers Trump's Campaign Team Turn Him Into Thanos Against Dems, Creator Pissed… via @TMZ

I will..... cosplay aina promare,

Trump is JEWISH for all practical purposes, family is married to Jews, associated w Chabad- Lubavitch, pushing JEWISH SUPREMACY-believed he CONVERTED TO JUDAISM-TRUMPERS HAVE BEEN HAD…


Excuse me. WTF is happening here. Can someone tell me what is the endgame for this move? Especially in light of ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ speech this past weekend? #Jewish #Judaism #Nationality…

“...Seeing that pompous fool using my creation to stroke his infantile ego, it finally struck me that the leader of my country and the free world actually enjoys comparing himself to a mass murderer. How sick is that?”…

If this doesn’t move you then nothing will. In a school where 65% of the students are in foster care or homeless, the lives of these children and teachers were just changed forever. Thank you Michelle, Apple and Ellen. #EllensGreatestNight #MichelleObama #Apple…

Big ALOHA to my island ohana! See you soon. First time I’ve seen Moloka’i, Lana’i, Maui and maybe even Mauna Kea on the Big Island from the plane at takeoff.kinda cool! #hawaii #ohana #aloha #oahu #paradise #history #explore #sun #island #Maui #molokai #lanai #maunakea #bigisland


A1 I'm going to say #hiking outside of #honolulu #hawaii - Within 30 min, you can be on epic hikes like this, Stairway to Heaven (backside). Have you hiked in #oahu? via @CaitlinKellyNYC #trlt #traveltuesday #adventure #Aloha


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