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Nuestro especialista en política internacional, @sjuncal, regresó de Chile y nos cuenta en su columna cómo se vive la crisis en las calles a casi 2 meses del inicio de las protestas.…

Heute und Morgen wird mein Weihnachtsalbum "Christmas DAY" ( Listen on #spotify und #deezer auf der Titelseite der #hamburgermorgenpost vorgestellt <3 Danke liebe @mopo


i hope olaf exists in summer without his fucking snow cloud and melt into a puddle so i can be taller than a fictional snowman.

the fact that i'm shorter than olaf…

So Olaf is taller than Camila!


11:11 in 2020, i hope you surround yourself with people whose love for you fills you up and if you find that doesn’t, i hope you have the courage to tell them that you refuse to be loved in half measures.…


me with harry styles on your spotify last year @zegibbz…

Really enjoying this song from a great musician and person I met last week at @cicw Golden Kingdom by Aisea Taimani + Minor Islands…

#DepressionFeelsLike you’re there but you aren’t...

5’4 si olaf??? dA HECK HAHSHSHAHAHA

Están llamando anciana a mi bebé ksjajsjsa. Recuerden stremear COZY LITTLE CHRISTMAS mis amoras ❤ #katyperryisoverparty


im still pressed about the fact that olaf, a motherfucking snowman, is taller than me

Ran This Roddy Ricch Back All Night. Yeah I Definitely Need This On Vinyl + I Gotta Hear This Live.

f(x)'s Amber Playfully Pretended That She Doesn't Recognize Krystal in a Picture and Krystal's Reply was Adorable But Very Blunt Too ✅ Follow @kstarlivecom #fx #Amber #Krystal #에프엑스 #엠버 #크리스탈 #KStarCoin…

If you don't like candles, don't want to wake up early for candles or don't like, @bathbodyworks, cool. But if I want to get up early or stand in line on #candleday, LEAVE ME ALONE. Nobody asked for your opinion on my harmless life choices. #bathandbodyworks

#ThatWasTheAlcoholSpeaking when I challenged an old man to a push up contest.


Someone quote Xposed and tell him link right now for a rack.

Yo on God if CMG gives Xposed that round, I will go bezerk on this website and take this shit to my IRL. Lmao. They fucking with the wrong one if they say that’s his round.

Thank you @billieeilish for spending 50 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped #spotifywrapped2019

Thank you @BTS_twt for spending 42 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

Thank you Dimitris Mitropanos for spending 7 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped…

#DepressionFeelsLike hating yourself and thinking you’re a failure while you convince yourself to get out of bed, put a smile on your face and being a productive member of the world. It feels like slowly dying while no one else cares to look.

#DepressionFeelsLike you're in a house & it's on fire & you're on the ground crawling barely breathing what's left of the oxygen trying to find a way out but you can't bc you can't see the light & you try to scream but you can't & even if you could you think no one can hear you.

Roddy ricch different fr he ain’t miss shit

Thank you Brian Crain for spending 19 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

#depressionfeelslike when I am tweeting, it's a pointless exercise, very few, if anyone, ever respond to my random tweets.

How good has San Diego State’s interior defense been this season? The Aztecs held Iowa’s star center Luka Garza to just 9 points in the Las Vegas Invitational (his only game where he failed to reach double figures this season). Tonight he dropped 44 points on #4 Michigan.

Detalhe: O Cleveland Cavaliers deve disponibilizar Kevin Love para trocas. O Boston Celtics aparece como interessado junto a outras duas franquias. O que vocês acham dos rumores?

Towns, like Kevin Love, is a stats guy. Have to always understand that.…

We have seen tonight: “Doc should retire” “Trade for Lonzo Ball” “Trade for Kevin Love” It’s one bad game you doofuses.

Can you believe that all of these people are Kevin Love


#KH3ReMind KH Fans: We want Final Fantasy characters! We want data battles! We want Kairi to be useful! We want to explore Scala Ad Caelum! Nomura: Here you go.


I mean I get that the rotting banana thing is a great example of rich people being idiots who don’t deserve what they have, but I also feel like many people overlook the fact that James Dolan exists every day.

Derek Fisher signed for 5 years David Fizdale signed for 4 years Jeff Hornacek signed for 3 years All fired well before their last year. No such thing as a long-term contract anymore. (Though they’re still getting paid long-term money)…

Media piles on Nikki Haley after misinterpreted Confederate flag remarks go viral #FoxNews

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