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If there is any decency left in the Nigerian Police Force, they will investigate this and bring this man’s killer to justice. #RacistPresident #wizkid29 #TuesdayThoughts #oyocampusqueen #Wizkidday #TuesdayMorning #TheBachlorette #RIPMarkBatchelor #EndSARS #EndImpunity #ilupeju

The sun and warm weather is back and what better way to cool down than with a delicious ice-cream #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #essex #Suffolk


Mapapanood n'yo ang continuation ng adventure ng 'Squad Goal' nina Vina (Shaira Diaz) at Ronnie (Kate Valdez) sa 'Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko' ngayong Linggo, July 21.…

#OverheardAtStarWarsCantina WTF! She never gave Chewbacca a medal?

This #GirlsCruise show is actually a good look for @LilKim she's coming off very personable and down to earth... I didn't expect it.

leo valdez is still seven inches taller than me :///////

I need Percy Jackson to be a crossover with freaking Netflix and create a whole series bc the rest of the books didn't get finished into movies. #PercyJacksonCrossover

Okay... #PercyJacksonCrossover is trending. This is my moment to say @netflix should do us Camp Half-Bloods a favor to reboot the franchise and make this series into a show or series.

#PercyJacksonCrossover pjo and a Netflix original series crossover challenge

Former K-State player ratings on Madden 20 Tyler Lockett 87 Cody Whitehair 81 Jordan Willis 73 Dalton Risner 69 BJ Finney 68 Elijah Lee 66 DJ Reed 66 Byron Pringle 66 Alex Barnes 63 Duke Shelley 62 Deante Burton 61 Cornelius Lucas 56

Ben Simmons receives an 87 overall in #NBA2K20.


Ben Simmons - 87 OVR #NBA2K20 was


yes, he's a #RacistPresident. it's a matter of public record. has been for decades. at this point, anyone who is just now "finding out," isn't the least bit perturbed by it. it is just another badge of fnckery they will wear proudly.

Madden 20 some bullshit how rivers better than brees

Lol madden is so washed

#Killstream: E-Girl Murder, #IceBae Heats Up Twitter, Mumkey No-Shows, Pedo GF Spergs, Antifa Attacks,+ Trump vs #TheSquad LIVE TONIGHT at 9:30PM EST




// I really wanna thank @filmfics for the horror Dora au. It was a fun experience and I remember reading the first one with my main. this acc was actually my backup but i saw others making acc for the au, so I thought I should join as well and do one of the txt ones. I met so-

The real #IceBae

#2KRatings TOP 5 RATINGS 1. KAWHI 97 2. LEBRON 97 3. KD 96 4. GIANNIS 96 5. AD 96

Trump's Monday speech notes included Omar talking points, phonetic spelling of al Qaeda as "Alcaida"

Few things more disappointing than seeing that Richard Spencer is trending and then finding out he wasn't hit by a bus.

#Impeach this #RacistPresident. Signs I put up yesterday in #SanFrancisco that are still up today.


95.5 average rating between LeBron and Anthony Davis! WOW #2kRatings #NBA2k20

tiraram fotos das notas que o trump usou pra fazer um discurso e, além da torrente de imbecilidade e preconceito, flagraram erros grosseiros de escrita: 'ALCAIDA' e 'some PEOPEL' outro traço em que bolsonaro e trump são bem parecidos: a burrice…

Any gamers that want to learn a little bit more about how Madden figures out their ratings have to listen to this interview. @ClintOldenburg, the man with the most thankless job in sports gaming, broke down the new stretch ratings system and much more!…

Of course the racist @realDonaldTrump would defend himself for being racist. It's cause he's human trash, he's a terrible human being & a criminal. #RacistPresident #CriminalPreaident #DumbestPresident…

We got dudes out here upset over their Madden Ratings.. WHERE THE FUCK DID WE GO WRONG!!! My goodness.. Why does God Give so much to some and so little to more deserving

Mitt Punk-Ass Romney, Blames the Congress Women for Trump's Racism . Blame the Victim, That's his Defense ?#VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

"Alcaida" "My point was if you're not happy here you can leave" Not that we needed more proof, but that he needed this shit written out so he could understand/remember his drivel shows he is truly, remarkably one of the most idiotic people in existence.…

While Richard Spencer is trending...just sharing the best album art of 2019 #RacistPresident


$170 million for every 3-point shot made is a pretty good deal.…

Any other GOP POTUS would get hammered weekly for being a racist. It doesn’t take tweets. #TheSquad…

If you're new to #mozcon and need a conversation starter this week, just ask @GregGifford or me about Jackie Chan's Bleeding Steel.

Austin Butler to star as Elvis in Baz Luhrmann-helmed biopic…


Daily reminder that Drew Brees should be in the goat conversation.

This, this and more this. Would anyone really be surprised if thst Richard Spencer was in Trunp’s cabinet?…

#IdNeverSnitchUnless you didn't gimme a cut o' that moonshine still.

Lost in all the fun Richard Spencer nonsense is that the actual acting Secretary of Defense is a Wall St. Banker and not someone who I don't know . . . . knows something relevant.

Hmm, “spiteful” is not a synonym for “racist.” Do better.…

#DAY6 "Time of Our Life" - 23:00 KST: #1 Bugs (=) #1 Naver (=) #15 Genie (+1) #26 MelOn (+15) #32 FLO (+7) #43 Soribada (+1) #92 Mnet (=) #Time_of_Our_Life #The_Book_of_Us #Gravity

#MondayMotivation Pay attention so that you and our employees, who are trying to help make the roadway safer, can both make it home safe and sound. Be alert and drive with caution. #BuckleUpPhoneDown


We’ve heard how life can be better with sand between your toes, but what about sand in your tire tread? Anyone else day dreaming of driving down a secluded beach? #MondayMotivation


Always be a first-rate version of yourself rather then a second-rate version of somebody else. #MondayMotivation #Quote


Monday motivation here at Around the World Nursery. Play supports children's development in so many ways, such as improving language skills and creativity. That's why we love to see children play so much when they're here at the nursery. #MondayMotivation #childcare


“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” #hikingadventures #MondayMotivation

“Live your life knowing that your potential is so much more than you can comprehend yourself.” - @nickjonas #MondayMotivation

El billete británico de 50 libras portará la imagen del hombre que desafió a los nazis


Thanks also: Eric Nam Kevin Woo Golden Child who are showing support and love for #DAY6 Previously we have TWICE, STRAYKIDS, AOA SEOLHYUN, WEKI MEKI, SHINEE KEY AND SUNMI #The_Book_of_Us #Time_of_Our_Life #Gravity #DAY6 @day6official

*Americans storming Area 51* Australians:


Alan Turing, a lenda da Ciência da Computação, é homenageado na nova nota de £50 do Reino Unido


#エクストリーム・ルールズ 結果】 ・中邑がベイラー破ってIC王座を戴冠! ・レスナーが“キャッシュイン”で王座奪還! ・アンダーテイカー&レインズがノー・ホールズ・バート戦制す! ・コフィがWWE王座防衛に成功!・AJスタイルズがリコシェを下してUS王座奪取! #WWE #ExtremeRules #wwe_jp


you journey far, through treacherous traps, security measures, and armed guards only to find the real alien secrets hidden in area 51 were the memories you made along the way. and its the first thing that they will take.

İngiltere'de yeni 50 sterlinlik banknotlarda ünlü matematikçi Alan Turing'in fotoğrafı olacak

The Bank of England says World War II code-breaker Alan Turing was chosen to feature on the back of Britain’s new £50 bank note.…

O Gigante Alan Turing, agora homenageado na nota inglesa ❤️. É pouco perto do tamanho da sua grandeza, mas já é um bom reconhecimento.


Alan Turing, Enigma code-breaker castrated for being gay, is the face of Britain's £50 note

Today I found out a 17 year old was murdered because a psycho wouldn't take no for an answer. As a mother of girls, it's a terrifying reality that I vow to try and protect them from as long as I am breathing. #ripbianca you were so young

Trump: "Congresswomen from sh*thole countries really need to cut it out with their foul language and disgusting actions! If they don't cut it out, I'm gonna call on my rally attendees to knock the crap out of them right after I grab them by the pus*y." #RacistInChief #Snark

y know i love renjun's mullet hair. idk why, but its look so cute on him. he look different, and i love it! #NCTDream_Fireflies



Did anyone else feel like Corbin finally became a main event heel when he dropped Becky with End of Day? Me too. #WWE #ExtremeRules

Exactly @davidaxelrod. This time, it wont work. We must force every Representative and Senator on record or they will go down as racist. #SilenceEqualsCompliance #SilenceIsCompliance…

Does this hashtag mean she doesn’t have to say “yes” anymore? #SilenceEqualsCompliance

They control social media They control the mainstream media They control Hollywood They control the educational system They call us racists! They call us white nationalists Guess what!? WE DON’T CARE!!! Your projection is not working. Love above hate! #SilenceEqualsCompliance

Isn't it racist if liberals allow Obama to tell illegals not to come to America but Trump isn't allowed? #silenceequalscompliance

Anyone else see what happened? @SpeakerPelosi went after the Congresswoman so Trump took it as a green light, we need to Stand together #RacistInChief

Stop being thankful that it wasn’t you and ask why the fuck it happened to her at all #ripbianca

I reject the racist rhetoric of the deranged lunatic infestation that is in the White House. #SilenceEqualsCompliance Further, I embrace diversity. It makes us stronger. It makes us wiser, and it enriches our lives. Donald is vile. I will rise above his pettiness.


.@realDonaldTrump uses an executive order to #KeepFamiliesTogether. The last president, #RacistInChief, sent the children to human traffickers instead. Trump has zero issue with LEGAL IMMIGRATION, how is that racist?…

When a man has sex with multiple people, it’s the norm. But when a woman uses sex to deal with her grief, it’s sexual addiction. Got it #BigLittleLies

It’s time to face the big boss. Watch the season-finale promo for #BigLittleLies

I like this season’s Monique #RHOP

Did you all see how GIZELLE pivoted and DEFLECTED the shit out of Robyn when Robyn said, "You're the one who brought it up." Like a Professional Deflection PRO, she made it seem as if she was an innocent bystander?! #RHOP

England TV Ratings : #WimbledonFinal : 9.6m #CWC19Final : 8.3m #BritishGP : 3.7m What an incredible day of sport !!! #Cricket #Tennis #F1

#BigLittleLies is gearing up for a courtroom showdown in its finale. Why does that move feel so dumbfounding? Our review out Episode 6:


The slut shaming towards Celeste is infuriating yet so real. #BigLittleLies

Yooo Monique is really earning her check today with this advice for Candiace. Can Monique come and diagnose my life?? #RHOP

Que mundo repugnante! O esquerdismo é nojento! Se queriam 007 mulher era só terem criado uma 006 ou 008. Não precisava ter destruído a personagem só para lacrar. Pouco importa se é loira ou negra, que fizessem outra personagem ao invés de destruir o 007.…

#RacistInChief Trends After Trump Tells Lawmakers to 'Go Back' to Where They 'Came From': 'Send His Immigrant Wife and In-Laws Back'


Still wondering if @RealCandaceO is willing to chime in on @realDonaldTrump (who she supports) saying that THREE U.S born women of color, (which she also is) should "Go back to where they came from" On what planet is this not racist? #FactsMatter #RacistInChief #FBR #Resist

Me after dealing with an extrovert. #IntrovertsUnite



#uncancelandimack because this show has so many more important topics that can be talked about and taught to kids while also being light-hearted and include some genuinely funny and touching moments at the same time. Other current Disney shows don't compare to that..

#IntrovertsUnite introverts are leaders and extroverts are followers us introverts keep our circles small we can see through all dat fake ass shit and it pisses us off

I’m a solo adventurer. I am the guy you see that takes himself out on dates and sit-downs at restaurants by himself, without shame. I have learned to become my own best friend. Do not be afraid to do things alone. #IntrovertsUnite

either #uncancelandimack or give us the cyrus goodman spin-off we deserve

Y que ahora James Bond va a ser mujer... Parce...

time to add james bond to my life list

次のジェームズボンドは「黒人女性」予定されているとの記事。 時代の流れとは本当にこういうことだと思う。…

I get tired, when I have to explain to my extrovert friends, that I need time alone. It’s not that I don’t like you, I just don’t need as much social interaction than you do. #IntrovertsUnite

#intj #IntrovertsUnite Just got home from a 3 day family camping trip. I'll be in bed for a minimum of 3 days to recover.

Mataram o 007. Substituído por uma mulher negra ou por uma loira, não importa. O que importa é que o mundo está insuportável e nem o 007 resistiu.…

I don't think this hashtag understands how much of an oxymoron it is. #IntrovertsUnite

James Bond retires and gives his license to kill to a lady because that’s the kind of stupid era we live in now.

Im LIVE playing Fortnite. Come chill :) #SoaRRC

یہ ہیں قاتلِ اعلی شوباز شریر کے کرتوت زلزلہ زدگان کو ملنے والی امداد میں بھی خُرد برد کرتا رہا لعنت میں شُمار اس آلِ شریف پر فیصلہ آن دی اسپاٹ ہونا چاہیے انہوں نے ملک کو بے دردی سےلوٹا ہے اِن کا قتلِ عام بھی بےدردی سے ہونا چاہیے #کپتان_تیرا_شکریہ #KhadimEAalaExposed #CWC19Final



#14Juillet⁩ ⁦#AFCON2019⁩ ⁦#SundayThoughts⁩ ⁦#WimbledonFinal⁩ ⁦#ENGvsNZ⁩ ⁦#CWC19Final⁩ Roger Novak Magurie Jorge Jesus Cuellar Bruno Henrique Arrascaeta Federer Vettel Djokovic Gabigol ⁧#البنزين⁩ ⁧#سارة_دندراوي⁩ ⁦#BERLIN⁩ ⁦#AFCON2019

C’mon #djokovic shut this partisan crowd up, they’re pissing me off now...disrespectful lot #WimbledonFinal

2-2 Djokovic The decisive round now • Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer • Mobile HD 1-'>'>'> 2-'>'>'> • Computer 1-'>'>'> 2-'>'>'> ** #WimbledonFinal #Wimbledon


I'm not even watching the game and I'm stressed out #WimbledonFinal

This #WimbledonFinal is so tense. Incredible tennis being played by the both of them! #Wimbledon

Who’s watching the Wimbledon final? Will it be good ol’ Ferd-der-rer doing that winning thing he does so much? #WimbledonFinal

The U.S. Coast Guard reopened the Port of New Orleans Sunday morning as the remnants of Hurricane Barry made their way inland. LATEST:


These Area 51 memes are getting me man

Pelosi tears into Trump over “xenophobic” attack on progressive congresswomen



wait what is area 51

i heard one of y’all say it’s suspicious how area 51 raid and time traveler memes became popular at the same time but no my child it’s not suspicious at all

The #RacistInChief shows his normal ignorance and racism by telling Congresswomen to go back to where they came from. #TheResistance #MAGA #Trump #Resist #ImpeachTrump #SundayMorning


Everyone make sure your rain gauge is emptied so that we can get a good storm total from Barry! Thanks

Bond 25: Lashana Lynch will be 'introduced as the new 007' Qué maravilla todo…

Are you ready to go #ALLIN for God? It's time to take your next step and accept Christ today! Romans 10:9-13 #SundayMorning #twconline #Jesus

A viewer found these sweet things huddled together in her yard during the storm | More #Barry coverage >>


Here's why #Barry still poses a major rain/flood threat into Monday--and where the rains have and haven't been up to now.


Lost my love for non league football after my experience at Walton & Hersham FC last season but spending time with @Frankjwilson23 and Barry Hayles and @MersthamFC1892 has bought that back and buzzing to be around these lads and the players around this current squad .

Can't lie. I miss Omega's New Japan's entrance music #FightForTheFallen

Lucha Bros get the win. Entertaining match. Luchas get their first win. Not sure how the wins/losses matter just yet. Announce team definitely made it a point to get across. Calling for a ladder match for All Out? All Out slowly starting to shape up nicely #FightForTheFallen

#ManlyExcusesForBeingLate Last night I shot an elephant in my he got in my pajamas I'll never know...took a while to get them off the body afterward...lift a little..tug a little..repeat.

I was scratching my nuts and you know what they’re next to...and well, one thing led to another, and... #ManlyExcusesForBeingLate

. @IAmJericho addresses media after #FightForTheFallen. One eye-opening statement is that he said tonight was the first time in 20 years he was trusted to do a promo without a script. Organic. #AEW

This @NYTimes front page from July 14th 1977! History repeating itself. #Blackout


Nobody: Not no one: Not a single soul: NYC: #blackout

The plural of Manhattan is Menhattan

انقطاع كهربائي في #نيويورك وساحة #تايمز_سكوير تغرق بالظلام #BLACKOUT

Herb Dean made a good call, she wasn’t coming back after that second blow #UFCSacramento

In the 2017 & 2018 seasons, not a single MLB pitcher tossed 3 complete games each year. In the 1967 & 1968 seasons, Bob Gibson tossed 3 complete games each year, in JUST the World Series. (And he threw 38 additional complete games during the regular season those years.)

So many people wrote Faber off including me.

St. Louis Cardinals great Bob Gibson is fighting pancreatic cancer. The 83-year-old Hall of Famer was diagnosed several weeks ago and revealed the news Saturday to the other living Hall of Famers.…

#FanArt @NargisChowa " Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made." Tyler Kent White #yashhDRocks #yashdasgupta #TollywoodActor


St. Louis Cardinals legend Bob Gibson is battling pancreatic cancer.…

Springer earned the walk, then the run. Excellent baserunning after Altuve’s liner.

A 2-out walk to Springer, a double by Altuve & the Astros lead 6-5. Altuve now at 3B for Bregman Took third on throw. Rangers walk Bregman will face Straw, man.

I think Springer's hamstring is feeling good.

Jose Altuve's fourth hit of the night a clutch double, driving in Springer from first with winning run.

Springer draws the 2-out walk! Come on Tuve, send this pitch into another dimension... #Astros

If I were an Astros fan, I think George Springer would be my favorite player. Is this the correct choice?

Tyler White trying to fit in with the Astros lineup:

Seriously, how much longer is Tyler White’s leash? His time is coming soon. When Correa and Diaz are both back, White is probably gone

Tyler White’s down to .218/.317/.330 after his 0-for-5 tonight.

Say what you will about Tyler White, BUT the man has a WS ring and plays meaningful baseball for 1 of the best teams the league. Yeah, he's chubby--so what? He's living the dream and I'm glad he's here. I hope he goes yard next AB and serves some of y'all a giant shit sandwich.

Tyler White could never

Tyler White is 0-for-3 with three strikeouts, swinging and missing at balls in the dirt (he just kissed one that was six inches off the ground for a groundout), yet he is still deep in the box. Needs to move up in the box. David Hudgens needs to earn his paycheck.

Sorry I don't heal people with pre-existing conditions. #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

Did your Mum really call you Pontias ? #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

“You only have to worry about your own salvation. Don’t worry about actually caring about what happens to other people.” #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

Serena finished second at Wimbledon and stood up for equality and ... wait, we’re criticizing these things?

he was a much better person than i am #6YearsWithoutCory


Me making a #Area51memes just because I want to get twitter famous

Breaking: Simona Halep beats Serena Williams to win her first Wimbledon title…

Se convirtió en la primera rumana en ganar el título individual de este torneo.

*FBI knocks on door* FBI: FBI open up Me and my alien friends: #Area51memes

Halep thwarts Serena history bid with Wimbledon final triumph…


My alien after I teach it to use metal straws to save the turtles #Area51memes


My alien from Areal 51 asking for permission to leave the house for the 10847376195th time but I can’t let it go because the Fbi will end up confiscating it #Area51memes

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