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Everyone: Kobe doesn’t know how to pass Kobe: Hold my life #NBA #NBATwitter #KobeBryant #BlackMamba #MambaMentality #RIPKobe #LakeShow

Why do people joke about Kobe dying? It’s not funny, it’s not edgy, it’s in no way ok. I know someone’s going to call me a “snowflake” in the comments but I guess I am one for not thinking death is funny

(Gak perlu jadi Kobe fans, Lakers , Basketball Fans, bahkan sports fan buat berduka. Gak perlu jadi orang tua dengan anak perempuan. Manusia dengan empati pasti menangisi tragedi. "kek tau Kobe aja" "ah tweet ikut2an doang" don't be that guy. Perasaan berduka bukan kompetisi.)…

Kobe shit so sad man damn

So if CNN is fake news, then why are Trump and all his followers sharing the Don Lemon clip as news?

#BREAKING⚡️: Dünya Sağlık Örgütü @WHO küresel riski #coronarvirues 'ılımlı' seviyeden “yüksek” seviyesine yükseltti ve dünya çapında 100.000 enfektenin olabileceğini tahmin ettiğinden ilk raporunda (ilk rapor ılımlı) hata yaptığını itiraf etti. #nCoV2019


Roger Federer habló sobre su trabajada victoria ante Tennys Sandgren en #AUSTRALIAxESPN.…

“Look those book read’n types is mak’n fun of us” CNN Don Lemon panel faces intense backlash for mocking Trump supporters as illiterate 'credulous rubes' #FoxNews

Lamar Odom says death of 'brother' Kobe Bryant is worst pain since losing his infant son


Djokovic on Federer's comeback: 'What he did today was amazing. He showed me he's one of the best players of all time. He never gives up. When it matters the most, he's focused and he plays his best tennis'

chris harrison: we’re going..... to cleveland, ohio the women: #TheBachelor



#TheBachelor - When Peter said Kelsey was calm and did not cause drama, he clearly forgot, Kelsey flipped out on Hannah Ann about the champagne - Stress has got Peter overwhelmed

Don Lemon is a walking Talking Oxymoron Prove Me Wrong


This explains in 80 sec why the Dems can’t get out of their own way... and how bad the #MSM is at its job. When you look DOWN on America, when you UNDERESTIMATE America — America doesn’t like you! #TrishRegan…

I go to great lengths not to place expectations on those around me... but I certainly take note of what’s offered and adjust my effort accordingly. (That’s not to say I don’t often give more than I get... just that when I do, it’s genuine.)

Monday's NBA Best: Eric Gordon: 50/6/3/2 Andrew Wiggins: 36/9/8 Nemanja Bjelica: 20/9/8/2/3 Buddy Hield: 42/5/3 Bam Adebayo: 20/10/10…

Assuring application experience is a complex problem harbors beyond human scale #TFDx #CLEUR


Looking forward to hear about @ciscodc #Intersight Optimizer at #TFDx #CLEUR

Last night Kobe dropped 60 on the Jazz and Eric Gordon a cool 50. I love the NBA.…

Last night's 50 points scored by Eric Gordon (@TheofficialEG10) are THE MOST ever scored in an #NBA game by an @IndianaMBB alumnus. #iubb

Eric Gordon: 50 puntos para conquistar Utah sin Harden ni Westbrook…

Wait Eric Gordon did what

Buddy was right there, but the @HoustonRockets Eric Gordon (@TheofficialEG10) wins Monday's #WhoaBoy. #NoDunks


My review of Fugitive of the Judoon goes live at 8AM EST! Get ready to be triggered #RainbowHateMob!

Times New Roman is trending on Twitter for no reason other than people reacting to why it's trending. So, what fonts do you use?

I have a soft spot for The Fugitive and Witness…

unpopular opinion: I don’t think Alayah is a bad person the way these girls make her seem #TheBachelor

Don't give yourself too much credit. The Black men who were dumping on Terry Crews over the previous couple of years were doing it for literally all the wrong reasons.…

Victoria F. breaking up with a touring musician who’s always traveling and not home every night to date a pilot who’s always traveling and won’t be home every night #TheBachelor


Back in the 90's I had certain disdain for Times New Roman, but


peter: chase rice? you dated chase rice? the singer? the guy who was singing at the concert? chase rice the singer at the concert? that chase rice? #TheBachelor


Peter: “Aw you know this song!” Victoria: #TheBachelor

Shiann might actually be able to make the Browns roster #thebachelor

Shiann is more electric than Derrick Henry dont @ me #TheBachelor

The Bachelor Bowl ended in a tie??? How convenient. #thebachelor #BachelorNation

Every time that damn Terry Crews tweet comes tumbling down my TL I’m like:

Terry crews‘ daughters next time he tells them he loves them.

Terry Crews saving his wife over his children in a house fire

Being out here was so emotional and just hard to understand. #MambaMonday


Props to whoever sponsored the Legend billboards around MKE. #MambaMonday

LOL - now they're really desperate. Fox News guest @david_avella calls for Obama testimony in Trump impeachment trial #ImpeachmentTrial…

The Fugitive. Blade Runner. What Lies Beneath…

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