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Another number appeared. {36} Recent numbers- 11,146,15,62,87, 14,106,2, 150, 69,146,15,36,2,176,8,160,65,11,62,106, 2, 69, 146, 15, 36 #FortniteChapter2 #Fortnite #fortniteevent #Fortnite2

#Fortnite "Fin du jeu fortnite" Ceux qui ont mit 1000 euros dans le jeu :

ayooo joppers we feeling sexy and proud cause #SuperMisNumber1Party

Look at yourself darling.Just accept the fact that they have achieved this much. all of you are being soo bitter. Not even minding the other person's feelings. So stubborn.Goodness Gracious.God bless you all. #WeAreONE #WeAreTheFuture #weareoneEXO #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperM

I'm so proud of them! And I'm proud of everyone who supported them! They did it. WE DID IT! #SuperMisNumber1Party


to jest cudowne ze w tym hasztagu bawia sie osoby ktore pluly jadem na superm i trendowaly ich d*sbandment party #SuperMisNumber1Party

i’m too happy and nostalgic to say anything sentimental about our boys aside from the fact that i love them all so very much and that i’ll continue to support them unconditionally. congratulations on topping the charts! we’re all very proud ♡ #SuperMisNumber1Party @superm


the yacht deserves an emmy #SuccessionHBO

#SuccessionHBO Lingo of the day: Greg Sprinkles /grɛg/ˈsprɪŋ kəls/ (n) 1. A sweetener to a party pack 2. A fantastic garnish to basically anyone seated at the Roy table 3. [Figurative]: Like a Tom Sundae with a little Greg cherry on top

Great day of sports. Niners won, Cowboys lost, Sharks won.

A promise ring Tim. What is he 15? A save the date ring. Lol. #90DayFiance #90dayfiancebefore90days

This didn't age well. #SuccessionHBO

I’m almost ready to offer to marry Michael to get him over here just so he doesn’t have to deal with Angela anymore. Poor guy. #90DayFiance

Darcy is 10-15 years too old for that dress. #90DayFiance

#90DayFiance Veronica knew exactly what she was doing when she said to give that ring to Jennifer.

Tim is a young Lindsey Graham #90DayFiance #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Days

The slogan "Don't Mess with Texas" began as an anti-littering campaign in 1985 targeted at "bubbas in pickup trucks" who littered beer cans out of their vehicles and ordinary Texans who believed that littering was a "God-given right".…

NFL: Niners stop Rams to stay unbeaten, Texans rally to beat Chiefs

In Fort Worth, TX, a police officer checking out a residence with an open door opened fire on #AtatianaJefferson inside her home, killing her. I’m sharing the story on #PoliticsNation as more details unfold.


A gravatinha fofinha e os olhinho fechado #LGBTQtakeover


#AtatianaJefferson should be alive today. Nothing other than her race caused another innocent death. America must deal with its race problem NOW. The Church is a good place to start. Do justice!

First my gf dumps me now fortnites gone?? What else is there to live for ? #Fortnite

Just to help you guys out I’d suggest waiting until Ninja starts streaming because there is no way he is missing this. He no doubt gets inside information because if he didn’t, he’d be waiting like the rest of y’all #Fortnite

Y entonces ya se perdio todo el dinero que gaste en skins y bailes?... #Fortnite #TheEnd


#fortnite2 #fortnite easter egg saison 9 trailer pour le mini jeu


#LGBTQtakeover armani feel free to hire me for your sì commercials and make me hook up with cate blanchett pls and thank u


Texans fans tried tellin y’all he wasn’t that good…

Seven winners and five losers from the #Chiefs’ 31-24 loss to the Texans (via @Arrowheadphones):…

The Colts went into arrowhead last week and won and the Texans did it this week. Either the AFC South is a better division than it’s given credit for or The Chiefs aren’t near as good as they’re given credit for. It’s probably a bit of both tbh

John McClain's takeaways from Texans 31, Chiefs 24

Scoring Leaders Stefon Diggs 43.5 Lamar Jackson 30.6 Deshaun Watson 29.4 Nick Chubb 28.9 Russell Wilson 28.9 Patriots D/ST 28.0 Kirk Cousins 27.3 Terry McLaurin 26.0 Chris Carson 25.9 Chris Godwin 25.1

Me benching Stefon Diggs this week


Soooooo TOTW Diggs inbound???… Vikings pound Eagles 38-20 behind huge days from Cousins & Diggs! #SKOL #Vikings


“Bring it in!” Kids from the crowd help coach each team in the scrimmage at #PacersFanJam.


Looks like Indy is ready for the new season... Welcome to #PacersFanJam!


Let them breathe. Have a happy #NoBraDay

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