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The America that the Squad's defenders stand for is better than Trump's America. Trump targets four Reps, all racial, ethnic and religious minorities, and claims they don't belong to the American nation. That's what the House GOP just defended. New:…

You still have not answered what I should be ashamed of? Shameful to me, would be to be Speaker of House and have this racist POS, defend me from my colleagues. Nancys outrage at trumps attack of “squad”, a tweet.Who demeaned the squad first? Who said; they are just 4 votes?…

Watching Marcus getting grilled at the House hearing, you can’t help but wonder if Craig Wright really thought this thing through

Hanover Summer Soirèe in the fabulous setting of Darmouth House @hanovertweets


Yakov Smirnoff should come back with a radical new act where he laments the decline of America. He could talk about oligarchy, concentration camps, the racist president, etc. “In United States, border crosses YOU!” he could say, before admitting that he regrets leaving Russia.

"Game of Thrones" looks ready for a coronation after dominating Emmy nominations

Sen. John Kennedy: Calling four congresswomen 'whack jobs' meant to be 'heartfelt'

Em um país da América Latina, partidários do Mandatário da nação exigem a cabeça de comediantes que fazem piadas sobre esse intocável ser e a repressão de toda forma de crítica ao seu candidato alçado à presidência. Falo da Venezuela... Então seriam dois países assim por aqui...

Leave? Because I scrutinized Senator Gardner? That’s not how America works. We aren’t so weak we have to banish dissenters and journalists. #copolitics…

Busy week. I’m in demand for interviews as the last remaining sportswriter in America @fichtenbaum hasn’t hired for @theathletic ...

#Paytren'ers,penasaran ada event apa sj minggu ini? Simak jdwl brkt! Info lgkp event2 #TreniNetCommunity, klik--> #TreniNet-Community, GoLegend! #TreniNetGoLegend TTT: #BisanyaNgutangAjaKokBangga #gapaketapi #ThanksPDX101 #FaceApp


If you want people to see how you’ll look when you’re older you don’t need the #FaceApp just stop using #Fliters #TeamDl

I forget to take my vidya game pills today #FaceApp


Scherie Murray for Congress to replace AOC in Congress. Please everyone, Follow her on Twitter and let’s build the Army to STOP AOC @ScherieMurray Republican Immigrant from Jamaica Is Challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2020…

Nike's Dream Crazy ad starring @Kaepernick7 has been nominated for an Emmy

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Please discuss, as Keegan, Erin and Marcus did a few years ago: #nationalhotdogday


House passes amendment ordering Pentagon to review whether U.S. experimented with weaponizing ticks:

can i like just move house for the remaining 7 months pasir ris abit too far ah

Grand Manan’s Old Well House Cafe overlooks one of the island’s many wharfs. We had an early lunch there before departing for Machias Seal Island to observe the whimsical puffins, and left with a bag of house-made baked goods for our long day at sea. Wit…


"I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. Exodus 20:2 #itisonlyGodwhocanfreeus

A New Generation of Chefs Reframes Taiwanese Cuisine in America

10:49 am JUL17 - Pompeo canceló visita y PR efervece: empresas cierran temprano para dejar empleados salir antes, más gente se une a la marcha, y cantantes-poetas-artistas plásticos- escritores- escultores usan su arte para promover rechazo al gobernador #RickyRenuncia

Yes, the America of Sept. 12, 2001 is far different from the America of July 17, 2019 and it's sad. It's a shame.

Didn't get a chance to get a Megadon sofubi at #GFest? Don't worry, you'll have a chance to win really soon! More details to come on Monday! (North America only, sorry!) #DawnOfTheMonsters

"In the 50s and during the 60s, segregationists told us to go back when we protested for our rights. They told ministers, priests, rabbis and nuns, to go back. I know racism when I see it." – @repjohnlewis #RacistPresident #RacistGOP #WednesdayWisdom

Reminder to avoid shopping today. Cut off corporate America's funding of trump and the GOP

#WednesdayWisdom क्या दहेज में मिली थोड़ी भीख से किसी की पूरी जिंदगी गुजारा का चल सकता है आखिरकार जिंदगी तो खुद के कमाने से चलेगी इसलिए संत रामपाल जी महाराज से नाम दीक्षा लें और दहेज को जड़ से खत्म करें देखिए साधना टीवी शाम 7:30 बजे


For #NationalHotDogDay, here’s one of my favorite ads I’ve created, for the @GreenvilleDrive. #yeahTHATgreenville


Happy #NationalHotDogDay

And honestly, Jason Bateman deserves another Emmy for Ozark but so does Julia Garner. Ozark really was underrated on its second season.

would like to know why there wasn’t a single emmy nomination for the haunting of hill house? quickly

Pregunta, En serio Bea era modelo? #RickyVeteYa #RickyRenuncia

Wishing you were in @madedotcom #WhileTrappedInIKEA

But will Dems still vote against war if a Democrat is in the White House?

Federal judge permanently blocks citizenship question from census - The number of Representatives is determined by a state’s population which is overstated when Illegals are counted as citizens instead of illegal residents.- #SCOTUS has failed America…

i fucking cummed all over the sheets. oh god oh fuck what is my mom gonna say when she sees all the cum on the sheets. i can’t tell her what i was doing. she can’t know i was watching porn movies in a christian house. oh god i have to burn my sheets god dammit. fuck fuck fuck.

I need to start getting out of the house more

John Paul Stevens, justice who evolved into U.S. Supreme Court’s liberal lion, dies at 99…

Se dice que los jugadores que estuvieron de farra luego de la elimación de Ecuador por Copa América están fuera se dice que Antonio Valencia era cabecilla.. y hoy ya sacaron al Bolillo hay esperanzas de poder ir a Qatar

Winter Is Coming In Summer This Time, GOT has been nominated in all major categories, click here to know more #GOT| #GameofThrones| #HBO…

Smackdown Live IMO was way better than Raw this week. #SDLive

Avec 32 nominations aux Emmy Awards, Game of Thrones bat le record de la cérémonie

“I am prepared to allow history's judgment of my term in office to rest (if necessary, exclusively) on my nomination thrity years ago of #Justice John Paul #Stevens to the U.S. Supreme Court.” —Pres. Gerald Ford, 21-Sept-2005 #SCOTUS

Every single Richard Madden stan after finding out he wasn’t nominated for an Emmy

.@Maddow salutes C-SPAN and its employees, particularly the producer who couldn't resist singing along with the theme music on the live feed during the House vote to condemn Donald Trump's racist remarks.

Just to be able to sit here & read your tweet, I’ve payed taxes on the purchase of my phone, the internet connection, the electricity, the house & on the cereal that I’m having right now WE ARE ALL ALREADY PAYING TAXES!! whats is the Govt doing with our money??…

Yo, this #Faceapp is crazy!!! That’s me on the left in front of the water, my dad is on the right. Tell me this app didn’t turn me into my dad. # #TeamSwan #BishopSwan


Oh Kemi is CLOCKING the hell out of Jack and the rest of the house right now!! #BB21

AMERICA THE DEAD Survivor Stories: “Yeah... It was really weird though... I thought,” she laughed, “Don't laugh at me. Well, the person lurched across the doorway, like a horror movie Frankenstein or something.” She wore no smile at all.


‘Live a life bigger than yourself.’ — @ViolaDavis, recent Emmy nominees, hopes the next generation will see past their own selfishness to create change

gente nao eh pq vcs nao gostaram do final de game of thrones q a serie nao mereça as 32 indicaçoes ao emmy nao viu cês deixem de ser idiota nao eh pq nao te agradou que eh ruim

Time to re-up my essay about Justice Stevens and prosecution ethics. And Agurs (1976) is still the best opening line of any Supreme Court opinion:…

When Your Not Happy with your elderly #FaceApp Changing Pic Nobody: Me: Hold Up That’s Me


Herkes bilgilerini kendi eliyle paylaştıysa, yaşlanınca nasıl olacağı oyununa düştüyse dağılabiliriz. #FaceApp #faceappchallenge

John Paul Stevens, who served on the Supreme Court for nearly 35 years and became its leading liberal, has died.…


#Fleabag: Season 2 Is Truly Blessed With 11 Emmy Nominations, Five for Actresses Alone


SAD NEWS | Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99.…

In your own words @Beyonce, this is cultural appreciation. May the rest of the people take notes. #SpiritMusicVideo #spirit #thearchive #TheGift #TheLionKing

Jeff Zucker hired about 15 Trump supporters to be contributors on every @CNN show in the run-up to the 2016 election. He didn't hire Jeb supporters, or Marco, or Ted Cruz supporters. He only hired Trump supporters. Now he features Richard Spencer. #FireJeffZucker #BoycottCNN…

Justice Stevens, Hero of Online Freedom of Expression, Dies at 99… via @xbiz

However, Dorits hair looks...ummmm heavy? my hair hurts when I wear a pony tail too long - that can’t be comfortable?! #RHOBHReunion

John Paul Stevens has died; Retired Supreme Court justice who led court's liberal wing dies at 99; Cause of death complications from stroke - CBS News… via @GoogleNews

Judge, Gregorius lift Yanks over Rays. MORE:…


Hannah & Luke's explosive argument about sex on #TheBachelorette took over social media after the episode aired:

Tak apa-apa jika ingin menangis. Rasa sakitnya mungkin tidak akan terlupa, tapi setiap luka akan sembuh pada masanya. Semua berhak bahagia dan menikmati nostalgia patah hati lewat lagu-lagu Lord Didi tanpa rasa sakit yang terulang kembali.…

Here are the only 4 Republicans in the House that aren't racist. #racism…

This Captive Nations Week, America Must Stand with Those Struggling for Freedom around the World via @SmithMarion


Trinity at 74: America Becomes the Most Powerful Nation in History

Analyse stans, there are some deals on chairs for Prime Day if you’re interested. #BB21


On today's Chicago Dog Walk, @BarstoolChief joins @EddieBarstool to talk about Lyme Disease. Will there be a lawsuit against the United States of America? DL+Listen=>…

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already on sale for $50 this Amazon Prime Day


We need to use all the tech and manpower we get from Area 51 to free Flacko from Swedish Prison.

Ok, guys. Can we lay off the "Raid the Concentration Camps not Area 51" thing? Literally nobody is going to raid area 51, people are ACTUALLY RAIDING ICE HQ RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! Let people have their stupid joke.

We found them! Amazon's #PrimeDay Tile deals are the best we've ever seen.


What I say to the alien when I break him out of Area 51 #AlienLivesMatter


Everyone’s Area 51 n alien daft the now

So many awful things happen while media debates whether #RacistPresident's racist statements are racist. They ARE. Next.…

You know Trump will soon line up a room full of his staff and ‘personalities’ like Diamond and Silk to say ‘he hasn’t got a racist bone’ You know that’s coming, right?? Unfortunately his racist shithole words can’t be ‘acid washed’ can they #RacistPresident ??

I wonder if the #NeverTrumpers have found their horse on the Appalachian Trail...

Donald Trump’s threat to investigate Google isn’t based on evidence. It’s based on Fox News. | By Aaron Rupar…

Get up to half off eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi bundles ($99 up) for Prime Day…


Kickstarting "The Decline of Mall Civilization," a sequel to the long-out-of-print "Malls Across America" book…


DEVELOPING: The planned storming of Area 51 will be livestreamed

Mayor Bill de Blasio, what are YOU doing to help Emerald Garner receive support and justice for the murder of her father, Eric Garner? Her sister, Erica Garner, died partly due to the stress of this fight. Protect Emerald Garner. We are watching you. @NYCMayor

I’m fighting for an America where everybody gets an opportunity. An opportunity for a great education, an opportunity for a good job, an opportunity to marry the person you love and maybe start a family or buy a home.…

Fear no ONE. Hate no ONE. Judge no ONE. Standing in the frequency of fear, hate or judgement harms YOU more than any ONE else. Take a divine stance. Remember your true origin. We are light beings illuminating an “illusion” of darkness. #Love❤️ #ShineOn#TuesdayThoughts

Cal Thomas: “In today’s divided nation, it should be more than an exercise in nostalgia to revisit those exciting years when space really was “the final frontier” and America came to lead the way in exploring it.” @CalThomas #WashTimeOpEd…

Kellyanne Fellow Citizens of America We are in the Twilight Zone with this Administration. Each day that passes it becomes more bizarre. Racisim has no place in America. Silience in the face of racism and hatred, is complicity !!! Speak out,

The weird, confusing, and green diarrhea-causing Prime Day deals you should definitely not buy


We're back for the second episode of our 5-part look into the untold stories of the #Apollo11 landing. Today, @theblerdgurl and @BadAstronomer explain why it was so difficult to plant the flag on the moon.

AG Barr made decision to not bring charges against Eric Garner cop: official - New York Post. This is going to cause some problems; just saying!…

gotta go save boo from Area 51 x #Area51


The Hair Treatment Kim Kardashian Loves Is Selling Like Crazy on Amazon Today

Former South Carolina governor and congressman Mark Sanford is mulling over entering the 2020 presidential race as a Republican.…

Trump campaign manager responds to potential Mark Sanford primary challenge


TODAY: You can make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day. Simply shop at and AmazonSmile donates to George Mark Children's House! Check out our Wish List with our most needed items here:


#poetrycommunity Do you have your own poetry books indie published, or small press published? Put a link in comment. Maybe you'll get a shout out in the next Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Digest. I have to get several listed here first #poetry #TuesdayThoughts

How is it not racist? Not 1 white person was told told to go their original country. The Jewish people were persecuted in Holocaust because of complicity. Lynching was done because of complicity. Silence is agreement. Silence is deadly. #RacistInChief #RacistPresident #RacistGOP

Mark Sanford says he’s considering primary challenge against Trump

The Orlando Sentinel commemorated the 50th anniversary of the #Apollo11 launch by republishing its front page from 1969 and writing minute-by-minute accounts of launch day.


I don’t think anyone who cares about this country feels that Pelosi’s statement was out of order: Trump’s comments about minority congresswomen “disgraceful”, “disgusting” and “racist”. #RacistPresident #RacistGOP

We all watched him die. He said “I can’t breathe” 11 times. We all watched this officer choke Eric Garner to death. His last words inspired a national movement demanding police accountability and respect for black lives. Prosecutor: “insufficient evidence”…

Wait, the #RacistGOP is complaining that @SpeakerPelosi called the #RacistPresident’s words “disgusting, disgraceful and racist” when, in fact, they were disgusting, disgraceful and racist?

Grateful that UK Science Minister @CSkidmoreUK mentioned Orbex in his speech celebrating @NASA #Apollo11 achievements, and setting out initiatives and policies to allow the UK to embrace the new Space Age:-…

‘Good,’ says Elizabeth Warren after billionaire right-winger Peter Thiel says she’s 2020 Democrat he is ‘most scared by’ – Raw Story…

Thought I'd re-up this for the white people out there who still think all this talk about racism has nothing to do with them. #whitepeople #raceinamerica #racism #racismisreal #whiteprivilege #RacistPresident #RacistGOP #RacistInChief #RacistTrump…

'Chance the Snapper,' Chicago's alligator-on-the-loose, is finally caught…


So many satisfying nominations today: @Realeugenelevy Catherine O'Hara, Billy Porter, Sandra Oh, My Dinner with Herve, Jonathan Banks, Ozark, Barry, Ron Cephas Jones, John Mulaney, Fiona Shaw

Jharrel Jerome is nominated for Outstanding lead Actor in a limited series or TV movie for #WhenTheySeeUs. I'm raising much hell if he does not win. #Emmys

Steve Scalise says House Republicans never disrespected Obama’s position. Let’s go to the tape.


Woodrow Wilson is trending. I do hope he's OK.

What I don’t get is Conway writes this & seems to mean it on the same day his wife defies a subpoena to appear before Congress cuz said racist in the article tells her to. Opinion | George Conway: Trump is a racist president - The Washington Post…

"bUt iF yOu StoRm aReA 51 tHeY wiLl sHoOt yOu"... -“jokes on you i wanna die”

Mi Alien del Área 51

Like two little bear cubs... when they’re like this, you wouldn’t guess they can cause so much noise and mess.


Blac Chyna's mom is the definition of total garbage

Oh naw. That Blac Chyna and her mom bit was triggeringggggggggg

Big mistake not taking the camera on this mornings river walk. A female Otter with three cubs surfaced, then played amongst the willows four feet from me. What a privilege, sometimes its good to just sit and watch. Here's a pic I took previously. #wildlifephotography


Women and kids in Al-Hol refugee camp raising #IS flag, and video spread on IS channels on Telegram with message "This is not the end but the beginning because our mothers and sisters know to to grow cubs to become fearless lions"

Hilarious moment! Needy panda cubs fight for attention and milk at breeding base in southwest China #Pandaful

Best #PrimeDay mattress sales: Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and amazon deals

Best #PrimeDay mattress sales: Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and @amazon deals

The alien we stole from Area 51 after we get him back to Texas


Score Prime Day deals while generating donations for City Dogs Rescue. Go to to get started. #PrimeDayCDRCK #PrimeDay #CDRCK


Yo explicandole que sólo tengo huevito con arroz para ofrecerle. Mi marcianito recién rescatado del área 51:


Still looking for that killer deal? Well here are all the best Prime Day tech deals!…


Debate settled. The King and AD have the highest average overall rating for best new duos. Use hashtag #2KRatings to tell us your thoughts


Like a lot of other creators who go on hiatus, I'm going to take a break from social media until Let's Play is ready to come back. People are being rude and spiteful and I'm getting tired of seeing it. I don't want to share art only to be harassed by impatient readers.

JUST IN: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are the second-highest rated duo in NBA 2K20 with an average overall rating of of 95. #Clippers #NBA2K20 #2KRatings


IN CELEBRATION OF PRIME DAY, ALL NEW SUBS WILL BE THANKED WITH MY VISOR PLAYING @Rainbow6Game! (Name limit 3 min, inappropriate names will be skipped)

Completely independent of politics, an opinion I've held for over 30 years: Brit Hume is a big ol' goony boxhead

Bring in Reggie Miller in the game #2KRatings

Really thankful I already had that guy blocked that started/amplified #IceBae and randomly blocking idiots who think it's cute to be lusting over the woman keeping people in concentration camps.

#IceBae is proof that a lot of you don’t mind oppression when it doesn’t affect you and its waist is cutie.

Sen. Mitt Romney: "Presidents have a unique role to unite the country and to draw on all people, regardless of their race, their color, their national origin. And, in that regard, the president I think failed with his comments yesterday and again with the comments today."

Did you know there are 465 different ways of calling HB Slip Screen in Madden 20? It accounts for about 3% of the plays in the entire game!

Your #MondayMotivation is here for your night. Get some rest! ❤️ @Lin_Manuel


Prime Day deals are still happening, so why not save some cash while generating donations for National Inclusion Project Inc! Go to , get shopping, and make a difference!


.@SmackNetwork did a great roundup of #WWE2K19 user-created attires from #ExtremeRules last night. Check it out right here: #RAW


Inició la venta especial de Amazon México y ya recopilamos las ofertas y promociones más atractivas.

Other retailers are offering up online deals. Have you found any that are better than Amazon's yet?…

Nfl players bitching about their madden ratings like they still aren’t sitting on a multi million dollar contract regardless what madden says their speed is at

TAG 355: Unboxing de la báscula de Huawei, Amazon Prime Day y asalto al Área 51 vía unocero

In need of some #MondayMotivation? #Berlin boat rides & beach vibes to the rescue! We spent last week with #founders at #TOA19 pitching and paddling, mentoring #entrepreneurs, and learning from inspiring Googlers like @mmeentrepreneur —and couldn't be happier about it.


Where can I get some of this Alcaida drink everyone is talking about? Whole Foods?

Thank you to @LarryFitzgerald and the coaches of @ProCamps for providing our ACES All Stars with some #MondayMotivation! Through football fundamental skills training, our students were able to build confidence and foster a growth mindset today!


I love the day when our Family grows! Well today is one of those days! Introducing @KING_LURK_HzRd, great streamer and great Madden player! Everyone make sure to drop a follow on his page and Family say hi #HzRdUs #Esports #Madden #ApexLegends #welcomehome

#IdNeverSnitchUnless it's a fucking fascist, nazi mother fucker!!!

What are you thinking about today? Is is positive and motivating, or negative and draining? What we think about affects our actions & our attitudes. If we are thinking about good things and great ideas, we can change ourselves, and the world, for the better. #mondaymotivation


When Baron Corbin hit the End of Days on Becky Lynch, I'll admit it, I marked the &#$% out! It was one hell of a great spot to set up that ending. #ExtremeRules #WWE #RAW #SDLive

Trump misspelled al-qaeda as ‘alcaida.’ Trump misspelled people as ‘peopel.’ He doesn’t know the words to the pledge or the national anthem. He couldn’t pass a citizenship exam. He couldn’t find the USA on a map.

Obviously, in the wildest dreams of the Trump 2020 campaign they wanted the communists to hug the Al Qaeda and Hamas and Antifa supporters on stage for TV. The entire anti-America coalition. Today, they got their entire wish-list.…

Question for the next Democratic primary debate: Raise your hand if you unconditionally denounce Al Qaeda.

Ben Simmons and Anthony Davis are both sitting out this fall's World Cup - good idea? bad idea? Well, according to today's panel, that depends on which one you're talking about.


I have finished the #ExtremeRules review and it will be uploaded during the first hour of #RAW. By then surely plenty of you will be seeking an escape from the boredom so stay tuned!

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