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todo domingo uma nova oportunidade de passar vergonha #LGBTQtakeover


Man...that was a big win today by the #Texans.

people cannot seperate their understanding of religion and spirituality from the christian colonial construct of organized religion and frequently project that ideology in order to discredit other forms of spiritualism as well as indict other abrahamic religions in their name

SEÑOR, vengo a nuestra cita para agradecerte x los dones recibidos/suplicarte repares mis fuerzas para al despertar pueda seguir disfrutando los beneficios q me das, concédeme un espíritu bueno/un corazón como el tuyo grande/bondadoso lleno de misericordia AMEN BENDECIDO DESCANSO

Christian Kurds are being slaughtered on your watch. Who are you to lecture us.…

Veteran journalist Sam Donaldson: Trump’s rabid followers will never get their ‘white Christian country’ back…

Let me clarify something. Obviously I’m not happy any Yankee is hurt. Especially one I’ve defended like Stanton. It may sound strange but I’d prefer an injury cause a lineup change than the #Yankees getting cute. I don’t like when teams make changes they don’t need to.

Vivienne Westwood should live long enough to design my wedding dress. Amen

Opinion: Chiefs can't keep asking Patrick Mahomes to cover for their fatal flaws… via @usatoday

I knocked out and woke up to the Texans beating the Chiefs and the Cowboys are getting smacked by the Jets. LMAO

Patrick Mahomes has company at the top of the QB ranks. I wrote about that and much more in my Week 6 Winners and Losers column:…

Diggs is riding the bench in all 3 of my leagues. I’m the worst decision maker I know.

This my first time giving YoungBoy a chance..and he fire no cap

I have given in and seen the light in NBA Youngboy's music

Gave YoungBoy album another listen and I fw it. Ranada my fav song lol

2018 was youngboy year HE RAN DA WHOLE 2018 stop playing nigga

If you are in #Starkville tomorrow, stop by Gondolier from 5-8pm! If you show this flyer, 10% of your check will go to the Alex Herbst Memorial Scholarship! Every dollar counts! Help us raise money for the Memorial Tree and Scholarship!


I cannot believe how emotionally uninvested I have become over football. I will be in Starkville Saturday - to tailgate & see my friends. I may or may not actually go into the stadium, although I probably will because I'd like to retrieve that $50 bottle of bourbon in my locker.

It's now official. #LSU (6-0) will head to Starkville to face Mississippi State (3-3) on Saturday for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff on CBS.…


We’re headed to Starkville. We have selected @LSUfootball vs. @HailStateFB as our Game of the Week on October 19th.


The sun came up in Starkville this morning. I think I’ll go to @SBCoffeehouse and then watch TV the rest of the day. That’s the plan that works for me on this Sunday.

Q-Angels, don't forget to check your boobs today. #NoBraDay

Who do Black folks call to protect us from the police. They are killing us in our homes with no accountability. Being Black is a crime #AtatianaJefferson…

Happy Sunday friends, listen: You are not a Christian because your morals aligned with God’s. You are a Christian because Jesus has aligned with you despite your morals.

#मोदी_परत_जा - Heartening to see this trending. With that said, Maharashtra BJP is one of the better state units in the country and I wouldn't be much worried if they won.

The payment of life pensions to AMAC’s former officials is a copycat of the unconstitutional and illegal life pension laws that have been passed by several of the 36 state governments in Nigeria

to state the obvious, a meeting-for-investigate-Burisma-statement quid pro quo is unequivocally corrupt…

Exactly! No one takes @BetoORourke seriously. But one day, the day WILL come when the government takes away Christian organizations tax exemptions. That will not stop what we do and God will continue to provide!…

By far my favorite part of the trip was DuPont State Forest. The hiking was amazing and the waterfalls were numerous.


Whenever I open Hindi news channels I only see debates on Hindu-Muslim, India-Pakistan, Kahsmir and Modi. BC Pakistan is a failed state. If you want to compare then compare our country with China. Paid media #मोदी_परत_जा

What grade would give Penn State’s defense in a 17-12 road win over No. 17 Iowa?


As a Christian, you are what you are because of your capacity to believe. What you are able to do is based on your capacity to believe in Christ. From all these scriptures, (Mark 9:23, Matthew 19:26, John 14:12, Philippians 4:13) we can understand that man is what he is by faith.


A special view for homecoming....

I'm just going to continue to tell you how behind the Panthers this crowd is. Just went crazy at the mention of Christian McCaffrey by the in-game announcers.

Spider-Man Homecoming does a lot of really clever stuff. I do wish that it didn't do the thing where the working man who has a legit grievance with the structure of society was the bad guy.

To close out @muhlsd 2019 Homecoming Spirit Week, Mrs. Doyle & Ms. Klawiter’s 7th grade Communications classes ROCKED their school spirit with Pink Out Thursday & Blue/Gold Day Friday! @JefferyEbert @DrUlsh @jt2510 #OneTeam #GreatnessLivesHere


トキメキの(ピンク!) vs 情熱の(ブルー!) vs 羽ばたきの光(イエロー!) #f1jp #SuzukaF1 #JapaneseGP


¡Felicidades, @ValtteriBottas! Siguiente objetivo: México. ¿Estás listo para ver a Bottas y al W10 en la pista en nuestro país? #JapaneseGP #MercedesAMGF1 #F1 #AMGPetronas #DrivenByEachOther

#SayHerName #AtatianaJefferson Stop with the fuckin “gun in her house BS”! So the fuck what? “weed on the table” “extremely strong” are all dog whistling that Black folk dont want to hear! Prosecute this cop for murder 2.

I called NBA Youngboy trash and this kid pulled up on me

They were but sweet, but figures of delight. #ShakespeareSunday Sonnet 98


There is no more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger. #ShakespeareSunday Coriolanus A5S4 Or should that be "Tigger"?


So slides he down upon his grained bat, A Lover's Complaint #ShakespeareSunday


Antony: "O, whither hast thou led me, Egypt?" Cleopatra: "O, my lord, my lord, forgive my fearful sails! I little thought you would have follow'd." ~ A&C 3,6 #ShakespeareSunday


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