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House Impeachment Leader Schiff Accuses Trump of Threatening Him on Twitter |… via @Newsmax

Democratic US House impeachment leader Adam Schiff says he believes President Trump’s comment that he has not yet “paid the price” is intended as a threat.…

He keeps doing crappy things, so yeah... The White House is reportedly worried that House Democrats will continue to dig up damaging information on Trump after the impeachment trial…

We are going LIVE for a few hours in a couple of minutes. So come hang out and relax with some fun people on this Sunday!

.Judi Brisse .Jenny Winings .Harrison Funk .Macauly Culkin .Brett Barnes .Bryton James .Emmanuel Lewis .Talun Zietoun .Frank Cascio The Cohen brothers .Omer Bhatti .Jonathan Spense These are just some of the people that have defended MJ over the years and the difference

Last night at 11:59 PM, I officially filed to run for the House of Delegates. I was the last candidate in the entire state of West Virginia to file for office. With your help, we can continue the good work of serving Mason, Jackson, & Putnam Counties!


You just gotta love these two

"Ao chegar pedi que colocassem nas paredes brancas do CT fotos dos grandes ídolos da nação. A ideia é que casa jogador soubesse que é o Flamengo e sua gloriosa história. Agora vejo que colocaram minha foto também. Orgulho de fazer parte dessa galeria rubro-negra." Jorge Jesus

Look, the person the president shot on 5th Avenue had it coming. He’s clearly frustrated about how unfairly the Democrats have treated him & was expressing that. And all this is just a distraction from issues the American people really care about, like the stock market & jobs.…

Who in the @GOP @GOPSenate will have the moral courage to vote with their conscience and for their constituents, not merely to please the President? @MittRomney should not stand alone. America is beautiful. Trials have #EvidenceAndWitnesses. #LetLevSpeak #LevRemembers…

Don’t judge somebody in their bad season. If you would have judged Simon Peter in his bad season (denying Jesus), you would have missed on of the greatest sermon of the early church (Acts 2). #Prayforthem#Dontjudgethem

Congratulations to all the Wolfpack Graduates who earned the Dean’s List or President’s List for Academics @fgcu. #TEAMSOUTH #POWERFUL…

People keep buying my pegging videos on those fetish clip sites thank you for all the money hehe... Sunday is for pegging and Jesus

This morning the president of the United States threatening the US congressman and we're about 5 minutes away from hearing that Senator Susan Collins is concerned.

Hypocrisy: Nadler, Jeffries and Lofgren Try to Impeach Trump for Delaying Aid to Ukraine; Yet They Voted Against Aid Package…

#CareForEachOther by staying up to date on vaccines for infections & illnesses, like seasonal flu. In addition to protecting yourself, getting vaccinated protects people who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness. More: #PrepYourHealth #SundayThoughts


Many Portsmouth people travelled the world while serving in the Royal Navy. William Wadge served in the navy for 25 years. He bought this silk panel in the Far East while serving there in the Royal Navy during the 1920s.


Dear @GOP @Republicans This woman is the head of the new White House spiritual initiative. Such radicalism is NOT America. It IS, however, a reason to reject your entire party. Paula White's sermon comment about 'Satanic pregnancies' goes viral… via @RNS

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. -Ephesians 2:10

Знакомая сходила с дочкой лет 15и на выставку Ukraine now и очень понравилось, под впечатлением

Wouldn't an innocent man be more relaxed that Trump? Wouldn't a legitimate President be showing more leadership amid the #CoronavirusOutbreak? #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts…

Sweet Jesus. Biscoffi brownie at @mimisbakehouse - perfect way to round off our weekend away


if you’re not sinning, Jesus died for nothing now get me that 8th

62% of white evangelical voters say President Trump is honest and trustworthy via new Fox News poll

Corona virüs'ü bulaşanları iyileştirecek tek adam #coronarvirus


⭕️ درخواست رسمی برای ممنوعیت فروش حیواناتی مانند مار و خفاش در چین به دلیل گسترش کروناویروس


Barış Özcan: 700 yıl önce yine aynı yerde Çin'in wuhan kentinde çıkan virüs Avrupa'ya gelecek milyonlarca kişi ölecek geçmiş olsun #coronarvirus

When BJP won the 1st time they alleged that BJP is Brahmin org even though we had OBC PM & Dalit President After that they said RW is anti-Muslim BJP helped Muslims TT being one eg. Then they said RW is anti-LGBT. 377 was quashed Now they are saying BJP is dividing us? Excuse me?

Trump's CONTINUAL THREATS towards our countries career politicians -must be EXTINGUISHED IMMEDIATELY! Our country does not allow ANYONE, let ALONE the President, to THREATEN another American citizen. He is PROVING the case AGAINST him, regarding #MarieYovanovitch. #8645ASAP…

That fact that all in Trump's inner circle are considered witnesses for the prosecution, not the defense, says it all. #AmericansDemandWitnesses

An excellent summary, but hear it yourself. I just want to say, thank you to SCOTUS for their corrosive, demented decision that made money the most important, if not the ONLY, thing in politics. Tape Made Public of Trump Discussing Ukraine With Donors

.@RudyGiuliani: "I’ll say it straight out, Joe Biden is a crook. And he sold out the United States of America in Iraq, in Ukraine, in China, and if we can’t prosecute him, we do not have justice in America."

#MenAreResponsibleFor creating remarkable inventions!

It's #NationalSpousesDay! Gotta give a shoutout to the man who keeps me laughing and learning something new everyday. He makes life better. Make sure to let your better half know they are loved and appreciated today!


Happy Birthday Eddie! What’s your fav #VanHalen song??

Jerry and Linda Willis, PALS Grant recipient and donors, have been married for 47 years. Linda, Jerry’s primary caregiver, explains their decision to give back, “We believe in the Foundation's work and, after receiving a grant, decided to give what we could.” #NationalSpousesDay


#CoronaViruesue Çin'de ölü sayısı 56'ya çıkmış ki bu resmi rakam. Gerçek sayı bunun 2 veya 3 katıdır. Bir çok yerde hayat durmuş halde ve virüs hâlâ yayılıyor. Böyle giderse Çin'in ekonomik krize girmesi kaçınılmaz. Şu an Çin dünya ekonomisinin %16'si

China ordered a temporary ban on wildlife trading as the country struggles to contain a deadly virus believed to have been spawned in a market that sold wild animals as food. | @AFP…

Spectator Viewは堀尾さんまでお問い合わせを!笑 #AR_KOBE #HoloLensMeetup


Ayo tolak menyambut WNA China agar virus corona tidak menyebar Tapi kalo jodoh jangan ditolak ya kasihan soalnya udah dateng dari jauh hehe...

The power of grace : the power of free undeserved favour embodied in Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ you horny bastard

There’s no need to call the Democrats, they are doing their job. People are calling the 53 republicans who aren’t doing their job.…

#NeverTrustAPersonWho believes trumps bs or any senator who won’t vote for removal. #IMPOTUS #AmericansWantWitnesses

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