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yes I listen to Jhene Aiko can we fuck now

Jhené Aiko said “that dick made my soul smile, that dick make me so prouuud” Honestly, relatable.

Trump's "Greatest Trade Deal Ever"? -- Or A Pause Before Conflict With C... via @YouTube

This Jermaine Jackson wig on this man I will tolerate! #AFallFromGrace

Ya girl is getting into cross stitching so don’t mind me I’m going to pretend to be a medieval queen who is shut up in an abbey because she tried to lead a revolt against her husband and now only has needle work to keep her company

Cabello sobre pugnas opositoras: Que los entienda Donald Trump porque a nosotros no nos interesa #EnLasCallesMandaElPueblo


Followers of some politicians have names, for example Andrew Yang's followers are called the Yang Gang; Bernie's followers are called the Bernie Bros; and Trump's are called Russians. - Bill Maher.

time to cry to kehlani, submit my assignment, then cry some more to kehlani and maybe some jhene aiko too idk yet

“You? Jhené Aiko? ......... same shit” – Fernando

Tyler Perry really got me with that ending.. but in all seriousness he dead wrong for those wigs #AFallFromGrace

If there is one thing you must know about me. I watched national treasure as a kid, related 2 much to that comic relief character named riley, named myself after him, and havent been able to back out from that choice since. So if national treasure 3 is forreal i should be casted-

A former New York Congressman who was one of the first to endorse Donald Trump for president is going to prison.

"Former congressman Chris Collins sentenced to two years in federal prison for insider trading"…

Federal prosecutors wanted Collins to go to prison for five years. Two analysts say his emotional comments in court likely worked in his favor.…

Now Do the Other Side of the Aisle: NY Republican Chris Collins Gets Two Years in the Slammer for Insider Trading

Goodnight from the #BeemieAwards everyone! It's always a treat being one of Jason's unidentified friends to help produce the show. Our Google Doc for this year is up and already collecting ideas. Thanks for following along! Drive safely and wear your seatbelt!…

The #BeemieAwards is everything that is great about racing; engaging, humor, fun, low takeout and lasix free. We should all look at Jason as someone who can truly grow our sport. Cheers to you @BeemieAwards and all those involved.

Another Corrupt Republican brought to justice. His sentence is too light. Republicans wanted it lightened. Dishonest people like Collins are the reason we have crap and Corruption in DC now! Oust them All! Collins sentenced to 26 months in prison…

Dry January be damned! Tonight we celebrate!!!!! Thank you to my sidekick @MervHuber , my first mentor @jillrbyrne and @lavbrokes for turning Beem loose on the world. #BeemieAwards


More women won #BeemieAwards tonight than are on the boards/are executives of every major racing organization combined.

OMG!!!!!!!! I WON A FREAKING #BeemieAwards !!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!…

I won a #BeemieAwards tonight and Bought a Knee Sleeve, a mattress , and a Vacuum so not bad night :)

That account tweeting about National Treasure 3 tweeted 2 hours earlier about Tomb Raider 4 getting announced no later than June of this year and that is 100% not gonna happen so I wouldn't put much faith in the National Treasure story.

Alright 4 #BeemieAwards left, let's finish this up....up of my faves, the Best Photo To Photoshop sponsored by @simhorseracing

A third “National Treasure” film is reportedly in the works. The first “National Treasure” earned $347 million in 2004. The sequel secured $457 million in 2007. | By @HerbScribner…

Bernie Sanders isn't trying to start a class war. America's rich are trying to finish one.…

Darkness by Eminem is absolutely incredible. Writing a song from the perspective of the Vegas shooter is a seriously obscure narrative, but perfectly done. #vegasstrong

! ALBUM REVIEW ! Eminem - Music to be Murdered By eminem is old so im not listening to it 2/10


Jinsoul pretty Jinsoul cute Jinsoul talented Jinsoul rapper Jinsoul LOONA Jinsoul best Jinsoul visual Jinsoul perfect Jinsoul queen Jinsoul funny Jinsoul kind Jinsoul OEC Jinsoul best girl

Never take good girl/boy for granted shooting stars only come once every thousand years bitch"!!!!!!!

i already said it on my other acc but please dont post what eminem said or at least put tw before bc its rlly triggering.

David Brooks’s latest column asserts that, in the United States, workers’ wages are determined largely by the value of what they produce. The quality of the well-paid pundit’s ensuing argument fatally undermines its own premise.…

UPDATE: Netflix co-founder Mark Randolph tried the new @benandjerrys “Netflix and Chill’d” flavor with me and @bcheungz and the unanimous rating was an impressive 4 stars out of 5 #FridayFeeling ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Every mention of another dumbass David Brooks column on here rekindles my fury at there being a select overclass of media figures we call "pundits" whose sole function is to get handsomely paid for being obstinately, arrogantly wrong about every fucking thing under the sun

I give it approximately 3 days before Jose Canseco starts doing interviews about the #MLBCheatingScandal and has something to add, only because he is likely busy chasing aliens and Bigfoots for the next few days.

When is the Sunrise Movement going to give Rex Tillerson an award for calling Trump a moron?

(Not so) #OddReasonstoQuitAJob: They don't pay you enough, and they never plan to.

BREAKING NEWS: @PointsBetUSA will be refunding hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the #Astros #MLBCheatingScandal. #Yankees…

#OddReasonsToQuitAJob I clogged the employees' toilet and everyone knows I was the last one there...

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