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Thoughts on the IG's "Witch Hunt" report:

The IG report confirms Democrats cheated to win in ‘16. Since then, Democrats have been trying to convince you Trump cheated to win instead. Now, Ds want to convince you Trump is attempting to cheat in ‘20 hoping you won’t learn or pay attention to how they cheated to begin with.

Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored several reports alleging links between Russia and Trump's 2016 campaign, had been a personal friend of Ivanka Trump, a relationship that he said made him "favorably disposed" to the Trump family.…

DOJ IG Report Slams Bruce Ohr's Failure To Report Contact With Steele…

Just how bad was the FBI’s Russia FISA? 51 violations and 9 false statements | John Solomon Reports…

bighit is only asking for an apology even if jtbc fabricated the story and even broke into bighit’s building??? something’s not clicking here, sue them bighit what are you waiting for?? the media would think that they can do this again since you’re not even filing a lawsuit

Dear #Trump'sters: #Ivanka was FRIENDS with #Steele? And Trump Org offered him a f'ing JOB? And she SAT on this while for years daddy spewed his now-proven LIES to you about the Russia probe and the #Dossier? Shame on her and him for duping us all this way... #IGReport…

Please just.... just leave Ghostbusters alone. Let it rest.

Hey, John. You testified in Congress that you did not use the Steels BS in your FISA. I will be getting my perp walk poster for my mantel and this will be your last Christmas at home. Durham will have you kneeling very soon.…

They’re making a boys ghostbusters reboot? What’s next, a boys Star Wars

From colleague Sally Persons. GOP LA Sen Kennedy on IG rpt & Horowitz's conclusions: How we reach that conclusion? Did he did he reach it on the basis of an absence of emails or text messages or did he base it on the interviews that he had. I don't know

sério que tem gente preocupado/discutindo sobre a sexualidade do personagem que o finn interpretou em ghostbusters??

lakers when lizzo started twerking

FBI Dir. Chris Wray to @PierreTABC on missteps by some FBI employees in IG report: "I am ordering 40 — over 40 corrective actions to address all of those things in a way that's robust and serious and we're determined to learn the lessons from this report."

Oh Hello. Missed you. Tell us again about how the forged Steele Dossier was not used for Intelligence Community Assessment.…

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the absolute professionalism and composure of Daniel Goldman in the #ImpeachmentHearings? He is easily exposing how unhinged Gaetz & Collins really are.

Interesting exchange between Rep. Dean and Daniel Goldman on whether Dems should wait for court battles to wrap up, as some have urged. Dean and Goldman both cite the McGahn & Deutsche Bank cases which have taken months to fully resolve.

An absolutely devastating recap by Barry Berke. "No one is above the law. Not even the president."

Instead of "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," they should have named it "Ghostbusters: The One Everyone Was Telling Us To Make The First Time Around"

JTBC: lets get some tea and ruin bh Jungkook: *making tiktoks*

The trailer for the new Ghostbusters flick looks pretty cool but also looks like what I don’t want from a Ghostbusters flick? 2016 Ghostbusters really captured the feel and vibe better than this seems to. Show me a trailer with the COMEDY in it.

Eminem fans gasssssssed rn “Eminem is gonna end Nick Cannon’s career!!!!” HUHHHH???? Career??

Dear MAGAts, If a guy tries to fight criminal charges of obstruction of justice by obstructing justice, and publicly bragging about it, HE'S GUILTY. Your continued support doesn't make you a patriot. It makes you an idiot. #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Frates Family. Pete is an inspiration to so many. His legacy to #StrikeOutALS will continue #3


Is “New York lawyer” southern for Jew? I keep hearing that in a negative fashion. #ImpeachmentHearings

The rapper Nick Cannon dies at 39 after a fatal listening to his own disstrack…

How the FBI attempted to verify a salacious allegation in the Steele dossier


According to the Justice Department report released today, Ivanka and the author of the famous Trump dossier go way back

Setting the new GHOSTBUSTERS in middle America, with those wide expanses and dappled sunlight, puts me in mind of a seventies classic

I haven’t seen Daniel Goldman look this dazed since Rollergirl curb-stomped him on the side of the road after Jack Horner tossed him out of the back of a town car for being a clumsy fuck.

i was too poor as a kid to have Ghostbusters on VHS, but we did have BusterGhost, which i don't think is the same thing

Nick Cannon released an Eminem diss track. Pray for Nick Cannon cause Eminem is gonna murder him when he relplies.

Even if @RepGregSteube had no intent of insinuating anything Jewish by attacking Berke and Goldman as "New York lawyers," why is it ok to go after Americans bc of regions? What if a Dem called a witness a "redneck" or a "rube"?

Rep. Greg Steube questions the credibility of Democratic counsel Barry Berke, calling him a "New York lawyer"…

Dear Mr. @RepGregSteube - I heard you complaining that Mr. Barry Berke was a “New York lawyer.” I believe the full anti-Semitic trope you were going for was “New York Jew lawyer.” Your constituents might need some help with your dog whistles. We in NY know what you meant.


does Barry Berke's background as a Democrat and a defense lawyer mean his questions today are irrelevant? Are only GOP lawyers allowed?

Oh that's nice. Rep. Steube called Barry Berke a "NEW YORK" lawyer. Get it? A NEW YORK lawyer. You of those NEW YORK lawyers.

Steube is criticizing Berke for statements on his website that he’s gotten favorable results for his white collar clients. It does not reflect poorly on an attorney that he represented even unsavory clients well. Quite the contrary.

Thanks to ADMK for supporting #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 .ADMK has 11 MPs in Rajya Sabha. If ADMK hadn't supported #CABBill , it will be difficult for bill to pass Rajya Sabha. There is no obligation for ADMK to support but they did. Now, it will easily pass Rajya Sabha test.

Said this before, will say it again. #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 is pure Nazi.

नागरिकता संशोधन विधेयक 2019 : पाकिस्तान से आए शरणार्थियों के लिए भारत में कितने कैंप? #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019…

What a horrible tragedy in NZ. White Island hasn’t erupted since 2001. My ❤️goes out to everyone affected. #newzealand…

stans be mad cause my ass thicker than theirs #BanKpopAccounts

#BanKpopAccounts thank god im a onewepop account

"Tourists were seen walking inside the crater of White Island volcano moments before it erupted" Walking inside the crater. Of one of the most active volcanoes in the world. I am shocked that there may have been deaths...

Hey we might be stupid locals but the reason why we still get respect and why people take us seriously is just because we don't spam other people with our stupid media I think no one would like me to backup my tweet up with a porn vid #BanKpopAccounts

Eruption volcanique en nouvelle zeelande sur white Island,ile fréquenté par les touristes,5 morts et 18 blessés, la ville de Whatakane,derniere éruption de 2001


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