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Lee Westwood punctuates the round by kissing his caddie.* (*results may vary for other players)

All girls want is sex like damn girl did you know i could play the piano

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe said she's energized by public disapproval of President Trump's remarks about four Democratic congresswomen of color and by the warm welcome Rep. Ilhan Omar got when she returned home this week to Minnesota.

Thanks for this thread. My position has also included the fact that the GOP has abdicated its Constitutional duties. It will support Trump over anything, as such it’s not the House impeaching a president, it’s Democrats impeaching a Republican president.…

Navy Blue, maroon and champagne flower petals, rose petals, table decor, flower girl petals, baby shower decor, bridal shower decor… #wedding #bridalshowerdecor

Retweet to make Michelle Obama president

Bananas are actually considered berries. #TeachSomethingIn5Words

I’ve know @itsericathomas for almost ten years. She is a remarkable human being who needs all the love and support we can give her right now. #IStandwithErica

Both left-footed ✔️ Both aged 17 when they debuted ✔️ Both debuted in March ✔️ Solskjaer sees similarities between Mason Greenwood and Ryan Giggs #mufc…

Trump is drawing criticism for sharing messages from controversial British political commentator Katie Hopkins, who once compared to refugees to “cockroaches.”…

Happy 50th Anniversary of Man's Landing on the Moon! #MoonLanding


Happy 50th anniversary of the moon landing! Now why haven’t we gone back?

17 year old Mason Greenwood sending Skriniar back to Slovakia

Katie Hopkins is a delusional anti immigrant extremist. a true British Ann Coulter.

A very barebones SNKRS Pass bot was just released for our members for free. Retweet if we should one more lifetime restock tomorrow.

Now Launching Monthly Proxies This is in beta testing Please dm if you would like monthly or weekly ashburn proxies for a fair rate We support Shopify Footsites Supreme SNKRS Hibbett Size Previews And many more And we support Captcha Farming for Youtube Dashboard coming soon

#AMJoy Anti Immigrant is Anti American

First 200 get a special wrist band. Nike employees said to have your app ready for a pick up location via SNKRS notification later today. @snkr_twitr @J23app


Tommy Fleetwood and Lee Westwood should team up and call themselves ‘West Byfleet’.

Have you noticed those numbers on Westwood's irons? Here's what they mean:


What's with the number written on Lee Westwood's @PingTour i210 irons?


S/o to @VNnotify for a fun shock drop this morning on SNKRS. It looks like everyone won :))))


Black GOP strategist called on the carpet by Joy Reid for trying to sidestep Trump’s racist rally as ’empowering’ voters… #AMJoy


Fowler right in the mix. I am finding myself rooting for Lee Westwood. Don’t think I’ve ever done that but what a story that would be. #TheOpen

#AMJoy Ex-Reagan adviser nails why white evangelicals flock to Trump in devastating takedown of fake Christians -…

And the lectures begin... Just because we have some idiot that said something We will be lectured about how all Trump supporters are racist Despite the FACT that Trump NEVER mentioned race in any of his tweets! #IStandwithErica #SaturdayThoughts #AMJoy…

Trump’s revolting jingoisms can turn his followers into an ugly torch-and-pitchfork lynching mob - he is a threat to national security #AMJoy #IlhanOmar #IStandWithTheSquad


These country guys just wanna worship the flag and America and I just wanna rock a designer belt and clap a fat set of cheeks but we’re all American lol just dont kick my ass mate


Till alla som grötmyndigt berättar för Donald Trump om det svenska rättsväsendet: Ni vet att de amerikanska domstolarna är avsevärt mer självständiga än de svenska va? Det finns en anledning till att man talar om "tredje statsmakten" här och "fourth estate" där.

Retired judge quits Republican Party over Donald Trump…

FANMEET but don’t have MONEY imagine yourself being this girl what do y’all feel Jjalrangdans

Nadia Murad: They killed my mum, my six brothers. They left behind them Trump: Where are they now? Nadia Murad: They killed them.


i'm really out here telling my america mutuals to go to bed now oh how the turns have tabled

"I think the @AOC squad has some valid and interesting points" - #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

#NewProfilePic PeTa dapat sa Math kaso bawal daw, Profile ko nalang HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Zlatan walks the talk. Man said he was the best player in the MLS, goes on the field and shows it. Normal day in the life of

[INFO] Não vai haver nenhuma promo na América. Jade e Leigh explicam que a management americana delas (Columbia Records) não está a enviar orçamentos para que tal aconteça. O mesmo acontece com tour, sem orçamento não há tour americana!


More than 95% believe in his message #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

Just because PETA is calling out someone who did something bad doesn’t erase who they are.

In Shane Dawson’s most recent video with Eugenia Cooney, Eugenia shared her personal battle with her #eatingdisorder. At #dorsetmind we provide a Restored Eating Disorders Service for anyone experiencing similar challenges. Follow link for more:…

Eugenia Cooney's smile made my whole heart smile. :,) ❤❤❤❤❤


Good luck reasoning with this broad. #LivePD

Note to self: do NOT send the guy that won’t drive over 25mph for ICE CREAM on a hot night. #LivePD

More coming, but this thought from Mark Parsons pretty much sums it up (in terms of the result, though not the fireworks): "I thought we were great in the first half. I thought they were very good in the second half, and you know what? A tie is fair." #NWSL #BAONPDX #UTAvPOR

All Christen Press had to say was what she just said in the post game about working with Barstool. That was it. "I wasn't familiar with the site when my team presented the opportunity to me." If she had said that 4 days ago it would have been over then. #UTAvPOR #NWSL #USWNT

I’m now two games into to watching @NWSL and yet again- just amazing play. #UTAvPOR Great game by both teams. Proud to be a @ThornsFC fan!!

Fim de jogo, Press, O'hara e Franch nomes do jogo, simplesmente impecáveis #UTAvPOR


Full time in Utah: Royals 2, Thorns 2. Bonkers #NWSL chaos late on a Friday night. Incredible goals, outrageous saves -- and plenty of that transpiring late in the match. If you were just curious from #FIFAWWC / #USWNT and tuned in, you got a great one with #UTAvPOR.

Happy birthday to our King, @shanedawson #happybirthdayshane. Thank you for being the reason for our smiles.


Listen to @theestallion's Hot Girl Summer playlist featuring SZA'S "Broken Clocks":…


Reporters Confront Trump: ‘Why Is It OK for You to Criticize America’ But Not the Dem Congresswomen?

"La misma oposición fabricó sus muertos para poder tener aceptación popular", dice Jennifer Alonso.

Beyoncé – Brown Skin Girl Ft. WizKid, SAINt JHN, Blue Ivy Carter (Lyrics)…


Le dernier Euro, la dernière coupe du monde, la dernière Copa America, cette CAN… soit les mecs sont complètement bouillis, soit je sais pas mais c’est très très très moyen

Bill Pulte Starts Trend of #TwitterPhilanthropy to Award $1 Million Online @Pulte today fulfilled his pledge of giving $30,000 to a veteran, guaranteed with a retweet by President @realDonaldTrump.…

Sab toh sohni saadi desi girl.

“Bundaberg girl at heart” crowned #MissWorldAustralia in a glittering ceremony on the Gold Coast.


See guys? The president isn’t racist. Because Kanye.

Please Watch ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Give a Lesson on How to Use Privilege to Be an Ally… via @TheRoot

Dan Le Batard was candid in his comments about the “send her back!” chants along with ESPN’s timidness in covering politics. Reportedly Le Batard will not face any major discipline stemming from his comments.…


everyone say happy early birthday to taehyung instead #happybirthdayshane

ESPN host Dan Le Batard calls his own network ‘cowardly’ for not tackling ‘send her back’ Trump rally. What's really sickening is that sports talk radio is allowed to spew white supremacist rhetoric while people of color on ESPN are silenced.

I can't believe Tyreek Hill will not be suspended. #Chiefs #NFL


Gase: “Joe D. is the best, man ... They say this guy is as good as it gets when it comes to quarterbacks and offensive line evaluation. That's the key to everything." #Jets…

Matt Millen back in the Big Ten Newtork broadcast booth with a new heart…

The NFL’s decision to forego discipline for Tyreek Hill is a fucking joke.

Good for Mr. Le Batard. If only others would follow his lead. Los Angeles Times: Dan Le Batard blasts Trump, says ESPN policy against political talk is 'cowardly'.… via @GoogleNews

And the ESPY for Most Hated Man in Football 2019-2020 award goes to! TYREEK HILL!

Damn: the first episode of #QueerEye4, celebrating public school teachers, had me full-on ugly-crying.

Still me, facepalming after those useless goddamn liberals and their red-baiting got #GOPCommunists trending


So Trump and the GOP say that the Democrats hate Israel with "unbridled passion" and also they are all paid by George Soros. #AntiSemiticGOP #GOPCommunists

gop is actually the opposite, fascists, totalitarians. they are the rite wing and fully wrong. #GOPCommunists

The US president also didn't appear to know where Bangladesh is located...

#victorialive Who is this republican prick with the glasses? He's the type of apologist who would probably have argued Hitler was misunderstood in the 1930's? The only people Trump's reached out to is white supremacists!

ABD'nin modern tarihinin en göçmen karşıtı başkanı olan Donald Trump'ın kendisi de bir göçmen çocuğu. Babasının babası, annesi ve üç karısından ikisi ABD'ye ''daha iyi bir yaşam umuduyla'' göçmen olarak gelmiş kişiler:…


VIA @___Henry____: I need a fast broadband service around bode thomas axis, surulere. Fiber connection, unlimited only please. @ Wizkid #TheGiftAlbum #LionKing2019

I think this photo says it all President Trump 2020


Home Minister Mahamood Ali Garu Welcomed Vice President Of India Shri Venkaiah Naidu Garu #Telangana @KTRTRS


It gives us great pleasure to share that @RumaDeviBarmer, President of Gramin Vikas evam Chetana Sansthan, an organisation we support, won the Textiles Fairs India Fashion Design Awards 2019, for her black and white Barmer applique collection. #livelihoods #WomenEmpowerment #CSR


Pelosi and the 4stooges are all Nuts! We want them Impeached and committed! What the hell is wrong with these silly Clowns? If they are so unhappy here with the Great President we have, then can always leave! Hahahahaha!Trump 2020!

We pray for the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, Thank God Amen.

If the President of Great Britain can make this meeting, then so can you.

Jackson suggests to Cliff that maybe they should go after Nick/Bella/Sam & he'll have 6-8 people have his back. First part of the plan...Jackson goes up as a pawn. LOL they've obviously dropped the IQ test requirement from casting. #BB21

Idk why everyone is so happy for tøps achievement when peppa pig will be there by Tommarow

Erst #TopGun2, dann der #JayAndSilentBobReboot... Fühlt sich ein bisschen so an, als hätten sie die Filme mit der #FaceApp gedreht.


"It's a fast, white-knuckle ride." Take an inside look at the making of @Terminator: Dark Fate with the cast and filmmakers. In theatres 11.1.19. #TerminatorDarkFate #SDCC

Nunca una película hizo más por la defensa de las libertades individuales que Top Gun. Solo Rocky y su anticomunismo pudieron algo semejante.…

While the non-binding resolution would have no force of law, passage of such a measure in the Republican-controlled Senate could amp up pressure on Trump to crack down on Ankara.

May he RIP and the Hate movement as well. AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THIS. Everyone needs to STAND UP TO TRUMP and anyone else trying to revive and incite hate. #FactsMatter #LoveYourNeighbor @NicolleDWallace…

Jimmy Morales reaparece tras frustrados casos de Pampa III y firma de convenio con Trump - Crónica…

the original 3 lead actors are back in #TerminatorDarkFate and I can’t be mad

Vi el adelanto de la nueva Top Gun: Maverick God bless America


"baby you are a bad girl, watch your mouth [...] girl I wanna make you mine, spend some time" me:



Did Hope Hicks Lie to Congress? | Law & Crime…

"It's a fast, white-knuckle ride." Take an inside look at the making of #TerminatorDarkFate with the cast and filmmakers. In theatres 11.1.19. #SDCC

For anyone who doesn’t remember, John McCain also lost the 2008 election in a landslide.…

Trailer for #topgun2 looks good. Hoping it is all practical effects and minimal CGI Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures via @YouTube @ParamountPics

Yep, Michael Cohen Is A Criminal. Sounds Like His Boss And Hope Hicks Are Too!… by @EvanHurst

When you think of high-flying heroic deeds, "Top Gun," Tom Cruise and, of course, Conan O'Brien are the first things that come to mind.

I’ve see they’ve remade Top Gun. With Tom Cruise in it again.

ah i got new twitter and the cats trailer and top gun sequel what is the fourth horeseman

Hope Hicks committed perjury, obstruction of justice, and federal election law violations. So did her boss, Donald Trump. @realDonaldTrump

It’s not over ‘til it’s over. It’s not over ‘til the bastard resigns. #RickyDictador #RenunciaRicky


Cats Top Gun Jennifer Hudson Tom Cruise Jason Derulo Boone Tom Hooper John McCain Judi Dench James Corden Andrew Lloyd Webber Memory #SignsWhenSomeoneIsLying #IStandWithTrump Rebel Wilson #ITChapter2 Kenny Loggins #JayAndSilentBobReboot Hope Hicks

Aaaand…looks like no trailer today. Behind-the-scenes piece instead. So maybe in the coming days/weeks. #TerminatorDarkFate

Although SDNY closed the investigation of hush money paid to stormy Daniels. They can indict Trump when he leaves office. Also included is Hope Hicks for conspiracy. I predict a mess of legal trouble for both in Jan 2021

Maybe by now Hope Hicks understands what a dangerous thing it is to be an operator in the #TrumpCrimeFamily.


Why are Hope Hicks and Donald Trump, Jr not in jail? They did the same thing Cohen did and should be in jail. Trump should also be in jail but he is hiding behind his presidency. Vote him out and put him in jail. women are going to jail for sending their kids to a school out of district. Hope Hicks gets a photoshoot and no charges for conspiracy and she lied to Congress.

Hope Hicks should be jail. And I hope more hicks from this administration are jailed and/or shunned from public life.

Kenny Loggins confession: I absolutely used to think that the lyric was: I WENT TO THE DANGER ZONE.

Court docs show Hope Hicks in contact with Michael Cohen during hush-money discussions…

We have entered the Danger Zone! Stand Clear and watch Maverick do his thing! Check out our first impression and review to the first trailer and panel straight out of #SDCC for Top Gun: Maverick now! —-> #topgun #topgunmavrick #tomcruise #dangerzone


That shit is hilarious asf esp the fact that hes not even Samoan lmfaooo…

Let’s play a game of: How many years am I gonna see this article?…

Highway to the danger zone Gonna take you Right into the danger zone

Let's check in on what Heisenberg has to say over Jim Harbaugh's comments about Urban Meyer today...

Michigan's Mgoblog board is delusional. These dudes are saying Harbaugh was popping off at the mouth because he didn't like the way Urban handled the Zach & Courtney Smith incidents. They believe Ed Warinner left OSU because he didn't want to be part of the culture.

My only take on Harbaugh’s Meyer comments is that if this were pro wrestling he’d be teasing a Meyer comeback program. But college football isn’t a scripted, predetermined fix designed to deceive. I think.

Forgot Urban so dominated Harbaugh that he actually let up on Michigan and Harbaugh last year!!

I’m under the impression that every Samoan dude knows how to fight. You wouldn’t EVER see me trying to square up with them

睡眠のサイクルは90分(1.5時間) 次の日のスペックは睡眠で決まります 5点=90分×5(7.5時間) 4点=90分×4(6時間) 3点=90分×3(4.5時間) 2点以下→「思考停止、ミス多し」 睡眠不足で脳のグルコースは14%失われる 4〜5点の眠りは脳をキレイにします

This is a Nazi rally. If you went to it, if you smiled and nodded along at home, you're a Nazi. We see you, and we won't forget. #IStandWithIlhan…

#京アニ #京都アニメーション #京アニ火災 #KyoAni #京アニがんばれ 記事を深く読み、ニュースを細かく見た。41歳男性が「死ね」と叫んでた。と見ました。 これを見た私は素直にこう思いました。

There is a GoFundMe for #KyoAni . KyoAni was basically my Japanese teacher during my high school years with Haruhi, Lucky Star, K-On... I visited their studio 10 years ago, so many memories. Hope they can recover.…

Trump is RACIST. Trump supporters are RACIST. The Republican Party that supports him is RACIST. Anyone still debating these facts are RACIST. #IStandWithIlhan

Woke up and the first thing I read about is the sad news of Kyoani. Innocent people just working hard bringing beautiful art to life are injured, many lost their lives. I truly hope they can bounce back from this Also, fuck the guy who started the fire. #prayforkyoani


would someone like to give me an update on the kyoani situation?

It doesn´t matter whether you´re Red or Blue. It´s about democracy. And against #TrumpRacism . You´re better than this, US, for crying out loud. #IStandWithIlhan

#ThursdayMotivation? Think how happy you could make someone by recognising their amazing work. Nominate here: it won't take you long. #3rdSectorCareAwards Because people working in the #nonprofit #care and #support sector deserve some recognition


Jacoby Ellsbury #FoundAtArea51

#News My Next Life as a Villainess #Anime Premieres on TV in 2020 • J-Novel Club releases novels about girl who suddenly inhabits role of doomed otome game antagonist…

My friend shared this news in Whatsapp and i said"Which studio burned?"He said"Kyoani."And i'm very shocked.I don't know what should i say...Get well soon Kyoani. #prayforkyoani


中学生頃から京アニの作品めちゃ観てた。特に『氷菓』京アニが作った作品h可愛いだけじゃなくて、なんか深いストーリーも流れるんです。小さい頃からずっと観てたので、めちゃ好きなので、だから今日の事件はとってもとっても心から悲しい。言葉に伝えないぐらい。 #京アニ #KyoAni


Using the hashtag #IStandWithIlhan and #IStandWithIlhanOmar just makes you realize how idiotic select Americans are. You support terrorism, you support the terrorist that took down the 9/11 towers, you support isis terrorists. All topics she covers. I'm done with the Democrats!

Our family boycotts U S because of exactly what Trump and his supporters are chanting. Wake up America. #IStandWithIlhan

Watch and feel your blood chill. We have to stand up to this hatred #IStandWithIlhan…

#SendHerBack is literally the craziest fucking thing to ever come out of this administration. Not many republicans condemned his tweet, and now we know why. This chant started at his most recent rally touting one of the most recognizably racist phrases. #IStandWithIlhan



Please, did anyone find Rihanna's album at area 51? #FoundAtArea51

Antes de mi ausencia, una vez intenté hablar de las Molotov desde mi conocimiento como Química y un conocido tuitero incubierto me dejó saber que me reportaría. #Fact

We all know what is coming next: the party line will be yes, he's a racist and so what? His base is too. It's their right. Where's the law against it? etc. We are heading into this abyss. The ugly expose of the grostesque America. I feel a great deal of shame. #ImpeachNow

"Pressley’s entire life has been a story of patriotism: loving her country so much that she wanted to help America live up to its ideals." - @JohnKerry…

Los fiscales de Massachusetts retiraron los cargos de agresión sexual contra Kevin Spacey…


Jon Stewart blasts ‘abomination’ of Rand Paul trying to ‘balance the budget on the backs of’ 9/11 responders…

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’ The former ‘Daily Show’ host told Fox News that Paul was trying to “balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community.”… via @thedailybeast

THIS is who we elected. THIS is the guy who fights. THIS is who hates to lose. THIS is our President. Enjoy it America. There will NEVER be another Trump.


Virginia church hangs 'America: Love it or Leave It' sign after Trump v. AOC+3 controversy.…

Alright they can reboot twilight zone..Sabrina the teenage witch... but rebooting a classic like Gossip Girl??? Criminal.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates ⁦@RandPaul⁩ on Fox News for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: “It’s an Abomination.”…

#RickyVeteYa ricardo rosello se cree que es Maduro y esto es Venezuela. Sal de tu cueva. #RickyRenuciaYa

Rand Paul voted for a tax plan that a non-partisan CBO explicitly showed would grow the country’s debt. If you’re going to vote to increase the debt in the name of big business but refuse to increase the debt in the name of first responders, have the balls to be honest about it…

Fuck the GOP and Fuck Rand Paul. I’m independent but at least the Dems have a little bit a heart

Gossip Girl to get reboot on new streaming service HBO Max


Gossip girl sin Blair y Chuck? I THINK THE FUCK NOT

all i’m saying is that the original gossip girl cast better have cameos if not actual roles in the new reboot nevertheless i’m PUMPED

U.S. removing Turkey from F-35 program after its Russian missile defense purchase - Reuters…

o mundo sendo dominado pelo ebola e vcs ai preocupado com like do instagram olha sinceramente

#YIAY51 the lurgi from numberjacks


There’s an outbreak of Ebola and y’all are talking about raiding Area 51...

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