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"History repeated itself, and Correa walked-off game two of the ALCS again" The Astros drew even in the ALCS thanks to Carlos Correa who pulled off more game two heroics against the Yankees…

my mom made fun of my eyebrows ok that’s y all of ur relationships have failed melynda

y’all every think about the fact that we stress about anne and gilbert being a slowburn but we may never get to actually see them together... when it gets cancelled

Correa Hits Extra Inning Walk Off Homer to Beat Yanks, Tie ALCS 1-1…

When we're not Madison Washington-ing, @thatmanmonkz & Eye get up with our bredren @LERONSKY & A Brother Is... & do songs like this= "Thee Others" from @thatmanmonkz forthcoming album, Non Zero Sum Game, premiered here @lesyeuxorange. Dig it Y'all…

I guess we all going thru it, I’m sorry y’all

Some people really deserve they feelings hurt cause y’all be hurting people who actually gaf bout you.

Y'all I made a seperate account that I'm going to be using moreso for my music stuff So go follow if you'd like @freakofs0und

One swing and a magic finish for Astros, Carlos Correa

ALL OUR JOPPING PAID OFF DISJ YESS MY BOYS <3 i’m so proud tf #SuperMisNumber1Party

커즈 웬 위 쟘핑앤파핑 위 쟈핑 ㅂㅇㅂ)/♥ #KAI #SuperMisNumber1Party

#SuperMisNumber1Party my ult huang yukhei is the first chinese idol to chart number one on billboard!! i am incredibly proud of his achievements, please support lucas in wayv and superm and dont sleep on this boys talent ♡


Correa just gave us the best postseason HR celebration since Bautista…

Astros vs. Yankees score: Carlos Correa evens up ALCS with 11th-inning walk-off homer in Game 2…


Astros vs. Yankees score: Carlos Correa evens up ALCS with 11th-inning walk-off homer in Game 2…


“...But...” Give Jeremy Strong everything. Shit even a Grammy. He deserves it all. #SuccessionHBO


"So I would just think anyone would be wise to keep me in a good role" - Greg the Motherfuckin Egg #SuccessionHBO

#SuccessionHBO is one of those "mad how good this is" shows. Very happy it's been renewed for season 3.



This is mad. #AtatianaJefferson was just at home. The police shot and killed her. What is the solution when the police do things like this? Not stand near your window at any time for fear that the police might shoot you?!…

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA WHY YOU SAD BRO! This is why I hate locals .. they don't even know how to search for facts and then get mad when we correct them. Anyways #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY #BTSinRiyadh


“They [PKK/YPG] took our honor. They took our children. I had eight children. All of them are gone.” says an Afrin resident in tears. Putin Tyreek Hill Sidney Jones #CAPxFLA Jets

If someone called the cops to check on me in the middle of the night, the officer would have asked if I was okay and been super friendly and kind. #WhiteFemalePrivilege #AtatianaJefferson…

Receivers with 3 TDs vs. #Eagles (since 2014) Dez Bryant (2014) Calvin Johnson (2015) Amari Cooper (2018) Stefon Diggs (2019) The Eagles have allowed the most 3 TD games in the NFL during that span.

Reporter asks Lt. O'Neil if officer who killed #AtatianaJefferson was threatened w/ a gun (FWPD released pic of gun they found in house) O'Neil couldn't answer. Why release images? reporter asks. O'Neil says he doesn't want to answer what will be gone over at presser tomorrow.

Stefon Diggs on Kirk Cousins: “Kirk answered all your questions. He went out there and played his balls off and did everything he did.” #Vikings @FOX9

HE IS SO HAPPY KURDS THAT HIS CITY HAS BEEN CLEARED FROM THE PKK/YPG. Menbiç'e #Fortnite Bruno Henrique Diego Alves Texans Lucas Silva Suriye Ordusu Putin Diggs Josh Jets

Dearest Mother— The men of Minneapolis proved to be too much for us to handle. General Diggs and SGT. Cousins were truly warriors out on the field. We must regather, regain our composure, and head onward to Dallas, our arch nemesis. —Carson

This is why Will Fuller belongs in #worstplace Just like Jared Cook Even *I* thought, “It’s the Chiefs. He has at least one more game before disappointing us again.” Nope. Nope. Nope.

Kendall Fuller will have an x-ray on his thumb. Only injury today.

Texans get the dub but Will Fuller can never go on @PardonMyTake ever again!

Texans today: - lost a fumble on their first snap - trailed 17-3 in the second quarter - had three dropped TDs, two from Will Fuller, one from DeAndre Hopkins - missed a PAT and a makable FG - had two INTs from Deshaun Watson They still beat the Chiefs. RIP, “Same Old Texans.”

TD Deshaun Watson is still balling He had to deal with 4 dropped TDs [3 by Will Fuller, 1 by DeAndre Hopkins], a non-contact fumble by his RB, two missed Kicks, an uncalled pick-play gain of 52 yards from the #Chiefs and is still moving his team down the field to take the lead.

Perspective People!!! We weren't picked to win in Death Valley, However we have learned this team can run with the best. 1 loss means nothing and all of our goals are still in front of us. Let's Gooooo!!! #GatorNation #GoGators #GatorStandard

"We definitely need to put our head down and grind, and make sure this doesn't happen again." -- @MJW_era Story via @GatorsScott: #GoGators

I didn’t stay awake all day and night to watch y’all take an L @Buccaneers! Lets get the W baby! #GoBucs

Allah Almighty disrespected @realDonaldTrump Before Facebook closes it. Like and share more so that the hearts of the oppressed are happy @HamidMirPAK @murtazasolangi @KingSalman @narendramodi #SpoilAMovieIn2Words #SundayMorning #NoBraDay #SundayThoughts #PowerTV

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