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//Will bring back account, but I wanna feel like a girl with a penis this time, don’t ask lol.

She bolts from a society wedding & flees to #Vegas with a high school chum named Lizard. Brandi in Pop-Out Girl. #GreatReads #WomensFiction #MeToo

Laddade ner Tinder. Fick en matchning. Matchningen skrev: ”Tja girl!”. Så nu har jag tyvärr inget annat val än att radera Tinder igen.

we look like?? a rich white American teenage girl???


Snapchats you can expect from me if I was your girl.


Michael Atkinson informed Congress about the whistleblower complaint about Trump's call with the president of Ukraine. Now he's looking for a job.

My name is Kwesi. I'm a Human Being. I am a Homo sapien sapien. I am not a Guinea Pig. I am not a Lab Rat. Being African doesn't make me a Lesser Human. It makes me a Better Human Being. I say NO to Vaccine Testing In Africa. #AfricansAreNotLabRats #AfricansAreNotGuineaPigs

Our petty, vengeful & COWARDLY president fires another dedicated, patriotic American for daring to do his job honestly & courageously. Trump is STILL more preoccupied with having been impeached (forever) than with the pandemic ravaging the country & world.…

I Hope It's Like Riding A Bike #PandemicSexTapeTitles

Wow that episode was amazing, was speechless the entire time, Movie quality production all throughout. OST placement was perfect and overall a great introduction to Endeavors start as the number 1. Glad they didn't include that one scene yet. More for season 5. #Endeavor


Alpha Sapphire is trending right now for some reason, so can I just point out how much of a glow up the entirety of Team Aqua got in these remakes? Easily the best antagonist designs.


If #Endeavor vs Hood DOESNT WIN BEST FIGHT OF 2020, THEN I MIGHT RIOT. Gonna be hard to top this fr


Apparently Alpha Sapphire is trending so I just wanna say Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are one of my all time favorite Pokémon games & remakes #TogetherForPokemon

so alpha sapphire can trend but not black and white 3 ok lmao


Alpha Sapphire is trending a bit in the US? This pleases Latias

Sleazy move: Trump “notified lawmakers late on Friday, saying he had lost confidence in the inspector general for the intelligence community.” He “lost confidence” Atkinson wouldn’t lie and cover up for him. #resist #mepolitics #VoteBlue2020…

Today imma have to start La Casa De Papel from scratch so my girl can catch up. I ain't complaining dou. Lego!

US President Donald Trump notified Congress on Friday that he is firing the inspector general of the US intelligence community who was involved in triggering an impeachment probe of the president last year.…

This day in 1945, US troops of the 4th Armored and 89th Infantry Division liberate Ohrdruf, the first Nazi concentration camp liberated by US forces. The ghastly nature of their discovery led Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton to visit the camp days later. #WW2


Dear Canada, Please don't behave the same with us the way we behave with our refugees love Americans


Thanks @realDonaldTrump for finally firing that disgrace of an IG Michael Atkinson. This is the person whose closed-door testimony @RepAdamSchiff still won't release. Now when can we expect a pardon for @GenFlynn?

The Guardian: Donald Trump fires intelligence watchdog who sparked impeachment process.… via @GoogleNews

Are you looking for b2b #leadgeneration, #webresearch and #dataentry service? So you can check my service on fiverr for the lowest price #OnePlus8Series

I know you're uncultured if you think iCarly was better than Zoey 101.…

Sabar sabar jungwoo instagram akan rilis pada waktunya


Onward was great ! Watch it everyone !

so no jungwoo instagram?


M3.5 #earthquake (#sismo) strikes 37 km SW of #Indio (#California) 25 min ago. Read eyewitnesses' stories & provide yours:…

jungwoo instagram nearing 12k tweets damn jungwoo better download that app now

Jonathan’s clapping and reactions during the lip sync were the cutest things I’ve ever seen! He’s so beyond adorable. And just so, so hot. #RPDR #DragRace #RuPaulsDragRace <3

o que a Brita não serviu no episódio ela serviu nesse Lip Sync #DragRace


I’m sorry but Tatum is still the worst player out of these 3 Start: PG Bench: Jimmy Butler Cut: Tatum…

Seems like #BlueBloods appeals to the Biden demographic. I hate that show.

[#superficcion] Luego de conocer el nuevo calendario de Marvel Studios, ¿que pasará con Spider-Man 3 y New Mutants?…


#4YearsWithMarkLee && thank you for being inspiration and motivation,love

Honestly, I want to know what Farrah sung at her audition to even be CONSIDERED for Destiny's Child.

#KushnerIsAnIdiot @GOP #GOP Why is it that Republicans consciously ignore the fact that experience, intellect and character matter when it comes to important government jobs. @GOP is ruining our country - tweet by tweet. #Resist

Friday night on the ranch treasure hunting! Guess who got to use the shovel?#Awesome-wife #StayHome #StayWellTexas


All great, but Taylor Allderdice for sure.…

America has fallen. We just fired a Navy officer for telling the truth, and our impeached commander in chief is a draft dodger and unindicted co-conspirator named Individual 1 in the indictment that put his lawyer in jail. #CaptainBrettCrozier #CrozierIsAHero #MAGA?

I just want New Mutants to finally come out so they can release a box set of all 13 XCU movies in the shape of an Xavier Academy yearbook.

keep practicing social distancing #StayWellTexas


I would imagine Vanessa is going to do Kobe’s HOF speech, not getting to hear the words come from the Mamba’s mouth is going to be so fucking surreal and painful. #RIPKobeBryant


It’s a shame we won’t be able to hear Kobe Bryant give a HOF speech…

niggas sayin carti number is public now finna prank call tf outta this nigga

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