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”No matter how much I found him ultimately unfit, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt about being a racist. No matter how much I came to dislike him, I didn’t want to think that the president of the United States is a racial bigot. But Sunday left no doubt.” George Conway…

When Chandra Shekhar's Young Turks beat Congress old guard with Indira Gandhi’s support Write Harivansh and @RaviDuttBajpai in 'Chandra Shekhar: The Last Icon of Ideological Politics':

“It is people power that will force Amazon to give back to the communities where it operates". #PrimeDay…

"This is not Speaker vs Court; this is between CM and somebody who wants to become CM". Follow #KarnatakaCrisis LIVE Here

"Don't run against Kamala Harris." -Ted Lieu, one of her 2010 opponents. He lost. Lieu was the first member of Congress to endorse her Presidential campaign.…

Watch X Ambassadors perform "Hold You Down" on #LSSC


भाजपा का "बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ" की असली हकीकत? इस प्रदेश में एक विधायिका सुरक्षित नहीं आम महिला कैसे सुरक्षित रह सकती है?? 2 महीने हो गए पर पर एमएलसी दिनेश सिंह और उनके भाई जिला पंचायत अध्यक्ष उनके भाई अवधेश सिंह व गणेश सिंह पर कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हुई ।…

The Congress is sharply divided in two blocs – the old guard and Team Rahul Report : @PrabhashRinkoo…

Anche oggi le super offerte su @monclick con il 48x10, nuove offerte ogni 10 minuti! Approfittane subito, clicca qui e scopri! #smartphone #tv #tablet #informatica #pc #notebook #sale #web #PrimeDay #Samsung #apple #lg #sony #lenovo #Huawei #Offerte

Dear @AOC, @RashidaTlaib, @AyannaPressley & @IlhanMN: Just woke up to #ImpeachNow trending first on Twitter. FML. Don’t know what to say. I also lost my blue checkmark. My presidency is fucked. Truce?

The German exchange has been a great success so far and has gone really quickly! Mr Kirk and Miss Madden are having a great time with the students who have gone. Here’s just a taste of what they’ve been up to so far...


Eric Ebron salty about his Madden rating

richard madden is the only white man i know that have atleast 10 braincells but that drops to -10 when he’s with taron egerton

Keenan Allen Blasts New Madden Rating, 'Bro, Who's Making This Sh*t!'

Me watching angry Democrats waste their time tweeting #ImpeachNow

In light of the recent announcement by @netflix of their decision to edit the controversial scene in #13ReasonsWhy Season 1 my recent research article examines the global debates ignited by the show and what I refer to as the network’s commercial imperative…

Tomorrow night I return to the States & it's for one reason and one reason only, to kick @AaronNagler's ass... in Madden. And also because my plane is tomorrow. And also because I'm out of clean clothes tomorrow. But mostly, to kick Nagler's ass in Madden. #grossiposse


At some point the press has got to stop going around asking people to litigate whether or not this bullshit is racist. It fucking is. I don't need to know if Mitt Romney THINKS it is. Does Mitt Romney think the sky is blue?

#2KRatings Karl Anthony towns rating should be a 93 because he’s the only 7ft player that I see improved himself last season


Ahora bien, podrá mi alien del área 51 vivir legalmente en Panamá? @ZulayRL

Hey @elonmusk if I storm Area 51 will you supply a Tesla and/or a flamethrower?

Imagine someone makes it into Area 51 and releases an Alien. We’d all be fucked

Maybe because there aren't any consequences for violating the subpoena. Because the person in charge of the Executive Branch won't uphold them. Could be he's the problem. Is there something Congress can do to deal with the head of the Executive Branch that won't do their job?…

.@AOC raised $1.2M in the second quarter, a massive amount for a freshman member of Congress who isn’t in political trouble. 84% of her money came from small-dollar donations.

.@ACLU_DC a Cop with @DCPoliceDept is keeping pics of children and adults he arrested in his personal phone.He shared them like a badge of honor,even the alleged 15 year old pic who was being arrested by his gang members in Congress Heights on Saturday @councilofdc @ChiefNewsham


Go go go! TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine Mini is live on @amazon ORDER HERE:… Some of 50 retro games containing select titles overlap in both the TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine lineup. Details here:… #AmazonPrimeDay #PrimeDay #Retro


Give my man Rui atleast an 85 he’s gonna be up there soon #2KRatings


AMERICANS ask yourself when will the Speaker of the House, sitting members of BOTH Houses of Congress, governors, mayors, even heads of law enforcement tell YOU how to AVOID A FEDERAL WARRANT…

Ooh I know I know, you're a Republican candidate for Congress who is helping to prove the GOP is the party of white supremacy…

hey boys, good news, I’ve already been to Area 51 and it’s a goddamn party


You hate everything about this country. Gay marriage, vets, abortion and babies, oversight, checks and balances, Obamacare, Obama, Congress, The FBI, The Intelligence Community, most judges, in fact, the only people you love are DICTATORS and MURDERERS. #youcanleave…

My @NBA2K #2KRatings predictions Doncic 88 Porzingis 87 Powell 78 Hardaway Jr 77 Wright 77 Curry 77 Brunson 76 Marjarnovic 76 Kleber 76 Jackson 75 Finney-Smith 74 Lee 72 Broekhoff 71 Roby 68 Barea 66 (Injured but 76 healthy)

Peeps at Madden HQ in charge of player ratings…


#2KRatings Highest 3pt Shaq

Writing about deepfakes in @slate, @nibsyr explains that lawmakers rushing to legislate are ignoring the real problem: Disinformation.…

See how @markwahlberg helped us surprsie Prime memebers with their #PrimeDay deliveries and his @PerformInspired nutrition products.…

Have faith in slight modifications my friend. Madden in 1989 / Madden in 2019 #Madden20…


Madden 20 Team Ratings: TOP FIVE Eagles - 89 Cowboys - 88 Saints/Patriots/Packers - 87 BOTTOM FIVE Jets/Cardinals/Buccaneers/Bills - 78 Giants - 77 Dolphins - 74 #NFL #Madden20 #FlyEaglesFly #BettingTips

Q. What does Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton have in common? A. They're both extremely mad on Trump of their failed presidential election.…

Give your game nights new life with Amazon's #PrimeDay board game deals:


#PrimeDay is here, and mayjah new deals will keep going live today and tomorrow, July 16. Shop at to unlock deals while also generating donations for @HawaiiFoodbank. You shop. @Amazon gives. Everybody wins!


No one hates America, we hate the #RacistInChief & anyone who still supports him, get your facts straight…

Aloha! Who is excited for the #mozcon tiki bar opening reception tonight!? Come hang out with us, network, and meet other MozCon attendees! We'll see you at 7pm at Block 41 in Belltown.

When @rjonesx link builds, he doesn't ask the sites to REPLACE their competitor's links. He simply asks them to add the link. #Mozcon

“You can poach the links of every single one of your competitors, because I promise that you will find the flaw that will give you what’s called ‘inbox justification.’ Whether it’s accessibility, non-secure domains, whatever--now you have it." @rjonesx #Mozcon

Check out this great group of #ROAD2NSPRA supporters! Over $3700 raised for the @NSPRA Foundation. #k12prchat #NSPRA2019


Congrats to our 2019 #k12prchat Chatty Award winners! Be sure to join us on Tuesday evenings — watch for the 2019-2020 schedule. #NSPRA2019 #ROAD2NSPRA


Madden ratings don't define Stafford's talent. His overall abilities are being ignored with win ratio and a bad 2018 season. Maddon ratings are almost always neglecting players real talents. They don't mean shit…

Definitely a proud #WEareLakota moment right here. Congrats Matt for understanding and believing in the power of communications. #NSPRA2019…

Checking out the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool. Here, Lincoln’s memory is enshrined forever. #NSPRA2019


The most dangerous weapon is a bad idea. However, the most powerful force in the universe is simply a good idea. Ideas are the sole creators of reality. Believe in the good ones please. #PrimeDayAmazon #AmazonStrike

Don't be a scab! Stand in solidarity with Amazon workers striking today and don't shop on #PrimeDayAmazon…

#MondayMotivation moonrise in honor of #Apollo50th this week! Seeing the moon from space always made me think about the first time humanity achieved such a feat.


gotta drop it down low for the boys in the back

Just made it to Area 51, if this is my last tweet then the aliens killed me!


#PrimeDayAmazon Thanks for the coupon, but I'll be supporting #AmazonStrike today. Workers deserve much better.

#PrimeDayAmazon I wish I could buy better working conditions for the workers. But that doesn't fit in my cart, so I can't check out

. 『 Gotta Love Me』④ ー(2) . . . #ShukaStory . . ※千秋目線


gotta love that bus/bike only lane on chestnut that forces the largest and most fragile vehicles to share a space

Woke up today to hear this horrible news. Everyone, please be careful with all strangers. This girl's life was snatched away from her by an absolutely horrendous person. Please show some respect by not sharing and spreading her images online. May she rest in peace. #ripbianca

"I'm sorry guys" #ExtremeRules didn't have the fairytale ending @WWERollins & @BeckyLynchWWE had in mind.

os memes da area 51 são legit os melhores deste ano

my alien from area 51

The left has always had a problem with racism.. It was the Democrats that tried to keep the blacks as slaves, it was the Republicans that voted to free them.. Today the Democrats are trying to make everybody else a racist towards whites.. #Racism #RacistLeft #RacistInChief

Be safe out there, ladies. I don't care how charming he is, BE CAREFUL #ripbianca

entrando en mi facebook por primera vez en todo el año para confirmar mi asistencia al area 51

I love this. Now there can be a spin-off James Bond in retirement series, which ends with Bond in a Last of the Summer Wine-style adventure story, for the gammons who need him to be a white man. And the 007 franchise can crack on unfettered like a sexy Killing Eve/Bourne-hybrid.…

Arsenal Football Club fans unite in warning to owner, Stan Kroenke. #WeCareDoYou…

I'm not even an @Arsenal fan but Kroenke is literally everything I hate about football. So, #WeCareDoYou


Alguien: Valió la pena esperar 7 meses por el nuevo álbum de #DAY6 Me: #The_Book_of_Us #Time_of_Our_Life


It’s time to put aside problems within the fan base, come together and ALL support @AfcWecaredoyou. It’s time for change, before @Arsenal regress even further. #WeCareDoYou #afc


"James Bond" metade das pessoas reclamando nunca viram a porra do filme, 25 filmes e as pessoas não entenderam q 007 é código para 1 agente secreto, q agora vai ser 1 mulher. Lynch será a nova 007 e não uma versão feminina do James Bond. seus burro.

007 mulher. Para que, ó raios? James Bond é ícone. "My name is Bond, James Bond." Criem agente mulher, trans. Não importa. Criem. Mas deixem o 007 em paz, masculino, como foi criado. 007 homem a serviço de sua majestade, a rainha. 007 é parte do cinema. E do imaginário dos fãs.

I miss the days when people didn't say how they felt. I just assumed everyone was not racist. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

#MSNBC Office of the President is currently occupied by #RacistInChief. #RacistPresident has to go.

John McCain is rolling over in his grave. Was the golf game with the #RacistInChief worth selling your soul for, @LindseyGrahamSC? #RacistPresident…

everyone seems to be happy with brock because I'm seeing a lot of people saying that rollins' reign wasn't that good this time no monday night rollins this time..what say you? #raw #ExtremeRules #UniversalChampion #BrockLesnar

Couldn’t watch #ExtremeRules live last night so catching up now. (No spoilers for the next few hours would be great) #ExtremeRulesReplay

EXCLUSIVE: #USChampion @AJStylesOrg & The Club celebrate after The Phenomenal One’s win at #ExtremeRules.

I’m way behind. Just getting started on #ExtremeRules. Listened to some of it on my phone earlier but watching now. Will likely skip some bits

Yo hear me out for SummerSlam... Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt #WWE #ExtremeRules

GOD, I am glad I was at #ExtremeRules. Just great matches all around. NEW DAY ARE DRIPPED IN GOLD! AJ / Ricochet is gonna be hype going forward Got to see an Undertaker entrance in person Bayley looked STRONG AF Raw tomorrow is gonna be dope!

And with Brock being champ again I believe I'm done watching WWE #ExtremeRules

me walking home from area 51 tryna explain everything on this fucked up planet to my alien


For anyone else who is lost like I was. #tomhollandbetterprayup


If you tear down the American flag and put up the confederate flag you are an American and a racist! #racistinchief…

That's a pretty low bar. Welcome to Cult 45 , where Trump acts like an asshat every day, and nobody ever has to say sorry! #Geraldo…

I rarely agree with Trump but when he says someone is from a country “whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world” about three American-born women, I have to agree! #RacistInChief #DumpTrump


The @ShanghaiDragons tore through the toughest teams the @overwatchleague had to offer to win today's Stage 3 final. @leagueofemily breaks down the eighth-seeded Dragons’ journey through #OWL2019 to today's title.



Introverts are not shy. I repeat, Introverts are NOT shy. Thank you for listening to my Tedtalk. #IntrovertsUnite

the fact that a rapper wrote a song about zendaya and felt the need to tell tom holland to step back is just absolutely hilarious to me #tomhollandbetterprayup

BVR 17 Kirby: 9 Rawlings Tigers 2020: 8 Kohlten Parlari: 3-4 R, 2RBI Justin Conrad: 2-2 R, RBI, BB Grant Griffin: 2-3 3RBI, 2B, SB Clay Jung: 2-3 3B, SB Tyler Stephenson: 2-2 2R, 2RBI, BB, SB Justin Conrad: 4.0IP 3H BB 5K

My headphones are my best friend #IntrovertsUnite

So in 2 years which Republican will be writing about this in their book? #RacistInChief

まさたかバースデーカードゲット! 阪神のカードアプリもこれあればねぇ。


Daily Streams & Uploads all throughout the #SoaRRC !!!

Take 2. The @TigersSRD iTunes feed is working. Our episode with @EmilyCWaldon is up. Thanks for everyone's patience as she joins us at the 52-minute mark as we talk Futures Game & more.…

No es el Senado, no es la Camara, no son los alcaldes.... es el pueblo, respeta la demanda de el pueblo que te subio, no se ytata de perdon se trata de dignida, quitate mientras estas a tiempo, no busques un golpe de te fue la guagua #RickyRenunciaYa #PRotroVenezuela

Has there ever been a Tiger with a more Richmondy haircut? #MoveslikeMabior #gotiges


#IntrovertsUnite Hello,

#RickyRenunciaYa #RickyLeaks Rivera Schatz Ayer / Rivera Schatz hoy


No Doctor would prescribe this Sunday Evening to any Heart patient. #WimbledonFinal #CWC19Final

#Cricket में Strike Rotation का कितना महत्व है, #TeamIndia को यह #England और #NewZeland से सीखना चाहिए। @msdhoni तो अब सीख नहीं पायेंगे, लेकिन @imVkohli आप तो सुनहरे भविष्य के लिए सीख ही लिजिए। #CWC19Final पता नहीं भारतीय टीम के कोच को यह सब समझ क्यूं नहीं आता? @BCCI

Drinks after 34 overs. England need 105 to win from 96 balls with six wickets in hand. The partnership between Stokes and Buttler is now at 51*. Ball-by-ball: Live report: #NZvENG | #CWC19Final


For all the criticism of the pitch (and I've watched a lot of low scoring T20s at Lord's that have been counter productive) if England see this home it could be a thrilling finish to really put an imprint in the memory of all those watching. Relying on an IF though! #CWC19Final

I wonder if Trump supporters realize that once Trump is out, they are all going to be societal outcasts forever. They will be fired from jobs, shunned by friends, forever being known as the deplorable racist pieces of shit that they are. #RacistInChief #ICEraids #Congresswomen

Today is apparently #NationalNudeDay. The good news for the entire planet is that I will not be participating in any celebrations of this holiday.

Ruh roh. That felt big for Djokovic. #Wimbledon

Quiebra Nole en este quinto set y da un paso adelante para alzarse con el título en #Wimbledon

Trump says Dem. congresswomen criticizing his migrant policy should 'go back' where they came from, despite all but one of them being born in U.S.…


Trump tweets racist attacks at progressive Democratic congresswomen…

Your broke kid comes back w/ a new bicycle that you've never seen before, and says he "found it". You didn't see it happen, but you know he stole. Your President tells Congresswomen of color to "go back" to where they came from. He didn't say the n-word, but you know he's racist.

Going to enjoy national nude day? Make sure to use plenty of sunscreen & remember to wipe it off before having sex #NationalNudeDay

#SundayThoughts: less than an hour later, we have a headline realignment: @FoxNews: ICE raids begin (same as before) @CNN: President Trump sends racist tweets at congresswomen (new) @MSNBC: President Trump targets congresswomen of color (new) #differentamericas


*clears throat* “Area 51” 50k RTS 295k Likes

if people legitimately try to get into Area 51 it’s just natural selection at that point

lashana lynch. that’s it. that’s the tweet.

Creating memories That will outlive me One storm at a time Every touch Every tongue's Brush Every shiver Every thrust They all have a purpose A clear aim When I'm gone You will remember Every storm of mine That made you rain. #SeduceMeSunday


Dynamic can be mined using your CPU or GPU. If you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU and you wish to mine using it, select the standalone GPU Miner from downloads based on the manufacturer of your graphics card. ☑️ Start here:… $DYN #cryptomining #CPU #GPU


जीवन में कठिनाइयाँ हमे बर्बाद करने नहीं आती है, बल्कि यह हमारी छुपी हुई सामर्थ्य और शक्तियों को बाहर निकलने में हमारी मदद करती है| कठिनाइयों को यह जान लेने दो की आप उससे भी ज्यादा कठिन हो #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #SundayMorning #SundayFunday

my super hot and sexy uber driver isn’t chatty and i am so sad

If I see someone there in a MAGA hat, my subsequent actions might land me in jail. #ExcusesNotToGo

#ExcusesNotToGo I overslept so sue me. (Actually I've got a day off FINALLY & I refuse to adult.)

#ExcusesNotToGo I'm still waiting for this Viagra to subside.

ICYMI - A moment he won't soon forget. Bubba Starling records the first hit of his MLB career. #AlwaysRoyal

Nicole- Mine is pity. The fact that you (Bella) act that way, I feel sad for you. Kemi- I feel sad for Nick that he fell for that #BB21

The forever 51 in area 21 has all the best deals

the area 51 alien that i stole waking me up for breakfast

Bill Murray finding out Scarlett Johansson is after his tree roles


government really out here testing defense strategies for the upcoming raid on area 51 #blackout #manhattan #mypoweroutage

i love serena williams so fucking much

What’s your worst quality? Mine is hurting literally anything or anyone that gets near me

Are You Going To Area 51

#Wimbledon Simona Halep says she played the 'best match of her life' after beating Serena Williams on Sunday to clinch her second Grand Slam title. Read more:…


me taking home my baby alien after stealing him from area 51 #Area51


Tennis: Serena has lost 'intimidation' factor, says Halep

New York’s spirit is shining brightly on Twitter tonight. Singing, dancing , directing traffic and just generally stepping up to the plate during their epic blackout. Sending big time love from the Left Coast. Love love love you guys!!! #blackout

Hello, Everyone, I have Amazon Best Product Video, Adjustable bed base Mattress adjustable beds Product. Also, Much More best product. Follow this link:… #FightForTheFallen Luke Jackson Manhattan #FoodWars #UFCSacramento #nycpoweroutage Shakur Stevenson

Hello, Everyone, I have Amazon Best Product Video, Adjustable bed base Mattress adjustable beds Product. Also, Much More best product. Follow this link:… #FightForTheFallen Luke Jackson Manhattan #FoodWars #UFCSacramento #nycpoweroutage Shakur Stevenson

HEARTBEATS POP 30 : BREAKOUT SONGS July 14 – 19, 2019 * Avicii – Heaven * Martin Garrix – Summer Days * Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – Señorita * Ed Sheeran – Beautiful People NOTE : The most number of votes will be included on the #HEARTBEATSPop30 this coming weekend.

The #BakedBets crew official rating on #FightForTheFallen is a C. Not a very good show. The door is #wide open for #WWEExtremeRules tomorrow night to prove what promotion is #1.

South of the boarder -Ed sheeran Wow!... A whole cardi b verse w/o her cussing or saying how offset eats that booty... The only cardi verse a guy can sing along to without adding "no homo" at the end…

look at scarlett johansson be the stage that ryujin dances on love that or us

I can’t believe people actually say “aye turn that Ed Sheeran up”

I was told today that one in eight men believe they could win a point against Serena Williams and I think that properly encapsulates how dumb my gender can be

Não. Não estou com Patrick Mahomes.…

Bubba Starling on tallying the first hit of his MLB career: "It means a lot... Awesome to get that first knock out of the way." #AlwaysRoyal

Bubba Starling said he was glad to get his first base knock, but he gave all the credit to what Brad Keller did tonight on the mound: “He was pounding the zone all night. He did an unbelievable job."

8.0 IP 4 H 1 R 0 BB 7 K Now that's stellar. #AlwaysRoyal

For some reason, it feels like a good time to remind people how incredible Patrick Mahomes was last year.…

All Bubba Starling does is win.

And that's two straight for the Royals, this one 4-1 over the Tigers. Brad Keller was dominant, going eight innings and giving up four hits, one run, and no walks with seven strikeouts. Bubba Starling got his first big-league hit. Cheers, everyone.

How 'bout a little vintage Gordo? #AlwaysRoyal

Bubba Starling gets his first career hit.

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