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De acuerdo con idolator, “#LoseYouToLoveMe” es considerado como uno de los mejores singles de este año. ¿Estás de acuerdo con su crítica?

Today’s vote on SALT deductions makes clear Republicans still care more about corporate tax write-offs than their own constituents’ pocketbooks. The Republican’s loyalty to their tax scam continues to block relief for families negatively impact by this scheme.

We want your predictions for tonight! Watch #WorldSeries Game 2 on FOX.


"They can't win the argument anymore. He's been caught." @HardballChris on House Republicans crashing an impeachment hearing. #Hardball

Dems still saying “quid pro quo” instead of “bribery” is why Republicans are better at communications

It’s Scorpio season I suppose so hello

i was feeling especially horny today and turns out it’s scorpio season

Tears for the unknown burial place of 840 #Bessborobabies. The site is for sale but why aren’t #cork people up in arms. Yet again the sacred hearts of Jesus & mary are letting children down by giving 3 mos notice to services @BessboroughCork

Everyone: Mario Kart Tour’s subscription is ridiculous and over priced Bethesda:

Did Chuck seriously say Kawhi is a better scorer than Bron and is better at carrying his own team? Shame, I actually liked this guy…

US soccer superstar striker Alex Morgan and her husband, LA Galaxy player Servando Carrasco, are expecting a baby girl in April, the two-time World Cup winner announced on Twitter

With over 12,6M views in only 18 hours, #LoseYouToLoveMe is already Selena’s biggest debut on Youtube!

Falamos muito sobre experiência nos estádios e celulares, e pouco sobre a que impacta o consumidor no PDV (ponto de contato fundamental na decisão de compra). Para o lançamento do LeBron 17, a Nike instalou uma quadra de basquete com LEDs em sua 'House of innovation', na China.

Atualmente, o clipe de #LoseYouToLoveMe se encontra em #2 no Em Alta, 1,7 milhões de likes e +12 milhões de views!


FOX 5's @OhMyGOFF chatted with some of the wives of the @Nationals' stars before #WorldSeries Game 2 and got some scoop on their husbands' pregame and postgame rituals — including a Conga line! #WinTheFight⚾️#STAYINTHEFIGHT

“Say what you like about Selena Gomez, but she never repeats herself” / “One of the best songs of the year” — @idolator on their #LoseYouToLoveMe review.

LeBron vs Kawhi In Battle For Los Angeles PLUS Raptors Hunt The Pelicans

Somebody please ask Kawhi about Hong Kong.

Artilheira da última Copa do Mundo de futebol dará a luz a uma menina três meses antes da Olimpíada de Tóquio…

me: comes home from school to see "bethesda" trending and panics also me: remembers that bethesda is still a gaming studio and not the city u live in, idiot

Which Lakers provided surplus value based on their salaries last season? Goal is to be above the trendline. *It is based on 18-19 salaries, so a guy like Dudley didn't provide surplus value to the Nets, but looks like a solid bet to do so based on his 19-20 deal


Here are my humble predictions for this season. East: 1) Milwaukee 2) Philly 3) Indiana 4) Miami 5) Brooklyn 6) Boston 7) Toronto 8) Orlando West: 1) Nuggets 2) Clippers 3) Lakers 4) Golden State 5) Houston 6) Utah 7) Portland 8) Dallas Clippers over Bucks in 6

Huge win for @ChelseaFC (boosted by the Valencia result) and good to see Pulisic providing another strong showing when it mattered. #AJXCHE #UefaChampionsLeague

#SATPC5th lets do this

#LoseYouToLoveMe has reached #1 on ITunes in 52 countries so far!! This makes this her biggest debut!!


He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. --Muhammad Ali #quote #WednesdayWisdom.

No more candy left #RuinHalloweenIn4Words

Not at people crediting selenas song success to her ex...SHE DID IT ON HER FUCKING OWN. Y’all never wanna just admit that the girl is successful & people do in fact love her. It’s a song about learning to love herself period & it is her second best song to date #LoseYouToLoveMe

FUN FACT: #LoseYouToLoveMe está vendendo o equivalente ao top 4 do iTunes USA inteiro SOMADO!

Habla de amor propio, dejar ir a esas personas que no te hacen bien, es: A R T E #LoseYouToLoveMe

Good for you @selenagomez! Sing your truth! This song is so raw and personal. Sometimes we have to lose someone to be able to move on. Thank you for not hiding your feelings as they will help many in a similar situation. ❤️ #LoseYouToLoveMe

Confira um trecho dos bastidores do videoclipe de #LoseYouToLoveMe! | @selenagomezbr

Must admit it that the Clippers are better than the Lakers right now due to the fact that they’re the same team and just added Kawhi & PG. Lakers will get better in the long run.

One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain. #WednesdayWisdom

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” - Og Mandino #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom

We don’t want to become a culture so focused on punishing the bad GUY that we miss opportunities to stop/prevent the bad BEHAVIOR. #sharpeway #larrysharpe #liberty #freedom #libertarian #WednesdayWisdom


Lakers need to call Jamal Crawford. Expeditiously.

I think the clippers are a bad matchup for the Lakers. To beat them you need trust and experience as a team and a “fuck these guys” mentality because of how physical they play. It’s like the 2008-10 Celtics. And while the Lakers can match up to 28 other teams, just not the LACs

We are ready for more #WorldSeries baseball! Who are you rooting for? Our South Central Region is cheering on the @astros, while our Northeast Region is rooting for the @Nationals! #MLB #baseball


Danny Green passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most points ever in a Lakers debut

We are quickly sliding down that slippery slope. It started with "hate crimes". Now the Orwellian left wants to criminalize "hate speech". How soon until hate itself, a #ThoughtCrime is added? #1984IsHere #SocialJusticeFascists #WednesdayThoughts #RuinHalloweenIn4Words…

This is a beautiful piece from @sportingnews resident baseball whiz. A great read in between #WorldSeries games!…

The real paper is still the best. #Nats #WorldSeries


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