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【8.11(土)来店】 MARVELのヴァリアントカバーなど多岐にわたるご活躍をされております、桃桃子先生がCROSSOVERにご来店! 見学のみも可能なスケッチ会を予定。予約申し込みや質問や詳細はメールにてお応えします。 ※画像はこのイベントの為に描き下ろして頂いたヴァンピレラ @peachmomoko60


Pfft. You call that a female Thor? She looks like she'd have to go on adventures with a babysitter!…

La película de #Blade si llegará pero al parecer será hasta la fase 5 de #Marvel #SDCC2019 #SDCC

Estas películas son infaltables para entender la fase 4 de Marvel y cómo nació Thor mujer.


Vou apagar daqui a pouco mas o importante é participar #BrownSkinGirlChallenge


Marvel anuncia que Natalie Portman será la versión femenina de Thor


Paul Krassner, the publisher, author and radical political activist on the front lines of 1960s counterculture who helped tie together his loose-knit prankster group by naming them the Yippies, dies at 87.


1960s prankster Paul Krassner, who named Yippies, dies at 87…

Thick in the thiiiiiighs wet as the ocean he fixin to diiiiive #WeLoveYouNicki


#WeLoveYouNicki I love Nicki Minaj bc she help me when I was getting bullied and when I started listening to her songs she made me feel better about myself so I would always love the women who help me and showed me I'm a bad bitch❤❤You're my QUEEN


Fuck #NationalIceCreamDay - a Baskin Robbins employee

Holy crap #NASCAR made SportsCenter tonight. Granted, they only showed the last lap and @dennyhamlin’s post-race interview....

.@MattDRacing says NHMS top-five "just shows our strength”… via @motorsport #NASCAR

Didn’t have time to check immediately after race, but Hendrick Motorsports says it wasn’t the same issue on the Elliott and Johnson cars today. #nascar

You gotta love a guy like @mattdracing having another great finish today because he’s really a guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve in the off chance he’s wearing a shirt that has sleeves. #NASCAR #Loudon


Okay. I’m done replying to #HateHoax trolls. They have proven that they don’t even know the full details of what happened. Probably because they just don’t care about truth.

Guerra en el Real Madrid: Zidane aseguró que si Bale "se va mañana, mejor" y su agente lo tildó de "sinvergüenza"


Twitter!!! Twitter!!! How many times did I call you??? Who else noticed the like botton is not working??? #bbnaija #bale

Gareth Bale || Goodbye ❤️ .

Just a genuine question. After Bale leaves Real Madrid, we will be left with no reliable right winter.

PSG ile Real Madrid, Neymar - Gareth Bale takası için görüşmelerini sürdürüyor. (The Independent)


Con un crack del Real Madrid y el defensa más caro de la historia del fútbol, el nuevo 11 del Manchester United para conquistar la Inglaterra y Europa. Mira el jugadorazo que podría marcharse por la llegada de los fichajes.…

¡Por fin ha pasado! Kevin Feige confirma películas de los #XMen y #Los4Fantasticos en desarrollo


We are discussing MARVEL PHASE 4 on YouTube! We are also giving away a copy of SHAZAM! Tune in! #SDCC #MARVELSDCC


25 Marvel Movie Actors Reprising Roles For MCU's #WhatIf? Series -


الأفلام والمسلسلات التي سيتم إصدارها في عام 2020 و 2021 ستكون المجموعة الكاملة من المرحلة الرابعة لعالم مارفل السينمائي. وسيتم إدراج أفلام مثل 'Blade' و 'Black Panther 2' و 'Captain Marvel 2' في المرحلة الخامسة.


Why are people getting so wound up by what zidane said about bale he's wanting him off the wage bill as much as anything else he could possibly have put it better but it is what it is

Natalie Portman será la versión femenina de Thor en la cuarta entrega de la saga…


I wish I could celebrate #NationalIceCreamDay but my toilet doesn't deserve that. It ain't hurt nobody.

Marvel announces every film they’re releasing in the next two years…

Actress Natalie Portman will be returning as Jane Foster and wield Mjolnir as a female Thor in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER! #SDCC


I dont understand the freak out about Thor. They aren’t getting rid of Hemsworth. I don’t think this is a recast. We can trust Taika. What’s the issue?

#Tecnología - Todas las confirmaciones de la Fase Cuatro de Marvel: 'Thor 4', 'Blade' 'Doctor Strange 2' o 'Eternals' entre muchas otras sorpresas #Noticias…


and women wonder why 'some' people don't believe all #MeToo accusations #HateHoax

Are we just gonna breeze past the fact she admittedly had too many items in the express lane??? @itsericathomas #HateHoax

This is when the everyone, including the Democrats, come out and condemn #HateHoax right? There is enough division in this country, we dont need exaggerated stories to exacerbate it.…

Oh! So this is still up and being promoted by Twitter. #HateHoax


¡BRUTAL! Vea cómo Manny Pacquiao venció a Keith Thurman #21Jul

If you thought JB Holmes was slow earlier in the week, imagine having to watch him hit approximately 85 shots in one day! Bet Koepka is thrilled.

Yung pag ka bagsak ni Thurman kala mo grades ko lang amputa first quarter palang.

Referee Dan Miragliotta shook his head as Greg Hardy was announced winner #UFCSanAntonio

When you are getting jerked off by your grandmother and all you can think about that rad tweet you just came up with. #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho

Ugh. Poor JB Holmes. At this rate he’s gonna miss the cut for the British Open.

If you bought my shitty #UFCSanAntonio picks last night then this weeks PPV is on me to make up for it. #UFC240

#UFCSanAntonio: Ray Borg (@tazmexufc) reflects on long road back to win column

I woke up feeling like I got my ass kicked last night. #UFCSanAntonio

Juan Adams is sorry he let you down last night. #UFCSanAntonio Full story:


"To compete against a former world champion in RDA and did what I did, I feel great. I’m proving to the kids coming from the UK that you can stay in the UK and do it, I’m very happy with my performance." - @Leon_EdwardsMMA #UFCSanAntonio


All this talk about Blade made me want to go and watch Blade so I’m watching Blade

At 40 years of age Manny Pacquiao has added another notch to his legendary resume! #PacquiaoThurman

Mahershala Ali gotta be the baddest motherfucker to walk God’s green earth when he plays Blade. Training gotta be on point and he gotta have that macho shit turned all the way up. He gotta do what Wesley did. Anything less than that? Keep it

Fav batgirl is Cassandra don’t @ me. She always had this badass vibe to me.

Here's the first-look teaser for the #Hawkeye Disney+ series that was previewed at #SDCC Comic-Con: (via @Renner4Real)

Manny Pacquiao Beats Keith Thurman by split decision to give Thurman his first career loss ! #PacquiaoThurman #PacThurman #PacquiaovsThurman #Pacquiao #PacquiaovsThurmanLive #ThurmanPacquiao #ThurmanPac


The last time my parents saw The Lion King in theaters was when my mom was pregnant with me, this time I was sitting next to them with my fiancé. If that’s not Disney magic I don’t know what is

Okay, who else is stoked about Marvel phase 4 coming in with a Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali?



I let out an audible squeal when I heard that we were getting more Blade and that Mahershala Ali was playing him. #Blade #MarvelSDCC

Is Rachel Weisz #Marvel's new Taskmaster? And how important is this character to the #BlackWidow story (WINK). #SDCC

Como amo a esta mujer "Jane Foster" #Thor #ThorLoveAndThunder


we're getting eternals, shang chi, jane as thor, blade, mutants, and seven movies in one year?! we’re eating good.


Can't believe I just saw spoilers for the Lion King, wow

listen i KNOW one a y’all mfs recorded the black widow footage come on

o David Harbour é um puta ator q merece todo o sucesso do mundo!! aaaa to muito orgulhoso


Angelina Jolie says she's already in training and is going to work 10 times harder than she has on any action film before

Sometimes I wonder why I’m single...and then I start singing to my cats.

uma hawkeye fã nunca esteve tao feliz como esta agora obrigada marvel

Look at my Eternals family Richard Madden (Icarus), Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo), Lauren Ridloff (Makkari), Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos), Salma Hayek (Ajak), Lia McHugh (Sprite), and Don Lee (Gilgamesh).


me waiting for david harbour to show up in black widow so i can jerk off in the theater


Black widow. Dirigida por Cate Shortland y protagonizada por Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, David Harbour y Scarlett Johansson. Se estrenará en mayo de 2020. Los acontecimientos tendrán lugar después de Civil War y contará la historia de Budapest.


My favorite purchase from #SDCC50 @Snoopy


Angelina Jolie sobre entrar no MCU "Vou trabalhar Dez Vezes Mais" #Eternals #SDCC #SDCC50 #SDCC2019 #COMICCON2019 #SDCC19 #MarvelSDCC

Abaddon was unapologetic, which was a big part of her being a powerful women. #supernatural #sdcc50@AlainaHuffman


It’s very empowering to play a character who never says the “s” word, ie sorry. #sdcc50 #supernatural


Katie Hopkins is an interesting case study in how being hateful can now be a career. Before she realised hating Muslims and refugees could be a money spinner, she hated working class people and obese people. Hate is her business model and brand identity. And it’s sadly versatile.

#RIPChesterBennington The Linkin Park vocalist died two years ago today. Hip-hop reacted in a big way to the rockstar's death. See messages from Chance The Rapper, Pusha-T and many more below ⬇️…

2 Years ago today we lost the greatest singer of all time. #RIPChesterBennington ❤️


Politics:-America asked Saddam to attack Iran and they both did fight war for 8years. Then USA encouraged Iraq to attack Kuwait n after getting money from Kuwait, USA forced Iraq forces to leave Kuwait. And then hanged Saddam. Means USA can do any work but supari Milani chahiye!

Candice still wants that Halloween episode. AND IT'S CONFIRMED IT'S HAPPENING. #TheFlash #CWSDCC

Unconfirmed reports claim #Israel carried out rare attack in #Iraq #Iran #Syria

I thought getting on twitter again would help me get these jokes off but the first thing I saw was the new Cats trailer. I was better off when I was deactivated.

#WatchmenHBO's #SDCC2019 trailer is now online! Check it out ➡️


the only useful thing i’ve learned in life is that shaq is my spirit animal

Ya’ll seeing this conman? Walmart literally does this. Time and time again Bernie Sanders proves just why he’s not the champion his supporters paint him out to be.…

2 years on #RIPChesterBennington mental health don’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you’re rich, poor, man, woman, black, white. Don’t suffer in silence #ItsOkToTalk


Very cool that ted cruz wants to outlaw protesting fascism and all democrats want to talk about is Bernie's campaign union asking for a raise.

Day five of AARP's presidential candidate forum in Iowa starts at 3pm ET with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Gov. Steve Bullock. Watch the event, streaming here:… #PeteForAmerica #Pete2020

The *only* reason Trump is able to claim he has over $100 million is because he transferred nearly $75 million from his MAGA PAC. Since 2017, Trump has raised $43 million, but has only raised $16.1 million this year. Bernie Sanders has raised $36.2 million this year. #Bernie2020

Not to take away from my beautiful float dice, but I finally had enough Sun to take a shot of all 3 Halloween sets together. They'll be up for sale sometime July 30. #Halloween #icecreamdice #dice #ttrpg #dnd


Whats more #American than #BBQ and #Guns? #GrillingWhileArmed The Top 20 recipes is NOW available on #Amazon. Make sure to order your copy today. Liberals pair food with wines, WE pair GREAT American BBQ with the perfect Gun! @StephenGutowski @Liz_Aiello @GrahamLedger @AWRHawkins


"For me, every part of the project has exceeded my expectations [...] it’s been phenomenal.” - Jennifer Connelly on #TopGunMaverick at #SDCC…

Comic-con di San Diego, luglio 2019. Un attempato ma sempre elegante Tom Cruise presenta il trailer dell'attesissimo "Top Gun: Maverick". #fotografiesegnanti #20luglio #TomCruise #TopGun #TopGun2 #Presidente #Governo


Kelly McGillis was never going to be in the TOP GUN sequel anyway because she is the same age as Tom Cruise and is therefore too old to play Tom Cruise's love interest.

JUST IN: Eighteen Indian nationals are among the 23 people on board the British oil vessel seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, the tanker’s operator Stena Bulk has confirmed. Indian Mission in Tehran is in touch with the Iranian authorities and trying to ascertain the facts.

shadowbringers turned howl into a top and a gun fanatic

ABD Başkanı Trump'tan son dakika Türkiye daveti!

Phrenology of Trump


send john wick after trump and his family and end it

UK Tanker Ship 'Stena Impero' seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. The 23 souls onboard includes Indians, Russians, Latvians and Filipinos. #MarineNews

Iran Denies That U.S. Shot Down an Iranian Drone…

Sunni Islams handlingar, liksom resten av sekterna, sekter, religioner, partier, Syrien, Libanon, Afrika, Irak, Iran, Syrien, Armenier, ögon, nationaliteter och föreningar, liknar Satans handlingar i Turkiet, Skandinavien, Sverige och Europa. Ahmad Khalil 0046763938188


Iran says British tanker seized because of collision…

On separate Iran issue am v concerned about this week's transfer of Nazanin to an IRGC hospital. We'd hoped this meant she was getting medical treatment she needs but the fact that she has been cut off from contact with her family is giving us huge cause for concern #FreeNazanin

The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Army Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, concluded that Iran does not want to start a war with the U.S. or its allies. “The outcome would be very horrific for all,” he said.…

CATS - Official Trailer [HD] via @YouTube

#Caturday #CatsOfTwitter #CatLady #catdad #catdads #catoftheday #catlovers #catsoftheworld #catalunya #catsoftheday #catholic #catsoftheday #catsagram #cat #cats #catsofinstagram


LORD RICHARDS, former Chief of the Defence Staff on #Iran tanker seizure tells @BBCr4today: "UK must sit down with Iranians & Americans & come up with a solution - but currently the US strategic goals are different to those of the Europeans"

This is so diversionary. Do better than this. Thing was about Iran and Europe crisis…

Did anybody notice Mike Leake came within 3 outs of pitching a complete game perfect game tonight?

【Midnight cats】 第2回大会東京一次予選を通過したスクールアイドル。同じモブスクールアイドルであるeAst heArtに比べると人気が高い…気がする。サンシャイン時代でも同じ学校のスクールアイドルが存続している。


'Professor' Pacquiao vows to teach Thurman a lesson #PacquiaoThurman

Ebbene si, Tom Cruise quel jet lo ha pilotato davvero per le riprese di Top Gun: Maverick


Manny Pacquiao has emerged as the richest Filipino athlete of all time by far, and one of the world's highest-paid sports people. #PacquiaoThurman

Raleigh News Leake comes within three outs of perfect game -


That was the closest I have come to witnessing a no-hitter, much less a perfect game. After eight, I thought the @Mariners Mike Leake had it.…

Leake comes within three outs of perfect game -

Leake comes within three outs of perfect game -

Leake comes within three outs of perfect game -

Last hour of the show in Vegas right now!!!! @ScottFerrall & @CarverHighCBS ready for #PacquiaoThurman tomorrow night on @PBConFOX


Erik Morales in awe to see Pacquiao fighting at 40 #PacquiaoThurman

Erik Morales in awe to see Pacquiao fighting at 40 #PacquiaoThurman

Pacquiao: Thurman will be tough but I know I’ll win #PacquiaoThurman

Some rando on @espn named Dan Le Batard attacked his own network for "cowardly" stance on avoiding politics. Maybe he is unaware that they are a sports channel and that most people who watch sports are Republican. If you don't like how they do things, work somewhere else.

peppa pig in trump “there are some points he has made”

donald trump can tweet the sky is blue and people will still twist it to make it sound like he’s doing something bad.

JDM likes the term #ReleaseTheNeganand says Negan will stretch his legs. The redemption arc is real and genuine with Judith but Negan will always be Negan now that he is out more. #TheWalkingDead #SDCC #HallH

Presidente Trump active Gdia Nacional y toque de queda

Paragon Of Corruption At Trump Interior Draws Eye Of Congress | Rachel M... via @YouTube

“I think it would be cool to have Daryl’s crossbow or Lucille.” - Cailey Fleming #TWD #SDCC


i really, really, really hope they play the cats trailer before the lion king tonight

'The Lion King' Scavenger Hunt Review at Disney's Animal Kingdom Join us for an interactive look at the new offering:…


Cailey would love to either wield Daryl's crossbow or Lucille. (She's also sitting between JDM and NR. So adorbs.) #TheWalkingDead #SDCC #HallH

"The NFL still can’t be bothered to actually protect the women and children in harm’s way and, equally important, ensure its players are getting the help they need," writes @nrarmour for @usatodaysports.…

Screw Cats the musical, I'd much rather see Man Cheetah the musical.

фильм "cats" выглядит потрясающе


My mum refused to accept that the cats trailer is unsettling. She keeps saying beautiful to everyone

We’re live in the #StevenUniverse panel @ #SDCC and can’t wait to hear about the Steven Universe movie! #BETxSDCC

"Every time I train, I have to make it look like how Michonne (@DanaiGurira) taught me." - Cailey Fleming #TWD #SDCC


OMG OMG CALI’S ADOPTED!! After over nine months at the shelter this lovely lady finally has a happy home!! Best #FridayFeeling ever! We are so happy. Congratulations to Cali and her awesome adopters!


First year at #SDCC? Feeling a little lost? Don't worry - we've got you covered.


Jenny Boyd & Kaylee Bryant said season 2 will find Lizzie and Josie searching for more information about the Merge. Josie is really digging deep while Lizzie isn’t as into it. #Legacies #SDCC


Last is the kickstarter commissions! Just finished yesterday after many setbacks...I’m liking the way it looks like a fossil of sorts! #shark #hammerheadshark #FridayFeeling #art


Big welcome for Cailey Fleming. She talks about how gymnastics training helped with her sword training. Loves how Danai is so fierce when she does it so she has to do it too. #TheWalkingDead #SDCC #HallH

It sounds like Tyreek Hill is going to cash in huge now


Tencent Is One of the Producers. Shame on you Whorellywood!! Hollywood Bows to Chicoms: New 'Top Gun' Movie Removes Japanese and Taiwanese Patches on Pilot's Jacket ⁦@MischaEDM⁩ ⁦…

The #TopGun51 winners have been chosen! Thank you to #CPEvolution speaker Diane Krakor, CEO at @PartnerPath who weighed in, plus #masteragents @Avant_CCC @microcorp @PlanetOneComm @telarus & more! See who made the inaugural list here >>


See Tom Cruise usher a whole new generation of shirtless cadets in the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

The new Top Gun film has Maverick transferring to the Space Force.

Considering he beat and strangled the mother of his child when she was pregnant, how is Tyreek Hill even allowed to be in the kid’s life in the first place?

Oh look, #GOPCommunists is trending. It should really be #GOPFascists, that's more accurate.

Since Jamelle Hill should already be in charge of ESPN, Dan Le Batard should be executive VP but only if his dad leads like the corporate retreats

POS-ESPN host Dan Le Batard went on a rant Thursday calling Trump supporters racist and blasting the station for refusing to call it out.

There is something extremely poignant to me about Dan Le Batard going all in today, on Stuart Scott’s birthday.

Trump: Biz de S-400 alabiliriz. Arkadaşlarıma incelettim, kendimize yaptırım uygulamak zorunda değilmişiz.


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