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Tô cansada de colocarem nss fandom em briga só pra ganhar biscoto, filho se vc quiser fzr algo pra ajudar seu artista vai dar vi3ws tá, faz algo pra orgulhar seu fandom pq o meu veio pra se defender mandou 2 beijos e foi embora #katyperryisoverparty

thank you to everyone who gave us a chance on our first year on spotify. there's more to come next year! we are eternally grateful ✨ #2019ArtistWrapped


ARAŞTIRMA: TÜRKİYE’DE ORTALAMA MUTFAK MASRAFI 945 LİRA… Semra Özgiray #cumartesi #GeldiğinZaman Ahmet Nur Çebi #YüzdeYüzŞampiyon #katyperryisoverparty #BenBağırdım Ahmet Necdet Sezer Öldükten 6,5 Mustafa Denizli

ARAŞTIRMA: TÜRKİYE’DE ORTALAMA MUTFAK MASRAFI 945 LİRA… Semra Özgiray #cumartesi #GeldiğinZaman Ahmet Nur Çebi #YüzdeYüzŞampiyon #katyperryisoverparty #BenBağırdım Ahmet Necdet Sezer Öldükten 6,5 Mustafa Denizli

double plaid and a cowboys jacket - it's saturday my friends


NBA Dec. 6: Montrezl Harrell (Clippers) came off the bench in a 119-91 loss at the Bucks and had 11 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block in 24 minutes

Hay que comentar muuuucho de lo de anoche. Primero, un saludo a los que solo aparecen cuando perdemos. Será porque vuestro equipo va peor.. Segundo, es inaceptable la derrota tan abultada. No se puede jugar peor. Kawhi y George no pueden combinarse para 30 puntos.


14 victorias consecutiva. Los Bucks meten miedo ante los Clippers. #dormiresdecobardes

se o lakers ganhar a sequência de jogos contra bucks/nuggets/clippers no final do mês eu vou ficar MUITO iludido

Una banda conformada por integrantes del Centro democrático que se llame Doctor Trafuga.

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Los Angeles Clippers 119 - 91 in an NBA game played this morning. #NTVNews…


I had a work holiday party last night, so I missed Bucks/Clippers. My head is pounding (obviously) and my kids woke me up before 6 (also obviously), so clearly the right move is to watch the replay this morning. Did they really win 119-91?

Let's Play Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team auf Deutsch Folge 456: Die 6. MUT Solo Battle Challenge der Woche 11, die Dallas Cowboys gegen das EA Sports Team: #ithilduin #maddenNFL20 #madden #madden20 #MUT #MUT20 #UltimateTeam #SoloBattle #letsplay #MaddenVideo

[TWITTER] Dziennikarz Ryan Seacrest 191207 ,,To jest o WIEEEELE fajniejsze niż czapka Świętego Mikołaja. Dziękuję @BTS_twt - To jest świetne! #KIISJingleBall" cr. @RyanSeacrest Migi @ Bangtan Boys Poland




roddy ricch been on repeat ALL DAY.

Why on earth would Bakari Sellers go out on a limb to defend Nikki Haley? What is the point of that?

This was the year..... I finally learned how to paint #Artof2019


I can see blowouts over Hornets and Knicks by 40+ but this one tonight? @Bucks with a 36 point lead over the Clippers in the 4th quarter?!? Wowsa... they want 14th straight bad and proving a point to #NBA #FearTheDeer

So, let me get this straight... the coach who a few weeks when asked about the Knicks young core said “Haven’t watched them” suddenly is an expert on the Knicks situation?…


SOME STUFF I MADE THIS YEAR #Artof2019 while i flipped flopped between csp and psd


I like superhero movies and Netflix and stuff but I miss when movies were just like "Hey what if Whoopi Goldberg was the coach of the Knicks lol"

Before Nikki Haley gave that interview, did she consult Prince Andrew on how to defend the indefensible?

Just when you thought the year was over Roddy dropped this heat

#Artof2019 not particularly happy with the quantity of works produced but i'm thankful i've been able to further explore my art style and i hope to make many more pieces in the future :]


Any Knicks fan that wants Mark Jackson as the next coach paid zero (0) attention to how his tenure with the Warriors ended

TONIGHT @cdotharrison is in for @ScottFerrall 10:20pm ET-@CTSportsRadio on Cowboys 12:40am ET-@MattMooreTAN on NBA LIVE PAC12 Title game Utah/Ducks, NBA, NHL, NCAA Hoops LISTEN…

harry said he wouldn’t be a prince in a disney movie but he didn’t say anything about not being a princess #AdoreYou

I get so lost inside your eyes #AdoreYou


It's really easy to "appreciate law enforcement's service" killing your driver when you have access to an infinitely expendable pool of laborers who mean nothing to you personally. UPS should fully fund this GoFundMe for the family. He was on the job ffs……

I just wanna know if u can play this when u tour with tame impala @clairo…

Thank you @AliceInChains for spending 5 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

Saharareporters has done a good job of inciting the whole of Nigeria's social media in the cause of Yele Sowore. It is now left for us to see the effect it will have on the security agencies. Will they cave in to the blackmail, or will they remain resolute. Lets wait and see

A fine evening for the switching on of the lights in Stoneybatter! @JaniceBoylan & @MaryLouMcDonald enjoying the craic! #FridayFeeling #Christmas


Soyinka On Sowore’s Rearrest: President-General Buhari Should Control His Wild Dogs By Taiwo Adebulu…


Today is my baby's birthday! Happy birthday to one of the most hardworking people in the world. I'm proud of you❤️ #한결같이_빛나는_한결아_생일축하해 #Happy_Hangyul_Day #이한결 #X1


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