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Here's an apology from the National Archives and their explanation:……

The National Archives apologized and has removed a photo featuring blurred out signs critical of President Trump, saying it would be doing a "thorough review" of its exhibit policies.… #notgoodenough #dobetter #wtf

Sign leaving directly outside of the White House #DC #WomensMarch2020

Ok, I’m starting this Aaron Hernandez doc that all y’all are talking about, so *please* nobody spoil the ending.

Primeira música do novo álbum do Eminem e já é pedrada ! "It's your funeral, prepare to die This is music for you to be murdered by"

I listened to @Eminem album again with a clear head and this shit lowkey fire. Tbh

Glad to see the Left dragging Joy Reid, finally.

I gotta be honest, I did not think the Space Force would ever be a real thing that happened

The National Archives used to stand for independence. That mission has been compromised.…

Watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary. It's great work. It almost stands level with the best from the early "30 for 30" entries but not quite. Lots I didn't know and I followed his story pretty closely. A far greater tragedy than the OJ story when it's all laid out.

that aaron hernandez doc different

I watched the Aaron Hernandez doc last night and I’m cackling at his fiancée saying she couldn’t tell if that was a gun in hand lmaooo

Aaron Carter? More like Aaron Farter. (Copyright 2020)

Sounds like the National Archives also needs to look into who writes their statements, and how they review them. (Who put out the 1st, incorrect stmt, and why?)…

Finally got around to finishing the mac miller album and I cried, several times. Such a masterpiece.

"The crowning jewel of Mac's career, both for its intimacy, and musical quality."… (Mac Miller - 'Circles')


Happy Birthday Mac Miller


Circles by Mac Miller hits different at 1pm in the afternoon vs 4am all alone vs being surrounded by a bunch of people but you still feel alone

I just want mac miller back

Breaking: Joy Reid’s body language expert told reporters and Liz Warren’s friends at a dinner two years ago that Bernie Sanders was a “smelly pointy old Jewy liar”. Proof positive, the end.

When Joy Reid uses bad faith tactics to smear progressives, she is fighting to uphold the corrupt and insidious system we currently live in and that makes her as low as anyone on Fox News.…

By the morning Joy Reid and all of the Democratic operatives will be on TV screaming about everybody attacking a black woman.

I hope Joy Ann Reid has a tv show forever

It was great to experience Star Wars Rise Of The Resistance for a second time here at Disneyland! This new attraction really is something out of this world and I’ll be sharing my full review in the vlog later this week! #RiseOfTheResistance #StarWars #Disneyland


Endor and some of its creatures, as seen in the Ewok films. (If you cross these films with THX-1138, you basically get Star Wars.) I haven’t seen the films in a long time, but as a kid, I was intrigued they took place in the Star Wars universe. (Are they canon?)


Myles Powell got to keep the ball from his 2,000-point game after a @StJohnsBBall staffer wanted to take it from him. In their defense it was their ball.…

Folk kommenterar och frågar nu lite lustigt varför U.S. Space Force måste ha kamouflage-kläder. Det är inte alls roligt. Det är faktiskt blodigt allvar därute. För tänk om man plötsligt måste landa på the Forest Moon of Endor. Va? Va? VA!!!??


Wow. We have no words for this incredible experience! New video coming out today of Star Wars Rise of the Resistance: The Experience! #Disneyland #RiseOfTheResistance


How great were Seton Hall's 3 seniors vs St. John's? Myles Powell, Quincy McKnight and Ro Gill combined for 63 pts, 26 rebs, 6 assists and 6 blocks (by Gill) #HallIn

My opening day video is up! So much fun and WOW, #RiseOfTheResistance is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! #Disneyland


Myles Powell: “I just wanted my 2,000-point ball, that’s all that was.” Said he asked to keep it, St. John’s consented. #shbb #HALLin #sjubb

Myles Powell spoke on the second half turnaround; "The yelling at halftime helped, too."

This has to be telling us something. And before anybody wonders. Will NOT be posting any pics, videos or spoilers about the ride. So don’t worry. #Disneyland #DisneylandResort #DisneyParks #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #RiseOfTheResistance


Video: Galactic Veteran and War Hero Denied Service at Ronto Roasters on Batuu #StarWars #starwarsgalaxysedge #RiseOfTheResistance #chewbacca #VeteransFirst


Umm...How the heck did I get here? I think I took a wrong turn in Albuquerque. Yes, that's a trash picker in my hand. #RiseOfTheResistance #RiseofResistance #disneyland #disneylandresort #castlife #castmember #authorizedbackstagephotolocation #weworkwhileothersplay


When the Resistance was rising the Force was awakening in Batuu. Force users (and Force Enthusiasts) came together for the #GESaberMeet and lit the spark. #DisneyPhotoPass #Photopass #StarWars #RiseOfTheResistance


An exhibit about women's rights at the @USNatArchives blurs images critical of Trump at the 2017 @womensmarch, and erases the word "vagina" and "pussy"from protest signs because "the words could be seen as inappropriate".…

Incredible Hulk was trending. I should’ve known better


QUESTION OF THE DAY should congress investigate The National Archives for altering a photograph of the Women’s March that were critical of the president?

Archives are even less neutral than libraries - it's appalling that the National Archive has taken a stance otherwise.…

All this Eminem said that to stay “relevant” He’s number 1 in 45 countries mate. Have a word Secondly , who is “relevant” now anyway. We live in an atomised world where everything’s relevant in its own lane now It isn’t the 1990’s anymore

Antes mesmo da confirmação da Billboard, o site Hits Daily Double já confirmou: o novo álbum de @selenagomez estreou direto no topo no Estados Unidos. Confira os detalhes:


Eminem still getting under y’all skin with words

[Spotify UK - 17/01/2020] 77 - Black Swan (124,581 streams) @BTS_twt #BlackSwan #BlackSwanParty


I agree with u. It's the first time that I like her voice on an Eminem song…

The realest and most glaring part to me about the aaron Hernandez doc is how TERRIBLE parents raise monsters every day b. Each child reacts to traumas different. Literally.

eminem: my target demographic is white, mentally ill men who are very vulnerable and the most likely group to commit an atrocity like the october shooting also eminem: here's a song about how if u commit the worst mass shooting in modern america u will get big in the news.


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