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I know I should be going to sleep now but I can’t NOT watch #SuccessionHBO. Let’s do this.

It’s really important to me that everyone watches this video for song is the year: suggested lyrics to the #SuccessionHBO theme song. It’s basically “Douchebag Rhapsody”:…

Darcy gets on my last nerves. Mad that Tom's dancing, but girl, you got no skills. Let that man cut a rug in peace! #90DayFiance

Hunter Henry walked out of week 6 with a 20.5% Target Share and had an average aDOT of 11. Rivers wasnt looking for Henry in panic moments or short underneath routes. He was an instant focal point of the offense and it absolutely showed.

Edward Lucas is a UK #Deepstate mouthpiece, like Luke Harding (Remember latter's "Manafort met Assange" and Flynn-Lokhova lies?) So HERE's what metastasising DC-Beltway cancer in UK looks like:…

Sometimes, you lose. As tough as I was on Boone for pulling Green for Ottavino, he didn't make the pitch. The offense didn't exactly do much after the Judge home run. Correa made the play of the game and then won it. Great series so far. Let's regroup and get Game 3! #NextManUp

If I was a Hunter Henry owner, seems like the perfect time to sell high.

Limited? Hunter Henry explodes for 8-100-2

For those trying to stay positive: Hunter Henry is still amazing. And the more Melvin Gordon sucks, the higher draft pick the Chargers will have, and the more money he loses this offseason.

I don’t think I recommended a single person play Hunter Henry, but boy oh boy. Gotta be psyched if you have him moving forward. Reminding us why he was drafted so highly.

Well in other news Hunter Henry just gave me one the most exhilarating fantasy wins I’ve ever had LETS GOOOOOO

He was in the room when #AtatianaJefferson was shot and killed and saw it all. He is under the watchful eye of loved ones and will get professional counseling and guidance. The family, as you can imagine, is crushed.…


who said that non-binary people can't be gay ? pronouns :they/them/their/theirs/themselves #LGBTQtakeover


But...he literally gave a green light to the same aggression you pathetic sycophant... #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies…

Tonight, my heart is aching for #AtatianaJefferson and the Black community. Aching and raging. Her death was a state-sanctioned lynching, and nothing can deny that. Say her name. Know her story. Demand change. (1/2)

MIAMI— Receiver Terry McLaurin continues to stand out as a rookie in part because of his route running. It was evident on his touchdown when he sold a crossing route with a head bob. And it was obvious on his 33-yard catch late...


Praying for the family of the victim of the most recent in-home murder by those who are tasked to protect us. Truly sad. #AtatianaJefferson

Well the Ka'imi Fairbairn experience was fun while it lasted.

Jameis Winston is going to be great in the XFL.

And we would have won by more if Fairbairn wasn't trash

The @HoustonTexans would be wise to release Ka’imi Fairbairn. At this point he is far too great of a liability!! #HoustonTexans Dude!!! You have ONE JOB!!!!!!

Hell of a call by BOB to trust Watson to get 3 yards over Fairbairn kicking for 47. Took some balls and it paid off for sure.

#NoBraDay is almost everyday for me

Sem tempo de maratonar Breaking Bad? Relembre os 10 melhores episódios da série e se prepare para assistir a El Camino


En momentos como hoy, conviene recordar que cada día está más claro que el poder de la gente está por encima de cualquier otro poder: “Que para hacer el camino de este pueblo amordazado, las únicas herramientas son tus manos, son tus manos.” SyR (A por la III)

Arkadaşlar El Camino izlenir mi

It took four seconds for a police officer to murder #AtatianaJefferson. There is no excuse.

Joyce DiDonato: “El arte es un camino valiente hacia la paz”.


Reflexión Dominical... Saber que cualquier obstáculo en el camino tiene un propósito, que debe fortalecer nuestro espíritu guerrero para reponernos y seguir luchando...Un tropiezo termina con los sueños del fracasado, el triunfador supera todos los que aparezcan !!!

The killing of #AtatianaJefferson marks the SEVENTH time since JUNE that a #FortWorth, Texas police officer has shot a civilian. Six of those people died. Community leaders are demanding answers and accountability.…

Black people have to keep a pistol in the freezer in case the police bust in their home while they’re eating ice cream. And one by the coffee table. And one by the bed. #AtatianaJefferson

Verstappen's Red Bull #F1 car lost 25% downforce in his #JapaneseGP clash with Leclerc:…

Has the police ever “accidentally” murdered a white person in their own home? #AtatianaJefferson

#AtatianaJefferson was murdered this morning by a Fort Worth cop in a home. He was outside the house and shot her in a split second-no time to respond to a command, no questions asked.

*** UPDATE #SaddleridgeFire All freeways, connectors and truck routes that were closed due to the fire now open again. @CaltransDist6 @CaltransD5 @CaltransOC

Following the #SaddleRidgeFire, we're glad to see that you and #Pooh are safely where you belong - at the beloved and irreplaceable called home. Thanks for the kind words. We're honored to be your @LAFD and pledge to work non-stop with allied agencies to get that fire out!…

When you see @LAFD handling a major incident, please don't forget that your #Firefighters and #Paramedics are concurrently handling that day's many 'routine' emergencies as well. Since the #SaddleRidgeFire erupted, your #LAFD has responded to and managed 3,044 other emergencies.

The moon rises over the #SaddleRidgeFire camp. We, along with our unified partners, @LAFD, @LACOFD, @LAPDFoothill, and @LASDHQ, are happy that folks are able to go home. We will work through the night to contain this tragic fire. #OneTeamOneFight


Update Status #BrushFire; INC#1582; 7:00PM; #SaddleRidgeFire;…; #Sylmar #GranadaHills #PorterRanch #Chatsworth; 7,965 acres 33% contained. All evacuations have been lifted; FS ...

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