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Sorry, wir haben alles versucht, aber @faceapp_ai bekommt uns einfach nicht alt. Kein Wunder, nächstes Jahr wird die DreamHack Leipzig ja auch erst fünf Jahre. Zwinkernde Grüße von Eurem blutjungen DHDE-Team! #DHDE20 #dreamhack #leipzig #faceapp #nevergrowold


You yesterday: I’m so worried about Russian election interference, deep fake videos, image manipulation... You today: What a fun app from this Russian company that takes all my images while altering an image of my face! #faceapp.

Put down the book and come eat dinner. #TextsFromMyParents

Chicago style hot dogs have sport peppers on them because our citizens are so athletic. #NationalHotDogDay

"Congress, if you want to rein in the president, you have all the power you need. It’s in the Constitution. Stop outsourcing your jobs to Robert Mueller. He isn’t doing it for you." – @JoyAnnReid #RTOvertime

Neenga recent ah sonna andha poi enna? Comment pannunga! Watch #NoProblem from Monday to Friday @12 PM, Only On #SunMusic #CallMelaCallPottu #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #WorldEmojiDay @vjrakeshkm

Tutti pazzi per #FaceApp. Per Marino #Niola un modo, per i calciatori, di esorcizzare la paura di invecchiare Il nuovo giochino digitale permette di vederci invecchiati, ringiovaniti o nei panni dell’altro sesso.…


I can't wait to get older and start screaming things at younger generation in the library about how back in the day we didn't (insert accepted degeneracy) #FaceApp


You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind. #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayWisdom


Hitting Hump Day with another quadrophonic set of otherworldly "Eerie" covers from Avon!


Start today by asking this simple question, “Lord, who do you say that I am?”… #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayMotivation


Φάγαμε τα χρόνια μας μαυτα τα #Facebookdown #instagramdown #FaceApp


.@omarepps just sent me this and said it was his old age #FaceApp What a jerk


In honor of #NationalHotDogDay here's that time I hung out with some of my best friends at a #Brewers game


He really doesn't word things the best. Just like this last debacle. "Ilhan Omar, should go back to the shithole country America recued her from, and fix it first, before trashing this one". Maybe there isn't a nice way to put it.…

Heat advisory for the afternoon means early morning errands and a “”freezy”” when I finish.


Bursting into my head like a flash of sunlight, the melody is back. But it’s not just the melody. It’s the words too, all of them, like the song was waiting in the wings to spring forward, not muddling through, not hesitating, but whole and beautiful and bold. #1linewed

High key, I can't stop thinking about the post snap world. Like what would the first passover after half the population was dusted look like? Did the head of household get choked up when reading how the slaying of the first born took the first born of the cattle to that of Pharoh

#ARealPresidentWould admit mistakes, not bully, not attack Americans & allies, read intelligence briefs instead of tweeting, stop watching TV & learn more civics & civility. A real president would be president of all Americans, not just white GOP ass kissers.

#ARealPresidentWould STOP SAYING AMERICA IS NOT GREAT!!!!!!!! How do all you so-called, self-appointed America lovers put up with this idiot calling us NOT GREAT each and every day. TRUMP hates America and #TRUMPSHOULDLEAVE

I think JdJO is right. But it was awfully bad execution on the Angels part. They shouldn't have gone for Marisnick's head.…

Finally someone with a brain. The perfect response to the Jake Marisnick situation by a Dodgers fan.


What I learned last night most of all was that Jake Marisnick went from player to beloved player in my mind.

Dear @MLB and @MLBUA, You suspended Jake Marisnick for something you admitted was accidental and didn't break the rule, but you keep @NOERAMIREZ24 in a game after intentionally throwing at Jake's head. This is why you are losing fans. Do the right thing.

I literally cried the entire time and I’m STILL emotional!!! I’ve never experienced anything so beautiful #mitski

goodnight everyone i love mitski

Mitski inventing gay rights at the Hollywood palladium

John Paul Stevens has died; Retired Supreme Court justice who led court's liberal wing dies at 99; Cause of death complications from stroke - CBS News…


I miss the good old days when people didn't have to worry about how they look like as an old person. #FaceApp

It’s 2039. Gold Coast Suns have just won their first flag. The AFL is still promising to get the score review system fixed, TV footy shows are still crap, and here at Sunnyvale Retirement Village I’m still spending way too much time on Twitter. #FaceApp




Stelter’s newsletter on CNN’s bizarre decision to give Richard Spencer a platform. He provides some analysis for and against giving white supremacists a platform but no insight into CNN’s decision-making, or how Spencer’s segment fit in the “for” column.…


A Beyoncé já fez clipe de todo jeito, inclusive sua fave Swift conhece bem os clipes dela kkk só assistir 'Party' q da pra ver a inspiração #SpiritMusicVideo…

How the hell is it that Dorit has somehow been made the victim in puppy gate? She messed up! SHE MESSED UP!! Lucy got tossed out like yesterday’s trash. I understand it didn’t work out but she should have taken her back to VPDogs! #RHOBHReunion

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dead at 99…

At 70 I’ll still be around to steal your nursing home husband. #AgeChallenge


Teddi is complete BS in this Dorit/LVP/Blizzard situation. #RHOBH. #RHOBHreunion

Kyle Richards The Queen?!!! #RHOBHReunion #BEST JOKE OF THE NIGHT

#AgeChallenge When she says she’s only into older guys and you were 40 to begin with


This is a phenomenal photo from Getty Images of Didi Gregorius after hitting his grand slam in the 8th inning.


#Yankee news: Aaron Hicks is starting to turn it on with his bat; Didi’s lack of power so far this season may be on trend for players returning from Tommy John; CC Sabathia in another dust-up with Tampa Bay…

Why am I still looking at Lily?#BlackInkCHI

Grace Byers is playing the hell out of this character!! #TALESonBET

Grace should be nominated for an Emmy with all of these dramatic scenes in #TALESonBET

Debbie Morgan and Grace are acting they're asses off tonight. #TalesOnBET

I don’t really have the words to describe how powerful this was. Wow. “All rise” for @Jeff_Daniels @celiakb and EVERYONE in @mockingbirdbway.



All Rise.

.@MarinaDiamandis announces that rising pop star @AllieX will be joining her for Part 2 of the ‘Love + Fear’ tour this Fall.


Emmy Emmy nominations 2019: the complete list Thor 4 #ObamaWasBetterAt

William Barr did this to Eric Garner’s family. “The D.O.J. has failed us,” said Gwen Carr after her son’s killer went free, without charges. “Five years ago, my son said ‘I can’t breathe’ 11 times. Today we can’t breathe. Because they have let us down.”

Eric Garner was murdered. The DOJ, and before them the grand jury, would like us to believe his death happened without a perpetrator. But we all saw it. #FirePantaleo Full statement:


Want #WorldSnakeDay to last all year?

click below ...Everyone Is Watching Brad Pitt Is A Bad Ass Astronaut in Movie Trailer : Ad Astra ... #Thor Lookman Unknown T #Emmys, #Emmys2019 Game of Thrones Trippier Johnny Clegg #primeday #RIPJohnnyClegg #ObamaWasBetterAt Josh Kroenke #ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo

"Be like a snake. Be nice to people until they step on you." - Taylor Swift #WorldSnakeDay

Chance The Snapper, a small alligator who took up residence in a Chicago park, was named in a contest. The other entrants? Croc Obama, Frank Lloyd Bite, and Ruth Gator Ginsburg.

World Snake Day is on July 16th every year. Sometimes we might not even know they are there! How many snakes have you seen? #WorldSnakeDay…


On the 50th anniversary of it's launch, Spacedock breaks down #Apollo11 with the help of @GabrielBFonseca… #Apollo50

WATCH: GOP senator Liz Cheney calls Dem congresswomen ‘racists’ and baby killers instead of condemning Trump’s bigoted tweets…

Barr overrides apparent recommendation by Justice Main Civil Rights Division to prosecute cop who murdered Eric Garner. No surprise there.

WATCH: Federal prosecutors say they won’t bring criminal charges against a white New York City police officer in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner.

Armstrong: "I think today is also the birthday of California, and I believe they are 200 years old, and we sent them a happy birthday. And I think it's Dr. Mueller's birthday, also, and I don't think he is that old." CAPCOM: "Roger. We copy." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

AG Barr’s decision to not file civil rights charges against NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner is an injustice to his family & our city. The lack of police accountability, in this case, makes evident once again how far we still have to go.

Armstrong: "Houston, 11." CAPCOM: "Go ahead, 11." Armstrong: "Down in the control center you might want to join us in wishing Dr. George Mueller a happy birthday." CAPCOM: "Roger. We are standing by for your birthday greetings." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Neil: “I think today is also the birthday of California, and I believe they are 200 years old, and we send them a happy birthday” #Apollo11

I am SO enjoying the #Apollo11 commentary by @AstroMCollins!!! The 'realness' of the conversation brings this amazing, awe-inspiring, incredible off-world human endeavour right into our hearts and minds.…

SMH: NYPD Officer Won't Face Federal Charges for Death of Eric Garner The Justice Department decided on July 16 not to federally charge NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for his involvement in Eric Garner’s death. #BlackLivesMatter

The power to question is the basis of all human progress. – Indira Gandhi #Quotes #TuesdayThoughts


Freeze your #TuesdayThoughts on to break the ice! Freeze a favorite #yearbook quote! #quote "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

The cutest little pretzel (Red-bellied Snake) for #WorldSnakeDay


happy birthday my angel! i wish you endless happiness, not only today but forever, because you truly deserve it. i hope you have a joyful day and get to spend it with the people you love. thank you for everything wonu, i love you♡ #달빛보다_예쁜_원우야_생일축하해 #HAPPYWONWOODAY


Elusive alligator named 'Chance the Snapper' finally captured in Chicago…

After bombshell accusations by Peter Thiel, POTUS prepares inquiry in to Google espionage… #china #DonaldTrump #espionage #google #peterthiel via @freedomoutpost @yippyinc #yippy #MAGA #Trump2020landslide #kag2020

#RTP Rappel que Coraline est à la base un roman de Neil Gaiman, qui a ensuite été adapté par Henry Selick. À titre personnel, j'aime beaucoup le film, qui est à la fois une bonne adaptation et un excellent long-métrage.

Trump is the most overtly racist occupant of the White House since Woodrow Wilson a century ago. To support or work for this imposter is to identify oneself as an overt racist. #TrumpIsARacist

How could Mark Sanford possibly challenge Donald Trump for the GOP nomination? He's a proven liar that got caught cheating on his wife... oh wait.

Steve Scalise had a near death experience, and instead of becoming a better person he became a bigger asshole.

Joe Wilson shouted "you lie" during Obama's State of the Union address. Steve Scalise can fuck off.…

Steve Scalise says Republicans “never disrespected the office” when Obama was president. Let’s go to the tape.…

Steve Scalise says House Republicans never disrespected Obama’s position. Let’s go to the tape.

2019: “Steve Scalise says Republicans had disagreements with President Obama but that they ‘never disrespected the office’ of the presidency” 2012: Mark Meadows: “We’ll send (Obama) back home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

It’s said when Pluto’s on your Ascendant-- you experience death, and this has happened to Capricorn rising me. The pop astrologer in me says Pluto transiting ASC makes people jealous of my influence. In this thread I explore the ways in which I am like Ariana Grande, (1/25)

DJ Cuppy and Anthony Joshua go out with friends on a boat cruise in Lagos (photos, videos) @cuppymusic #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning…

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, wrote a scathing editorial about the president, calling his recent statements "racist to the core."… via @HuffPostPol

George Conway Says He’s Changed His Mind About Trump: ‘Racist To The Core’


#ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo (unless BG is low) #diabetes

Is Lil Kim really jet flying with these damn boots on? lmaoooooo #GirlsCruise

I am a Latino male and I love and support #IceBae. Bring on the attacks twitter! Show me your worst!


Trump: I'm racist. CNN: Is the President racist? Trump: I literally just said I'm racist. CNN: We might never know the truth. #RacistPresident

I can't even believe what piece of shit this guy is! Our #RacistPresident.

Trump: Go back to where you came from! CNN: Is Trump racist? Trump: I'm racist. CNN: We might never know the truth. #RacistPresident

I’m so used to FIFA ratings ... I see people complaint about 80 overall in Madden and I’m like isn’t that good??? so much easier to be highly rated in Madden than FIFA apparently

White House and congressional leaders are “getting closer” to a deal that would raise spending caps and debt ceiling, Mnuchin says

Now Matthew Stafford I used to hate but I defend him now due to something I saw from him in the final game of the season that I had never seen from him until then. That would be taking WRs off the street and making them look great like a Brady or a Rodgers. His best is coming.

Trump and Mnuchin are responsible for this. Remember that.…

Trump: GO BACK TO AFRICA "Ilhan Omar" #BernieWouldHaveWon Millions Of Voters Cheated By Elites To Prevent A Bernie Sanders Presidency. All We Want Is #AFutureToBelieveIn, All We Got Is Elites and A #RacistPresident Harassing #TheSquad W/ ZERO Protection FROM Nancy Pelosi.

#2KRatings If dame is there a 93 or a little bit higher they you should stop it 2K

This my first #FBRParty! Please help me unite with like minded people who Resist @realDonaldTrump Please: 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 Like 4 Reply 5 Follow all who like this tweet #FBR #Resist #FollowBackResistance #RacistPresident #Resistance #FBResistance #FBRPARTY


I'm so over the whining and complaining about madden ratings. It's a new rating system and if you played the beta they still play great. It's meant to feel like the actual player playing. SO LETS BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER. Just play the game. #Madden20

I know this country was built upon racism but can’t we do better in 2019?! So strange that being tolerant of different ethnicities requires a Herculean effort?! #TheSquad #RacistPresident You Can Leave #MondayThoughts

THIS JUST IN: NFL player not happy with video game Madden rating

#2KRatings I’m a 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ overall come at me

I think giannis Antetokounmpo should be a 98 because he had a great year and won mvp #2KRatings @Ronnie2K @Giannis_An34 @NBA2K

Website security can also be part of the SEO strategy. #MozCon @sucurisecurity


I could care less if Ben Simmons shoots threes. Give us a consistent mid-range jumper, suffocating defense, and 75% from the line and he’ll have a statue next to Rocky in 15 years

Bitcoin Spikes Despite Mnuchin Warnings Of Crypto "National Security Issues" | Zero Hedge ムニューシンな警告にも関わらずビットコインは急騰した。 ムニューシン ビットコインは非常に不安定で投機的である。マネーロンダラー、テロリストの資金調達に使われている。…

WR Golden Tate afirma que Matthew Stafford é o melhor quarterback que já jogou…


So does this mean that JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Goldman Sachs etc... won’t be able to participate in crypto because of them being bad actors? "Our number one issue is: We don't want bad actors using cryptocurrencies." -Mnuchin

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Could Be Misused By Terrorists, Says Treasury Chief Mnuchin

Ben Simmons gets the Benjamins... @nba @sixers #bensimmons


Once you actually are the best (rather than pretending to be the best) your linkbuilding efforts will be way easier @rjonesx #MozCon

#AustinButler confirmed to play this ICONIC superstar...


austin butler como elvis se ve bien riko sorry not sorry

Ben Simmons has agreed to a $242 million contract extension with the @sixers, the richest deal signed by an Australian athlete #NBA…

Grady Jarrett gets $42.5 million fully guaranteed, as a practical matter, at signing


.@TonyMonaco Mainly sunny and 28 today feeling like 33. Sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of showers, risk of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and a high of 32 feeling like 39 with the humidex. Enjoy your Monday and make it a good one! #MondayMotivation #AllTheHits

#DAY6 #Time_of_Our_Life is still at #1 in Bugs and Naver, as of 10PM KST. It is also charting in other Korean music streaming apps. Keep it up, My Days! #16 Genie (=) #39 FLO (+3) #41 MelOn (+14) #44 Soribada (+1) #92 Mnet (-8) #MGMAVOTe @day6official #The_Book_of_Us #Gravity


Our Trail Runner System is the ideal human wearing doggy essential for carrying all your on-the-go gear. Let us know what your week adventures are shaping up to be! #MondayMotivation #RuffwearUK


Features of the Human Resource Management System! 1. Attendance And Leave Management 2. Payroll Management System 3. Employee Self Service 4. Performance Review #ICCRules #CMS #MondayMotivation #WeCareDoYou #EnglandCricketTeam #UK #USA #UAE #Canada #DAY6


I'm so busy I don't know whether I found a rope or lost my horse. - Mark Schaefer #quote #MondayMotivation

Put our platform to work for your everyday processes. Get started with a free IRIS CRM demo! #CRM #IRISCRM #IRISDialer #PaymentCRM #CRMSystem #MarketingMonday #MentionMonday #MondayMood #MondayMotivation


Find the #Airport a maze? Crack it with our Airport Concierge Services. Visit for bookings. #Travel #AirportAssistance #MondayMotivation #SeeTheWorld #Comfort #Journey


As an #Arsenal fan, the last four years have been utter torture. Stan Kroenke had better sit up or sell up. Life as an Arsenal fan should be getting better, not worse! #WeCareDoYou? #AFC…

It is exciting to expand our business and hire more professional candidates to make our GTE system reaches more travel agencies. Today we are thrilled welcoming Ms. Paola Pignatone who has been appointed as Sales Executive - Spain. #WeCareDoYou #DAY6 #Dubai #Travel #Jobs #Spain


Pay no attention to the desperately sad people seeking attention in this hashtag. Hope they find what they’re looking for in life. Focus only on respecting and acknowledging Bianca’s life, and spreading awareness that this happens to womxn DAILY. #ripbianca

Respect to the Arsenal fans with the big statement put out: #WeCareDoYou but in the bluntest Stan Kroenke doesn't give a single shit, we have to hope that if his son takes over, he cares more than his dad about Arsenals success.

Remains found in Oregon believed to be Charles Levin, known for roles in "Seinfeld," "Night Court"

Everyone attacking the family of the murder needs to stop it's not their fault he did what he did, and guys if a girl's not interested she's NOT INTERESTED get that through your head hope this doesn't happen to anyone else #ripbianca

I don't like Arsenal, but I hate thieving parasites that use football clubs as their personal piggybanks even more. #WeCareDoYou #GlazersOut


#WeCareDoYou is trending in Nigeria. #coyg Get involve guyz

Arsenal fans’ letter calling for action from owner Stan Kroenke. #WeCareDoYou


In the event of the grand comeback of everyone's favorite band, here I am back with the promotion tweet! Congratulations for the new mini album, it is so so so good. I'll give 15/10 on Yelp. Everyone please listen to DAY6's new mini album, Gravity. #DAY6 #Time_of_Our_Life


Remains found in Oregon believed to be 'Seinfeld' actor Charles Levin


#MSNBC @SRuhle HOW DARE YOU make this about Democrats? Why don't YOU focus on calling #RacistInChief the white nationalist that he is.

المنافسة كانت في قمتها على لقب راو للتاج تيم بين كل من ذا أوسوس و ذا ريفايفال في اكستريم رولز #ExtremeRules

Levin, 70, was reported missing by his son after he hadn't heard from his father for several days >>…

When people show you who they are believe them. Folk, we have a #BigotInChief on our hands. #RacistInChief #NotMyPresident…

Call your Representatives and your Senators. Call the Speaker of the House. Call the Majority Whip. Call the Senate Majority Leader. Call the Senate Minority Leader. If you fail to raise your voice, know that #SilenceEqualsCompliance

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. #SilenceEqualsCompliance


Kofi to Seth backstage after Brock cashed in #ExtremeRules

Após sumiço, polícia encontra corpo que crê ser do ator Charles Levin, ex-Seinfeld

Missing actor: Remains of Charles Levin believed to be found in Oregon…

Show was going GREAT until the end....why do you, WWE, keep giving Brock Lesnar the belt? Too many hard working FULL TIME athletes in the company to keep putting Brock (& even Shane McMahon) at the forefront. #ExtremeRules

My look, my reaction after Brock Lesnar became #UniversalChampion again. #AndNew #ExtremeRules

I genuinely think I enjoyed #ExtremeRules more than any other WWE PPV this year. That was terrific.

QUE SORPRESA!!! @BrockLesnar apareció y canjeo exitosamente su maletín de #MITB sobre @WWERollins y se convirtió en el NUEVO CAMPEÓN UNIVERSAL en #ExtremeRules.


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