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The Mudavadi foundation today distributed food to people of Kibagare slums, Westlands Constituency Nairobi.


Trump fires intelligence community watchdog Michael Atkinson who defied him on whistleblower complaint, saying he no longer has confidence in him #TrumpLiesAmericansDie…

It's long overdue! "Trump fires intelligence watchdog Michael Atkinson who handled whistleblower complaint that resulted in impeachment"…

Just reminded that Jessica Alba can run me over with an 18 wheeler

All of you are cussing out Jessica Alba like she’s not turning 39 and still looks finer than you’ll ever be

Some #Soul for Saturday -- Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers [HD]

“The coronavirus can KISS MY ASS...LET IT JOIN THE KISS MY ASS CLUB! LET’S SEE HOW TOUGH COVID-19 IS WHEN IT GOES INTO HELL IN A CELL WITH THE BIG RED DEMON KANE!” “Vince, for the last time, please stop saying that.”…

Me and my pops bonded over a Bill Withers song when I was younger. It's hella poetic that my pops came home on the day Bill Withers passes away. This hurt me just as much as when MJ died

Bill Withers was by my side from casettes to CDs to Google Home. Sharing a favorite- Everyone could use a Lovely Day right about now. via @YouTube

In case you missed it yesterday, here's my Bill Withers obit/tribute. Deadline work--someday I'd like to say more--but it gets at some of what I love about his music.…

just found out jessica alba has a tiktok so i might download the app now

Spit in my mouth (But only if you've been for a test recently) #PandemicSexTapeTitles

I see Dear Canada is trending this morning. For those of you that want to leave "don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya" Also you will be freeing up space for the millions of immigrants that WANT to live in the US. so it's a win win! #JustLeave

Several felt reports of a felt #earthquake received from #Croatia.


I’ve seen a lot of tweets about “Demon Time”. Did I miss something last night? Did something crazy happen?

Wake Up With Jessica Alba Refusing To Age On TikTok…


#DRAGRACE FILTER now available here: + Add your username / Drag Name on the pink box using the Text Button + Add a photo icon using the camera icon. Change frame to Circle


Trump reportedly considered Michael Atkinson's alert to Congress about a whistleblower complaint disloyal.… via @HuffPostPol

if you liked zoey 101 you’re a slut now

Gurl #DragRace

I wish Brita would close her fucking mouth, my god. SICK of seeing her tonsils. #DragRace

I actually hate #SnatchGame. I just spend the entire time cringing. #DragRace

Donald Trump fires intelligence watchdog who sparked impeachment process…

Trump fires intelligence community inspector general who defied him on Ukraine… #cybersecurity #infosec #security

Trump vyhodil inspektora tajných služeb, který se podílel na impeachmentu…

Oooh Pooya not knowing his girlfriend played an LOS that round is a bad look haha she's in the house!! #Sequester #RHAP


Me chilling at home social distancing #Sequester

Jenny trying to pull off what we were all hoping for from Nicole at the BB21 final 3 ahhhhhhhh #sequester

John Cena volvió a recibir una sorpresa de The Fiend y #SmackDown dejó la mesa lista para el #Wrestlemania de @wweespanol. #WWEenFD

I feel like they edited out all of Sherry Pie and replaced it with clips of Brita saying that she was named “NYC’s Entertainer of the Year!” #RuPaulsDragRace  #DragRace


I’m rooting for Crystal Methyd, but girl… you gotta do ppl that are well known for snatch game!! The only ppl that know Poppy are on YouTube until 3am #DragRace

All I'll say for now is that I'm 100% not surprised that a certain Guy Friday is sitting in the F2 right now. #Sequester…



jungwoo instagram is trending. GOODBYE

School Daze is one of my favorite @SpikeLeeJoint films. I wrote about the Good and Bad Hair song in my college essay. My friends and I would watch it all the time in our dorm rooms. It made us feel like we went to an #HBCU even though we went to #OhioState. #SchoolDazeOnNetflix


How can Republicans allow such an incompetent idiot decide the fate of the USA and their people. This man would rather kill thousands then admit his mistakes, lies and misinformation. #StopAiringTrumpNow #RealTime #TrumpFamilyMovieNight #TrumpLiesPeopleDie


support me like this or I don’t want it #DigitalMirage @yehme2


This is my favorite video of all time. It's out of a movie. O Captain! My Captain! Look at what Trump administration did to an American hero. He was protecting his men & they removed him for embarrasing them politically. I stand with #CaptainBrettCrozier. Give him his ship back!…

#keemstarisoverparty FINALLY this jackass gets exposed... he was blatant rage hacking in tf2 casual and streaming it, valve pls fix VAC for once))


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