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nilikua nataka kutext dame wangu akam tuwatch #LIVMUN but whatsapp iko down #whatsappdown #JusticeForNdalana #anfield

WA error ya? sini no kamu, ntar aku chat kalo dah bener lagi :) #whatsappdown

La vieja confiable: WhatsApp se cae y usuarios lo arreglan con #MEMES #whatsappdown ➡️


This Conor McGregor knockout reaction syncs up perfectly with ‘Avengers: Endgame’. @RobbieBarstool

La böyle bişey olabilirmi Whatsap'ın çöktüğünü Twitter'dan öğreniyorum. Yanlızlığın gözü kör olsun.#whatsappdown people think McGregor vs a Cowboy was fixed? FOH.

he is okay, its nothing serious, lets not worry too much alright? #GetWellSoonYunho


Tariq continues to be straight trash, count me out on the sequel if it includes him, I would rather watch Elisa Marie Proctor come into her own. Nice story ending for Tommy though #POWERTV @Power_STARZ

#GetWellSoonYunho ojalá te recuperes temprano mí Pupi, te mereces descansar :(


#WhatISaidDuringDrunkSex: Oh Jesus, I'm almost there! Jesus: Keep it down, you'll wake up My Dad.

Conor McGregor: Contrary to ‘disrespectful experts,’ I’ve got more than a left hand…


Elisa Marie has done more detective work in one scene than Angela, Saxe, and all of the NYPD... #PowerTV #WhoShotGhost #PowerSeason6


Just watched the McGregor fight . . . . Okay I watched it again . . . . And now I watched it a 3rd time. #UFC246

Unionism and feminism go hand in hand. Just ask union nurses. ICYMI --> @NNUBonnie on why union nurses joined #WomensMarch2020 actions across the country:…

#VIDEO En 40 segundos, Conor McGregor noquea a Donald Cerrone; su primera victoria en 3 años…


Tommy needs to drink more water. His skin is dry as fuck. #POWERTV

Lasting change isn't possible if vital members of our communities are not included. People of color, trans women, and the disability community must have a seat at the table, too. Proud to be a part of this incredibly powerful movement. #WomensMarch2020


For those who want to walk with us in Dallas #WomensMarch Meet up spot: Flora and Routh at 1:30P We'll also have a table set up at City Hall. #WomensMarch2020 #EqualityForAll #WomenRising…

As the #WomensMarch2020 protests were happening, reports emerged that the US National Archives blurred out anti-Trump signs in images from the 2017 march.

We need more of this courage and resistance, especially in the Middle East. #GenerationEquality #WomensMarch2020 v/ @UN_Women

This was 100% my favorite sign at the Women's March yesterday. I saw someone moving through the crowd with it & chased her down to get this photo. Nicely done, @AngieMasonArt! #womensMarch2020 #womensMarchNYC #getOutTheVote #riseAndRoar


When McGregor finishes in 40 seconds he’s applauded, but when I do it it’s “disappointing”

who else wants to see McGregor vs Khabib one more time #UFC246


Conor McGregor has returned to UFC and boy has he returned in style.


Dana White says that Conor McGregor didn’t believe that Kamaru Usman’s Twitter account got hacked.

The only way to watch @TheNotoriousMMA fight is to drink his whiskey! Cheers mate #UFC246


Conor McGregor back to his best with quickfire TKO against “Cowboy” Cerrone… @theagesport @theage @SMHsport @smh #UFC246

This is what AOC meant when she said that in any other country her & Biden would not be in the same party: In any other country, having a decades-long record of wanting to cut the most popular govt welfare program would put you in a conservative party. #BidenSocialSecurityCuts

Congrats once again to @KyleLarsonRacin and @Paul_Silva57 on winning 34th Annual @cbnationals. #ChiliBowl2020


Yo if u missed #UFC246 and don’t want a long teaults or highlight show check out my quick recap! #saturdaynight #McGregorCowboy #McGregor #McGregorVsCowboy #connormcgregor #CowboyCerrone #MMATwitter #MMA #UFC246 #UFC248 #UFC246Stream


Mental health is so important. You can sign a 40 million deal with the patriots and still be unhappy. #AaronHernandezDocumentary

The National Archives is supposed to capture history, not erase it. Any one who was a part of this should see their job become history.…

Space Force uniforms are camouflage. Makes sense, with all the trees, brush and vegetation in space. They'll never know we're coming.

US Space Force shows off new uniforms


As someone who has deliberately distanced herself from toxic family members and bad environments: harry & meghan are 100000% doing the right thing

My Twitter feed is a mixed bag of: • Space Force camouflage • Politicians burning down the world • Zillionaire planning jobs... on Mars? • Argument against blowdrying your vagina? ... I just... what? • Your usual miscellaneous Twitter anger fest. What is happening?

First the Bernie cult tries to destroy Elizabeth Warren because he got caught lying about her. Now the Bernie cult wants to destroy Joy Reid, despite the positive coverage she's usually given him. Bernie cult will destroy anyone who doesn't portray him as a hero genius saint.

I don't know whether the British Media is racist or not towards Meghan, but they created a toxic air around her. She and Harry where right to get rid of it all.

Ten days after announcing plans to "step back" as senior royals, #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle have found a resolution with the monarchy.…

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