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Es ist unverantwortlich von der Regierung, Deutsche aus China zurückzufliegen und hier nicht erst mal einige Tage unter Quarantäne zu beobachten. Das #Coronarvirus ist zwei Wochen lang ansteckend, bevor sich beim Träger Symptome zeigen.


His Majesty King Abdullah II urges coordination among public, private sectors and ASEZA to advance tourism; directs stakeholders to form taskforces to enhance services and provide solutions; notes he will be closely following implementation efforts #Jordan #KingToursSouth


If this is true then we all need to be alert... Looks like China is not revealing what exactly the #coronarvirus actually is... Dramatic footage shows people collapsing suddenly in Wuhan city… via @MailOnline

quel giorno, cosa sapeva il Papa del #coronarvirus che noi ancora non sapevamo?


#coronarvirus keep calm wash your hands and read Camus

How to request an investigation from Ukraine: “Please work with our Federal Bureau of Investigation.”…

Here's The Recording Of Trump Saying He Wanted To "Get Rid Of" The US Ambassador To Ukraine… via @LoopEmma

Happy 65th Birthday to Eddie Van Halen, born this day in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


He should show the same map to his boss. #AMJoy See if he can find Ukraine.

#PMImran knows who's conspiring against #Buzdar; says won't remove Punjab CM #TheNews…

So the Crooked president of Ukraine goes to see Obama just before the 2016 election. But the best part? Is that Laura has the visitor logs. They show that The Whistleblower is the one that checked in all the Ukranian officials! MUST SEE:…

Former VP Joe Biden defends threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless they fired a corrupt prosecutor.

#MenAreResponsibleFor D-Day, VE day, VJ Day, penicillin, epidurals, electricity, clean water and building pretty much everything.

#MenAreResponsibleFor interpreting the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis

#MenAreResponsibleFor probably building the house that u live in and installing the plumbing. most if not all of the electrical work. most of the roads u drive on. maintaining the power lines ect.

Some men are horrible, some women are horrible but most men & women are good people. Why attack each other? #MenAreResponsibleFor

And here, the great @genievefiggis offered her contribution to the #satanicpregnancy debate. Artists are way ahead of their time! Genieve Figgis Making love with the Devil, 2014


"On Sunday, The New York Times obtained emails..that showed Ms. Kelly explicitly said the day before the interview that she would start with Iran and then ask about Ukraine. 'I never agree to take anything off the table,' she wrote."

This morning the white men are extra rage-y /they think that they should take a page-y / from these movies they adore / Joker, Fight Club, many more / making threats is their oxygen / it’s white male rage / white male rage / #WhiteMaleRage

Buried lead: NPR emailed Pompeo’s staff a list of topics including Ukraine.


We are finishing the 2020 class strong! We will go ahead and start off the 2021 class today... Big time get for the CARDS in the 21 Class! #WEFLY21

I saw #satanicpregnancy was trending. Clicked over. Now back to scrolling.

بھارتی یوم جمہوریہ کے موقع پر آسام میں دھماکوں سے گونج اٹھا #GeoNews…

And now we’ve reached the stage of the joe Rogan endorsement drama where I’m being lectured that Rogan is more progressive than Biden

eu só queria um Jordan

We spoke to @Jordan_Devlin1 before #NXTUKTakeover about the quality of the rosters in #NXT. "I honestly genuinely believe that between NXT and #NXTUK it's the greatest roster maybe ever assembled." #WorldsCollide may have just proven that. @SKProWrestling #WWE

People mocking Joker for #WhiteMaleRage obviously missed the part of the movie where Joker becomes completely idolized overnight for purely human actions There is no magic, no aliens, no special suit. The point is that Joker could be anyone who is pushed too far by society.

I agree with Steve but the current .@whitehouse and .@gop is #Grifters Inc. They own it, lock stock and barrel.…

(thread) So since we're still talking about Joe Rogan. I'll say this, I have studiously avoided knowing much about Joe Rogan. He's platformed Nazis with interviews, which is kind of all I need to know. But. Here's my take.

All you fame leech trolls taking to twitter for your hot take on Joe Rogan and what he’s all about is so hilariously ironic. So you’re gonna describe thousands of hours of recorded conversations in 280 characters? #gfy

I cook delicious, I have a tender, chubby, narrow pussy, good tits, what else is needed? Call me SundayThoughts AMJoy SundayMorning WhiteMaleRage 127Day Jack Kingston Lingard Tranmere Phil Jones Dragonite Born Sinner US Congressman Sean Taylor CORRUPT POLITICIAN Tom Cotton


Paula White's sermon comment about 'Satanic pregnancies' goes viral…

Thank you to Texas Tech for inviting me out to their junior day.


In his time at Kentucky, Nick Richards has watched eight teammates leave early and make it to the NBA. He’s the only player remaining from the team his freshman year. But his patience is being rewarded and it’s turning into one of the most beautiful stories of the Calipari era.…

I mean ... Texas Tech is the premier basketball school in this state.…

Kentucky’s win at Texas Tech ended a 54-game non-conference home win streak for the Red Raiders.

It’s Nick Richards Day. On the volleyball star who taught him to be this confident: On the mom he’s making proud: On Saturday, when became an NBA draft pick:


Nick Richards and Ashton Hagans have to rank 1-2 in deepest voices ever at Kentucky. MY COLUMN:

The thing I’ve come to admire the most about Nick Richards is that he’s the same person every day. I’m sure he has bad days and good days like everyone else, but it doesn’t change how he treats others or shake his faith in himself. That’s rare, especially for someone so young.…

This is a great comment from Nick Richards about his development. "Just because I go to a school known for one and dones, doesn't mean I have to be one and done."

My latest from Lubbock, where the irony was obvious. A day after a 5-star freshman left because of playing time, Kentucky was led by a bunch of guys who fought through early disappointments to become big-game veterans. What a win:…

The amount of hate that Davide Moretti is getting after the loss to Kentucky is unnecessary, writes @Eracer41.…

Why a question about Ukraine sent Mike Pompeo into a rage | By: Cameron Peters…

White House worried damaging Ukraine probes will continue: Politico - Business Insider…

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