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Pretty doesn't seem the right word to use, nor beautiful, either. They don't go far enough. It's... wonderful. Wonderful to BRING ANNE HOME #renewannewithane

Burrow had all day and makes a beautiful throw to Ja'Marr Chase!

I think that might be one of the most beautiful @LSUfootball scoring drives I've ever seen. Burrow to Burrow for a 16-yd reception. Burrow to Marshall, Jr. for a 24-yd reception. Burrow to Chase for a 23-yd touchdown reception.

Brother Nature was jumped late last night in Miami and once again, his fallen Cancer ♋︎ Mars ♂ in the 12th House in Hidden Enemies becomes extremely problematic for him but also explains why he didn’t defend himself, as he’s a pacifist and struggles with asserting himself.



that brother nature shit not cool man...

Trump: "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, it's bringing drugs. It's bringing crime. It's a rapist. And some, I assume, are good poops." #ToiletTrump #Snark

I’m fr hurt about this brother nature situation..

#SaturdayThoughts Forget about polls. Assume Trump will cheat & win. The one sure thing in the coming election is that the #ElectoralCollege will have no say in who wins Senate races. Russia might, though. Between now & November voting needs to be made as hack-proof as possible.

Truly remarkable story. Jacob Zeno was the @BUFootball scout team QB this week. Then has to enter the #Big12Championship and rallies the Bears to overtime. This Baylor team is awesome and resilient. And @CoachMattRhule can flat out coach!!!!

Aaron Wan Bissaka had this man Raheem Sterling in his pocket throughout the game. Made a world class player look like joke. #MCIMUN #MUFC #ManchesterDerby #AWB


I heard the #ManchesterDerby was great. Can’t wait for #motd tonight...

Is @JalenHurts the first college quarterback to win back-to-back conference championships on different teams? Has to be, right? Happy for him. One of my favorite players ever. #Oklahoma #Big12Championship

Mitch is an elitist Kitsune who is 214cm in height. They have medium length, wild, brown hair and purple eyes. Their bust would fit a DD cup. Their first encounter was with a minotaur who they found, hiding from some… #MonsterGirlGenerator #shindanmaker

That's the 1st half. Now at Halftime with Cardinals leading 17-0. Let's Go Cards!! Update: last minute sack of Aggies QB by Talha Ayhan at 00:00. #WeAreNC #d3fb


Well it’s time to go deal and live up to my backdoor dealings - can you spot the pocket cards?


#katyperryisoverparty par ci #billieelishisoverparty par ci #liampayneisnotoverparty par là vous vous attaquez pour TOUT et N'IMPORTE QUOI dans ce réseau ce n'est pas possible d'être aussi débile à ce point

BOLOSMOYOCOKTON OSKOOOO AMKWPDLĞWLDPEPDPD cok ozurler diliyorum doru duzgun armylerden ama cogunuz dogmadan once katy perry sahnede annenize selam yolluyordu #katyperryisoverparty


#DepressionFeelsLike being a clueless brainwashed Maddow watching liberal.

#katyperryisoverparty maybe if you stanned seungwoo

#DepressionFeelsLike there is a wall between you and the rest of the world.


Lmao as much as I hate Chris Paul, y’all couldn’t have chose him over Lowry?…

I certified as a National Board Certified Teacher! #Literacy There are so many people to thank for the encouragement and support along the way. @JenniferMiescke @loskins1 @Ecombs9 @KYTESOL #Zone2Crew @JCPSZone2 #Zone2Crew #WeAreJCPS @DST_LAC_KY @MelissaLShearon @BookDiva79

Credit card offers come and go, but these from Capital One's business cards are almost too good to pass up


Honest question. Why does NCAA football go with subjective rankings for playoffs and not “division” or conference winners. “Power 5” winners + 3 wild cards. Boom. There are your playoffs. I could also ask why doesn’t the NCAA pay their players. But that’s another tweet.

Thank you @ajrbrothers for spending 15 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

meu spotify nem contou esses ultimos dois meses viu que so tinha red velvet jshsjbffjd

3568 teddy bears and 679 toques!! Thanks @CanadianTire for the sponsorship and support! #whlcanes #yql #teddytoss

Going to 7 OT’s. 49-49 here at Charlotte Catholic.

#ICYMI Report: Dallas Cowboys Front Office Exploring Options at Head Coach ✭ [ Written by @john9williams ]

harry styles is (still) BLASTING adore you by harry styles.…

I wrote this reddit comment to try to explain how depression actually feels and it seems to have resonated with a lot of people. Still fighting hard to keep this monster from ruining any more of my life. #DepressionFeelsLike


Thank you TOOL for spending 74 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

el top de spotify destapa identidades

Gracias, Hombres G, por pasar 33 horas conmigo este año en @Spotify. Eres mi artista número 1. #EnTiemposDeSpotify

Knicks fans should not be surprised other head coaches would step up and defend Fizdale. It's a fraternity. Members have one another's backs all the time. Don't look too deeply into it.

I'm very fortunate to only have experienced one prolonged depressive episode, but it was the scariest time of my life For me, #DepressionFeelsLike: 1. Complete disconnection from everyone 2. Inexplicable crying spells 3. Extreme fatigue 4. Not understanding others' humor or joy

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