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#MuellerIsComing ... so is he bringing his sex trafficking witness with him?

We have no storm photos for you yet, so for now you’re gonna have to set the needle on your Cats soundtrack to “Memories” and revisit 2018 with us.…

Cruella -- How Is Disney Going To Rationalize A Woman's Passion For Puppy Murder? 6 Baffling Questions Raised By Upcoming Movies -


The live action Cats universe is where we go when we all fall asleep

when you get a youtube ad right in the middle of your bird watching | #catproblems #Caturday #cats


ive been listening to disney songs all day im in a good mood

"Cats": Francesca Hayward, Taylor Swift, James Corden y las críticas que recibieron al presentar el primer trailer de la película


someone give me tips on how to travel to Disney world for cheap in October I will give u 2 dollars and a white claw for ur services

ICYMI: Donald Glover on Disney going high-tech to draw fans to a new #LionKing

kanye telling trump to get dude ass out of jail before Bobby shmurda ??? streets is done

acabei de ler uma thread sobre o kanye west vs taylor swift e sinceramente, qual é o problema desse cara, meu Deus? Todo esse circo pra atacar a taylor, pq???? Recalcado sapato de Jay Z que nunca mais vai abalar a lenda! Taylor conte cmg p tudo INFERNOOO


Você já defendeu Kanye West hoje? ACHO MELHOR NÃO, NÃO PERDEMOS TEMPO COM ESSAS PESSOAS! Boa tarde família... ✌️

Seeing an awful lot of misguided Blue Tick W*nkers claiming Katie Hopkins 'called for a final solution against Muslims in the UK' £1000 to whoever can prove she did that.

Rumors of a breach in the Crestwall near the High Gate proved true; and so the journey begins. #screenshotsaturday #pixelart #gamedev #indiedev #gamedesign #aseprite #love2d #metroidvania


Mueller’s report didn’t deliver, but the Resistance remains convinced #MuellerIsComing for Trump (with help from Hollywood lefties)… via @twitchyteam

This country is a fucking shit show, feeling like I’m living in a family guy episode every damn day. How t’f does this BS make sense when there’s concentration camps on the southern border?! Tf are Kim and Kanye gonna do for them?…

We're 25% funded on the first day! This is including Kickstarter and Paypal contributions! The fight ain't over yet, we still need your help! Shout-out to Azael for picking up the Ultimate tier!… #FictionSphere #gamdev #indiegame #screenshotsaturday


Hey #screenshotsaturday Just showing you the bombs and wing jade. You can also use your sword and even spin attack in air. Sry for long video, I used to cut them in Twitter.. #gamedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #indiegames #RETROGAMING #videogames #gaming #zelda #madewithunity

With some extra focus, you'll be able to get more damage done! Reminder: at 4000 followers we'll hold a naming contest for Sharky! #screenshotsaturday #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #retrogames #retrogaming #pixelart #ドット絵

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores perfect hat-trick after claim he's 'best by far' in MLS:…

Just listened to Brown Skin Girl. It's amazing how Wizkid's voice blended with Beyonce's. World-class feature! Imagine if Drake had given him same opportunity in One Dance.

37 let. Další hattrick. Zlatan.

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” -Richard Bach This is very true of the #Earper family/fandom! Let’s remember this when it comes to our amazing cast and crew of #WynonnaEarp. #WeSupportKat #TeamBarretti

acabo de salir de ver the lion king y quedé enamorada de absolutamente TODO, es perfecta, vale la pena verla.

I will Create World class Woocommerce and BUsiness Website Only for $20... My 80+ work samples: If you want to connect with me just visit me: #WooCommerce #businesswebsite #onlinestore #WebsiteDesign #Zlatan


Diosito soy yo de nuevo si me devuelves a el cholito manejando sin ir rapido por seguirle el pedo a sus compas,con joaco textos diego y mama niu te prometo ya no hacerla de pedo con cualquier cosa e ir a misa todos los domingos Amén JETAD

These copy cats are getting, getting feral now We're building sandcastles out from their ashes now

Just a friendly reminder: you can throw SCP-999, he likes to be thrown into walls. Cats don’t. You can hurt cats. They have bones. SCP-999 doesn’t. Throw SCP-999 instead

Nice to have these casualty-free crossings, plus cats. Thanks WE team and creatures. #safariLIVE

We have a pair of adorable #kittens who need a home together. Meet sisters Saskia and Savannah. #Caturday #AdoptDontShop #CatsProtection…


Beyoncé just dropped an album and the Bey Hive is in love


Thread on The Lion King So #TheLionKing was an absolute visual treat albeit the story fell flat from the lack of expressions that the animated version used to produce.

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay “I am not a crook.”

Ogni anno il Twitter mi ricorda che #CarloGiuliani era un delinquente , per la sinistra un martire. Amen.

It’s 2 am and I just sobbed an hour straight through shane dawson’s new video with eugenia cooney

仕事しながらTOP GUN観てる。この映画はA-4スカイホーク映画でもあるんだな。


Deux images pour comprendre l’influence de la puissance politique et économique de la Chine. Dans le nouveau Top Gun, le blouson de Maverick ne porte plus les drapeaux japonais et taïwanais. Il ne faut pas braquer Pekin. Et le chinois Tencent est l’un des producteurs du film.


just watched the eugenia documentary and they didn’t even confront or even talk about her abusive mom


X la mia #collezionedisimboli: nuovo film Top Gun in uscita, stessa giacca di pelle -solo questa volta è “approvato”dalla Cina così sono state eliminate le bandiere di Giappone e Taiwan (screenshot a destra è dal nuovo trailer) x @GermanoDottori e @Svagaia #svagaiature…

#LifeAfterLockup Clint and Tracie crack fight

Michael is leaving next week can I get an amen? #LoveIsland

I hope that after civilization falls and humanity goes extinct, somehow the only evidence of our existence left for the aliens to find is the CATS trailer

Feel Lion King mayyyy make me shed a tear or 3

i’m not totally against the cats movie, but why couldn’t they have done cool stage makeup like the broadway productions instead of using creepy cgi?? i feel like that would make it so much better?

Beyoncé was dragging the girls on a Disney album... the power that this has is insane.

To get started quit talking and start doing. -Walt Disney

Can’t believe Tyreek Hill isn’t getting suspended he dodged a bullet

Thank you jesus Amber chose Greg amen #loveisland

#FridayFeeling: I'm #grateful for all the fun I get to have here on Twitter. Learning, debating, meme-ing, sarcasming, etc. A lot of cool folks too like @hollymathnerd and @EricRWeinstein and @PsychRabble and @JaniceBrauner and so many more. Almost everyone I follow is cool!

yeni top gun fragmanı faceapp virali gibi olmuş.

The 6-3, 220-pound rookie totaled 121 receptions for 2,091 yards in his career at Ferris State.…

donde puedo conseguir una chumpa como la de Top Gun, buena, se mira esa onda *todo el cerotal anda con chumpa de Top Gun*

I was hoping the new Top Gun movie would reflect the increasing prominence of drone aircraft. Maverick controlling a plane by mouse from a secret base in Colorado, while eating a large bag of Cheetos. Two hours of that, done.…

You know Top Gun will be lit when the official trailer URL ends with 420


Imagine having a twitter account called “Tyreek Hill Fans.” Best case scenario is you have a stan account for a dude who “only” ragdolled his pregnant gf.…

This is why they’ll push insecure voting machines and block efforts to promote election security. #DitchMitch2020…

“McConnell pushed back against criticism, calling it "nonsense" saying he "was there" in 1963 for MLK’s "I Have a Dream" speech & was "an observer" when Pres Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act in 1965”. HELLO! Shit I was 9! Have you been in DC this F-ing long? #DitchMitch2020


went to dj's house again for the nth time but this time im sad :(



“Brooks, Fitzpatrick, Hurd and Upton (along with ex-Republican Justin Amash ) possess political courage, but of a particularly rare and important type. They refused to rationalize.”…

Stühle von Maruni, Loungesessel von Hans J. Wegner, Vitra's Eames House Bird: Ein großartiger Überblick von @MichaelSteeber über die designorientierte Inneneinrichtung der "Boardrooms." —… #AppleStore


Believe me when I tell you money isn't everything. Davido would have bought his way to the studio #TheGiftAlbum #LionKing


#Cuma bülteniniz yayında! #usdtry'de Trump'ın çelişkili Türkiye açıklamaları #Petrol talebinde düşüş Çin-ABD görüşmeleri Piyasalarda günün öne çıkanlarını okumak için hemen tıklayın:…

Today's workplace, Soho house in Amsterdam. View out the window a bit distracting!


Yesterday we reinstalled the lantern in the portico, a lovely finishing touch to the entrance of the house.


Trump is going to get caught fir everything he has done including pedophilia and incest. The world knows he has been doing Ivanka since she was old enough to pee.…

I think every question towards #Trump should be with the correct level of respect. So something like 'Hey, ASSHOLE...'

Even the poster for Cats - clearly trying to downplay the almost body horror creations of the film itself - still has looks creepy and weirdly proportioned.


Creo que mi primer contacto con “Cats” fue su parodia en “Búscate la vida”. Yo vi esto de pequeño, así que lo cierto es que estaba preparado para el trailer.


Just seen rebel wilson in that cats trailer, finally some fat pussy representation

When was the last time we had an HOH over 50? #BB21

wśród dzisiejszych okołosoulowych premier płytowych: tuxedo, beyoncé, nas, saul williams, murs & 9th wonder, low leaf, jacob collier, willow, maxo kream, iggy azalea, serengeti, ed balloon i dounia; wszystko jak zawsze na plejliście @soulbowlpl


why does peppa pig endorse zoos when she herself is an animal

Don't Jealous Me is a serious zanku song

Another Dem announces challenge to McConnell. Broihier describes his campaign in 6 words: “Economic and social justice for all.” Among his priorities are to raise the federal minimum wage, secure equal pay for women and end family separations. I like it.…


Another Democrat launches Senate campaign to unseat McConnell


Keeping hard working people in poverty in order to protect the profits of the billion dollar companies that bribe him. Research shows that Mitch McConnell is a corrupt piece of shit. Vote him the hell out #Kentucky. #DitchMitch…

Trumputin can’t differentiate between legitimate criticism and lack of patriotism. The fact that HE IS A C*** is self-evident, not a criticism. This is the man who invented a spurting boner to avoid the draft. THAT was ‘unpatriotic’. McConnell allegedly did similar with ‘sodomy’?…

McConnell: Trump "on to something" with attacks on Dem congresswomen


House Republicans resisted condemning Trump for racism, says Reagan-era House Republican Vin Weber, because if they did “they’re condemning themselves”…

Republicans are kind of, sort of uncomfortable with Trump's "send her back" rally

Read this. I now agree 100% it’s time for impeachment.. Trump is not only a crook, he’s also bloody nuts... How America Got to ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Immigration: The Inside Story - The New York Times…

Kevin Smith returns to the View Askewniverse with the first trailer for #JayAndSilentBobReboot:…


Trump to meet airline executives to discuss 'competition and transparency'


“Wait so what are you guys? You just let him suck on your tit?”

Proud the @HouseSmallBiz voted to pass out of committee my bipartisan Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Act to help more former servicemembers learn to start and grow businesses. #BootstoBusiness…

Rep. Ilhan Omar: "This is not about me. This is about us fighting for what this country truly should be."

House inspections take forever!

Round 8.5 (?): how Edelgard and Dimitri tied on the last poll, which house leader of #FireEmblemThreeHouses do you prefer?

Si todo el pueblo te botó pal carajo y no te vas entonces eres un dictador #RickyDictador

Hey @howtohockey Any guy who can take out Eric Trump and prop up Pee-Wee in a single tweet deserves my follow. Hello to Mason...we are big fans in this house. Cheers bud.

It’s a shame that John McCain wasn’t here to slander Omar and cheer Trump on like he would’ve done it he was alive.…

El Sargento de Aguadilla diciendo que "No se usó violencia excesiva..." Claro que sí campeón! #RickyDictador #RickyRenuncia #RickyVeteYa

backing #IStandWithTrump is supporting the ongoing racial profiling in the United States, along with the silencing and dismissal of hardworking american citizens who possess more patriotism in their pinky fingers than Donald Trump does in his entire body. #IStandWithIlhan

Nunca se fue... sólo está esperando. Checa el TRAILER aquí: #efectoultra #ITChapter2 #movie #radio #cine #combo #payaso


Dear Rand Paul‘s neighbor: your country needs you. #RandPaulHatesAmerica #RandPaulForgot

#DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut no matter what shameful things you've done or how much you despise what you've become... there is forgiveness and a fresh start with these simple words, "God, forgive me."


army when we see #daydream trending only to find it was yet another hashtag that wasn’t about us but we made about us for the 28363399th time

James Cameron potwierdził dziś na @comiccon, że Edward Furlong powróci jako John Connor w #TerminatorDarkFate! Tego się nie spodziewaliśmy O.O


WATCH: Jon Stewart rips into Rand Paul after he blocks 9/11 victim compensation fund


Sees daydream trending and thinks we are finally giving hobi the streaming party he deserves #daydream

Just hours after reports emerged that President Donald Trump has given Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) the green light to negotiate with Iran to ease tensions in the Persian Gulf, we’ve gotten on a wide roller coaster ride.…

Linda Hamilton Gets Hero’s Welcome as Sarah Connor and #TerminatorDarkFate Take Comic-Con


#DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut we believe you when you say your fish was "this" big! #BassFishing #BigBass #Giant

We are LIVE from #SDCC with the cast and director of #TerminatorDarkFate for @Reddit's first ever Hall/r AMA.…


TWO trailers dropped today featuring movies with @valkilmer. TOP GUN: MAVERICK and JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT. Keeping my eyes peeled for a REAL GENIUS STRIKES BACK: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO trailer. #TopGunMaverick #JayAndSilentBobReboot

At #SDCC, James Cameron explained how he personally persuaded Linda Hamilton — whom he divorced in 1999 — to return as Sarah Connor in #TerminatorDarkFate

GET TO THE REDDIT! Join us for an AMA with the whole @Terminator gang right now. #TerminatorDarkFate…

"Good morning, Dr. Silberman." I'm so excited about seeing the amazing #LindaHamilton as Sarah again in #TerminatorDarkFate that I'll probably Tweet my drawing of her about 1,327 times in the next few months! @Terminator @TerminatorFans #SDCC #SDCC2019


I can't begin to explain how much conversation and debate went into this decision.... and what a GREAT decision it is. Terminators live in an R-Rated world. So do we. #TerminatorDarkFate…

Day 3 worship at #PYT2019 has officially begun!

#PYT2019 Day 3: We often drift or actively move away from God and God’s purposes. What are the things that make us wander?


Taekook stans greeting each others in jail #taekookersgoingtojailparty


The fire in the Kyoani studios has broken my heart... I'm still freezed about what happened.

寄付した Check it out! I donated to 'Help KyoAni Heal' - @gofundmeさんから

Keşke FaceApp beyniniz olunca nasıl olabileceğinizi gösterse aq

OMG this is sooo me when I was in university! No wonder so many girls fell in love with me. Not bad this FaceApp thingy. @ United States of America (USA)…

Trump's recent attack & seeming strategy proves in America Hate SELLS! Defend America's Reputation #IStandWithIlhan #IStandWithTheSquad


ローラン・ピック駐日フランス大使「犠牲になられた方々とご遺族の方々、また京都アニメーションの職員の皆様にお悔やみとお見舞いを申し上げますとともに、フランスの全面的な連帯の意を表します」 京アニ火災、海外メディアも報道。各国からお見舞い、支援の声も…

I love anime, and I love Kyoani too. I pray from the bottom of my heart that their soul may rest in peace. And I pray for the quick recovery of the injured. We love it from now on. #PrayForKyoani

Today is the day that all the fans of the Anime the world have to unite and support all those affected by the tragedy of Kyoto Animation. This is the link for you to give your support:…

2019.7.18【ロサンゼルス公演】 TWICEの初アメリカ単独公演は大成功。約17000人が熱狂しました! #TWICE #TWICELIGHTSinLA


John Stewart blasts Rand Paul for blocking 9/11 victim funding bill

BREAKING: Senate confirms four commissioners for NCC…

Led Senators in procession from Parliament Buildings to the High Court of Kenya where the @Senate_KE filed a Constitutional Petition to challenge all the laws that have been enacted unconstitutionally since the inception of the 12th Parliament.


This is a bad joke,a crass move in the name of accountability. The only reason for arresting #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi is seemingly not his alleged non-cooperation with NAB but to stall opposition’s moves re Senate chairman, their small protest rallies etc.

Me and da boo after September 20th #FoundAtArea51

ランド・ポールとトランプ大統領がゴルフするのは観察者なら当然。以前から重要な局面では顔合わせする。更にシリア政策では当初から共闘しており、中東に一定の影響力があるロシアとも話せる。局面を打開するには適任。Rand Paul angles to become Trump's emissary to Iran

Amid complete Republican inaction, Senate Democrats create a special committee on the climate crisis, hoping to lay the groundwork in preparation for regaining the Senate majority in 2020.

Dangerous For All Age Groups! #WDRB


A Republican senator has blocked a bipartisan bill that would ensure a victims’ compensation fund for the Sept. 11 attacks never runs out of money.… via @HuffPostPol

Jon Stewart rips into Rand Paul after he blocks 9/11 victim fund: “At some point we have to stand up for the people who stood up for us. What Rand Paul did today in the Senate was outrageous. He’s a guy who put us hundreds of billions of dollars in debt."…

Yo, Portrush is the truth ... Mark my words: This tourney will be back here in the relatively near future. It’s the perfect setup in every way. #TheOpenChampionship


Tatiana Perez siendo (casi) arrestada siguiendo narrando lo sucedido, Yesenia Torres en persecución del gobernador, Kefren Velazquez en motora con Rey Charlie... güao @NoticentroWAPA. Se han guillao’.

I'm at #PYT2019 the national @Presbyterian youth gathering and I spoke to a queer youth today who was so excited by the number of LGBTQ folks and allies here. They thought they'd be the only one here. Their joy gave me joy and such hope for the church!

A long, hot, but good day at #PYT2019


BIG: Share if you used #FaceApp: The @FBI & @FTC must look into the national security & privacy risks now Because millions of Americans have used it It’s owned by a Russia-based company And users are required to provide full, irrevocable access to their personal photos & data


le hice el faceapp a avril lavigne


Schumer wants FBI to probe FaceApp's possible Kremlin ties


Be careful when commenting on someone’s old person FaceApp filter. It might just be a regular unfiltered photo & they are actually old.


Jon Stewart and 9/11 Hero John Feal respond to Rand Paul.

この世界からお金をなくせば、人は究極に豊かで幸せになれる。 それは論理的に可能。あとは心の問題。 キーワードは、「互恵的利他主義」 しまもの歌声は、きっとその心を幸せに変えて くれる。 shimamo - YOU【official MV】 #shimamo #しまも


After a seven-month probe, Amazon reaches a deal with German antitrust watchdog to give 30 days notice and a reason for removing a merchant from its platform (@busvine / Reuters)……

people keep talking about FaceApp being owned by Russia or whatever, but they’re wrong. It’s viral marketing for The Irishman (2019).


TONIGHT: Should’ve seen this FaceApp twist coming…


We will utilize Batman in Amazon AWS in order to disrupt food insecurity

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