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MARVEL作品を順繰りに見始めた!アントマンまで見たよ!おもしろい☺ ゴールデンカムイも借りたから読んでる!アシリパさんかわいいし、おもしろい☺️

Magik Appreciation Tweet ❤❤ Illyana Rasputin deserves so much love!! The leader of the New Mutants and one of the most powerful sorceress in the marvel Universe!


Daily reminder that it's not just Marvel.


Please send me money so I can get Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 $balvin

Alguem me tira uma dúvida, o Chris hemsworth vai estar em thor 4??


Kyle Flanagan has worked an entire fan base into a shoot #EliteMentality

Congratulations on Kyle Flanagan for becoming a cock

#ReasonsImARebel Time to get off the wheel #BusterKeaton

Cuchaaaa que en Guaynabo estaban usando yetis en vez de ollas

No, no es Venezuela. Tampoco es Ferguson, Missouri. Es Guaynabo Puerto Rico. Una noche como hoy, un pueblo jamas la olvida. #RickyDictador #AbajoRosselló


#ReasonsImARebel I don't know, really. I guess I'm just a Rebel Without a Valid Reason to Be So.

A$AP Rocky will remain in jail until Thursday at the earliest

La División de Arrestos Especiales de la Policía lanzó 5 bombas de humo desde vehículos en marcha, para poder sacar a toda prisa a representantes y alcaldes que estaban reunidos con Ricky Rosselló, mientras los manifestantes exigían firmes #RickyRenuncia, en Guaynabo.


Who wants to be Bryant and Cameron Dolan and Kyle houk and Ryan abe?…

Swedish Prime Minister on A$AP Rocky: “Everyone is equal before the law”…


Lanzan gases lacrimógenos contra manifestantes en Guaynabo…


La División de Arrestos Especiales de la Policía lanzó bombas de humo desde vehículos en marcha, para poder sacar a toda prisa a representantes y alcaldes que estaban reunidos con Ricky Rosselló, mientras los manifestantes exigían firmes #RickyRenuncia en Guaynabo


New to the Internet! Paul Krassner talks Groucho Marx and LSD, Allen Ginsberg, Gerry Mulligan, Irwin Corey, Henry Morgan, Otto Preminger, Sandy Baron, Les Crane, Mike Wallace, and Lord Buckley. An Interview with Paul Krassner - Part Five:…

Tore the tags off of every single pillow in my house. Yup, you read that right. #ReasonsImARebel

I revere the views of Paul Krassner, who died this day, July 21, 3019: News & Views for Remnants of Paradise ~ Tell-A-Vision: Why Not Try Love Again

Kirk Franklin should’ve let Tiffany Andrews finish her speech. The Holy Spirit was flowing within her. I hate when people interrupt the Holy Spirit! And yes I do know it’s a tv show but sometimes you have to step aside & let him flow! #BETSundayBest

Because I've determined that if I were ever to go with the crowd, I'd have to cut my IQ by two thirds and forget everything I've ever learned. #ReasonsImARebel

peanut butter straight out of the jar, baby! #ReasonsImARebel

Paul Krassner died today What bothers me is that only one out of 100 people reading this will know who he was and why he was so important…

#ReasonsImARebel I run with scissors! ✂️

Paul Krassner, who named the Yippies, has died. The Yippies were adept at outrageous political satire and also pursued phone phreaking, both of which influenced the Cult of the Dead Cow.…

Paul Krassner, Former AVN Columnist and Yippies Founder, Dies


Yippee cofounder Paul Krassner has died, he contributed greatly to the Jerry Rubin oral history book “Did it!” - here’s the NYT obit:…

RIP Paul Krassner, the leftist writer and satirist who was a burr under the saddle of mainstream culture.…

Paul Krassner died at his home in Desert Hot Springs, California on Sunday, according to his daughter.

My vote is already signed, sealed and delivered for Tiffany Andrews. This sister is so blessed and anointed from the very first audition I fell in love with voice, spirit and humility. She deserves to be Sunday Best Season Winner. #BETSundayBest

Tiffany Andrews is something serious man!!!!!! I love her!!! She already won!! #BETSundayBest

Canarsie don’t have power but I bet they got weed

Crews are responding to approximately 33,000 outages in the southeast #Brooklyn neighborhoods of Canarsie, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Old Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, and Georgetown due to continued heat and high usage.


#BETSundayBest needs to have some sort of Spotify integration. ppl should be able to listen to the songs performed on stage on Spotify the next day. Missed Revenue & promotion opportunity.

Sang Joshua Copeland! He just sangs mannnn! So churchy & anointed. #BETSundayBest

Brooks Koepka Has Had Just About Enough Of JB Holmes' Slow Play Bullshit…


Me leaving the grocery store with 5 tubs of ice cream #NationalIceCreamDay

I don't know if Tottenham have bid for Bale - Pochettino…

I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Rocket League

I'll be live on twitch from 8pm playing The Evil Within 2!

Bale ↗️ PSG Neymar ↗️ Real Madrid Será? #Mercado

#NationalIceCreamDay hmnn so what flavor is your favorite? @tropicalupdate @DaDaBuh @dawley_sue @crownweather @HurricaneCity everyone has to have at least one favorite...

Key figures close to Neymar have been trying to force through a swap plus cash deal for Real Madrid's Gareth Bale. (Via: @IndyFootball)


Tutte le foto dall’incredibile panel dei Marvel Studios al #SDCC, durante il quale sono stati presentati titoli e protagonisti della Fase 4 dell’MCU! (1/8)


HOY SE CELEBRA EL DIA MUNDIAL DEL PERRO El Tirano @nicolasMaduro y sus esbirros lo celebran manteniendo en lúgubres mazmorras del Helicoide y el FAES a Tres Perros Presos Politicos THOR ARPA Y OSO No lo Permitas EXIGE SU LIBERTAD Ellos merecen un hogar para vivir No un calabozo

Natalie Portman will take up the hammer as Thor and "Blade" is being rebooted with Mahershala Ali.…

Marvel Announces New 2020-21 Films: 'Thor,' 'Doctor Strange,' 'Black Widow,' 'Blade,' 'The Eternals,' 'Shang-Chi'…

Brooks Koepka Has Had Just About Enough Of JB Holmes' Slow Play Bullshit…

Icecream is even better in our favourite colours. Happy #NationalIceCreamDay


So I'm like 97% sure that the Jane that will be Thor in #ThorLoveAndThunder is going to be from an alternate world. There's no Mjolnir in our world and Jane has pretty much stopped mattering, so I think having her be a different version of our Thor would make more sense

a marvel fazendo as contas pra saber se dps de pagar os caches da angelina jolie natalie portman e rachel weisz vai sobrar pro orçamento dos filmes

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream with which to write #PostcardsToVoters on #NationalIceCreamDay? Mine is Publix' Premium Chocolate Trinity. If you already have ice cream, but you need voters' addresses, text JOIN to (484) 275-2229 and make your activism sweeter.


If Mahershala is doing Blade, that means we need to start getting Wesley some Oscars. Just how it is. I don’t make the rules.

There's nothing I love more than watching clueless whiny-ass fanboys cry about gender/race in "their" precious comic book movies. FTR, the Jane Foster as Thor storyline was easily the best Thor story I've ever read, and I look forward to seeing Natalie Portman tackle the role.…


Wait... what? Today is #NationalIceCreamDay? #whoknew A Signature Turtle Sundae from @FreddysUSA counts, right?


Happy National Ice Cream Day! Don't forget to celebrate! #NationalIceCreamDay


I want to watch the lion king movie tonightttt :(

Not seeing any new Blade movie unless Wesley Snipes is headlining

Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! Where do you go to get your favorite ice cream?!

The Lion King is the Alpha of the Box Office with $433 Million Worldwide!…

Ratio alert! Bill de Blasio’s Trump-slamming #IStandWithErica tweets are aging worse by the second

I think Brooks koepka finds it harder playing with JB Holmes than playing in the rain. #SlowAsFuck

JB Holmes would still make $25.23 with this kind of performance at a PGM event


Fuck JB Holmes the fat waste of space

This is what you have wrought with your racist words and actions, @realDonaldTrump. #IStandwithErica…

Mahershala Ali plays BLADE In the next Marvel’s Blade movie U think anaeza vaa viatu vya Wesley Snipes? in this action movie?


#SDCC2019 IS A BOMB. Thor 4 Fantastic 4 Blade The Eternals Shang Chi Dr Strange 2 Young Justice S4 MY GOODNESS GIVE ME TRAILERS

I urge Manny, Marvel, Thor, Blade, Pacman, Natalie Portman, Mahershala Ali, Greg Hardy, Wesley Snipes, Jane Foster and their nice fans to read this pic carefully:



yens interpretation of natasha literally will never be topped by any mcu version of her it cannot be done so i am just as apathetic about the black widow movie as i am about the hawkeye series i am sorry lol

I hope Lao will cook tonight! Please let it be bagels



hawkeye stans don’t deserve rights

lembrando aqui de quando saíam aqueles rumores do cast de eternals e o povo caindo em cima por ser tudo padrãozinho e a marvel vem e PUM: atriz negra e surda, ator negro, ator asiático, ator paquistanês e atriz latina obrigado kevin feige por isso

me and cat could never get divorced we’re the only hawkeye stans left on earth

keep the hawkeye series and give professor hulk a series instead


‘loki’ will take place when he stole the tesseract and escape. ‘wandavision’ will be set after endgame. strange will team up with wanda on doctor strange 2. a female thor. valkyrie, king of asgard will look for her queen. MARVEL STANS MAKE SOME NOISE!

a mulher perguntando de noivado????? e a scarlett super animada com black widow e o futuro da marvel ser feminino hj nega pqp

the cinema worker seeing me buy my 13th ticket that week to watch black widow

At least we brought some effort that quarter. C'mon Cats, hate the poos and wees. @KrockFootball

currently thinking of hangyul liking cats more than dogs



Brian Tyree Henry has been casted as Phastos in Marvel’s Eternals, who is the team’s master technologist and blacksmith who possesses super strength and levitation.


#MaDongSeok confirmado para protagonizar la película “TheEternals” de #Marvel Studios…


So many news about MCU's future. I'm most excited for Doctor Strange 2. I'm ready to see my magic doctor again. ;v;

ประกาศรายชื่อนักแสดงเรื่อง The Eternals อย่างเป็นทางการแล้วจากงาน #SDCC น้องมิลลี่ไม่ได้ร่วมแสดงด้วยนะคะ…

It was so chaotic I missed the fact that they also got David Harbour. Thet got away with it again. They will always get away with it. This is a problem and I see I'm the only one willing to make the hard choices here.

florence pugh’s gonna be in the black widow movie ?!!2&&22$)/&/?1$/$/$)/ GOD BLESS

Angelina jolie got no business being on that stage for eternals lookin that fine

Exclusive first portrait of the cast of The Eternals, coming November 6, 2020.


teaser de hawkeye ta lindo AAAAAAAAA CARALHO

david harbour has been in the mcu for like 5 hours and he’s already worse than tom holland

david harbour ta vivendo o momento da vida dele

Fuck yes, the series that actually made me give a shit about Hawkeye.…

Drunk at a bar and I can only think about how sick I am that the Phillies lost and Kyle Korver isn’t a Sixer.

Kyle Seager robbed the Mariners out of so much money smh

Marvel Eternals Thor Portman Blade Mahershala Snipes #PacquiaoThurman #BIG3Basketball X-Men Angelina Madden Foster Wanda Bishop Strange Hawkeye Phase 4 Widow #MarvelPhase4 #MarvelSDCC Loki #SDCC Comic-Con Feige Fantastic Panther 2 #ItsSoHotThat #ThingsThatBringUsTogether Taika

alone in the dark listening to soundcloud bangers

Jeff Sims made himself look like a bozo after the game... talking about being clean cut and professional then acting like a child after.... #LastChanceU

I think the real mvps of #lastchanceu are the teachers working with these kids to get them to learn when they don’t want to or think they can. #respect

Malik didn’t even do anything (this time). He shouldn’t have brought him back but he don’t blame everything on him. You’re the one that lied to your squad #LastChanceU

#TeachSomethingIn5Words Chill your Yorkshire pudding batter

The problem with the Mueller Report is that the people who need to read it can't read and won't believe it anyway. #MuellerIsComing

Early US Projections From Hits Daily Double: @Beyonce's "The Lion King: The Gift" is pacing for 13-18K pure sales, 50-70K total units…

Abortion Kills Innocent Human Beings #TeachSomethingIn5Words

Guys I think it’s safe to report that I definitely won’t kill myself before Christmas. Gotta watch Cats!

mais rejeitada que o filme de cats

#MuellerIsComing is trending & it's filled with so many Hollywood libs panting and drooling & showcasing their latest lame political video. Oh, if only Hollywood worked/sweated this hard at writing/producing better fiction in their industry.

It's cute people still think Orange Man is going to prison after Robert testifies. #MuellerIsComing

Zlatan: “Ben Los Angeles’ım”


Friday: “I’m a Ferrari surrounded by Fiats.” Saturday: Scores a perfect hat-trick ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Zlatan keeps tearing it up in the MLS. (via @MLS)

Just saw Miller's body language after Zlatan's 2nd goal. LAFC may as well sell that kid. Zlatan will haunt his nightmares until his dying day.

Lion King featured @Beyonce alongside all those artistes from Naija and not even one from East Africa,they should have used Yoruba too instead of our beloved Kiswahili Ama namna gani?


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the Cats trailer is even better on the big screen

Being gay is a sin #ThingsStupidPeopleSay So is being a bitch Karen.

*Customer demanding to go against store policy after you’ve said no* Customer : “Let me speak to your manager.” #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay There are pirates in space! #SignsYourHouseIsHaunted (yess!! the Daily Double! playing two hashtag games simultaneously)

#YemiAlade, #TiwaSavage, #Wizkid, #BurnaBoy, others featured on #Disney movie-inspired album Over two decades after the original movie’s release, Disney in... #Nigeria #DailyTrust…

#SaturdayThoughts #PMIKVistingUS to meet #Trump 1:- Both r Stupids 2:- Both r Narrow minded. 3:- Both have a Play Boy past. 4:- Both r abusers 5:- #ThingsStupidPeopleSay IK said he wil run a train at the speed of Light-:) Trump said there were Airports in 1775-:) #FATA

Brown skin girl Your skin just like pearls The best thing in the world Never trade you for anybody else

Edwin Heathcote on the increasingly blurred line between a city and its airport: ‘the interchangeable architecture, global brands, logos and storefronts – the generic spaces could be in Vancouver, Astana or Istanbul’

From Indian, Mexican and Thai cuisine poultry is a food staple all over the world. As for #Vancouver, these are the chicken joints our readers can’t live without.…

You’re in canada right now? — yes, vancouver…

let's meet when i'm in vancouver in like two weeks from now @ grantgust

City council in Duncan, B.C., is considering a bylaw change that would allow owners of dogs that the city has deemed aggressive to apply to have the designation removed.

Una marcha de lesbianas centrada en mujeres trans, en quién si no.…

Wow, this was a touching read. Red Robinson sounds like a lovely person❤- A day in the life at Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park homeless camp…

ESPN host Dan Le Batard minced no words, criticizing his network’s policy discouraging hosts from discussing politics as “cowardly” and “weak-ass.”

More on the NFL’s decision not to discipline Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill:…

Jesus said that He could do nothing of Himself, but only what He saw the Father do. His actions are proof enough that it is ALWAYS God's will to heal! #FridayFeeling

People have paid more attention to "Cats" in the last 24 hours than cats have paid attention to people in history.

Never put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today. - Aldous Huxley #quote #FridayFeeling


cats are so privileged, they can get as fat as they want and everyone will still think theyre cute

What a puuuurrrrfect day! 22 cats were adopted and found new homes here at #KittyHall in less than 4 hours. A big thanks goes out to @MarsPetcareUS @DwtnFranklinTN Ruby Sunshine and everyone else who came down to support the @WCAnimalCenter.


The Lion King remake was excellent. As usual, most “critics” are just pretentious wads.

Yo, I better not catch any of you guys posting Lion King spoilers on the TL

Cats whoooaaaoo that's the joke I'm done here

Talking Tyreek Hill, the Royals and more with Danny Clinkscale. It’s “Danny Unleashed” now in The Program on Sports Radio 810 WHB.


Trump really got me defending people I don't even like, such as AOC and Dan Le Batard. Smh.

Frische Salate, Erbsen und Tomaten vom #Acker haben heute ihren Weg nach #Göttingen gefunden und sich auf der #FridaysForFuture Demo mit gerettetem Brot angefreundet. @for_fridays #FridayFeeling #Systemwandel statt #Klimawandel #streik


lucic slowly getting geographically closer and closer to vancouver

Three years in an eternity in NFL time.

What a day.... a bloody brilliant one as well. Fantastic meetings and great results! Especially the last one. I’ll be following up on these next week and will have more news @dmassociatesco too. I hope everyone’s had a wonderful day. #MrDanielMatthews #FridayFeeling

Apple Vancouver ofisi tasarımı ile dikkat çekecek! - ShiftDelete.Net

James Neal + Connor McDavid makes sense Milan Lucic on the Flames makes 0 sense Awful trade for the #Flames and that gives me joy all over

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