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levanter english ver kind of hurt


Fuck Marsha Blackburn and fuck Susan collins!! #MorningJoe

Buying warm clothing in war-torn Palestine was unimaginable for the Shomar family. When Penny Appeal provided them with new, warm Winter clothing, they were overwhelmed with joy. Can you help a family survive the Winter? Donate here


“I don’t ever rest, that’s why I’m the hardest “ - J hus. My mood all 2020


Mnuchin vs Greta? Ill put my bets on Greta and offer a half hearted "Good luck" Steven. Way to pick your battles Steven.… #RightMatters



I reported 4 tweets from Marsha Blackburn for for targeted harassment though I do not, for a moment, believe her account will receive a time out for any of those tweets.

#RightMatters #TruthMatters and the @GOP need to take heed. You NEVER be forgiven for what you have done to this country. You are n the wrong side of history. We will NEVER FORGET

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn questions patriotism of Purple Heart recipient Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman…


Странная закономерность: в каждом отделе есть такой балласт, который спит, постоянно что то жрёт, пишет стихи, собирает деньги на юбилеи и совершенно ни хрена не делает по своим прямым обязанностям.

I wonder how many lefties sticking up for joe rogan now, used to be proponents of deplatforming these racist, sexists, homophobic, transphobic assholes?

So I guess that penny I dropped into a wishing well back in 1992 finally hit the bottom... #amwriting #writingcommunity eek!!…

Just ran it through the alternate reality machine, and... “Wow, even Joe Rogan supports Elizabeth Warren. So electable!” “Wow, even Joe Rogan supports Joe Biden. So electable!” But in this reality: “Ugh, Joe Rogan supports Bernie Sanders. Unacceptable!”

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn questions patriotism of Purple Heart recipient Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Shameless!…

We can't thank our amazing guest speakers enough for sharing their stories with us at this morning's #WomensNetworkingBreakfast. Left to right Dianne Coughlan of @CatalentPharma Carmen Cummiskey of @fomoprotection and Penny Morton of @UofGfemeng #WomenInSTEM #InspirationalWomen


La llegada de Zion a la NBA se compara con la de LeBron James, en 2003 cuando todavía no había cumplido 19 años; Kobe Bryant, en 1996, con 18 años recién cumplidos; y Michael Jordan, en 1984 con 21 El fenómeno, visto por @ralvareza

Reported that trump have threatened republicans that he’ll have their heads if they don’t fall in line with him. Per CBS News. #SignsTheyAreHidingSomething

You got traitors in your government you have to vote them out in 2020 I'm talking about Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer Jerry dadler and Adam Schiff

Schiff is the best lawyer I’ve ever seen. Netflix, if you’re listening.

Today on the best-of #TLTS episode: * McGregor vs. Gaethje at...170? * Zion Williamson's 'fat shaming' * More on Stephen A.'s involvement in the post-UFC 246 broadcast. Free. Worldwide. From @MMAonSiriusXM:…

If Trump is innocent then why does he want Adam Schiff to resign so badly? Does Trump seriously think a petition made by him is going to be enough to get Schiff to resign? #ImpeachmentTrials


jim lehrer was all you’d want in a friend - a journalist, a husband, father, citizen. missouri born, tx educated, married to the great kate three fab daughters. high standards, low tolerance for BS lucky us. ,

I wish liberal Twitter would stop paying so much attention to Marsha Blackburn. She’s tweeting to be controversial, and we’re helping her out.

I think Mr. Peanut faked his death. He was on the verge on being indicted for tax fraud and lying to federal agents. Here's how he can still get away with it. THREAD. (1/?)

Schiff outlined a 10-point argument for Trump's having been acting on his own behalf in regards to Ukraine. Here's my assessment of his points.

Schiff closes by emotionally imploring senators to have the same courage that people like Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Vindman showed in being willing to come forward and testify to impeachment investigators 03

RIP Jim Lehrer. My first paid job in journalism was as a desk assistant at the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour in DC. I couldn't have asked for a better start. He was one of the great broadcast interviewers of his era, a smart newsperson and a decent man.…

WOW! Adam Schiff Lectures America: Your Vote Doesn't Count, We Can't Trust the Ballot Box (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Remember when Adam Schiff said he had absolute, incontrovertible evidence of "RUSSIAN COLLUSION!"? Yeah, neither does he. #SchiffShow

So you’re saying there’s a chance? (that the Tigers sign Austin Jackson)…

I can’t believe the Clintons killed Mr. Peanut

#NickiMinajIsComing หายจากโซเชียลไปกว่า 3 เดือน ล่าสุด Nicki Minaj กลับมาโพสต์สตอรี่เพื่อยืนยันว่าวันที่ 29 มกราคม เธอจะไปที่ผับ Mr Jones Miami ในช่วงสัปดาห์งาน Super Bowl จากที่ไปร่วมงาน Billboard Women In Music เมื่อต้นเดือนธ.ค. ครั้งนี้ถือเป็นการปรากฎตัวในรอบเดือนครึ่งของเธอ


The TIGERS 1st Team All-District members! L-R: ‘20 OT Josh Remetich, ‘20 LB Tyler Grubbs, ‘21 OLB/SS Kolbe Cage, ‘21 WR Jalen Johnson, and ‘20 WR Tyler Kirkwood #WeAreHC


Vindman's attorney responds to Blackburn tweet… via @NBCNews

Coon and Friends, Don't forget your main objective here. Our mission is to find Mr. Peanut. We cannot let him be replaced by another retarded mascot for Planters Peanuts. We have to find his body, dead or alive. WE MUST FIND MR. PEANUT! #CoonAndFriends #JusticeForPeanut

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