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やろうと思った時が吉!! さっきまで寝てたし絵が下手すぎて練習したいし、なんたってiPhoneで動画撮るの夢だったんだ!!!Androidマジクソ!!画質悪いし重いし発熱するしマジクソ!!!iPhoneだーいすき!!

#VirusThreatInCamps Uyghurs overseas and in the region have been deeply concerned about their loved ones health in the #ConcentrationCamps, and this turned into horror since after #coronarvirus spread through #Uyghur region. China shuts down movie theaters but not camps. THINk!


How a coronavirus epidemic in China could ripple through the global economy

Oh great, something that yesterday was quarantined in China is now already in France. Fantastic…

This year's WIDM is a beautifully shot China travelogue, but it feels like they've blown all their good ideas early, not feeling much ingeniousness in the challenges this year. Cast all individually likable but group not especially lovable.

Christian @gesellmann und Vlad @ursulean radelten von #Peking aus Richtung Süden durch #China. Sie wussten nicht, wohin die Reise genau geht und wie lang sie wird. Aber jeden Tag begegneten ihnen tolle Dinge und Menschen. ...…

#MenAreResponsibleFor 97+% of all rape. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

New video! The iPhone SE can be found for like $50. That's crazy- but is it worth buying in 2020?

モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 -

モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 -

soup club: vibes no drama no fans to be mean no fans so we dont have problematic stans lunch: NO VIBES drama lots of fans to be mean problematic stans everywhere who's really better

So I have found myself referencing myself as not them, apart, other. I don't mean I am less than at all. It's the way I am looked at. The whispers on the bus. I was followed around Walmart the whole time today. And I dont really blame them. This is but a small chapter hopefully

just got goosebumps listening to dont stop believing i wish i didn’t like glee

We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment. The alternative? - a world without whales. It's too terrible to imagine #SundayThoughts #SundayBrunch

"Speeches are not going to stop anti-Semitism. Action will." In an interview with DW, President of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, urged the world leaders to fight anti-Semitism with stronger laws.

#MenAreResponsibleFor everything, directly or indirectly, just like women. If we're going for equality, generalizing certain groups for any trait that isn't objective isn't the way to go.

#MenAreResponsibleFor a variety of unexpected...fragrances.

China bad China bad Give us clicks China bad…

China says the deadly Wuhan coronavirus can spread before symptoms show, calling into question the US strategy to contain it as a new case is confirmed in California #CoronaOutbreak #coronarvirus

and here is the ultimate proof, of my #SatanicPregnancy birth. The Mark of Satan. 666. When you just turn my product 999 upside-down, you see Satan right there! Quod Erad Demonstrandum


#MenAreResponsibleFor the invention of the toilet, the phone, and the television

mfs really post their best friends list on snap with the names covered sayin ‘needa replace these’ like homie what we gon do? we ain’t no team snapchat

عبدالمحسن فلاتة عبر الـ SnapChat.


Nobody is ugly if it's snapchat

#MenAreResponsibleFor developing physiotherapy for women. You are welcome.

#MenAreResponsibleFor themselves. As are women. Quite a concept. We’re also the originators of the hard-on.

Shri Eknath Gaikwad attended #RepublicDay2020 programmes and preamble reading organized by Congress and citizen groups at Charkop and Dharavi.


A3- Teaching parents about teens & social media is also crucial. Many parents are naive about Snapchat and Instagram. #MediaByExample

Val Demings is not your typical impeachment manager. She is the first woman to serve as Orlando’s police chief before moving to Congress: "I feel like I’m in the same line of work," she said.

every song taehyung composes is a piece of art and im so proud of him for winter bear teaching 100M, he deserves it and more. #WinterBear100M #TaehyungRecordMaker

23:40 now in Jiangsu, and the race still have 3 hours to go, enjoy to watch GTLM Battles in the last hour, great to have @radiolemans @IMSARadio . and thanks @RyanMyrehn update for the race information .#Rolex24atDaytona


#ShakespeareSunday COLOURS “Nor did I wonder at the lily’s white, Not praise the deep vermilion in the rose; They were but sweet, but figures of delight Drawn after you, the pattern of all those.” Sonnet 98 @HollowCrownFans @ArtGuideAlex


Rolf Ineinchen comes to us from Switzerland. This is Rolfs first year driving with Audi Canada. Welcome to the team, Rolf! #BeyondSport #PerformanceIsAnAttitude #Rolex24atDaytona @audisport @followWRT

Congress leaders in Indore, MP celebrating Republic Day by beating each other. #RepublicDay2020 #RepublicDayIndia

I dont think anybody should be worried about the Wuhan coronavirus just yet, just keep good hygiene and u should be chillin. WHO got this in the bag no cap

Rockstars dont need to scream about their presence, and talents.they dont beg fr credits. #Sanjivani #NamitKhanna @StarPlus @TeamNamitK29


Organized Group Tours in and From China to Be Suspended due to #WuhanPneumonia


China: 'We are not in the business of being liked' 'But here's a cute stuffed panda for you' 'It's battery operated too'. ' And rice is always priced right.'

Canada declared the first "presumptive" confirmed case of the deadly #coronavirus in a resident who had returned from Wuhan, China #nCoV

The Stars came out in style for the annual #RocNationBrunch hosted ahead of the 2020 #GRAMMYs in LA. After making it to Jay-Z's 2019 Best Songs list, Burna Boy‘s African Giant album is expected to win in the #BWMA Category! #FolioNigeria #Grammys2020

ほぼほぼ行けるけど空間認識とかアンカーは考慮がいるのね。 #AR_KOBE #HoloLensMeetup


Trump in recording says 'get rid' of Ukraine ambassador: report…

.@CrisCyborg reflects on historic fourth major championship won at #Bellator238: 'I feel blessed' (via @davedoylemma)

¡Alegría Kiwi! Las chicas de #NuevaZelanda derrotaron 24-7 a #Canadá y se quedaron con el Seven de #Hamilton. Tercera etapa consecutiva para las de negro. #SEVENxESPN


इंदौर में झंडा फहराने के दौरान भिड़े कांग्रेसी नेता, एक दूसरे को जमकर जड़े थप्पड़- Video…

My wife always tells me to dream big. I am ready to dream bigerer!…

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