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Primary suspect in brother nature assault case


I'm going to watch Magia Record and Isekai Quartet s2 next season for sure. Defense Girl and Railgun s3 are maybes.

The things I get up to!! Changing into Hit Girl

fuckkkk i cant watch that video of brother nature getting kicked in fhe head and then curbed stomped !!! fucked.

Kenneth Murray gets his podium moment. "SpeedD all day." #OUDNA | #Big12Championship

Spotify 2018 ve 2019 en çok dinlenenleri düzenlemiş hepsi aynı ihanete yer yok baya müko olay

[SPOTIFY GLOBAL 200] #44 (NEW) - SUGA’s Interlude (1,629,008) #181 (+7) - Boy With Luv ft. Halsey (828,417) ✨ 1250 PAID streams = 1 album sale ✨ 3750 FREE streams = 1 album sale @BTS_twt…

Canela running to save Brother Nature


Flushed my toilet and only had to push the handle once #Socialism #LiberalElite #ToiletTrump #toiletgate

why jungkook look smug as hell tho he looks like he’s abt to go my boyfriend bothers u? he’s covered in swarovski crystals girl!


Is that like... 9 out of 10 dentists agree? You’re trying to impeach a President not sell toothpaste. You better up your game and find some facts.…

Wait where’s the video of brother nature getting jumped lol

(later revealed because the first day on the job, Derek couldn't remember her name and shouted "baby girl" to get her attention).

Damn. Y’all ain’t fuckin with me today? Facts facts.

We have a strict policy here at the condo association. No wipes down the pipes!! And that includes diapers, Donald. Dont even try it. #ToiletTrump… he is right! @Conservatives continue with the same old lies and propaganda AS etc no evidence or facts back any of it up. @BorisJohnson openly racist and they have no problem voting for him! by the same process, they are racist...

Retweet if you believe Anthony Joshua will win this fight. #JoshuaRuizJr2 #MCIMUN


It would be funny if it weren't so scary. This is not a one off. This is everyday Trump.#ToiletTrump #toiletgate #25thAmendmentNow #25thAmendment Amendment.…

Bagheera & Cinna are enjoying #Caturday. #WritingCommunity, are your fur-babies named for fictional characters?


#BookReview of The Weight of Shadows by @KarlHolton What would you do at the dying of the light? #Crime #Thriller #WritingCommunity Enjoy a FREE copy when you join the Shadow Club at:


I based my novel on Dungeon World, a role playing game similar to Dungeons and Dragons. I had an idea for a campaign, but I wasn't able to run it (no group, can't run games for crap). I do a little planning, but mostly I'm a "pantser". #nimrien #amwriting #WritingCommunity…

I'm trying to break some bad habits to help my mental health. I found out a 2009-2019 comparison #glowup was going around while I was offline and I wanted to try. Like... damn son... sometimes I need to step back & just look at how far I've come! #10yearsofcosplay #cosplay


You know what's Malarkey, @JoeBiden? Abandoning your family, your literal bloodline. Failing to step up when your deadbeat son Hunter, who apparently blew all the Ukraine millions, won't even show up for court. Your grandchild deserves child support.…

So much love for this daddy's girl #DADDYSGURLNewLook

#India: Minor held for sexually assaulting 3-year-old girl #abuse #Violence

'Heartbroken' girl wants stolen therapy dog back for Christmas

it was raining after the rose performed “She’s in the rain” this is obvious.... I’m that girl in the rain they sang about


Amınıza basmaya sünger yetiştiremezsiniz diye spotify listemi paylaşmıyorum..

I've just added a new batch of whoppers to the Dossier. It includes a misleading statement by Johnson to explain away the Downing Street decision not to publish the Intelligence and Security Committee report on Russian interference in British politics:…

Look away from the smokescreen of outrage-fuelled distraction for a second and see the absolutely heinous.. #CitizenshipAmendmentBill ..sneaking past us under cover of encounters & silly statements about onions. Yes, they are THAT evil & heartless. #WakeUp #WokePublic

You know that bullet vest type thing that men wear, yeah I am absolutely obsessed with it. I want them to wear it over everything. Tracksuit, yeah stick it on. White Tshirt, yeah stick it on. Turtle neck, yeah stick it on. 3 piece suit, yeah why not, stick it on.

When Narendra Modi called Delhi a Rape capital Media: Absolutely Right, Law and order has collapsed, Change the Govt. When Rahul gandhi called India a rape capital* Media: This is a Shameful, Stop politicizing Crime, Rahul Must Apologize, India is the safest country

I finally caught up on Jo Swinsons car crash of an interview on Women's Hour! We now know the reason for her enthuisiasm for self ID...Pity she didnt know the facts about it.

Katy Perry se encontra triste e chorando no banheiro por ter sido cancelada por armys #katyperryisoverparty

#DepressionFeelsLike nothing. Depression doesn't feel... it just is. There's no scary feelings attached to living in a duvet cave for ever. Just being. The frightening part of depression is in the thoughts. The thoughts are where the fear lies... in the never being enough.

#DepressionFeelsLike you’re stuck in a vortex and it continues to suck you in whenever you pretend to be alright

Let’s just ruminate on #toiletgate for one second. America has a president who is obsessed with his poop and Congress doesn’t appear to be alarmed that perhaps he might not be entirely fit for the job.

Nidorino, the Requiem Pokémon. The evolved form of Ariados♂. Its highly developed horn is Zygarde's form at times when it uses a mysterious power. When it does so, this Pokémon generates about $1 billion in syndication revenue each year.

Pls follow my step son @naamanzhou on twitter . He’s v funny


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