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okay everyone say it with me: JEONGYEON BABY!!!! #TWICELIGHTSinNEWARK


"I have worked with President Trump for two years and he is not a racist." @mercedesschlapp swats away accusations that POTUS is bigoted

A teen drag queen goes viral after performing the “death drop” dance move after receiving his high school diploma. “Something in me just said go for it, and I am so glad I did or none of this would have happened." - @NBCOUT

Disney's remake of #TheLionKing scored the biggest domestic launch ever for a PG pic, animated or otherwise, at the #boxoffice this weekend


Rep. Katie Porter isn't part of “The Squad.” But the freshman House Democrat is stirring up trouble for President Trump


Memo to Democrats: Enough with taking the president’s bait and bumbling into his traps. If he sets the terms of the political discussion, he wins in 2020, @FrankBruni writes.

you know it’s easy to get people to act but making animals act?? - my dad talking about the lion king

lion king date ? wassup

everything that happended when Scar became king reminds me of what happened when Trump became President

hearing the music from the lion king 2019 soundtrack has got me all teary-eyed it's so gorgeous

I hate barbz that think they too big to follow back. girl fuck u. #WeLoveYouNicki

Euphoria has honestly been the best show this summer and glad I decided to watch

So glad to see @AMCTalkingDead is finally back! It should be on after every episode, I miss it too much!! #TalkingDead @AMC_TV #FearTWD

Does a Democrat actually believe that if the black guy didn’t win, that justice was not served?”


A large and enthusiastic crowd welcomed Pakistan's prime minister ahead of an important meeting with President Trump in Washington.…

WATCH: Militant protesters burn an image of President Duterte, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and US President Donald Trump along Commonwealth Avenue. #SONA2019 | @GabrielLaluINQ

A large and enthusiastic crowd welcomed Pakistan's prime minister ahead of an important meeting with President Trump in Washington.…

lol at Trump just spamming clips from Fox now. president grandpa

#LGBTQglowup tô aqui dnv, não canso nunca


Need a book that will make you smarter about HOW the media demeans the president at every turn? About the shocking bias by omission? You need this book:…


Homer Simpson is a libertarian-leaning default-Democrat (by virtue of living in a liberal area) whose grievances are personal rather than societal and hasn’t voted since ‘88 because voting is for suckers.…

I heard about the #MuseumFire in #Flagstaff and this is always a very serious thing when it happens in a desert state. The wood buildings are made of is dry, especially if it's an older structure and the trees and brush surrounding things is dry too. I hope nobody is hurt!

#MuseumFire has burned over 400 acres near Flagstaff, Arizona, and continues to expand. Live updates here:…

I ALMOST FORGOT. Have a little Six Sentence Sunday! #SaveShadowhunters


Well only 2 weeks after having heart surgery my Dad is back at Chase field cheering on his beloved @Dbacks ! Thanks @FOXSPORTSAZ @Jody_Jackson and @CamCox12 for the get well wishes!!! #RattleOn


I love talking baseball with fans who have loved the @Dbacks since day one like my nephew Marco @DizzleAZ #CoolUncle #GoDbacks #HappyBirthdayBaxter #RattleOn


Tyler Saladino hits a grand slam (1) to left center off Alex Young Exit Velocity 101 MPH Distance 400 FT Launch Angle 35.45 #ThisIsMyCrew vs #RattleOn


"Georgia lawmaker Erica Thomas says she was told to 'go back where you came from' while shopping" Twitter will stop at nothing to push this narrative despite the fact that @itsericathomas is walking back her claim #HateHoax #SundayMorning…

We can't be silent in the face of Trump's racist attacks. I'll defend anyone—Republican or Democrat—who is attacked because of their religion, their ethnicity, or the color of their skin. I don't give a damn about the politics: racism is racism. To say nothing is to be complicit.

Ok off to see the lion king No spoilers.

Finding these two things right next to each other quite revealing Legislator walked back her words to the point that even @tedlieu deleted his Tweets to the initial story. Yet somehow Twitter feels that the original story hasn't got it's fair share of a full news cycle #HateHoax


For #NationalIceCreamDay I drew my Ice Cream guy 'McChip'!


It's #NationalIceCreamDay and that means freebies and deals across D.C.

Beyoncé’s ‘Lion King: The Gift’ suggests a new direction — and a new challenge

Did you miss our Cuphead panel at #SDCC? Head over to our Instagram to watch the FULL panel and get the scoop on the new #Tesla deal, the DLC and watch Chad & Jared answer some fan questions about #TheCupheadShow! Follow us at @CupheadShow for more!


HATE HOAX: Angry Cuban Democrat expresses his displeasure that @ItsEricaThomas abused the checkout line in a store and another Trump Hater gets caught in a lie! Surprised? Yeah, neither am I. #EricaThomas #HateHoax…

“You scream... I scream... we all scream for Ice cream.” (and for saneness & humanity). #NationalIceCreamDay #marthasvineyard


#NationalIceCreamDay more like get the smallest scoop of ice cream and cover it in endless amounts of fruits day fufu~ @sylverrl



We don’t deserve him :( @MishaCollins #sdcc


Creating new Trump supporters 1 #HateHoax at a time...

Watching lion king whilst getting payed to work can’t beat it !! #lovemyjob

I’m glad @dinahashem_ put a name with that guy. All this time, I’ve been referring to him as, “that dude with all that shit on his face.”

Credit where it's due: Fox News's Chris Wallace totally annihilates Baby Goebbels Stephen Miller -- exposing the foundational lie of @realDonaldTrump's attack on @AOC, then skewering Miller with a tweet by Orange Mussolini himself. #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts…


Because between 2012-16 the Democrat mantra went from "Eat The One Percent" to "Kill Whitey".…

I have not heard one Democrat frame the election in terms of retaking the courts. Trump has appointed about one-third of federal judges - an unprecedented number - all of whom have lifetime appointments - thanks to McConnell blocking Obama from

If I could throw my white privilege onto my bed and roll in it for hours and hours, I would. So glad my white ancestors scored me this amazing situation. They fucking rocked. My privilege is sweet and delicious.…

This arrogance is nauseating!!! Glad her family swindled her out of her inheritance.…

I can help. I'm Adjunct Professor at Trump Univ Dept of Aggravation & Bothery Things. Presidential harassment is the irritation that the US President does. Republican Presidents harass by launching wars, running deficits and corruption. Democrat Presidents harass with healthcare

Not 1. Not 2. Not 3. But 4 @AdoptaMonument sites were visited yesterday!!! We wanted to check in & see how some of our earliest sites are getting on. Glad to report that all the sites were looking far better than when they first joined the scheme!! #goteam #CommunityArchPower !


How tough is Royal Portrush playing this afternoon? Current scores on the day from the final six groups... E Finau +1 Lowry, Fleetwood +2 Willett, Westwood +3 Koepka, Fowler +4 Rahm, Stenson +6 Rose, Spieth +11 JB Holmes

Young woman bravely joins the military to serve this Country, putting her life on the line, stops for a coffee and is harassed by a bigot for speaking spanish on the phone! Disgusting. Thank you Xiara Mercado for your service #sundaymorning #Sundaythoughts…

Holmes' pace of play appears to be irritating Koepka.


#SundayMorning - August 1st I'm returning to the world of culinary arts. Will be working as Chef assistant at a Smokehouse two blocks from my house. #Wine #BBQ #Cooking #Smokehouse #Travel #Cuisine #FoodieFriday


They’re giving one of these to everyone! #SDCC #Supernatural


#The100's @MisElizaJane & @RichardSHarmon dished on Clarke's strength, Murphy's survival instincts and more at #SDCC.

When the Germans call you a Nazi, it's game fucking over, boys and girls. #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #AmericasShame


Pedophilia is not a political issue but it always seems to be the Democrat politicians that are caught diddling the kiddies!

Jesus comes back at the side of Mahdi, to set down every tyrant. Now God is going to set down the BIG tyrants that the little tyrants have learned from. #NOISundays #SundayThoughts #SundayMorning #Farrakhan @louisfarrakhan

So you’re just going to straight up lie on behalf GOP huh. Every major democrat contender supports reparations for black Americans who descended from enslaved ppl. You’re lying. #ADOSisapackofliars #ADOSisMAGA #ADOSistrash @cer_ether @junotjoyner…

Democrat Elijah Cummings says his constituents are ‘scared’ of Trump after racist tweets…

So y’all pulled up with your clownery shit really be your own people huh? What’s next, SEE YOURSELF, we going through all 5 senses now or what? #HEAR_YOURSELF


When they continuously play the victim #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho

They should let Brooks Koepka loose on JB Holmes after the round and give him 5 minutes to dish out some justice. #OpenChampionship2019

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. It was the climax of years of preparation and research. Here’s how they actually got there. #Apollo50th

#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho they are wearing this hat

The Apollo 11 crew learned from Mission Control #now that the @nytimes came out with "the largest headlines they've ever used in the history of the newspaper" to announce the historic achievement. #Apollo50th Keep tracking the rest of the mission:


scarlett johansson is at sdcc for her black widow movie. it's really so important for her and for black widow fans because we waited 10 years for this. the fact is natasha romanoff is scarlett's favorite role. i can't even imagine how happy she is. #marvelsdcc

black widow movie wanda in doctor strange 2 wandavision jane thor bisexual valkyrie captain marvel 2 WHATS IT LIKE TO LOSE I COULD NEVER KNOW THE FEELING

Just announced in Hall H at #SDCC, Marvel Studios’ BLACK WIDOW with Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle, and Rachel Weisz. Directed by Cate Shortland. In theaters May 1, 2020.


3/4 time. We hold a 19-point lead and this one is far from over. The Cats blew some chances and we just hung on for dear life for long stretches of that quarter. Great resilience, but they'll throw everything at us now and run, run, run. C'mon, Hawks! Fight it out! #AFLCatsHawks

Awkwafina? AWKWAFINA? Is this what dreams are made of?

David Harbour is playing a character named Alexei in the Black Widow movie. I’m not ready.

Scarlett Johansson introduced the world to her #BlackWidow co-stars and finally confirmed the movie's release date at #ComicCon!… does the MCU Black Widow...beat Taskmaster?…

18 minutes left of lion king and it’s cute but I’m craving something a bit more intellectual.. rewatching love island when I get home

Lion king was phenomenal!

I'm so excited for phase 4!!!!

Congrats @MannyPacquiao out here beating cats in their prime! Is it me or is Keith not the same guy since unifying, then getting injured, married and taking time off? #boxing #PacquiaoThurman

alguém me da um boné de black widow

[2019/07/21 14:12] Spirit / BEYONCE #FM802 ●Radikoタイムフリーで聴く↓… ●iTunesで試聴↓…

thor and doctor strange returning in the same year and loki getting his own series ABSOLUTE. MADNESS LUV

Ballgame!! The River Cats will go for the sweep tomorrow in Tacoma as they win 8-4 tonight. #ClawsUp

marvel por favor use a série de Hawkeye com sabedoria pra tentar desfazer pelo menos um pouco da merda que vc fez com o Clint obrigada

the movie: black widow rachel weisz and florence pugh not being the titular character but still outshining scarjo:

Fraction/Aja logolu Hawkeye dizisi, Kate Bishop da olacakmış. Ama o kadar heyecanlanamıyorum ki Marvel Studios logosu olan bir şeye.

I want this shit to be spooky , psychotic, psychological, horror that does not use jump scare. Doctor Strange world is literally a nightmare if y’all know…

Live now on our YouTube channel - Witness all of San Diego Comic Con 2019's biggest Mattel Jurassic World toy reveals, courtesy of our video compilation of the Mattel Designer Panel. All footage was provided by @nostalgicadam #collectjurssic #sdcc


Why no Byline for this article @aroonpurie? Why not let people know who's the Congress sycophant you've hired? Or is it you?…

サンディエゴコミコンでの私の仕事が終わりました。 最後は『魔女の宅急便』公開30周年記念上映会でのステージパフォーマンス。 EDクレジットの「京都アニメーション」で応援の拍手が起こりました。 「頑張れ‼️京アニ‼️」 #SDCC


This is Democrat elected official @RashidaTlaib. Why do Democrats often behave this way?

Watch UFC Now  Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman CLICK TO WATCH Live Stream . Live ​LINK---1>> #PacqٍuiaoThurman #UFِCSanAntonio


Mrs Sheila Dikshit was dragged down by Congress and its sins of UPA2. She was and remains Delhi's best CM. What she did for Delhi is glaringly obvious by what has been undone by her unworthy successor Arvind Kejriwal who has turned Delhi into a fetid slum. Let Sheila Ji rest.…

Watch UFC Now  Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman CLICK TO WATCH Live Stream . Live ​LINK---1>> #PacqٍuiaoThurman #UFِCSanAntonio


Wishing many many happy returns of the day to @INCIndia General Secretary & Senior #Congress Leader Resp. Mallikarjun @kharge ji. May the blessings of good health, never-ending happiness and greater success be always showered on him. #HappyBirthdayKhargeji


I have to be real, blaming YouTubers for Trump being elected seems pretty silly to me. It can contribute, sure, but FOX News and the neoliberal democrat establishment running one of the least popular Dem candidates probably also contributed. It was a lot of things.

THE COMMIE SQUAD ASSEMBLES The “Squad” or as we like to call them, the four horsewomen of the apocalypse, have ridden into the news again. The Democrat congresswomen attacked the President and the President always punches back. Hard. -Ben Garrison


पूर्व विदेश मंत्री सुषमा स्वराज ने शीला दीक्षित को दी श्रद्धांजलि पूरी खबर यहां पढ़ें :


They said what?! Pros react to Leon Edwards’ dominant win over Rafael dos Anjos at #UFCSanAntonio…

A vote for a democrat - is a vote for more dead Americans in our malls, nightclubs, marathons, subways, & workplaces!

the way I see it, the Republican party is basically the party of bluepilled boomers and cringe. the Democrat party is bluepilled and cringe too, but also just purely Satanic.

Nothing like a triple to remind us why he's an All-Star. @Dbacks trail Brewers 5-3. Let's #RattleOn

Here's our @PlayAtGila Game Summary as we head into the bottom of the 7th inning! #RattleOn


BACK TO BACK DOUBLES. Carson Kelly launches one off the center field wall and brings Nick Ahmed home!! @Dbacks take the lead in the bottom of the 5th. #RattleOn

#Dbacks back on top. #RattleOn

'America: Love It or Leave It': Pastor says he'll keep church sign up amid President Trump's 'go back' remarks to leftist congresswomen

'America: Love It or Leave It': Pastor says he'll keep church sign up amid President Trump's 'go back' remarks to leftist congresswomen

"...the Virginia Democratic leaders are drawing a line in the sand over the president's increasingly reckless rhetoric."…

Everything makes a lot more sense if you just accept that CATS takes place in the Achewood universe.

one time i was high as hell and was so fried i thought i was hearing god’s voice saying “u deliberately disobeyed me” but then i realized it was just the lion king playing in the background


#SDCC peeps, what should I check out today/tonight? I’m signing 3-5pm & paneling 9-10pm, otherwise free! #SDCC19 #SDCC2019

The #Riverdale cast talks about paying tribute to Luke Perry in the first episode of Season 4. ❤️ @CW_Riverdale @lilireinhart @colesprouse @madelainepetsch @kj_apa @CamilaMendes #comiccon2019 #sdcc2019

Há uma grande conspiração em jogo. Trailer legendado de Watchmen! | Em outubro na HBO. #SDCC2019 #NerdsSDCC #WatchmenHBO

Damn new Cats musical is looking dope.

Thanks, but I already got the only "Cats" movie I'll ever need.


First it was #MuellerTime then there was disappointment. Then there was #SDNY and that just went bust. Now it’s #MuellerIsComing and there will be more wailing and gnashing of teeth.

2 years since #ChesterBennington's tragic death. It was the only time I felt real emotion from a celeb's passing. I occasionally go back to this clip to remind me of that feeling #RIPChesterBennington

Kemi on Big Brother’s IG #BB21

Nick tells Bella that she needs to be careful and stop talking game. Says people are going to take anything she says and assume she is talking about them. Bella doesn't understand why everyone is on her case. Nick says b/c of the Kemi thing, they dug themselves a hole. #BB21


#MuellerIsComing I thought mueller already came? And was shooting blanks. Leftists are the STUPIDEST group of people in this county. Gullible beyond belief. Keep listening to msm and blue check mark operatives and you'll keep being confused and wrong about everything

If you still think #MuellerIsComing to magically make the Bad Orange Man go away you are an uber loser.…

#MuellerIsComing Bitches please. hes not even breathing hard.


Behind the scenes (BTS) All the cast and crew thank the fans for watching the Pilot episode (The premiere) #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters

I am so tired to be without them #Shadowhunters

President Trump: "The things they've said about our country are terrible. What they've said about Israel are just terrible. I don't know, I can't say for sure, but certainly a lot of people say they hate our country."

Analyse: Oh my god, I shouldn’t have signed up for this game. I’m so dumb...I really am dumb...I’m really fucking dumb. #BB21

BREAKING: Former South Africa President and head of the AU High Level Implementation Panel for South Sudan and Sudan Thabo Mbeki arrives in Mogadishu. President Mbeki was received by @MinisterMOFA, he will meet with @M_Farmaajo, @KhadarGulaid, @UNSomalia and @amisomsomalia


The magic of Zlatan Ibrahimović: He dazzled the fans, took over #ElTrafico and threw league-leading LAFC completely off its game. On Zlatan’s hat trick masterpiece tonight for @InsideSoCalSpts that was incredible to witness:…

the cats movie truly makes me so uncomfortable

just realized that my wardrobe is literally just a combination of floral vintage aesthetic, plain clothes, striped shirts, and cats

There's been so much idiocy about fascism ("antifa are the real fascists" and "anything authoritarian is fascism,") along with President Trump moving more and more in that direction, that it's time, again, to urge people to read this:…


President @ArifAlvi points out that the nuclear and water are one of the cheapest sources of energy besides there is need to fully explore wind and solar for electricity generation…

‘Do Not Boycott Elections,’ Former President Asks Iranians…

.@Shoshannah7 : DisSDCC - Representation, Inclusion, Accessibility Panel, San Diego Comic Con #sdcc #SDCC2019


20 July 1944: U.S. #President Franklin D. #Roosevelt is nominated for an unprecedented fourth term at the #Democratic National Convention in #Chicago. He would go on to beat #Republican Thomas E. #Dewey easily. #history


Two Republican Senators File Resolution To Declare Antifa A Domestic Terror Group…

Will Even One Disgusted Republican Mount a Serious Primary Challenge to Trump? || By Ralph Nader…

.@Shoshannah7 : DisSDCC - Representation, Inclusion, Accessibility Panel, San Diego Comic Con #sdcc #SDCC2019


.@Shoshannah7 @RachelMiner1 : DisSDCC - Representation, Inclusion, Accessibility Panel, San Diego Comic Con #sdcc #SDCC2019


My friends at @Hasbro have sent me these awesome #Marvel images from the #SDCC #SDCC2019 panel reveal! Check out the thread! @marvel_mmo #MarvelSDCC #MarvelComics


FTC’s Republican Members Hit YouTube For Violating Children’s Privacy Rights: Report…

After watching Shane Dawson’s interview with Eugenia I’m going to make sure I eat enough everyday

American conservatives are now at a turning point. Will they create the intellectual framework to justify the worst excesses of Trumpism, or will they create a new path for the Republican Party to follow once Trumpism fails?…

This Republican rep tried to change the subject to anything else during a hearing on Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice

In case anyone is unsure why this elected Representative is changing his voter status from #Republican to #Democrat - this is called integrity! He’s the first GOP politician I’ve heard to have the guts to actually call out Trump and honestly reflect on the damage he’s doing.#Iowa…

It took almost a month, but my scrapbook for #THOSbe is finally done! It’s full of amazing memories and stories of love, friendship, and some CRAZY moments. This is my archive of an incredible experience that will always warm my heart.❤️ #Shadowhunters

Ballgame! @Dbacks win 10-7 and even the series! #RattleOn

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