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mds quase 10 anos q assisti gossip girl

Atenção aqui! É bom que os brasileiros já comecem a preparar as tags pedindo a antecipação do Disney+ para Brasil. ‘O Falcão e o Soldado Invernal’ deve fazer sua estreia entre Agosto e Setembro na nova plataforma da Disney. #TFATWS


Everyone is tweeting about the girl, but what about the guy? He is practically a PERVERT!!! #DateMyFamily

집중해 이건 spoiler 하나둘씩 곧 coming up 너는 내게 오게 돼있어 이미 내 눈엔 다 보여 까만 눈동자로 털어놓은 yeah she knows 이미 예상할수록 긴장감은 높아지는 걸 Put my number in your phone Let me skip this conversation girl we grown 넌 날 다시 원할 거란 걸 알고 있어 take it slow

Oh sure, ANYONE could make that claim, right? No they can't. Here is ME and my product, a later iteration of the 999 call marketing, when we used the 'flag logo' - same product, 999 International and a very young T Dawg #SatanicPregnancy


Caitlin Johnstone: Belmarsh Prison Inmates Prove More Ethical Than Entire Western Empire… #FreeAssange #SundayThoughts


Claudinha precisamos de vc nos filmes da Disney #TheVoiceKids

Ma tutti gli interisti che insultano #Handanovic per aver detto la sacrosanta verità non provano un minimo di vergogna. Perle ai porci! #InterCagliari

Claudinha já pode dublar os filmes da Disney #thevoicekids

My 84 year old nana (the one I'm trying to take to Disney in May) just called to tell me that there's a contest in Good Housekeeping for a 3 day trip down to Disney "and you should enter cause you might win!!" My brand is my brand, and my nana is the absolute best.

is there anything more depressing than hearing j*y z make the mauve-marvelous wordplay more than once?

#MenAreResponsibleFor the same things as women. Stop being sexist and look at Blanca from Animal Crossing.


#MenAreResponsibleFor Building the modern world you sexist cuck monkey.

#MenAreResponsibleFor inventing almost every modern convenience we enjoy today.

It’s MAUVE, not pink. -HOV


왜 이렇게 비트 찍기가 싫지 진짜 비트 찍기 숙제 왜 맨날 하기가 이렇게 싫어,,,,,, 아니 사실 집에만 오면 좀 뭐든 하기 싫어지는 병 있음,,,,, 빨리 카피로 넘어가고 싶어요 쌤,,,,

#WhiteMaleRage is what I call my dick cause that's impotent too

“What’s the #range on the Fibonacci cannon?” “Not enough.” Space Nick had a wonderful awful idea. He entered coordinates on the ship’s computer. A portal opened. He fired the cannon. A galaxy away, the bloodthirsty Zxanth royals died screaming—in symmetrical patterns. #vss365

#Handanovic: "Potevamo e dovevamo vincere ma non abbiamo sfruttato le occasioni create. Manca della brillantezza in questo momento. Non è colpa dell'arbitro se abbiamo pareggiato in casa" #InterCagliari


the song that feels like a warm hug in a cold day #WinterBear100M

I have idea why this is trending, but wouldn’t #satanicpregnancy be an awesome name for a death metal band?

Me with my coffee this morning at #Rolex24atDaytona looking for @LandoNorris. When will he return? #WatchesForLando


C'mon @NBCSN do we REALLY need a commercial every 6 minutes? #Rolex24atDaytona #Rolex24atDaytona2020live

Blinded by arrogance the lead knight removed his helmet to call out his challenge. "Who among you fortress of dogs and women will face me!" He stood well within #range of the archers. But according to inside sources there were no archers. The inside sources were wrong.#vss365


Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you. #BornFighterSana

Lycéens stressés, hétérogénéité des épreuves et des contenus enseignés, cette professeure dénonce la réforme de bac

I wonder what race people think I am?

Belmonti's an older girl, 7 years, who's had a rough time lately. Despite this, she's friendly with humans and other dogs, and loves her toys. Some health concerns will mean ongoing commitment. Do you have room in your ♥️ for her? #rescuedog #AdoptDontShop…


Constitution of God Without Samsung ,one cannot attain true spiritual knowledge -Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj #Constitution_Of_SupremeGod

#NeverTrustAPersonWho is a -five-deferment draft dodger -thrice-married serial adulterer -six-time bankrupt for hundreds of millions -multiple-times-sued fraud -two-election cheater -unindicted co-conspirator -impeached president and, -daily, an asshole. #ImpeachmentTrial

Analysis: At his impeachment trial to date, President Trump's legal team has largely been speaking with one voice — their client's.

Demà tothom amb el legítim President de Catalunya @QuimTorraiPla Va ser elegit pel Parlament i el Parlament pel poble. És el nostre President i el poble hem de ser-hi al carrer amb ell i per ell. Que el feixisme no ens faci traïdors

Listen to this Hindu Mahasabha guy stating that they don't celebrate 15th August and 26th February . Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was a President of Hindu Mahasabha . #AntiNationalHinduMahaSabha #SaffronTukdeGang…

703!!! Number of days that Leah Sharibu has been left at the mercy of terrorists. Raped repeatedly! Pregnant and then has delivered a baby boy to one of the commanders of the sect in captivity. Yet you say you have a president who’s a general and his name what again? @MBuhari LOL

Toys that kill are America’s best...Yes BEST punk rock band.

#ApureEnBatalla: Continua la Jornada de carnetización del @PartidoPSUV hoy sábado #25Ene en el Municipio #Achaguas, en la Casa de la Cultura con gran afluencia de personas que desean formar parte del partido más grande de América Latina. #PueblosUnidosPorLaPaz @emiliaff1

The only thing that could make the #RocNationBrunch better would be if Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, rolled up. That would be some bomb shit.

Tak til @NiklasKabel om Libyen, @amalieklitgaard fra Beijing, Salka Breum fra Colombia, og @Bastiand_ fra Beirut for spændende beretninger. Lyt med på i dag kl. 17 på #radio4 #DenDanskeForbindelse

#Gazzetta Un 2019 eccezionale, ma @alafpolak1 @deceuninck_qst vuole ripartire da zero. Il suo inizio di stagione sarà come l'anno scorso in Argentina e in Colombia ma a marzo niente #Tirreno, ha scelto #ParisNice e vuole poi scoprire la mitica classica belga il #GiroDelleFiandre


Christina and Alex saw Mamma Mia! at the Orpheum Theatre for their first date in 2012. They've been married almost 3 years now ❤️This Valentine's Day, celebrate the ones you love by naming a seat:


#Rolex24 @IMSA @mattcampbell22_ #911-GTLM @porschenaracing new class leader at 145 laps Green #WeatherTechChampionship #RACE

Opened twitter and saw #TimeForStargate was trending and got VERY EXCITED FOR A SECOND. God damn it. It is time for more stargate though.

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