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Yes I'm a immature, but 13 year old boy potty humor immature, not 13 year old girl drama queen immature. See the difference?

my whole tl is still talking about t*m, his new girl and z. can y'all like move on

Brown Girl (Suga Plum) by Jurassic 5, Brick & Lace… #NowPlaying BONEY M but BETTER

¿Dónde está Elvis Crespo soltando un merengue sabroso de #RickyRenuncia?

Going to be hilarious to watch a bunch of Dems vote against this.…

⚠️ Cadena perpetua para Joaquín #ElChapo Guzmán Loera.


Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick, Will Hurd, Fred Upton & Susan Brooks the 4 who voted with dems in condemning Trump Fitz > ex FBI Hurd > ex CIA Upton & Brooks co chairs of Tuesday Group (founded to stem off uber conservatism) so there ya go never forget them #QAnon #Trump

him: hey haha haaaappy hump day! me (grabbing him by the shirt collar): please kill me. want me to take out life insurance in your name? I’ll do it

“We can’t find any proof of Trump being or saying anything racist, so we will try to take taxpayer money and give it to blacks, so when Trump stops us, we can accuse him of being racist!” The dems aren’t fooling anybody. The petulance these people display is horrific.…

Trump policies working, so of course Dems are livid: Dow is up 93% from its 2007 peak. That means your pension fund, your 401K, your Index mutual funds all way up. #peaceandprosperity

It's #WorldEmojiDay! Have some fun and share your favorite Bible verse using only emojis!

Kaun sa hai ye movie song jismein milte hain do dil? Use #EmojiDayWithDishTV to win amazing prizes. #ContestAlert #ContestIndia #Contest #WorldEmojiDay


“If you want to be a leader you have to know how to change other people's states. If you change their state, you're going to change the result they get.” - Tony Robbins #Believe Do you consider yourself a good leader? #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #WednesdayMotivation


Oh this looks bad for the president of the United States.…

#Alerta ¡Culpable! Dictan sentencia a Joaquín #ElChapo Guzmán. Dan cadena perpetua más 30 años de prisión

the time travel machine that I got from Area 51 has malfunctioned.. it seems like we entered the 18th century... SOS…

Trump says anyone who trash talks America should leave. But until he became president, few trash talked America more.…

With Pine and Spruce under construction, the lake of safe (hell, any) dedicated east-west bike infrastructure across Center City is really evident. I've been using other routes to avoid Pine and there aren't many good options.

Ive been ranting the hell out since i woke up around 7 pm ive neglected my time managment plan the fuck clang

Our country's turning into a third world shithole while our elected officials waste our tax dollars and time still trying to impeach our President. Screw storming Area 51, we need to be storming D.C. and demanding these morons do their job and stop harassing our President.

"When media outlets and journalists stand together, they produce high-quality, impactful work that has the power to change the world, and society benefits in turn." Hell yeah, welcome to the @WGAEast family, @CPJ_union!!…

Why last night's House vote matters -- @mawaldman on the past and present of presidential speech and how President Trump has abused it with racism and xenophobia.

चंद्रकांत दादा पाटिल को करना पड़ सकता है इन चुनौतियों का सामना…

Por qué joden tanto con el Area 51 si Chiche ya nos develo sus secretos?


before and after raiding area 51


Hoy sacamos a Ricky y despues vamos pa AREA 51 a sacar a to los marcianos puuñetaaaa!!!! ME CAGO EN LA O!!!! Y MARITERE TREMENDA FUCKING PUTA!!! HOY NOS LIBERAMOS CON TO’ !!

#WhileTrappedInIKEA I was able to write my second and third books plus two spin-off series !!!

Going live on #twitch with some Salty #StarCitizen Stream. Happy Hump Day, its down hill towards the weekend from here. PTU open to all backers, can't wait to see how the new hover mode is treating everyone.

.@SenJohnKennedy isn’t apologizing for calling AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib “wack jobs” but does admit maybe he got a little “carried away” with his language.

NOVA, DC and MD are under a heat advisory. Providing water for your community’s cats (and wildlife!) will allow them to hydrate and cool down. Don’t forget to check in on your human neighbors, especially the sick and elderly, and their companion animals, too.…

It's #NationalHotDogDay! Here's a list of some favorite regional variations in America:… What's YOUR top dog?


It must have been painful to pull such a large number out of his ass. #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW…

Group of Pedophiles Gang of Pissants Gaggle of Pussies #NewDefinitionsForGOP

Yet let us go then, you and I Ever walking toward that sunrise That banishes the smoke from the skies Where your hand rests tightly, eternally in mine Let us go then. You and I #1linewed #poem #poetry

Do I want to know why Kris Kobach is trending? I'm thinking I don't.

Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party… via @nbcnews #TrumpEpstein #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

I never seen so many dumb ass white people in my life who supports a racist President. I guess they mad because a smart black man did better than a white man. #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #RacistPresident #RacistTrump #racist #FcukTrump

Written and directed by the brilliant @LoreneScafaria This movie is artful and entertaining as hell.…

All these Americans are raiding Area 51 thinking they'll find aliens, hahahahahaha dumbass idiots. Anyway, jokes apart, I'm on my way to Kasauli to Scientist Mehra's house. I've got my Casio, and I've already practiced the om om om om tune 500 times. See you.

I kinda like being known as the girl with long hair at work ☺️

Melanie went in for her 15th mysterious hospital stay. An still is not happy with Donald Trump even though his daughter is no longer the apple of his desires #FaceApp


It would be a disservice to the #FaceApp Challenge (and to all college hoops fans) if I didn't share this.


Yes, I’m going to hell for belly laughing at this. So worth it.…

i wonder if anyone on stan twitter will ever run for president

it’s my 40th birthday, so for my special wish, @speakerpelosi PLEASE IMPEACH THE RACIST PRESIDENT

President withheld assent for 2 Tamil Nadu Bills, Centre tells Madras HC #NEET…

Okay. I’m done for tonight. The president has so outraged me that I have hit depths of anger I have worked hard to never revisit. He is an awful man. He knows exactly what he is doing. He knew exactly what he was saying, just as he knew a doltish army would arise to defend him.

We couldn’t be more proud and enthusiastic to be endorsing @KamalaHarris for the Democratic nomination for president. Our club will be organizing in the coming months in our community. To introduce her and her policies across Arizona. We encourage all of you to do the same.…

Primero que nada este cabron está buenísimo. Segundo, siempre ha sido el verdadero Ricky de PR y siempre lo será. #RickyRenuncia #RickyRenuciaYa #rickymartinageslikefinewhine…

.⁦@cnnbrk⁩ Invites White Supremacist Richard Spencer to Talk About Trump’s Racist Tweets.They are beyond pathetic. This is completely inexcusable.…

Every historical figure no matter how minor will someday be drawn as an anime girl. I hope the good general doesn't mind too much.


RIP Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens…

gente eu lembro de spirit e quero chorar #SpiritMusicVideo

माता-पिता की लड़ाई से आजिज बच्चे ने राष्ट्रपति से मांगी आत्महत्या की इजाजत, PMO ने दिए जांच के आदेश…

So if Donald trump tells you to go back to your country but you’re really an alien do you go back to Area 51? And do u then use the old face filter while listening to another old town road remix with your rave dog?

Which year do you think Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula will become the President?


Ngm agita um papo vou lá pro YouTube ver vídeo sobre a área 51 mkkkkk

RIP Justice John Paul Stevens. Appointed by a Republican President, he went on to support many progressive rulings, including standing up for the LGBTQ Community when it wasn’t popular.…

La victoria de un puertorriqueño sobre un político corrupto es la victoria del Puerto Rico al que aspiramos. #Chancletazo #RickyRenuncia


Taking sugar baby apps. I’m paying tuitions all summer sweetheart. #AgeChallenge


As someone who who often gets email requests that take 2 hours to fill I can't fathom living under the "Try not to look at emails more than once. Take care of it then" rule.…

If the final 2 aren’t Peter and Tyler then what’s the point #TheBachelorette

This being so recent makes people’s cruel responses to her tweet about losing her Planned Parenthood job 1000x worse:……

Right here LIVE on CNBC Fed. President Evans ADMITS that a weaker dollar is coming.. (I remember someone explaining this to you)-YES ME.. Although this is stock market/corporate America positive, it is VERY consumer (YOU) negative.


#Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis on #RealMadrid : “In my view, they don’t really want to give us James Rodriguez.

Longtime Trump loyalist warns the president that his racist tweets are about to permanently stain his image…

Im going to run for president

Tremendos portavoces. @RicardoLlerandi grabado obligando a jefes de agencias a levantar $$$ pa @ricardorossello y miembro destacado del #TelegramGate. @ErikRolonPR investigado por el FBI por una subasta de $300M en Corrección. #BancoDeTalento #RickyRenucia #RickyRenuncia…

El periodista @AndrewScurria del @WSJ re-confirma, con sus propias fuentes, que donates de Unidos por Puerto Rico han sido entrevistados por el FBI.…

Lol weird, Peter Thiel calling Elizabeth Warren "dangerous" was actually *the* missing ingredient in a spell I've been working on

La recuperación del pueblo es que renuncies. #RickyRenuncia…

CNN never misses an opportunity to show me the video of Eric Garner being choked to death.

Aldrin: "Houston, Apollo 11. We've got the - what appears to be the S-IVB in sight - at - oh, I'd estimate a couple of miles away. It's at our number 5 window and the dump appears to be coming out of two radially opposite directions from the S-IVB." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

You mad about the President's racist tweets against the Congresswomen? You mad about the reps in the House who defended his racism? You mad about those reps who chose to say nothing? Use that anger! Remember who those reps are when you register to vote:

All this talk about freeing the Area 51 aliens but no one is talking about how we should be freeing grimes out of Elon musk’s basement

And they secretly invited a foreign Prime Minister to address a joint session behind the back of the President to lobby Congress to oppose the Adminsitration’s policy.…

I got nominated for my first Emmy today!!! I didn’t but I thought, what if I just posted that, people would def believe it. Let’s all just start just lying, the President does it, why can’t we? Also I am literally Laura Dern, I promise.

coraline took almost 2 years to make. thats 2 whole years of not only moving little tiny body parts frame by frame but hair, faces, etc. to get the finished product. the animated movie in itself is such a masterpiece that a live action version would be so unecessary.

Hahahaha oh fucking hell. Could have Van Dijk and Ramos at the back and we’d still concede from corners. The Forest Way #nffc

El defensa de la Selección Colombia agradeció a Carlos Queiroz por la confianza brindada.

Me messaging my hoes back after I dropped them for a girl that broke my heart

[BIBLIOTECAS] La Red de Bibliotecas de Bolívar, presente en el Encuentro Nacional de Coordinadores de Redes Departamentales, Distritales y Municipales de Bibliotecas Públicas de Colombia, organizada por el Ministerio de Cultura y Biblioteca Nacional, en la ciudad de Medellín.


Don’t sleep on my girl Emma. Blind people can do just as much as the rest of us can!!! Period!!!!!…

Mataron a dos policías en la vía que de Ocaña conduce a Ábrego

Come and sign up today to experience the most thrilling game of Football for girls! #5asidefootball #love #football #nottingham #birmingham #leagueoflegendsmemes #5aside #girl #footballplayer #leagueoflegends


i hate feeling so unsafe everywhere i go just bc im a girl

#ObamaWasBetterAt deceiving the people who believed in him. I was one of them. Just because you wear a sharp suit & speak Harvard-ese doesn't make you great. Bombs were dropped, children suffered, LIES told... Don't trump me - but don't barry me, either. Do. The. Research!

Y se lo pegamos a los Mojitos tambien puñeta #RickyRenuncia


Coraline é o melhor filme by far

BREAKING: Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Sanford, who lost his primary race last year, says he is considering running against Trump for President - CNN

¡El Big Boss también habló sobre la situación de Puerto Rico!…

Así llegó el #Apollo11 y su tripulación a la Luna en 1969, unos "pocos pasos" antes del gran salto #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Apollo #Moon #Luna #TalDiaComoHoy #OTD…

Let's breakdown the Canadian Emmy nominations: @IamSandraOh double noms, @SchittsCreek's Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara nominated for best actor in a comedy.

just some old convos with these new EMMY nominees catherine o'hara:… dan levy:… janet mock:…

We have people just like her in Puerto Rico who insist on maintaing a sexist, homophobic, governor who uses his power to try and silence the people and the opposition.…

ARNORTH leaders are in Puerto Rico today getting an overview of federal and territory disaster response capabilities. They met with Soldiers from @1st_MSC Urban Search and Rescue Team among others.


Trump Pledges to Look into Google ‘Treason‘ Charge from Peter Thiel via @BreitbartNews

Kevin McCarthy is a racist punk bitch fuck him and everything he stands for

#NEW on @OANN: Former South Carolina Representative Mark Sanford is considering a republican presidential run against Pres. Trump.

Mitch McConnell: The President’s not a racist. We just need to turn down the temperature and tone down their rhetoric. Kevin McCarthy: It wasn’t racist. Democrats say everyone is a racist just for disagreeing with them. Trump: And if they hate America they can leave!

Jared Harris y Jharrel Jerome nominados a Actor principal en una Serie limitada. ¡Muy merecido! #Emmys


Jharrel Jerome simplesmente PRECISA ganhar como melhor ator em minissérie, é a única opção aceitável. Desculpa, Jared Harris, eu gosto de você mas só esse cara me fez chorar absurdamente. Um episódio todo foi só dele, ele merece demais.

Yea! @SchittsCreek got three Emmy nods. Best Comedy, Best Actor for @Realeugenelevy and Best Actress for Catherine O'Hara. Everything is coming up Roses! #SchittsCreek

Big Congrats to Jharrel Jerome on his #Emmys nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in @WhenTheySeeUs. He did a phenomenal job portraying Korey Wise's story along with all the rest of the cast. Glad I was able to talk with him about the role for @Newsweek…

Liz Cheney should take "the squad" bird hunting with her father lol!

¡LEA! El fuerte mensaje de Trump: Nunca seremos un país socialista o comunista, y el que no esté feliz aquí, se puede ir #16Jul #Venezuela

22july Haidereum moakal meet trump in camp david

Kylie Jenner Had One Hell Of A Comeback When An Instagram Influencer Accused Her Of Copying

Don’t Send Personal Messages Through LinkedIn (Unless You Want People to Hate You) hyturkyilmaz

Who the heck decided to follow me? Why did TWELVE people follow me!?

This is what Islam have to teach its people? They don't respect & like existence of other religions? Y don't you show this reality of Islam to country. Such teaching and thinking is harmful to any country @aajtak @ndtvindia @abpnewshindi @ZeeNewsHindi @News18India @indiatvnews…

Bush Did 911 911 was an inside job Bush is evil Obama did 911 Global warming is complete bullshit Global warming is a myth Hail trump Nanananana Batman

डेमोक्रेट के निशाने पर आए ट्रम्प, महिला सांसदों ने कहा- ‘श्वेत राष्ट्रवाद’ का एजेंडा चला रहे राष्ट्रपति… #DonaldTrump #DemocraticParty


Sharia law rules this country. This is fear of butcher's knife. Every judge has nightmares of butcher's knife and they try to make sure the nightmare doesn't become reality. Slaves dont realise anything less than complete surrender 2 Muhammad leads 2 hell…

Y'all just look good from afar.

y’all don’t get it nobody gets it i’m alone here…

the alien i stole from area 51 talking to its therapist after i made it listen to mother tongue

If i love you dont worry i wont love another girl i love you cause you got my attention i love you because you got something special that no girl has so you better keep me

Re-tweeting this coz Malacanan is denying that the President is bastos. Eto po ang mga resibo.…

Can't fuck with me though I'm trying to take your girl, yes Childish Gambino [ATOxEDEN - Notion]

An elder statesman and prominent Lagos community leader, Prince Tajudeen Olusi has disagreed with former President Olusegun Obasanjo about his position on the insecurity in the country. Read more:…

MEPs react with cheers, and some boos, as the nominee for EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, says she is open to delaying #Brexit beyond 31 October

NOW: Students from various UPLB youth organizations gather at Carabao Park for a kickoff rally in the wake of President Duterte's 2019 SONA. #DaluyongTK #SONA2019 #OustDuterte


Say NO to chocolate #ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo

Thank you, Mike Montgomery. @Cubs

Police gassed protesters calling for the resignation of Puerto Rico's governor. Here's how we got here:


This is in Puerto Rico a woman was in the middle telling people do not use violence with the police and see what happen, the police shoot her with a type of gun in her back! #RickyRenuncia #RickyRenunciaYa #rickyresings

Police gassed protesters calling for the resignation of Puerto Rico's governor. Here's how we got here:


"Telling 4 non-white members of Congress - American citizens all, 3 natural-born - to “go back” to the “countries” they “originally came from”? That’s racist to the core. What's at stake are the nation's ideals, its very soul."…

The governor of Puerto Rico apologised for sending homophobic messages, but says he won't resign.…

You can poach the links of your competitors when you really are a better result for a query than they are. If your competitor is - less accessible - slower to load - lower-quality content Then you have justification to ask for a link. @rjonesx #MozCon

#GOP guts #Lincoln’s legacy of #racial justice by SILENTLY watching #Trump viciously attack people of #color #KKK-style!!! WTF!…

Bath and Body Works is dropping 30 fucking fall scented candles and I'll be goddamned if that isn't the best part of today. I fucking love candles. Some bitches like plants. I like candles. Some people like nurturing shit and watching it grow, and I like watching shit BURN.

Did you ever think you would see such lawlessness in the United States of America? Neither did I: Trump tells White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to ignore congressional subpoena…

I would hope that all golfers would BOYCOTT ALL TRUMP'S GOLF PROPERTIES as he is a disgrace to golf and America #BoycottTrumpGolf #TrumpIsACrook…

trae: 85 collins: 83 huerter: 77 hunter: 75 reddish: 72 kcp: 76 claxton: 68 maten: 70 #2KRatings

Everybody vs. Madden ratings


oh... i found an occupation since the dumb girl that i am just realized that she still haven’t finished htgawm season 5... BYE

Princess Shimmy, may I give You MORE. MORE of my soul, money, time, heart, sexual energy, body, mind, devotion, obedience, submission, gratitude, praise, worship, love, adoration, loyalty and zeal! Thank You for feminizing me within and without! Your girl Jessica who loves only U

It should be Isaac bonga 99 on the lakers #2KRatings

we going to area 51 and freeing all the aliens to help us fuck pablo up

Just checked my Uber rating and I’m a 4.43—who the hell rated me below 5 stars?

Our girl Khafi putting her talents into work. Yes, she likes to talk. She puts this into use through her YouTube channel, Musiçal theatre gigs, spoken words, acting gigs and many more. We STAN a Multitalented queen #BBNaija #TeamKhafi #Khafination #Khafinated


Area 51 is where they keep all of the working McDonald’s ice cream machines.

Mi alien del área 51 se comporta extraño, solo sabe decir feminasis y no le entiendo :(


I would be happy to go to Hell just so I would know there was a punishment for Trump too.

So does this mean that JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Goldman Sachs etc... won’t be able to participate in crypto because of them being bad actors? "Our number one issue is: We don't want bad actors using cryptocurrencies." -Mnuchin

Mitch Trubisky Helps Break Myth Madden Ratings Mean Jack Squat #Bears…


Think about this. For Steven Mnuchin to mention MoneyGram it had to be on his mind. Ripple recently bought part of MoneyGram which had to have regulatory approval. Steven Mnuchin had to know about the deal. Ripple is in the clear.

Fake it until you make it? Yeah... that only gets you to the next round. Then what? Then what? Then what? @rjonesx #mozcon

Xavian Howard is a 83 on madden lmao who makes these ratings

When you use a tactic to pretend to be the most relevant, when Google catches it, that investment is gone @rjonesx #mozcon

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