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It's no wonder Trump's obsessed with toilets. I imagine his are always backed up with bullsh*t. #ToiletTrump

if i was brother nature i would simply fight back

Florida taking another L y’all got niggas beating up brother nature

. @Melly2times Me, minding my own business on the Brother Nature situation...


Holly Rowe asked CeeDee Lamb about rooting for LSU today. "We just gonna celebrate." — Lamb "We're gonna enjoy this moment for 24 hours and get ready for the next one." #OUDNA | #Big12Championship

"Creo que cuando la gente piensa que vivís en América, tenes un toque estadounidense, pero no creo que yo lo tenga" Harry para CJBB


You sold out America to Urkaine to enrich your crack addict son. Take a seat, Sleepy Joe.…

Minuto 14 de juego: América y Junior igualan 0-0 en el Pascual Guerrero. El partido está abierto para cualquiera. #FútbolDeLaCasa

Nothing beats a MUFC away day!!! Madness/scenes!!! #utfr #mufc #MCIMUN MANCHESTER IS RED

I did a gig for a homeless charity in Manchester many moons ago. Black and white people coming together to help those in need. Individuals like that moron at #MCIMUN do not represent the many good people I've met there. #kickitout

It's kind of funny that America has put itself into such a dumb geopolitical corner that it constantly has to praise and work with a country that barely even tries to conceal its attempts to fund anti-American terrorism.

They said brother nature need to be hanging with Canelo and not Canela

Floralba se le hizo realidad su sueño ♥️ y ya está lista para apoyar al América, que busca coronarse campeón frente al Junior. #FútbolDeLaCasa Por: @claradeportes


am i the only one who sees shit like this and thinks “how did u do that” like I am genuinely confused rn, america explain


"I think when people think you live in America, they think you have an American twang but I don't think I do." - Harry backstage at Capital JBB talking about his “American accent”

Lincoln Riley has now won 3 #Big12Championship in 3 years, Jalen Hurts has won an SEC and Big12 title, and CeeDee Lamb the 2nd WR to be named MVP of the #Big12Championship. #OUDNA


Jalen Hurts on his pregame note to CeeDee Lamb. "I wrote a note to him before the game and I hand it to him when I shake everybody's hand." "I told him, 'I said it's time to let the dog off the leash and he's loose. Yes sir. Yes sir." #OUDNA | #Big12Championship

Reinhard Bonnke was a great evangelist whose good works touched millions in Africa and beyond through the ministration of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May his soul rest in peace. #RIPReinhardBonnke

Jesus Cristo misericórdia tô até agora nervosa e tremendo agora posso fazer tudo com o carro

Jesus it’s one thing if they’re better but don’t just give them the damn game

City threw literally everything at United - lighters, coins, racist abuse and it still didnt help them getting absolutely humiliated. #MUFC #ManchesterDerby

I’m going to go superglue a cantaloupe to a car door. I’ll be able to buy that beachfront property I’ve been eyeballing within the week...…

Somebody called Shaun King "Talcum X" ☠️ #BrotherNature #SaturdayThoughts #ShaunKing

This is just to say i have eaten the banana that was duct taped to the wall and which you were probably selling for $120,000 Forgive me it was delicious so ripe and so old…

Someone ate the $120,000 banana at Art Basel. But it's all good, a new one was taped back onto the wall at the art installation. “He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea.”


!!! Someone ate the $120,000 banana at Art Basel.…

The Venn diagram of art scams and Miami scams just says "Art Basel"…

Aquí va una canción para ti… Insoportable de El Canto Del Loco…

Here’s a song for you… Cinta Abadi by BLP…

[AD 31, pool party, Galilee] Jesus, bouncing on the top diving board: “Hey you guys! Watch this!” Disciples: “DON’T DO IT, LORD!” [later] Jesus, in a neck-brace: “haha I meant to do that”

Quando a picaretagem não tem limite! Em vídeo, Feliciano diz que Jesus fez homem doar carro para sua filha…

go ahead and call me a hoe . i dont give a fuck because im allowed to hoe ard cos im not anyones girl and what not so go ahead . u dont bother me

Everywhere you go, remember that you represent Jesus to the people around you. Represent Him with love! #JoyceQuote #LoveOthers

#DepressionFeelsLike . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Empty . . . . . . . . . . . Lifeless . . . . . . . . . . . . . Emotionless . . . . . . . . . . . . Exhausting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Just empty, empty, empty, totally detached from all forms of living.

#DepressionFeelsLike nothing you can ever do is good enough.... that no one would miss you when you are gone and that you are a waste of air

oh god, why people are so oversensitive? stop this fucking hashtag #katyperryisoverparty and live in peace and love, god.

A banana duct-taped to a wall was sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami


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