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SNP's Joanna Cherry says she'll protect Scotland against 'huckster' Boris Johnson | Latest Brexit news and top stories | The New European. #GE2019 #IndyRef2…

Read my acceptance speech & my vow to devote all my energies now to defending #Scottish #Democracy -Election: Joanna Cherry vows to defend Scottish democracy from PM | The National. #GE2019 #IndyRef2…

and it kills me cause i know we've ran out of things we can say - falling #FineLine



"what if i'm someone i don't want around." FUCK THEM. WHOEVER MADE HIM WRITE THIS SONG. FUCK THEMMM. #FineLine

Fino neko društvo. Širi se krug Obradovićevih pajtaša sa kojima kuje prljave planove! Šta li sada smeraju?


Beyin kanaması geçiren eski NBA başkanı David Stern'ün sağlık durumu ciddiyetini koruyor. Umarım bir an önce sağlığına kavuşur.

idk about y’all, but the thought of christmas is the only thing getting me through life rn

#TCStockingStuffers Anything but scrubs Wait, I thought that said tlc stocking stuffers....

Some tiktoks Really funny Some Why did you even try

have u ever seen straight people that funny and talented? exactly .…

Rachel Riley leads sigh of relief from Jewish community

Thank you, @RepJoeKennedy for standing up for the Jewish community. Antisemitism is something I know too well. I grew up as a 3rd generation Holocaust survivor. My father changed our last name to Morley b/c he was afraid of me & my siblings experiencing what he lived through.…

By doing this instead of directly responding, Greta just may have shown us all how to respond to a cyber bully. #BeBest…

Trump doesn’t actually believe that criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic, he just wants to call Jewish people a race to placate his white supremacist base.

I caught about 5 blocks for saying Gardner was overpaid. Yankees Twitter is a cesspool. #PinstripePride

Bring Josh Hader to NY asap. Fuck your feelings.

Eight candidates to be MLB's next $300 million pitcher after Gerrit Cole's record-breaking Yankees deal…


Furry night at Pike's school. I mean, The Masked Teacher competition. This is pretty adorable, y'all. I love it. #TheMaskedSinger


Love this city. NYC is amazing, but the Yankees can always go to hell.


The Rottweiler is so clearly Chris Daughtry are y’all okay #TheMaskedSinger

One of my favorite artists of all time is the late, stunning, Jeff Buckley. But for #TheMaskedSinger to attribute "Haleluigh" to him and not Cohen (possible #1 on my list) is whackadoo. Also, I stand by my assertion that The Masked Singer is one of the top 10 best things of 2019.

How @seal tried to disguise his voice as #LeopardMask on #TheMaskedSinger! @maskedsingerfox

I seriously just wanna hang out with @kenjeong for a day. Can this please happen in my lifetime? He’s funny as hell. #KenJeong #MrChow #Comedian #TheMaskedSinger #DrKen

White Sox execs Ken Williams and Jim Thome in first-class on our flight to O'Hare. Brewers GM David Stearns stuck in a middle seat in coach. Sign of the times.…

Is Brewers twitter OK now that we know we didn’t lose our #3 best prospect in the Rule 5 draft?! Everyone was freaking out when Stearns didn’t protect Brown but maybe he actually does know something we don’t?! Crazy, eh?!…

So, our plane to St. Louis had issues and is delayed, so we got put on a new flight that makes two stops before Milwaukee. I'm no longer on a flight with David Stearns, but guess who is on my flight? Tony La Russa

Guys, I think David Stearns is on my flight back to Milwaukee

As @MNNationalGuard Sgt. Kort Plantenberg is laid to rest today, our Office continues to mourn his loss. Kort worked as a Correctional Officer in our Jail from Oct. 2013 to July 2019. He also served as a water patrol officer in the summers of 2012 & 2013. God speed, Kort.


Não tô abrindo nenhum vídeo hoje vai que é spoiler #FineLine

tem #FineLine pra dar e vender nas minhas mentions


Fã: ‘‘Harry, você trata as pessoas com gentileza. qual foi a coisa mais gentil que fizemos por você?” Harry: ter me dado um emprego #HarryStyles #FineLine


"I am Barack Obama's wingman." -- Eric Holder…

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Thank you to the Xavier Society for providing many books in braille and audio for this beautiful celebration, including "Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe"…

Absolutely hilarious! Deep-state swamp-rat Eric Holder, of Fast & Furious infamy (among other scandals) dares to comment on the distinguished Bill Barr’s fitness for office? Unreal. History will look back in horror at people like Holder.…

Klopp 'knew exactly when he wanted to sign Minamino'…


Everyone in football... Liverpool signing Minamino is amazing for 7.5m how do they always get it right? Also everyone in football Insert team...have to win a trophy to be successful THIS YEAR, appoint this manager he is a big name, marquee signings needed etc

Barron Trump's dad must work on his Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a (probably Russian) friend!

"Captain America in Chelsea Blue, he was born in the USA." Christian Pulisic Wins USMNT Player of the Year… via @ChelseaFC

THAT'S RICH: Eric Holder Says Bill Barr Is Too Political to Be Attorney General

Uruguay’s Star Striker Diego Forlan used to play with Minamino at Cerezo Osaka.


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