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Woke up this morning and realized we’re getting a #Spectrum, a #Blade and a new #StarTrekDiscovery character. Guess what else I noticed? #SDCC #Wandavision


#TWICELIGHTSinNEWARK Sana looked at me, smiled, and waved. My heart.


Not ready to post any real tears yet, enjoy these crocodile tears instead. #SDCC #Supernatural #HallH


Can’t wait to see Natalie Portman wack some foos as Thor!

tzuyu’s introduction..... YES i do believe she is my baby #TWICELIGHTSinNEWARK

Salma Hayek talks #TheEternals at #SDCC: "This movie will allow those who have never felt represented in movies, in this case superheroes, to be represented. I love my diverse family"

You definitely got a blade under yo tongue…

You get hated on too much when all you do is love. #WeLoveYouNicki


Just a reminder that literally every person alive at the time was in this picture, except astronaut Michael Collins. #Apollo50th…

Re #PacquiaoThurman scoring, I had it 116-111 for Manny. I was in agreement with all three judges in Rounds 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 & 11. I was in agreement with two of them in Round 12 and in agreement with just one in Rounds 3 & 8.

From programming the computer that helped Apollo fly to developing novel software engineering techniques after leaving NASA, one woman has had a major hand in the way technology works today. #Apollo50th

#Apollo50th | Antes de los humanos, muchos seres vivos de diferentes especies consiguieron los logros celebrados después por la humanidad, con un enorme sacrifico de por medio: los animales en el espacio.

Apollo pushed building rockets and understanding to the main stream. @Bayer #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Apollo11 #Space

The #Brewers rolled out a winning lineup in the finale to take the series! #ThisIsMyCrew Wrap:…


Terrific evening connecting and reconnecting with so many at our Summer Social. #NMAM2019


“I was pumped.” Tyler Saladino smacked his first career grand slam to even the game at 4, and the @Brewers went on to win 7-4! #ThisIsMyCrew

#Brewers Win! Final: 7-4! W: Peralta (4-3) S: Hader (22) An early 4-R deficit had things looking bleak, but Saladino connected on his 1st career grand slam to tie things up. The bullpen held serve after Woody exited hurt and the bats broke out w/a 3-R 8th to get the series win.

Blue skies! ☀️ A beautiful evening at the Summer Social! #NMAM2019


Now that I think about it, Tyler Saladino probably earned himself an extra week in the big leagues with that grand slam #Brewers

Something about the positive vibes at Chase Field for Saladino. Hit his first career grand slam today.


Day made. I met Jay Scott father of Alex @alexslemonade #pediatriccancer #NMAM2019…

Checking out mother mutual from way up high! @NMMeetings @NM_MKE #NMAM2019


There’s no better way to stay cool, especially if you’re stuck in a fur coat. Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! Chill out with a cone at one of these sweet treat spots.


Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this holiday—we made it up to get you to buy ice cream. Tag a friend who deserves a Klondike! #4aklondike


I’ve been following Taeyeon’s chart updates since 5 hours ago, she finally got the first Real-time All-Kill for her OST at 1am KST omg

In a parallel universe where Doggus manages to tame cattus and they become best buds! I am finally home from vacation and had to make something related to the event! hope you enjoy ♥ @FortniteGame #Fortnite


Man Utd have finally agreed a deal for Harry Maguire. Price is £80m. #MUFC #LCFC

bueno con la fase 4 se pueden dar cuenta que marvel es mas que captain america y iron man y que después de endgame se vienen con todo

Kevin Feige à révéler qu'il veut faire un film digne des 4 fantastiques car la lisence le mérite et que cela permettrait de rendre hommage à l'une des plus grande création de Stan Lee . #MarvelSDCC #MarvelStudios

blade in dönüşüne sevindim ama daha çok ali nin oynayacak olmasına sevindim üfff ateşş

It's #nationalicecreamday!!! We topped our Big Mo with #vegan Ice Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles and oh my is it GOOD!


Front and center for the final supernatural #SDCC hall h.


Después de la final de Kiev salió Bale diciendo que si no era titular indiscutible habría que pensar en el futuro y que no descartaba nada. Se va Cristiano, le dan el rol de estrella, se lo ponen en bandeja, hace el ridículo y ahora le enseñan la puerta y el malo es Zidane.

bts: *take a small break* armys: #HEAR_YOURSELF

Today, I'm celebrating National Ice Cream Day with @RoosterHarlem's Funky Nassau with pineapple sorbet, avocado ice cream, and toasted meringue. #nationalicecreamday #icecream #redrooster


Did you know: It takes 12 pounds of whole milk to make 1 pound of ice cream. Thank you farmers! #Nationalicecreamday


⚪️ Pochettino says "I don't know if it's us or another club" that are close to making a move for Gareth Bale.

Así se vivió el panel de #MarvelStudios en la Sala H en San Diego Comic-Con. #MarvelSDCC #SDCC (1/4)


Neymar por Bale? Staff do brasileiro força "troca" entre PSG e Real Madrid e mais quantia em dinheiro, diz jornal -…


is the new blade movie gonna gave the ice skating line in it bc why bother remaking it if not

If you're someone who is slamming Erica Thomas right now but didn't have a word of recrimination for the thousands of people gleefully chanting "send her back" at Donald's latest event, you honestly can just cram it. #HateHoax

Bale won’t be offered an escape route by United #mufc…

Me and my bae showing up the blade reboot premier


I’ve been so impressed with the power in this @razer Blade! Rendered my hour long podcast with video in 45 minutes with no issues. So glad I made this purchase! #razer #gaminglaptop…

“Trump Family Has 50-Year History of Donating to Jewish, Israeli Causes - Breaking Israel News” The Trump family has been supporting our biggest ally in the middle east and the newish people for decades!! #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts…

If you don’t know who Katherine Johnson was, check out the amazing movie Hidden Figures. These women of NASA rocked and we would never have gotten to the moon without them! #AMJoy #MoonLanding50 #Apollo50 #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts

The Funko booth is ready for the last day of #SDCC! #FunkoSDCC #SDCC50


"In church, I had questions that the Priest just could not answer. I'm sure in your place of worship, they had no answers, or they had answers that didn't fit us." #NOISundays #SundayThoughts #SundayMorning #Farrakhan @louisfarrakhan

"It's the deep breath before the plunge." One last staff #Poement before the show opens. #SDCC #Booth2913U


Armys trending #HEAR_YOURSELF worldwide despite it being fake

.@mishacollins handing out cookies at the Hall H Line at SDCC for a cause. Visit to help send supplies for humanitarian aid to the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition. Let's Do This #SPNFamily #sdcc #SDCC2019 #gish


Watch now at… or as Pastor John Hagee preaches a sermon on "The Power of First Fruits" and Pastor Matt Hagee preaches a sermon, "The Broken Borders of Marriage." #hageeministries #sundaymorning #sermon

The golfing world has finally figured out a way to stop Brooks Koepka. Send in Agent JB Holmes #TheOpen #slowaf

JB Holmes is absolutely imploding and I’m here for it

Great list and great traditions, Mike! Congrats on your 42nd Roots & Wings race! #NMAM2019


It’s a beautiful day for a run! #NMAM2019



No todo es #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness, #Blade, #FantasticFour , etc. También tenemos un vistazo a parte de los Titanes de la segunda temporada de #Titans Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Robín, Hawk & Dove dicen presente en esta filtración


La Fase 4 de #Marvel ha Sido revelada en la #SDCC2019. Sorpresas como el remake de Blade y la entrada de Los 4 Fantásticos


Okay, esto se va poniendo bueno. El artista Andy Park ha estado trabajando para la película de ‘BLACK WIDOW’ desde el año pasado; muy emocionado por ver ya su trabajo con esta cinta. #SDCC2019…

T H O R Love♥️ and Thunder⚡

Pup pops up for another. Shiels has two. CATS 48 - 71 HAWKS #AFLCatsHawks

Irańska Gwardia Rewolucyjna opublikowała nagranie z akcji przejęcia brytyjskiego tankowca Stena Impero.…

Jane wielding the Mjolnir, Wanda having a major role in Doctor Strange, and we’re finally getting a Black Widow movie??? THE FUTURE OF PHASE 4 IS FEMALE yall

18 भारतीयों को छुड़ाने का प्रयास जारी…

当店のネコ店長・こむぎです。 (CharitableTrade)さんより ... #Cats #Cat #Kittens #Kitten #Kitty #Pets #Pet #Meow #Moe #CuteCats #CuteCat #CuteKittens #CuteKitten #MeowMoe… .


Not sure how accurate this is but according to sources Russia may have helped Iran in the seizure of UK tanker by steering it w false GPS coordinates. Russia has sophisticated spoofing technology and have messed w GPS coordinates before. Will keep an eye…

全米2021年5/7公開『Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness』 監督:スコット・デリクソン 出演:ベネディクト・カンバーバッチ、エリザベス・オルセン

yall wait why did tom hiddleston wore a black widow hat??? did i see that correctly or?

Todas las confirmaciones de la Fase Cuatro de Marvel: 'Thor 4', 'Blade' 'Doctor Strange 2' o 'Eternals' entre muchas otras sorpresas


SDCCで発表されたMCUフェーズ4作品のオフィシャルな監督及び出演者です。 全米2020年5/1公開『Black Widow』 監督:ケイト・ショートランド 出演:スカーレット・ヨハンソン、デヴィッド・ハーバー、フローレンス・ピュー、O.T.ファグベンル、レイチェル・ワイズ

Repost from kevfeige using repostregramapp - Just announced in Hall H at #SDCC, Marvel Studios’ BLACK WIDOW with Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle, and Rachel Weisz. Directed by Cate……

The Suez Canal was Syria's lifeline for oil from Iran. But now, Egypt seems no longer willing to allow Iranian ships going to Syria through.


『Thor Love and Thunder 』の邦題何になるんだろ。 『マイティ・ソー 愛と雷』にはならん気がするからワクワク。

Actor @chrishemsworth will also be back on board as the golden Asgardian warrior, who we last saw jetting off into space with the #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy at the end of #AvengersEndgame…

#Britain Says Iran Approached Tanker In Omani Waters


La prima pagina del @sole24ore del #21luglio. In apertura l'impasse nel #governo tra #crisi e #manovra. #Scuola arrivano le #assunzioni dei #precari. La tensione tra #Londra e #Iran. Addio a #Borrelli, guida di #ManiPulite. Su #Domenica il ricordo di Andrea #Camilleri



ତୁରନ୍ତ ତୈଳ ଟ୍ୟାଙ୍କର ଓ ଏହାର କର୍ମଚାରୀମାନଙ୍କୁ ମୁକ୍ତ କରିବା ପାଇଁ ବ୍ରିଟେନର ପରାମର୍ଶ…


#OTD 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong points the TV camera at a small stainless steel plaque on one of the Lunar Module Eagle's landing legs and reads the inscription See… #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Moonlanding #ForwardToTheMoon


Luna y nubes, 20/julio/2019 #Apollo50th


QCE 17’s-16’s-15’s all advance to Sunday’s Elite 8 platinum brackets. 15’s tip at 8am. 17’s & 16’s tip at 10am. #NY2LASUMMERJAM2K19

If we can still somehow sign JR Smith, look at how we can divide the minutes to gear up for the playoffs! PG: Bledsoe 25 Hill 23 SG: Smith 24 Matthews 24 SF: Khris 30 Korver 18 PF: Giannis 32 Ersan 16 C: Brook 27 Robin 21

NBA: Korver agrees to one-year deal with Bucks - report

NBA: Korver agrees to one-year deal with Bucks - report

Dwight Smith Jr. was 0-for-33 before that double #orioles

Coming up on Newswatch 12 Sports: - A breakdown of why Kyle Korver is the perfect fit for the Bucks. - Everything you need to know about the local legion baseball schedule after all these storms. - Jeeps?.....JEEEEEEEEEEEEEPS

Kyle Korver 3P% in the last 10 seasons: 2009 - 54% 2010 - 42% 2011 - 44% 2012 - 46% 2013 - 47% 2014- 49% 2015 - 40% 2016 - 45% 2017 - 44% 2018 - 40%

Great night connecting with our Managing Partners! No one is more committed to our purpose than these leaders. #NMAM2019


1-minute #GOES16 Visible images + SPC Storm Reports: a look back on yesterday's MCS that produced hail up to 3.0" in diameter in #MNwx, along with 84 mph winds and a tornado in #WIwx: @NWSGrandForks @NWSTwinCities @NWSduluth @NWSLaCrosse @NWSGreenBay


#NY2LASUMMERJAM2K19 17U FINAL - Wisconsin Swing Litscher NY2LA 67 Young Legends 38 - Reed Gunnick 13 pts @ny2lasports

Breakaway 17u advance to the Platinum Elite 8 with a 52-46 win over World Hoops Elite at the @ny2lasports Summer Jam in Milwaukee #NY2LASUMMERJAM2K19 DaRon Hall 18pts 4reb Connor McCance 12pts 8reb Nate Shockey 10pts 4ast @DaRonHall324 @ConnorMccance @NateShockey


Here is a picture of 6 of the 8 people who worked warning operations today. I guess we will forever be called the "blue team" since we coordinated our shirts so well! #wiwx


JR Smith on his way to Philly

With Victor Oladipo out until around December, Malcolm Brogdon will be the Pacers' primary ballhandler. With Giannis and Bledsoe off the court for the Bucks last season, Brogdon averaged (per 36 minutes): 24.3 points 6.6 assists 6.1 rebounds 27.3 USG% 40.7 Fantasy Points

Shelf cloud rolling across this field of sunflowers from severe storms this afternoon in southern Wisconsin. #wiwx #shelfcloud


We lucked out southern Wisconsin. The damaging storms that went through the Fox Cities this morning were so strong that they pushed colder air through southern WI and wiped out the unstable air in place and saved us from a more significant wind event. #wiwx

#NY2LASUMMERJAM2K19 16U FINAL - WI SWING SIEBERT NY2LA 69 ALL IN BALABAN 59 - Brian Parzycn 14 pts @ny2lasports

#NMAM2019 Come visit with our experts and get your questions answered in the PX & Tech Hub!


#NMAM2019 Congratulations on a job REALLY well done as FRA President, Tracy!!


#Eskimos starting O: QB: Harris RB: Gable (FB: McCarty) OL: Draheim-Ruby-Beard-Saxelid-Kelly REC: Daniels-Collins Jr.-Smith-Ellingson-Stafford. #CFLGameday

Three point attempts per 36 in 2018: Brogdon = 4.8 Matthews = 6.5 Korver = 9.8 'Let it fly' gonna take on a whole new meaning, and I'm all in for it.

just a friendly reminder that Anthony Davis is younger than Buddy Hield & Malcolm Brogdon

Yeah Bucks definitely upgraded depth. If I told you their net offseason was: OUT: Brogdon, Gasol, Mirotic IN: Matthews, Mason, Korver, Lopez You’d feel pretty good right?…

Growing up, #TheLionKing was one of @KVN_03's favorite movies. On Friday, he and his wife shared the childhood classic with groups from @wonderfundma and @hockomockymca:


We live in a time where a trailer for a movie about anthropomorphic singing cats is much more disturbing than a trailer for a movie about a shape-shifting killer clown that eats children.

Got #LionKing tickets for tonight. *remembers Marvel’s SDCC panel is tonight* *cancels Lion King tickets*

I'm kind of amused at the iconic "Cats" choreography, really. We have two cats and an occasional visiting stray. When they interact, they: 1) headbutt each other, 2) startledly jump and move away awkwardly, or 3) sniff another's butt and rear back uncertainly.

seein the lion king we about to cry

On an impromptu trip to Orlando and had a chance to watch @Disney new remake Lion King here. So cool. One of my favorite quotes from Mufasa. “While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.” Such a great reflection on leadership.

#MuellerIsComing is trending so here’s one of my fave Mueller memes:


It's super-hot in the fifth dimension, too. How hot? Well, let's just say Corry installed an A/C unit on Alicia. O_o Check this encore blog post for 21 others ways they're trying to cool off in the fifth dimension:… #Heat #HeatWave #HEATWAVE2019


It's HOT in North Carolina today. After a few sizzling minutes outside, I decided to spend the rest of the day appreciating my air conditioner. #heatwave


Days like this bring back terrible memories of that one level in Desert Land in Super Mario Bros. 3. #heatwave

“You smells like a hot mess, mist, and sweat.” This 5-year old tells it like it is. #heatwave

Bucks, despite losing Malcolm Brogdon (and a $10M TPE), were able to re-sign Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez and George Hill; add Robin Lopez, Wesley Mathews and Kyle Korver; and gain 3 future picks (1 1st + 2 2nds). They’re now a comfortable $5.5M below the tax line to 14 players.

Dustan Green (Prior Lake, MN 2021) follows up a three-run shot in his previous at-bat with this line-drive single to right field for @MNStartersBBDpt. #PBRatTheRock 16U | @GreenDustan

The Bucks’ options at SG now include: -George Hill -Wes Matthews -Pat Connaughton -Donte DiVincenzo -Sterling Brown -Kyle Korver -Khris Middleton (sometimes) You won’t entirely replace Malcolm Brogdon, but that’s not a bad list to build a rotation from.

With Kyle Korver out of the way, Elton Brand can focus all of his efforts on luring JR SMITH.

Go get JR Smith and let’s specialize in bullying people and late game scuffles

Major. Looks like I was wrong on JR Smith?…

I know that losing Malcolm Brogdon hurts but this was a really good off-season for Milwaukee based on cap restrictions: Middleton, Lopez twins, Hill, Matthews and now Korver.

post-Korver targets: Sefolosha, JR Smith, Vince Carter

The International Literacy Association has been helping teachers to understand the importance of systematic phonics in early grades. EdWeek's @Stephen_Sawchuk captures the details: #leadupchat #leadlap #ilachat #tcrwp…

I really like this #leadupchat Q4. Would love to extend it into a slow chat. Hey, Friends! How is your summer going?…

You don’t compare Carlos Vela to Zlatan. Not even if Vela scores 100 MLS goals and Zlatan nothing. Disrespectful bunch.

Sacré Zlatan... Il jouerait un five à Gennevilliers, il aurait toujours cette motivation là. Il nous a fait chier (bcp moins que le peroxydé de Santos...) mais on a quand même bien kiffé. Et lui aussi je suis sûr.…

Need More Plus Size Swimwear Options? Check out Beefcake Swimwear…


Check out EVERY game for the upcoming Regular Season! #GameON #EuroLeague

Check out this #Amazon Bestseller - Linx 12X64 - 12.5-inch Tablet with Detachable Keyboard for £159.98


the lion king (2019)


Very enjoyable LA derby - if you missed it live overnight be worthy catching a rerun @SkyFootball (spoiler alert - Zlatan’s at it again)…

the lion king (2019) may not have had as much character as the original film but the stampede scene still made a bitch cry !!!!!!!!

Chilled morning, game v glenafton this afternoon, away see the lion king the night and airth castle the mora for a night @kaylimck



who tf made the creative decision sa movie adaptation ng cats, wtfff.

Unofficial Iowa Results: 1 20 Chandler Smith 2 15 Christian Eckes 3 25 Michael Self 4 28 Carson Hocevar 5 18 Ty Gibbs 6 22 Corey Heim 7 27 Travis Braden 8 23 Bret Holmes 9 77 Joe Graf Jr. 10 32 Colby Howard #ARCARacing

Can Dennis Smith Jr. and R.J. Barrett successfully coexist?…

A late-night pitcher's duel at The Rock. Here's @stiksacademy RHP Tyler Hug (Waukesha West, 2021) throwing a heavy FB, 83-86 mph, T87. His CB has earned some real swings and misses, tight/late break, 64-67 mph. A great look at the quick-armed righty. #PBRatTheRock 16U

#NY2LASUMMERJAM2K19 17U FINAL - PHENOM UNIV NY2LA 67 AUSA HOOPS 17 - Carson Smith 29 pts @ny2lasports

Current Orioles Dwight Smith Jr. and Trey Mancini chat with former Oriole Andrew Cashner, who will pitch against them Sunday.


Mowing thought of the day: Top 5 favorite basketball players 1. LeBron James @KingJames 2. JR Smith @TheRealJRSmith 3. Allie Quigley @alliequigley @wnbachicagosky 4. Ron Baker @RonBaker31 5. Tyler Ulis @tulis3 What’s yours?

I slightly remixed #scoopforstu with an excellent vanilla milkshake, but the sentiment doesn’t change: I miss Stuart Scott dearly. Today is his birthday. Still have some of his text messages saved in my phone.


A rural Arkansas man created a giant advertisement for President Donald Trump about 600 feet wide, or about 2 football fields.

In the past few minutes, President Trump has weighed in on the international incidents involving seized oil tankers, the detainment of American rapper A$AP Rocky, and the use of plastic straws.…

Niece and nephew ampd I’m bringin them to see the Lion king but nbs it’s really so i can watch it

I’m really tryna watch lion king

Cats does not appeal to my personal interests. Thank you for reading this tweet.

Bat Cat playoff fever! It's official...Great Bend @GB_BatCats will face the Wichita Sluggers Monday July 22 at Eck Stadium in the Wild Card Playoffs @SunflowerBsb. Game is at 5 pm and will be broadcast on 106.9 FM.…

Universal should just start dropping the Dark Universe production logo in front of random movies. shake things up. Cats? that’s part of the Dark Universe now. Trolls World Tour? that too

Terrelle Pryor got a five game suspension from the NFL because of an illegal tattoo he received PRIOR to becoming an NFL player. Meanwhile, Hill continues to play…

não deu nem 10 minutos do primeiro episódio da nova temporada de queer eye e eu já tô assim kkk #QueerEye4

#happybirthdayshane happy birthday to my favorite person in the world youve helped me through so much! youre a real role model @shanedawson


Yes, the Chiefs will have their most explosive player on the field to start training camp, but there are still plenty of questions about the accusations against Tyreek Hill

Looks like there’s a little of all three in Democrat’s and Republicans.Labeling and Algorithms will be the death of us all.We should be marching on Washington together and show them that we all don’t want any of this-which I hope we all could agree #GOPCommunists…

This is beyond a joke. I get the NFL says you can't smoke weed therefore if you do you get in trouble but the NFL also says no domestic violence and no beating your child until you break his arm. Tyreek Hill is scum and Goodell is just as guilty SHAME ON YOU. @nflcommish…

Dan Le Batard had some choice words for Donald Trump on Thursday. According to an ESPN source, the no politics ban is still in effect: "We are making it very clear to everyone internally, including Dan, that our policy hasn’t changed."…

why are people tweeting this it makes no sense...liberals please stop calling trump a communist and actually learn about ideology for once #GOPCommunists


I pray for dudes like Tyreek Hill and Reuben Foster...neither are perfect, but it’s a lot harder to obtain perfection when you’ve gotta overcome a toxic ass female

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