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Hoje tem: * NBA de tarde - Bucks vs Hornets em Paris * ZION vs JOKIC!! * Heat @ Clippers na ESPN * Bulls com chance de vencer duas seguidas pela segunda vez na temporada (recebe Kings) * Clássico equilibrado e imprevisível - Suns @ Spurs * + 6 jogos fora esses Sextou demais!

My sincere thanks to @ICDS_Tallinn and @Sakkov for providing me with time and space to share my thoughts on reasons and ways as to how Russia goes to war, how it may initiate hostilities, and indicators to watch to try to anticipate Russian moves.…

“The coverup is working. Senate Republicans seem determined to cover up for Trump’s coverup. Fox News and conservative talk radio have created a narrative of establishment persecution that covers up for the Senate’s coverup of the Trump coverup.”…

Seth Meyers roasts senators for literally behaving like children during Trump's trial


Роструд пообещал помочь многодетному водителю фуры, в знак протеста перекрывшему улицу в Москве

Apropos Uber. It seems that TfL’s system is similar to the Criminal courts. Offender guilty of burglary, gets suspended sentence. Then commits robbery, sus. sentence not invoked as different offence, gets another sus. sentence. Commits assault, sus. sentence not invoked ... etc.

We need to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Time for Joe Biden and Where’s Hunter to testify before the full Senate. “Democrats Seek to Pre-empt Trump’s Defense in Impeachment Trial”

Prontos para ir buscar o AOTY, Lana Del Rey sentará ao lado de seu produtor Jack Antonoff na plateia do #GRAMMYs

Russian authorities will give priority to “spiritual values” when deciding which Russian-made apps should come pre-installed under a controversial law banning smartphone sales without domestic software…

Why the stakes for #Grammys viewership are much higher this year

Peguei um Uber com o motora Sergio Roberto e ele já entrou em três curvas metendo o drift tal qual o japonês vilão de Velozes e Furiosos Tokyo Drift

levanter in english hits different

Well then you're lost. American exceptionalism has rotted your brain. If right mattered in America people wouldn't be dying from easily treated conditions and you wouldn't be illegally occupying countries and looting their resources. #rightmatters #RightMattersTruthMatters…

¡Roger se quedó con el segundo set! Federer y Millman igualan 4-6 y 7-6 (2) en la tercera ronda de #AUSTRALIAxESPN. ESPN |


DISCRIMINAÇÃO RELIGIOSA - Comediante que fez piada sobre Jesus deixa a Rússia após polícia iniciar investigação via G1 =>…

Глава Чувашии Игнатьев вынудил офицера МЧС подпрыгнуть за ключами от новой техники

Guido Pella, eliminado en la tercera ronda de #AUSTRALIAxESPN: el argentino cayó 7-6, 6-2 y 6-3 en 2h12m ante Fabio Fognini, quien se enfrentará ahora a Sandgren.


Jesus quer mais de R$ 32 milhões por ano para renovar com o Flamengo, diz Nicola #FutebolNaESPN

All-Star Game 2020 : Frank Vogel, coach de la Team LeBron…


Twitter CEO declined to host Tulsi Gabbard fundraiser: report


#SignsTheyAreHidingSomething: The problem is, they really aren't hiding too much. The fact is, everyone who should be doing something to stop this madness is looking the other way while America goes down like a burning ship.

2020 NBA All-Star Starters Revealed! LeBron, Giannis Captains! 2019-20 Season via @YouTube

Huyu ndiye General Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón ambaye aliiongoza Serikali ya Mexico katika vipindi 11 tofauti. Kuanzia mwaka 1833 hadi 1835, Santa Anna alikuwa Rais wa Mexico mara nne, na mara saba zaidi ni kati ya 1839 na 1855.


LeBron James e Kyrie Irving tem duelo individual, comandam pontuação, e Lakers batem Nets na NBA; VEJA os melhores momentos! #NBAnaESPN

Dude mr peanut just friking died what the frick

When Crooked Hillary accused Trump of being a Russian agent Tulsi Gabbard went along with it for politics sake. Now when she is the one accused of being a Russian asset she complains about it.

They killed mr peanut y’all that is wild

Could it be this tweet from @MrPeanut is telling us Jimmy checked out a while ago and is on ice for just the right time? "We’re devastated to confirm that Mr. Peanut is gone. He died doing what he did best – having people’s backs when they needed him most. #RIPeanut?

Don't know if this has been said but @SpeakerPelosi delayed taking the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate to give the House Managers time to put their Impeachment trial opening arguments together. She is a master politician.

So now Senator Susan Collins is unhappy with the fact that our FREE PRESS can actually see, and report on, part of the Senate chamber during this historic period?!?!?…

Is that how he got the Purple Heart? Whatever your politics, there’s no excuse for showing a veteran this kind of disrespect.…

Remember. She scored a 34 in Russia. So this is progress. It’s not instant. Her heart is there. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for Gracie. #USChamps20

Schiff impeached Trump for seeking dirt on a Presidential Candidate (Biden) from a foreign nation...(Ukraine).. What did Schiff actually do.??? Well... Schiff himself sought dirt on Trump from a foreign nation..(Russia)..Listen to Schiff seeking dirt on Trump.. Impeach Schiff??

if i was mr peanut i would have simply not died

Attacking a witness, and a decorated war hero at that, is beneath the office of a US Senator. That said - I think Senator Blackburn should ask the man on trial - Trump - about badmouthing and ridiculing so many parts of our great nation in front of Russia. He does it every day.…

A3: I’m on @Twitter a lot. Most of time it’s for quick PD, making announcements for my Student Senate club or staying up to date with my school. I try to pick when and where I use it, and def monitor my time at home. That’s fam time! #MoEdChat #digcitpd #digcit #wellness

Hey @TuckerCarlson and @DevinNunes, why don’t you guys have chutzpah and just admit you’re working for Russia.…

‘Dazzling’: Adam Schiff’s history of inaccuracies, conspiracy theories follows him to Senate floor - - @washtimes

Can somebody get Bessie off the Senate Floor!

Not only will @realDonaldTrump be a loose cannon when the Senate votes to acquit, the @GOP will throw off any remaining fetters. Call Your Senators Unless you want a firsthand view of what it was like when Putin consolidated his power. #TheResistance…

"Mr. Peanut is dead you know. He fell off a cliff and died on impact."

This week I noticed a strange attempt by Bernie supporters to paint the Neo Nazis with guns on MLK victims of " economic anxiety " Now it makes sense. The leader is traced back to Russia. Talking points from Sanders campaign, always seem to have Russian bedfellows.…

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