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U.S. judge says he will order State Dept. to begin releasing Ukraine records in 30 days…

Correction: An earlier version of this article and our tweet misidentified who summoned the sergeant-at-arms. It was the security director of the House Intelligence Committee, a nonpartisan official, not Rep. Adam Schiff. We've deleted the incorrect tweet.

girls who dont shower be like scorpio szn

Dude at work asked if I’m doing push-ups every day to get my arms, nigga do I look bald to you

Pentagon official testifies about withheld military aid to Ukraine she has bigger Gonads than any of you - remember trump is not in power forever. You will not be forgotten ⁦…

it’s scorpio season y’all know what that means


Kash Patel White House Aides Feared That Trump Had Another Ukraine Back Channel

On Fox News Sunday, Mick Mulvaney said he could "prove" there was "never any connection between the flow of money [to Ukraine] and the [DNC] server." But some of the facts contradict him.

The New York City Bar asserted today that Attorney General Barr must recuse from any Ukraine-related issues. @CREWcrew agrees, and has asked the Inspector General to investigate whether his failure to do so violated the law.…

So - Hunter Biden's first jobs out of college are all on Boards: Mastercard, Amtrak, then Ukraine where he had no experience, $83k a month, and he NEVER ever even walked into the Boardroom! That's right $83k/mth and never showed up for work once...

Oh, Oh... somebody important is watching.... #TheBeat #Hardball #Inners NYC Bar Association: William Barr Should Recuse Himself from Ukraine Matter | Law & Crime…

Kawhi mekhor jogador da nba neste momento. Não tenho dúvidas disso

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Deciding whether to re-sign will be harder if Bucks underperform.


her zaman fevkalade bir grup olacaklar nice güzel yıllara @ATEEZofficial #Ateez_1st_Anniversary

TODAY’S @willcain POD: -Clippers take game 1 in the battle of LA. -Lakers need LeBron to be superhuman if they want to live up to expectations. -Would you want Urban Meyer coaching your NFL team? -Plus @danorlovsky7, @LegsESPN & @VeniceMase

The dog never dies in any movie ever #RewriteATvOrMovieEnding

Brilliant street artist @lushsux based in Melbourne bringing u huge mural of Lebron Mao and Winnie the Xi! let‘s collaborate man!


Recapping Lebron James Opening Night: Fans Protested Lebron's Human Rights Violations Outside The Staples Center, He Disrespected the National Anthem, Flopped Like A Dead Fish, Complained About A Brutal Foul And Disappeared In the 4th Quarter, Lost By 50…


At least wait until The Lakers actually take a game off The Clippers to tweet this lmfaoooo…


Shannon made all kinds excuses for LeBron... heard things like rhythm and get people involved lol...when Steph did that and they were winning every game by 25...”what’s wrong with Steph, he fell off” meanwhile he was playing 28-32 mins and taking 16 shots lol

#RewriteATvOrMovieEnding Fred comes out of the closet and writes a best-seller. Holly starts a fashion/jewelry line with Fred's support. They throw fabulous parties together.

Steph and Giannis 2020

Giannis and Khris as All-Stars on a 60-win Bucks team after being on the 15-win Bucks team 5 years ago

#HomeBuyingSimplified | Arrange the letters to create words describing the latest trends in thematic-construction industry. Hint: #99acres #DiwaliContest #Diwali2019 #Diwali #ContestAlert #ContestIndia #play2win #WednesdayWisdom


Where’s your favorite place to read? Do you have a special chair to curl up in and dive headfirst into your favorite story? Perhaps you have a secret nook under a tree outside to sit down in and get lost in a #book? #WednesdayWisdom


If you are always trying to be normal... - Maya Angelou #WednesdayWisdom


Mayfield High School graduate Doug Eddings will be behind the plate for Game 2 of the World Series tonight. @MayfieldTrojans…

Complex moral arguments. Each side sounds good. #TheReasonICouldntBePresident

"Hottest Temperature Record for Each Month of the Year for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania " by @vocal_creator… What is record high for October? #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaythoughts #wednesdaymotivation

Every business starts with an idea. The bigger the vison, the bigger the achievement. #WednesdayWisdom


Holy Bible Genesis 1:29 - I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat; Eating Meat is a Sin! #WednesdayWisdom


Leonard got it done without his personal recruit Paul George

Lakers como sempre me decepcionando


We’ll have a special World Series section inside Sports every day. I’m just sorry I’m not home to see it!


I'm pretty certain Kawhi has social anxiety.

By the way, Kawhi Leonard is a bad dude!

Jose Altuve's daughter to turn 3 in midst of Astros' World Series run


Hoping she will be a good luck charm for the 'Stros - Simone Biles to toss ceremonial 1st pitch for Game 2 of the #WorldSeries2019 #TakeItBack #HTownRush


HEARTBREAKING: 24-year-old Houston Astros fan dies on way home from ALCS win, after buying World Series ticket

“I told (Luhnow) good luck this year, except when you play the Nationals. His response was, ‘That would be great, because it would mean we were playing in the World Series.’ ” Bo Porter, ex-Astro and ex-National, keeps close eye on both World Series teams…

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