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it’s old news that the right gets away with everything and the left is condemned for doing nothing at all, but it’s pretty wild for this guy to be acting like he didn’t just publish a far-right hit list of the British left that cited a site called Aryan Nation as a source…

amúgy a puskás komolyan azt mondta, hogy lewis nem egy sztáralkat i'm sorry but no lewis calamari brits critics choice nominee america's sweetheart slander in this hungarian household !!!!!! #xfaktorhu

the way harry just admitted he lived in america throwing up yo

Bro how tf do you beat up Brother Nature ? How can you even dislike him???

#OnThisDay in 1941, Japanese conducted surprise attack on US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The following day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan, and the US entered World War II. Several of Pres. Garfield’s descendants fought in WWII.


miss the days where i could just wild out on some annoying orange videos and feel fulfilled

I'm not even gonna fuck with the #ToiletTrump thing. That's just low hanging fruit... kinda like the ones under his #TinyLittleMushroomHead Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play Mario Kart.

Pearl Harbor deadly shooting: Navy weighs beefing up security for Dec. 7 ceremony… via @usatoday

ahh yes, brother nature vs. brother nurture, life's oldest battle

You love to see stories like this in esports: Brazil/South America have been asking for @EsportsGears funding/support since Gears 3. The Coalition invests and launches a South America Pro League. i7kX shows up undefeated in their FIRST Major Open, about to play on mainstage.

There is no such thing as ‘my’ bread. All bread is ours and is given to me, to others through me and to me through others. (Meister Eckhart – Dominican mystic) #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayMorning

Jalen Hurts passed Cre Dee Lamb a note during their pre-game handshake. He told him it was time to let the dawg off the leash....and he did. @_CeeDeeThree is Most Oustanding Player of the #big12championship What a 1-2 Punch!!!!!

Listening to a lot of King Krule today America!!!!!

The attack on Pearl Harbor happened 78 years ago today. I made this photo a few years ago of Gilbert Meyer, who survived the attack on USS Utah. He later made it to Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender. #WW2 #WWII #PearlHarbor #PearlHarbor78


If you're an #Eagles fan, you would hope the #Cowboys would hang on to Garrett, but seeing as how they've finally figured out what the rest of us already knew, here are 5 Possible replacements... (via Geoffrey A Knox @GQ_4_Eva) #FlyEaglesFly…

going hog wild at the art store


More than 2,000 people are expected at a ceremony Saturday to remember those killed when Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbor 78 years ago and launched the U.S. into World War II.​…

SOMOS 48 MIL!!! Muito obrigado pelo apoio! Cada vez mais perto dos 50 mil! Tamo junto!!! O jogador escolhido para homenagear esse número é o ex-fullback do Dallas Cowboys Daryl Johnston. Foi jogador dos Cowboys de……

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Isoroku Yamamoto. It's interesting -- and disturbing -- to speculate about what might have happened if the Japs HADN'T attacked Pearl Harbor........…

As today is the National Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day, I have to say that I was proud of our students who stayed long after the Q&A ended to learn more about one of the heroes of that day: “Film shown at Rider recalls hero of Pearl Harbor”…

The Cowboys defense has allowed an opposing quarterback to rush for 40+ yards in four of their last six games. Let's take a look at the tape and see where it's all going wrong.

Week 1 de 2020 Cowboys x Giants Lincoln Riley x Matt Rhule

‘Today, they come alive again.’ Pearl Harbor veterans honored in Fresno

Nick Basquine has 5 Big 12 Championship rings. He's completed the infinity gauntlet and we're winning the National Championship #BoomerSooner #5OONERS #Big12Championship

Tune in as @dak join us at @trophyparkusa for The Miller Lite Cowboys Hour presented by @Albertsons Monday at 6PM! More Info →


The Bears got more out of their tight ends in the passing game than they have all season. And that was with their top 3 tight ends sidelined.

realizing i don’t have to watch the cowboys tomorrow

How the hell is De Ligt there over Chris Smalling? Unreal PR team…

ズボン船長本日終わりましたぜぇ いよいよ明日千秋楽 トリプルキャストの為、本日で最後の子達もいて、本当に寂しかったぜぇ その子たちが歌ったり踊ったりしてる姿を舞台上から目に刻んでたぜぇ 涙が何度も込み上げたぜぇ 明日も頑張るぜぇ みんなの事は忘れないぜぇ また絶対に会おうぜぇ


Ouvi 15 horas de Slipknot no Spotify mas até acho pouco

Sempiternal inspired me to start creating music. That's the spirit got me through my worst breakup. Amo got me through my little brothers suicide. Y'all saved me. Thank you @bmthofficial for being my top-streamed Artist of the Decade! #SpotifyWrapped…

I thank President Sh Kovind for his kind appreciation of 2 premier institutes of #Jodhpur - AIIMS & IIT. Both are coming together for setting up an Innovation Centre n an Innovation Cluster. It will benefit ppl of state immensely n lead to further research & innovation in country

Wanting representation from a Somali Tory. The level of desperation is wild

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow demolished a new argument that Republicans and former Speaker Newt Gingrich are putting forward against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

E as fã da katyperry que tão brigando sozinhas? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK EU RACHO COM. VCS MANO #katyperryisoverparty

yoooo kung di mo gusto teacher mo go back to america fuck you

#AlitaSequel Alita 2 muss kommen für mich ist er der Film des Jahres! Auch wenn Endgame mehr eingespielt hat reicht er in keiner Weise an ALITA heran! Ich hoffe auf Teil 2 - Disney hat so viel eingenommen, da könnten sie ruhig etwas an die Fans zurück geben!!!

так и живём в группе


Quirk in the My Disney Experience app. Seems to have an image. It even animates.


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