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gonna get really high for like half an hour and then accidentally fall asleep for 5 hours see y’all then

Just a reminder that Katie Hopkins is 44. I guess being a white supremacist has the same effect on skin as going up on the roof to stare down into Reactor Four.


Fucking hell Twitter. The only time I want to know that Katie Hopkins is tending is if the story includes the phrase '...headfirst into an industrial wood chipper."

Trump defends "send her back" chanters with retweet of far-right commentator who has called migrants "cockroaches"

#RIPChesterBennington son of #JohnPodesta who's unfinished Documentary was meant to expose the horrors of his father and those within that circle but was silenced 2 months after #ChrisCornell (who's last music video exposed the same horrors). May your truth come to light. #QAnon


Moon landing astronauts reveal they possibly infected Earth with space germs #ApolloMoonLanding #Moon50 #NationalMoonDay #MoonLanding50 #nationalmoonday


DISH and Sling will drop the Braves, Grizzlies, Hornets, Hawks, Predators & Hurricanes on FOX Sports South, Southeast, Carolinas and Tennessee. Tell DISH & Sling we DEMAND our networks and to KEEP our home teams. #KeepMyHomeTeams

#NationalMoonDay is observed annually on July 20, commemorating the day man first walked on the moon in 1969. We still remember the day that @MarkAlanLowry walked across our stage and made “one giant leap” into our hearts...…

I can't imagine a career that could be more fulfilling. @ATeachersGuide Episode 83 Teach Better Talk Podcast #MasteryChat #TeachBetter #KidsDeserveIt #EdChat #LeadUpChat


DISH and Sling will drop the Rangers, Mavericks, Spurs, Pelicans, Thunder and Stars on FOX Sports Southwest, Oklahoma and New Orleans. Tell DISH & Sling we DEMAND our networks and to KEEP our home teams. #KeepMyHomeTeams

DISH and Sling will drop the Braves, Grizzlies, Hornets, Hawks, Predators & Hurricanes on FOX Sports South, Southeast, Carolinas and Tennessee. Tell DISH & Sling we DEMAND our networks and to KEEP our home teams. #KeepMyHomeTeams

DISH and Sling will drop the Braves, Grizzlies, Hornets, Hawks, Predators & Hurricanes on FOX Sports South, Southeast, Carolinas and Tennessee. Tell DISH & Sling we DEMAND our networks and to KEEP our home teams. #KeepMyHomeTeams

DISH and Sling will drop the Reds, Indians, Cavaliers and Blue Jackets on FOX Sports Ohio and SportsTime Ohio. Tell DISH & @Sling we DEMAND our networks and to KEEP our home teams. #KeepMyHomeTeams.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic after destroying Los Angeles FC tonight, told one of their coaches “F**k off, go home you little b**ch”. Unreal.

Alright, so who’s making the gifs of Zlatan’s goals tonight?

Y’all act like blocking me is gonna do sumn when I have more than one account LMAO

can y’all stop linking cyhi ur music

also about youtube, i’m still tryna figure out how to work my mf camera HAHHA idk how to get the videos from the camera onto a computer .-. so if y’all know how to work a canon eos m50 lemme know :p

christian is tipsy. jonathan and i are literally enjoying this.

why are y’all asleep i need someone’s opinion real quick

I'm literally in germany


#ThingsStupidPeopleSay Earth just happened Plants just happened Colors just happened Beauty just happened Design just happened Oceans just happened Animals just happened Humans just happened Universe just happened No God, it was your love #SaturdayMorning #FridayFeeling

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay "literally everything I teeet"

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay 'Conspiracy theorist' when you tell them about something you've found out about (through reading and watching reliable material), that they would prefer not to be true.

IT DIDN'T START WITH @realDonaldTrump "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side.” --Julian Bond @NAACP 2006 "[Republicans] want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws." --Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC Chair 2011

[#ThingsStupidPeopleSay] #StupidThingsPeopleSay*: "Mental health is SOOO important!" *proceeds to bash people online and post shady subtweets*

In 2016, there were 231,556,622 voting eligible citizens in the United States and out of that number, only 6.5 percent were Black of which 55% voted. 83% of Black voters live in overwhelmingly Democratic counties. For some reason Republicans believe they need to win them over.

Republicans are twisting themselves trying to dismiss Trump’s attacks on Omar.

brb gonna live in a constant state of denial and fan fiction after that #VeronicaMars ending

I feel a lot of things right now. Betrayed. YES I FEEL BETRAYED. Hurt. Angry. Sad. Most of all. DONE. I am done with Rob Thomas and this fucking show that I used to love so much. #VeronicaMars

BEFORE TRUMP "They don't say 'spic' or 'nigger' anymore, they just say 'let's cut taxes.'" --Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY),1994 "GWB is our Bull Connor." --C. Rangel 2005 "Some [republicans] believe that slavery isn't over and they think they won the Civil War." --C. Rangel 2014

Smash Mouth is, and I take no pleasure in reporting this, the official music of Republicans

An African lesson to the @EACCKenya fat lambs who pride themselves at eating crumbs Uhuru Kenyatta has thrown at them. In South Africa, Uhuru and his cartel collaborators would be nursing their wounds like Zuma and Mbeki. #DespotsMustFall…

So @EmilyThornberry got knocked off her bike and now out of hospital. I wonder could the lefties spare some of their sympathies and prayers for the girl set on fire in London today?

Boo hoo. Cry me a river. Trump condemned the chants at his rally and his tweets had NOTHING to do with race. Dan Le Batard is a joke. No one cares about your political opinions.…

Literally proving my point. Demonetized already. Fuck you.

BrownSkin Girl is a beautiful song. I’ll continue to never disrespect Beyonce

jinhos literally lying about his height n scamming his way thru life, put respect on that

"As Democrats prepare for the arrival of Mueller on Capitol Hill next week, their plan… is becoming clearer: if Trump were anyone but the president, he would be charged with the crimes Mueller uncovered." - @NicolleDWallace

Literally haven't stopped scrolling twitter and youtube constantly refreshing. I'm READY for @shanedawson video. I can not wait. I'm on the edge of my seat. Happy birthday, Shane!

i will literally destroy everyone going to dannys house please leave him and laura alone

A’s at Twins, Profar batting second:



"The first wealth is health." Ralph Waldo Emerson What are you doing to improve your investments? #FridayFeeling #Health #Healthcare #Happiness #Joy #wellness #lifestyle #lifestylemedicine #JoyTRAIN #SuccessTRAIN #IAM


Don't forget to perform your monthly self-breast exam! #FridayFeeling #bcsm #breastcancer




wakeheart posted on their story that means one of the twins is awake but none of them liked emma’s recent which means ethma is dead

Kemi walking out of the CBS studios and seeing all the love around her: #BB21

Who cares what Dan Le Batard thinks? Another useless attack to draw ratings...

honestly this!!!! its been easier to enjoy the mcu when u completely separate it from 616. although some things you just cant separate (ex: whitewashing of the maximoff twins)…

Nomination Anticipation in Week 4 of #BB21 as the majority has to scramble for the first time this summer.…

#InsteadOfDissingTrump we should say #happybirthdayshane on this #FursuitsFriday before purchasing the #JeffreeStarCosmetics #MysteryBox . You gotta weave all the tags together to get them likes.

People Think Timothée Chalamet and Natalia Dyer Are Twins Separated at Birth


RETWEET/LIKE IF U STAN THEM: Ariana Grande Justin Bieber Rihanna Selena Gomez Troye Sivan Demi Lovato Madison Beer Dolan Twins Shawn Mendes Harry Styles Billie Eilish Why Don't We Sabrina Carpenter Nicki Minaj or anyone else FOLLOW EVERYONE WHO RTS THIS TO GAIN NEW MUTUALS♡

On today's "Buy Low, Sell High" @meJVT explains to @mattyoumans247 why it's time to fade Jake Odorizzi and the Twins today: #TheEdge at & @SIRIUSXM 204

Trump sided with Russia about their interference in our elections instead of our intel community. The @GOP remained silent when he did this. This doesnt sound 2 me like they luv America or r the patriots they claim 2 b. #GOPCommunists

Tyreek Hill: *beats the shit out of his girlfriend and kid* Roger Goodell: “Meh.” Josh Gordon: *smokes weed* Roger Goodell:

Not going to lie, a bit surprised Tyreek Hill didn’t get suspended at all. This coming from a Chiefs fan.

"Must be JELLY, because JAM don't shake like that!" Happy birthday & RIP to the GOAT SportsCenter anchor, Stuart Scott.…

Has any economist done a calculation of what "economic burden" it is to India to house all these people and maintain status quo? I daresay it's not an expense India CANT afford, what with all that inequality and corruption which we ignore. #NRC…

why are people at salons always so nosy, I don’t want to talk about my life to a complete stranger that is 20 years older than me

I like how people are going "Boohoo if you crap on #Cats don't ever complain about not getting anything original ever again!" and I'm like... Cats isn't original.... the play's been around for over fucking 30 years. And it is an adaptation of T.S. Eliot poems from the 1920s.

#jeremyvine but if I wake up and identify as a girl that day, am I allowed to drive at night?!

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra might be trying to undermine Rahul Gandhi after his resignation from the post of Congress President. I have a feeling that by doing this drama in Uttar Pradesh, she's probably trying to gun for the post of Congress President. Maybe. Who knows.

All the featured Nigerian artists on #TheGiftAlbum were awesome... all of them. Go away with your retarded desperation to troll.

This #PublicProtector's findings mean that the red onesies will now be calling CR17 a "constitutional delinquent". It's a shattering report against the President, and that remedial action directing the NDPP to investigate allegations of money laundering... Akunzima eMzansi!


#TheGiftAlbum: Beyonce Officially Releases Supplementary Album For Lion King Remake Featuring Wizkid, Shatta Wale, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy And Mr. Eazi…


VIDEO: @KagutaMuseveni spoke out on the crime of "Annoying the Person Of the President". He said that the Police is focusing on minor things and missing the bigger picture. "I have no problem with being annoyed," he says. #NTVNews

Iggy azalea s'attaque à Eminem "Tu parles tout le temps de moi sur tes sons, tu es en manque de chatte demande à ta mère et occupe toi de ton ex"


I hope these tools all go up and pitch Jackson's plan to Cliff and he realizes it was a coordinated effort and noms two of them. #bb21

If I was American I would certainly be more likely to vote Democrat than Republican, but it seems in the past, the Republicans at least had some honourable candidates. Right now the party seems to becoming nothing more than a baying crowd of bigots…

I'm out, I'll catch up Cliff's letter etc tomorrow.. Day 30 down, only 69 to go! recaps + powers info + stats + extracurricular & goofs tally = #bykta


Hate to break the news but it’s now emerging that these polls showing Republican support of Trump at 90+%..........are fraudulent. Do your job, media

Graham: Every Republican president or nominee "will be accused of being a racist"


It's not just President Trump: NRCC labels Democrats “socialist” and “deranged”


Does anyone wanna be an iMessage game tournament for crazy 8 with me n Marlene n the twins

우리도 치어 아이싱티 입혀조 제발

to me, that’s preposterous. identical booker twins, things of that nature

Awkward photo of Mitch McConnell resurfaces after he says Trump ‘is not a racist’…

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing tomorrow, the Donnelly twins, who were born on the exact same day 50 years ago, will be reminiscing about their experience and giving their first hand account of the historic day. Tomorrow, 8pm, at the hall. Bring tissues.

The phrase "dark Satanic mills" comes from William Blake (1757-1827), a republican opposed to the established church. Abbott, a monarchist, supports the most established church. The heirs of Blake's dark satanic mills now contribute to the climate change Abbott enabled.…

Calton priest shows solidarity with group of republican sympathisers, Call It Out No Call It Out, No Problem


This Saturday @Shiikane will be at Smade Parties Celebrating Shiikane Twins Birthday. Club Aquarium 11pm-5am Tickets available On @iamSMADE @Smadeevents #Smadeparties #shiikane #smade


The Press is timid about fact-checking Trump and McCarthy about anti-Semitism charge vs Omar. AIPAC is not Israel. Nor are all Jews. McCarthy gets a pass because he’s white Leading Republican Who Denounced Omar Refuses to Apologize for 'anti-Semitic' Tweet…

#tytlive what Trump is doing to the 4 members of the #Squad is VERY dangerous & VERY SCARY.... :'(

Most Funny Videos Ever Seen in The World Make Sure To Like share & subscribe! For more funny videos… #SVFinal #funny #topfun #funniest #PekinExpress #RickyDictador #ITChapter2 Cats Top Gun John McCain

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "I don't remember anyone treating John McCain the way they're treating Trump. I don't remember John McCain having to go through this crap every day all the time."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Congressional Republicans shame themselves with their silence on Trump's racism.…

America. Trump want us to believe he tried to stop his rally crowd from chanting.., Send Her Back!! Trump didn't do no such thing . For the most part , Trump instigated the whole thing!! GOLF ANYONE!!

Check List If You Are A Racist: 1) You support Donald trump ✅ 2) You support Donald trump ✅ 3) You support Donald trump ✅ 4) You support Donald trump ✅ and lastly 5) You support Donald trump ✅

On weeks like this, on day like this, I miss John McCain the most.

Republicans condemn ‘send her back’ chants, but defend President Trump

おはようございます。 近かったので 京都アニメーションの現場に 黙祷 けいおんやユーフォニアムなど聖地巡礼するほど大好きなものばかりなだけに本当にただショックです… 心からご冥福とお見舞い申し上げます #PrayForKyoani #KyotoAnimation #京都アニメーション放火殺人事件


People praising John McCain for his cucking and virtue signaling from 2008 forget that he literally sang a song about bombing little brown desert folk on the Senate floor that same year. How convenient.

If elected, would Cory Booker be the first president to have quoted an Amanda Bynes movie?…

#天気の子 今日からなんですね!制作元は違いますが、京都で悲しいことが起きてしまった直後です。なんの足しにもなりませんがアニメを見て追悼と業界の応援をしたいです。 夜は #サマーウォーズ ありますね #パワーベイ #PrayForKyoani #bayfm

The RNC joins Trump in targeting AOC et Al, declaring that what they really want is anarchy.

私の大好きなアニメベスト3は全部京アニです。 素敵な作品に携わってた方、またこれからも素晴らしい作品を作り出すのに携わる方を亡くしたのはとても辛いです。 私の心は京アニと共に… #PrayForKyoani


Trump also didn’t stop when there was a John McCain, to be fair…

you’re telling me pennywise fuckers want this on top of them?


LOTTO: Athletics ml Under 6 F5 As/Twins Cards ml NATS ml Under 8.5 Clev/Det +3075 .75U

MLB night: A’s/Twins over 10.5 Angels +1.5 -115 Angels ml +133 Giants TT over 3.5

The Losers Club is back for a final confrontation with Pennywise in this exclusive footage for #ItMovie at #SDCC2019.…

Rotura de tubería de agua de Fort Lauderdale ha afectado a miles de personas en la zona


Hope Hicks isn't the POTUS. She doesn't have the questionable legal protections behind which Trump is hiding. And she's clearly a co-conspirator. Why hasn't she been charged? #IndictHopeHicks…

The city of Fort Lauderdale and some surrounding areas completely without water... we have all the information you need on the Broward Water Crisis on @CBS12

【新規ライブ情報】 8/22(水)にShibuya eggmanで開催の 「Girl's UP!!! vol.281〜アコースティックナイト〜」にRyoko弾き語り出演が決定! 出演者、チケット詳細は下記URLからチェック! #ЯeaL #リアル #アコースティック #弾き語り

There's a 15 year old German girl, Sina Hammerschmitt, who qualified for the 100m in Boras at the German trials, but she couldn't go because her parents had already booked a family vacation.

What happened to America's check and balances? This racist baiting since Sunday from @realDonaldTrump is unacceptable, disingenuous, and should be condemned by all Americans and all that love American democracy.


British journalism is greatly under-reporting this story. It is the lowest moral tone a US President has ever stooped to & the crowd reaction is terrifying. If you listen to Trump's words you'll soon guess why it is being under-reported.

Hey guys in light of the kyoani incident, I’d advise not to donate to any fundraisers until more of an official statement is made towards accepting money. It’s fine to want to help, but it’s best to keep a level head in ensuring your money goes to the right places.

#IStandWithIlhan People don't realize how fragile our democracy really is. And you actions can and do make a difference . Fight for change fight for freedom!

We don’t really comment on the president at all, but this is just breathtakingly racist and it would not be this coordinated without media and social media ecosystems that pushes this bigoted crap out 24/7 to ensure full adoption.…

Glad to see #IStandWithIlhan trending and that pathetic one with Trump is nowhere to be seen. Just shows how many people are firmly behind Congresswoman Omar, and taking a stand against that deplorably narcissistic racist in the White House.

国内外のファンから追悼や激励 アニメ会社火災 「京都アニメーション」の火災を受け、ツイッター上では国内外のファンが、「# PrayForKyoani」などのハッシュタグをつけて、追悼や励ましのメッセージを次々と投稿しています。… # Pray For Kyoani

the footage of that president smirking and letting his crowd chant "send her back" about a citizen of America is chilling. That's a nazi rally.

Donald trump please deportate this womans africa nation gabon I am suspect are disloyalty united state #IStandWithIlhan

京アニの犯人手提げカバンに包丁入れてたらしい…… #KyoAni #PrayForKyoani

18th stand filling up nicely to see Darren Clarke come in. #TheOpen #royalportrush


cause i be the baddie b barbie tingz banging body b everybody be on my d yo i gotta be in reality suck a d if you doubted me back of the back back of the back back of the back back of the back who on barbie d who on barbie d everybody who you gotta see honestly o


Some good moves by the government on sport’s listed events. But we should note again the absence of live #TheOpenChampionship on terrestrial TV, which is a real shame especially given the special interest in the venue this year.

The next time you hear @realdonaldtrump question another American's patriotism, remind yourself of Sept. 11, 2001 and the immediate aftermath. When Americans united. When virtue was at the nation's forefront. Specifically, remember this ... #hewasntthere #IStandWithIlhan


This month things wasn't going smooth between me & my spouse but after listening @Tonkyawa by Soldier boyz , now we are like Twins , ❤️❤️❤️❤️Thanks B2C

本日の稽古もお疲れ様でした。 筆ペンで。 来週本番ですよ、 ご予約まだの方、大丈夫ですかーい? DM、リプでも予約受け付けます! 是非ともお越しください☺︎


I've read the news about Kyoto Animation's tragedy and it honestly made me feel speechless after it sunk in. As such I've donated to Sentai Filmworks' charity fundraiser and I highly encourage any fans of the Kyoto's work to do so if they can.…


Papi pero no te vua mentil... UN CABRON SE TIRO UN JODIO MOLOTOV jajajajajJajajajajajajajaaj a

"IT: Capítulo 2" eles exibiram o Novo Trailer em primeira mão além de Três Cenas Inéditas. #ITChapterTwo #ScareDiego #SDCC2019 #SDCC #SDCC50 #ComicCon2019


Trump is refusing to call @AOC her full name. He says it "takes too much time" to say "three different names," so he's only referring to her as "Cortez."

Rep. @IlhanMN has been a U.S. citizen longer than Melania Trump

Most Republicans deemed Mr Trump’s “go back” tweets perfectly acceptable

Real women vote for Trump

Ricky Martín hablando malo, mi abuela debe estar así #RickyRenuncia #RickyRenuciaYa #RickyVeteYa #RickyVete


Defence and industry figures believe this will have significant ramifications for remaining F-35 partner nations including Australia…

President Trump is ripping the four "Freedom Democrats"/ Socialists a new one @ #TrumpRallyNC !!!

CNN's Erin Burnett: "Do you think, fundamentally, President Trump could be impeached for being racist?" Rep. Dan Kildee: "No. ... But if we're going down the path of impeachment, which I support, it should be for these very clear violations that we see in the Mueller report."

Pres Trump not giving an inch. I love it !!!

This "CNN sucks" warm up band for Trump's Greenville, NC rally is the saddest thing I've ever seen and I've seen some shit.

President Trump said Bullshit. Now what ? How bout another Russian narrative ? we could try that


“We’ll call her Cortez” says Trump saying that he "doesn’t have time” for three names for @AOC

CUFI welcomes Turkey’s dismissal from the F-35 program and thanks our members who lobbied in support of the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Partnership Act at Summit.


The President of the United States "has nothing to do."…

they really gonna have other actors play chuck bass and blair waldorf. just cancel the whole damn show

this was honestly best yujin airport look i don’t want to hear anything different


Honestly trying to figure out how people knew there was a rule against calling people racist on the floor maybe I just don’t pay attention enough

Sen. Rand Paul objects to 9/11 compensation fund bill over cost: "We need, at the very least, to have this debate."

Senator @RandPaul angles to become Trump's emissary to Iran…

Sure, people are going to storm Area 51, there’s flesh eating bacteria popping up all over water systems in the US, and there’s a deadly ebola outbreak in Congo. Shit, I forgot where I was going this.....

WHO declares emergency over Ebola epidemic in Congo… via @financialtimes

Are you that contortionist from Cirque de Soleil? #ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay


When #APbio is trending during the #AP_conf And then you realize it’s the show not the course #apbio @CollegeBoard @APforStudents @AP_Trevor

watching Luke throughout Hannah B's season of #TheBachelorette has been painful. in my latest for @BitchMedia, I review some of the most galling ways that #TheBachelor franchise throws its leading ladies to the fire for views.…

I just pitched a #TheBachelorette finale watch party to my sports bar client and they’re DOING IT. Specials on White Claws, half-off appetizers... have I mentioned I love my job???

When Brian Cashman turns Terrance Gore into an above average hitter >>>>>>>

The #Yankees acquired speed demon Terrance Gore from the #Royals in exchange for cash…

#Yankees acquired outfielder Terrance Gore from Kansas City for cash considerations. The 28-year-old righty swinger is 13-of-18 in stolen bases in 37 games this season. The speedster will report to AAA/SWB. #NYY #PinstripePride

Terrance Gore gonna be huge down the stretch tho... ⚡️⚡️⚡️

If you don’t call it the Thieves Den you’re wasting your time…

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