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No bad luck for Luigi (or Gooigi) today! #LuigisMansion3 vacuumed up the award for Best Family Game at #TheGameAwards.


Heute kein Pech für Luigi! #LuigisMansion3 saugt den Titel "Bestes Familenspiel" bei #TheGameAwards auf.


¡Hoy Luigi está de suerte, para variar! Sus aspiraciones se hicieron realidad y #LuigisMansion3 se llevó el premio "Mejor juego familiar" en #TheGameAwards.


Jesus Christ the kid can sing. #FineLine

Harry didn’t have to hurt my feelings with “Cherry”.... #FineLine

good morning from me and cherry


Falling is definitely a big favorite among all of the others. Thank you @Harry_Styles for giving us this masterpiece. I adore you ❤️ #FineLine

Lamar Jackson is sensational

ودي اتكلم شوي عن Disco elysium لعبتها 3 ساعات و ما قدرت اكمل، اللعبه عباره عن حوار لا نهائي... حوار مع شخصيات حوار مع اغراض حتى حوار مع نفسك!! لا تفهموني غلط انا بالعكس احب العاب الحوار لكن الحوار في هذي اللعبه مره كثير، على الرغم من انها حلوه الا اني مليت مره بسببها



The @4for4football Fantasy First Show features a playoff edition of the injury report. Players include Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs and Adam Thielen. Listen and subscribe to the show here:

#TitanUp #ProBowlVote + Derrick Henry #ProBowlVote + Kevin Byard #ProBowlVote + Jurrell Casey #ProBowlVote + Harold Landry III #ProBowlVote + Ryan Tannehill #ProBowlVote + Logan Ryan #ProBowlVote + AJ Brown #ProBowlVote + Brett Kern #ProBowlVote + Rashaan Evans

The #Preds saw the game-winning goal scored late in regulation in Buffalo on Thursday night. #NSHvsBUF

4:18 left. The #Preds are pushing but still down a goal. #NSHvsBUF

Time to win it in the third period. #Preds | #NSHvsBUF



Just a man named Ryan Johansen. #Preds | #NSHvsBUF


WE BACK. 3-3. Ryan Johansen scores. #Preds | #NSHvsBUF

How long is Nadler going to let the Republicans repeat the same ridiculous points? Get on with the vote already. #impeachmentDebate

Thank you Democrat’s for saving our democracy and telling the republicans we aren’t gonna stand for a president who tried to cheat to win for the second time. Let’s impeach and remove this president. #impeachmentDebate #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW.

Reminder to the Republicans who have forgotten: The people didn’t vote Trump into office. The electoral college did. #impeachmentDebate

#impeachmentDebate I just heard a Republican asshole just say he has "several more amendments " to propose tonight. This is beyond stupid. They have 1 plan- wear everyone out with their bullshit.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: "This is a day that will live in infamy." #ImpeachmentDebate

É tão bom vê que #AmorSemIgual é na Record, isso mostra que quando a Record quer, supera algumas produções da Globo, e mostra que existe SIM vida fora da Globo! Os Harters e preconceituosos não aceitam! Nivel Qualidade Internacional! #Amorsemigual03

[12/12/2019 21:53:22] Estela Viana: Bora botar fogo no palco do Léo Santana? [12/12/2019 21:53:39] Luan : Dentro [12/12/2019 21:53:41] Luan : Hahahahahaha Amizades que deveria evitar KAKAKAKAKAKA

wtf was he even thinking remixing dirty diana????

[12/12/2019 21:11:02] Gabriel Gay: Oi meu chocolate de nutela com oreo [12/12/2019 21:11:13] Gabriel Gay: Oi meu filme da marvel [12/12/2019 21:11:22] Gabriel Gay: Oi meu tenis da nike [12/12/2019 21:11:43] Gabriel Gay: Oi meu amo O Gabriel??? Como explicar

A 64 page wad of unaddressed admail from some franchise of christianity or other showed up in the mail today. The money pouring into Albertan churches is off the charts. And our politicians are cheap as hell.

Only Santana I know is Carlos Santana ok. That is all.

- some of y’all are sick and phony af. youre not gonna tell me someone “talking shit” warrants them to die. Santana didn’t physically harm anyone, he and his ppl ain’t deserve that at all.

Dale Ahlquist: The old Puritans were at least Christian, even if they hated the Catholic Church. The new Puritans hate Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular.…

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

Derrick Henry misses 2nd straight practice, says he'll play vs. Texans.


Th false interpretations of Paul's writings, & their subsequent basis for Th ESTABLISHMENT of what we now see as 30,000+ denominations of "CHRISTIANITY" has led to many brothers in Th House of Yahuda to be unable to accept their HaMashiac Yahshua, So they teach a "NEW" law."

We don't talk nearly enough about what I consider one of God's most convincing miracles. In his struggle against Christianity, Julian the Apostate allied himself with the Jews. He attempted to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, thereby disproving one of Christ's prophecies. (1/2)


So you would support a similar EO conflating Christianity and US nationality to suppress anti-white Christian sentiment on college campuses. Or, are some kinds of national bigotry more "vile" than others?…

.@BuckReising of @AtoZSports breaks down why he wants the @Titans to limit Derrick Henry Sunday, Tannehill continuing to roll, injuries, current expectations and more.

Any criticism of Christianity and people automatically assume you’re not Christian yourself or they get hella defensive. That’s how places like SPAC Nation thrive. There’s no accountability or genuine discourse at all.

Matthew 5:18 has been used by many to MISTAKENLY support their THEOLOGICAL CLAIMS of “REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY,” which basically states that “Yahshua FULFILLED Th LAW, so Christianity has replaced Yahudium as G-Ds chosen people.” That wasn’t what Yeshua had in mind. Facts 101

O único jeito de o Ja Morant perder o prêmio de ROY é o Zion voltando com médias de 30ppg. Como eu queria um Ja em Cleveland

So sneak peek of matchup in the #NBAReDraft! Top 3 Players (Memphis): Ja Morant Evan Fournier Andrew Wiggins Top 3 Players (Indiana): Victor Oladipo Malcolm Brogdon Kevin Love ReTweet - Memphis Like ♥️ - Indiana…

Dillon Brooks & Jaren Jackson, Jr. led the Grizzlies to victory plus HOLY SH*T Ja Morant...…

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