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So #Zion definitely moves the needle.. Nielsen numbers had 2.35 million viewers & peaked at 2.77 million. Get ready for this TV hype train to get amplified by everyone.

#SignsTheyAreHidingSomething They're REPUBLICAN!

Government's emergency committee called to discuss Coronavirus…

It’s finally Friday #TheSexiestThingYouCanSay

Senator Risa Hontiveros says local authorities should consider a month-long travel ban for any person who came from or have passed through Wuhan to prevent the spread of the deadly disease into the Philippines.

Matt Hancock will chair a COBR meeting into how the UK responds to the Coronavirus. We can all relax now, Matt's got this.


This is @senatemajldr. By every meaningful measure he has been an utter failure as a Senator. This is the guy who all the members of the @SenateGOP are terrified of.


“You can avoid the feds but not the karma” - J Hus

Marsha, seems lying must have been your talent portion of the Beauty Pageants you entered. Trump investigating crime is like Gym Jordan deciding if he was going to wear a jacket.…

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to end a pact key to annual wargames with American troops if the US does not restore travel visa of Ronald Dela Rosa, the former national police chief who is now a senator, who oversaw his drug war.


This is an example of why Adam Schiff was correct when he said #RightMatters...…

Umarım Jooheon ve Minhyuk birbirlerini sevgi ile boğuyolardır. İkisi de başka türlü iyileşemez çünkü... #WeSupportYouWonho #우리는_너를_떠나지않을거에요 @OfficialMonstaX

Incidentally, SENATOR BRIDGET MCKENZIE is an anagram of "NEED BRAZEN TRICKS? I GOT 'EM." #auspol…

Might become a senate page for the Ohio Senate if there's any spots within the Democratic caucus. So, like the crackhead I am, I'm going through every single Democratic state senator in Ohio and looking at their past legislative accomplish and other fun facts

BOOM! Marsha Blackburn Doubles Down: Vindman Has a Problem with Judgement... Political Activist in Uniform... Goes Out of Chain of Command… via @gatewaypundit

#NBAParis #NBA Giannis Antetokounmpo se confie sur le match à Paris et évoque Zion Williamson…

Up is down. Right is wrong. Welcome to the Republican Party devoid of logic and morals — Sen. Marsha Blackburn questions patriotism of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman - CNN Video…

Let's take a hike on a hidden trail. #TheSexiestThingYouCanSay

Congrats to Charlie Apigian #NTCawards Data Scientist of the Year! Tractor Supply is excited to partner with @MTSU_DSI on innovative #AI #Data initiatives for #Retail @nashtechcouncil @capigian @nashtechcouncil @MTSU_ISA @MTSU


As a Tennessean, I will continue doing everything I can to fix this state I truly love this state and growing up here while seeing how terrible of a job Republicans have done for Tennesseans is one of the main reasons I got interested in politics

Congratulations Team @eventbrite, winner of the #NTCAwards Tech Company of the Year!

Congratulations to Charlie Apigian, Winner of the Data Scientist of the Year #NTCAward, sponsored by Invest Northern Ireland The 11th Annual #NTCAwards are Presented by C Spire @capigian @MTSU @MTSU_ISA @InvestNI @CSpireBusiness


Wow!!!! Luis Lange from @MTSU is @nashtechcouncil #ntcawards student of the year.


Two things changed after Congress appropriated the funds to Ukraine: 1️⃣Biden announced his presidential run 2️⃣The Mueller investigation found that Russia interfered in the 2016 election Trump withheld the aid to undermine these threats to his political future. —@RepValDemings

Marsha Blaxkburn soils herself and embarrasses the people of Tennessee.…

Honestly, I am still waiting for the Chairman and SecDef to issue statements defending LTC Vindman’s obligation to report wrongdoing.…

Since UA did not issue statement on Biden dirt investigation DJT was planning to hold Ukraine aid until pass 30Sept19 when it would have expired. He would have made Putin happy, Congress, UA unhappy. Whistleblower blew DJT plans away. DJT was forced to reluctantly release aid.

I may have missed it... have Democrats produced any EVIDENCE showing POTUS' request for demonstrable progress against corruption in Ukraine was for personal political gain and not to protect American tax dollars before they were handed over to a corrupt foreign government?

Happy Anniversary Quid Pro Joe!! Two years ago today you shared with us how you, as Vice President, threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless a prosecutor was fired.

Good summary of Schiff’s 10 point proof that Trump’s actions towards Ukraine was about personal gain at the expense of national security.…


Everyone loves a good pie in the face! #NationalPieDay #ILoveLucy

Rep. Val Demings reveals a very important piece of this. His own Department of Defense certified that Ukraine was corruption free. This was clearly an effort to bully the Ukrainian government to get dirt on Joe Biden.

#NY01 is poorly represented by @RepLeeZeldin’s hyper-partisanship. Impeachment is a stain on America, regardless of outcome. Zeldin gaslighting & fact denial make a difficult situation worse. The GAO concluded laws violated. Long Island deserves better.…

Good friend of mine told me to buy some boxes of basketball cards with Zion RCs inside. Got them at $30 a box maybe 4 months ago and now they are going for $200. Crazy.

Pour one out for Jim Lehrer

i know everyone has said it already but calvin harris dropping acidy rave beats is in my opinion probably the greatest thing to happen to dance music in years

Our own @evbeng Beck Cronin-Dixon wins Software Developer of the Year. Way to go Beck!! #NTCAwards 2020

Zion Williamson when he hits free agency


Hidden inside the book @MarshaBlackburn was pretending to read was one of those YA Babysitter's Club books because that is her reading level and she is basically a babysitter for @realDonaldTrump. #GOP #Treason #Marsha

.@StefanMychajliw, what do you think about Senator Blackburn's smear job on LtCol Vindman?

Me: does anyone really know what time it is? You: #DoomsdayClock


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