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Trump’s approval rating jumping 5 points *AFTER* telling four American congresswomen of color to “go back to their countries” is all you need to know about the Republican party.


What kinda porn you into? Interracial? Eric Trump be like:

Everything You Need to Know About the Jeffrey Epstein Case #cdnpoli #ABpoli #BCpoli #MBpoli #NBpoli #NLpoli #NSpoli #ONpoli #PEpoli @justin_Ling @charlesadler US UK EU @cnn @nasa @nytimes @BarackObama @JimCarrey @The_UnSilent_


Someone please tell me how it’s possible that @emmyrossum has never been nominated for an Emmy. Beyond baffling. I mean it’s also literally her name

Anyone else see an uptick in Russian, I mean. @GOP propaganda on twitter lately? It's like they are trying to distract us from the Epstein case. Or the Mueller testimony. The #traitors are clearly nervous. #TheResistance

Would You Relinquish Your Privacy to Look Old? Don't Use #FaceApp… via @photoshelter

No one knows one will live tomorrow or not but everyone is interesting in #faceappchallenge #faceapp 2040 2060

juuu ženo, šta će ti taj fosil? #FaceApp


Nothin' to see here. Just the future President of the U.S. enjoyin' a little shop talk about young girls with notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.…

It’s almost like Trump’s recent racist tweets are trying to distract us from something... Oh yeah! His good buddy #Epstein! Here they are on film being sexual predators together on @MSNBC No tinfoil hat required for the real life #pizzagate :(…

the umbrella academy foi indicada ao emmy e tudo que eu queria fazer agora era pegar a carinha do gerard e gritar QUE ORGULHO DO MEU BEBE

Eric Trump says "95% of Americans agree with my father." Uh, Eric, I'm not sure 95% of Americans agree on anything. Except maybe that Hannah was right to dump Luke. #TheBachelorette And that you are definitely the stupid one.

Emmy Awards 2019, le nominations dei record Le candidature dei premi per le serie TV hanno attribuito un nuovo primato a Il trono di spade. Netflix insegue. #Emmys #Emmys2019 #emmynominations…


Maybe Donald stopped liking Jeffrey after one of those parties. Maybe Jeffrey told Donald he had a tape and asked for $$$, and that made Donald very angry. Maybe Russians caught on and they have some of those tapes. I dunno, maybe.…

Epstein had already been a registered sex offender for over 7 years when Trump became a candidate for president. NBC had this in their archives then, too.…

1. One thing that people have almost completely forgotten about is that Trump won in 2016 as a POPULIST A major part of Trump's core message was criticizing Hillary for her connections to Wall Street and wealthy donors…

Video of Trump dancing with women is not news of any kind. Anyone, anywhere who knew of children being abused by Jeffrey Epstein needs to be thrown out of office, off television and out of our lives. There are no sacred cows.

.@Adrian_Walker: Sure, the Squad is all new to Congress, but Ayanna Pressley is hardly new to politics. That experience shows.

Can Black Parents' "Tough Love" Be Toxic? Send us your comments now, & we’ll shout you out on #BlackCoffeeLive! We also have a special guest in the building, @JMedia_ here to discuss Blac Chyna's relationship w/ her mom plus Emmy nominations! | UNCENSORED…

The US House of Representatives has voted to condemn President Donald Trump after a series of attacks aimed at four congresswomen. #WorldEmojiDay #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #NationalHotDogDay #WednesdayMotivation John Kennedy


#FaceApp kullanmadım şanslı hissediyorum

It's BREAKING that the Articles of Impeachment that Al Green (D-TX) introduced on the House floor after the Condemnation vote last night, will be voted on TODAY. #WednesdayWisdom

"Say, "None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah, and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected." [27:65] #WednesdayWisdom


" A federal appeals court Wednesday ordered that 167 documents in a lawsuit that alleges famously well-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein participated in a sex-trafficking ring should be unsealed—and that many of his powerful friends could be named."...

Tucker Carlson investigates the 'obvious question' no one can answer about Jeffrey Epstein

Kris Kobach: "The same person can do really well in a Senate race but really poorly in a governor's race."

Kris Kobach spent years implementing the vilest of Trump’s ideas long before Trump made them mainstream in the Republican Party.

Happy National Hot Dog Day! Make sure to buy your hot dog something nice. Maybe take them to a movie. #NationalHotDogDay

Relish belongs on hot dogs. Change my mind. #NationalHotDogDay - Jackie

It's #NationalHotDogDay! Check out the QT app for a FREE hot dog coupon today!


Trump isn’t a uniquely influential president, people are just figuring out how powerful the presidency is. Like yes, the judges he appoints serve for life, this is what we were trying to tell you.

Fine, issue a heat advisory. I’ll only drink more hot coffee

#ARealPresidentWould treat not only his family and staff with love and respect. But he would treat the citizen of America with love and respect. As well as other nations around the world. Shit that's what President Barack Obama did because he was a real person.

Isn't it amazing how Allah knows the things we want yet always listens to us. Maybe you won't get exactly what you want, maybe He will give you something better at the right time, for the right reasons. "So blessed be Allah, the best of Creators" (Quran 23:14) ❤

Dêem muito amor para esse comeback pq ele tá tão A cara do pentagon que nem dá #Humph #SUMMER

Andrew Thomas on @BenCleveland74 "My best Ben Cleveland story is he has a knife that he carries around that he does everything with. He picks his teeth, toenails, cuts stuff, goes hunting ... It's the same knife." #SECMD19

As he marched toward the glow of the rising sun, Drippy could tell that Meena nodded off from time to time. By full dawn, they were through the valley and within sight of his cave-pierced mountain. #amwritingfantasy #mg #1linewed

By the time the sun was directly overhead, their T-shirts stuck to their skin, and their arms and faces were smeared with grime. Jazzi glanced at George, lying in the grass under a shade tree in the backyard, and grumbled. Ansel’s dog had it made. #1linewed

Jerry Jeudy, Dylan Moses and Tua Tagovailoa arrive at #SECMD19.

Alright guys, so small announcement. All goals are about babysteps. As everyone knows, I'm slightly obsessed with @Razer and @respawnbyrazer. Well today we took a step forward and got accepted to be a #razerstreamer. This isn't a sponsorship as of yet, but we are grinding.

In case you were wondering how Media Days is going, I’m killing it. (I’m not) #SECMD19

Me rewatching #TheBachelorette in 50 years still wondering how tf Luke P made it that far


EPISODE SEVEN IS UP: Even Dead I’m The Hero // We discuss #TheBachelorette, #FarFromHome, and Emmy Nominations! iTunes:… Spotify:…

Happening now: From a camera operator on the show- "Hannah, he's bad news" @BacheloretteABC #PKintheMorning #TheBachelorette @POWERATL

This is the dull semantics of racism. The white conserv. twists the discursive field so that he is the sane arbiter of what is or isn’t racist; everyone else is frivolous & excessive, “recklessly” invoking the most sacrileg. offense. By ⁦…

Rashida Tlaib: Trump is the 'biggest bully' I've ever dealt with


#FaceApp is filling Twitter with old people, like some boomer revolution

The former Supreme Court Justice, who died on Tuesday, belonged to a vanished tradition on the Court and in American life: moderate Republicanism.

the die-in protest church scene in pose.... yeah im sobbing. give them the emmy give them the emmy

The Head of Planned Parenthood Was Fired Behind Her Back...…

maisie williams has created an art out of conveying emotion with her eyes and this is why she deserves that emmy. in this essay i will

האמת, כבר לא מפחד להזדקן. #FaceApp


Prior to his almost 35 years on the Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens spent a lot of time learning about the law — and having a front row seat to corruption — in Chicago. Here are a few of his many ties to the city.

Jeffrey Epstein claims additional Trump people were in on his plea deal…

Beyonce invented art. She's awe - inspiring, beautiful in every way. A true role model for black girls everywhere #SpiritMusicVideo #Spirit #LionKing


Justice Stevens said that the 2nd amendment only applies for citizens in active duty within a well regulated milita. Again not private citizens.

TRIGGER WARNING: NEW EPSTEIN VICTIM: Watch Savannah Guthrie’s full exclusive interview with Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz, who’s sharing her story of alleged rape for the first time.


Trump's not going to jail, he's not even getting a parking ticket and you should stop deluding yourself otherwise

Donald Trump is helping gather the sticks as Democrats light their own funeral pyre. He's managed to convince them that the burning will hurt him more than it hurts them. The only difference between Dems and petulant children is that there's a possibility children will grow up.

I am honored by the invitation to cover the President Trump rally in the press/media area with the @TWPundit


"Justice Stevens decided to retire after reading from the bench his opinion on Citizens United...during which he stumbled over some turned out he'd had a small stroke." - Linda Greenhouse I mean....

Where is the financial record for the speculated property in Saudi?…

R. I. P., Justice Stevens, thank you for your service to our country.

An attorney representing Jeffrey Epstein accusers said at least one woman has come forward to say he abused her while he was serving time in Florida, but on work release

“If I can survive Taco Bell, I can survive my I.B.S. You can survive too.” #LiveMas #FaceApp #IBS…

There is like zero chance #FaceApp isn't landing before & after pics in a federal database. It's @FBI wet dream.

With its divisive final season, #GameOfThrones shattered Emmy records

#GameofThrones rompe récord de nominaciones a los Emmy


If you want to understand the occult side of Epstein Island this thread is an excellent and understandable primer. Thread by @paul_serran: " (0) A thread on "The Island". ***YOU HAVE TO BE 18 OR OLDER TO READ THIS THREAD* #GreatAwakening #QAnon…

goodnight to bafta winner and emmy nominee jodie comer

I can hear Barr now telling Epstein ( we can do this the easy way or the hard way!)

‘Russian Doll’ Co-Creators Natasha Lyonne & Leslye Headland Discuss The Triumph Of 11 Emmy Nominations & The Status Of Season 2…


Days after Trump makes one of his most racist statement to date and hours after he doubles down on it, #CNN interviews avowed racist Richard Spencer, not to inform you, not to bring you news, but for the clicks. This is @CNN under Jeff Zucker. #BoycottCNN #FireJeffZucker…

this needs to get out. The Israeli connections here are complete and total... Netanyahu challenger Ehud Barak seen at Jeffrey Epstein's mansion via @MailOnline

No you may NOT pray over me. Get your evil ass in this limo. #TheBachelorette

Every single Jeremy Pruitt story has a similar ending, it centers hahaha

.@lukasandfalco's #JudgeCuts performance is too cute for words!

Jeremy Pruitt comments on Trey Smith & the intentions of playing this season. ⁦@Vol_Football#SECMD2019

Jeremy Pruitt wasn’t lying when he says we need WRs moving forward. The list of senior WRs includes Jauan Jennings, Tyler Byrd, Brandon Johnson, and Marquez Calloway.


Jeremy Pruitt details one key mistake he made in year one — and how he’s already fixed it…

Podium speeches at media days are among the dumbest half hours anyways, so mad respect to Jeremy Pruitt for just filibustering most all his time. Best part was him somehow saying 3,700 words and forgetting to give a shoutout to Chris Weinke — the only coach not named.

Esker is an absolute treasure. She didn't want a picture or an autograph from @Vol_Football coach Jeremy Pruitt. She just wanted a hug.

Jeremy Pruitt's reshuffled Tennessee staff is getting a ton of attention this offseason but Chris Weinke's move to QBs coach could be the most important coaching change for the upcoming season…

Tennessee DB Kenneth George, suspended during the spring for a spring break incident, is back on the UT team, per coach Jeremy Pruitt.

Jeremy Pruitt wrapping up his day at #SECMD2019. He confessed to #MartyandMcGee that he was WAY more comfortable during his second year.


Five years later and we still cannot breathe. When will Black lives begin to matter in this country. #whatruthsoundslike #tearswwcannotstop…

At doing everything Trump is receiving backlash for doing. Why? Because people are fucking stupid #ObamaWasBetterAt

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins launched into the unknown on their way to the moon to do what no human had ever done before. #Apollo11 #Apollo50th…

This decision from the DOJ is an injustice for Eric Garner & his family. No one is above the law, including those working to enforce it. The fight for a criminal justice system that protects & serves all equally continues.…

Let me see... #Obamawasbetterat doubling the debt, apologizing to the world, deporting illegals lol, doing NOTHING for Black people, decreasing hsbc loans, dancing lol, singing lol and LYING LOL!!!

#ObamaWasBetterAt -weaponizing the IRS & FBI against political opponents -having media allies kiss his ass -bombing poor brown hospitals -Having media allies kiss his ass -selling guns to drug cartels -having media allies kiss his ass -having big tech in his pocket

Private sex islands. A global empire of crime. Sweet-heart deals when he is caught. Basically only serving nominal time. Y'all, Jeffrey Epstein is about as close to a super villain as you get in the real world.…

“Chance the Snapper” charmed Humboldt Park visitors and eluded authorities for the past several days. Until now

eu acho muito legal esse vídeo do nirvana representando os beatles sem o brian epstein

Organized chaos, as they like to say. #SECMD19


See you later alligator as Chicago's Chance the Snapper is captured…

Geeking out on the 50 Mission Control channels “live” streaming the #Apollo11 mission on #Apollo50th

The look you get when Epstein starts squealing about the 26 times you flew to pedo island with him..


Hello @MSNBC, Question for you: Why is it when you report on Roger Stone, you note in the headline he is "Trump Friend" but when you report on Jeffrey Epstein, you fail to note he is "Clinton Friend"?

Shoutout to my gramps who is sporting all the #NASA gear I’ve ever bought him, and his ridiculously large sunglasses (which I cannot take credit for). He provided IT support to NASA Johnson leading up to and during #Apollo11 - it was one of the most exciting times of his life!


Seriously. Have you even stopped and thought, "how the fuck are these people our leaders? Is this the best we can do?" #TuesdayThoughts

S-IVB (third stage) LOX (Liquid Oxygen) tank dump begins. This is part of a sequence for orbital safing of the S-IVB. #Apollo11 #Apollo50

SAGA, V. 9 trade paperback is on sale @amazon now for a limited time—snag one of those sweet #PrimeDay2019 deals while you still can! #PrimeDay @fionastaples #BrianKVaughan


Esto es como en las relaciones: pedir perdón o perdonar no significa que vas a volver o que las cosas serán como antes. ¿Así de sencillo o te lo explico con plátanos? #RickyRenuciaYa

The park is open @amazon . For 12 hours only, Jurassic World 5-Movie limited edition steelbook collection is on sale for #PrimeDay:


WATCH: Liz Cheney Rips Progressive Democrats: A ‘Callousness That's Born Out Of Ignorance’ | Daily Wire…

CAPCOM: "11, Houston. It doesn't look to us like you'll be able to make it around to this observation attitude in 2 minutes. We recommend that you save the fuel. Over." Collins: "Okay, Houston. You got to us just a little late. Our maneuver's already begun..." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

The park is open @amazon . For 12 hours only, Jurassic World 5-Movie limited edition steelbook collection is on sale for #PrimeDay:


It’s been 50 years since we sent the first Trojan to the moon. #Apollo11 | #FightOn


Happy #WorldSnakeDay! Here's a group of beautiful and under-appreciated hygrocolous North American natricine snakes!


Clouds? Not in the right region of the world to see it? No prob! As always, the awesome humans at @Slooh have ya covered, with LIVE coverage of the #PartialLunarEclipse, on this, the anniversary of the #Apollo11 mission! What a day! Broadcast begins soon, 11:40amPDT! #Apollo50th…

Eric Garner's daughter expressing frustration i can feel

Not even being provocative: If you think the family is a site of oppression & you think sex work is ethically defensible, then millionaires who pay 15-year-olds large sums for sex are legit liberators. Jeffrey Epstein is to trad family values what John Brown was to slavery.

Eric Garner's daughter: "I don't want no condolences! I want my father and my sister".…

#ObamaWasBetterAt respecting others of differing views.


Imagine asking permission to suicide Epstein & company...

Sign @GMB_Union's petition calling on Amazon to treat its workers like humans - not robots. Because nobody should go to work in fear of leaving in an ambulance. #AmazonWeAreNotRobots #PrimeDay…

William Barr steps in to make sure the NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner won't be prosecuted

#ObamaWasBetterAt honesty, integrity, caring, work ethic, world leadership, appointing cabinet members & Supreme Court justices, improving healthcare, having family values, respecting women, helping Dreamers, singing Amazing Grace, respecting climate science, crisis management.


On this #PrimeDay, remember that Amazon won't donate a gift card to your school fund-raiser. #ShopLocal


Jeffrey Epstein's porn stash flourished thanks to NYPD: lawyer


Prosecutors won't charge NYPD officer involved in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner

#RIP Bill Nunn and Eric Garner

SAGA, V. 8 trade paperback is on sale @amazon now for a limited time—snag one of those sweet #PrimeDay2019 deals while you still can! #PrimeDay @fionastaples #BrianKVaughan


This is rich: Two contestants on a reality show whose sole purpose is to spark hookups for the amusement of viewers argue over chastity and sin. #TheBachelorette… via @usatoday

This Jed date is awkward. I just don't understand girl.... #TheBachelorette

Luke P crawling back onto my screen for another week of #TheBachelorette…

Of course Congressional GOP members are defending Trump's "go back/you can leave" racist croaking - what else would you expect from Kevin "Go Back-All the Way To The 1350s" McCarthy and Liz "Make Waterboarding Great Again" Cheney?

Jarrett Guarantano in the mass. Says he talks to Peyton Manning every 3-4 weeks. ⁦@Vol_Football#Vols #SECMD19


Watch: Alligator captured after at least a week in Chicago park lagoon…

"Kevin McCarthy" Congratulations go out to Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney and Steve Scalise - for earning their SILVER STORMTROOPER Badge of Merit!

People making up stories about Blac Chyna right now like

#RacistInChief, #TrumpIsARacist and #RacistPresident: these were some of the reactions to Trump’s racist tweets. 'We will not be silenced': Congresswomen targeted by President Trump hit back.

“Hey, whose arm is this on the floor over here?!?” #OverheardAtStarWarsCantina

Saved thousands of bucks this #primeday by not buying stuff I don’t need. #lessismore

13 reasons why had a trigger warning at the beginning of every episode. You knew what you were getting into. If you knew you would be triggered you shouldn't have watched the show. Editing the scene now after 2 years will make no difference #13ReasonsWhy #mentalhealth

En te levant le matin, rappelle-toi combien est précieux, le privilège de vivre, de respirer, d’être heureux. Hier n’existe plus , demain ne viendra peut-être jamais. Il n’y a que le miracle du moment présent, savoure-le. C’est un cadeau!  #MondayMotivation #haveaniceday

Best Amazon #PrimeDay UK deals as second day of discounts begin…


Netflix finally listening to advice on #13ReasonsWhy is positive. But they were badly advised & irresponsible & should have realised the potential for harm.…

Schnappt euch die #PS4Pro zusammen mit #DaysGone - jetzt im Angebot beim Amazon


#ObamaWasBetterAt "George Conway" #RacistGOP #TrumpIsARacist #TuesdayThoughts #RacistInChief #MelaniaTrump #Birtherism #RacistInChief The first lady is just like her husband. She married Trump in 2005 and obtained U.S. citizenship in 2006.

Obi: these are not the drinks you are looking for, is not us who ordered the drinks, that table over there bought us some... #OverheardAtStarWarsCantina

Could someone do humanity a favour and ask the President exactly which countries he thinks Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib "came from"? Can't wait to see his response. Thanks. #RacistPresident #TheSquad

I have some news for Trump. They are articulate smart and persistent. They aren't afraid of anything, much less you. They aren't going away. They will multiply. Check the marquee, they are listed as the coming attraction. #RacistPresident #TheSquad


Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. - Dylan Thomas #quote #mondaymotivation


Once you actually deserve to rank and are the best result, your link building is going to be far more successful @rjonesx #mozcon

Una cosa si en el area 51 descubrís la existencia de Ridley el de metroid avisadme que me pago el avión a estados unidos para pedirle matrimonio.

O ano é 2057: 700k das 900k que foram invadir a área 51 não sobreviveram, o resto anda na rua com aliens á trela. Cya in 20 september gamers

#2KRatings pesaos maxho que pesaos

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