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Alan Dershowitz Says He’ll Join Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team…

i WILL see eminem when he tours speaking it into existence

che muy bueno el nuevo disco de eminem ah no pará esto no es el 2004

Just want to reiterate that Eminem's still got it. Everyone else is rapping about how mumble rap sucks and selfies and tats and fame are lame...Em just murders the mic like he used to and doesn't ask if you care. Absolutely amazing.

Do you still consider #Eminem ELITE in rap today?

Intellectual lightweight Ken Starr who is best known for writing the bodice-ripper Starr Report is chosen by @realDonaldTrump to be on his impeachment defense team.

Alan Dershowitz compared Democrats to Joseph Stalin - whose Soviet regime killed over 20 million people. So of course he’s on Trump’s legal team.

There's deep irony that Ken Starr will present "oral" arguments in defense of Trump's impeachment next week.

Dershowitz’s client list is one of the most amazing rosters of our time.

Trump's impeachment team includes Ken Starr, "I Kept My Underwear On" Dershowitz, and Pam Bondi, the former Florida AG who dropped charges against Trump's "charity" after he made a large donation to her campaign. #impeachandconvict…

If you need it, please take this high-key Julius energy with you into the weekend. #VanHelsing #FridayFeeling

Michelle Obama & Muhammad Ali share the same birth date. Guessing few knew, and even fewer are surprised. #FridayFeeling #FridayVibes…

hey let's look up what Ken Starr's been up to ... oh…


Ken Starr defending a sexual predator when he helped impeach one for that very reason.Alan Dershowizt an Epstein associate and client.Defending Epstein's old best friend Donald J.Trump.#bizarre From Discover on Google…

I wonder if Alan Dershowitz is going to have Trump.try on a pair of black gloves ? He better be careful because Trumps tiny hands will. fit them.all.

•Fraser,Harry Wilson,Lewis Cook, Lerma,Billing & Gosling this season - 7 big chances created in 79 starts combined •David Brooks last season - 9 big chances created in 29 starts The 22 year old playmaker’s injury absence is a big contributor to #afcb’s struggles this season.


Aaron Hernandez said his cell was cozy, man that just ain’t right at all

aaron hernandez kinda fine doe

Quien ya vio la desaparición de Madeleine y el documental de Aaron Hernandez, cual esta mas chidis???

This morning I thought I had that #FridayFeeling but I went to the doctor and it just turned out to be trapped wind

Monica Lewinsky is spitting mad (sorry) Because Ken Starr joins Trumps impeachment defense team "this is definitely an 'are you f**king kidding me?' kinda day," Lewinsky tweeted… #NewsandPolitics via @pjmedia_com

76% of you think the arrest warrant for Odell Beckham is not warranted. I would tend to agree. Beckham was GENERALLY out of control, generally acting loopy. There should be some way to point out to him that there are limits, but I'm not sure this is the way.…

Odell whenever he sees Antonio Brown do something ridiculous

Didn't Alabama smoke cigars after a victory? Now all of a sudden it's some bullshit.…

Brandon Ingram was unstoppable again Thursday, during a career-high 49-point outburst vs. Jazz. It was the latest stellar performance for the 22-year-old, in what's been an outstanding first season in New Orleans for the fourth-year #NBA forward:


I was angry reading this but suddenly felt like crying when I read this statement about Tillerson: “You took the body blows for us,” Dunford said. “Punch after punch. Thank you. I will never forget it.” DJT is an ignorant vile piece of shit.…

The lineup for Jazz Fest 2020 has been revealed. Performers include The Who, #StevieNicks, Lenny Kravitz, Black Crowes, #FooFighters, Dead & Co., Beach Boys & more. The 51st annual festival will take place over 2 weekends, Apr. 23rd - 26th & Apr. 30th - May 3rd. #Music #Concert


ICYMI: Jazz Fest announced its 2020 lineup. Here's what caught Gambit's eye right off the bat…

The New Orleans @jazzfest announces the @foofighters, @lizzo, @TheWho & more as performers

Countdown for tonight's NYC Jazz Fest Marathon. We're certain the @Daedelus set is going to be a special treat, as always #NYCWJF @NYCWJF


A complete list of performers for this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has been announced. A few of your favorite artists are probably scheduled to appear!…


lol eminem's fanbase saying that we shouldn't get sensitive over his manchester joke bc he always does this and is always ruthless is the perfect example of why he should've been cancelled a long time ago bc it ain't the first time

I’m about to send my ears and mind to heaven, i’ll see you all in a month #Eminem #MusicToBeMurderedBy

I am a simple man. Eminem releases new music; I listen to it.

I hate Eminem for still making music kmt

Selena getting dragged for being desperate Eminem dropped a surprise album Halsey dropped her album Mac Miller’s album dropped after his death WHAT A DAY!!!!!!

idc if you’re an eminem fan or not “Darkness” is the song of a lifetime everyone needs to go listen to it immediately. i’m crying it’s so amazing. please go watch the music video

‘Killer Inside’ Claims the NFL and New England Patriots Were Complicit in Aaron Hernandez’s Dark Turn…

Mood tras terminar el disco de Mac Miller

Watching this Aaron Hernandez doc. Never knew he beat that double murder case, and also he hung himself 2 days after it leaked he was gay. This shit wild.

i can't stop listening to #walls

Odell Beckham arrest warrant issued after smacking police officer in LSU celebration


A sequel to the Aaron Hernandez documentary…

Aaron Hernandez cousin was SOLIDD

i love how aaron hernandez was literally a convicted murderer but the main thing y’all seem to be taking away is that he was queer


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