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Why are the President’s lawyers talking about @BarackObama I mean this obsession with Obama never ends. Ever. #ImpeachmentTrial

Derek Jeter played 20 seasons for the New York Yankees, winning five World Series titles with the team.

How did these idiots representing Trump manage to get Law degrees? Trump University? #GOPCoverup #ImpeachmentTrial #ShamTrial

#RepNadler is reminding that #Cippolone sent a letter rejecting the offer of due process & then claiming no due process. #ImpeachmentTrial

From the Before They Were Blackmailed Collection. “I mean, this is unreal. Again, this guy is a con artist. He’s always making things up. No one holds him accountable for it.” @marcorubio @GOPLeader @SenateGOP #GOPCoverup

How are any of these repubs going to make the case to ppl in their states to vote for them when they are handing over their power as senators to trump? We don’t even need congress if they are going to crown trump a King. #RiggedImpeachmentTrial #impeachmenttrial

Men who have lied all day—@JaySekulow and #Cipollone—clutch their pearls at being called liars. #ImpeachmentTrial #GOPCoverup #GOPTraitors #GOPlies

Cippolone cannot argue FACTS. He cannot argue EVIDENCE. He simply cannot argue. Now he's just defending Trump and whining like a little infant. Nadler owes Trump an apology? Fuck YOU, Cippolone! How about YOU apologize for your Russian paycheck! #ImpeachmentTrial

When launching haymaker after haymaker wasn’t enough, Silvio De Sousa RESORTED TO PICKING UP A DAMN CHAIR! At least he’s used to sitting out via NCAA suspension for a long, long time. What an ugly nightmare in Lawrence.…

Walker Makes A Late Push, Joins Jeter as 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees… via @TracyRingolsby

#EsTiempoDeBeisbol y de opinar que, yo no se quien fue el que no votó por Derek Jeter, lo deberían de hacer público y dar sus argumentos, por otra parte creo que Roger Clemens y Barry Bonds tienen más méritos para entrar al #HallofFame que Larry Walker ¿Qué opinan?


Keep this in mind when reading student evals at the end of the term: Derek Jeter (aka 5x World Series champion) was left off one person's Hall of Fame ballot, earning him 396 of 397 votes (99.7%)... #HOF2020 #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter

Kristaps Porzingis’ Mavs return marred by Dwight Powell’s 'feared’ Achilles tear…

Wtf the whole team attacked Silvio. That's bullshit!! Self-defense!!…

The refs didn’t even eject Silvio

Peter: I can promise you I’m never forgetting about you. Also Peter: #TheBachelor


Worst “pool party” ever. #TheBachelor

me at #TheBachelor pool party while everyone else is causing drama:

Second Fridge Question: From 1/21/2020 #TheBachelor


Don’t get why people are so upset over this, I’ll still call it Miller Park…

As #ChampagneGate comes to an end, it’s @BenavidezAlayah v. the world. Does she have a chance to stay even AFTER getting the boot? Is there a chance the next @BacheloretteABC ISN’T from this season? Listen here! @Radiodotcom #TheBachelor #BachelorNation…

Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one. - E.B. White  #quote #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymotivation


Floating out an idea for supporting @BernieSanders during the Iowa caucus vote. All of us change our Twitter pictures to Bernie, this photo or President 46 picture two days prior to the vote. Any thoughts or other ideas? #ILikeBernie


Marielle Franco e Glenn Greenwald vão derrubar o governo Miliciano Nazista Lavajatista de Jair Bolsonaro/Sérgio Moro.…

Appreciate Grand Canyon's Squirrels by enjoying them from a distance. #SquirrelAppreciationDay Even though rock squirrels appear cute, friendly and harmless, they actually cause more injuries that need treatment each year – than any other animal.…


A #TongueOutTuesday Happy 4th Birthday to beautiful Paddy, our older #pawsonplastic pup! Making a difference on every walk. #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #dogoftwitter


Greenwald: “Nós vamos deixar muito claro que nós recebemos tudo muito antes disso, e não tem nada a com isso, entendeu?”O procurador Wellington D M Oliveira diz, q as conversas deixam claro que eles sabiam que estavam “incorrendo na prática delituosa”.

No STF, Marco Aurélio diz que denúncia contra Greenwald “é perigosa”…

ABJD: Denúncia do MPF contra Glenn Greenwald reforça tese de retaliação…


I hate how society tries to make it ok to laugh at delonte west. No matter what led him to that point in life, why do we find it comical. Imagine that’s your pop, brother, cousin, friend...

No STF, Marco Aurélio diz que denúncia contra Greenwald “é perigosa”…

Antonio Brown heading down the Delonte West highway. Hope someone can save him from himself. He's got to want the help though I suppose.…

Gressel thanks #ATLUTD supporters, says no bad blood toward front office… #MLS

Ghost By @howtodrawcomics super talented artist. I'm thinking about making her a trading card. Yes or No? SIGN UP and GET NOTIFIED when this book is on Indiegogo! #series #comic #ncbd #newcomics


i know nothing about hua cheng except he's sexy and a ghost and probably a mess but if something happened to him i would simply have to pass away

If the only books on his shelf are Atlas Shrugged, Fight Club, and Infinite Jest, then you won't even have to ask him to choke you. But it might be completely unrelated to sex.



10 years ago, the #CitizensUnited decision flung open the door for the wealthy & powerful to take over our democratic system. But democracy isn’t just for the few. So we need to pass my #DemocracyForAll amendment to overturn Citizens United & put gov’t back in the people’s hands.

It's clear to me that Antonio Brown needs guidance and counseling from Delonte West.

One of the saddest parts of Delonte West's downfall is he didn't suffer in silence. For @ForbesSports:…

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life... because you become what you believe! #tuesdaymorning #TuesdayMotivation #tuesdaymood #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdayvibes #Tuesday #motivation #quotes #quote #Inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspirational


Y’all know delonte west been homeless and a addict for years now ? How do y’all decided the timing y’all fake care about shit on this app? y’all got family that ain’t had millions of dollars going through this same shit and don’t give them that energy.

Almost missed out on Revis vs. Sherman part II on here. Couldn't have that happen after instigating the first one.


Mykenna’s reaction works for all situations on #TheBachelor Peter: “Here’s a rose to you, Sydney” Chris: “Peter has gone home” Peter: *doesn’t invite Mykenna on group date* Tummy Tea spokesperson: “We’re going with Madison”

There is way too much country music on #TheBachelorABC. Producers, there are other genres of music. #thebachelor #bachelor

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