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Solskjaer on Greenwood: “Mason's never been on my mind to send on loan, he's one that we have to keep at our place, keep him playing when we feel it's good for him and at the moment he's flying. He reminds me a little bit of the Giggsy story, you can't really send him on loan.”

Someone tell Ansel Elgort that my apartment has AC and popsicles and the CATS trailer on a loop.


Solskjaer on Greenwood: “Mason's never been on my mind to send on loan, he's one that we have to keep at our place, keep him playing when we feel it's good for him and at the moment he's flying. He reminds me a little bit of the Giggsy story, you can't really send him on loan.”

Soapy crooner didn’t make it to Beyoncé ‘s Lion King. The more you sing thrash , the faster you loose relevance. What’s up with his EFCC case or was it just another media trial ?

بيونسي سجلت ١٥٠ أغنية لألبوم "The Lion King: The Gift” منذ شهر يونيو!

Every generation needs a creepy ass movie to reflect on as adults and wonder what the hell kind of drugs the makers were on. If Bowie were alive he would have been starring in Cats and you know it.

The recurring dream of trying to take the cats on vacation and realizing, too late, that this is a very bad idea

Why do cats kill moths? I’ve found so many dead moths half chewed on my dining room carpet. It’s pretty sad, i like moths.

If Beyoncé gives us a video for “My Power” I will literally never ask her for anything ever again. I need the universe to receive this


Ignoring people like Katie Hopkins doesn't work. It can't work. Maybe in isolation, just for you, it can. But she gets through, to the weak and gullible, the racists and the bigots, and empowers them. Her and everyone else like her needs taking down - ignorance isn't a solution.

I fucking love these fucking savages. Completely worth getting up in the middle of the night to watch. #Yankees


Aaron Judge pulled a baseball. He's decided to unlock all parts of the field. Baseball is doomed. The savages are mashing early.

let's go ya bunch of savages!

“Our guys are savages in that box”

Remember.. if you’re going to the game today, try to start an AARON BOONE chant!

Aaron Boone watched last night's game from Hal Steinbrenner's box, he said.

Where did Aaron Boone watch last night's game? "Hal's box... nice way to watch the game"

Aaron Boone was up in Hal Steinbrenner’s box last night. Said it was a good bird’s eye view of the game, but that it was “odd” — until Edwin Encarnación’s grand slam. Then he was able to enjoy it. He’ll be back in the dugout this afternoon.

Aaron Boone watched last night’s game from Hal Steinbrenner’s box. Was a little weird, but once Encarnación hit the grand slam, he started to enjoy it.

A4:I am reading, planning, growing, learning, and reflecting by writing. Refocusing on my health and well being and spending time with my kids. #leadupchat

ICYMI… The world heard Boone call his players “savages” on an open mike Thurs, but #Yankees players know the word well because it is the one the manager wanted to describe this team from the outset of spring training.

ICYMI… You know who would have loved Boone’s tirade? George Steinbrenner. So I reached out to see what his son thought.

i am upset peta actually did something good

What did Zlatan say in the interview?

Yesterday was fruitful @KINGSUREFIXED didn't have much so I staked low. Thanks for this win you're the best #BBNaija #BBNajia #BBNaijia #BBNIAJA #bbnaija19 #BBNaija2019 #BBNaijaUpdates #messi #vela #ibra #Zlatan #minato #inna #iran #court #dortmund #brownskingirl #Hollywood


Why are the cats sexy? And other Cats questions you were too embarrassed to ask.…

don't hurt cats you dirty thots

So my cats have made it into the @guardian. Life mission complete.…

Going For #TheLionKing Tomorrow As Well With Family..2nd Time!! @iamsrk

The new @shanedawson 'The Return of Eugenia Cooney' video is heartbreaking to watch. Just everything she has gone through, the way people have treated her is really hard to see. She's such a beautiful soul, and I'm so glad you made this video, thank you.

After wizkid @wizkidayo murdered beyonce's brownskingirl.. Jay-z said - I would have given you beyonce but she is the only one I have... #brownskingirl #brownskingirls #TheLionKing #BBNaija #wizkid


why is peta trending

shane dawson’s face gives me the willies but i rlly wanna watch the eugenia thing

I don't want to be too hasty, but if PETA keeps up with calling out people who are actually doing shitty stuff to animals instead of their usual bullshit, they might actually have of the most unexpected redemption arcs in Twitter history,

Eugenia Cooney is finding her way back. The world is now in a better place

kristen: trisha: kristen: no one: trisha: i HATE all of jasons friends. all of them. anyone that has to do with him. #therealityhouse

i need this @KianAndJc follow real bad right now. sooo everyone check out #therealityhouse series on knj’s channel on youtube! it’s CRAZY good.

Aaron Boone galopa en el Premio al Manager del Año.

After party vibes with @nas and @MassAppealRecs in honor of #LostTapes2  #TIDALXNas

Aaron Boone: Umpire showed more 'class than I did' during rant


MLB notebook: Yankees' Boone gets 1-game suspension


Watch @Buccigross say swears on eSpn2 next.. Solid impression of Brett Boone..

WATCH: #Produce_X_101 Trainees Express Their Gratitude For #LeeDongWook And Trainers…


[#FANCAM] 19.07.19 Hangyul durante a Performance de "Boyness" para o PRODUCEX101. #이한결 #한결 #HANGYUL #PRODUCE_X_101 #PRODUCEX101 #프로듀스X101 #X1

Another sick perverted bastard abusing children..Mueller witness George Nader charged with transporting boy for sex, child porn - CNBC…

Tyreek Hill to his son when he gets home today.

The latest from @gregcote: Sports and the coverage of sports have become interwoven with politics and inseparable from issues of race and equality. Dan Le Batard dared to remind us of that. I say good for him. Let’s see if @espn feels the same.

Aaron Boone will not be in the Yankees dugout on Friday night

Ezekiel Elliott and Josh Gordon have both been mistreated by the NFL in terms of the punishment they've received It is okay to believe that AND also believe that the NFL shouldn't punish Tyreek Hill or any other player w/o evidence This doesn't have to be an either or situation

iTunes Worldwide — Albums: #2. “The Lion King: The Gift" — @Beyonce (NEW) #TheGiftAlbum


Man, the NFL can be so tone-deaf at times. Right or wrong, when there is A LOT of outrage both internally and externally, this is probably not the best time to post this.…

Can we give the Comeback Player of the Year award to a manager? Aaron Boone, please.

Watch, follow and Win free Airtime Predict the Housemate to be evicted this Sunday @BBNaija The first 2 correct predictions win Airtime worth #500. To qualify, post comment and tag 2 friends. #BBNaija2019 #BBNajia2019 #BBNajia #BBNaijaPepperDem #BB #ICYMI #TheGiftAlbum


The 1995 49ers jerseys might he the best in NFL history. Dont at me.…

Tyreek Hill avoids NFL suspension in domestic violence case involving son


How sick and foul is the NFL? They won't discipline a repeat offender for beating their kids. But they're willing to end careers over speaking out against racism and smoking weed.

Mitch Petrus wasn't a member of the Arkansas sports media world very long. But make no mistake, he was going to be a big star. His passion and enthusiasm for high school football was amazing to watch. My condolences to his family, friends & TV colleagues today. #arpreps…

Joe Torre mentioned that in addition to being suspended, Aaron Boone was also fined for yesterday's incident. The Yankees have already been fined $28 million, the most among MLB teams by more than $17 million (Mariners, $10.7m). @Starting9 (via @spotrac)


Good for Dan Le Batard.

Jeffrey Epstein and George Nader are in jail for allegedly raping children and sex trafficking, and Cindy Yang is also allegedly linked to prostitution and sex trafficking. The President of the United States is linked to three sex traffickers and it's not front page news.

In THIS house, when i play #Spirit and the rest of this album, my kids will definitely know it’s time to get up and clean. #TheGiftAlbum

I’ll say it again for the people in the back, I HATE RECRUITS! This is not the way to cast this show. We deserve better! #BB21

Am I the only one who thinks that if Jack/Jackson are made have-nots that they will still eat regular food? And production will do nothing? #BB21

Sure, the idea of an 18-game NFL season has been swirling about recently, but what about a 17-game season?

We at Fearless Friday mourn the loss of Mitch Petrus. A truly nice guy and a unreplaceable asset to this earth.

Ex-Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus dies of heat stroke #10TV



Ex-Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus dies of heat stroke

"As cool as the other side of the pillow" I miss Stuart Scott and I thank him for making Sportscenter so fun growing up!…

HEARTBREAKING: He was only 32-years-old. Please, everyone, stay safe and aware this weekend.

Former NFL offensive lineman Mitch Petrus died Thursday night in Arkansas due to heatstroke, officials said. The former Super Bowl champion was 32 years old: #abc15


Ex-Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus dies of heat stroke


Sad story. We have to build up the same reflex to avoid extreme heat that we do lightning or a tornado.…

They’ll never be another Stuart Scott... One of my all time favorites @espn

Nas dropped lost tapes 2 after so many Years and it's still a hit..I'm forced to Stan #LostTapes2

#LostTapes2 Nas...... you’ve done it

This new @Nas is dope! This is everything I could have asked for on my bornday from a king emcee. Shouts to Nasty Nas for another ill catalog addition and for making a bday that much better. #LostTapes2

era il lontano 2012 e un mio amico mi regalò quest'immagine quel mio amico era Tom Hooper #CatsMovie


शाहरुख खान के बेटे आर्यन का हुआ डेब्यू, पढ़िए द लायन किंग का रिव्यू!…

Storm Energy Partners Silverbird To Premiere ‘Lion King’

I think we were all so distracted by the absolute horror of cats with fur, human hands and boobs in the Cats trailer that we've forgotten that Jason Derulo is starring alongside Judi Dench #CatsMovie

No Jess, the way things went down today is not 'the reason everybody watches'. Today was terrible. #bb21

Christie (in the RV w/Jess, Tommy & Jack) just said she believes in just living in the present & not freaking out ahead of time over things. Umm- does she forget her meltdown a few days ago?!? Lol #BB21

Kat keeps saying she's in Mensa. I still wonder if it's the same one Raven is a part of #BB21

#CatsMovie but it’s just 90 minutes of Idris Elba in full costume noisily licking his own arsehole

How did Doctor Who manage to create better human cats over a decade ago with a small budget than a huge movie production in 2019? #CatsMovie


Christie is so fake.... she would not be talking to Jess and telling her she needs a break from ‘the others’ if someone from her alliance won HOH.... #BB21

Me making a bunch of throwaway fake e-mails once AFP voting opens so I can make multiple CBS accounts to spam vote for Kemi. #BB21 #Kemi #KemiForAFP

Praying Cliff is smart and doesnt fall for Jackson plan #BB21

Posted 1:31am: Christie telling Jess that Jack was making everything about him. How he's going up, how he should have won, making it all about him she says. She doesn't want to sleep in there anymore, relocate and clear mind and make decisions for herself again. #BB21 #BBLF

Jess is very excited that Christie and Tommy are moving into the RV room tonight. #bb21

Lindsey Graham using John McCain’s honor to defend Donald Trump’s racism makes me sad to my bones.…

New Maxo Kream is very fye. On a scale of 1-10 I give it 6 stars out of 5

I don’t remember John McCain inciting a racist mob or willfully violating campaign finance law or paying off sex workers to stay quiet.…

Not gonna lie-the combo of this amazing response by Aaron Boone, plus the ridiculousness of some stories in the 5a of @FoxFriendsFirst has me more fired up than usual. I'm looking at you, Berkeley, the New York Times, and the social media outrage police. Pray for @jillianmele.…

No: Warmonger John McCain only backed this woman's racism. He said Obama's not an Arab "he's a decent family man," showing his own anti-Arab racism.…

“It doesn't matter how great your shoes are if you don't accomplish anything in them.” ― Martina Boone, Compulsion Great cartoon by @BJennings90 for @garyyounge’s article in @guardian…


Remember when Republicans were decent? Wrong but decent. Watch John McCain defending Obama against the racists.

Possibly the greatest manager rant of all time…

Brand new definition to "Aaron Fucking Boone" Love it.…

hold on maxo kream dropped?!

Witness the birth of a new meme -- and probably a whole bunch of T-shirts, too.

Tylko w ciągu jednego dnia w hrabstwie Boone sprzedano ponad 30 puszek z owadobójczym sprejem.…

"Aaron Boone Berates an Umpire, and the Yankees Take 2 From the Rays" by JAMES WAGNER via NYT The New York Times…

Press play on @MAXOKREAM's new album #BrandonBanks ft. Megan @TheeStallion, @ScHoolboyQ, @TrvisXX, and @ASAPferg


If the HWs want a complete run-down of Tinsley's finances, then they should be willing to show their own info. Exactly how much money did DM and SM have before they married rich men? #RHONY

Bethenny's bitter is what she is. Tinsley had all the things she didn't growing up and she's never going to let anyone forget how beaten down, how oppressed, how horrific it was because she has to be the winner, no matter what the contest is about. #RHONY

Everyone is up in Tinsley's biz. I don't understand what the problem is. What does Dorinda want to know about her? I know as much about Tins as I know about Dorinda. Who hasn't hooked up with an ex? It's so common it's a cliche. I just don't get this interrogation. #rhony

This defending Ramona's gotten OUT OF HAND, but how often does Bethenny apologize for the shitty things she says? Why is it always the mostest, hardest, hurtiest for Bethenny but no one else? #RHONY

#RHONY how come @TinsleyMortimer can’t go back and forth but all these other bitches can.

Russian Doll dizisi, izlenir mi fikir alabilirmiyim acill

I did the FaceApp old photo thing and now I’m a cop!

“This campaign in the end will be about patriotism and whether you love America, or whether you despise America.” - @newtgingrich on what’s at stake in 2020. Listen to the NEW #IngrahamPodcast

Worried about where that pic you snapped on #FaceApp is going? Or how it's being used? Watch @NewsHour tonight. I'll walk you through what we know (and what we don't) with @joejerome .

“My father John McCain would be very upset about identity politics at the Jellicle ball!”


Trump: “No one has more respect for women than I do!” Also Trump: —“Send her back!” —“Lock her up!” —“Horse-face!” —“Grab them by the pussy!” —“Low IQ!” —“Begged like a dog!” —“Pocahontas!” —“Blood coming out of her wherever!” Trump is a rapist and a misogynist #IStandWithIlhan

First gameplay footage of #PlayAvengers will be revealed a week after Gamescom. New gameplay footage is being shown @ #SDCC right now More detailed look at the E3 footage Black Widow vs Taskmaster Customization Iron Man and Thor co-op mission Catpain America gameplay

User der Bubble kannten Faceapp schon vor einem Jahr #Avantgarde

While #Turkey is well-aware of the economic consequences of its choice, domestic political considerations are propelling Ankara to override economic considerations and choose the Russian #S400 system.

#ITChapter2 #IStandWithTrump can’t believe two clown related things are trending at once


are you virgin — i’m a scorpio…

Another trailer! This one to scare the living daylights out of you! #ItChapter2 #ItChapterTwo…

Collapsing a particles wavefunction doesn’t require a conscious observer, a photon detector does just fine. And no where in #QuantumMechanics does it prove all reality is consciousness or that it’s necessary for the universe to exist. / end #Science rant. #ThursdayThoughts

京アニ火災事件の被害者皆様が一日も早く平安を取り戻せるように。 #京アニ #京アニがんばれ #PrayForKyoani

El HT #FayadEnemigoDeHidalgo ya es TT en México. Se encuentra junto a: 1. Top Gun 2. Andorra 3. Cats 4. Zhenli Ye Gon 5. #HoySiNecesito 6. #ITChapter2



bill skarsgard is too fine for y’all not to be a pennywise fucker


“And we are going to continue to be a nightmare to this president because his policies are a nightmare to us.” @IlhanMN #IStandWithIlhan #WelcomeHomeIlhan


“We have always been about creating a more perfect union. One that isn’t just about tolerance, but about accepting.” @IlhanMN #IStandWithIlhan #WelcomeHomeIlhan


Well I guess that will teach me to try and put a picture of my knees through faceapp #faceappchallange #FaceApp #ThursdayThoughts


The airport erupts into “Welcome Home Ilhan” chants as the gates open and @IlhanMN walks through. #IStandWithIlhan #WelcomeHomeIlhan

I really can't believe my sidereal chart got a Scorpio rising, Pluto conj Asc, and Pluto in the first.


À l’ère des GAFAM et d'un président américain qui gouverne avec des tweets, le roman "1984" continue d’être tragiquement d'actualité !… @fredsigrist revient sur le chef d'oeuvre de #GeorgeOrwell dans @BlockbustersFI #BigBrother


“Total drug overdose deaths in America declined by around 5 percent last year, the first drop since 1990.”…

America has a chance next year to make Trump a blip, an embarrassing lurch. Imagine if it does not take it.

Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.…

I'm devastated to learn about the arson at KyoAni (Kyoto Animation). What a tragic turn of events. Animators had it hard already, come on!

【京アニ放火殺人事件】アメリカのアニメ配給会社「Sentai Filmworks」がクラウドファンディングを開始へ 寄付は既に2000万円を突破か・・・ #KyoAni #KyotoAnimation #SentaiFilmworks #京都アニメーション #京アニ #クラウドファンディング #寄付 #Anime #prayforkyoani

【京アニ放火殺人事件】アメリカのアニメ配給会社「Sentai Filmworks」がクラウドファンディングを開始へ 寄付は既に2000万円を突破か・・・ #KyoAni #KyotoAnimation #SentaiFilmworks #京都アニメーション #京アニ #クラウドファンディング #寄付 #Anime #prayforkyoani

Are we really giving out our personal info to the Russians just so we can see ourselves with more wrinkles than we've already accumulated? #FaceApp

A cult of white supremecists chanting “send her back” in support of a racist president. Terrifying how far America has fallen under Trump. Fascism spreads like wildfire.

Great, I will add up to 'The Men Who built America'…

I know they are chanting "Send her back" but all I hear is "Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil!" #IStandWithIlhan

Russian warships destroy target with supersonic moskit missiles (Video)


"Why is it OK for me to talk about the influence of the National Rifle Association, or fossil fuel industries or big pharma, and not talk about a powerful lobbying group that is influencing policy?" ~ Ilhan Omar on the Israel lobby #IStandWithIlhan…

#IStandWithIlhan because I understand how America works and my brain has not been hijacked by a parasitic hate virus. I'd rather have an open heart and a welcoming spirit than a shiny red hat.

"Дед-пикет" пойдет под суд за нападение с газетой на полицейского в Екатеринбурге

#DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut he’ll text you good morning after the 10 other girls he’s talking to get their ‘good morning’. #waityourturn

Rare Soviet vintage children's book "Why mushrooms hid". Russian illustrations. Russian vintage. Udmurt books. USSR illustrated book 1980s… #soviet #sovietvintage


Good to see everyone is super concerned about cyber security after using that Russian owned aging app, as though we haven't all been on (super secure) Facebook for years. #ageChallenge #theRussiansarecoming

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul on Fox News for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’…

Check out @nprfreshair this morning to hear me discuss El Chapo’s sentencing with @NPRinskeep. Here’s how it went down yesterday:…

Mexican drug lord El Chapo has been sentenced to life in US prison

According to @RandPaul it’s ok to vote for the #TrumpTaxScam w/o a budget offset but it’s NOT ok to support 9/11 #FirstResponders who are willing to sacrifice everything?! Those are messsed up priorities!…

Rand Paul blocks Senate vote on 9/11 victim compensation fund


Así es la nueva cárcel de alta seguridad en Colorado donde el Chapo Guzmán pasará el resto de sus días


'It's absolutely outrageous': Jon Stewart slams Rand Paul for delaying 9/11 first responder bill…

Seeing the q baby during his speech made me realize Trump is the hero all of mankind needed. #qbaby #IStandWithPresTrump

⏲️ Darren Clarke first man out at #TheOpen and made a decent start - local knowledge could give him half a chance this week...

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