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Lionel Messi's votes for #TheBest Men's Player of 2019: 1️⃣ Sadio Mane 2️⃣ Cristiano Ronaldo 3️⃣ Frenkie de Jong


No Vaseline? What you talking about?


Lionel Messi's votes for #TheBest Men's Player of 2019: 1️⃣ Sadio Mane 2️⃣ Cristiano Ronaldo 3️⃣ Frenkie de Jong


Lionel Messi, recibió por primera vez el premio The Best de FIFA…

Buck is BACK BABY #911onFOX

Lord knows the world doesn't need another network cop procedural, but it turns out I'll watch any freaking thing @michaelsheen appears in. #ProdigalSon

A lotta ppl are talking about how the #CentralPark5 actors were robbed at the #Emmys. Thoughts? #JoinTheConversation #TeamDl #DLHughleyShow @tvonetv

Early returns on "Daniel Jones is the biggest reach of a draft pick in modern history" are not the best, but I feel great about this one…

Michael Sheen is a GENIUS casting choice. #ProdigalSon

I can't believe you morons watch football when Daniel Jones isn't playing.

I predict that Tariq will be the one that kills Tommy in the end. #PowerTV

I HATE Tasha. Every time Ghost finally decide to lay hands on Tariq stupid ass, she goes "No stop! Go to your room." Dummy. #PowerTV

Easy there Danny Dimes! It was 28-10 by the way. Now get outta here! Ha.…

Dwayne Haskins vs Danny Dimes next week. Other than Case Keenum, who says no?

The Redskins hoped to get a game against Eli Manning next week. Danny Dimes prevented that from happening. After NYG & apart from week 6 in Miami, this is their entire schedule before the week 10 bye: • 3-0 Patriots • 3-0 49ers • 3-0 Bills • 2-1 Vikings (in Minnesota) fun

When Danny Dimes torches Joshua Norman on Sunday >>>>>

At this rate chances are looking pretty good we might actually get to see Danny Dimes vs. Dwayne Haskins next week. Fingers crossed. #GiantsPride

This redskins team stinks. Seen enough for tonight. Danny Dimes’ next victim. Powering this down and turning on last night’s Succession episode while enjoying a bowl of Raisin Bran

I love when adult Danny’s do work. Trevathan and I bonded over being adult Danny’s at Training Camp. I’d prefer Daniel Jones go by Danny Jones before I sign off on his “Danny Dimes” nickname. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

Even now being public feels a little awkward to this Gen Xer shamed as a baby bi for not "picking a team," but I'm out here doing my part for #BiVisibilityDay!…


Repost while it's relevant, happy #BiVisibilityDay from your friendly neighborhood secretary!


first day of libra season and i already can shoot lasers out of my eyes

Für die einen ist er ein singender Dichter, für andere der ehrlichste Arbeiter im Bergwerk des Rock`n`Roll. #BruceSpringsteen wird siebzig.

RIP Sid Haig - Thanks for the ride, Captain Spaulding. "I'm gonna have to be taking your car today. See I have some top secret clown business that supersedes any plans that you might have for this here vehicle."

It's the #FirstDayofFall, don't forget to tell your plants you love them. Concept art from Seedling (2018, @MagicLeap One).


Let go of the past. Answer the call. The brand-new trailer for #Frozen2 is here.

Who's ready for campus to look like this again? #FirstDayofFall Side note: this photo was taken on the last day of November last year, so we've got a ways to go before fall hits Texas!


"Daniel Jones was sensational. First Giant QB in 50 years to have an 18-point comeback." Phil Simms 0-21, when down 18 points Eli Manning 0-44, when down 18 points Daniel Jones now 1-0 "I don't think they come back from down 18 points w/ Eli Manning as the QB." — @getnickwright


Browns collapse, Harbaugh, UGa-ND, Volols, Mahomes, Lamar, Daniel Jones, Jalen Ramsey sick, top ten, SEC 1-14…

Echoing what many have said already, Sid Haig was not only a great actor but a sweet and funny man. #ripsidhaig


Last night's #Emmys purple carpet was full of style and glamour—see every look here:


Sid Haig's philosophy about life, "Buy low, sell high." RIP.… #sidhaig #SidHaigRip

Sid Haig was an American actor, film producer, and musician. Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's horror films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and 3 From Hell. Died: September 21, 2019- I just heard about this my prayers and respects to his family.


Sid Haig death: Horror actor who starred as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie films dies aged 80

Traffic at FedEx will be terrible as usual, but this time you'll lean over to your dead-eyed friends and joke "Maybe it's the #ShutdownDC protesters." But they won't laugh. Because it's not. It's just tens of thousands of disappointed fans that have to go to work in the morning.

Civil disobedience and protest have long been a part of the American experience, from the Boston Tea Party to the Women's March. As #ShutDownDC continues, take a moment to read about other historic marches on D.C. in @SmithsonianMag

RIP Proctor! The realest Laywer on TV #PowerTV


PREDICT AND WIN!!! Predict the five housemates Frodd is gonna pick tonight for possible eviction and win big. *** Retweet is an added advantage*** Goodluck!!! #BBNaijaEviction #frodd #ebuka #BBNaiija #IkeToFinals #PowerTV #MondayMood #AmINext


When you search “Danny Dimes.” This should come up. Hell of a throw and amazing catch by Sterling Shepard!

"My man just started throwing babies out the window, and we were catching them, unlike Agholor." This guy just made the soundbite (and Philly fan) Hall of Fame. #Eagles…

Brutal blow for the consensus #1 pick in fantasy. Wayne Gallman is guy to grab & any starting RB has some value in fantasy-BUT he’s not particularly exciting to me. I’m still in on Danny Dimes but (assuming they don’t sign someone) Gallman merely a cross your fingers flex play.…

Former @Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is now an @ESPN broadcaster, but he still trains like a pro. Check out my @MensHealthMag story on @TeamVic's early morning workout with @donellansports. #NFL #GiantsPride #ESPN…

Any Haters out there still laughing at my 10-6 prediction? This can be a good team if the defense pulls it all together. #GiantsPride

.@JoeBudden & other @Giants fans seem to have come around on 'Danny Dimes' following his historic debut in Tampa…

.@WhoopiGoldberg gives a shoutout to @Daniel_Jones10 aka ‘Danny Dimes’ and the @Giants on their win yesterday! #GiantsPride #VictoryMonday

Thomas Cook'un iflası, 'Türkiye için 600 ila 700 bin arası daha az turist anlamına gelebilir'


The tour operator and airline Thomas Cook said on Monday that it had collapsed, leaving hundreds of thousands of travelers scrambling to find a way home

Thomas Cook made his first excursion in 1841, the start of a path that led to 21000 people being employed yesterday, and 0 today. As the last flight landed this morning, the team in Manchester lined up to perform a 'guard of honour' for staff leaving the plane. Good luck to all.…

Thomas Cook: La faillite du groupe sera un "tsunami" pour la Grèce…

La mayor repatriación desde la II Guerra Mundial

cupkkake will never even be half the woman chungha is NEVER

mess with chungha and you’re messing with the whole kpop community

30 years ago today, Maine road massacre #mcimun #maineroad


Rebecca's doing background checks on Ziad and she's the one who's got a whole husband. Twit. #90dayfiancebeforethe90days

Avery is delusional. I remember being 19 & dumb. #90dayfiancebeforethe90days

Tough loss but doesn’t get much better than this! Huge thank you to @JennMatthews57 & the Matthews family for inviting us into their suite tonight! Honored to team up with a legend and an even nicer person and family! So glad everyone loved the shirts! Next stop Canton for Clay!


The Browns lost tonight, but it was a great day. Met some great friends at the tailgate earlier, saw Clay Matthews, Jr join the Browns Ring of Honor, and during tonight game I received a follow for the one and only @joethomas73 Much thanks to all.

Com 2 touchdowns de Cooper Kupp e 3 sacks de Clay Matthews III, o Los Angeles Rams (3-0) bateu o Cleveland Browns (1-2) no Sunday Night Football. #NFLBrasil #NFL 100 #LARams


Bad night for Clay Matthews night... good night for Clay Matthews!

How do you go empty backfield twice on that last drive and how do you lose on Clay Matthews night Browns damn

eu sou a mulher mais linda q existe hoje & na chuva ainda #lovingLGBTQ


can you save my heavydirtysoul? #lovingLGBTQ


ela esperava likes vai receber unf #lovingLGBTQ


My heart aches for Keanu man. Atlanta, Gator Nation, and Sumter County already know this... but you won’t meet a friendlier guy. He took some time to see some visiting fans before the game today. Prayers up @Keanu_Neal

I still believe the #Eagles should target Jalen Ramsey but today's loss has me a little less willing to give up 2 1's or a huge offer of picks/players

trans nonbinary man, gay and proud pronouns: he/him • they/them (ptbr: O/-/ele/-o/-e) #lovingLGBTQ


.@SenatorRomney says Trump noncooperation on Ukraine is "troubling in the extreme." @SpeakerPelosi says it might eventually open "a whole new stage of investigation." Master Class in how DC people pretend they are doing something stronger, but actually aren't.

Not many positives to take away from loss to Lions. My #Eagles-Lions Up-Down Drill:…

Great team win today!! How bout those CHIIIIIIIIIIEFS #ChiefsKingdom

Without the 7 drops, Wentz would've been 26/36 for roughly 350 yards and 3 TDs (and, for the 2nd week in a row, a win). #Eagles

Mitt Romney and John McCain confirm for the rest of us that 1. Republicans really did lose their minds post-Trump and 2. elite GOP completely lost control of the fire it started. Those 2 truths hold regardless of what facts come out. that’s what’s most “troubling in the extreme”…

The list of Eagles coaches that need to be relieved of their duties: 1. DB Coach 2. WR Coach 3. Strength and Conditioning Coach. On the Hot Seat: 1. DC On the Lukewarm Seat 1. HC. He has a soft team and his offensive playcalling ability needs to be examined. #Eagles

For anyone still wondering why the #Eagles lost today... 7 dropped passes 3 fumbles 3 OPI penalties 0 sacks That’ll do it! #FlyEaglesFly

This is an embarrassing and inexcusable loss!!! #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly To make things worse, I lost a bet & had to replace my BEAUTIFUL Philadelphia Sports Painted Canvas with this garbage!! Thanks @KeithInman31 ... the #Lions STILL STINK!!! Reaction:…

Keanu Neal has the worst luck man

Way too much disrespect on here for the Milky Way. It's caramel, nougat, and chocolate. What more do you want? (And don't say peanuts.)

So no one’s hearing all the gunshots from Ghost’s apartment???? #PowerTV

¡Así fue la proyección de ayer de la Batseñal en Barcelona con motivo del 80 aniversario de Batman! #80AniversarioBatman #BatmanDay


2 million dollars to keep Tariq Alive? Me If I was Ghost or Tommy: #PowerTV

Details don’t matter in this show. How Tasha and Ghost supposedly the same age from season 1 but Yasmin has gone from a toddler to around 8? This is TV for people who never question shit #PowerTV

Thoughts from the Box: Jake Fromm made big throws with the game on the line... Georgia's secondary was outstanding... Special teams needs to improve.. Read more of our thoughts on Georgia's 23-17 win over Notre Dame

I can’t believe Donovan died before Saxe. #PowerTV

I know we always like to talk about, "Did Team X win the game or Did Team Y lose it." But with a 67-63 final (reminder that this is football) after being down 32, when the opposing QB throws 9 TDs, I'm gonna go ahead and bend the knee to UCLA.

Column from last night: It was a great day for Georgia’s program, but I’ve seen enough of Kirby Smart clamming up in big games to become officially concerned about the Bulldogs ability to win it all… via @usatoday

The safety car is out AGAIN - this time so the Alfa Romeo can be recovered from the run-off at the first corners. #F1

⚠️ CRASH ⚠️ Kvyat hits Raikkonen and the Alfa Romeo is out of this race with damage. #F1 | #SingaporeGP | #NightRace

Notre Dame got worn down by an above average team after about 2.5 quarters. We’ve come to expect them to choke in these big games, as they’ve dropped their last 6 now. They’re a trash program and it’s time everyone recognizes that…

¡ En todo el mundo se reunieron para honrar el 80º aniversario de Batman y la señal de Bat se encendió en las principales ciudades de los 6 continentes! #BatmanDay #Batman80 #LongLiveTheBat @DCComicsLatinA1

WVU has a better record than Notre Dame, Michigan, and Texas A&M. That is all. #TrustTheClimb

[PREVIEW] 190922 #SEVENTEEN at Yeouido Fansign - Vernon #세븐틴 #버논 @pledis_17 @pledis_17jp [© Blossom Season, Letters to Romeo]


"These giants are part of a complex world created over millions of years, and their survival is intertwined with our own." #WorldRhinoDay…

GODSMACK! Originally thought I'd be in Green Bay & Madison WI this weekend for @Godsmack @Halestorm & @Monster_Truck_. Went to book flights late w no luck. Apologies to you who wrote asking where the F I was! At least you got to beat up on Jim Harbaugh! How were the shows?

Harbaugh is now 4-11 versus teams ranked in the top 15 at game time. He is 14-11 away from the Big House. He is 5-11 away from home against winning teams. Better than thou attitude only goes so far

Muay Thai elbows cut like razors. Sound off if you wanna see me fight one more time in my hometown DC this year! #UFCMexico #UFCDC…

Immediate Questions Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh Has To Answer…

.@AlexaGrasso held her head high following her majority decision loss to Carla Esparza at #UFCMexico: "In my heart, I won." Watch full video:

I’m just going to say one thing and one thing only regarding Michigan football today. I don’t think firing Harbaugh is the answer. But I do think he needs to bring back that internal fight he used to have a couple years ago. If you have no fight left, it shows easily.

When you wait all night for the #UFC main event and it ends in 15 seconds to an eye poke #UFCMexico

The game finishes with Georgia topping  Notre Dame by a score of 23-17. #NDvsUGA…

Georgia’s comeback from a poor first half started with a seven-play, 53-yard drive on the legs of junior running back D’Andre Swift, who finished the game as Georgia’s leading rusher.…

maybe if romeo and juliet did this they wouldn’t be dead

Georgia lands knockout punch in heavyweight fight against Notre Dame, proving they're ready for a title run

Galería: Así brilló la batiseñal en 10 ciudades del mundo por el #BatmanDay


Chicos, ayer me acosté a las 2 de la mañana porque no podía dormir, me he levantado a las 6 porque sigo sin poder dormir. Valverde se tiene que ir ya, se vienen epocas muy oscuras, muy oscuras.

My little brother said M&Ms taste bad so now im starting a gofundme to put them down

I feel guilty drawing for Marvel and tweeting Batman art... but it is #BatmanDay . Will resume being rivals tomorrow.

“Esta ciudad acaba de demostrar que está llena de gente dispuesta a creer en el bien...” Batman. #BatmanDay #Batiseñal


my ranking of hot sims 1. Mortimer Goth 2. Sergio Romeo 3. Thorne Bailey 4. Don Lothario 5. Diego Lobo 6. Ted Roswell (DILF) Honorable mention: brett and brant hecking but they’re in a happy relationship i wish they’d have a threesome with me though

Notre Dame proves it can play with the SEC and the best college football has to offer…

San Jose State says we’re gonna build a new dorm and Arkansas is gonna pay for it. #arkvssjsu

Romeo save meeee *aara as manchetes da época sos


Estos son verdaderos luchadores!!! No el fiasco de Jeremy, ojala no le vuelvan a dar peleas #UFCMexico


Compare. Why cover up instead of showing the damage that apparently occurred?! #UFCMexico


I can't go to Romeo concerts bc I sing more than the overweight chicks he brings up on stage to make out with

Let's not forget that Jim Harbaugh had to watch his program get wrecked today by one who plays the exact way he desperately wants his to play

I hope the marsau infidelity part is just a storyline. Its dangerous though...#lamh

comeback group: #LAMH

Chad Morris experiment needs to be over.

"So once again, the Wolverines must try to salvage a season as opposed to commanding it. This is not how it was supposed to work under Harbaugh."

Why exactly does Harbaugh get paid Saban type money and more than Dabo?

Michigan trash, Harbaugh has been beyond awful and they still won’t fire him because he’s a “Michigan man”

Alonso, Conforto, Davis, McNeil, and Rosario have combined to hit 136 home runs this year. The Marlins have hit 133 #LGM #LFGM

New Post: With A Mighty Swing Mike Piazza Helped Heal A City #Mets #LGM #LFGM

tough to put a positive spin on this one. three hits? geez.. hats off to Wheeler, solid outing, but ouch.. #LFGM #YGFB #LGM

Ugly way to end this one with 3 Ks. Those close losses hurt so much more. #LGM #LFGM

Can these guys swing the bat please? #LGM - brutal loss - Cubs lose, Wheeler pitches great and they can’t put together a W #LFGM

The three best relievers of 2018 (Diaz, Kimbrel, Treinen) are all horrible now LMAO #LFGM

51' MEU DEUS!!!! Granada chega com perigo, bola foi alçada na área e QUASE Ter Stegen faz gol contra.

It’s drizzling in Des Moines but the rain has nothing on this #Petewave @PeteForAmerica @polkdems #SteakFry

Serious roar of a #SteakFry greeting when Pete Buttigieg takes the stage, probably louder even than for Elizabeth Warren.

Happy #BatmanDay here's a Nightcrawler I just drew.


When the city needs him, this hero always appears. #KleptoCats #BatmanDay


imagine being president of the United States and you can't even enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon cheating at golf because you're a criminal and not even a good one at that and the walls are closing in and everyone knows about your Ukraine extortion and you're sweating like a pig

if she’s your girl why is she infiltrating area 51 with me

The Nazi Propaganda on the back of the image reads: In the zoo in Kharkiv. In the Kharkiv Zoo, many animals walk freely. Our soldiers befriended them in a short period of time. A Yak calf. (Here: a soldier caresses a goat.) Image.. More photos here:


Time for baseball #LFGM

13 versões do iOS depois e finalmente a Apple fez uma UI decente na mudança de volume

At Friday’s #ClimateStrike, meme-heavy signs—“We took hot girl summer too far,” or a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic” with the words “He wouldn’t die of cold now”—bobbed alongside sombre ones about income equality and Hurricane Maria.

‘Trump’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him like a drum!’

Guardiola had a point to make after City had beaten Watford 8-0 #mcfc…

Inside Pres. Trump's push for Ukrainian probe of Democratic rival:

#Badgers coach Paul Chryst said Joe Rudolph cane up with scheme that had Erdmann and Moorman in backfield and Sampson at TE. Lot of beef.

Scène incroyable lors du match Manchester City - Watford. Un supporter de Watford a été forcé de suivre le match jusqu’à la fin #MCIWAT


I’m not mentally, physically, and any other “ly” you can think of, ready for the rest of the college football season ... but I’m still #GoBlue 〽️…

It's not everyday you get to meet a member of Congress who happens to be an alumna of your school AND a nurse! Thank you so much @RepUnderwood for coming to talk to us today at @UMichNursing. Such a great example of what it means to be a Leader and Best! #GoBlue…


iOS 13 definitivamente não tem interação com o Instagram. Quando vc entra n stories e ele tá mudo e vc tenta aumenta o som pra né, FUNCIONAR, ele aumento e advinha???? Continua mutado

Manchester City hit eight in Watford demolition, Spurs rocked by Leicester #vanguardnews


Today has been a hard day. Please respect me and my family’s privacy during this time. Please do try to text me, call me, ask me to to go to work, or get out of bed until basketball season. Thank you. #goblue 〽️

Robert Kraft has fired Antonio Brown over 'threatening' texts to accuser


I made a shape diagram of how Antonio Brown’s life has been within the last few weeks...


Jim Harbaugh's favorite Italian restaurant is Sbarro #Badgers

While walking off the field after the #Badgers win...@HeismanTrophy hopeful @JayT23 stops to take a picture with an adorable fan. #SweetMoment

First time the entire family is going to a Pats game, love the view from the room! #LFG


If Guarantano starts next week, I will enter the fan transfer portal.

Look, I’m saying this as someone who has been watching the game. Brian Muaer has been trying his best to make the right olays and has produced points. Guarantano has produced turnovers and 0 points... let the back up play for god sake!!! #TENNvsUF

After watching 3+ quarters, it's safe to say Tennessee is every bit the dumpster fire they were advertised to be. #TENNvsUF

My thoughts on the Tennessee Volunteers: -Jeremy Pruitt is not a good coach -Jarrett Guarantano is not a good QB - The administration is full of clueless clowns -The players really don’t seem to care This is a special recipe for a 2-10 season

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