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y’all she’s coming .. she’s coming


Trump administration tells federal agencies to use "rigorous" performance standards in rating employees

Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party - NBC News…

It's been a few years since we've had one of these gentle soaking rains in July here, hell it's been a few years since we've had rain in July period. #milliondollarrain #onstorm

#ARealPresidentWould WORK. (Like OUR current president). #ARealPresidentWould NOT go on vacation every other day like sorry ass Obama. No need to @ me, I said what I said. Damn right.

y’all i have three hundred fuckin followers??? wtf? thanks

This may actually be what finishes Trump

Kavanaugh involved in covering up Epstein/Trump pedophilia connection | Intrepid

Donald Trump has fought and cared more for this country then anyone in resent years He even doesn’t get paid to be president he refused it and still does what he says he will he’s not racist cause he loves USA So THE LEFT CAN STOP TRYING TO DIVIDE US WE LOVE OUR PRESIDENT #KAG

Doctored video viral: Donald Trump startled by ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ chant at a public rally | @thoughtbuoy…

She claims she thought it was Breyer but still what the heck could Breyer have done to deserve being welcomed to Hell? People really really really need to learn to use their inside typing voice.…

#WednesdayWisdom Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing their opinion.  - Proverbs 18:2 (CEB)

Episode 3 is live! We cover the philosophical musings of Justin Bobby, a Brad Pitt mystery, Katy Perry’s alarming view on marriage and more ✨…

Musks Firma Neuralink setzt Gehirn-Implantat bei Tieren ein… #ElonMusk #Neuralink

Couple married for 71 years die on the same day 21 hours apart (photos) #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #wednesdaymorning…


The inquiry into all the shady, criminal, abusive shit his lot did historically to actual anarchist groups still isn't finished yet, so maybe he should pipe down, yeah?…

‘You have to think about it?’ Kris Kobach goes down in epic flames when CNN’s Cuomo asks if he’d vote for a racist…

Hey Vic fans! We've made it to Wednesday! We all know how much Vic loves Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club. Here's a pic of our man cosplaying as Tamaki when the series was first being promoted. Isn't he just too adorable for words?


A heat advisory goes into effect at 11 am with temps high enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk! Please shut off your cars and lock the doors even if you’re only stepping away for a second. Keep pets and those sensitive to heat out of the car if the AC isn’t on!

Wooseok é incrível e nada vai mudar #Humph OBGD PENTAGON


Why is #NationalHotDogDay separate? Shouldn't it just be part of #NationalSandwichDay ?

In light of @elonmusk's announcement re #Neuralink, here's a piece I wrote about #AI and the concept of soul.…

My reputation precedes me into the room where icy stares and solar flares of hatred wait to greet me, sent to meet me from the Night Queen with her plans of death, and worse. #vss365 #1linewed

He really is from the future. @elonmusk's #Neuralink is a potential game-changer for paralyzed patients, allowing them to control computers and smartphones using their thoughts. #neuroscience #paralysis #robotics #healthcare #technology…

"Hello, tech support? I love my new #Neuralink, I believe in the Neuralink mission, but my brain is on fire"


“Why should I text you when I can just call you?” #TextsFromMyParents

i think about chris martin performing the fear with lily allen on a daily basis

Llegó Emma Coronel a la corte donde su esposo, Joaquín Guzmán Loera #ElChapo, recibirá una nueva sentencia. @telediariomty

Super stoked to announce @Razer has accepted me into their #RazerStreamer program! Would be here with out my amazing community and the help of all the people in @MetaGroupgg. Let's go!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!! Love you!! ❤️


Norfolk candlelight vigil honors local boxing legend Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker via @WTKR3

R.I.P Pernell “Sweet pea” Whitaker . . Olympic Gold Medalist ✅ Pan American games Gold medalist ✅ World Championship Silver Medalist ✅ 4 time World Champion ✅ Ring Magazine #1 P4P three years in a row ✅ . . Will be……

today is my sweet pea , princess Maya 5th birthday❤️happy birthday baby me and Ari love you!


i need y’all to stop pronouncing “whew chile” out loud like “whew chillay” it gives my ears secondhand embarrassment

Ok. Y’all got me with this one.


so i’m going to leave twitter for a month to sort some things out.. and if you want to leave something for me to come back to on here, you can. if not then, that’s fine too! just love y’all and i’ll be back in a month!! Stay safe and take care of yourselves!! ♥️

you can be fine as hell but if you’re not funny you and this p*ssy will never be friends

If I go to Area 51 I better come back with a Roger


Todos los expresidentes peruanos que han servido desde el 2001 están siendo investigados por delitos ligados al caso ‘Odebrecht’

you must love these area 51 tweets ellie....

That would make you the fastest reader in America. did you learn speed reading while on the fake reservation? @ewarren…

Winner #AgeChallenge

“Olhe Blue Ivy, tudo isso que o sol toca é o nosso reino! O tempo de um reinado se levanta e se põe como o sol. Um dia, Blue Ivy, o sol vai se pôr como o meu tempo aqui, e vai se levantar com o seu, como nova rainha.” Blue Ivy, tudo pra mim! #SpiritMusicVideo


Você sabia? A maioria das visualizações do novo clipe de Beyoncé não estão sendo contabilizadas pois estão vindo de outra dimensão espiritual. #SpiritMusicVideo


Great obituary but not enough Bowers v Hardwick— just saying @nytimes Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Who Led Liberal Wing, Dies at 99

What I sleep on vs what y’all sleep on @terry_vette


do y’all see’s the love of my life…

I’m so tired of seeing y’all old asses

It's either fuck yes or hell no. No more maybes.

Hellll yeah @theglutster. For real Las Cronicas Del Taco is the best show on Netflix. Salivating over the carnitas episode, mad as hell I don’t have pork fat in my mouth right now.


Goodnight to everyone except people who sleep with their socks on... y’all stay the hell away from me and my family

“Emily Osment depois de ter libertado Miley Cyrus e Selena Gomez da área 51” “Mas não antes dos aliens me vestirem”


"Para nós está tudo claro, agora é entre o clube e Neymar. Ele disse que queria sair, sim, antes da Copa América". - Thomas Tuchel


#ProTip Run your #FaceApp initial result back through a second time for a really dramatic effect.


Unless Richard Spencer got punched again, or there's a new remix of him, say, getting punched by Captain America and/or Marvel, there's ZERO reason to have him on air, @CNN.

Area 51 bout to be an E. coli quarantine…

Releasing aggravating stress results in natural health & natural cures r effective. Facts & tips @ #panic anxiety

Y’all suck and your agricultural “facts”are bullshit…

Just heard that Harry Styles will most likely play Prince Eric.... here are my thoughts on that: #TheLittleMermaid #disney #princeeric #LittleMermaidliveaction #disneyrage


"I'M HURTING". My good friend, Former World Boxing Lightweight Champion, and "Hall of Famer" PERNELL "SWEET PETE" WHITAKER, aka "Sweet Pea" (age 55) was hit by a car, and killed in Virginia. He was a good brother, and will be missed, but never be forgotten !!!. "GOD'S PLANS"


Boxing Legend Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker Hit by Car and Dead at 55

Yes, let's give the gentleman more time. Thanks, Rep. John Lewis.…

The Young Terrace community, PB Young Elementary, and the city of @NorfolkVA honor the life of Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, an individual whose impact will never be forgotten.


#ObamaWasBetterAt killing American citizens without charge or trial, creating the "Disposition Matrix" aka the "Kill List," killing young men and then calling them enemy combatants and finally, dressing up the authoritarian abuse of power with a smile so no one said anything

All this garbage about how SDNY Feds are so wonderful and independent and they are really going to go after @realDonaldTrump and his people. The same Feds who have decided not to bring charges against the ‘Killer Cop’ that killed Eric Garner! I don’t trust ANY OF THEM! AP…

#ObamaWasBetterAt deporting people? State sponsored assassination programs?…

I think trump needs the definition of AMERICA and what it stands for. That’s the problem he’s so F’ing stupid that he doesn’t know anything about it’s past. America is the MELTING POT. Supposed to be Diverse; it was designed/created that way. He needs a history lesson or 10,000!!

Pres. Trump won office at a time when the international strains on America’s primacy were building, and domestic disillusion with Washington’s expansive globalism was festering, writes Prof. @HalBrands in his latest @bopinion op-ed.…

I'll say it, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM!!! YOU BITCHES!!! If you hate AMERICA GET THE HELL OUT! How are you in government anyway? Who voted these 4 squad members into office? Are they even legal to be in this country?

Man, if you're #Israel, you got to love this clip b/c evidently, #America and #Israel are one and the same. If yo don't love #Israel you don't love #America? Wow? #IsraelFirst. #Trump's band of #WhiteSupremacist #Neonazis haven't gotten the memo obviously.…

Como cuando Netflix me robó una idea y la tropicalizó gacho, pero algo es algo:…

CAPCOM: "I guess the view must be pretty good from up there. We show you just roughly somewhere around 19 000 miles out now." Collins: "I didn't have much outside my window." CAPCOM: "We'll get you into the PTC one of these days, and you take turns looking." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

#Apollo11 will rotate several times during mission; Houston reassures CMP Collins they will “take turns looking” out the window. #Apollo11


Oh, Jesus! Glenn Beck is hardly a worthy rerpesentative of God!…

Collins responds to the weather report: “I didn’t know what I was looking at, but I sure did like it.” #Apollo11

Sometimes I feel I spend too much time searching on other Public Trees for evidence of their facts. So much copying from others’ trees is making them less and less useful these days.#AncestryHour

So apparently one of these dudebro youtubers trying to make a dime "crushing feminists with facts and logic" but in its Spanish form, interviewed my little sister about the patriarchy in some party last weekend.

CDR Armstrong reports weather patterns in “North America, North Atlantic, and Europe and Northern Africa” seen before LM ejection #Apollo11

As a kid, me & my friends taught the parrot at Woolworth's to say the word 'cunt'. #TuesdayThoughts

Donald Trump will look into claims of Google ties with China…

The NYPD killed both Eric Garner and his daughter Erica Garner.…

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of Eric Garner’s death. Today federal prosecutors, under AG Barr’s direction, announced that Officer Daniel Pantaleo will not face charges. The timing of this announcement is intentionally cruel. #EricGarner deserves justice. #BlackLivesMatter…

Unión Europea plantea sancionar a responsables de torturas y abusos en #Venezuela Comiencen por el régimen de #Cuba que con el G-2 asesoran e implementan la política de estado venezolano en reprimir y torturar a su pueblo @FedericaMog via @DLasAmericas

Jesus! Jesus!!! Jesus!!!! Come and take your place! #ETRisingDeep Live Recording

Jesus may be able to turn water into wine but can he turn this wine into piss

Mark Levin Backs Trump: ‘A Hell of a lot of Americans’ are ‘Sick and Tired’ of These Congresswomen…

Me: “[Serious football question]” Kirby Smart: “What the hell happened to all of your hair, Barrett?”…

43% (217) Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or immigrant children. Only 3 are from Central/Soith America Including... 2 from Cuba 1 Brazil 0 Mexico 0 Guatemala 0 Honduras 0 E Salvador Yet people use the 43% as proof that lawless immigration from South is GR8!…

#ObamaWasBetterAt being respectful to those with disabilities.


Yet another child is being ordered to die in the UK‼️ Parents of 5 year old girl with brain injury are fighting to force medics to keep her alive so she can be treated in Italy in an echo of the Charlie Gard case. Jesus weeps.…

50 years ago today, the #Apollo11 crew— #NeilArmstrong, #BuzzAldrin and #MichaelCollins—launched from Earth, fulfilling President Kennedy’s moonshot by embarking on their journey to the moon. Enjoy these moon-related songs, movies and events:…


Collins: "Houston, Apollo 11. We're starting our maneuver to observe the S-IVB slingshot." CAPCOM: "Roger, 11. We've got an updated attitude for you on the slingshot observation." Collins: "Okay. Say the angles please." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

jaemin . my dude . ur fucking Rad as Hell

A shocking and disgusting decision by the DOJ today. No justice for the family of Eric Garner after waiting five years. #EricGarner #BlackLivesMatter #chokehold…

some cop put Eric Garner in a chokehold and it killed him medical examiner ruled his death a homicide everybody saw the video Garner had been a horticulturist at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. He was married & had six children, & three grandchildren

Deux ans après la première diffusion de l'épisode controversé de #13ReasonsWhy, Netflix a décidé de supprimer la scène du suicide d'Hannah Baker…


‘Chance the Snapper’ had a good run in a Chicago lagoon, but in the end he was no match for an expert the city shipped in from Florida.

Seriously.....all of our new Aaron-isms are incredible....#foodart had the Sweet Pea pierogis, new Tomahawk, and now more Polish creativity.... Beanie would totally approve.....@TonyMantuano @Cubs @GallagherWayChi…

in the 6th grade u were either a warm vanilla sugar bitch or a sweet pea bitch

Sad to hear about the tragic passing of a boxing legend “Sweet Pea” Pernell Whitaker #pernellwhitaker I met him once, after he won his first #championship title. He was , as the name says “Sweet” #SweetPea @PernellWJr @IBFUSBAboxing @WBCBoxing @NYTSports @NYTObits @BoxingNewsED


고통받는 원생의 영혼 최고의 팬은! via… #큐비


the guards at area 51 when a bunch of stupid millenials and gen z's come nervously asking "hey can we like come in?" by themselves, scared because their mommy couldnt say it for them


me going into Area 51 to finally get myself an alien boyfriend

y’all i’m not gonna lie these Area 51 memes especially the sexual ones are disgusting and weird

Saved by Grace. “If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 NLT

JRE Ep.1247 Post Area 51 Raid


Aujourd'hui il n'y a pas le Tour, mais il y a la classique Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenges ! RDV à 15h30 sur la Chaine l'Equipe pour revoir la victoire de Jésus Herrada ! @TeamCOFIDIS @jesushl90 @lachainelequipe @ClaireBricogne

area 51 aliens discovering facetime after looting my dead corpus


A pre-recorded British accent just came on the Luas to remind customers they must have a valid ticket to travel. What. Fresh. Hell. Is. This.

of course rohans theme is super melodramatic what the hell did i expect

there are actual people who hate on lil .. yall sure yall not the aliens they broke out of area 51

If Jesus was a virgin, I wouldn't be here.

Many a holy saints have told facts about complete Sadguru ,but they were not acquainted with the one. Savannah Singh Ji of Radhaswami was one of the such ignorant saints. #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


We are well aware of the fact that Talat Hussain is a smug know-it-all who gets paid to stretch the truth and twist the facts. #LifafaJournalist #LayOffLifafaJournalists

It’s very interesting that the media hears Trump say go back to where you came from when he actually said “ you can leave “. Very different. Facts straight is always good

Ahead of its return this summer, Netflix has removed the graphic suicide scene from #13ReasonsWhy...

#ImPeachNow is what i declare when i pick Peach in Mario Kart

After watchin’ Blac Chyna’s show....I

#NSTshowbiz: Netflix Inc. is removing a controversial graphic scene depicting a youth suicide from its popular young adult drama ‘#13ReasonsWhy’, following advice from medical experts.…

Netflix has edited the controversial suicide scene in season one of #13ReasonsWhy. Here's why:


#LegionFX is honestly better than all the X-men Movies combined IMO.

#CouldYouPleaseFix the fact that I'm not sleeping?

Thank you for playing #CouldYouPleaseFix Thank you for the anniversary wishes! It has been my privledge & delight more than 500 nights of my life. See you tomorrow night. Please join @TheBSingTag with #WhatIBroughtToComicCon already in progress.


#CouldYouPleaseFix your hair? - Me, in windy Chicagoish today


#CouldYouPleaseFix my computer? I can’t seem to get a network connection


Omg #YearsAndYears is breaking my fucking heart.

ok #yearsandyears hive how can we pool our collective enthusiasm & turn maxim baldry into a bona fide movie star?


Remember! Adopt** don’t shop! **your alien from Area 51

I wanna go in Area 51

Se a cruz não for o centro da nossa religião ,a nossa religião não é a de Jesus. John Stott #GospelPrime


Lo primero que vamos a hacer mi alien del Área 51 y yo es que no se que dices de las cosas que me has dicho que no te voy a mentir

*takes deep drag on blunt* OK man but like...listen. Listen. What if we did The Last Temptation of Christ, but made it a magical girl anime? Imagine Satan trying to tempt Jesus and stuff, except as a tiny bunny-cat alien. Oh, and dude, what if Judas is a time travelling lesbian?

Area 51 is just Coachella for conspiracy theorists

Bok luoran gyd kay ka ay hunonga nana bah plsss lng hahahaamping pirmi bok habxta laban lng gyd tah sa college life in jesus bame puhon maka graduate ra gyd tah puhonsee you in august 7 bok ayieekk love you bokiii mabby -Miriam

Tomorrow, these Rebels will be in the spotlight #SECMD19

New Grady Jarrett contract lays groundwork for Kenny Clark, Packers

Donald thinks people hate America when they actually just hate him. The majority of Americans don't like you Donald, let it sink in.

Fui procurar a felicidade e voltei de mãos dadas com Jesus.

Nothing says more about America and about Twitter than the fact that #RacistPresident and #ICEbae are trending at the same time.

I’m calling for a complete shutdown of Steve Mnuchin until we find out what the hell is going on with his mouth


Trump alimenta su polémica racista contra cuatro congresistas demócratas y ellas piden no prestar demasiada atención a esa "distracción" del presidente


what area 51 raid team are tyler and josh on??


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