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IG Report explicitly faults FBI for never disclosing in multiple FISA applications that Christopher Steele was "desperate that Trump not get elected and passionate about him not being the US President" but journalists are celebrating that FBI was cleared of all political bias...?

NEW via @thamburger @PostRoz: Ivanka Trump was personal friends with former British spy Christopher Steele, according to person familiar with the situation…

I'm proud of @kenbensinger @BuzzFeedNews for publishing Steele dossier in Jan 2017. IG report now makes it crystal clear why it was crucial the public see the entire document. Prior to publication of it, portions of it were being cherry picked in news stories. Historic decision.…

That Ghostbusters trailer is great. I'm a billion percent in.

If Trump was innocent, he’d demand that all text messages, voicemails, and unedited transcripts be given to an independent investigator complying with lawful Congressional subpoenas. He’d also testify himself. Trump doesn’t do any of that because he’s guilty. #ImpeachmentHearings

#ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentHearings @RepValDemings Everybody counts. But everybody is accountable. Up to and including the President of the United States.

Always take time for Val Demings. She always brings it to the GOP. #ImpeachmentHearings

Dan Goldman is doing America a solid today. He represents the best of the DOJ that I know and that he and I both served.

“No Evidence”: An Official Probe Has Debunked Trump’s Claim The FBI Planted A Spy In His Campaign The Inspector General has contradicted some of the president’s conspiracy theories.…

.@Jim_Jordan The American people want to hear from these witnesses. #ImpeachmentHearings


Dear #Trump'sters: for years he's claimed the #Russia investigation was a hoax. Illegal. Based on the #SteeleDossier. The #IGReport released today debunks ALL of that...& reaffirms the FBI conducted a LEGIT probe & that it was NOT based on #Steele. Trump & Co LIED to you...…

When Nick Cannon fans heard Eminem was talking shit

The IG FISA report proves that Obama officials abused FISA power in order to investigate @realDonaldTrump Democrats prove once again that they'll do anything to bring @POTUS down. This is unacceptable and those responsible must be held accountable. #KS02 #ksleg

this eminem diss is the goofiest thing nick cannon has ever done think about all of the things nick cannon has done i still mean it

We need more timelines like this! #ImpeachmentHearings


The world often speaks of black boys and their anger but rarely of their sadness. Juice WRLD, who died Sunday, forced us to see, @TheQueenBRI writes.

Hey, I'll talk about it. I'm terrified that Trump will win in 2020. It wld be the end of everything ew value, & bc the last 3 years have been an absolute nightmare. But @GReschenthaler is WRONG that this is what #ImpeachmentHearings are about. HE IS NOT A KING. HE BROKE THE LAW.

jesus christ watch me never sleep again

The intelligence community, the FBI, the FISA courts, and the DOJ weren’t attacking Trump. They were protecting us.…

Each time @GReschenthaler says “Democrat”, a small child held captive in cages by Cucinelli & Trump begs for their momma. Every time, another #trans American is bashed or worse murdered. He does politics. The DEMOCRATIC party takes care of actual humans. #ImpeachmentHearings

Dear God I thank you for giving me life, thank you for sustaining my life, thank you for knowing my name, knowing Everything about me and still wanting to be my Father Thank you Jesus #TachaLeads #EverythingTacha

Column on the towering legacy of Pete Frates, who fought ALS valiantly and selflessly.…


James, don't know what FISA report you read but I read the one that came out today and it told me your screwed and that your new address is GITMO. The next knock on your door will be Durham your next court appearance will be with a grand jury. You should never have trusted JB/c_a…

Absolutely shocking From the IG Report: "Handling Agent 1 halted payment of $15,000 to Steele." "FBI records show that Steeles's last payment...was for information furnished to the FBI" Along with the DNC, the American taxpayer was funding foreign interference in our election

REVEALED: Juice Wrld died after 'swallowing Percocet painkillers to HIDE them from cops'

When Phonte said he raps for dudes with mortgages & full time jobs on the Nick Cannon podcast, I felt that. It's dope seeing all of the new lanes that MCs are creating in Hip Hop.

This was an intense two minutes of questioning between Rep. Swalwell and and Democratic HSPCI lawyer Daniel Goldman today

So #Ghostbusters "we wanted"...stars some random kids,and a stranger things kid cuase that's just what movies do now,and paul Rudd,has a serious plot,has barely no jokes,no catchy song,takes place on the middle of nowhere,looks bleack as hell,and is edgy?

Imagine that - the IG report shows that Ivanka had a personal relationship with Steele and includes a number of text messages from FBI agents ecstatic about Trump winning the election. Trump’s conspiracy lies have just been completely blown out of the water.

I won’t let you forget me -Juice WRLD

Yeah this Juice WRLD shit pissing me off more and more.

“The world has lost a true champion, but his legacy surely will endure.” Chancellor Collins and @UMassMedical community reflect on @PeteFrates3…

Wait ... Nick Cannon dropped an Eminem diss track? I mean that's like Elizabeth Warren dropping a diss track on Pocahontas.

I don't know what's worse, That new Pic by Lizzo or Nick Cannon's Eminem diss track

El exjugador de béisbol ha muerto a los 34 años. Impulsó el reto viral 'Ice Bucket Challenge', con el que se recaudaron millones para la investigación de la enfermedad

Anlayın şunu paramı karıya kıza degilde alkole sigaraya yatırdığım için derdim yok

WATCH: Rep. Collins engages in tense exchange with Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman over how phone numbers made it into impeachment report. More on the impeachment hearing tonight on @NBCNightlyNews.

#MattGaetzIsATool and a pud licker, unfit to scrub my bunions

"Let's talk about that anti-corruption POTUS of ours." Game, set, match......Swalwell. #ImpeachmentHearings #MattGaetzIsATool…

#ROFLMAO @LouieGohmertTX1 is not a smart man but a question If I call him @RepMattGaetz @RepDougCollins @Jim_Jordan & the rest of the #GOPTraitors all Flaming Assholes-Am I insulting assholes? #MattGaetzIsATool…


Rest In Peace to a brave soul. Your legacy will live on. Peter Frates, inspiration for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, dies at 34… via @nbcnews #ALS #PeteFrates #IceBucketChallenge

That big drop in independent support for impeachment?? it’s gone #MattGaetzIsATool #Collins #ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachmentHearings


Barry Berke: "My young son asked me a question. He said, 'Dad, does the president have to be a good person?' Like many questions by young children, it had a certain clarity but it was hard to answer." #ImpeachingHearing

Judiciary Hearing Devolves As Democrats Reuse Their Witness To Question Other Witnesses…

My son Jett is the biggest Star Wars fan. He always has to rock the gear., Has a ton of action figures, and reads encyclopedias on the movies. He also collects Star Wars potato heads... I think he’s just a LITTLE obsessed. #StarWarsandKohls #Sweepstakes…


This whole feigned outrage over Barry Berke is laughable There are quite a few members of Judiciary that need to be replaced! You know what that means #resisters It’s time to support the Dem or Independent candidate in your district GOP needs to become Whigs #ImpeachmentDay

POLLAK: Congress has not seen such a brazen violation of a witness’s constitutional rights since the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s.…

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