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Lik I said most of my Netherlander tweets will be about Wouter so lete start with some basic facts about him. Wouter is 26 years old. He has the mind of a ten to twelve year old. He has a minor form of autism He has epilepsy. His eyesight is only 20%


Who the main of this game? I know you can't stand my name and you know that that won't change #SuperMisNumber1Party

Explosive! Political benefit over National Security? RVS Mani discloses never before revealed facts! - PGurus. Shocking revelations…

#SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperMisNumber1Party #SuperM #SuperM_Jopping


you know maybe if you were as organic as mark lee you’d be spitting straight facts

superm set a lot of 1sts and that’s facts

The Judas Kiss. Damn #SuccessionHBO is so damn good.

So was Greg asked to go with Kendall because Kendall was on suicide watch or did Kendall invite him because he knew he had the docs??? Can’t wait for next season! #SuccessionHBO #Succession


Day 14 of #OctoberOT and book 7, Judges, gives a familiar account of the Israelites being tiresome and God appointing warlike and sometimes bizarre Judges to strengthen their resolve. One such is Gideon, here at East Winch, Norfolk and Felixstowe, Suffolk both Powell&Sons.


Devin Bush literally predicted his TD today. Dude called his shot.


Wale ran up on Pusha T and he turned into a whole Norfolk nigga.

Some of my favourites from the Norfolk Island Show - how great is the turtle cake! #NorfolkIsland


#MedievalTwitter #Cawston Spectacles on St. John at Cawston, Norfolk; Conrad von Soest, Wildunger Altar (detail) c.1403


Good Luck to the Pius X Varsity Golf Team & Coaches at NSAA State Golf Tournament in Norfolk on Monday & Tuesday!!


Russell Wilson's MVP campaign continues to pick up steam. @A_Jude's impressions from #SEAvsCLE:

ya'll remember when Namjoon read the comments of hate about Bangtan and he just said “ I will prove it to you all”. look at them now breaking records left and right Kim Namjoon, you did it. #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY

.@Seahawks QB @DangeRussWilson joined Aaron Rodgers (2011), Tom Brady (2007) and Carson Palmer (2005) as the only players to have a passer rating of 100 or higher in each of their team's first six games of a season in NFL history. #NFL100 #SEAvsCLE


no bob the builder sunbaenim did #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY

Faith in Jesus and love for him brings us joy in this life.

Matheus Jesus deu muito espaço para Reinaldo finalizar de fora da área. Em lance anterior, já havia feito o mesmo com Liziero, mas conseguiu se recuperar e fazer o desarme #trmajestoso

dando mais palco pros haters falarem mal neah #LGBTQtakeover


When they say it takes 3-4 years to get a business running right? Big facts! Trying to juggle being a indie artist & running a business been tough! We had numerous setbacks these last few months but only the strong survive! Salute the supporters! LiveHouseLife.Com

european mutuals y’all are obviously very skeptical so I’m just letting you know don’t feel compelled to send a video if you think it’s a scam, I’m just providing you with facts, so do with that what you will.

It's a hard life being a #Browns fan! #SEAvsCLE #factoryofsadness

Here's my only advice to any journalist out there.... FACTS MATTER! Want to be known as a professional journalist? Report the TRUTH and LEARN. We don't need wordsmiths, we require truth-gatherers. Disseminating those facts based on your bias is wrong. The world deserves BETTER!

Jameis Winston had 5 interceptions today and is still not the Int leader, that distinction belongs to Baker Mayfield. The difference; Winston has over double the Touchdown passes!

Terry McLaurin on his personal vibes when Dolphins go for the potential GW-2. Shows his intellect when describing the sequence even though he's not involved in the play.

Rushing offense comparison in #SEAvsCLE - #Browns had a good day rushing to the left side of the line - #Seahawks had a good day rusing to the right side of the line


Terry McLaurin: 23/408/5 On Pace: 61/1,088/13 Oh, and he missed a game.

Who passed and who failed in a ugly loss in Minnesota? @SGraysonFOX29's Grades: #Eagles at #Vikings #FlyEaglesFly vs #Skol…

Every question from the media should be about @KirkCousins8’s jean jacket. #Skol…

In the spirit of #NoBraDay let us remember sucking breast reduces risk breast cancer.


Decisions must be made today, this is the day of your Salvation about tomorrow we know NOT. Should you accept CHRIST today, you will have heavenly reward. Today's Gospel is centred around the death of Jesus for our sins on the cross and the resurrection. #MegaWordConference


I strongly advise every woman to be wearing bra and panties only when you are going out and not at home to allow breeze touch you well which can prevent you from breast cancer and bad odor #NoBraDay

Lovely sermon from the young blonde vicar. He talked about Jesus and the Lepers. He asked that we shouldn’t exclude people because their differences I shouted “I’M SORRY DEAR! I WILL NOT TOLERATE PEOPLE WHO SAY “WOW FACTOR” OR “TICKING ALL THE BOXES” I was pushed outside dear.

Jesus made coffee. Nuff said

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make this moment the primary focus of your life. @hvgoenka #Lifelessons #SundayThoughts #Happiness #wisdom

all u need to do is retweet&DM your full name address and phone number I will select randomly, Pls if u won something the last time, ignore this tweet and so others a chance to win too my Dm is open #NoBraDay #davido #BRANGA #PowerTV #IgboPresidency2023 #tasha


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