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this is a must watch: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on why Democrats Impeached Trump

No es por que estoy enojada. KHE CHINGADOS Y YO ESTOY PINTADA O KHE! #BTSinPeru2020 #MapOfTheSoulTour

If the this a #GOPcoverup what did the #Democrats cover up. Vote the #Democrats out in 2020 for this #ImpeachmentSham Help a real #American elected to Congress that has and will defend the Constitution. I am the only choice for the TX 16 CD.…

Blah Blah Blah Hey Mother Fuqqer, That's Our House and Our Senate. Mobs Gonna Flob

Watch these crocodile tears coming from Trump attorney Cippolone. #GOPCoverup. #IMPOTUS

As the thief was leaving the house, A 6year old woke up and said "Take my school bag or I'll scream.

“Only guilty people try to hide the evidence.” —Rep. Jerry Nadler #ImpeachmentTrial #GOPCoverup #GOPTraitors

I don’t care that Jeter wasn’t unanimous- but if I had to pick him or Rivera to be there is no doubt I’m picking Jeter. But neither of them were as good as Ken Griffey Jr was. If anyone was going to be unanimous it should’ve been him and not a fucking reliever.

Oh hell this guy is gonna complain about false allegations It's too much Crime family lawyer Pat Cippolone #ImpeachmentTrial

Here we go Cibologna spewing lies once more. #ImpeachmentTrial

“History will judge; and so will the electorate” -@RepJerryNadler #ImpeachmentTrial

Why should Derek Jeter get in the Hall of Fame same year as Whitney. He was always jealous of her now look.

The timing of Derek Jeter getting in to the HOF and MLB The Shows Trailer tomorrow has me feeling some type of way.

Shut down the bullshit with the pictures & videos that are half truths Schiff, Nadler & Schumer are putting up. They are giving the wrong impressions to "We the People". Fight! @senatemajldr @RepDougCollins @GOPLeader @RepDLesko @RepRatcliffe @RepMarkMeadows

I don't have student debt. No one else should either. I was born in the United States. Everyone should have the same privileges as me. I am ready to fight for people I don't know- and so is Bernie Sanders. #NotMeUs #Bernie2020 #ILikeBernie

Just picked up this sweet 1/1 of a famous #Yankees superstar and Derek Jeter!


Maple Ridge’s Larry Walker finally inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame #MapleRidge #Vancouver #baseball…

Me and Emilio Marquez aka “Thunder”


live look-in at Larry Walker:


thunder! my bottle, empty the snowman's cheek

Me when Marcell Ozuna has a 5.0 WAR season like he did in Miami after leaving Busch Stadium for Truist park

Is De Sousa getting suspended with or without pay?…

I'm not mad #STLCards didn't sign Ozuna he was one of the laziest players I have ever seen play.

#ILikeBernie because he believes that healthcare is a human right not a privilege. He is the only candidate I can trust to fix the broken healthcare system and fight for #MedicareForAll

O jornalista Glenn Greenwald foi denunciado com mais seis pessoas, acusado de hackear autoridades, mesmo sem ter sido investigado. Ex-ministro do STJ enxerga motivação política por trás da ação de procurador.

Mila, 16 ans, en danger de mort pour avoir critiqué l’homophobie et la misogynie dans l’islam et “toutes les religions”. Décidément les gens n'ont rien d'autre à foutre que de s'en prendre à une lycéenne sur les réseaux sociaux. #JeSuisMila…

Defending Greenwald before you kno the extent of his crimes will end the same as defending Assange... You only damage journalism and your credibility.

No Huddle Podcast: The #49ers are headed to Super Bowl LIV to face the Chiefs!

Katie Sowers, an offensive assistant coach with the 49ers, will be the first woman as well as the first openly gay person to coach during the Super Bowl.…

These are baseless accusations of "cybercrimes." The charges are “an obvious attempt to attack a free press in retaliation for the revelations we reported about Minister Moro and the Bolsonaro government.” - @ggreenwald… .onion: nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/2020/01/21/wor…

ETERNAL REDZONE: SUPER BOWL EDITION Here's eight mins spanning five decades, including... Marcus Allen in XVIII The Falcons are blowing out the Pats? Look out, Leon Lett! Madden doesn't think Brady should be throwing w a minute left in NOLA & LYNN SWANN TRIPLE BOX! @NFLNetwork

Glenn Greenwald gives comfort to white supremacists and is an all-around asshole but he still shouldn’t be imprisoned for doing journalism.

No witnesses No evidence No press No time The American people deserve a fair trial, not #MitchMcConnell's cover-up. #MidnightMitch #EndTheCoverUp #DefendOurDemocracy

Why the HELL is #MidnightMitch McConnell BETRAYING me by allowing changes to trial rules? Now some #Republicans might want to see witnesses & evidence? Did they forget I OWN them? There IS no evidence against me! #Rudy ASSURES me he made sure it was all DESTROYED! Problem SOLVED!

#TUESDAYTHOUGHTS #IMPEACHMENTTRIAL As the elegant and eloquent Mr. #Schiff reminds us: "When you hear them attack the House Managers what you are really hearing is 'we don't want to talk about the #president's guilt'...”

Android 11 will harden hidden API restrictions and remove meta-reflection bypass

#MidnightMitch CALL! And don’t stop calling!EXPRESS YOUR OUTRAGE! John Thune: 202-224-2321 Lisa Murkowski: 202-224-6665 Ben Sasse: 202-224-4224 Shelly Moore: 202-224-6472 Lamar Alexander: 202-224-4944 Mike Braun: 202-224-4814 Richard Burr: 202-224-3154 Mitt Romney: 202-224-5251

Every problem you see gives you an opportunity to provide a solution, every solution is a business venture; locate yours today. #NIGL #TuesdayThoughts


Mike D'Antoni on getting James Harden going again:

.@senatemajldr Mitch McConnell folded on the some of the proposed rules that prompted the #MidnightMitch and #MidnightMoscowMitch hashtags. Susan Collins' team out quickly to take credit (to help her re-elect) but points to more than just one defector on Mitch's Trump Team.…

Dear Pat Cipollone, When you talk all that horseshit, can you taste it? Sincerely, America #ImpeachmentTrial #Cipollone #ImpeachmentDay #MidnightMitch

Semaine 2 #CoreGrafx : Lords of Thunder Fait N°2 : On y retrouve 4 armures, chacune représentant un élément -Eau, Feu, Air&Terre. Elles décident non seulement du pouvoir que vous pouvez utiliser mais déterminent également le niveau de difficulté du jeu.

Good afternoon. James Harden has two dads.


McKenna looks like she was swallowing a burp the entire rose ceremony #TheBachelor

10 years ago, the Supreme Court issued its disastrous #CitizensUnited decision that opened the floodgates of dark money in politics. I'm proud to have received an A rating from @StopBigMoney for my efforts to promote transparency & accountability in elections #EndCitizensUnited

Overhearing a group of people having a basketball debate right now and one guy is slandering Harden... He’s lucky I’m in a good mood today. I’m going to leave it at that.

You’re 100% correct, but we don’t talk enough about how the Rocket offense is what cost them that series. Specifically Harden, who was horrific down the stretch.…

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