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#BestCartoonThemeSong Does my childhood magical girl heroine count?

OUCH - DEVASTATING! Rep. Stefanik Gets Democrats' Top Witness to Admit That Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden's Corruption Was a Problem (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

AOC slams Trump for attacking impeachment witness in real time…

Just weeks ago. Myles Garrett was a victim and was sucker punched by someone in the streets and everyone was feeling sorry for Myles. now this

Myles Garrett Releases Statement After Being Handed Down Suspension

Cleveland Browns' Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely after brawl with Steelers, teams fined $250G each…

Good News, The NFL Just Announced It Is Auctioning Off A Game Used Myles Garrett Jersey For Charity!…


the Steelers supposedly had one of the better offensive lines the Browns made swiss cheese of it and harassed Mason Rudolph all night long until Garrett deliver the final blow

Football player in my class today tired defending Myles Garrett’s actions and when the rest of the class didn’t agree tried to fight another guy in my class ☠️

Just messed up this hat and my head hurts now

Mason Rudolph provoked Myles Garrett. He tried to take Myles Garrett’s helmet off first while both were in the ground after the tackle. That pissed Garrett off and lead to Garrett’s inexcusable actions. Both messed up.

Updates for my kitchen I'm at Queen City Restaurant Supply. What a beautiful place and so many fun things to choose from. #FridayFeeling

Mason Rudolph vs Myles Garret 1v1 let's settle this @ufc

Watching the Myles Garrett helmet hit and the reaction that follows--players punching him and Pouncey even kicking him in the head--there is much for psychologists to study. I've talked to former football players who struggle turning off the violence they are trained for.

If I was in Mason Rudolph’s position I simply would have thrown Myles Garrett to the ground. Sucks he got his head smashed by his own helmet but I’m just different

Listening to NFL Radio this morning, I was appalled at the false equivalence regarding the actions at the end of the Steelers-Browns game. While there may have been bad people on both sides, one guy hit another in the head with a helmet. Everything else is secondary.

ICYMI - Yesterday I spoke about #AmericaRecyclesDay and highlighted Arkansas companies contributing to a robust, growing commercial #recycling industry. The Senate later unanimously passed my resolution recognizing America Recycles Day and its economic and environmental impact.

Steelers' Mason Rudolph will be fined for role in brawl with Browns


I’m convinced that Big Sean has good sex. Cause Jhené be ready to go to behind him.

#BestCartoonThemeSong Steven Universe Teen Titans 2003 Avengers: EMH The Simpsons Futurama Sonic SatAM Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain

Don’t throw that away! Thanks to student research, there are more options than ever to recycle in the Trible Library on #AmericaRecyclesDay and every day. Read more on how we all can help keep the planet clean. #BeRecycled



ok so who’s tryna take advantage of me for my disney+ account ??? i think im ready for u

3 #LatinGrammy de 6 posibles, que me hacen inmensamente feliz. Gracias a La Academia por tanto cariño, y gracias a todos mis compañeros y a mi equipo. Viva la música! #GrabaciónDelAño #MejorCanciónPop #MejorVideoVersiónLarga #LoQueFuiEsLoQueSoy #MiPersonaFavorita @LatinGRAMMYs


.@HennessyUS helps us wrap-up a great week at the Official #LatinGRAMMY After Party in style.


So there was this guy in line that said (and very loudly might I add) the only reason I’m getting Disney + is to see all the SW stuff and I smiled. But that smile quickly turned into a frown when I heard him say seconds later that “TLJ was fucking trash.” We live in a sociternet.

Mañana es día de descargar Disney + buenas noches gente

ポケモンシールドプレイ中…… やっぱりポケモン楽しい…やばい

Goddamn it Disney, come up with new shit!!!!…

New pod! NBA, NCAAB, and a sprinkle of MLB…

I don’t want to hear ANYONE defending Myles Garrett. You need to reevaluate your priorities if you defend him. #CLEvsPIT #TNFonFOX

Seamos humildes No es tiempo de triunfalismos ni de andar restregando triunfos en la cara. Ahora a pensar en reconstruir la convivencia. #AsambleaConstiyente #NuevaConstitucionParaChile #LatinGRAMMY

There are two types of people in this world: People who are excited for Melo on the Blazers, and absolute morons.

So 13 million people watched the #ImpeachmentHearings yesterday. Wow, that's almost as many as attended the inauguration in 2017.

I loathe the Pittsburgh Steelers more than any team in professional sports, but I don’t want a dude to get bludgeoned to death during a football game. #PITvCLE #TNFonFOX…

Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph #PITvsCLE

After 350 episodes, I’m glad I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo should be recognized for the pioneering powerhouse leading actress in one of the longest running tv series that she is. I love when a show pays tribute to its development, history and legacy. #GreysAnatomy

Yessss! @GreysABC gave me all the nostalgia that I needed tonight! And Bailey's testimony at the end? Baby!!! I may start from season 1 this weekend! #GreysAnatomy

Breaking news! Mason Rudolf was talking shit to Myles Garret about Popeyes Chicken Sandwich and fight breaks out #mylesgarret #MasonRudolf #PopeyesChickenSandwich #Steelers #CLEvsPIT

O Jay you’re usually great but did you watch that game? Myles Powell got EVERY CALL all night except at the very end.…

Carrie Underwood, with Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton, wore a #NicoleAndFelicia Fall 2019 dress during the 2019 CMA Awards. #CMAAwards


#cenk2020 As a politician and member of the media, you have a double duty to call to #FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #JulianAssange I hope you do


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