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Two things still in search of: Skins looking for a W & MNF looking for good crew to make it watchable #CHIvsWAS

From the archives: Case Keenum is an unwanted QB who keeps winning jobs. He “wouldn’t have it any other way.” #CHIvsWAS

David Montgomery is going to be a savage. #Bears100 | #CHIvsWAS

This father/son phone call #911onFOX

David Montgomery again! First down #Bears100 #CHIvsWAS

look at the color of my shirt, i swear i didn’t plan it #BiVisibilityDay


Ultimos minutos mas SIM eu sou pir que fica com homim e com munher #VisibilidadeBi #BiVisibilityDay


jonah hill might fuck around n be the new cobblepot in that batman movie damn

Hey for the Boss's birthday, let's celebrate him and the Big Man kissing on stage for decades. As someone who grew up a couple towns over from him and from a similar background, I can assure you that this was some bold shit:…

Here is our definitive story on today's KU happenings. Includes summary of 7 allegations against KU with reax from Self, Girod, Long and attorneys for Self and Beaty:…

Listening to Julien Baker and crying in a car I drive frequently but do not own. Smells like 2016 in here.

Do you know what to do if you come down with the cold or flu with Type 1 diabetes? Read up on sick day management, it's officially that time of year again! #FirstDayofFall…

[next purge trailer] this fall *scary air horn sound* for only 12 hours *big thump noise* the public is allowed to say one racial slur ... WITHOUT getting CANCELED *explosion noise* starring Shane Gillis...

A good Pop Warner team could lead the NCAA in points per game if 3/4 of their games were GA Southern, NW State, and Vandy, and the other team was a Big 12 school…

Imagine not having the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week on this team... makes sense…

Good grief! Utah’s 2023 schedule: - 9 PAC 12 - Big XII - SEC - No byu #Winning

Sutherland’s punishment to be internal. "I’m not big on airing out guys’ dirty laundry in front of the rest of the country. We’re going to deal with it. I’m not going to tell you how we’re going to deal with it." — Lincoln Riley #OUDNA | #BoomerSooner…

I’m with Gundy 100%. Love it.

#Sooners DC Alex Grinch said Trejan Bridges practiced with defense today. Bridges approached Lincoln Riley about potentially making move to DB.

#Sooners DC Alex Grinch says Trejan Bridges is working at safety, including today. Grinch said Bridges approached Lincoln Riley about the move

We don’t deserve Mike Gundy

Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch have something to show defensive recruits when they head on the recruiting trail + #Sooners hoops returns to the hardwood Tuesday. That & more via @BPrzybylo:

Steelers should go get Lincoln Riley as their next head coach. Offensive genius imagine what Rudolph would do with a real offense scheme and play caller

Mike Gundy calls reporter a "jackass" after being asked about T. Boone Pickens bequeathing him money for a haircut:


D’Eriq King and Lincoln Riley meeting at midfield after the Houston-Oklahoma game


FWIW Lincoln Riley said this quote regarding D'Eriq King, moments after the Sooners beat Houston in the season opener, to about 20 of us in a press conference: "There aren't five quarterbacks in the country better than (King) -- and that may be too many. He's fantastic."

Riley says recruits excited about OU defense. "The majority of the feedback we’ve got from recruits is it looks like what you guys told us it was going to look like." #OUDNA | #BoomerSooner…

TAKE 3: #Sooners return from bye week ready to start conference play. @BPrzybylo three takeaways from Lincoln Riley's Monday luncheon.

¡Feliz cumpleaños #BruceSpringsteen! Hoy cumple 70 años el legendario 'The Boss', uno de los cantantes más exitosos de la historia: #HappyBirthdayBruceSpringsteen


It’s #BiVisibilityDay! I’m a person who loves people of all genders. For a while, the term I used for myself was bisexual. I now use queer. But let me be clear: my change in term is not because bisexuality only acknowledges two genders.

what's up cute guys and girls i love you all #BiVisibilityDay

libra season starts with jimins ethereal beauty

first day of libra season? more like one day closer to the only important time of the year... scorpio season

fuck libras but also happy libra season to all my favorite libras also happy spooky season but fuck libras

Miren esta preciosidad de #Frozen2


R.I.P. Sid Haig, and long live Captain Spaulding! Will be watching 3 FROM HELL with a tear in my eye...

Keep an eye on struggling teams, like, for instance, Denver. WR Manny Sanders is in the last year of his deal. He's 32. The Broncos are 0-3. Might be one of the guys who could find himself on the move. Last yr, Golden Tate was in a similar spot and lo and behold, he got dealt.


DC: Environmental Racism is Real, Destructive and Deadly “The Anacostia River’s current state is the product of unjust systemic conditions within our community.” #ShutDownDC

#Frozen2's New Trailer May Fill in a Key Part of Elsa's Backstory


#Browns HC Freddie Kitchens on whether Baker Mayfield is bailing in pocket too quick: "I think I need to do a better job of making him more comfortable in the pocket."

Kitchens got the job bc Baker liked him. I don't blame him for going down with the ship.…

Jacoby Brissett has more TD passes (7) than Aaron Rodgers (4) and Baker Mayfield (2) combined through three weeks. #Colts


#Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said he thought Baker Mayfield found guys over middle of field a little better, so much of playing QB has to do with people around you, everyone has to be more consistent b/c in spurts we moved the ball

Mike Wazowski is a top 5 Disney character hands eye ball havin ass

Of Rubbish and Injustice: Environmental Racism in DC “The location of DC’s transfer stations and their impact on local communities are a textbook example of environmental racism...” #ShutDownDC

Addressing inclusion including mental health to understand emotional wellness of culture and supporting with Made of Millions and the Beautiful Brains campaign. #AWNewYork


Here at #AWNewYork this week! Excited to learn more about: -Influencers -Gen Z -TikTok


#OKState coach Mike Gundy said his 14-year-old son scolded him about the fake field goal when he came home from Austin.

Mike Gundy said his 14-year-old scolds him when he gets home. Questioned fake FG, why no QB sneak and 19 other things. Gage Gundy sounds tough, man. #OKState

The reason I came to #VerizonMedia was because of the data. Creatives and engineers are at the same table developing the future. It's storytelling fueled by technology." – @alexjwallace GM of News, Entertainment and Studios at Verizon Media #AWNewYork


Mike Gundy is here and has not yet had to call anybody here a jackass


Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy eviscerates reporter for asking about satirical report "Any jackass like you that would ask a stupid question like that is really hurting journalism and making real media people look bad.”…

Mike Gundy called a reporter a "jackass" after he was asked if T. Boone Pickens left him a gift card for a haircut.


Odds to be the Head Coach at USC for Week 1 of the 2020 CFB season (BetOnline): Urban Meyer +125 Chris Petersen +300 James Franklin +350 Mike Gundy +700 David Shaw +800 Kliff Kingsbury +1200


“Did Boone Pickens really leave you money for a haircut after he passed”- reporter Mike Gundy, probably-

Weiss and Benioff didn't win #Emmys


Billy Porter won the 2019 lead drama actor Emmy for his role of ballroom MC and mentor Pray Tell on @PoseOnFX . Hearty congratulations. This historic victory makes Porter the first openly gay, black man to win in this Emmy category. @theebillyporter #TheCategoryIsLove #Emmy2019


Zendaya at the #Emmys last night ✨


“It took many years of vomiting up all the filth that I had been taught about myself and halfway believed before I could walk around this Earth like I had the right to be here,” - Billy Porter…

Cioè Game Of Thrones ha vinto solo come miglior serie drammatica? #Emmys

Such a brilliant speech ✨✨ bravo Michelle Williams! #Emmys

Labor Has Only One Candidate: Bernie Sanders Unions Love Bernie! #Bernie2020…

Pittsburgh native Billy Porter makes history with win at the Primetime Emmy Awards…


.@drchrisbrown crowdfunded 100K last weekend — raising awareness about a disease that's driving wombats to extinction // @10Daily


Han dado algún otro Emmy además del de Michelle Williams?

"Trump’s silence in the face of India’s #Kashmir crackdown is consistent with his broader failure to speak up for human rights across the world." - Bernie Sanders…

thank you for the best 9 months, wishing you the bestest at UCLA. more memories to come, love you❣ @_JayBel_ pt. 1/3

Fresh off another double at Wagga on saturday @BrodieLoy makes the trip up to orange for the one ride in Gundy and boots him home for a well deserved win well done connections #Inform

Mike Gundy coaching the Browns tonight?

4th & 9 and Freddie Kitchens phoned in Mike Gundy for a play-call

#Texas took control in the trenches, and QB1 was his typical self, but the #Longhorns allowed the game to be much closer than it should have been.…


Pressure growing for Bernie Sanders to dump 'virulent' anti-Semite Linda Sarsour via @LevineJonathan…

Romney: Trump asking Ukraine to investigate political rival "would be troubling in the extreme"


Wow. Just wow! Indian PM Modi #HowdyModi and US President @realDonaldTrump met today in Houston’s NRG stadium. 50,000 Indian Americans roar in excitement to see the Prime Minister on American soil!…

#lovingLGBTQ Mayor Bernie Sanders Created an ’80s Trans Mecca in Burlington When it was wildly unpopular politically, Sanders backed a pride parade. In the LGBT community, word got out: Burlington was a place trans Americans could be safe.…

Only 90 minutes left on this classic where Meghan McCain, Sarah Sanders, and Sean Spicer should be in an island, and Ann Coulter is the devil. First edition at $17.50 now. Comes framed, Priority shipping.…

#Patriots and Antonio Brown are heading for a grievance over nearly $10 million. Expect New England to build its case for voiding Brown's money largely on the texts the wideout allegedly sent to the woman identified in last week's Sports Illustrated piece.…

"[Where] is the accountability for his actions?" Randy Moss offered his perspective on the end of Antonio Brown's short Raiders and Patriots stints


Sanders on what he admires about Trump: "I'm impressed by people who get up at three o'clock in the morning"


What a freaking outrage. First @BernieSanders supporters hurled racial and misogynist threats against the @WFP leaders, now @angelicaross. And this doesn't cover the rest of us. STOP. Angelica Ross Leaves Twitter After Abuse by Trump, Sanders Supporters…

Boone Pickens got a statue at Oklahoma State before Barry Sanders got a statue at Oklahoma State. K.

Pete Carroll's not going to like this, but the Seahawks are going to have to channel their inner UCLA Bruins right now.

A crumpled copper rooster from Viollet-le-Duc’s spire is the centerpiece of an exhibit of objects recovered from the ruins of Nôtre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

#Georgia football dominating TV ratings, red-hot in Atlanta:


Imagine thinking that losing by one score in the Coliseum is worse than having UCLA hang 67 on you at home

RESCUED RELICS: A crumpled copper rooster is the centerpiece of an exhibit of objects recovered from the ruins of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

Brian Kelly asked about Notre Dame players faking injuries against Georgia…

ANGEL ON DISPLAY: New video shows a statue of an angel being airlifted out of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, where it will be displayed in a new public exhibit along with other relics recovered after a fire tore through the iconic structure in April.

My parents have informed me they will never set foot in Paris because they’re afraid of getting lead poisoning from the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire?

Neo-Byzantine interior of Notre Dame de la Garde in #Marseille festooned with ship ex-votos given by those who survived the sea...


Cowgirls complete non-conference play undefeated #GoPokes #okstate


.@Rudolph2Mason will make his first career start today against the @49ers. Don’t miss @Rudolph2Mason and @JamesWashington today at 3:25p on the @NFLonCBS. #GoPokes #okstate


It takes two! Great hook up between @lucky_charms___ and @graceyochum to lift the Cowgirls' lead to 2-0! #okstate #GoPokes

And this children is the moment that Coach Gundy became a father figure to every past, present and future Oklahoma State fan, student and employee…

Too much to handle! @kimberlyrod23 fires a free kick from 24 yards out to put the Cowgirls on top 1-0. #okstate #GoPokes

“Well... Tulsa couldn’t stop it.” was really Gundy’s reasoning for the goal-to-go play calling. Makes me wanna puke.

I woke up today with the realization that Mike Gundy redshirted Spencer Sanders so T. Boone couldn’t see him play. Bold move by the mullet. I was under the assumption it was the two ACL surgeries, but upon further review it’s the only way to get back at a billionaire.

12 years ago, Mike Gundy let everyone know ... "I'M A MAN. I'M 40."

Gundy ran the ball when Texas was playing 5th string in the secondary. He put money on Texas to win confirmed

Questioning coaching = Cranky Gundy

Me a cashier “Hello, did you find everything alright?” #Karen a manager calling ass bitch

#AMJoy is coming up! @JoyAnnReid will see you all in minutes at 10 AM ET this #SundayMorning on @MSNBC leading with the latest on the controversial #whistleblower story which is still developing. Get ready #reiders!


The next time some MAGA troll tells you we need the electoral college because of "states rights", tell them you want to ban guns in your state and see how fast they turn into a federalist. And then show them this. via @BettyBowers #Sundaymorning #AMJoy

Proctor was a good man who got caught up in between Tommy and Ghost. That niqqa deservedbetter. #PowerSeason6 #PowerTV

You let a 0-3 team come back and beat you at home?? When your QB had 9 TDS??? Yeah I might have to suspend you for a day LOL ain’t no way UCLA should’ve won. Leach gotta be embarrassed

Not only did #Karen take the kids, she's coming back as a tropical storm, fucking bitch

Wide World of News Sports: Panic in Ann Arbor, party in Athens and an epic UCLA rally top a wild Week 4 Biz: Blackstone: Even a ‘smaller’ US-China deal could be good for business confidence Entertainment: Emmys 2019: Who Will Win, Who Should Win…

AND there is very real chance Mick Cronin's UCLA team scores less than 67 against Wazzu this year…

Today is #WorldRhinoDay! Did you know American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) raised over $7 million in support of rhinos!? Through AAZK chapters & individual donors AAZK continues to make a significant difference in rhino & multi-species conservation.…


Anderson County Football @big_goins a PrepExtra Top Performer this week #HookEm



Ngoba She's Still The Queen Of My Heart - ♥ - My Sunday #TreasureFamily


After cooling down and thinking about it, this team showed guts and played neck and neck with the #12 team. It wasn’t the prettiest game we have played, but there is sooo much talent on that field. This is a long season. Big things coming Cowboy fans. #loyalandtrue #GoPokes

#OKState quarterback Spencer Sanders got his first taste of big-time football against Texas on Saturday. His ability to remain calm while under pressure kept the Cowboys in the game.

Spencer Sanders has always been that dude. He’s going to be a major problem for the Big 12 over the next few years.…

Gracias a todos por su sintonía y sus comentarios. Somos tendencia mundial con nuestro HT #UFCMexico @adn40 @Farandula40 ***Buenas noches***


Nebraska got to 900 all-time wins tonight, while Notre Dame and Oklahoma remain at 899.


I agree with Mel with why she didn't tell tisha about Marseu cheating bc tisha wouldn't have believed her #LAMH

Tisha acts like she wasn't running back to kimmi last season talking about mel. Even after mel tried to put her on and introduce her to so many people...#lamh

Tom Herman said the #Longhorns weren’t coached well and didn’t play well against the Cowboys, but Texas took an important step forward by winning anyway against the team that has dominated the #Horns in recent years. #HookEm…

BTW folks, I'm not picking sides in the @panteraufc / @LiLHeathenMMA situation. Just shared the video. #UFCMexico #DontAtMe

From @dennisdoddcbs: Notre Dame proves it can play with the SEC and the best college football has to offer

#Longhorns D, Keaontay Ingram get a lot of love in MY TAKE on the 36-30 exorcism against #OkState and future nightmare Spencer Sanders! ...…

There’s nothing more depressing than being a Notre Dame football fan

Oklahoma State arrived w/ 5-game road-winning streak at DKR. They left on a new streak. Behind Ehlinger, Ingram, Duvernay, and tons of defensive depth, No. 12 Texas toppled Oklahoma State, 36-30, via @justinwells2424:… (FREE) #HookEm


I like Kimmi and Maurice. They seem so non problematic #LAMH

VIDEO: Chad Morris, players recap 31-24 loss to San Jose State…

That's it for Brian Kelly's postgame presser. Worth noting Kelly handles these losses way better with media than he did 5-10 years ago. He puts losses on himself & his coaches now. Wasn't always the case. That matters. Helps put the program in a better place than years gone by

Now that I’m out of Twitmo, I have to say that I don’t know who is a bigger garbage coach, Tom Herman or Mike Gundy. Herman is a bigger garbage person, imo.

Somewhere in that media scrum is a starting quarterback. #HookEm


Orlando's group made progress tonight, and kept OSU's two best weapons from beating it. Admirable effort, especially considering the injuries and muffed punts. #HookEm…

Took me awhile to find it but I’ll never forget this tweet. We need an updated 2019 Chad Morris version please. #wps…

Season of Sam... breaking down the OSU performance: Thought Ehlinger did a really good job, outside of that forced throw that resulted in an INT and a 4th-down play, of taking what OSU gave him and he made some big plays late. #HookEm


Everyone, thank @_delconte for having the foresight of harnessing the power of the Texas whiny fan sub-package, winning! #HookEm

Tough one tonight for @CowboyFB. Let's make sure we pack BPS next week and help them get back on track. #LoyalandTrue #GoPokes

Arkansas is going to fire Chad Morris and come in motivated and with a new scheme to beat A&M next week aren’t they

Back to work. We’ll see you back at home in BPS next week! #GoPokes


I don’t even care if it’s overdone I still love it #OKSvsTEX

Never in my life have I seen an idiot slide to catch a punt! @CoachTomHerman can you even get this team playing good consistent football? #OKSvsTEX

Get yourself a president who can grill #SteakFry


#TeamPete @PeteButtigieg is speaking next at the #SteakFry - turn on CSPAN now!

Harbaugh says Shea Patterson was being evaluated at halftime. Also says Dylan McCaffrey has a concussion.

Feliz día de: #BatmanDay Del estudiante Primavera Así no me olvido ninguno.

seungcheol..... has a black card...... iphone 11 here i come

Happy #BatmanDay. Here’s my video about the time Batman rode a bear off a cliff:

The @ewarren selfie line at #SteakFry is longggggggggggggg

Students around the world skipped school on Friday to be part of what was likely the biggest climate protests ever. Kids told VICE News their thoughts on what old folks should have done better. #climatestrike…

Area 51 is where sex is alien to the people storming the gates.

In the entire Harbaugh era, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so not confident in the assistant coaches as a whole. Gattis is still a huge question mark. Don Brown hasn’t coached a good defensive game since the middle of last season. Overhyped OL, non existent DL. It’s a mess rn.

happy birthday to the nations it girl, thank you for everything that you do. you’re a hardworking angel and we love you more than you know <333 #ItGirlNayeon #HappyNayeonDay #HotGirlNayeon


17 years strong. My boy Hampton #Caturday


I wonder if Trump and Giuliani considered how their Ukraine ploy might place the mantle of defending American democracy in 2020 firmly in the hands of Joe Biden, their most feared rival whose candidacy some had tried to frame as a relic of the past. Probably not.

While I'm at it, stopped off for a beer in Mancland and had to put up with some bellend City fan gloating about beating Watford a million-nil. Seriously, these people are morons.

Com recorde, City goleia Watford e segue na briga pela ponta do Inglês

A fired up Joe Biden attacks Trump in Ukraine scandal: "I'll beat him like a drum"…

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