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We loved seeing the iconic Ghost Trap highlighted in the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer... come see the ORIGINAL HERO Ghost Trap used in the first two Ghostbusters films at The Haunted Museum


do you bitches really think lizzo gives a single fuck about what y’all think about her?? ain’t y’all tired of fat shaming a woman who doesn’t value your opinions whatsoever?

What in the wide world of sports is this sh—?…

*mutes the word “Lizzo”*

Stephen Castor is literally embarrassing himself today. You can tell that he’s an unskilled, low level lawyer who is clearly out of his depths and was hired just to help cover up crimes. Just hearing him speak is cringeworthy. #stevecastor #ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachmentHearings

#ImoeachmentHearings. #ImpeachingHearing @RepDLesko. Thanks for asking. Yes I amd many Americans want the hearings to continue. We know that hundreds of bills the Democrats passed sit on #MoscowMitch ‘s desk & he won’t allow a vote so stop@lying to us.…

The first Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer presents a solemn, Stranger Things-esque look at the past


Juice Wrld may have triggered own death when he allegedly downed pills


Not sure how I feel about the new Ghostbusters trailer.

BREAKING: Juice WRLD’s cause of death is still pending following today’s autopsy as new details emerge on the moments leading up to the rapper’s death including the FBI being tipped off to weapons and drugs found in the private jet…

Me when I saw Aventura was going on tour

We all know the real Ghostbusters is porn where the actors have since died

Re: new Ghostbusters. I guess? I didn't expect wacky kids adventure. It's like another Goonies. I like Paul Rudd. Probably not enough to see this, tho.

You’re tryna tell me they had 70 lbs of weed 6 bottles of lean 3 guns and Juice Wrld swallowed a bunch of Percs to hide them? I don’t think so

Don't forget he pissed on Eggman's wife #SonicIsOverParty

I’m Not Racist, I Have A Friend Named Yentl #OKBoomerMovies

aventura cole pearn martha roby jtbc mcclintock nike logo kris bryant carter page golden globes the ig steele #MattGaetzIsATool #QueenAndSlim #RAW #ThrowbackThursday #ImpeachingHearing #giftideas

Mano o cara tomou atitudes erradas mas td q fez foi pensando na familia Aí ele é honesto e fala oq fez pela família e a filha da puta vai lá e traí ele só pra fala na cara dele. Esse tipo de pessoa me enoja, faz merda pensando em deixar o outro mal


aventura cole pearn martha roby jtbc mcclintock nike logo kris bryant carter page golden globes the ig steele #MattGaetzIsATool #QueenAndSlim #RAW #ThrowbackThursday #ImpeachingHearing

"He played, obviously, very well." - Vic Fangio over 300 yards and 3 TD's on the road against a D that suffocated the pats just one week earlier? yup, he sure did. denver... you have a quarterback. @DrewLock23 #BroncosCountry


.@Bengals you dumb shits actually reported the Pats to the NFL. Get. A. LIFE.

So my grandmas a boomer and she's Spanish, so does that make her the ultimate boomer? #OKBoomerMovies


#Chiefs ED Frank Clark on Sunday • 79.5 Overall (Season-High) • 81.2 Run D (2nd, 2019 F.Clark) • 65.8 Pass Rush (3rd, 2019 F.Clark) • 74.7 Tackling (2nd, 2019 F.Clark) • 3 Pressures, 1 Sack • 3 Stops, 0 Missed Tackles #ChiefsKingdom

Great win in Foxborough last night to clinch the AFC West! Back at Arrowhead to play Denver this week. Let’s get LOUD #ChiefsKingdom!


#Chiefs 2019 Week 14 Highest-Graded Defensive Player: LB Damien Wilson - 91.2 • 90.6 Run Defense, 76.0 Coverage, 79.7 Tackling • 0 Yards Allowed in 16 Coverage snaps • 2 Stops, 0 Missed Tackles #ChiefsKingdom

LIVE CAM - Omaha, NE Slow go on the roads as a snow squall has dropped visibility below 1/2 mile. Currently 15°...four hours ago it was 37° #coldfront #newx…

It’s snowing. It’s windy. And it’s COLD! If you become stranded, stay in the vehicle, stay buckled-up, and call for help. Don’t risk exposure outside in these conditions. #neroads #newx

Quick pitstop at the office before getting back out. This thick band of snow combined with strong winds is making for some not so nice #NEwx today, almost whiteout conditions. #SlowDown #drivesafe & #buckleup

The #Patriots defense stepped up, their special teams stepped up, but they couldn't get anything going on offense.. and they still should have won that game.. If it wasn't for the #AlbertoRiveronGang @GetUpESPN

Lil Peep、Xときて次はJuice wrldて。21歳やで。 この流れできたら次死ぬんは俺。俺のことを村人Aぐらいに思ってる奴ら今のうちに俺に媚び売って古参ぶっとけよ。泣く子も黙るハードプロゲイマー、ビーストと言われたこの俺様にな

ngl whenever a hate hashtag trends it'll only be the only time kpop fandoms unite smh #BanKpopAccounts

I’m ngl im a kpop fan, but sometimes y’all get a bit out of hand with the “should’ve stanned” comments and fan cams. some things are just taken too far. #BanKpopAccounts

baby- welcome to the pawwwty #BanKpopAccounts

Packers and Patriots: 10 wins and no one thinks they are very good. Right where they want to be...

Did Juice WRLD fake his death? Fans are reacting to cryptic tweets and videos online…

Derste bile aklım hala juice wrld'deydi... namgi için bile bu çok ağır olmuştur o kadar çalıştıkları birlikte şarkı çıkardıkları kişinin vefat etmesi... bana hala gerçek gibi gelmiyor be:( umarım iyisinizdir sizde @BTS_twt

Max walking on set after the Patriots second-straight loss

If the Texans win the AFC South, this would be the first time Bill Belichick’s Patriots have gotten swept by the AFC division winners in the regular season. In their six Super Bowl years, the Pats were a combined 8-1 against AFC division winners in the regular season.…

Trouble in New England?


I log in & see Rikishi trending. Then I see why........

Give yourself extra time on the commute today in the northern and eastern parts of the state. Watch for blowing snow in areas and strong winds across much of the state. #neroads #newx…


Ryan Tannehill playing himself into a contract that won’t be in New England as Tom Brady’s successor is my least favorite storyline of this NFL season

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