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Iran's central bank is launching a gold-backed cryptocurrency

witch =/= fortune teller scamming queen =/= news reporter…

Cliff needs to understand you can't herd cats or idiots and Jess & Sam are idiots. Jess is as worthless as door stop. Sam is obsessed with working with Christie. Not all underdogs are rootable. Bella leaving would be great for us but Nick & Sam go back to the horribles. #bb21

I’m.... still so mad about The Lion King lmaoooo

UK #tanker hit #Iranian boat, ignored its distress call before capture: #Iran #StraitOfHormuz #PersianGulf #UnitedKingdom


Off to see The Lion King musical with very excited kiddos. I really hope Nala murders Simba and takes the throne for herself. That would really subvert the narrative.

Surging oil and gas prices, skyrocketing insurance costs and attacks on energy and banking infrastructure will probably to follow if Iran’s seizing of two U.K.-linked tankers spirals into outright war.

if someone says they are excited to see the new Cats movie, sadly you have to assume they mean sexually

Iran kapert die "Stena Impero": Die Revolutionsgarden verfolgen in der Straße von Hormus drei Ziele, kommentiert @pkr77.

To all those who felt personally attacked by my tweet about the Cats trailer, please accept my extremely confused yet heartfelt apology.

me otw to the midnight premiere of Cats

I'm seated for the #Batwoman panel at #SDCC and this is the first time since the whole Terminator/Top Gun thing on Thursday that this show has felt like it has some life this weekend!

It's the 50th fucking anniversary of that time we landed on the moon. WHY is Katie Goddamn Hopkins trending?

TOP GUN 2020....!!! これは劇場行かねば!!!…

QUESTION OF THE WEEKEND, @indie617 LISTENERS: With SDCC wrapping up tomorrow, what new releases are you most excited for? Me? "IT: Chapter 2", the surprise 11th season of "Archer", the new season (and movie) for "The Walking Dead. " AND TOP GUN 2, Y'ALL.

新作“Top Gun: Maverick”で行われている「検閲」。性器に入るモザイクや海苔とは異なり、この手の「検閲」は実施されていること自体が分かりにくい。より高度にやるならば、前作のジャケット着用自体を避けるだろう。だから謎の国旗となったジャケットは、制作者側の抵抗の現れとも言える。…

“When you’re a quarterback you take on responsibility...but being a freshman, you need to know it wasn’t my team yet,” Adrian Martinez said this week. Year 2? That’s different.…

Sapp Fieldhouse kinda feels like Lambeau Field during a Packers game with basically everyone sporting Green today. #GretnaStrong #nebpreps


Whoa....I don't know about you, BUT my head is spinning in the most excellent and purposeful of ways! Thank YOU, @SaneeBell, for leading an exceptional leadership conversation today! #leadupchat See you next week, same time, same place: #leadupchat


There has been so much shared today! I can’t wait to go back and read the thread. #LeadUpChat

A5. Thanks to this great Sat AM chat, I will write 30, 60, & 90 day plans - making my list, checking it twice, and marking it done (w/evidence of student achievement & teacher growth via collective teacher efficacy) #LeadUpChat…

Q5: I will measure my success by checking in to see if I truly made a “difference” in the lives of others. I am a servant leader. I want to love, learn and lead! #KASA2019 #leadupchat

I find that I’m very passionate person when it comes to education. I don’t “tell” those around me how to improve, I try to inspire them with my enthusiasm and love for the field to work towards a common goal. Excitement and joy are two powerful (and contagious) tools! #leadupchat…

Day 2 of team camp at @OmahaVB is underway. Top records from yesterday: @VolleyPats, @PiusXtra & Sioux Falls O’Gorman all 10-2 @ElkhornAntlerVB, @wahoovball, @LL_Warriors_VB & @PLHS_Volleyball all 9-3 #nebpreps

Tom Osborne was honored Friday at the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon, and he took the chance to boast about the future with Scott Frost and Adrian Martinez


》Oh my god it hurts 》 I'm trying so hard 》 god 》please

,, kfans are really working hard for by9 to happen

alright who’s taking me to see lion king

i went to see lion king and when mufasa was dying some lil kid yelled “bye bye” and i couldn’t help myself from laughing

Beyoncé's ''The Lion King'' album, Mikel Obi retires from international football, Seyi Makinde goes public with assets - Here's everything that happened this week -…


We bet you can't wait to get your paws on #TheLionKing's movie tickets. Have you secured the tickets to movie yet? Grab them now: #BMSMovies


People freaking out at the Cats trailer - what we’re you expecting? It looks like the musical, i.e. humans in cat make up. Sure they could’ve done CGI actual cats but they couldn’t have had them dance or emote properly then (see live action Lion King).

I can't wait to watch Mrs Browns Boys whilst eating custard doughnuts #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

Boost your brand awareness! Then @ViralmHub is the right place, we can explain your business through character video. Its good way to increase sales and traffic: #animation #2danimation #ThingsStupidPeopleSay #LivePD

"Why do you use a wheelchair if you can walk?" Let me teach you about chronic pain, connective tissue disorders, and debilitating fatigue.... #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

Early look at the front page of the LA Times Sports section after #Zlatan hat trick in #ElTrafico


Marco Rubio SLAPS DOWN Don Lemon and other libs for pretending they respected John McCain…

Awesome Art We've Found Around he Net: Aquaman, Deadpool, IT, Top Gun…

john mccain's tagline in the 2008 election was "build the dang fence"…

Forget Top Gun I have been sat up here for an hour as a flock of swifts did aerial combat for insects. Not kidding when they flew really close at high speed the air rush noise was extraordinary


I’ve never seen Top Gun but after seeing the trailer for the sequel I’m 100% horny.

No, John McCain’s Response to Obama being Called “an Arab” was not Exemplary: Here’s Why

Kluver sinks dramatic putt on final hole to make the cut at Pinnacle Bank Championship #nebpreps

God, I miss John McCain! I didn't always agree with him politically but I always respected him. He was a true American hero. #JohnMcCain #RacistInChief #DerangedDonald…

LMAO y’all are really trying to use John McCain as an example of a good republican. First of all, McCain was a big ole scum bag. Second of all, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD REPUBLICAN, THEY’RE ALL TERRIBLE!!!

So the draft dodging Donald Trump said that John McCain was not a hero. Trump is a New York conman. Every single veteran should be outraged by the disgraceful behaviour of this coward. Don't fall for his lies and satanic notions.

Colin Powell saw the racist likes of Donald Trump coming as long ago as 2008. I’m a Brit, not an American, & my sympathies are Democrat not Republican, but where oh where have the principled GOP politicians in the mould of Powell - & John McCain - gone?

Wow. 2019 Norfolk High graduate @KluverLuke, playing the weekend on the @kornferrytour. That's a huge statement for the three-time Class A #nebpreps champ. Current @pinnbankgolf leaderboard:…

ICYMI: Adrian Martinez won his teammates’ respect through his maturity and play on the field last season. Now he’s the voice of the team and letting his competitive fire show more than ever. #Huskers

Qwin Zaborotsky and Peyton Murphy combined for a five-inning, two-hit shutout and @BeatriceBasebal defeated @FCBlueStorm, 10-0, in the first round of the Class B Area 1 Tournament Friday afternoon. #NebPreps @NCNSports…

Mid of 7th: Judds Bros (LNE) still holding on to a 4-3 lead over JC Brager (LSE). #nebpreps

Scott Frost has gotten some interesting things since he took over at @HuskerFBNation

Cal grad transfer Kanawai Noa arrived on campus earlier this summer and has done nothing but impress so far. “I’m hearing really good things about him,” Scott Frost said at Big Ten Media Days. More from @HuskerExtraPG ---> #Huskers


Adrian Martinez won his teammates’ respect through his maturity and play on the field last season. Now he’s the voice of the team and letting his competitive fire show more than ever. #Huskers

En un top10 histórico de atletas dominicanos ni Al Horford ni Adrián Beltre se pueden quedar fuera para meter a David Ortiz. Atletas como Pedro Martinez , Brenda Castillo, Felix Sánchez y Albert Pujols no solo son top10, son los principales.

College QB Power Rankings: @fivestarfball 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Justin Herbert 3. Tua Tagovailoa 4. Sam Ehlinger 5. Jake Fromm 6. KJ Costello 7. Adrian Martinez 8. Shea Patterson 9. Jalen Hurts 10. Khalil Tate

Tyreek Hill walking into Chiefs training camp be like...

The new lion king was 12/10

[walks into saloon. orders a large whiskey. downs it] "Cats looks good." [bar goes silent] Barman: "Mister... please. We don't want no trouble round here." [wipes mouth] "I said... CATS LOOKS GOOD."

From what I hear they detained who they were looking for. But now I gotta go to work. No lion king for me today

From being that handsome blonde guy that caught my attention in The Unit, the person that the trainers commended for being young yet extremely talented, the almost center of The Unit's title track, to almost making it to UNB and now for being X1's Lee Hangyul #PRODUCE_X_101


The NFL announcement today makes it very hard to remain a football fan.

me: idris elba will never be unattractive cats the movie trailer: hold my beer


Not to spoil the new lion king movie, but there were lions in it

เห็นรูปนี้แล้วไม่ไหวอ่ะ อึนซังตอนนั้นคิดอะไรอยู่ไม่รู้เลย น้องเครียดน้องร้องไห้ เท้าแขนกับโซฟา มีพี่ซึงอูที่สังเกตน้องแล้วเดินเข้ามาหา เข้ามากอดแล้วปลอบอ่ะ ชั้นรักพี่ซึงอู พี่ต้องเป็นลีดเดอร์ที่ดีมากๆแน่ ฝากดูแลอึนซังของเราด้วยนะคะ ;-; #이은상 #한승우 #PRODUCE_X_101


So Tragic - this has the signs of heat stroke and what to do about it. Ex-Giants Offensive Lineman Mitch Petrus Dies of Heat Stroke…

This guy has spent 20 minutes trying to negotiate the $10 Vikings jacket down to $6 and inspected every inch of it to show me there was a little wear on the sleeve cuff. Yeah that’s why it’s $10 this isn’t the NFL shop. #thebigsale2019

The Nebraska Football twitter posted this video of Adrian Martinez throwing a football at the B1G Luncheon.

NFL is so shitty, Zeke got suspended when Roger was recommended to NOT suspend him. Hill is a piece of shit and is going to sit out 0 games when his career should be over. Garbage ass league and combine that with the circus in New Orleans last year, IM OUT

Nouvelle qui fait, entre autres, suite au trailer d’un Top Gun 2 presque 35 ans après l’original, le tout la semaine de la sortie du remake live du Roi Lion. Hollywood connaît une vraie panne créative, que la moula dans le viseur ils rendent fous…

It Chapter 2, Top Gun 2.. now this!? Well hot dam!…

At Mission Control, Cliff Charlesworth’s Green Team is about to end their shift; there will be a short TV transmission at AOS. #Apollo11

Cliff is just gonna ask for volunteers to be HNs. Jackson won’t volunteer. #BB21

so the season finale is for sure being left on a huge cliff hanger so im wondering if that theory about them going into the anomaly and stepping into a modern world is gonna be accurate

2020 South Loup (Callaway/Arnold) product Jessie Sallach @jlsallach has picked up an offer to play basketball from MIAA Champions Fort Hays State University!! @NEBHSRecruits @MikeSautterOWH #nebpreps


Video: At #B1G kickoff luncheon, #Cornhuskers quarterback Adrian Martinez is asked to throw a ~40-yard pass to a *lucky* attendee, and it skips off a table, hitting a glass that splashed a lady. He completes another ~30-yarder with ease but woah.

Adrian Martinez won his teammates’ respect through his maturity and play on the field last season. Now he’s the voice of the team and letting his competitive fire show more than ever. #Huskers

Adrian Martinez's presence in Chicago says a lot about the quarterback himself, but it also says quite a bit about the #Huskers' offense heading into the 2019 season writes @JacobPadilla_ in his latest Padding the Stats.…

Scott Frost in an all black suit and power red tie. No smile. All business.


Coach Scott Frost at Big Ten Fan Fest!

The line for a Scott Frost autograph is quite long.


Good morning from the Big Ten Football kickoff luncheon, where I’m kicking myself for not bringing a piece of 1997 national champions memorabilia for Scott Frost to sign.

"I think he's going to be in the Heisman race before he leaves there and I would not be surprised if he won it." @BruceFeldmanCFB had great things to say about Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez. #Huskers

Scott Frost gave Carlos and Khalil a choice: Which one of you wants to represent the #Huskers at #B1GMediaDay? "...and Carlos told me to go."

Big Ten West top offensive position players have star power equal to or greater than its East rivals: QB Adrian Martinez, Neb RB, Jonathan Taylor, Wis WR Rondale Moore, Purdue TE Jake Ferguson, Wis/Brycen Hopkins, Purdue OT Tristan Wirfs/Alaric Jackson, Iowa C Tyler Biadasz, Wis

“I mean, I don’t know if they can win it,” Feldman said. “But I think they’ll go from four wins to eight wins, and next year they’ll go to 10 or 11 wins. I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t get them in the top 15 by next year.…

Scott Frost wouldn’t trade sophomore QB Adrian Martinez for ‘anybody in the country’ via @Tradition


A year ago, Adrian Martinez wasn't the favorite to win the starting QB job. He didn't even own a suit. On Thursday, in a navy suit and magenta tie under the bright lights of media day, he introduced himself as the Big Ten's next star. #Huskers…

On Thursday at Big Ten media days, Scott Frost had a running mate. Nebraska’s dynamic duo of Frost and sophomore QB Adrian Martinez have come a long way in a short time to form a special bond.…

Love for Nebraska has only grown for Adrian Martinez, who does pretty good at this whole face of the team stuff.… #Huskers

Sit down, @RepAdamSchiff. You would have been crying “there is ample evidence to charge Trump” based on the fake “kompromat” from a prank call, were you not caught out. How you are still allowed to head the intel committee is beyond me.…

DOWNLOAD Beyoncé - 'The Lion King (The Gift)' Album - Beyoncé Wizkid #TheGiftAlbum Burna Brown Skin Girl #TheLionKing #FridayMotivation Tekno Grammy…

Publication sur @Mediapart @Bastamag @Reporterre @Politis_fr @Regards_fr d'une tribune collective appelant à se mobiliser contre le #G7 et qui interpelle les organisateurs du @G7 & @Prefet64 sur leurs décisions inacceptables.…

-Kudüs'ü İsrail'in başkenti, Golan'ı İsrail'in toprağı ilan etti -Suriye'den çekiliyoruz dedi asker sayısını artırdı -PYD/PKK TÖ'ne desteği artırdı -Brunson krizi aktörü -Pentagon mektubu sahibi -Türkiye'nin Patriot isteğine 1.5 yıl sonra cevap verdi. Trump değil Machiavelli...…

Rep. Ilhan Omar Receives Hero's Welcome Home Amid Trump Attacks

So Wizkid can do more than “TOTORI me one time TO” #TheGiftAlbum


Top Gun + FaceApp = Top Gun Maverick.

the best part about #TheGiftAlbum is that everyone held their own. bey acknowledged she was riding into foreign territory and let them guide her and guide the sounds. it sounds so natural

Many congratulations to @Moonsanelly, @busiswaah, @ANATII, and @RealDJLag for contributing to The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack, out today ✨…


bu kaçıncı darben be nct, johnten lion king izlemeye gitmiş


Bu Top Gun filminde F-35 kullanılacakmış. Nispet yapar gibi olacak biraz:)…

I'm going to say this now- I know it isn’t a ‘best’ film in any category, not even close, but I *loved* Top Gun & saw it multiple times back in '86. This trailer looks like straight remake (ugh), but I don't care! Please don't mess this up Paramount

Im so happy they’re releasing Top Gun 2, not for the film, the film will be tripe, but because I’ve got a decent 5 minute bit about the original

I really Hope Cliff laughs in Jawsons face, just seeing how proud he is of his little mastermind plan. It needs to backfire in his squarebob head. #BB21

#IStandWithIlhan this lady is an inspiration and is so strong, not letting those cavemen who chanted those terrible RACIST things get to her I look up to her so much @IlhanMN keep fighting until you fix the shithole the US has become thanks to that pathetic excuse of a president

Christie tells Jess that "me doing the right thing and rallying a little bit for (Nicole)" kinda bit her in the ass because Cliff came back and won HOH and now she's going up on the block. #bb21


Enjoyed giving my talk React Native - The Big Picture at @kc_dc #kcdc2019. The talk was based on my Pluralsight course. If you are not subscribed to Pluralsight, I have limited number of free codes that you can use for a month. Send me a dm! #ReactNative…

“Nebraska went 4-8 last year, right? “You’d never know it by hanging around the Chicago Hilton this week.” ⁦@tomshatelOWH⁩ on the hype that’s following Nebraska coach Scott Frost. #huskers…

Thank you all for attending my #kcdc2019 talk. Special thanks to all of you who found time to talk to me and for telling me that you enjoyed the talk. This means a lot to me. Slides are now available at:…

Scott Frost says "Half of defense is energy, enthusiasm and hustle." He and the #Huskers agree — they've improved all three. @EvanBlandOWH has the story from Chicago on how the Blackshirts have tackled this offseason. SUBSCRIBER PLUS:

What's a Media Day without a little fun? Here are the sound bites you were really after. #Huskers #GBR #Nebraska Serious stuff this way->

Scott Frost may want the #Huskers to ignore the hype. But A.D. Bill Moos wants all of it. “We’ve got a brand, and we need to get it dusted off."

Here are 10 of the most notable items we learned from the #Huskers busy day in Chicago at Big Ten Media Days.

Don't forget about this guy! #GBR fans will probably appreciate this one. For more of Scott Frost $$$ quotes click the link below. #Huskers #Nebraska FULL VIDEO->

He's new to the spotlight, but he certainly doesn't act like it. Hear from the leader of the #Huskers squad with the link below. #Nebraska #GBR FULL VIDEO->


Nebraska's gonna be the trendy pick to return to its former football glory this fall. @ChadLeistikow doesn't necessarily see the Big Ten West the same way. Here's why.…

After just 12 college games, sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez is in the Heisman conversation. But first, Nebraska needs to win, writes @JoanNiesen

Even with that schedule, the program that was hardly mentioned Thursday is the sensible pick to win the Big Ten West.…

#Huskers head coach Scott Frost spoke with media for an hour in Chicago at Big Ten Media Days. Here's a handful of updates broken out by position.…

"At some point we’re going to have to do something." Scott Frost hasn't said much about Nebraska's football facilities...until Thursday. And what he said indicates a new one needs to be in the works. Soon.… #huskers

New York awards country's largest offshore wind energy contracts


Vamossssss Fabio ostiaaasss!!!!!! Tienes a todo el público de mediaset en contra como se está viendo van con Omar y Albert pero por aquí te apoyamos a muerte!!!!! #SVFinal

We love Chile, a paradise with a variety of different landscapes, fauna and people. Thank you @pilarsordo1 for this video and for supporting our country.

.@GerryConnolly says Robert Mueller needs to tell Congress whether his only reason for not indicting President Trump was the Justice Department precedent not to indict a sitting president #MTPDaily

Rep. Ilhan Omar is met by supporters in Minnesota amid President Trump's tweet controversy…

"Triple homicide" "In the country illegally"…

Trump : yaptırım düşünmüyorum demedim yatırım düşünmüyorum dedim

I couldn’t care less if Trump disavowed the chant last night, or not. “Send her back” is free speech. Firebombing a Federal building (still not disavowed by the radical, anti-American Jihadi Squad who instigated it) is not.

Cummings on Trump: Every time I hear him say things like, go back where you came from. I literally can feel the same pain that I felt as 11 year old and I'm 68. So and I can tell you that a lot of other people feel the same way. We are better than this, Mr. President.

Berkeley, CA is eliminating “offensive” terms “manhole” and “manpower” and banning natural gas in new home construction. Berkeley was also just named the worst city in the country for first time homebuyers. Prolly unrelated right?… @BullsBearsFBN

If you’re tweeting #IStandWithTrump you are supporting a proud known racist which makes everyone believe you are one too. No US citizen has more right than another to be in this country unless it’s the Native Americans who were actually living here when it was “discovered”

Interested in a job in #Ardmore, OK? This could be a great fit: #Retail

Let me get this straight. A 90 year old nun, Pat Murphy, gets arrested for protesting peacefully while Hope Hicks gets away with lying to Congress???!! #CatholicDayOfAction #Catholics4Migrants #ConcentrationCamp

Remember 911, with terrorists now in the US Congress, the country is heading for Sharia Law, just ask Muslim terrorist spy Obama..

Who’s going to Country Thunder?

Trump's racism is dividing the country, says @SenatorTester… "You've got to call it for what it is, it's racism...unless you like racism, you should absolutely stand up" #mtpol

I tried being reasonable, but I didn't like it. - Clint Eastwood #quote #ThursdayThoughts


Ivanka’s silence on Trump’s racist tweets "exposes Ivanka as a complete hypocrite,” @funder said, “Refugee children are being ripped from their mothers and thrown into cages. She hasn't ever said a word about it. Silence is complicity." #ThursdayThoughts…

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.-Roy T. Bennett #quote #thursdaythoughts


definitive ranking of today’s trailer drops 1. #topgun2 2. #ITChapter2 3. #CatsMovie it pains me but I don’t make the rules

The FBI knew Hope Hicks lied....but no charges? must be Barr...Again.…

pennywise: I’m the scariest being in all creation cats musical: hold my collar


Hope Hicks gave a categorical denial to Texas Democratic Rep. @JacksonLeeTX18 when she asked whether Hicks was ever present when Trump and Cohen had discussed Daniels. "No, ma'am," Hicks replied. Cc: @HouseJudiciary

Man #ITChapterTwo trailer has me pretty stoked. The MCU has to get Bill Skarsgard in a future role. Its not just his role as Pennywise, but he's also really impressive in Castle Rock. I originally thought Adam Warlock, but obviously he could play a sadistic villain quite well too


This has always been my experience, except for a handful of exceptions. My dad told me when we were little that we came to America because it welcomed immigrants. Now I realize how lucky I was in comparison to many, many others. #immigrant #IStandWithIlhan…

When are the laws going to apply to Donald trump, Don Jr., Ivanka, Hope Hicks, Kellyanne, Barr, Ross and the 1000 other shady criminals associated with this racist crime infested administration? @SpeakerPelosi do your job! Start putting folks in jail! #ImpeachmentInquiryNow

i know i didn’t come back to see my mutuals thirsting over pennywise mento ilniss

If you depend on racist rhetoric for your reelection, you are driving America into a very awful ditch. There are a majority of people who will not tolerate the sinking levels we saw last night in Greenville, North Carolina. #IStandWithIlhan as do so many others. Enough.


Fort Lauderdale has implemented a temporary patch, which may provide some locations with water pressure capacity. IMPORTANT: If you have water, remember to boil before using. For more info visit… I know a lot of folks who are impacted by this matter. Hope the crews can restore water earlier than anticipated. #FortLauderdale #Florida #USA

Thanks #ONBrand19 for an inspiring day with area professionals working to create, support and promote strong brands! This event provides education and development for the many facets of #branding, as well as a valuable #networking experience for individual #careergrowth.


Our full interview with @HuskerFBNation's Scott Frost is here >>… Subscribe on YouTube for more.

"Scott Frost is a different animal when you're talking about recruiting, when you're talking about rebuilding programs." -PJ Fleck Take a listen to the high praise given to Scott Frost by Minnesota's PJ Fleck on @HailVarsity Radio with @schmidt_radio…

Scott Frost says current football building built during “Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan” era when team roster was much smaller. Now, players sit on stairs in team meeting room and Zach Duval has to run four lifting groups. Frost isn’t complaining and hasn’t once. Still...

Would @Huskers Coach Scott Frost be satisfied with 6 wins in 2019? Here's how he answers that.. and what he says about Christmas plans

Scott Frost: “If there’s a decline in attendance in college football, that’s not at Nebraska.” #huskers

Scott Frost on Bill Moos’ assessment that six wins is an important goal for 2019 at Nebraska: “I don’t think any of us would be happy with six... I don’t want to spend another Christmas at home until I retire.”

“I don’t want to have another Christmas at home...until I’m retired.”-Scott Frost #Huskers #GBR #Nebraska

Scott Frost on the Iowa rivalry: “In our building, we have a ton of respect for Coach Ferentz and what he’s built at Iowa. ... It’s going to be one of the key games on our schedule every year. I know there’s a lot of bad blood with the respective fan bases."

Scott Frost: "There's no fans anywhere like Nebraska fans... the loyalty is unmatched." #Huskers

Scott Frost showing #HuskerNation some love: “Nebraska’s best asset is its people.” #Huskers #GBR #Nebraska

A few people are interested in hearing Scott Frost talk. #B1GMediaDay


Nebraska head coach Scott Frost has full confidence in Adrian Martinez this year as a leader on and off the field. #B1GFootball x #B1GMediaDay


Marketing’s role traditionally has been memory (i.e. jingles). But as marketing mediums have diversified, that’s not enough. Brands need to find ways to influence a consumer’s decision by encouraging curiosity. @stefanmumaw #ONBrand19

Just wrapped up being on a panel about influencer marketing at #ONBrand19!


Whether refreshing, evolving or revolutionizing your brand, staying true to the organization’s heritage, culture and audience is key. @SuMathews #ONBrand19


"I felt like rebranding @Walmart was like rebranding the United States of America" - Su Matthews Hale #ONBrand19 #iconicbrands


Does your brand need a refresh, an evolution, or a total revolution? Great insights from @SuMathews at #OnBrand19


Welcome to #OnBrand19! Thrilled to see everyone & hear our keynote speaker Su Matthew Hale! A big thank you to our event sponsors.


Astrologer K.B.G predicts that Donald Trump will get re-elected as the second time President of the US , following the path of George Bush. #DonaldTrump #USA #PresidentDonaldTrumpRally

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