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Seit das schwarze Loch im #Fortnite event zu sehen ist, wollen Gamer keine Nazis sondern Astronomen werden. Lul

#SuccessionHBO was Shakespeare wrapped up in Tennessee Williams this season and then full on Old Testament for the season finale. I need to go to bed but my jaw is still in pieces...…

logan roy orchestrated his own sacrifice via kendall, you cannot convince me otherwise. #successionhbo

Bart Scott got creative in an apology to Adam Gase after the Jets woke up with 382 total yards against the Cowboys


At 3-3, Cowboys and Jason Garrett stuck in neutral…


There are only two more moons left for the rest of the year. November will have a "Frost Moon" on Nov. 12, and December will have a "Full Cold Moon" on Dec. 12. In October, we enter the glorious late afternoon of the year. The woodland blazes with vibrant colors.


Manchmal, wenn der Herbstwind die Nachtruhe stört, trete ich aus dem Zauber der Traumwelt ans Fenster. Dort erscheint mir in der Phantasie dein Antlitz, Eisblumen im Haar tragend. Mit dem ersten Schnee willst du kommen. Ich zähle die Regentropfen und hoffe auf baldigen Frost.


Okay. I get it. Ya'all down. We have reason to be down. But we need to turn that frown upside DOWN! #Followbacktrain for the #ChiefsKingdom! Retweet this and follow those who also retweet it! Let's build those #ChiefsKingdom accounts up in followers and end the day well!

Here are my new NFL Power Rankings after all the Sunday fun today. We will see if the Packers can hang on vs. Detroit tomorrow. 1. @Patriots 2. @Saints 3. @Seahawks 4. @49ers 5. @packers 6. @Vikings #Skol 7. @HoustonTexans 8. @Chiefs 9. @Ravens 10. @BuffaloBills


Sitting near the same endzone for every home game can be good and bad. This week was good. Seeing both TD bombs by Cousins/Diggs in the same endzone was pretty special. I diggs it... #Skol

TANK FOR TUA!! Lol, remember that?! Ahh the good old days... #Skol


photos prises en deuspi dans la voiture (on adore les cernes) #LGBTQtakeover


No better way to celebrate a birthday than a @Seahawks win in Cleveland. #GoHawks #SEAvsCLE


After today's loss to the Vikings our @RealDGunnNBCS caught up with Sidney Jones to discuss the team's struggles on the field and what he can do to improve. | @WestGermanBMW

no quiero mutuals que usen este #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY denme unf y bloq si es posible, fuera los mogolicos de mi vida, gracias

I don’t care if Jalen Mills comes back next week. He’s not good. Just like Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas. Trade for Patrick Peterson, Chris Harris, or Jalen Ramsey and be done with it.

#fortnite eagles bruno henrique diego alves texans dolphins diggs seahawks lucas silva #browns  #lgbtqtakeover #wybory2019 #capxfla wentz joão lucas freddie kitchens deshaun watson rafinha kirk cousins bráulio #ghvipdbt5 #fortniteevent #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY

Real talk.. if yall are giving up after two extremely tough battles, then I know who you are. The same fans who told me to stop going to, watching games, wearing my jerseys during the losing seasons.. we are far from that team. I'm with big red and this machine #ChiefsKingdom

Eagles Texans Fortnite Dolphins Diggs #Browns Seahawks Wentz #SEAvsCLE yass

Eagles Texans Fortnite Dolphins Diggs #Browns Seahawks Wentz #SEAvsCLE yass

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words dusted (get it half the universe got dusted, so there is only one word since half of the universe got dusted)


The good: four takeaways The bad: Nick Chubb @A_Jude on a weird day for the defense in #SEAvsCLE:

Win Probability trend for #SEAvsCLE #Browns endzone interception AGAIN is the dagger in this game Win Probability beforehand: 83.2% Win Probability after: 71.9% Browns would never get back to 83.2% win probability; that's a turning point. Yeah, this one hurts..not gonna lie

Frost expected over parts of central Indiana early Monday morning.


I’ll admit.. Kirk Cousins played at a level today I didn’t think was possible. He was confident, making quick decisions. OL was better than expected, giving him time. Game plan & balance was terrific. But, if comes down to Cousins executing & he was phenomenal. #SKOL #Vikings

The Full Hunters Moon is visible all night tonight and reminds us that an Autumn chill is on the way with a Frost Advisory tonight. See you at 6 pm with @jenniewthr for the latest forecast on #WTHR


Patrick Mahomes has seen a significant decline in his success on deep passes (20+ air yards) over the past three weeks. Mahomes completion percentage on deep passes: Weeks 1-3: 61% (11/18) Weeks 4-6: 26% (6/23) #ChiefsKingdom


Nick Chubb is averaging 17.9 fantasy points per game so far in 2019. The record by a @Browns RB in a full season is the 14.6 per game by Peyton Hillis in 2010. #SEAvsCLE #Browns…

Chiefs beaten to a pulp again, I see. #ChiefsKingdom @Chiefs

Taipei Assassins vence a Azubu Frost para ganar el Campeonato Mundial del 2012


Pls like if you had less INTs than Jameis Winston today

#BothamJean killed in his house in Dallas. #AtatianaJefferson killed in her house in Fort Worth. A house should be a sanctuary from terror. Legal Lynching must be punished. First degree murder must be punished.


sana ready na sila sa defense

John Silo's Pulitzer Prize winning photo of the Kent State shootings...Ohio, 1970. More images:


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