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Hey #Democrats.. Just For One Day Do You All Think You Go Without Trying To Divide The Nation With Your Hatred, Hoaxes And Lies? Not Everyday Do You Have To Be The center of Attention #StandUnited

'The Lion King' bites off $185 million debut, a July box office record…


Prince George turning 6 as U.K. palace releases new photos…


"Kensington Palace releases new Prince George portraits ahead of sixth birthday"…

I wanted to see lion king

...........America literally doesn’t have an official language, but go off I guess?…

The future king of England appears to have lost a few teeth before his sixth birthday.

You didn't disappoint, @NHMS! Thank you for one incredible weekend! #Foxwoods301


‘The Lion King’ bites off $185 million debut, a July record…

El Comando Sur de EEUU denunció que un caza Sukhoi venezolano interceptó "agresivamente" a un avión de la Fuerza Aérea sobre el Caribe


The future king turns 6 on Monday. It's become a tradition for the palace to release snapshots taken by his mother Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.…

De grande, al Guadalajara solo le queda el nombre. Hoy, America está a años luz de distancia

My unsurprising Lion King review: I cried just as hard as I thought I would, and Seth Rogen as Pumbaa is the best casting decision in the history of casting decisions

The lion king was literally just for Disney to show off its graphics it lacked the fulfillment the first one gave

These people’s brains are just trash culture at this point. A childhood friend of mine was raised on Disney, she’s an obese leftist of the woke kind, now. That garbage will melt your synapses and turn your brain to goo.…

Prince George turning 6 as UK palace releases new photos


Anonymous Dem Leader Calls Justice Dems 'Elitist Trust Fund Kids' via @YouTube Corrupt Corporate Democrats state Dems must have “unity“ yet they are the first to attack their own party then clutch their pearls when confronted on hypocrisy @JamesMa96163439

Stephen Miller SLAMS Radical Squad Leader AOC: "I'm a Jew... I Am Profoundly Outraged by the Comments of Ocasio-Cortez" (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Park secrets #Disney doesn’t want you to know

The @realdailywire all of a sudden wringing its hands over a GOP candidate’s previous support for Democrats is rich. Don’t they know their Dear Leader started this trend? Haven’t heard a peep from them about who Trump supported in the past—because he keeps their lights on.…

New reporting from The Washington Post alleges Pres. Trump was oblivious to damage caused by racist tweets directed at four congresswomen of color. @JoyAnnReid and her panel discuss.

Ahead of Mueller hearings, top Democrats call Trump ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ and accuse him of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ - The Washington Post…

So interesting how many bots have hopped on the trending Chris Wallace. The question is are they Putin bots or @parscale bots

The post is up! "New Photos of Prince George as He Turns Six"


Kevin Harvick survives a bump and run to win at New Hampshire


Gareth Bale could be on his way to China as Real Madrid career nears end @sidlowe…

“Zidane is a disgrace, he shows no respect for a player that has done so much for Real Madrid"…

Bale close to leaving Real Madrid, says Zidane #NigeriaNews, #Nigeria, #News…


'WandaVision', 'Loki' o 'Hawkeye': Kevin Feige da nuevos datos de las SERIES de Marvel para Disney+ #SDCC


The Lion King already made make its budget in one week alone because of its international audience. Meaning that to the surprise of no one, Disney is gonna continue this bullshit until the end of time.


Studio Weekend Estimates: THE LION KING Takes Box Office Throne w/ Massive $185M in North America, $433M Global…

The disrespect bale has got from madrid fans and the club is laughable, would still walk into any team in the world and has done more for madrid than zidane ever has

Gareth Bale to Tottenham: Mauricio Pochettino refuses to rule out Spurs transfer bid for Real Madrid star

its been what.. a few days since bts went on a vacation and here we are trending shit like these cause we’re bored #HEAR_YOURSELF

You can whine about the Disney juggernaut or you can whine about the dying theatrical experience, but you can’t do both. There’s no way HUNDREDS of theaters wouldn’t have shut down over the last 5 years without Disney and all that popcorn money.

Unpopular opinion: People are saying “why did Beyoncé make Lion King about herself”. I think she just found an opportunity to make money and she made the best out of it. Sometimes people just hate instead of learning and getting ideas from these successful people.

None of the former Disney actors and actresses can come close to zendaya

Thurman connects with a big right hand, his best punch of the fight, but no follow-up yet #PacquiaoThurman

Manny's footwork is LEGENDARY!!!! SPEED IS AF!!! #PacquiaoThurman

today was so overwhelming but i’m so excited for phase 4... the mcu is glowing UP

Marvel Studios’ THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER with Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman. Taika Waititi returns as director. In cinemas 2021. #MarvelPH


goodnight to thor: love and thunder (2021), written and directed by taika waititi only

"Opening and alleging, that Christ must needs have suffered, and risen again from the dead; and that this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ." ~Acts 17:3 #God #Bible #Love

Marvel Studios’ WHAT IF…?, the first animated series in the MCU, with Jeffrey Wright as the voice of The Watcher and many actors from across the MCU reprising their roles as voice talent. Streaming exclusively on Disney+. #MarvelPH


New post The Media Protecting Ilhan Omar’s Obviously False Presentation of Family is a ... has been published on -


Me in 2021 trying to go see all 7 phase 4 marvel movies coming out that year

No world leader takes him seriously. It had to take the Abba to talk to MBS to talk to Kushner to talk to Trump to grant this ‘working visit’ without protocol or accommodation by the American Govt. This is the result of begging and sifaarishein.…

Salida Extraordinaria de Nuestro Padre Jesús del Prendimiento de Jerez de la Frontera por el 125 aniversario, julio 2019


Opinion | Trump is leading a hate movement, and the world is watching…

Damn Marvel Phase 4 is Hype! Wat een announcements allemaal en dat allemaal in 2020/2021.

Les doy corafav sin leer sus tweets, porque confío en que su IQ es mayor que el de Donald Trump.

Report: Trump Considering Ending Refugee Resettlement to U.S.…

Udah kelar nih phase 4 ya gue cape mantengin twitter mulu gue mau nonton film

I'm really looking forward to Picard.

Marvel Studios’ LOKI, an original series with Tom Hiddleston. Streaming exclusively on Disney+. #MarvelPH


#disneyonice yeah it’s good. Although I feel like someone’s robbed me? #Disney shame

If we not linking, its no point of texting honestly..

I can’t stop saying how much I LOVE the Thor: Love and Thunder logo. The #SDCC logo reveal was set to Dio’s Rainbow in the Dark, which needs to be in the movie too.


すごーーーい!!!君は頑張った!!! ほんとすごい!!!なんでそんなすごい???才能ありすぎない??いっちばん輝いてる!!!さいこうだよ! #peing #質問箱

Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION, an original series with Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany and Teyonah Parris. Streaming exclusively on Disney+. #MarvelPH


gnt eu fui na Disney e voltei no mesmo dia (postando essa foto para o total de 0 pessoas hahahahahahaha)


IMO this is what social justice culture in the US perpetually overlooks when they insist on voting in Democrats who pulverize countries, doing this to the SAME ethnic minorities they so vehemently fight for in the US in the process, to skirt the dominion of an identical party.…

Leon Edwards (18-3) pitched a splendidly cerebral and technical near-shutout, mastering Rafael dos Anjos for his eighth straight win. The Jamaican-born Brummie lanced with range boxing, dug clutch takedowns and executed clinch elbows at will. A truly elite showing. #UFCSanAntonio

#UFCSanAntonio ATTENDANCE 9,255 GATE US $841,820.61 FIGHT OF THE NIGHT Bautista vs. Son PERFORMANCES OF THE NIGHT Hooker & Harris

"To compete against a former world champion in RDA and did what I did, I feel great. I’m proving to the kids coming from the UK that you can stay in the UK and do it, I’m very happy with my performance." - @Leon_EdwardsMMA #UFCSanAntonio


thor love and thunder is already the best mcu film already, the power it has

Why don't we just take all this shit Democrats have us guilty of and make it freaking policy? I mean, is there such a thing as moral double-jeopardy?

Ok, amigos, I'm signing off. If you enjoyed the #UFCSanAntonio commentary, give me a follow at @dannyseguratv (you won't regret it, likely). In the meantime, keep it locked to for all your fight news!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has topped Democrats' list of most-liked 2020 candidates, according to new survey

Saw the Picard trailer

No one is asking me to, but I don't want to talk about Picard right now. I have way too many mixed emotions about this. I've watch the trailer about 35 times now, FYI. #Picard

Bien por la Asociación de Alcaldes del PPD que acaban de anunciar la SUSPENSIÓN de la celebración del ELA en Arroyo. A cambio realizarán una marcha #RickyRenuncia en San Lorenzo. Es bueno poner el oído en tierra y escuchar el reclamo del pueblo #RickyRenuncia


La UPR es solidaridad, es Historia, patria y unidad. La UPR es Puerto Rico, unidos este 22 de Julio decimos presente en el paro nacional. El mensaje es claro, el mundo lo reclama ¡Ricky renuncia! #RickyRenuncia #RickyVeteya

CALIFORNIA COMPETENCY: - Consciousness - Thought/Info Processing - Mood Modulation #TeachSomethingIn5Words #CompetencyQueen #FreeBritney


"The Mueller hearing will be a turning point": Democrats, who have spent 2 years hoping Robert Mueller would show President Trump is unfit for office, could face a make-or-break moment when the former special counsel testifies this week

WDW101 The Basics: Today’s Tip. Stay onsite at a #WaltDisneyWorld hotel — ideally a Deluxe Resort. This will give you the ultimate in an immersive Disney experience, upscale accommodations and proximity to the parks. #WDW101 #Travel


Alright...I’m gonna say it...Beyonce was terrible in the Lion King.

honestly i am so upset, i am a but late but now that i'm home i can talk. renjunzens come together let's vent. i am so angry.

Of ik me wel eens erger. Eh...ja?! Waaraan? Aan Disney-dieren die gecomputerd zijn, hoe knap ook, ik vind ze stom. Aan mensen met maat 36 dus geen koolhydraten eten. (Sorry, je goed recht, maar een bord pasta is geen kapsalon met fernandes) Aan mensen HOEZO IS MN TWEET AL OP?!

The Democrats' 'Ultimate Nightmare Scenario': Trump Loses By 5 Million Votes.... And Still Wins Re-Election…

Quoted here: Don't let the methodology differences between The Establishment vs. The Squad devolve into an ideological rift. Avoid the gray fallacy, assuming the vision is simply between the two. It's time to transcend like the Sphere in Flatland.…

Our border agents risk their lives to enforce our laws & protect the American people. Democrats not only refused to provide the resources & support border agencies need, but also smeared our agents with unfair accusations & hateful lies. #VoteDemsOut

Following someone new is the first step toward EXCELLENCE! Grow your #PLN! #LeadUpChat

Be sure to connect with someone in this chat who can hold you accountable for what you just tweeted! #LeadUpChat

A5: I'll be able to reflect on more time spent with others, investing in others, and serving others. I may lose count of the gold stars I'll be giving. #leadupchat…

A4) 1. Last week I took advice from @conniehamilton and started joining twitter chats! 2. I'm reading some outstanding books from @PeterMDeWitt @Jenni_Donohoo @JulieHStern and @MichaelFullan1 3. Collaborating with @casey_peine & colleagues about those books. #LeadUpChat…

A3: The barrier of low expectations. Relationships are key. Leveraging relationships to challenge ourselves and others is essential. Love students enough to have high expectations coupled with high support. Love students enough to shift our practice when needed. #leadupchat…

Q5: Intention without action=Wasted Time. Intention+ Action=Being Excellent on Purpose. What will be your evidence of success when you reflect on your growth in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months? #LeadUpChat


"Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the common hall, and gathered unto him the whole band [of soldiers. ]" ~Matthew 27:27 #God #Bible #Hope

Don't Panic - GOD's got us covered! "Don't be anxious about anything, but in ALL situations, by prayer & petition, & w/ thanksgiving; ask your requests to The LORD & the peace of GOD; which transcends ALL understanding; will guard your hearts & minds in Christ Jesus!" Phi 4:6-7

I’m seeing Lion King in 2 hours

Can’t believe I’m actually watching lion king right now lol

*PRAYER:* Heavenly Father I thank You for Your Word, and I thank You for Your love for me and my children/family. Thank You Lord for teaching my children/family. Thank You for helping me to be a good friend to my children/family in Jesus' name. Amen


My super cool scientist cousin is coming to visit and I honestly can't wait to ask her all the tea about being a TA at UC Berkeley because the last I heard, they were trying to get rid of her but still used her photo for a diversity banner

i’ve honestly had such a bad week, what have i done to deserve this

Aan zelfvertrouwen geen gebrek bij Zlatan. Hij maakte het ook waar.…

#bbad #bb21 so Jackson is saying Cliff listens threw the doors. Puhleeeze.


Jackson: I throw every comp I don’t win. Fans: mmmhm sure #BB21

In 2020, President Trump must persuade voters who approve of his record on the economy but disapprove of his overall performance, @RonBrownstein writes. His racist attacks this week only hurt that cause.

Jack said on his interview he has a big heart, 2 ears one mouth, fun loving. All I see is an aggressive guy with anger issues with a future of being arrested for domestic problems. #bbad #bb21

2020 election is coming up “Kanye for president 2020” Trump is running for re election Trump and Kanye are working together for ASAP Asap is well liked by many people coincidence?

President Trump: "These women have said horrible things about our country and the people of our country. Nobody should be able to do that and if they want to do that, that's up to them."

President Donald Trump seemed aloof throughout the exchange with Nadia Murad, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and refugee of the Yazidi region of Iraq.

Andrea you got so many damn standards and you so much of a mormon leader but you married a damn felon /Crip shut yo dumb ass up #LifeAfterLockup

That’s good of the NFL to set a precedent on emotional abuse...…

President Donald Trump claims First Lady Melania Trump was one of the many people who encouraged him to help ASAP Rocky:


Trump to Nominate Anti-Union Lawyer Eugene Scalia as Labor Secretary…

Red state newspaper rips Republicans for 'cowardly' response to Trump's racism…

Today's newsletter, in my mail, from @realDonaldTrump #NCRally. I can't give a link, or copy/paste the whole thing, but his remarks all result in: Cascade of Pinocchios for Trump’s attacks on Ilhan Omar

How stupid must one be to suggest that I am an "appeaser" who sucks up to Democrats? This is the level of stupidity you get from people who lack the intelligence to respond with substance. No doubt the product of our failing education system.…

MAGA literally means that America is not great.

“You know, [Republican politicians] used to say, ‘Hey, look, I’m not a social conservative and I’m not a hawk, but when it comes to fiscal matters …' Now they can’t even say that.”…

as if today wasn’t already a nice day, i just got the news that i got in the university i wanted to study in :)) where im going to study cinema. im honestly so excited… Democrats start a petition to ban Trump rallies? LOL. You gotta just love it.

Even some Democrats say a $15 minimum wage is too high by @rickjnewman


A few notes on Tyreek Hill from today. #nflnetwork

If tyreek hill was a raider the @NFL would have suspended him no less than 6 games.

Last Chance U>>>Stranger Things

I love it so much that the #fab5 are genuinely cheering for you like you're a rockstar, no matter what you accomplish. Even if you only manage to flip a pancake. Because sometimes you just need people to clap and cheer for you - no matter what! #QueerEye4 #Love

No idea how or why #GOPCommunists is trending, but I’m happy about the whole thing on a personal level.

The real tragedy of today is that I’m too busy to watch #QueerEye4

To state the obvious we grow more & more appalled by Trump, and more & more impressed by the dignity of the women he abuses to try to distract us from his links to horrendous friends like Epstein. That the Brexiteers follow his lead is also galling. No to lies, racism & abuse.

Yeah we all anticipated Shatta Wale's verse on the #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing...The track is dhope but if this is the reason Some Ghanaians were trolling @sarkodie... Then I guess @sarkodie should just sleep and relax. @stonebwoyb coulda done better __ #ShattawaleBeyonceAlready

Davido listening to Brown skin girl #TheGiftAlbum


50 years after the first moon landing, Donald Trump is the top candidate to take an extended trip to the moon – almost 5 in 10 Britons selected Trump out of a list of politicians, past and present, they would like to send to the moon (@IpsosMORI) details:…


Pres. Trump supporters chanted "send her back" in reference to Rep. Omar at a campaign rally on Wed. night. Trump says he tried to stop the chant by "very quickly" speaking again as the chant broke out, despite a long pause during the chant. ANALYSIS:

These 4. Easily my best pls ( bar Brown Skin Girl ) #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing #LionKing


i just want to see the lion king. someone take me.

If we pull of this Reinier Jesus Carvalho for £45m deal I’ll be buzzing. I can see some serious truth in this though for a change, come out of no-where, he now follows Mina, Everton, Richarlison, Bernard etc. Can see this coming off if I’m honest.

Wizkid is the Lion king they are talking about

You want that good life on a platter of gold without life challenges even Jesus had challenges, he was betrayed, tempted, he even fasted 40days & 40nights yet still died on the cross of Calvary but you know what He rose again from the death..

BREAKING: Miss World America Strips Conservative Activist Kathy Zhu of Miss Michigan Title Over Her Refusing to Wear Hijab… via @gatewaypundit

American Pop Star Beyonce finally releases most anticipated ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ Album ft. Shatta Wale, Mr Eazi, Wizkid and more


In Trump’s America, to be ‘American’ is to be Xenophobic, Nostalgic and White DONALD TRUMP HATES THE REAL AMERICA

The Squad's defenders represent a better America than Trump does || By Greg Sargent…

With the passing of good men goes honour, dignity and respect from a country once called the land of opportunity. America has taken itself back to 1860, and the Republican party has forgotten the best thing it has ever done. Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame.…

GOP-lite Centrist Dems & Pelosi set up Rep. Ilhan Omar & The Squad by attacking them for months ⁦@IlhanMN⁩ ⁦@RepAOC⁩ ⁦@RashidaTlaib⁩ ⁦@AyannaPressley⁩ ⁦@SpeakerPelosi#ImpeachmentHearingsNow…

"I will pack my own shit with a smile on my face....go out knowing I tried to get them out" Ok. If you insist. #bb21

Democrats hate Americans

Guys, I think Jackson might be done. I just need to hear him say it a few dozen more times to be absolutely sure. #bb21

Jackson WAY underestimates Kat, I think. (he just said it doesn't matter if Kat knows about the power now because she probably won't even remember) #bb21

How great would this be... Christie works a deal with the POV holder to give them her power to make it a DPOV and they fuck her over and they take someone off and put her on the block (or if they can't put her OTB, they put one of the Jacks up) #BB21

¿Qué tienen en común Bad Bunny, Ricky Martin, Residente, Guaidó y gobernador de Puerto Rico? Pérez Pirela contesta en Desde Donde Sea (+Video)… @la_iguanatv

Somos más y no tenemos miedo! #RickyRenuncia

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