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Father Jim Sichko, one of only 100 Papal Missionary's in the U.S., who lives in Richmond, Kentucky, is donating 10,000 desperately needed N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks to Kentucky for distribution to health care workers fighting COVID-19.

Leaked Intel Report CONFIRMS China Is Lying About COVID Numbers, China I... via @YouTube

We want to thank the Gulf Coast Distillery in Houston for their donation of Hand Sanitizer to help Texas Game Wardens and State Park Police Officers who continue to serve and protect #Texas. #OneTeam  #TexasStrong #StayHome #COVIDー19


Good Morning ~ To my Snsd Blackpink Mamamoo and Izone ... Lets have a good day ... Yes of course #StayHome #SaveLives ... #COVID19 please go we learn the lesson already so bye bye ... Let us to be free from this outbreak ... #HappyFriday ...

Jared Kushner: I hate novels and I hate corona. Cut the program.…

guess what i was kicked out of my house for months and was forced to be homeless at age 15 bc i was bi but some tiktok star thought it would b funny to come out as bi as an april fools joke FUCK zsmitty that shit is not a fucking joke

#ちょっと変わった自己紹介 私の名はたまいん! 好きな物はゲームとアニメ…そして和食(特に寿司)! 嫌いな者は爆死ごときでモチベ落ちたとか報告する人! 後は一々つまらんマウント取ってくるやつ! そして極めつけは神曲がTikTokで使われてる時に「これTikTokの曲だから!」とか言い出すやつです!

Anyone comparing Biden's predatory behavior to their grandpa... well, then that grandpa must have predatory behavior too. And that still does not make predatory behavior ok.

Dear @PamKeithFL, You stated in your bio that you are a “ expert on the workplace law.” Now that you have unfollowed me for criticizing Joe Biden, Is rape appropriate in the work place because the candidate you support sexually assaulted a woman who was a staffer.

Lol I feel like Quavo expected more outta his live.

Democrats hammer Trump on coronavirus, say his decisions cost lives — with one very notable exception, Joe Biden.…

"What is the Third Part of Your Question, Actually?" - Biden Forgets the Question He Was Asked... AGAIN (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Quavo is having the worst party ever. I can’t see shit

Quavo bday party wasn’t what I expected

This #CNNTownHall is top flight. With @NYGovCuomo & Robert Kraft on explaining how he sent his team plane to China for 1,500,095 masks & how & why he’s giving 300,000 of those to N.Y., just reminds you of everything right with our country. Don’t make me become a #Patriots fan.


LIVE AT 10: Robert Kraft speaks about the team effort that brought more than 1 million N95 masks to Mass. Hear what he has to say NOW on #7News…

#Keemstar got himself trending via a charity post. His top/most recent post? Self promo. This is followed by 3 filler posts that mean&do basically nothing. THEN after those posts is the one regarding the giveaway. It's not charity, it's advertising. He doesn't even have to pay.


Guys. Robert Kraft and Jemele Hill both suck. There you go.

New #sales #video from @TiborShanto - Selling Through COVID 19 - Which Normal Do You Want - April 2, 2020 #selling #insight #knowledge…

Here's Thursday's COVID-19 newsletter. Keep taking care of yourselves.


Christopher Sharp, chief medical information officer at Stanford Health Care, discusses how telehealth is helping stem the #coronavirus pandemic.

This is wonderful news. Hope the funding is open to arts orgs throughout SoCal (right now says LA County) — Getty to create $10-million COVID-19 relief fund for L.A. arts organizations…

I have heard almost no journalist ask Trump/Fauci/Birx/Anyone HOW the lockdowns will end without a resurgence in outbreaks. Journalists are reporting as if we're in the clear if we just get through April. We're only in the clear if we build a South Korea-like system this month!

3 April 1933. Everest and Makalu, seen from the south.


Kemp is now recommending we stock up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper before stores run low, and is starting to hear whispers about a Netflix show on a tiger monarchy…

4 minutes and 50 seconds into this week’s episode of NXT UK Jinny’s entrance music faded out and multiple grown men yelled “Jinny!” as if it were said by Timmy from South Park. I’ve closed the app now.

3 April 1933. Everest seen from the south.


Tiger King star Joe Exotic hospitalised after contracting coronavirus in prison…

I watched Tiger King and I think the grand lesson here is there are people who make a lot of terrible life decisions, and then blame others for those choices when everything goes absolutely wrong. And no one should own wild animals.

great pick, no one knows who she is and michigan is a literal disaster zone neoliberal wasteland, sure to shore up everyone’s concerns that biden is not physically or mentally up to the job.…

in the last few days ive transcribed statements from trump, cuomo, and biden. the way trump speaks is *insane*. i guess we've all become numb to it, but when you write it out, it is nuts, esp compared to the other two. and honestly, even compared to mcconnell and mccarthy.


Rick Kirkham on What #TigerKing Didn't Show: 'It Was a Hell of a Lot Worse Than What You Saw' [Video]…

Is it a bird, is it a plane?? No it's just a @bms_ri teacher thinking he's a superhero on Day 4 of Spirit Week. Great job to all @bps_ri staff and students getting through another week of distance learning. #DistanceLearning #KeepSmiling #StayHome #StayHealthy


Why does Joe Biden look like he's dying?

Australia appears to continue to be on a more similar trajectory to South Korea than the nightmare scenarios of many other countries. Latest chart just released by @jburnmurdoch @FT


Joe Exotic contracting coronavirus is absolutely the content I expected in this particular timeline…

Joe Exotic's Ex-Husband Calls Out 'Tiger King' Producers & Stunts On Everyone With A Sparklin' Set Of Teeth


#WorldAutismAwarenessDay While lives and routines are completely disrupted, the autism community needs your support & kindness now, more than ever. #LightItUpBlue Wear blue today to show your support and get our COVID-19 info and resources here:…


Brian Kemp is what happens when you run on just guns and trucks and the Bible. Now the people of Georgia have a bumbling buffoon who couldn't tell you what an atom is running their state instead of a qualified woman like Stacey Abrams.

We aren't really at a park, this was a green screen. April Fools.


Today is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay! We are grateful for organizations and individuals who are encouraging us to create a kinder, more inclusive world for people with autism. Today, more than ever, they deserve our support. The @NYCCouncil stands with you.

#sadnews #today everytime I saw anything and it's views also but this hard to everyone.... #corona #COVID19india #coronaviruspandemic #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronasuffersworst #coronavacation #socialdistancing #StayHealthy #StaySafe #stayhome #StayAtHome


The horse will beat the corona? 25>wins #Corona #CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #StayHome

I finally understand why everyone is obsessed with buying toilet paper lately, it’s SO comfortable! #DustTricks #Coronavirus #Covid_19 #TheLockdown #StayHome #StayAtHome #Isolation #Quarantine #QuarantineLife #magic #magictrick #toiletpaper

remember for #WorldAutismAwarenessDay light it up red because autism speaks doesn’t represent us! they demonize us and barely give anything to people with autism like me. a lot of us can live life just like you and you wouldn’t even notice!

I don't need #AlyssaMilano To speak. She's said too much. Not helpful. I demand @JoeBiden address his assault. #WhatAboutTara #IBelieveTaraReade I won't vote for a rapist no matter who. Joe Biden needs to speak up or drop out.

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