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WATCH LIVE: @Chiefs players & coaches are speaking with reporters after beating the Tennessee Titans 24-35 in the #AFCChampionship to punch their ticket to Miami and the #SuperBowl #ChiefsKingdom


Wielki Liverpool - Big Liverpool #angielskizseruniem

Aaron Hernandez caught 2 bodies because dudes ruined his fit and y’all expect me to hate him?

y’all this Aaron Hernandez doc !!!!!

Free my nigga Aaron Hernandez, the only crime he did was being too fine

On behalf of @Titans fans everywhere, @jwyattsports, @natebain, @TitansAmie, please tell Marcus Mariota that, whatever the future brings, we’ll still love him for what he did for this team and the community, on and off the field. #Titans #TitanUp #TakeEverything #TENvsKC

Just finished the Aaron Hernandez documentary... I’m wondering what rock I was living under when all of this went down because I don’t remember hearing about any of it

Incoming to the TL... “dEeBo sAmUEl iS ONLY a rOoKiE aNd tHe cHeATrIoTs dRaFtED hARRy iNsteAd oF hIM aJ BRowN oR DK metCalF lmFaOoo L”

"Let's go Nathan, let's go brother. No. 3. It's always here." @TheNotoriousMMA responded to @NateDiaz209 calling his fight with Donald Cerrone "weak as f**k." #UFC246

I’m feeling a new profile pic #LFC #YNWA


Random #UFC246 story: I was introduced to @Sia last night and let me just tell you - sweetest person ever. @JoeJitsu and I have been big fans for a while but after our interaction I love her even more.


girl what just happened

fun fact o david anthony compôs e produziu liar liar do oh my girl aka uma das melhores músicas do planeta terra…

Nancy's impeachment souvenir pens. #DisgustMeIn4Words

Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix is good

Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Shayanna Jenkins Is Taking A Social Media Break Following The Release Of Netflix’s Docuseries (via @Bossip)

- O, now be gone! More light and light it grows! -More light and light, more dark and dark our woes. #ShakespeareSunday


Yo all these people feeling bad for Aaron Hernandez. What in the actual f*ck? Dude was a sociopathic murderer. How do you feel bad for that? CTE, being gay, whatever the reason is. You still have a choice. There’s plenty of players out there not murdering ppl in cold blood.

It still kills me how Netflix tried to paint the picture dat Aaron Hernandez was gay...even if he was. Wats dat gotta do wit anything

Oh yeah you will be seeing my Faust in GG Strive

The sun will not be seen today; The sky doth frown and lour upon our army. Richard III #ShakespeareSunday


Night's candles are burnt out, and jocund day Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. Romeo and Juliet #ShakespeareSunday #MtKatahdinMaine


Honestly speaking after watching that performance by Conor I would like to see a super fight between him Stipe #UFC246

hello hi this still stands just so everyone is aware... like someone please help a girl out…

Cmon cant a girl get some privacy?


The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl

Thats was impressive and kinda expected. Didnt see the shoulder strikes coming. Seen Jon Jones use it a couple of times. Beautiful high head kick. I thought CM got him with a knee at the start....Looked like DC laid down for that one. Great matchups ahead. #UFC246

Episode 3 of Aaron Hernandez doc


Marcus Smart hit ELEVEN threes tonight to set a Celtics franchise record and I was there to witness history. I regret to inform you I didn’t write about that. I couldn’t. The Celtics have lost six out of eight games. Here’s a story about their slippage:…

so far all I’ve learned from the aaron hernandez doc is that he likes to smoke big doinks n kiss his homies

Look at how engages with regular working class Americans. Notice how he just unabashedly looks down upon all of us with such disdain. Especially when folks get “uppity” enough to call him out on his own record #BidenSocialSecurityCuts

#connormcgregor beats someone up for the win. #ET3 wins supercross. Top it off with @KyleLarsonRacin wins the #ChiliBowl2020 What an awesome night for sports.…

Hmm you don't want to put her through a trial but you had no problem stealing her from her mother and decieving everyone #KamiyahMobleyStory #StolenByMyMother @NiecyNash @Rayvenferrell @lifetimetv @TaRhondajay

Congrats to @KyleLarsonRacin on his first @cbnationals victory. Long overdue, but well earned. #ChiliBowl2020

Aaron Hernandez's fiance was a ride-or-die. Hernandez's ability to lead a double life with precision is really scary. This Netflix series is enlightening to say the least. #AaronHernandez

Erling Haaland treble on Borussia Dortmund debut not an ‘official’ hat-trick…

National Archives Apologizes for Censoring Anti-Trump Messages from Women's March Photo

'The Government Can't Airbrush History': National Archives Denounced for Blurring Out Anti-Trump Signs in #WomensMarch Photos… "It is the job of the National Archives to document history, not alter it to serve the president's ego." —Louise Melling, @ACLU

A brief stop in the Hundred Acre Wood on a snowy Saturday. #WinnieThePoohDay #ROMWinnie


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