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Oh, you know, @jspock casually rocking #TheGameAwards stage... Who’s excited to create your own custom avatar in #HumankindGame?!…

God I am absolutely going to get fired but I cant sit on the phone and pretend that none of this happened and talk to charities about fucking insurance renewals. It feels like spitting in the face of those who have been given their death sentence in the last 12 hours.

President-elect Donald Trump is hiring his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a senior adviser in the West Wing, giving him a sweeping portfolio and status that will make him one of the most influential figures in the administration.

DSGB Album 2020, y’all already know...Hard!!! @pastortroydsgb on the Traxxxx!!! #DSGB #MurkMuzik…

He’s fucking racist, islamaphobic and homophobic and y’all still let this dickhead win???!!!


Она поступит в продажу осенью 2020 года…

Xbox Series X ya se ha anunciado y está generando muchos memes.


Four happy EU ministers! Decision last night by EU to go to net zero emissions by 2050 , means continued global leadership that is absolutely needed. More ambition must be message of #COP25Madrid ! @DieschbourgC⁩ ⁦@MikkonenKrista⁩ ⁦@SvenjaSchulze68#cop25


seungbin look absolutely amazing with their new hair


Being in the UK right now means j missed #thegameawards. What were the highlights?

Some facts related to Hassaan Niazi: 1. His father is Hafeezullah Niazi, who is an analyst & columnist who disagrees on number of issues with Imran Khan. 2. Hassaan Niazi is a staunch follower of his uncle Imran Khan & supports PTI.


Missed an announcement from The Game Awards? We've got everything in one handy and snug place for you right here… #TheGameAwards #TheGameAwards2019 #News

The Boris Johnson victory in the UK was inspired by President Donald J. Trump, AND we must ensure that it happens HERE once again! Everyday ordinary people are fed-up with the subterfuge & hypocrisy of 'Democrats' who are, in fact, anything BUT democratic.

A Harvard geneticist wants to play matchmaker using your DNA to make sure you never meet the wrong person.

Rare hot take time. Right now a lot of Democrats are looking at the UK and trying to infer for 2020. Instead, Labour should look at the US, particularly the 2018 elections, on how you can have youthful, energetic,and approachable candidates that can win. #ElectionTwitter #GE2019

It's a great step. At the same time gov must invest in forensic and legal infra for speedy process. Justice must be delivered on facts and evidence not on "media hype".…

a reação dos meninos vendo as b-armys acendendo as luzes para formar a bandeira do brasil QUE PRECIOSIDADE #My2019withBTS @BTS_twt

ravens playing on primetime again tonight y’all know the vibes

can y’all stop being childish and just spit in yo nigga’s mouf during sex and he does the same

Y’all better get y’all license to carry and grab some big shit and a lot of it cause when they impeach this mf Trump these pale people gone get goofy goofy

Y’all don’t know nun bout loyalty

WH's Hogan Gidley on Fox, regarding format of Senate trial: "It's up to the Senate to decide how they move forward with some of this, but the president has has also been clear: he wants witnesses out there because he wants his side of the story told."

Congratulations to my fellow Labradorian, Dr. Vianne Timmons, who will become the first female President and Vice Chancellor of Memorial University.…

But using power to extort a foreign country to investigate a candidate for President of the United States is perfectly fine, ain’t that right, Kiev Kev?…

EU summit reaches deal on carbon neutrality by 2050, council president says: News agency AFP

Democrat Village Idiot Hank Johnson Wants to Impeach President Trump For *Checks Notes* - Being Too Tall (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Nothing on this Earth is as absolutely rank as dog farts

We're obviously not getting Persona 5 Arena announced tonight at #GameAwards2019. But I appreciate everyone keeping the dream alive.

quando nós b-armys fizemos essas bandeira INCRÍVEL na speak yourself tour aqui no brasil e surpreendemos os meninos MELHOR MOMENTO #My2019withBTS @BTS_twt

It’s to the point where I just expect #OkState to get screwed. This was a bigger hose job than Tylan last year. And that’s saying something. Absolutely unreal.

Watching the back forth of the impeachment proceedings, it is to be observed that the Dems are not moved by facts, truth or reason. There is only one prize before their eyes and it shows: POWER. These people are stupid. These people are sick.

The Cat MEME on STEROIDS ...... I have to share this.... Bwahahahaha ... MAKE this viral !!!!!!! #ImpeachingHearings #ImpeachmentInquiry #GretaThunbergOutdidTrump


BTS’s Suga Is The History Professor We All Wish We’d Had via @Koreaboo…

love him or hate him he do be speaking straight facts here

#TraitorTrump is having a war of words with #GretaThurnberg & he's losing. The 16 year old from Sweden is the calm, mature one in this battle while the 73 year old man child @realDonaldTrump appears as the deranged, demented old fool. #GretaThunbergOutdidTrump #Impeach & #MAGA


qual vai ser a primeira música que vocês vão ouvir? #FineLine #HarryStyles

I voted but I didn’t get my dog - who do I complain to? #GeneralElection2019

I urge you to go out and #vote. I’ve been tearing my hair out cause I can’t vote Green in #Guildford but I read up, went out & voted. Ladies especially, please vote. Women literally gave their lives so that you have the privilege to vote. (cont) #GeneralElection2019 #UKElection


Molly, braving the wind and rain to oversee voting in Clapham. Please vote today. If you don’t, you can’t complain. #dogsatpollingstations #GE2019…

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