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RIP✝️WWII Veteran Frank E. Rose We will remember you brother in arms…

Win or lose, the Cubs are doing it The Cubs Way. Their choice of David Ross confirms it.…

i would literally rather eat grass than my school’s dining

my tickets literally arrived like 2 days ago i cant wait to tear them up

LISTEN: GOP lawmaker shares audio of phone call he made from highly-classified SCIF room


LOL you know @RepMattGaetz dealt a body blow in his Jimmy Doolittle "Bombs Over Tokyo" moment today - the communist dunces are yapping on Twitter that he should be arrested. Sorry little commissar wannabees, we're not quite there yet for the whole arrest thing you covet so much

Putin, antiguo esbirro asesino KGB, con todo su sequito lacayo de latinoamericanos izquierdistas-castrochavistas, a través del foro de Sao Paulo, es la cabeza de todo este incendio suramericano y busca alguna guerra civil, que como en la española, debe ser derrotado el comunismo.


#ArrestGaetz This thug and the other Republicans who stormed in SCIF all need to be arrested!!! They have jeopardize our National Security!!! #LockThemUp #


#CapitolPolice #ArrestGaetz Any other American citizen would be in jail for what he did. Do your f*cking job and arrest Gaetz now!


Please WELCOME (and kindly follow) fellow #MAGA Patriot @PhoenixRisen12 to Twitter. We need all the voices we can get to help @realDonaldTrump WIN 2020! #qANON #WWG1WGA #8KUN #8CHAN #gAETZ #sCIF #LOCKTHEMUP #JOSHGORDON #aLEXmORGAN #durham #barr #spygate #declass @GenFlynn


They told me that Calgary was Cowboy Country, but I've been downtown for over 24 hours now & honestly I'm surrounded by gays. Gays, as far as the eye can see. And it's wonderful

It’s honestly so fucked when people don’t like your reply to their tweet

House Republicans Storming the SCIF - 2019 - colorized


i’m kinda cut out from the drama cause i ain’t listened to sel’s new song couldn’t care less honestly lmao

#StateOfLawlessness 13 Republicans involved in impeachment protest already have access to hearings…

Today's foolish political stunt has made it very clear that #HouseRepublicans will choose party over country. #LockThemUp…


After the NYT published its "bedwetting" (as Team Obama would've called it) article about Democratic bigwigs' anxiety about the viability of their 2020 field, you knew WaPo wouldn't be far behind with its own.…

Former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes is portraying himself as a peace advocate. Don't be fooled.… via @sarahlazare

Hey @GOP, It was @realDonaldTrump who sold America out, NOT the Democrats. Go storm the Oval Office. Sincerely, Law abiding and tax paying Citizen.

OSP Troopers make an arrest in a poached buck case in Ashland:…


VIDEO: President Kagame joins host Russian President Putin and other attending African Heads of State and Government for the first day of the #RussiaAfricaSummit

If Mase really loves the Lakers... and Dodgers... and Rams... he’ll set them free. AK…

Dios es más grande que todos tus problemas. ¿Puedes escribir amén?!

'Putin ile Erdoğan görüşmesi birçok soru işaretini ortadan kaldırdı'


*Clutching a cross and clenching my butt as hard as I can* "Every anus is a sacred instrument of god. Amen."


Everyday I learn that people are capable of hatred! Pure hatred spurned out of nothing! It shakes me to my core I ain’t gonna lie. You have no idea what’s behind someone’s smile , so it’s easier to hate on them. May God cure you. Amen

What happened to Bethesda? A company once heralded as a knight in shining armor saving singleplayer has now become a hollow shell of what it once was. All of the character, love, and passion in their games seems to have been replaced by microtransactions and needless multiplayer.

Don’t be surprised to find that the GOP has been on Putin’s payroll for as long as Trump: decades. These GOP traitors wouldn’t work this desperately to protect anyone but themselves. Unhinged Rs appear to be caught between life in prison with Trump and Putin’s Novichok.…

The Chicago Cubs will name their former player David Ross as their next manager, ESPN's David Kaplan reported Wednesday.

EXPLAINED: Putin-Erdogan’s deal on Syria, and its implications for the Kurds and changing power equations.…

Putin’in stratejisti mi?


Hannah said Wyatt has to go to this Fall Festival as David Ross because they’re both bald. Let’s ride!


Just say you’re homophobic/transphobic & go. You don’t gotta go into detail and back up your reasoning, cuz I promise we don’t give a fuck. We just know you’re a hating ass bitch

When your reality presents you with low frequency emotions such as fear and worry, take it as an indication that you need to raise your frequency by focusing more on gratitude and joy, love and appreciation. #ShineOn#WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts

#LoseYouToLoveMe is Selena's best song and here's why: it's literally just a letter of her feelings, it's how she felt these past years and sharing a letter of your feelings is brave as hell. not to mention the SELF LOVE that she has now. she knows she's worthy. FINALLY.

I was excited for Clippers v Lakers last night. I’m just glad the nba is back. I’m most excited because this team feels like they like each other and will play for each other.…

Guys ye Islamic channel subscribe kr dei mjhe kisi nay request ki hei.. Allah tala ajar dei amen…

Yep, the Russian deal and US ceasefire deal allows Turkey to occupy the area between Tal Abyad and Ras al Ain. But they still don't have permission from Damascus. So in the future if Russia changes it's mind, this could change. Or not.…

Started work editing on the Halloween special! Any tips from other podcasts on how to use audacity?! #WednesdayWisdom #Lamemediapodcast #Audacity #podcasts

I’ll be in newcastle in less than 48 hours and I’ve literally got so much to do

#Prayer #WednesdayWisdom Father God, in the Name of Jesus, look down upon America and cause all men, great and small, to cry out to You for wisdom, forgiveness, and for Your Spirit, that we may know Your truth and be free. Forgive our manifold sins and heal our land. Amen.


El otro “Superclásico”: de la mano de Kawhi Leonard, Los Clippers vencieron a Los Lakers de LeBron James en el inicio de la NBA

Tulsi Gabbard totally outed herself as a Russian asset after never having actually being accused of being one [officially]. This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh.

#Russian military vehicles entering the city of #Kobani on the border with #Turkey. #VOA

Thoughts on what to expect as #Russia & #Turkey move to implement their deal for northeast #Syria Bottom line: implementation of this will be complex. Its far from a given that it succeeds. Similar Russian-Turkish agreements in the west have failed. What to look for:

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