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Dick Vitale had some harsh words for Silvio De Sousa after Kansas and Kansas State's brawl on Tuesday

One took a bribe from Donald Trump. The other is Lev Parnas. #ImpeachmentTrial #GOPCoverUp


Still watching. We see you clearly #GOPCoverup Thank you House managers for your superb service to our democracy. Your truth is being heard.

Silvio shoved over a chair, gets up and sees McCormack getting hit by Love in street clothes. Street clothes guy then goes after Silvio and gets saved by a flying Jermey Case. Unreal action. Silvio is the bad guy eh?…

If you're the person who left Jeter off your HoF ballot hit my DM I'mma venmo you a drink.

Goodnight to the guy who didn’t vote Jeter.

i will take on both ticketmaster and bh in a fist fight and Win

They even rejected an amendment on how evidence is handled? Seriously? #GOPCoverup…

Since Ken Griffey Jr. is trending with Derek Jeter I thought I’d bring back these highlights.

I have heard the word ‘Cover-Up’ 1000 times today. Anyone that tuned in for even 10 minutes today heard what Republicans are doing. #GOPCoverUp #MoscowMitchCoverUp


El punto, es que en esta época, donde uno entiende que el nivel intelectual del periodismo deportivo ha crecido en toda la extensión de la palabra, alguien no incluya en una de sus 10 opciones a un jugador de la grandeza en todo sentido como Derek Jeter. No lo comprendo. #HOF2020

Mavericks Luka Doncic on the loss of Dwight Powell to an Achilles injury after 110-107 loss to the Clippers; Doncic saying Powell “...doesn’t deserve this...but he’ll come back stronger....” #MFFL #NBA #NBATwitter

If Yoeli Child’s was suspended 9 games for misfiling paperwork to come back to school, De Sousa better get the death penalty for trying to beat an opponent with a chair in front of an entire arena of people and national television


Oh Yeah big boy? Well then explain to me how without Crosby, the pens still had a better record than the Flyers did.…

Headed into the break with a W like... #PITvsPHI | #NowOrNever


Get used to this new name for Miller Park #Brewers


still celebrating #SquirrelAppreciationDay

Vous savez qui est le clown qui ne veux pas abandonner et trouver cette p***** d'affiche qui apparemment bouge? #BTSTOUR2020

Leave the past in the past. I just gave Bernie more money. You should too. #ILikeBernie


Dear Hillary Clinton, you LOST the election to Donald Trump. Maybe you should stop being bitter & do some self reflection instead of dividing the Democratic party and marginalizing Bernie & his supporters. This only proves how desperate the establishment is getting. #ILikeBernie

Giro VEJA: O jornalista Glenn Greenwald é denunciado pelo Ministério Público Federal…

"É preciso, mais uma vez, deixar claro que Glenn Greenwald e toda equipe do site The Intercept Brasil estão fazendo Jornalismo ao denunciar as irregularidades cometidas no âmbito da Lava Jato."…

Glenn Greenwald foi DENUNCIADO por: - 126 crimes de violação de segredo de justiça por interceptação telefônica(art. 10 da Lei 9.296/96) - 176 crimes de violação de dispositivo informático pra obter de informações sigilosas (art. 154-A,§3º do Código Penal) - Associação Criminosa.

Derek Jeter will be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today and seriously...anyone who knows sports knows that Jeter is the epitome of class, sportsmanship, pure athletic talent. Yes...I will always be a die hard Yankee fan but I was also always be a Derek Jeter fan! #HOF2020…

#ILikeBernie because I'm not a myopic, clueless, one-issue drone & bc I have researched how all of the other candidates have records & lives proving they will do little to nothing to dismantle the corporate military structures destroying the world. That's why #ILikeBernie.

To be clear, the reason I note my disagreements is that there's an unsettling amount of gleeful commentary On Here about this development from those who dislike Greenwald's past actions/political positions—and I think it's worth explicitly rejecting that calculation.…

TF is Hillary doing... 'nobody likes you' is language a common bully would use. After the man worked on 40+ rallies after you won the nom last go around too... Step TF out of the way. #ILikeBernie

Teenage President Snow has been revealed as the star of the upcoming Hunger Games Prequel novel in @EW ‘s exclusive excerpt:…


Denúncia do MPF contra Greenwald viola a liberdade de imprensa, diz Abraji…

starting a charity that will provide herbal teas and weighted blankets with "IT'S CALM DOWN TIME" embroidered on them for people who get all whipped up about Truly Hating infinite jest every other month despite having never read it. dfw is already dead you have nothing 2 fear bro

I’m excited for Jeter to be inducted, but I grew up watching Larry Walker launching Blake street bombs. I genuinely hope he gets the call. I want to see that handlebar mustache immortalized on a plaque. #HOF2020

just saw a tweet saying cody fern should play young president snow omg

O Governo "democrático" ataca jornalistas por Glenn Greenwald. Diz que não é. Imagine se fosse fascista esse governo.

If You don’t vote Derek Jeter unanimous into the HOF you don’t know baseball...#RE2PECT #Cooperstown #HOF2020

Last thoughts re: Gressel to DC From Gressel’s perspective - He is 26yo. He has 4-6 years left in his prime. He needed to take advantage of that and maximize his earning during that time. 1/

#امید_پاکستان_نوازشریف ❤️ PM of hearts ❤️ The one who brought us out of all darkness and made us to be in the race of being an ASIAN TIGER !! All eyes on him for the fourth time too to be a cause of nation's bright days again !! #امید_پاکستان_نوازشریف


The toxic influence of big money in our elections touches every issue we face as a nation. When we prioritize private interests over people, our democracy is compromised. It’s time to overturn #CitizensUnited & restore power to the American people.


High drug costs burden millions of Americans, but the Supreme Court #CitizensUnited ruling has allowed big drug companies to spend millions to block solutions to this issue. I support the #DemocracyForAll amendment to overturn this ruling & ensure government works #ForThePeople!


Ten years ago today, the #CitizensUnited decision opened the floodgates to unlimited spending in our elections, giving undue influence to a wealthy few. The House passed #HR1 to restore our democracy—now the Senate MUST act. #ForThePeople


So, this whole #BidenIsCorrupt thingy is giving my block finger a real workout today. Damn fools.

The time is always right to do right. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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