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If you cant score TD's in the fourth quarter expect to lose a lot #BearDown #CHIvsWAS

#HowDareYou Here Is Your Green New Steal Filthy NYC Subway Car: Mayor Blames MTA, Who Blame NYPD, Who Blame…… @aocdirty

If @GretaThunberg was talking against #abortion the #liberals would be screaming child abuse and brain washing .... #HowDareYou

Ok #Bears you can’t let this trash team back into this game. Get a stop here. #CHIvsWAS #Bears100

The Redskins ran Chris Thompson up the middle TWICE on the goal line and keep targeting Adrian Peterson in the passing game. Does Jay Gruden have a concussion? #CHIvsWAS #MNF

A #LEO ♌ deberían de darle un premio nobel por ser el signo más directo del zodiaco.

The Block. The "I Love You". "Mom and Dad are fighting" I love this season!!!! @NBCTheVoice @gwenstefani @blakeshelton #VoicePremiere

Bears are a QB away from being a top NFL team #CHIvsWAS

Vernon Davis forgot he’s washed now #CHIvsWAS

97-yard drive results in 6️⃣! #CHIvsWAS (via @NFL)


O Jonah Hill tá sempre engordando e emagrecendo. Ele emagrece pra saúde depois precisa engordar pq ele sempre tem que ser o gordo engraçado.…

listen here Mr. Thot Eater #HowDareYou come over here and start talking like you are making sense. this country does not need any borders and #abolishICE must come to fruition. so what if a few drug runners and rapists get in. small price to pay for cheap gardeners. smh sad.…

I thought the kid looked familiar... #HowDareYou

jonah hill still trending oh wow oh wow

One score from the #Redskins and it’s a real game again. We did this to ourselves. #Bears100 | #CHIvsWAS

A 2 score game with 13 min remaining - Nagy playing not to lose- what could possibly go wrong?#CHIvsWAS

Pablo Neruda, Premio Nobel de Literatura, conoce la historia de este gran personaje en...… vía @larevista_unica

9-1-1 HOES gc: RIP BUCK me: #911onFOX

Trump can’t stop talking about the Nobel Peace Prize. It might have something to do with Obama ⁦@washingtonpost#nhpolitics…

Man where the fine ass penguin bitches at??

Wow! What an incredible morning it has been on Twitter, watching these hashtags trending: #ClimateActionSummit #ClimateCrisis #HowDareYou #Greta #ClimateChange #DavidAttenborough And also #CoveringClimateNow

"O primeiro homem", do Albert Camus. Eu, moradora de favela na época, me deparo com a história de pobreza daquele homem que vivia numa família tão pobre quanto a minha. Era simplesmente a história de um Nobel de literatura, que tinha passado a mesma fome que eu passava.…

This game is not getting interesting This game is not getting interesting This game is not getting interesting This game is not getting interesting This game is not getting interesting This game is not getting interesting This game is not getting interesting #Redskins #HTTR

When you try to say No Vaseline but the squad ain't having that sh!t

Jonah Hill? More like Jonah WHO (I'm kidding Jonah I'm a big fan LOVED Mid90s and also could you introduce me to Beanie thanks)

A um tempo atrás eu temia falar disso, hj carrego 100% feliz o q sou #lovingLGBTQ #BiVisibilityDay


Dither & Drivel: Trump says he deserves a Nobel Prize for 'many things' but says selection not fair… via ⁦@USATODAY

deus fez homem e mulher e sou beijar os dois #BiVisibilityDay


Homegirl said, " No Vaseline for me"

not being funny but it’s literally the start of libra season and I’ve had offers for two interviews today alone??


Check out the #Frozen2 Trailer First Day of Fall Livestream #Frozen2…

Gutted about Thomas Cook, from a Ryanair fan

Your questions answered: Thomas Cook travel chaos…

La faillite de Thomas Cook met en péril le mariage de Thomas Cook, jeune Anglais de 29 ans…


bi visibility day being the first day of libra season and me being a bi triple libra is not a coincidence its a power move

Albert Camus once said, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." It's easy to agree with this sentiment if you've ever taken a scenic autumn drive in New England or the Rockies, but what's the science behind those breathtaking fall colors?

it’s bi visibility day, libra season, AND my birthday is on saturday IM LIVING MY BEST LIFE

Pack your gear and best hiking buddies. It’s time to hit the road for a new season of adventure. #Discovery #FirstDayofFall


Happy first day of #Autumn.. taken last Oct. in Hampton Rds. VA . its still pretty green here now.. #Egret #Bird #Wildlife #wildlifephotograpy #ThePhotoHour


it being bi visibility day AND the start of libra season? i am truly thriving today!

Tom Hiddleston (and Priyanka Chopra) at the #Emmys back in 2016.


Call us Russian Doll, because we're watching @nlyonne's #Emmys Glambot on a loop.

Congratulations to all of last night's #Emmys winners, especially... @clmazin - Writing for a Limited Series or Movie (CHERNOBYL) Phoebe Waller-Bridge - Writing for a Comedy Series (@fleabag) Jesse Armstrong - Writing for a Drama Series (SUCCESSION)

so Kit and Emilia had their own booth at the Netflix after party, they're so extra I CAN'T also they danced together, even to a song which is literally about sex, and no one filmed that? not even a blurry video or photo? YOU HAD ONE JOB #Emmys #Emmys2019


Jason Bateman’s #Emmys win was just payback for him not getting recognition for his work in the Dregs of Humanity episodes of It’s Your Move.

Backstage at the #Emmys giving #CatherineOHara a touch up before she presented. We love you Catherine!! #queenmoira #moirarose #comedyicon #schittscreek Hair by @sheridan_ward, makeup by kateshortermakeup…

Leave it to #BillHader to make his #emmys acceptance speech a case study in playful shading…

"Honramos a nuestros padres llevando más allá el legado de lo mejor que tenían y tratando de dejar atrás el resto. Luchando y domando a los demonios que les hicieron caer y que ahora residen en nosotros", #BruceSpringsteen y este pasaje de su autobio Born to run #libros


“If I have a good trait, it’s probably relentlessness. I’m a hound dog on the prowl. I can’t be shook!” -- singer/songwriter #BruceSpringsteen, born today in Freehold, New Jersey (1949). "The Boss"


Emilia Clarke responds to Game of Thrones season 8 backlash…

#YehRishteyHainPyaarKe #MishBir Browns #Emmys Baker Rams Freddie Billy Porter Game of Thrones Chungha Geoff Zendaya


3 Spiele sind durch, und damit ist es ein Trend: Baker Mayfield hat eine bedenkliche Saison. 3 Punkte, die besorgniserregend sind: - hält den Ball ewig und scheint mit Reads zu wackeln - will Würfe in Mini-Fenster erzwingen - verlässt die saubere Pocket vorschnell

Billy Porter became the first openly gay man to win an Emmy Award for best actor in a drama series for his role in "Pose."​…

Give Michelle Williams’ #Emmy speech on pay equality an Emmy…

#KUWTK @CoreyGAMBLE : "im whooping her ass and ill explain it to yall later" Every African aunty and uncle:

A great day in Houston with #HowdyModi Raising the Madison Square Garden tradition to new levels. Sincerest appreciation for the enormous effort of countless voluteeers. Thank you Team TIF, Team @IndianEmbassyUS & @cgihou


The real troubling sh*t is we elected the Democrats to Impeach Trump and they aren't. We want his lying criminal butt out of office! @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi

lésbica futurista sapatona convicta #lovingLGBTQ


O banheiro sempre é o melhor lugar pra foto #lovingLGBTQ


"God Gives His Hardest Battles To His Toughest Soldiers." @Keanu_Neal

This Just In: Falcons S Keanu Neal is believed to have suffered an Achilles tear, per @rapsheet. Neal will undergo an MRI to confirm the initial diagnosis.…

“In effect, Trump apparently tried to use American diplomatic might and the leverage of military assistance to get Ukraine to exonerate Manafort for 2016 and smear Biden for 2020.”…

(1,2) OPEN LETTER TO MEDIA - This morning, the current occupant of the White House lied miserably about background checks failure and blamed on the house and Russia investigation. This is important as during the same press conference he talked about Ukraine, his efforts to…

So the president who got election help from Russia and is now suspected of trying to get election help from Ukraine is accusing a democratic candidate of corruption?

So Trump has now confirmed that he discussed the Bidens with the president of Ukraine.

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff on President Trump’s call with Ukraine: “This would be, I think, the most profound violation of the presidential oath… There is no privilege that covers corruption.” #CNNSOTU

Very interesting-looking IR structure near the center of #Karen this morning - almost looks like gravity waves but sheared?


Auburn, Wisconsin, Texas and Notre Dame belong at the adults’ table. Utah, UCF and Michigan, you’re excused. AP Top 25 analysis from @ralphdrussoap

Alcoholic Nancy Pelosi's pickled gray matter doesn't grasp the LAW would apply to Demon-rat Presidents too...Joe Biden would be INDICTED over his Ukraine Scandal...Elizabeth Warren would be INDICTED over her ethnicity fraud to secure top positions reserved for native Americans.…

Bruce Wayne and Jonathan Kent. Another favorite scene from our Injustice 2 run with @Bruno_Redondo_F. #BatmanDay #Batman80


I am certainly no Trump fan, and haven't been keeping up like I should, but if Hunter Biden is doing dodgy shit in the Ukraine, where is the wrong in asking for an investigation?

I pressed the president on why military aid to Ukraine was delayed and if the Ukraine president could have felt pressure. I got an answer and a gesture from the president who did take many questions. Watch.

'Jake Fromm is making money against Notre Dame' was the common theme during Saturday night's memorable outing in Athens:…


Washington State QB Anthony Gordon threw 9 touchdown passes vs. UCLA yesterday. He has 21 this season. That would have 40th in th nation for the entire 2018 season. Only 13 teams have more combined TD’s than he has passing TD’s in 2019.

How in the Fuck is Proctor dead and Dre still alive??? #PowerTV

昨日のポップアップストア買ったもの!! 大佐にアロットオブマネーがあればもっともっと買うのに… プライムワンにも近いうちに行かないと #バットマン80周年 #バットマンよ永久に #正義を力に #Batman80 #batmanday


Fell asleep and UCLA was getting washed. Wake up and see dude with nine TDs...lost?? Heck happened?…

Seeing all the stunned tweets waking up to the UCLA-Wazzu news makes me never happier to have been up until after 3 am

Waking up... looking at the Washington State UCLA score after turning it off at half

If there’s one thing I don’t give a shit about, it’s Notre Dame football and then waking up to read all the annoying fans talk about how much they should’ve won.


UCLA pulls off major comeback over Washington State for their first win of the season…

How do you let UCLA beat you? Lol

I never considered 37 to be old until Rory Best played 80 minutes today. The old man jokes on radio and online haven't stopped all day! I'm 37! It's not that old, is it?.....Is it?! #IREvSCO

Plain m&ms are terrorists.

Been waiting to play in that stadium since I was 4 years old, wish we could’ve ended it different but it’s time to get back to work #GoIrish

I ain’t ever seen nobody buying a Milky Way g. Never saw that shit a day in my life

Man, i forgot how bad internet Notre Dame fans really are

See a lotta people hating on Milky Way on the TL and I get it, I get it BUT some of us have peanut allergies and the pickins get miiiiiighty slim when it comes to chocolate/caramel candy.

WATCH: Kirby Smart made it clear after #UGA's win over Notre Dame: 'This is why you come to Georgia'…


1. Snickers 2. Reese’s 3. Milky Way 4. M&Ms 5. Twix 6. Kit Kat

This is when Stephen got his left eye damaged, the hand scratch never touched his left eye #ufc #UFCMexicoCity #ufcmexico @panteraufc

On today’s episode of my parents already think I’m stupid but once they find out me the biology major got a B on a biology test while my friends who are not biology majors got A’s they’ll really disown me!

After 3 weeks there are still 59 @LHSAA Football teams without a loss. John Curtis and Notre Dame are tied at 16 with the longest current win streak in the state.

Demetris Robertson: I Just Needed a Shot to Get Out There The speedy WR spoke with the media after Georgia's 23-17 win over Notre Dame

Cheese dip from the Canon Grill & grateful to be watching comfortably from home both helped soften the impact of Arkansas's unexpected loss to 21 point underdog San Jose State. @blakerutherford @fcjennings @mcnamc @MarkMDY @BenBeaumont @jimharris360 @DavidBazzel Beat Texas A&M.

Glasses and nose piercing #ImAttractedToThe__Type

Brian Kelly said Braden Lenzy is the concussion protocol, which prevented him from making the trip. #NDInsider

Brian Kelly: "Disappointed locker room certainly. You didn't come down here to play these games and feel good after a physical game like that when you come up short."

“He’s clutch. Mr. Consistency. It’s like Jake (Fromm)... You go through your whole career and may only have one or two Rodrigo’s.” @KirbySmartUGA on #UGA kicker Rodrigo Blankenship - 3/3 FG vs. #NotreDame. #11Alive


Jake Fromm says ‘body blows’ finally wore down Notre Dame

Congrats to Nebraska and win 900 in school history and 1st road win since October 2017. 42-38 in Champaign. 700 yards of offense and 98 plays of offense and 4 TO’s. W.Robinson has arrived. #NEBvsILL

Just your friendly reminder that the Razorbacks paid San Jose State $1.5 million

Tough times in Fayetteville. Maybe Morris can go to Winnsboro next year ... Briles vs Chad. Two Stephenville legends…

Impeach Trump. Fire Chad Morris. Thanks.

This Spencer Sanders is a playin' dude. Pokes have them one.

Here's my #BatmanDay list with the ANIMATED films included. 1. The Dark Knight 2. Mask of Phantasm 3. Lego Batman 4. Batman Begins 5. Batman 89 6. Batman Forever 7. The Dark Knight Rises 8. Batman Returns 9. Batman & Robin 10. Batman v Superman…

Where’s that weirdo that requested the picture of Jennings in his hotel room

Batman! Drawn for Batman’s 80th anniversary today! #Batman #BatmanDay #Batman80 #Batmanday2019 Watch the art livestream here:


#BatmanDay 80 Años de Batman ¿Conocías estos datos?


So @sascampaigns shared a post on lowering age of voting to 16 following the #ClimateStrike. Here’s just a few of the ludicrous responses on why they shouldn’t from they can’t because they’ve got their period, to climate change doesn’t exist, to grown men calling kids wankers


Do you remember, the 21st night of September @EarthWindFire

it’s the 21st of September and I’m wandering around sniffing fall candles while “September” plays in the store. life is good.

“If you want advice for what you should do, invite scientists, ask scientists for their expertise. We don’t want to be heard. We want the science to be heard. I know you are trying but just not hard enough. Sorry.” – @GretaThunberg addressing congress #ClimateStrike


Riyad Mahrez in the PL 2019-20 (Starts) • 90' vs West Ham 1 Goal, 1 assist, 1 penalty won • 90' vs. Brighton Most chances created (5) • 90’ vs Watford 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 penalty win (Subs) • 10' vs Spurs • 10' vs Bournemouth • 17' vs Norwich


43' 1-1 | Hallahan looking lively up the right flank. Service into Broche, who is dead-center at the six-yard box, but his touch goes wide of the frame. #GoBlue

Gobby Lynne has been depressed since her older sister Callie "Kee Kee" passed away. I'm giving Gee Gee some extra attention today. Hug your kitties. #Caturday


Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and we know this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us. #ClimateStrike #FridayForFuture #EarthChamps #ClimateAction @GretaThunberg @GreenGlobalNG @edwingreen_254 @DefendersKE @lizwathuti @GGI_Kenya


EW on the loose at #steakfry - come say hi!

Wisconsin fans pouring salt on the wound with "Overrated" chant directed at Michigan #OnWisconsin #GoBlue

I just turned on the Twitter and found a legitimate “Shea Patterson has looked sharp in warmups” tweet from a Michigan writer pregame. I am now leaving.

Not a Michigan game without a Shea Patterson fumble

Death. Taxes. Shea Patterson fumbling.

MAIS UM FUMBLE de Shea Patterson, o quarto da temproada... bola de Wisconsin!

Xavier McKinney joked when asked how Anfernee Jennings looks in coverage: “We try to get him outta there on coverage.”

Play stoppages in College and the NFL continue to increase year to year, yet in this Ole Miss - Cal game, there was a clear blown opportunity to review a potential game winning TD with seconds left. Very frustrating to see, and I'm not a fan of either team. #collegegameday

The Killers “Somebody Told Me” is playing at Camp Randall. Not only are the Badgers winning, they have better taste in Killers songs

Here’s a recap of what Florida did to Pruitt and Tennessee today #TENNvsUF

I need someone to plant fake eyelashes in Jeremy Pruitt’s bedroom #vols #TENNvsUF

A list of people that would be a better quarterback that Guarantano: -Brian Maurer -My 2 year old -Kylie Jenner -Everyone’s grandma -a potato that looks like a person

Guarantano may be a great guy, but he’s not a good quarterback. He can’t make decisions quick enough and gets sacked as a result. Put Maurer back in and let the freshman get some reps and experience. Look forward. #Vols

What’s Tennessee’s record after today? #TENNvsUF


Guarantano sacked on third down. #Vols will punt again on fourth-and-6.

Jeremy Pruitt is going to ride Jarrett “Iceberg” Guarantano all the way out of Knoxville, isn’t he?

I knew it was going to be bad but this is ridiculous #TENNvsUF

It’s always special for players from small programs to get a score on the big stage like Camp Randall. Special moments for those kids.

Tennessee has had top veteran players commit personal fouls in this game...Jennings, Trey Smith and Bituli. Need to be better with so little margin for error. #TENNvsUF

Jajuan Jennings has been the best player for the Vols this season. He just committed a kick catch interference penalty, seemingly just for the hell of it. That’s a real bad sign for Pruitt when dudes start showing signs of yielding to frustration like that.

#IbottaTouchdownGiveaway. I spend my extra money I earn on my grandsons

Nice. Now time to try this Ground War thing! #ModernWarfare

They’re falsely accusing @realDonaldTrump of bribery because then VP Biden threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless they fired their chief prosecutor who was investigating his son was actual bribery.

#MyUnpopularOpinionIs Apparently a lot of my moots use warm milk in their cereal I think cold is better

There is nothing remotely wrong with Trump encouraging the Ukraine to criminally investigate the apparently dirty Bidens. Dems are hysterical because they know something will come of the investigation.

Las noticias hoy: -Las elecciones nos van a costar mucho dinero -Vox ha hecho alguna mierda digna de los juicios de Nüremberg -Esta cadena es la más vista del mes en una cosa muy específica en la que compite con Juan y Medio ¿Y QUÉ COJONES HA PASADO CON LOS FRIKIS DEL AREA 51?

Read @jsolomonReports great piece explaining how the Dems are attempting to twist #ukraine story because they want to hide @JoeBiden corruption. @StateDept asked Rudy to talk to Ukraine official. Dems have a problem with that? #maga2020…

“Mr. Trump in the call didn’t mention a provision of U.S. aid to Ukraine, said this person, who didn’t believe Mr. Trump offered the Ukrainian president any quid-pro-quo for his cooperation on any investigation.” Well there you go. A big nothing.…

The Antonio Brown experiment lasted 11 days

these people really showed up for the area 51 raid............legendary

Трамп называл действия США в Украине бессмысленными и раздражающими РФ – СМИ…

State of Mankind September 2019: Idiots Storm Area 51 As Children Skip School to Fight The Sun… #ClimateStrike #Area51

Between his Raiders and Patriots jerseys Antonio Brown has donated more clothes to third world countries than Goodwill.

Tory radio host’s cockeyed crusade against climate strikers gets called out, by a Tory MP #ClimateStrike #StopBrexit…

#MyUnpopularOpinionIs Children should stay in school on Friday's !

Seems like taytay fans said #nuptothecup this year... and @taylorswift13 listened... wow.…

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