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Because he's scared shitless of a relevant witness and because she's a woman, thinks he can threaten her into silence…

#SchiffShow “I cannot bring any firsthand knowledge to... the July 25th phone call, the discussions surrounding the call, or any discussions surrounding the delay of security assistance.” #Yoyanovitch She's pointless as a material witness & this is a waste of taxpayers money.

Big Sean said he made Jhene Aiko cum 9 times in 1 day.... Girl that cat still got lives?

Today is #NationalPhilanthropyDay! The purpose of this day is to recognize the great contributions of philanthropy to the enrichment of our world. We would never be able to accomplish anything without the help of our community #partners, #donors, and #volunteers!


If written answers were good enough for Trump why aren't they good enough for the Whistleblower, who has legitimate fears for their life? It's just like someone who has a PFA and the protections afforded them. Or someone in witness protection. Why doesn't anyone bring this up?

Roger Stone CONVICTED on all 7 counts of the indictment Lying to Congress and witness tampering. How long b4 the orange shit stain pardons him?

Roger Stone found guilty, Yovanovitch using composure and intellect to wipe the floor with the GOP, 45 doing all he can do add more articles for impeachment by intimidating the witness in real time...and it’s not even noon on the west coast!

Reposted from foxnews (@get_regrann) - BREAKING NEWS: Roger Stone was found guilty on all counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress by a jury in……

shaun king breaking down garrett/dolph like body cam footage

Feels like this video should be as detrimental to the NFL as the Myles Garrett fiasco.....bleeding from the freakin ears #NotGood…

ugh Big Sean ruined Jhené’s whole track with his weak ass verse

Yovanovich would have been much more effective if she brought pizzas and beers…

Myles Garrett long had a reputation as a model football star: dominant on the field and composed off of it. By swinging a helmet at Mason Rudolph, he’s changed that—and forced us to reckon with the dangers we accept and the dangers we don’t. @rodger:…

BREAKING: Mason Rudolph & Myles Garrett scheduled to fight to the death at Super Bowl Halftime Show. Sponsored by Pepsi. bagel Boss will be having his second stroke to open the show

The Democrats second day impeachment witness, Ambassador Yovanovitch, has no information on any of the relevant questions. They have no case. This is not serious.

When asked how she felt about being asked to tweet praise of Trump to save her job, Marie Yovanovitch responded: "It felt partisan. it felt political. That was not something I felt was keeping in my role as ambassador." #impeachmenthearings


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"...A participant closed a million dollar bequest which was a substantial gift — all because of the work they had done in thinking about how gender matters and changing their approach to prospects.” More from @kathleenloehr on #NationalPhilanthropyDay:

Quito’s Barbecue Butt Rub: 2 Tbs. Paprika 1 Tbs. Fresh Ground Black Pepper 1 Tbs. Kosher Salt 1 Tbs. Garlic Powder . . . Get the full recipe:… #barbecue #bbq #churrasco #meat #Foodie #bbqlife #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #Joker #davido


Rep. Swalwell: "Are the president's smears going to stop you from fighting corruption?" Yovanovitch: "I will continue with my work." "And if your country asks you again to fight corruption, will you still do that, despite the smears?" "Yes."

If I had a daughter I would want her to grow up to be just like Ambassador Yovanovitch. But I don't. I have sons. And I want them to grow up to be just like Ambassador Yovanovitch.

Rep. Swalwell: "Are the president's smears going to stop you from fighting corruption?" Yovanovitch: "I will continue with my work." "And if your country asks you again to fight corruption, will you still do that, despite the smears?" "Yes."

Nigeria 0-0 South Africa Who will break the deadlock tonight? #TotalAFCONU23 #FridayFeeling


Jordan Howard will be listed as questionable for Sunday. He declined to talk after practice. Jay Ajayi, meanwhile, worked out for the #Eagles, and per @RapSheet, is likely to sign with the team. And this all after Darren Sproles was placed on IR. Lots of movement at RB.

Sad to hear @DarrenSproles season (and possible career) is over. Great player for 15 years. Top 5 all time yards. Sproles tslked about his goals on #ProFootballDocPodcast this summer.…

If you need to replace Darren Sproles, Jay Ajayi is not the guy you sign. Wonder if this means they are concerned that Jordan Howard may be more banged up than originally thought. Ajayi has been out there for a while, so who knows how productive he can be but interesting move.

The #Eagles intend to sign RB Jay Ajayi after placing Darren Sproles on IR.


The #Eagles intend to sign FA RB Jay Ajayi, source said. He worked out this morning and they are deep in talks. The top veteran still available, he’s healthy after an ACL tear and returns to the team that traded for him in 2017. Helps make up for the loss of Darren Sproles.

The Darren Sproles situation is a reminder that sentimentality has no place in the NFL, writes @DZangaroNBCS.…

Para a partida de domingo, além do RB Darren Sproles e do WR DeSean Jackson, os Eagles provavelmente também não terão a disposição o WR Alshon Jeffery.

There you go guys Scotts mail! I stand with Taylor swift! #IStandWithTaylor


Y’all don’t let this distract you from the fact that MELO IS BACK‼️‼️

Why wasn't Rudolph ejected? #CLEvsPIT

Myles Garrett running into Mason Rudolph and Mike Tomlin after leaving the locker room: #PITvsCLE

Rosalía, la gran triomfadora dels #LatinGRAMMY: s'ha endut 5 dels 6 guardons als quals estava nominada, entre els quals el de millor disc de l'any per "El mal querer" i el de millor cançó urbana pel tema "Con altura"…

If you think that was all on Myles Garrett, maybe you should be smacked with a helmet too #ThursdayNightFootball


everybody better be loud as hell when taylor gets on that stage to accept her award(s) #IStandWithTaylor

Myles Garrett now holds an NFL record as the only guy to rip off a player’s helmet and try to kill him with it... he’s essentially the Happy Gilmore of the NFL. #steelersvsbrowns #ThursdayNightFootball

We replace screens within 10 - 20 minutes at your door step. 079 034 4742 / #ladyzamar #AFCON2021Q #JHBWeather #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling #PlanetOfTheHaveNots #Ghana #GhanaVSouthAfrica #HappyBirthdayMango #NeverKnow #Melo #GirlTalkZA


And say what you want about Baker Mayfield as a player, etc... but he's always called it straight. Good on him. Called Garrett's actions 'inexcusable', which is exactly what they were. #ThursdayNightFootball

Many Great Anime Released~ #2019in4words

Olshey realized he shouldn’t have broke up the 18/19 blazers and now he brought in Melo as a fall guy.


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