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It’s #WorldEmojiDay, so feast your eyes on the brand new set of #NASCAR emojis, available soon. Click here ->


Enhorabuena. ¡Eres el primero en acertar todas! Te llevas una BOLZA. #WorldEmojiDay #dormiresdecobardes…

It's #WorldEmojiDay! Share your monsoon travel mood through emojis in the comments! #MonsoonTourister

El último emoji que usaste describe cómo va a ser tu próximo viaje. #WorldEmojiDay

"Caregivers are often the casualties, the hidden victims. No one sees the sacrifices they make"-Judith L. London. Our Harmony Club looks to give back to those caregivers by offering them respite time. #endalzheimers #caregivers #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #ALZWI #JoinUs

Only 16 days after President Trump set foot in North Korea to try to restart nuclear talks, the North escalated pressure on the U.S. to cancel a military drill with South Korea, warning that it might resume nuclear and missile tests

Religious Jews should stop contributing verses to Trump’s hagiography. And not re-crown a racist false messiah: Opinion @RabbiAvMlotek…

Trump claims he’s not a racist, just like Nixon claimed he wasn’t a crook

While I can’t name all the people who have supported and inspired me to put myself and others in visible opposition to Trump-McConnell GOP, here are some. @chowleen @monaeltahawy @shannoncoulter @warrenleightTV @ilyseh @pgpug

Trump & Epstein circa 1992, together at Mar a Lago. No wonder he was desperate to change the topic. Thanks @Morning_Joe…

Also note that Rubio's claim that a member of Congress, presumably Omar, said "that American Jews could not truly be loyal to the United States," is 100% a lie, and is *itself* an appeal to ethnic & racial identity & grievance.…

using #faceapp on Paul Rudd like


The highlighted portion is fairly standard for a ToS: it means as tech changes, they can adapt the content to updates. It’s the commercial-use section below it that is far more worth worrying about. That’s the part that means they’re selling your face image data. #FaceApp…

Ben dedim Huzur evine çevirdiniz intagramı diye bu kadar yaşlılığı kaldıramadı tabi sosyal medya. #çöktü #instagram #FaceApp

ICYMI: This year’s #Emmys nominees are here, and #HBO and #Netflix lead the pack…

SS commander Reinhard Heydrich orders German Einsatzcommandos to step up their slaughter in the USSR, killing as well as Soviet officials, "all Jews & other people who are known to be agitators or fanatical communists."

My chachu from US is here to teach me Urdu... This isn't it - he's an INSAFI!!

NEW: Man Utd 4-0 Leeds | Match Reaction | #mufc Greenwood looks the real deal to me & has such an opportunity if Lukaku leaves. Excited for him. Overall, great performance - Wan Bissaka is showing us what we've been missing down the right isn't he!…


We're about two seconds away from Omar and The Squad lecturing us about how being pro-BDS really demonstrates love and respect for Israel and the Jews…

¡LEA! El fuerte mensaje de Trump: Nunca seremos un país socialista o comunista, y el que no esté feliz aquí, se puede ir #17Jul #Venezuela

Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party.

The public has limited ability to scrutinize arms deals, and the current administration is circumventing the only pathway. Great job, @MarciaRobiou…

Hello guys, please I need your attention here Now there are alot of goodies made available for you by @Diamondtv18, you can buy shoes, gadgets, clothings, jewelries etc. You can become an expert importer today.… #bbnaija19 #Faceapp


Kalo aku tua gini, kamu masih mau sama aku nggaaa huhuu :( #FaceApp #faceappchallenge


“Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories”- Anonymous #WednesdayWisdom

“Games of Thrones” recibió 32 nominaciones en los Emmy…

Just found out @Hanpeel - who wrote the music for #SantaForgot - has been nominated for an Emmy for her work on #GamesofThrones 'The Last Watch' documentary. Good luck, Hannah! We know it's summer...but technically winter is still coming. So, have a rewatch of our festive film.

Spare me your fake concern about my people if you didn’t speak up when Trump defended Nazis chanting “Jews will not replace us”. We don’t need your “help” defending ourselves against antisemites, bitch, we’ve done a damn good job on our own.

Our next condender for love island ethnostate is Richard from Long island. Richard is 41year old who doesnt play by the rules, he loves blondes who arent afraid to let loose in a wheatfield, doesnt like jews and isnt afraid to tell people what he thinks.


We continue under the Heat Advisory until 8:00 AM of this morning. The Air Quality Index started today in a GOOD range as well as the OZONE. The recommendation for today that public in general and people with lung disease, such as asthma, should reduce outdoor activities.

Most first pitch hits this season: Luke Voit: 27 Yasiel Puig: 26 Ketel Marte: 26 Starling Marte: 25 Nolan Arenado: 25 Ozzie Albies: 25 Jeff McNeil: 25 #Mets #LGM @Mets

.⁦@tabletmag⁩: “As the leading targets of hate crimes, Jews are routinely being attacked in the streets of New York City. So why is no one acting like it’s a big deal?”…

OPINIÓN El Apolo 11 nos enseñó a soñar en grande, apuntemos más allá de Marte. Por: @DrDonLincoln

Btw it happened again last night. Saw something I’v never seen before. Starling Marte, #Pirates outfielder, was HBP and refused to go to first base. The ump said go and he said no. He ended up hitting into a fielder’s choice. When you think you have seen it all: Baseball Happens!

Jed’s gf: schemes with him to go on the bachelorette to help both of their music careers Jed: sleeps with Hannah Jed’s gf: #TheBachelorette


The only good advice Luke ever gave seems even more genuine when he’s an old man: #TheBachelorette


1200 pibes? No te discuto una bomba de humo que involucre a menos de 100.000 personas ni aunque me quieras poner a debatir si hay que mandarlos a marte. Esforzate más la próxima.

We are in a prologue of a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie #Neuralink…

Voltar à lua daqui a cinco anos é um dos planos da Nasa. O maior desafio é construir uma base espacial por lá. Saiba mais na terceira reportagem da série #ViagemÀLua #50AnosDoImpossível #CBN #NoArNaCBN…

Viajero en el tiempo: ¿Qué haces? Yo: Viendo un documental sobre Marte. Viajero en el tiempo: ¿De antes o después de la terraformación? Yo:


In summary #LukeP be like: I just want to be honest, can I be real with you, I’m staying in my lane, but did you have sex with all the other dudes? You misconstrued what I am asking. Did you have a slip up with all the other dudes? You owe me #TheBachelorette

Trump tweets: So great to see how unified the Republican Party was on today’s vote concerning statements I made about 4 Democrat Congresswomen..Also, this was the first time since 1984 that the Spkr of the Hse was ruled Out of Order and broke the Rules of the House. Quite a day

FULL PRESIDENT TRUMP Meeting: White House Cabinet via @YouTube

I'll discuss tomorrow our latest @HoganLovells lawsuit against Trump's new asylum ban restrictions, which we filed this evening. Today is just too darn sad.…

Okay, the defense of Donald Trump seems to be down to "he's not racist, he's just awful."…

they were discussing the emmy nominations on breakfast tv in australia this morning and one of the hosts was like “to be honest, i didn’t think game of thrones was any good this year”.

Justice Stevens said he didn't really change from conservative to liberal. Rather, the GOP and SCOTUS took a far right turn. Here's hoping that some of today's SCOTUS conservatives will help the court auto-correct, as it no longer truly reflects the...…

uma das cenas mais lindas do clipe de Spirit é quando as pessoas se curvam diante dela na parte que diz "e seja um com o Grande Eu Sou" há quem diga que Deus não é uma mulher mas Beyonce veio pra provar o contrário ! #SpiritMusicVideo


"Game of Thrones" rompe récord de nominaciones en los Premios Emmy…


JUST IN: White House pays tribute to late Justice Stevens


Our hearts go out to the families and friends of Justice Stevens. He was truly a champion for American rights, liberties, and democracy. He offered a level of civility that is sorely missed today and we know his legacy will continue to benefit our nation for generations to come.

President Trump mourns Justice Stevens.


Beyond this article, China has found new agricultural suppliers. OOPs. There goes a billion customers. Trump’s China tariffs won’t even pay for the bailout to farmers hurt by his trade war -…

mark should play prince eric


HOW TO SPOT A RINO: If the candidate or incumbent does not support President Trump, securing our borders, deporting all illegal aliens, the wall, tariffs with China to help US workers and businesses, being tough on Iran and NOKO, and is not AMERICA 1ST---NO VOTES FOR THEM! #MAGA

.@RepDougCollins Apparently you allowed @RepSwalwell's words to stand once the word "sh*thole" was taken out. Did you protest as vigorously when Trump originally said it?

Earlier, Texas' @RepAlGreen introduced articles of impeachment against Trump into Congress. Here's part of his statement before the House

Dr. Wen says that she is out as Planned Parenthood’s president because “new board leadership has determined that the priority of Planned Parenthood moving forward is to double down on abortion rights advocacy.”…

So has anyone ACTUALLY seen @Jared_Carrabis and @guerinaustin in the same room together? Because I have questions (And possibly bad news for @Steve_Perrault) #FaceApp


Did you watch @AlabamaHannah articulately shut down a creep using religion to slut shame or are you ignorant of feminist history? #TheBachelorette

In honor of today’s Emmy nominations. This is my gown from last year’s Emmys. Anything that can match my nails.


I had therefore to remove knowledge, in order to make room for belief. - Immanuel Kant #TuesdayThoughts


#Flashback Philip Giraldi writes: “recently we have seen the Obama administration meddling in Libya, Yemen and Syria in so called humanitarian interventions which have turned out to be largely fraudulent..." Read: #TuesdayThoughts .@thehill .@Quillette


Nothing inadvertent about it. @CNN straight up booked avowed white supremacist Richard Spencer to talk about how #RacistPresident has only delivered racist Tweets, not racist policies.…

Hannah: "I don't know what his church is teaching him but that boy can kiss!" Luke's church: #TheBachelorette NY Post: Planned Parenthood chief Leana Wen ousted in ‘secret meeting’


If Congressman and American Civil Rights icon John Lewis, who marched with MLK, says you're a racist,... You're a racist. Period.…

So sad to see Christians making fun of another Christian who believes in waiting until marriage. There are multiple New Testament passages that teach this, although scripture doesn't seem to matter anymore. #TheBachelorette

I have straight up ugly cried during this date with Tyler. I’m obvi like weirdly obsessed with him, but when it comes down to it, his respect for her, the way he celebrates her decisions and just his outlook on women. WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT #TheBachelorette

Me drinking wine and (FINALLY) watching Luke P get absolutely dragged by Hannah #TheBachelorette


तुम्हारे अपने ही…. दुश्मन बन जायेंगे दोस्तो…… ज़रा उनसे आगे तो निकल कर देखो… छाता लगाने का मतलब ये नहीं कि बच गए पानी से… डुबाने वाला पानी सर से नहीं पैर से आता है..!!!! #सुप्रभात #TuesdayThoughts #SpiritualGuruOfMillions


Is anyone else wondering why Luke went on this show in the first place? He could have literally just gone on Christian Mingle and saved all of our time. #TheBachelorette

Congrats to Starling Marte for actually doing some of the things a $10m player is supposed to. Very impressive. Pirates are nowhere near legit contention, BTW. But, hey, keep pretending.

इस दुख भरे जहान में कोई कहाँ रहे गिरजा हो गुरुद्वारा हो मन्दिर हो या हरम जिसको जहाँ सुकून मिले वो वहाँ रहे हिमायत अली शायर #TuesdayThoughts @iamrana @MirchiSayema @JaunSee @SukhanwarS @binakapur

Kolten Wong made a diving stop on Colin Moran's hard grounder, but the Cardinals can't get an out anywhere and Marte scores on the infield single. 2-1, Pirates.

The Red Beard! It’s an infield single that scores Marte! Pirates take a 2-1 lead in the 9th!! -RI

• RUN • Moran does it. Infield single, Marte scores. Pirates up, 2-1. #DKPS #Pirates

Smart baserunning there by Starling Marte. Key time to get to third, and he read the situation perfectly.

Bell singles through the shift at shortstop. Marte goes first to third, but he really should have gone around the bases twice. #DKPS #Pirates

This time, Starling Marte actually does get hit by a pitch. He dutifully took his base.

Here come Reynolds, Marte and Bell. This would be a swell time to score a run, then hand the ball to L.A.'s future closer. #DKPS #Pirates

Watching the game back @ATTSportsNetPIT with the Steve Blass media guide close to the @Pirates to bring his voodoo. #bucsbooth @gbrowniepoints


142 inch projector Fairfax, VA #bucsbooth


This is how we watch the Bucs everyday. #bucsbooth


Hey @gbrowniepoints a bit bias but here is our favorite spot to watch the @Pirates on @ATTSportsNetPIT #bucsbooth


We grew up listening to @pirates on radio of our granddad’s pickup truck while putting up hay on a summer evening #BucsBooth #Famalee


Drinking a cold ahrn in Jim’s pool in Dallas, TX #BucsBooth


From Corvallis Oregon. Go Bucs! #bucsbooth


#bucsbooth best place to watch the game is on JimmyT's patio when he's home or not!


7-Vehicle Accident on the Parkway East inbound at the entrance to the Squirrel Hill Tunnel has been moved to the service plaza at the tunnel. Our @Scott_Stiller has more coming up on the 5's #KDKAradioTraffic


A cloudy Earth from about 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km). #Apollo11 #Apollo50


You've probably seen the footage of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon. Here’s how they actually got there. #Apollo11

A half century ago, Archibald MacLeish LL.B. 1919 served as a literary interpreter of events beyond the imagination of most observers #Apollo11

#ObamaWasBetterAt Well.........................

#ObamaWasBetterAt dividing this country via identity politics.

"We choose to go to the Moon" -JFK And we did 50 years ago and I wish I was alive then to have watched it on television #Apollo11 #Apollo50 Sneak peek: Man on the Moon - A CBS News special tonight… via @CBSNLive

TONIGHT 7:30 PM: In response to the recent ruling that no federal charges will be filed against Officer Pantaleo in the death of #EricGarner @NationalAction will hold a vigil at the House of Justice, 106 W. 145th St at the corner of Lenox Ave. #SayHisName #ICantBreathe

ayer estaba tan puesto pal papelón que le escribí mi número a un nene en un cartel de #RickyRenuciaYa

The killer cop who took Eric Garner's life walks free. How do we secure justice? | Derecka Purnell…

What a surprise -- the cop who choked Eric Garner to death won't be charged with anything, just like the cop who shot the guy begging for his life on his knees or any of the other cops. Abolish the police and people will actually be safer

We wait in hope for the Lord;     he is our help and our shield.  In him our hearts rejoice,     for we trust in his holy name.  May your unfailing love be with us, Lord,     even as we put our hope in you. Psalm 33:20-21 ~ NIV #TuesdayThoughts

Happy 50th anniversary, #Apollo11! Check out this incredible recreation in @KerbalSpaceP of the historic 1969 launch →

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD (Switch) pre-order on Amazon: $39.99 releases October 29, 2019


I've got a #TuesdayThoughts poll for you. What's your favorite household pet?

No charges for police officer accused of choking Eric Garner to death…

Eric Garner’s last words – “I can’t breathe” – became a rallying cry against police brutality in the country…

#ObamaWasBetterAt being incompetent and doing absolutely nothing.

जिस तरां अमेरिका वाले कह रहे हैं कि #ObamaWasBetterAt वैसे ही हमारे देशवासी भी कहेंगे कि #ManmohanWasBetterAt

#ObamaWasBetterAt is trending on Twitter right now. So followers, what was Obama better at?

"Go back to crime infested places you came from" "Go back to your country" No charges against cop who strangled Eric Garner to death in broad daylight on video. We've been in this situation for centuries. I wonder how much we'll tolerate. Tried benevolence, patience & marching.

En ce jour des 50 ans du décollage d'Apollo 11 depuis la Floride, n'oubliez pas d'assister si vous le pouvez à l'éclipse partielle de Lune ! #EclipseDeLune #Apollo11 #Apollo50 #OnTheMoonAgain

Chance the Snapper never had a chance against this beard


[Preorder U.S.] Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD from @SEGA is now up for preorder on Amazon. $39.99 and releases 10/29. #SwitchCorps


Here's a roundup of our favorite tweets from “Chance the Snapper” and his fans.

Peter Thiel would make a great Bond villain.

I need a girl that won’t get tired of watching coraline and nacho libre with me everyday

Start monkeying around when Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD hits PC…

今日が最終日!!! Prime Dayに出品しています!! 是非、チェックしてみてください! 3点セット → 2点セット → この機会に購入検討してみてください! #stak #amazon   #アマゾン   #プライムデー   #アマゾンプライムデー

"Racist to the core": George Conway unloads on "boorish, dim-witted, inarticulate, incoherent" Donald Trump

1) Will Kellyanne Conway be asked about this? And if not, why not? Her husband George Conway is out with a piercing new op-ed for the Washington Post titled "Trump is a racist president." He says Trump's "go back" tweets were "racist to the core."

Best gaming deals for Amazon Prime Day 2019 from Playstation VR to Nintendo Switch…

【国内正規品】GoPro HERO7 Silver + 認定SDカードセット CHDHC-601-FW キャンプとかの予定が立ちがちなこの夏前の時期にGoProをセールに出してくるのズルじゃない!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Mo, it’s Prime Day what are you going buy? Nothing. Why not? I don’t need anything? But it’s going to be cheap. But I don’t need anything. *another person goes on the new year contacts purge*

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.” #ImpeachNow #RacistInChief

aprovechando el descanso para mirar sartenes con oferta por el amazon prime day en esto me he convertido

#TuesdayThoughts Jesus said "I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of vine from now on till that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” They sang a hymn and went out to the Mount of Olives. Mat 26:29-30 Lord, you are my true friend. #MondayMotivation

Lentement mais sûrement, la WWE reprend le droit chemin avec des épisodes qui selon moi, tiennent la route !…'>… #WWE #RAW #WWERaw…'>…

#SECMD19 — thanks for the hospitality. #GoGators

almost half a million people have pledged to raid area 51... why can’t we put that same effort into cleaning our oceans???


Scene from the #Mozcon control room five minutes before my talk. Beyond excited!


Oh, by the way.. Kellyanne Conway defied her Congressional subpoena and skipped the hearing she was supposed to testify at this afternoon. #MondayMotivation

⚜️ Today’s intention: Worry only manifests more worry. I will slow down, breathe and relax. I allow myself to tune in to my natural frequency. Inner peace and a calm mind is my vibe today. #Love #ShineOn#MondayMotivation

When Richard Madden wins that Emmy over K*t for his performance in the Bodyguard, awww

Madden sıkıntıda olduğumu düşünen bir DOSTUM, 300 bin liraya yakın biriktirmiş ve bana hesap no. gönder limit yok ne kadar istiyorsan diyor. Ben istemedikçe de ısrar ediyor. Allah'a şükretmeyeyim de ne yapayım? Allah seni cennetle mükafatlandırsın.

Don’t forget to say “hi” and “thank you” to the amazingly talented, inspiring and super awesome live-captioner Stacey (@smiley845)! #mozcon


In a statement, the teen's family said it “seeks for the truth to be uncovered and justice served."

Another person who responds to a tweet about antisemitism with angry ranting about Israel.…

“He doesn’t understand the fundamental challenges of the Jewish community in fighting anti-Semitism... And he's fueling it by connecting Israel to his white supremacist tweets that attack congresspeople of color.” -ED Amanda Berman in @TimesofIsrael…

Committed Jew and Israel-supporter here. I'll gladly take any member of #TheSquad over my own "representative." I refuse to be a pawn of white nationalists who thinly vein their antisemitism because they think all Jews are white and we're easily-duped. @TX21Indivisible

Get motivated for Monday! I'm streaming more Metroid Prime 3 Corruption tonight! Let's see if we can finish this! #MondayMotivation #twitch #live #SupportSmallStreamers #MetroidPrime #Retro #Wii

#2KRatings 0. I don't even own 2k but it's literally the same game every year.

Mnuchin is such an ugly dude.

Baby Phat is popular again and Diddy is rebooting Making the Band, what year is it?

If Laurieann Gibson ain’t making the contestants dance to the Cheri Dennis ‘I Love You’ instrumental, Diddy can keep this new Making The Band.

Every time I see Mitt Romney's name trending, I know another wave of disappointment in him will be the outcome. But that's how the far right works--they keep moderates under their thumb by intimidation & threat, else they're primaried & run out of the party or mocked within GOP.

Trump’s comments aren’t simply problematic, spiteful, over the top, divisive, and hurtful, they are RACIST.... Get a back bone Republicans and call his vile hatred what it is!

It is with deep regret that I must confess: Mitt Romney is exactly who the liberals told me he was in 2012. I didn't want to believe them, but he is every bit the unprincipled, phony, cowardly hack they described. RIP my respect for Mitt Romney.…

#MTBCasting y’all go retweet so @Diddy can see this!!!!!

We’re ecstatic to know @Diddy and @MTV are bringing back the Iconic show!!! #MakingTheBand…

Fabulous showing at #MozCon, @ShannonMcGuirk_ - very relevant and useful to where our team is at right now. Much appreciated!

I have all the confidence that making the band will still be good in this era b/c although everybody is now super sensitive, Sean Combs is still not. I very much believe that he will still make people cry, then send them home

Susan Collins tells Trump to delete 'way over the line' tweet… via @nypost

Breaking down Grady Jarrett’s 4 year, $68M extension w/ the #Falcons, including $38M fully guaranteed at sign, $24.5M cash in 2019, and a likely $51.5M thru 2021. (h/t @ProFootballTalk) Details:…

#LoveIsland I can’t handle the way Michael treats Amber. It’s spiteful.

Ed Orgeron is definitely in favor of the “Graduate Transfer” rule. Says if players have graduated, they should be afforded the opportunity to go find somewhere to play. #SECMD19 @LSUfootball

GOP Sen. Susan Collins denounces Trump tweet: 'Way over the line’…


Inside Falcons DT Grady Jarrett's new four-year deal, which has $42.5M in full guarantees that vest by March 2020

Imagine seeing all these contracts signed by pass-rushers over the past 12 months and then putting forth the take that the #Falcons overpaid Grady Jarrett. @MarkZinno


I just read a thread where a load of men in lippy were crowing about how few gender critical women speak out under their own voices. They don’t see the irony of the fact that most women feel bullied into silence by the spiteful tactics of MRAs. This is not fucking progress.

Essentially, Mitt Romney & Susan Collins believe the women deserved the racist attack by the President. Socialist is the new "revealing clothes."

The pro bowl/sack number is fluff. Grady Jarrett is a three down interior guy that plays the run and pass equally well. Imagine this line without him, and imagine what he can be with solid pass rushers next to him. Ecstatic to have this guy on the roster for the next four years.…

Also, in Robinson Township, beware an accident on Beaver Grade Road at Aiken Road. #KDKAradioTraffic…

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