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Golly, @realDonaldTrump is already lying about the #IGReport? Who woulda thunk it? In reality, we all lose. The FBI was not politically motivated, it shows. The FBI also abused its authority, it shows. We need to remove Trump AND fix the structural problems in Law Enforcement.

after seeing lizzo at the stapels center yesterday I'm seriously giving my eyes up for sale 20k a piece come get this deal before it's gone

Juice WRLD Cops say he swallowed percs, Tried to hide 'em from feds…

I swear I find an article I’ve written that always reverberates when we keep discussing ridiculous societal expectations, especially about fat people. And this one from 2016 wasn’t even curvier women, so I really know how we feel about Lizzo.…

*me, watching this TL regarding Lizzo in the last 2 years and striking Be Famous off my to do list*

Wow, that Ghostbusters trailer is...something. There aren't any women, and there aren't any black people. It's not just less progressive than 2016, it's somehow also less progressive than 1984.

Only thing missing from the very, very serious Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer is a somber cover of the Ghostbusters theme song sung by Lana del Rey.

I- @ that Juice WRLD news story from TMZ.... Ima just clamp my tongue on that one. But RIP to him!

This report suggests that the reason federal agents were waiting for Juice WRLD's plane may have been that the pilot called authorities to tell them Juice's entourage had guns on them…

interessante.. será que os nerds vao falar que esse filme ta acabando com a infancia deles tbm? será que vao ameaçar de morte os atores do filme? vao falar que eles merecem der estuprados?…

If the Patriots did anything illegal for the goddamn BENGALS i will deactivate my account

Juice WRLD was reportedly seen swallowing multiple percocet pills to hide from the feds when his jet landed.


Now that I think of it ... any chance the Patriots had the Chiefs' equipment flight re-routed to Newark? Hmm.

‘A devastating account of FBI and DOJ misconduct’: Former NSC official weighs in on #IGReport

The #IGReport does not vindicate the stupid punks with the last name Trump. They are all dirty as fuck and all hou stupid morons from the #MAGA movement need thg o get your head out your ass and see it clearly

Trump hired the guy! It was a feature, not a bug! Trump likes em shady AF Wake up #MAGA morons #IGReport #manafort…

Fox News canceled on James @Comey after IG report vindicated the FBI: ‘They must have read the report’ #IGReport…

I swear if this day ends in my having to explain to my kid what the N-word means because they heard it from Sonic the freaking Hedgehog, I'm going to LOSE IT #SonicIsOverParty

The #IGReport determined that U.S. officials did their duty, with human imperfections, in investigating Russian interference into #Election2016. Donald Trump’s only weapon protect himself is to try and tear down democratic institutions. It can’t be allowed.…

الحدث شارك فيه 300 مليون شخص عن بعد #HourofCode #218TV

why stan Sonic when you can stan Bayo instead? #SonicIsOverParty

Got to kick off Hour of Code by using hands on devices to bring code to life. Thanks @northhardinlmc for inviting me! #HourOfCode #HCSStrongerTogether


#OKBoomerMovies ok as much as i dont like the boomer meme anymore cus it got driven into the ground, gonna be real most of the people using this tag are boomers

BREAKING NEWS. Tekashi 6ix9ine testifies that Sonic the Hedgehog is a member of the Nine Trey Bloods. #SonicIsOverParty


Ok! I made up my mind. I will be sitting in the 1st row of section fc1 on Sunday night with my friends. This is our playoff game this year and I have to support my team that did not give up on a season that was sabotaged early on. #HereWeGo

It’s Monday December 9th, 2019. Devlin “Duck” Hodges is the starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He still hasn’t lost a start. Head Coach Mike Tomlin is the front runner for Coach of the Year. Everything is right where it should be.

Who wants to see the #Steelers rocking color rush on Sunday Night vs Buffalo? Major playoff implications, most likely last home game of the season so last game as Heinz Field. Let’s send it off the right way! #HereWeGo

Rookie Diontae Johnson and sophomore James Washington have stepped up big this season with Ben Roethlisberger out for the season and JuJu Smith-Schuster on the mend from a knee injury. Diontae Johnson (84.3) 2nd highest receiver grade on the week (miniumum 3 targets)


Una victoria contundente en Arizona. Diontae Johnson con jugadas grandes en la ofensiva y equipos especiales, tres intercepciones de la defensiva, y otro día perfecto para Chris Boswell.⬇️…

McLaurin, A.J. Brown, Deebo, Metcalf, Hardman, and Diontae Johnson were all WRs drafted on Day 2. With their immediate success, I wonder if that will have any bearing on the 2020 class and teams waiting past the first-round.

Yesterday showed exactly why the #Steelers drafted Diontae Johnson at the top of the third round. - Crazy open field ability - Can create a lot of yardage after the catch - Great footwork & route running All those traits were on display yesterday. Johnson's ceiling is sky high.

How tourists became first-aiders on seas off White Island volcano…

From Associated Press … 5 dead, many more missing in eruption of New Zealand volcano: Today's volcano took place on White Island - about 30 miles (50 km) offshore from mainland New Zealand. It began at 2:11 p.m. local time today.


Good morning, Chicago. Here are some top stories to start your day: - The death of rapper Juice Wrld - Our critic’s review of the new NEMA skyscraper - A new look at a questionable crash - The quest to bring a Chicagoan home from Colombia to die

El volcán White Island o Whakaari es el volcán de cono más activo de Nueva Zelandia, según el sitio web de GeoNet.

Police said more casualties were feared on White Island, where the volcano erupted at about 2:11pm.

# #Rest in peace special JUICE WRLD coz ur fan is here. U have been such a great an inspirational rapper. Repondez Sîl Vous Plaît.


#RIPJUICEWRLD We will remember you JUICE WRLD


2m almost 3m hearts and not yet even started...k bye.... #StrayKidsComeback #StrayKids #StrayKids_Levanter #YouMakeStrayKidsStay #Levanter @Stray_Kids #Levanter


The Rams victory over the Seahawks should remind #Packers fans of a couple things: 1. Division games are always tough 2. Wins like the Packers had over the Redskins should be appreciated

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