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lizzo gone get ass acne from that seat

lowkey wanna go see Aventura

If @TiffanyHaddish 's comedy were to have a physical manifestation, it would be @lizzo.

If I had my kid at that basketball game and saw Lizzo there with her ass out, that game and the next would’ve been free!

Out of office Volcker was a hawk from a different era, fretting over bailouts, inflation & deficits. Yet in office he was pragmatic & creative, bending & rewriting rules to cope with the chaos of the moment. My remembrance, including a personal encounter.…

"The most important thing you can bring to work everyday is your conscience." #Raskin to #Goldman #impeachmentinquiry #impeachmenthearings #MondayMotivation

The best element of BioShock is still its marvelous art. The rest hasn't held up as well as I would have expected.

#CheddarEsports with @erinasimon & @narz is LIVE! @FortniteGame will premiere an exclusive scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; fourth Bioshock game in development; Jonathan Marcos showcases @KustmKontrllerz; #NHL20 gameplay and more!…

Juice Wrld really killed himself i-


#Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny tore his ACL in last night’s loss to the #Rams and is out for the season, source said. The MRI confirmed the news for the former first-round pick, who also has additional damage to his knee. He’s out until training camp. Tough injury.

I blocked so many men last week over Harris and Warren, but the Ghostbusters preemptive block party looks like it's going to be worse. By this time next week I assume I'll have an all-girl Twitter feed.

.@LindseyGrahamSC looks over the DOJ IG's report on the origins of the Russia investigation before holding his press conference on the report.


We're cheering everyone on this Monday just like Nariyuki is for Fumino! #MondayMotivation (via We Never Learn!: BOKUBEN)

2019年(第76回) #ゴールデングローブ賞 ノミネート一覧 ─ 『#アイリッシュマン』ほかNetflix躍進、『#ジョーカー』『#ワンハリ』など健闘! 2020年公開予定の話題作も多数 #GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobe #ゴールデングローブ…

Paul Volcker: Former US Federal Reserve chief dies aged 92…

If grief has gotten the best of you just be good to yourself. Self nurture has gotten me through some dark days of grief. #MondayMotivation

John Durham disagrees with the DOJ IG Report conclusions! Also, Durham is the one who can interrogate FORMER DOJ officials including Brennan, Clapper, and Comey! This is really huge but no one is reporting on this! WHY?

As an early christmas present to anyone who cares, there is a completely updated twitter list of all the breweries in ontario attached to this profile. It will be updated monthly. /1

With the news of a new Bioshock game being in development and me wanting to return back to an earlier stream, I think this may be the perfect time to do my next play through. Would you kindly join me next week as I play through Bioshock 1? 9am EST start times!

This, just minutes after Pete Carroll abruptly left his weekly press conference addressing the Seahawks' performance last night against the Rams... My read: the message within this team is that nothing can be gained from focusing on that performance. Move on ASAP.…

A giant in more one way than one of the central bank world ... Paul Volcker died at the weekend. Here's the NY Times obit ...…

Here's what former presidents, Treasury secretaries and prominent investors who knew Paul Volcker remembered

Ganó a la inflación. Dio alas a Reagan y EEUU resucitó económicamente. Muere Paul Volcker, expresidente de la Reserva Federal… vía @expansioncom

The Seahawks receive the #1 seed if they win out in all scenarios... EXCEPT if the Saints win out AND the Packers don't. Then they get the 2 seed.

Using NFL Playoff Machine, if this all happens next Sunday and the Saints win, they're back at No. 1 ATL over SF CHI over GB SEA over CAR If Panthers win, 49ers still No. 1, but Saints would be No. 2

Repasamos la figura de #PaulVolcker, una de las figuras importantes de la Fed en los últimos 50 años…

After Sunday night, the #49ers sit in first place of the NFC West, the #Seahawks are in second and the #Rams at third. It is not out of the question for those three teams to claim playoff spots. The #Cardinals, however are eliminated. Via @patoholloway…

White Island: Así se vio la erupción letal del volcán Whakaari en Nueva Zelanda


chaeyoung said we should all stan stray kids and support their new comeback... #StrayKids_Levanter #StrayKidsComeback #StrayKids_Levanter


우리 슼둥이들 컴백했다구여 #Clé_LEVANTER #StrayKids_Levanter #StrayKidsComeback #스트레이키즈_바람 스트레이 키즈 - 바람 많이 들어주세여~~

This morning, tributes are pouring in for rapper Juice Wrld. The 21-year-old, whose real name was Jarad Higgins, died yesterday after a "medical emergency" at Chicago's Midway Airport. There are reports he may have suffered a seizure.

Fun fact: If K-POP stands didn’t spam fan cams and act cringey, people wouldn’t have a problem with you. #BanKpopAccounts

Having a field day blocking every single stan person who spams fancams because they know their fav isn't getting enough views ans the only way to get views is to spam people in the replies with them. #BanKpopAccounts

I saw Rikishi trending and thought he died only for it to be this shit like what the fuck man…

They used to mine sulphur on White Island, but people were killed from unexpected eruptions, so mining stopped. Eruptions couldn’t be predicted. History lesson not learnt.

New Zealand volcano: 'No sign of life' after White Island eruption - BBC News ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ Here is how you can ACT presidential today: 1. Express SINCERE SYMPATHY for people in New Zealand 2. Forcefully Rebuke Saudis for death of our troops.…

This is so crazy. My prayers go out to everyone affected ☹️. I went to White Island last year, it was such a great experience. I know the crews did an amazing job trying to get everyone out of the island…

New Zealand volcano: Tourists capture moment of eruption on White Island via @YouTube

Mane, juice wrld got me through so many hard times in my life, he helped me get through it all when my brother and sister got murdered, a legend in the making,we keep loosing the legends, god why do you always have to take the legends from us. I love you juice, have fun up there

New Zealand: 23 tourists injured and 1 missing after White Island volcano erupted

On behalf of wrestling fans everywhere can y'all not have wrestling legends trending when we wake up thought the big man had left this Earth #Rikishi


Everybody: Don’t worry, the @Saints are still good. We have faith. Jeff Duncan: Well, the Saints are not THAT good. And I love Roger Goodell.

The hilarious thing about Pats fans, whining about this game, is that it wasn't even a one-sided affair, by the officials. Way more calls, and plenty of non-calls, went against the Chiefs. Ones that went against the Pats were bang bang plays that are easy to make mistakes on.

Lol at all the people saying the Masvidal/Colby beef was real Did you know Rikishi really ran over Stone Cold with his car?…

You know this hit Pats fans right in their butt hurts…

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