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#RIPChesterBennington juz dwa lata a nadal boli mnie słuchanie LP

Streams totais de "The Lion King: The Gift" de @Beyonce no Spotify: BIGGER: 628K FIND Y. WAY BACK: 486K DON'T JEALOUS M.: 443K JA ARA E: 433K NILE: 481K MOOD 4 EVA: 1.526M WATER: 416K BROWN S. GIRL: 1.234M KEYS TO T. KINGDOM: 351K ALREADY: 447K OTHERSIDE: 313K M. POWER: 418K


Carlos Vela vs Zlatan Ibrahimovic en 2019: •21 goles vs 16 goles. •8 asistencias vs 3 asistencias. •2 MLS POTM vs 0 MLS POTM. •LAFC 46 pts vs LAG 37 pts. La temporada de Zlatan ya resultó exitosa, juega para poder vencer a Vela en un partido, Carlos juega para ser campeón.


Nick Offerman has volunteered to play every role in 'Cats' after getting photoshopped into the trailer


Special Guest Rob Walker joins Brad to talk about the 2019 Disney remake of The Lion King!… @ChannelAwesome

"I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble." ~Mufasa, The Lion King

If you ask me, the movie of Cats looking creepy is perfectly in keeping with the stage show, which looks absolutely terrifying at any given second.

Can’t believe it’s already been two years #RIPChesterBennington

Zlatan Ibrahimovic exultante: "Yo soy Los Angeles"


It's been a sad two years without your voice on those stages #RIPChesterBennington


thank you for making neo city newark the best concert ive ever been too ♡ you worked hard on this tour ily @NCTsmtown_127 #NCT127_수고했어요


Not a Zlatan fan, but he does have a point.…

#FunnyThingsNerdsSay - “I cry because others are stupid and that makes me sad.” — Sheldon Cooper

تهديفياً أرقامه محبطة لكن اللاعب كان حبيس الدكة فترات كثيرة من ناحية الخصائص فهو مطلب للميلان أكيد ( مهاجم حركي ) للأمانة الطموح كان لاعب أفضل و بتجربة أكبر مثل ديباي لكن إذا كان هناك إجماع من المدرب و الإدارة على وصوله فهذا شيء لا بأس فيه الأهم هو إعطاء المدرب إحتياجاته


One year ago today we lost a LEGEND #ripchesterbennington #AlwaysInOurHearts To listen to a tribute session record LIVE in a Kampala gig featuring some of #LinkinPark hits ->… WE SHALL LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST!


This Zlatan vs Vela rivalry is kinda funny. Man reallly believes he’s better than Zlatan?

“No me ofendan, yo no tengo nada que demostrar, incluso si no hubiera marcado hat-trick. Tengo respeto por Vela, es un buen jugador pero los medios cometieron un error, lo compararon conmigo. Ese fue su error más grande”. Zlatan Ibrahimovic después del juego ante el #LAFC.


ICYMI: Julian Araujo (@julian__araujo) on big win over LAFC and playing at midfield. #LAGalaxy | #LAvLAFC

ninguém: absolutamente ninguém: eu: não posso falar contigo to chorando assistindo queer eye

ICYMI: Daniel Steres (@Dsteres44) on win over LAFC and the confidence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. #LAGalaxy | #LAvLAFC

to vendo o episódio de queer eye que eles ajudam o pai da menininha a se envolver mais e apoiar ela na patinação dai lembrei que comecei treinar futebol na idade dela pro meu pai gostar de mim e no final de um treino ele me disse voce é a pior de todas ali ai ai kkkkkk

By far, the best scene in Queer Eye history is when Karamo asks a class of high school students, “Does anyone know what culture is?” And a kid yells, “Yeast!?”

Remember that time Katie Hopkins criticized working class people for naming their kids after countries (???) and the TV host pointed out that her daughter is called "India"

Zlatan scored a hat-trick and then pushes the LAFC player

Trump keeps saying he's NOT racist yet retweets White racists like Katie's like saying you're not part of the KKK but have a burning cross in your front yard.

Racist Trump shares shit-4-brains Katie Hopkins video defending him over racist tweets and attacks Sadiq Khan - The Independent…

Also can we get a fucking 3rd DP for fucks sake now since we got rid of the last piece of trash #LAFC

Agree with me or not I really don’t care but need to see players show up in big games soon #LAFC

Miller I’m sorry I tried rewatching the goals maybe nothing you could do on one but god damnt dude your time is up #LAFC

Can’t hold it anymore I’m going to let it out #LAFC…

YouTuber @Eugenia_Cooney returns in a documentary by @shanedawson, which she hopes will help others with eating disorders.…

Zlatan before the game “I’m by far better than the whole league not only Vela” Zlatan delivers a hat trick in the game. The Legend of Ibra grows.

I have vivid memories of cartoons constantly making fun of cats as a kid and I thought it was a "haha musicals sure are all dumb and weird!" thing but then I learned even a lot of people who like musicals think cats is weird

I’m watching sportscenter and zlatan ibrahimovic talking about his victory over lafc and he is fucking cocky lol is he like world class y’all or is the mls just miles and miles behind the rest of the world?

#eugenia is literally one of the most precious people on this planet and we must protect her at all costs



Allahım, kötü işlerle meşgul olan kötü huylu ve kötü niyetli insanların şerrinden bizleri muhafaza buyur. The Witcher


Despite Luke Jackson’s best efforts...BRAVES WIN!


Mike Gravel has nearly 100,000 more Twitter followers than John Delaney. Gravel has 10x more unique donors than Delaney and has received more in small dollar donations. #DropOutDelaney #LetGravelDebate

Wild ending in Utah tonight with Corsie equalizing for the Royals a few minutes after Horan put the Thorns in front. Soft goal in the end allowed by Franch imo but she made several quality saves throughout the match #NWSL

Josh Donaldson with a walk-off off of Fernando Rodney. This is what it sounds like when worlds collide.…

Who extends $7 Million + credit to a failing candidate, and what do they expect in return? #DropOutDelaney Drop out of politics.

You have to be special kind of stupid/narcissist to even think about staying in the race after #DropOutDelaney is trending. @JohnDelaney Even his staffers want him to drop out!

ATLANTA — Josh Donaldson's bases-loaded single off Fernando Rodney in the ninth inning lifted the Atlanta Braves over the Washington Nationals 4-3 on Friday night after Luke Jackson allowed a tying, two-run homer to Victor Robles in the top half.…

Fernando Rodney strikes again. #Nats

Wouldn’t you love to be in Doolittle’s head now when the phone rang and he was asked to finally warm with the bases loaded and nobody out? What’s he really thinking there?

Fernando Rodney blew it for the Nats and their bullpen? Ah damn. That sucks.

John Delaney has probably had a sum total of 3 people saying they support him in polls. Yet @MikeGravel gets over 20,000 times as many supporters in hard cash, and the DNC still puts Delaney on the debate stage over Gravel #DropOutDelaney

#dropoutdelaney is STILL trending. #MikeGravel earned his spot at the #DemDebates!! Don't get caught cheating again #DNC. End the silly.

With Tyreek Hill playing all 16 games this season, where does he rank among fantasy football wide receivers?

When I was really young I saw Cats at Neptune and one of them grabbed me from the isle and I screamed and then cried and it shook me for years but at 21 yrs old I can say that this Cats trailer is far worse for me

Imágenes fuertes, verás Líderes Sociales, algunos humanistas, Decentes, Petristas y desmovilizados de las FARC, custodiando un camión repleto de Cocaína, humillación de Militares y la Democracia, hoy somos abiertamente un Narco-Estado, gracias al Nobel Zar de las Drogas.

current mood after watching that cats movie trailer.


Maybe the movie is for people who don’t HAVE cats and therefore don’t get this kind of performance daily at 5:30 am.…

Deke loved the Cats (2019) trailer


Tyreek Hill latest example of the NFL's failed attempt at policing, @thefootballgirl writes.…

190719 ハンギョルが呼ばれた時の練習生のみんなのリアクションがハンギョルの人柄を表してる! #프로듀스X101 #PRODUCE_X_101 #이한결

My stat projections for the chiefs after Tyreek news: QB Mahomes: 5040 yards / 40 TDs WR Hill: 136/89/1432/10 WR Watkins: 103/66/884/6 WR Hardman: 55/34/503/3 RB Williams: 85/70/518/5 (receiving) TE Kelce: 153/104/1320/10

Roger Goodell: "Alright Tyreek I think you're not guilty, you can return back to the Chi-" Tyreek Hill's guilty ass dipping out of his office:

lupita nyong'o curtindo brown skin girl da beyoncé é absolutamente tudo pra mim

The most consistent thing about @nflcommish is how inconsistent he is. The rest of the NFL should have followed Jerry Jones' lead and pushed this guy out when they had the chance. #NFL #Cowboysnation #Chiefs #tyreekhill #Zeke

Top Gun: Maverick trailer analysis recorded and coming soon!

I think beyonce is going to make wizkid collect Grammy What do you think ? Drop ya comment #brownskingirl

Whenever Last Chance U spends more than 5 min on a player in an episode, he’s either about to break next game or tragedy is gonna hit

Top 3 groups of people that are mad as fuck over the Tyreek Hill news in order 3. Patriots fans 2. Patriots fans 1. Patriots fans #Chiefs #Patriots #tyreekhill

Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill won't be suspended by NFL over child abuse allegations

Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill won't be suspended by NFL over child abuse allegations

Kollat Top Gun med döttrarna. Skriver lite med klanen om det hela. Konklusion: 80-talet var rätt lamt.


So, I’ve been away for a couple of days and haven’t seen the Top Gun trailer, the IT 2 trailer, or the #CatsMovie trailer. I have never felt more disconnected from the cultural conversation.

This is the "sting"/"tease" we should have gotten at the end of the new Top Gun trailer. #TopGun #TopGunMaverick #TopGun2 #IronEagle

NFL insider Ian Rapoport offers his views on the Patriots' approach to Josh Gordon's suspension, as training camp nears.


0 suspension. Lets not forget the NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliot for 6 games with no charges. PATHETIC. Play basketball kiddos…

There are John Lynch days until the NFL season.


Happy birthday, Dr. Rosalyn Yalow (1921–2011), physicist & Nobel Laureate who developed radioimmunoassay: #NucMed


RPGista brasileiro que jogava de Mago sem precisar consultar o livro ganha Prêmio Nobel da Paz! -…



“The highest patriotism is not a blind acceptance of official policy, but a love of one's country deep enough to call her to a higher standard” – Sen George McGovern born #OTD in 1922 #ushistory # #IStandWithIlhan #StandWithIlhan


"MICK, STEPHANIE, I need a PR boost. I wanna be photographed meeting with some POCs, some refugees, and some rape victims. If you could get one that's also a Nobel Prize winner, that would be great - I can find out how she did it. GET ME SOMEONE! And make sure she's not my type."…

Break the arm of your child, just don’t smoke a joint first. Thanks for clearing that up, Roger Goodell!

Once again, Roger Goodell fucks it up again. I don’t want to see ANY player who gets busted with weed suspended again.…

Damn Goodell must have put money on the Chiefs this year.

In light of Tyreek Hill NOT getting even a one game suspension from the NFL, I’m convinced Goodell just throws darts at a board to determine NFL punishments.

Comic-Con: Tom Cruise présente l'impressionnante bande-annonce du nouveau Top Gun…


Showing the night crew at this Circle K my Ziggy tattoo. None of us have seen the “Cats” trailer. Happy in this moment!

I‘m playing the album at work :‘) these people are currently bopping to find your way back oop

Bummer Cliff is HOH and you really have no say in the matter... better go stuff your face since they might call have not's soon…

今日この曲が頭から離れないwww [Top Gun] Danger Zone 歌詞・日本語訳付き @YouTubeさんから

#DavidBegnaudPuede caerle sin invitación. @DavidBegnaud es el mejor.

#DavidBegnaudPuede ir en dubi pa obras publicas y lo atienden rapido

#DavidBegnaudPuede coger UBER desde el@aeropuerto

#DavidBegnaudPuede comprar un jr bacon a .99 y sin tax

#DavidBegnaudPuede poner los codos en la mesa frente a mi abuela. Yo te protego.

A dominant night in every stat, except the most important one. What We'll Remember | | #PORvORL #RCTID


Goals like this are hard to stop watching (over and over and over). #RCTID

“We recognized that we were on top and on the front foot, and we didn’t want to let that goal take that away from us.” @Kingjebo on the team's response to the first half goal. #RCTID

“Even though we’re not content, the goal at the end at least gave us a point, because sometimes, in these type of games, you don’t get anything.” Hear Coach Savarese's thoughts on tonight's match. #RCTID

Took in a Timbers game with two of my all time favorite kids tonight.


Brian Fernandez grabs his first assist as a Timber, becoming the 11th different player to record one this season. #Statman Three | | #RCTID


How dare the Timbers embarrass us in front of @kpduck's famous actor friend

Had a great night at the park. Pulled out the tie late and got to yell like crazy again. Love me some Timbers #RCTID


I have a SPEAKING FOR MYSELF AND NOT THE ORG tweet in me but I will wait until I am not cider and whisky, sorry y'all #RCTID

A look back at tonight's draw against Orlando. HIGHLIGHTS | | #PORvORL #RCTID


Lots of media guide-type stats that don't mean much but- Fewest chances created by a POR opponent (1) Fewest shots ever by POR opponent (2) Biggest shot differential ever by POR in a MLS match (26 to 2) First time ever opponent was held without a shot for an entire half #RCTID

Our unbeaten streak continues heading into Seattle. MATCH RECAP | | #RCTID


The TA is chanting 'Beat Seattle' as the players walk off the field after the log ceremony. #RCTID #PORvORL

FT: With the late #RCTID equalizer, both teams split the points from this one. #PORvORL


Frustrating night at the park. #PORvORL | #RCTID


In stoppage time, Bill Tuiloma replaces Zarek Valentin. #PORvORL | #RCTID

Donald Trump’s Michael Cohen scandal just exploded – and now it involves Hope Hicks…

Realmente no comprendo como alguien humano puede llegar a sentir la necesidad de ir a un estudio de animacion y incendiarlo, mis condolencias a las personas que terminaron afectadas por esta tragedia #PrayForKyoani #KyotoAnimation

Holy Mothman, this is a Boss that's hosted one too many Game Shows... #BossGrandDad #Fallout76 #Fallout @Fallout #WastelandHOA #FaceApp


Watch "President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in Texas" on YouTube

FBI and DOJ felt numerous times they had enough evidence to arrest Trump, and each time Barr has prevented them from doing their job. I don't know what else is the definition of coverup?

the new faceapp filter sucks


"¡Ahora todo el mundo se empeña en envejecer!"…

congrats to CATS the first ever motion picture filmed exclusively with faceapp technology

Having trouble figuring out which is scarier. #ITChapter2 #CatsMovie


Kyoto Animation is responsible for some of my favourite anime of all time so it's really devastating to hear about the arson attack on its studio. My condolences go out to all those affected by this tragedy. #PrayForKyoAni


BREAKING NEWS! Rand Paul is a spineless dickweasel who uses 9/11 first responders as props for his kabuki dance on fiscal conservatism.…

Blog: Summer means Winter Summer is here and the time to think ahead to Fall and Winter promotions. Continue: #Photography #Content #Context #Photo #Pic #stockphotos #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation


The trailer for #ITChapter2 is here and it's absolutely crazy. 'It' can surpass its own status of being the highest grossing horror film of all-time when it hits theaters September 6.…


Rand Paul fires back at Jon Stewart on Fox News: he’s "not using his brain"

Senator Graham: "I don't remember anyone treating John McCain the way they're treating Trump." McCain was a patriot. Trump is a criminal coward and a puppet. That's why. When McCain died, Russia declared: "The enemy is dead". When Trump was installed, Russia declared victory.

I just watched the #JayAndSilentBobReboot, #ITChapter2, #TopGunMaverick and #CatsMovie trailers back to back all in the last 10 minutes and now my brain has exploded. Too much goodness happening in the next year!!!!

SHE’S TOAST: Steinberg Describes Ilhan Omar’s 8 Instances of Perjury – Could Face 40 Years in Prison. After all is said and done She's going to wish she'd never landed on our shores!… #IStandWithIlhan #Qanan #maga #ImmigrationFraud #ThursdayThoughts

This is serious. #IStandWithIlhan House Dems warn Omar in 'imminent danger' after Trump rally chants

My condolences to family and employees of Kyoto Animation from the huge tragedy in the anime industry. #PrayForKyoani

John McCain is trending for half standing up to one racist in 2008 when we have people out here standing up to them their whole entire ass lives but because they're black or Democrats or women or all three, nobody gives a shit.

Me watching Bill Skarsgard terrorize 40 year old actors in #ITChapter2


Hush, Little Honey, don't spout dreck -- Donnie's gonna write you a big fat check! But if that big fat check don't work, You're gonna hear from this Cohen jerk, And if none of his law stuff sticks You'll be dealing to this gal Hope Hicks!

Trump is making noise about trying to get last night's crowd to stop chanting. Personally, I think he had people planted in the audience to get the chant started. #IStandWithIlhan

#TuckFrump 9/11 first responder rips Rand Paul for harping about ‘fiscal responsibility’ while Kentucky is the 3rd most federally dependent state… @realTuckFrumper

If there's anyone who can handle a sticky diplomatic situation, it's the guy so obnoxious his own neighbor beat the shit out of him for being such a raging dick.…

RAND PAUL: we cant fund the 9/11 first responders healthcare, due to the deficit, which is both very real and very important FIREFIGHTER, DYING OF 9/11 CANCER: that’s right

Cohen texted hope Hicks: “So far I see only 6 stories. Getting little to no traction.” She responded: “Keep praying!! It’s working!”…

#DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut You're worth patience. You're worth kindness. You're worth contentment. You're worth benevolence. You're worth forgiveness. You're worth rejoicing over. You're worth forbearance. You're worth hope. You're worth love.

Corvallis Foster Farms employee arrested after witnesses say he fired handgun inside plant. No one injured-accused shooter surrendered to police #koin6news #CorvallisFosterFarms


Corvallis Police confirm male suspect surrendered after shooting at Foster Farms plant. No one was injured.

Corvallis Police Captain Nick Curley gives update on active threat situation in Corvallis…

Question's been asked -- last night's 19-inning game, longest in @WCLBaseball history? Nope. Kitsap beat Corvallis 2-1 in a 20-inning game in 2009. THEN, the teams played a SECOND GAME that day, and went at least 11 innings. True story. Read here. WOW.…

京都アニメーションは私の人生です。放火した人本当にありえない。 ご冥福をお祈りします。

WATCH: Rally crowd breaks into “Send her back” chants as Trump attacks Ilhan Omar


Very sad day for KyoAni. My heart goes out to those poor victims, nobody deserves such a cruel death

США сочли угрозой нацбезопасности российское приложение FaceApp…

Democrats and the Fake News must finally stop lying and implying that Trump is guilty. Not only does the witch hunt have no evidence, it has no balls, because they know he's innocent, which is why they won't impeach, but yet they'll keep making accusations. Stop the con.

Iran blasts "bully" Trump, says America's actions are "classical definition of terrorism"

Don't feel shamed for chanting "Send Her Back." If the shoe was on the other foot, they'd say worse about you, and they already have. So you're right. All of those terrorist-sympathizing, anti-american, illegal-alien-loving mfrs on the left, send them back where they came from.

Linkse wereld tegen #Trump: Blah...blah... Blah...blah... Blah...blah... Blah...blah... Blah...blah... Blah...blah... Trump tegen Links: Blah....... Links: YOU RACIST!!

Donald Trump's border wall proposal takes some $2.5bn in Department of Defence funds

Con esto de FaceApp, aparte de la turra, estáis dando datos a Rusia, permitiendo que usen vuestra imagen para cualquier... TOMA YA, ¡si parezco un Haneke yonki!


This Russian #FaceApp is crap. I'm stone faced the best of times but I'm going to look like this when I'm older? Really?


kurze Frage wie findet ihr die AGB's der FaceApp da kann doch nix passieren oder

Uhhh ohhh, the left, The Media, and the Squad are going to call us racist for chanting Send her back! Wait, This just in, The left, The Media and the Squad has indeed just called us people in North Carolina Racist for chanting send her back! Who saw that Coming ?

#IStandWithPresTrump 100% do I think chanting "Send her back" is wrong? in the setting nope. No worse than booing an opponent on a football field, no worse than chanting ___ (Whatever) at a particular player who said something/did something off the field during the game. #Game

This is the next step in the normalising of Islamophobia and in the demonising of those who speak out against Israel's oppression of the Palestinians and name it accurately as rooted in racism. #IStandWithIlhan and all those who refuse to be silenced…

Omar laughs about ISIS & Al Qaeda & Islamic Terrorism whose sole purpose is to KILL AMERICANS & SHE REFUSES TO DENOUNCE THEM & YOU PPL #IStandWithIlhan ? Trump puts Americans First & YOU SAME PPL HATE HIM 4 IT... But #IStandWithPresTrump is the problem? Who are you ppl?

Is this really the guy you want to send over to talk to Iran? #Iran #RandPaul

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