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In 2012, Vince Staples showed up to Mac Miller's rap camp & Mac asked him why he didn’t rap more. Vince told him he was never offered beats, so Mac stepped in as Larry Fisherman Learn more about their collaboration on Stolen Youth

What kind of campaign trolls twitter looking for low follower accounts to target and harass? Sudaraka has 1,500 followers. And he’s right. A candidate and a campaign you can bait with a tweet.…

I target myself Because if I lose it will be my mistake only Sid you are becoming an inspiration with this spirit of yours #ChartbusterSid



this is now an eminem hate account seeing as he'll probably block MANIC from #1


President Donald Trump turned to some legal heavyweights to help defend him in his Senate impeachment trial with the addition on Friday of former independent counsel Ken Starr.…

Please donate for these poor souls who have been suffering for so long and now its their chance to move abroad. We need your helping hand. Please help us in achieving our target.….

Eminem’s White Privilege: How Slim Shady Was Crowned the ‘King of Hip-Hop’… via @thedailybeast

tbh godzilla is the only track im bumping on this new eminem album, first listen was decent but godzilla is the only replayable track

Damian Lillard: 34 PTS et 10 AST face à Dallas. Le meneur des @TrailBlazers a atteint les 14.000 points en carrière. Il rejoint LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony et Kevin Durant comme seuls joueurs actifs à atteindre cette barre lors de leurs 8 premières saisons NBA.

New Mac Miller album is all a man needs

Ken Starr prosecuted a president who lied about an extramarital affair. Now 20 years later Kenny's playing defense attorney to a president who's lied about paying off a pornstar he had an extramarital affair with, and who's lied over 13,000 times while fucking over America. OK?

Luka scored a career-high 8 3’s on his way to 35 PTS, 8 REB & 7 AST in the win for the Mavs! ☔️

Damian Lillard’s 1-word reaction to Russell Westbrook’s trash talk:…


Exclusive: Arsenal want to sign Bournemouth highly rated David Brooks. He is currently injured but that not stopping #AFC to target the talented star.


NBA roundup: Doncic, Mavs shoot past Blazers


THJ appreciation post. #MFFL


Otra vez tenemos que hablar de Luka Doncic. OTRA VEZ. Si algo le faltaba a su fantástica temporada era un final como el de ayer, con dos canastas para cerrar una gran faena contra un bestia de los finales de partido como Damian Lillard. Escándalo.

Damian Lillard has been torching hoops from the beginning! #RipCity


Damian Lillard becomes 4th player in NBA history to reach 14,000 points in first 8 seasons #Blazers…

When I was young I thought quicksand would be more of a problem in my adult life. Then I began to believe it wasn't true. But now I have woken up to understand that quicksand is David Brooks.

Bernie knows our aberrantly stingy welfare state is a leading cause of our nation’s extraordinarily high levels of economic inequality. #Bernie2020…

Sort of amazing that David Brooks could be on All Things Considered for a politics segment almost every Friday for years, and nobody has ever said anything about how stupid his column was that week.

Target tori is singlehandedly defeating the jews

‘Shove it,’ Rep. Ted Lieu tells GOP colleague Devin Nunes in response to lawsuit threat

Devin you got a lot of Suing to do. You lied.You lied. You lied. Nunes aide communicated with Parnas about Ukraine campaign, messages show - The Washington Post…

But. But. Devin says he hardly knows Lev. You mean Devin might not be telling the truth? Oh say it isn't so! *** New docs link Devin Nunes aide to Parnas…

eminem really just came at roddy ricch ??? wtf going on

Chris Collins, the first Congressman to throw his support behind Trump sentenced to 2+ years...... #ETTD Former Rep. Chris Collins sentenced to 2 years in prison for insider trading…

La Nación - Argentina Enrique Bunbury - Deseos de usar y tirar Suena como: electro-bolero Ideal para: una última copa Después del crudo Expectativas, su último disco de 2017, Enrique Bunbury vuelve a torcer el rumbo. "Deseos de usar y tirar", ...


I prepped a lot of violent drug dealers—and a murderer or 2. They were my trial witnesses to whom I applied my “3 Cs” for judging credibility: can you “corroborate”?; is he “consistent” with other witnesses?; & does what he says make “common” sense? Lev Parnas is doing very well.

House Democrats release second batch of Parnas materials, including photos of the Soviet-born businessman, posing next to Trump


Falling with Harry styles but I wouldn’t be able to sing I just wanna listen to him…

my itabag finally got here and its not fucking big enough to display all my current promare charms and im still waiting on like 3 more to get here before katsu


This guy called the cops because target wouldn’t sell him a $100 toothbrush for 1 cent even though the tag says display. 1) prick 2) county weights &measures likely enforces not cops 3) the verified journalist claims he hasn’t gone to the dentist in 3 years & that’s targets prob?…

Thank you to the Raider community for another great Pack the Place. We appreciate you coming out in the snow to cheer on our Raiders tonight. It was a great night and a strong display of Raider Pride. #goraiders @GBSraiders

My face when muthafuckas can't read right. I'd make the EXACT same face when you think you can get an electronic toothbrush for the display price of $0.01...then call 5-0. MAJOR reasons why I stopped working in retail... customers like this bitch here. #TargetTori #TeamTori…

After Ken Starr reportedly joins president's legal team, video resurfaces of Trump calling him a "lunatic"…

Ken Starr should resign from Trump’s impeachment trial and go back to grail hunting.



Their last collaboration involved negotiating the plea deal that allegedly allowed billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to continue preying on underage girls

Michigan gave up 1.24 PPP and Zavier Simpson only played 9 minutes but somehow Wolverines are only down by 4 at the break. Some huge plays in that half by Eli Brooks (early) and David DeJulius (late).


Not finished yet, but I’ve been working on this all day. In honor of #manicthealbum


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