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It's infuriatingly mind-numbing seeing the same stupid identity politics that contributed to Trump's election victory play out TWICE.…

'Stable Genius' Authors Describe Trump Presidency As A 'Den Of Destruction'…

NBC News Goes Full Fascist: Voting for 'Racist' Trump Is 'Not Only Immoral but Illegal' #MAGA #KAG…

Political and sociocultural diversities should make us even more socially tolerant and culturally rich, rather than always being a cause for disruption and disunity. #AksSocialReorientation #FridayThoughts #MadeinLagos @MrUdomEmmanuel @aniekemefinbarr @LukeOnofiok


"If *truth* doesn't matter, we're lost," says .@RepAdamSchiff at the #ImpeachmentTrial #RightMatters #RightMattersTruthMatters #FairTrial #FairTrialsHaveWitnessesNDocs Yes, .@johncusack , we can't let them take away #healthcare.…

Democrats detail abuse-of-power charge against Trump as Republicans complain of repetitive arguments

Donald Trump is basically mean-spirited Michael Scott.

Trump's threat to muzzle Bolton could undermine constitution, experts say…

Công nhân xây dựng giết sếp ủng hộ Trump, rồi quăng cờ Mỹ lên thi thể qua @YouTube

US military should be outraged by what @MarshaBlackburn and the #goptraitors have done to patriotic Americans like #Vindman and #Yovanovitch NEXT REAL PRESIDENT please give #MarieYovanovitch and #AlexanderVindman a medal of honor! #RightMattersTruthMatters #RightMatters

Appreciate your service to this country, .@RedTRaccoon, and cannot imagine what you went through as a combat #veteran. (I only know of your ongoing struggles with #PTSD as a result of your experiences in war.) I'm standing with you. #RightMatters…

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Rep. Jerry Nadler: "Simply stated, impeachment is the Constitution's final answer to a president who mistakes himself for a king." #SignsTheyAreHidingSomething #DonaldTrump #TrumpIsCorrupt #TeamJustice #IMPOTUS @realDonaldTrump @GOP @SenateGOP @SenateMajLdr @SenToomey

Fox is a rabid, race mongering , hateful enterprise. Chris Wallace is there to provide cover for the daily venom spouted by racists- they might wear suits and ties but let there be NO doubt there language is that of the KLAN. #FoxNews #racist #Trump #ImpeachmentTrials…

Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham rules out calling Hunter Biden during Trump’s impeachment trial #ImpeachmentTrial…

Good evening @dhausleon7 Take a look at my news report - Democrats focus Day 2 of trial on Trump’s ‘dangerous’ abuse I hope you enjoy watching and have a nice night :)

CNN @mkraju reports: Senate Republicans say they may not vote for witnesses because Trump will invoke executive privilege and that means drawn out litigation. SEVERAL things very wrong with that position. 1. Good argument that Chief Justice issuing subpoena is final.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, these #GOPCorruptionOverCountry are some rapey scheming geezer crocks of genuine cow manure who attained sentience via lies with sides of lies. They worship #Trump, the lieiest liar to con amongst the @gop. So good to also have your racism confirmed.

maybe if you all weren't ugly and gay the church of england would be okay with premarital sex #straightpride

Well worth your time to watch Jim Lehrer recount covering the JFK assassination to @jaketapper in 2013. He got out a question to Oswald while he was in custody. "I did write down, 'I didn't kill anybody' — now I can't find the notebook, Jake, but that's neither here nor there."…

I’m surprised the #DoomsdayClock hasn’t expired yet.

Can the other Girls do an SOLDOUT SOLO WORLD TOUR? #NickiMinajIsComing


If you were a junkie for American news in 1990s Philippines but didn’t have cable, the MacNeill-Lehrer Newshour (airing daily on SBN-21) was your fix. Still the gold standard for nightly newscasts. RIP Jim Lehrer.

Exclusive: Ivanka Trump pushes job growth without expensive student loan debt | Fox Business…

#DoomsdayClock Ya'll are such pessimists, we still got 99 good seconds to go!

Want to hear a joke about coronavirus? You probably won't get It. #coronovirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #Corona #CoronavirusChino #DoomsdayClock #Doomsday

Lehrer was predeceased by the intellectually honest journalism he practiced. R.I.P. Jim Lehrer, Longtime PBS News Anchor, Is Dead at 85

In the '90s I picked up his novel "The Last Debate" at Midnight Special, a bygone bookstore and a last stand of quirky Santa Monica. It was a Beltway rage fantasy where do-gooder journalists collude to take down a corrupt candidate. A relic, yet modern RIP…

Ebro literally has the brain of a bug

The one positive about Mane being injured right now is that #LFC don’t really need him until Atletico #WOLLIV

kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook .....BTS WONT BE BTS WITHOUT THEM. WE ARE IN THIS OT7 SHIT FOR LIFE. ARMY SUPPORTS SEVEN.


#ThankYouJimin perché noi non dimentichiamo quanto tu sia un patatino dolcioso da proteggere Army supports seven! #jimin

The Double R has pie so good, it's a crime. Celebrate #NationalPieDay with these #TwinPeaks favs:

Trump/Pence #OutNow! Get off the sidelines and into the streets. Day 3 of Fascist Trump’s Trial for REMOVAL from office. NOW is the time to FLOOD D.C. with PROTEST. Join us at NOON East Side of Capitol Building.


It is a literal world record. In Lies The MOST ridiculously untruthful person ever to make public statements - Saddam Hussein's propaganda minister 'Comical Ali' aka 'Baghdad Bob' did not get near 5,000. Trump has done 3x that number World record in deceit So much winning :-)

Trump tapes help incriminate the US President at his own trial…

"Aguilera and his father-in-law have a friendly relationship with the Trump clan." People who support Fleming also are huge tRump supporters, go figure.…

No esperes a que las demás personas empiecen a confiar en ti para lograr algo increíble. Comienza a confiar más en ti. #felizjueves #23ene

Yo sí me dejo mensajes lindos en el espejo!! #FelizJueves


#EURJPY Weekly #Trade Posted Short 121.27, #Target 120.03 Lows 120.63, #Trade Runs +64 ish #pips Total 2 #Trades +166 #pips #ThursdayThoughts #thursdaymorning

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Worried about #CoronavirusOutbreak? Thinking of ordering face masks? Now is a good time to regret all our cheap stuff comes from China. #coronavirus

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