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1) "Tiptoeing around Trump’s racism is a betrayal of journalistic truth-telling." That was the headline on Margaret Sullivan's latest piece for WaPo. Sullivan conceded that it "makes good sense for media organizations to be careful and noninflammatory in their news coverage."

Alepo intenta conservar el patrimonio de la memoria; los comentarios racistas de Trump; y la votación en el Parlamento Europeo de la candidata a presidir la Comisión Europea. Más en


‘Dear Nancy, It’s time to impeach the President. Democrats need to demonstrate to the voting public what they will and will not stand for. Silence and fearfulness in the face of conspicuous corruption is not the message to send voters...’. #ImpeachNow…

Dk about you but this is what Im getting from Area 51


Trump Declared War. Commander Pelosi Will Finish It.


I just met a time traveler and he shared me some footage of people storming Area 51. This is totally legit stuff that's super duper gonna happen ya know. @LambdaGen @BlackMesaDevs

My alien just facetime me from Area 51.... they said they’re all getting ready for our arrival


“Captain Slay-a-ho” @LilKim #GirlsCruise is my new fave show @GirlsCruiseVH1

Going to march to Washington and demand trump resign or be impeached. Today. #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #ImpeachNow

#TheBachelorette is no longer hiding its franchise's Christianity. What changed?…

La arriesgada estrategia de Victoria para conseguir el bote #LaRuleta

#ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo something constructive, instead of being on twitter.

❤❤❤❤ So much love between these two....#90DayFiance #90dayfiancetheotherway


Lmao how crazy is it that majority of fans were rooting for Orton to beat Rollins for #1 Contender match? #WWERaw #MondayNightRAW #WrestlingCommunity

No one owes you anything Captain Orange @realDonaldTrump Drumpf, least of all an apology. Look forward to watching the door hit you in the ass on your way out, you complete filth.…

We all know the only reason we are storming area 51 is to find Tupac...

NeverTrump Republican: Trump’s strategy of being racist towards #TheSquad is going to help him with... Me: Racists? NeverTrump: ... I was going to say... Me: White people? NeverTrump: I was going to say *moderates.* Me: I’m sure you were.

BREAKING: CNN Fact checked Trump "Trump falsely accused Ilhan Omar today of praising al Qaeda. She never did. He was referring to a 2013 clip circulating in conservative media. Even that clip doesn't include any praise. "…

They took the bait. They walked into a buzzsaw. Everyone outside the Cooperate Media/Never Trump Echo Chamber saw it coming.…

Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib responded to President Trump's racist tweets during news conference: @HallieJackson reports for @NBCNightlyNews now.…

Mi alien del area 51 es @nimbbi Jajajaja te ha tocado…

Hey #thesquad. This white lady is with you all the way. This is a problem white people have to take care of. It is our job and we know we have to do it. We will not let you down because you have to deal with this #RacistPresident

Absolutely delusional as usual. Begging etch-a-Sketch Mitch the bitch. Scaredy-cat to say #TrumpIsARacist #RacistPresident…

New #ElvisPresley star Austin Butler steps out for a lunch date with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in LA…

Austin Butler viverá Elvis Presley nos cinemas


Austin Butler was spotted out with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens just after he was announced to play Elvis…

MLB > Madden Madden = same shitty game every year MLB = unpredictable shitty game every year I’d rather play something that at least changes

#TuckFrump ‘This is his plan to pit us against each other — to continue to enrich his friend’: Ilhan Omar demands Trump’s impeachment… @realTuckFrumper @RawStory

trump could call Mnuchin’s wife a dumb, ugly beast & Mnuchin would say at least she has a great personality.…

.@AOC was referring to recent plans by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport illegal immigrants living in U.S. that have been served court orders to leave.

I stand with #Omar #AOC #Talib and all the #GangofFour and courageous exercise of our First Amendment Rights. @realDonaldTrump go back to Germany.#TrumpHatesAmerica . #TrumpWhiteNationalist . #Omar is a Patriot. #Trump is a rabid Nazi dog who needs to be exterminated. #MAGA

Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.…

This press conference should not have been these four women by themselves. Where is the Democratic establishment? Or the Republicans? Trump’s overt racism is not just a problem for these women, or for other non-white people. It’s a problem for everyone. #RacistPresident


No One: News: Alien hunters are planning to storm area 51! Alien hunters: We're not... News: Omg they're already on the way!

Alright so here’s how we’re gonna storm Area 51


We went from Reagan's "Shining City upon a Hill" to Trump's "burning dumpster fire in a pit of Hell." #RacistPresident

GOP are cowards and enablers. They have abandoned all decent Americans with their silence silence! #GOPCowards #RacistPresident

#RacistPresident yall tweeting this like its news. we been knew trump is racist.

Fact check: Trump falsely accuses Ilhan Omar of praising al Qaeda…

When I’m laughing at the grades these athletes are getting on a video game but Madden starts grading writers and they hand me a 78 on film analysis

Fact check: Trump falsely accuses Ilhan Omar of praising al Qaeda…

Madden ratings reactions are truly heartbreaking because players who love a game come to realize it doesn't love them back.

Meet the star of the new Elvis Presley biopic:…

President Trump just fired off all of the Republican scare words in his recent twitter tirade. Dude somehow managed to incorporate “Socialist, anti-Israel, 9/11, Obama, Al Qaeda and Border” all within like 3 related tweets. How.

It’s about that time! #SECMD19 are live in Hoover, AL this week. Jeremy Pruitt and the #Vols take the stage tomorrow afternoon. What are the big headlines? @marshallhughes and @marcwhiteman break them down at 11 #WATE


“The 4th and 7 this past year vs. Auburn, Joe (Burrow) came into the huddle and said “What’s up guys.” - LSU Center Cushenberry on his favorite moment on the football field. #SECMD19 #SportsCallAU

If you're not appalled by his conduct, embarrassed by his neediness, concerned for his health, and worried about our nation, I'm going to suggest you're enabling his neurosis & indulging his narcissism to the point of endangering us all. #MondayMotivation…

WATCH: House Dem calls Trump a "racist ass" live on-air


Dow Braces for Impact as Citibank Reports Excruciating 'Earnings Recession' link:… #bitcoin $BTC #BTC #ETH $ETH #CRYPTO #news #USD #TRUMP #GBP #blockchain #ico #tech


Government Climate Science in the Age of Trump: 1. Documents are difficult to find; 2. Web pages are buried; 3. Language has been altered; 4. Science has been silenced. This is the modern equivalent of burning books! #ActOnClimate #ClimateChange…

Madeleine McCann is in Area 51 hth

area 51 memy nejsou vtipny change my mind

First day ever buying a stock. Penny stocks hopefully get me to where I can start investing into start ups soon #BreadWinner #PrimeDayAmazon #faith #passion #AmazonPrimeDayLive

If @SpeakerPelosi were smart she would put a resolution on the floor of the house condemning Trumps racist statements then force Republicans to vote on it. Trump spoke on house members now the house needs to speak. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

Remains found in Oregon believed to be actor Charles Levin >>

The DDT website has today’s attendance at 3,798 fans. #ddtpro #DDTWPP

すぐさまヤスさんに駆け寄るHARASHIMAさんと、何やら話しかけるカリスマ カリスマ、ほんとはHARASHIMAさんとヤスさんのこと大好きっぽいですもんね… #DDTWPP #ddtpro


Remains found in Oregon believed to be actor Charles Levin

#IntrovertsUnite it is so unique of u to not want 24/7 social interaction, and u should build ur entire personality around that

Did the tide just turn enough for @AJStylesOrg to capitalize and become #USChampion?! #ExtremeRules

This match is the most relevant the US Title has been since Cena held it. Let that sink in. #ExtremeRules

In real time, the commentary team barely acknowledged what an absurd piece of athleticism this is. Madness. #ExtremeRules

Fun night at #ExtremeRules. I’m very rarely wrong. It’s awesome.


Mamita lo que vuela Ricochet suma millas a lo loco no debe pagar un peso en pasajes #ExtremeRules

Me coming home from work to my alien from Area 51 that I’ve been harbouring as a fugitive

"When you have an elite athlete like @AJStylesOrg" - @WWEGraves Why not also point out that when he's in the ring it's total nonstop action? #ExtremeRules

A change has come. Where can you find me but all the places I can go. #ICTitle #ExtremeRules


I'm here for whatever #IntrovertsUnite is trending for, but the myself.

Area 51 more like area where the general public is not allow

After the leaking of telegram chats exposing the corruption of the right-wing governor of #PuertoRico, #RickyLeaks Rosello, people have been attempting to storm the governor's mansion over the past few nights. #TelegramGate #RickyRenunciaYa…

this is me coming out as nonbinary!! im here, im queer and my pronouns are she/they ✨ #InternationalNonBinaryDay


I mean you’d have to be a real piece of shit to make Geraldo clutch his pearls.…

#IntrovertsUnite but let's keep it to a dull roar and keep a respectful distance, please.

People want Rosello to resign because there was obstruction of justice, death threats against opposition leaders, sexual comments about top Puerto Rican journalists, jokes about people from his same party, discussions of confidential information, fraud. #RickyRenunciaYa

Where the hell have you been the last 7 decades? This is not the first occasion, Geraldo. 45 has been this way his entire life. Least you are just catching a glimpse of what he is. Now call on other Republicans.

E meu professor de arqueologia que tava no programa do geraldo Luís hj?

Better than what? An overflowing septic tank? Crabs? Stale vomit? His buddy Kim, or maybe Vlad? And taking the low road? #trump lives in the gutter of the low road. Wake up Geraldo. Your friend is sick man who must be removed from office.…

#IdTellYouAboutLastNightBut I'd been in the pool with my girlfriends Mexico, Hungary, and Thailand.

World Cup Final: 50 comes up for England in 13.5 overs after back-to-back boundaries for Jonny Bairstow off Matt Henry #NZvENG #CWC19Final #WorldCupfinal #CWC19 LIVE SCORECARD: LIVE UPDATES:

"There are somethings you can only learn about God through suffering." - @BishopJakes #IntentionalityTPH #TPHOnline #SundayMorning

oh tense...I can't cope #CWC19Final

How many runs can you score? Take our Cricket World Cup quiz here: #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final

#ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final come on England you can do better than this !!!

The quality of Henry’s bowling has been inversely proportional to the luck he’s enjoyed. #CWC19 #ENGvNZ #CWC19Final

"Sometimes, the enemy isn't attacking your finances; he's attacking your strength." - @BishopJakes #IntentionalityTPH #TPHOnline #SundayMorning

"Many times, we live the most important areas of our lives without intention." - @BishopJakes #IntentionalityTPH #TPHOnline #SundayMorning

i always find #BastilleDay to be an interesting holiday because on the one hand: overthrowing abusive absolute power on the other hand: the jacobins were fucking monsters that paved the way for napoleon what i’m saying is have a 10 year plan for your rebellions

the young avengers would 100% storm area 51 sorry i don’t make the rules

Me and the boys leaving Area 51


Another attempt to whitewash this administration’s horrific & criminal treatment of humanity #SaturdayThoughts #SundayMorning #Pence

Since #Shippuden is trending, gotta show respect to the GOAT

✈️ Militares de la Brilat de #Pontevedra representaron a #Galicia en el desfile del 14 de julio (#BastilleDay) por los Campos Elíseos de #Francia

человек, который абсолютно не жалеет себя. всегда выкладывается по полной во время выступлений. работает на износ, не имея отдыха и здорового сна. и после всего этого извиняется в соц сетях за своё плохое самочувствие наш драгоценный джексон поправляйся скорее #GetWellSoonJackson

#AddBlueToAMovie The Blue Panther!

Good morning, America. The Dogu finals are about to start. Jordan Burroughs is already the champ at 74 after Chamizo announced he will forfeit in the finals. J'den and Snyder are going for gold. Downey is going for bronze.

Frank Chamizo is forfeiting to Jordan Burroughs in the finals at the Dogu.

If people want to get mad about Scarlett Johansson and casting directors it should be that because she turns 35 this year Hollywood is going to turn her into glue.

a date with renjun where he serenades the aliens and y/n at area 51..... haha just kidding..... unless?

cant go to the area 51 raid anymore guys my mom forgot to sign the permission slip :(

"What I'm trying to make clear is it's something within the normal electrical grid, something that obviously didn't work. But no other kind of external influence here." Earlier, Bill de Blasio spoke from Waterloo, IA on #nycpoweroutage. #blackout

Scarlett Johansson doesn’t wash her legs in the shower. I know it.

Scarlett Johansson calling her agent the first time she showed up to film a scene as Black Widow and found out Black Widow wasn’t black


Ever wondered why rent is so high in New York???? The #BlackOut song ...…

Despite the heat, super fun show tonight at #FightForTheFallen! Always love getting to spend time with my pals down here and see the shows. Photos will get edited and posted in the next few days, for now, on the road to Charlotte for PWX Pure tomorrow!

There hasn't been an @AEWrestling event that I haven't enjoyed. Pure gold. #AEW #AEWFFTF #FightForTheFallen

Major power outage strikes Manhattan

#blackout tales ... DC-NYC drive this evening took roughly 8 hours 10 min. The last 3 hours almost entirely in midtown.

Chris Sale’s struggles continue as Red Sox blown out by Dodgers – Boston Herald…


What a remarkable feat!! Five times in a row when Max Kepler faces the Cleveland pitcher, Bauer, he hits a homerun. WOW

Twins' Max Kepler makes history by homering in five straight at-bats against Trevor Bauer… #sports #feedly

Serena Williams Praises 'Great Friend' Meghan Markle for Wimbledon Support: She's 'Always Positive'

In an interview with CNN, Vice President Mike Pence says that it is an "outrage" to call migrant detention centers "concentration camps"

This brings tears to me. Phenomenal honor. Well Deserved... #RIPSkaggs…

Pence at the border?


#ThingsJesusNeverSaid I’m being treated very unfairly. I’m a Christian I can’t be alone with a woman Talk to my fixer! No one has been treated as badly as your favorite prophet- me! Bigly

Se cumplen 34 años de #LiveAid, que se realizó simultáneamente en Londres y Philadelphia a beneficio de los niños de Africa. De este concierto se tomó la escena de #FreddieMercury con Queen que se vio en la película #BohemianRhapsody #DiaMundialDelRock #InternationalRockDay


Simona Halep stuns Serena Williams to win 2019 Wimbledon title…


Serena Williams's legacy is secure and her stature as a global celebrity and a cultural force is unquestioned. But her loss on Saturday in the Wimbledon final was a stunner.

For the second year in a row, royal sisters-in-law Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, stepped out together for the Ladies' Singles Final at Wimbledon.


All of my teaching only apply to Trump voters. Be blessed in separating children from parents. #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

‘It’s Not So Bad,’ Mike Pence Reports On Conditions Of Detainment Center While Hazmat Suit Disinfected…

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

That will be $10,000 per eye before I can help you see again. #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid those people are different, I can't love them...

me and my alien pulling up at school to confront my bullies #Area51memes

My alien I stole from #Area51 when I’m trying to explain that at Chilis you can get 2 entrees for just $25 #Area51memes


I would acquit Pence on charges of being a Christian. No evidence whatsoever.…

#Area51memes me trying to explain to my alien that humans are his friends now and he doesn’t have to destroy man kind: ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀my alien:


Pence did nothing wrong he was merely observing the conditions. These snowflakes act like he spat at them. #MAGA2020 #BuildTheWall

Notice how Pence could not look The Caged Humans in the eye. There is no need to go to church on Sunday. By your works you shall be known, Faith without works is DEAD

I'm bothered by the fact that we have neighbors, co-workers, etc. who look at the pictures of Pence and that cabal standing in front of caged humans and think it's a good thing. That is the evil we must root out of our society.

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