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Lula Greta Jesus Vamos queimar os livros do imbecil olavo de carvalho! Só não gastem dinheiro para comprar.


Fazer piada com Jesus e evangélicos é fácil... Quero ver fazer piada com Maomé e muçulmanos!

no sem paciência jesus amado

Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with Thee' Blessed art Thou among women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb,Jesus Holy Mary mother of God, Pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Jesus Be My Healing‼️

JELLO Pudding Pups #RuinABrandWithOneWord

#TMobileTuesdays @TMobile Tried to get a Starbucks gift card at 5 mins after four and their app crashed then was updating for maintenance how convenient.

Jersey city has some strict gun laws, this just further proves restrictions dont work. Pot is illegal and im high af writing this right now lmao?…

They didn't superimpose Trump's head on any Thanos scene, but rather at the moment when he is about to "shred this universe down to its last atom" and if that doesn't speak to the absolute nihilism of the conservative movement I don't know what does.

Thanos Creator Responds To ‘Pompous Fool’ Trump Using Marvel Villain Meme- yup...…

Some people are doing false propaganda to confuse the Hindu voters: @yvsubbareddymp, Chairman of Tirupati Temple Trust tells TIMES NOW on the row over Jesus Christ’s photo in ration card in Andhra Pradesh. Listen in.

Exclusive video: Police officer talking to class of Hasidic boys and their teachers who for hours were trapped in the line of fire directly above the Jersey City kosher market where today’s shooting took place.

“Our officers were under fire for hours,” said the Jersey City police chief, Michael Kelly

María, José y el niño Jesús en jaulas: así una iglesia en California denuncia la separación de familias migrantes

I think Lizzo sometimes does too much but I also love how unapologetic she is about her body. Do I think it was appropriate for her to have her ass out at a game? Probably not but I do think she’s getting extra hate because of her size and that’s really sad.

ill post what was cut after it airs!! he messed up he was cute on introducing k & during breaks the first time they played kiwi and he was kinda just like ABOIDING LOOKING AT US and the second he was like dancing to a LIZZO SONG HE KNEW THE WORDS

I'm heartbroken for this officer's family and for all the lives taken today in the Jersey City shooting. Thoughts and prayers aren't enough. We must act. #HonorWithAction #mnleg…

Breaking:Jersey City's mayor says the gunman in deadly standoff deliberately targeted Jewish market. @FOX29philly


Can we trade Lizzo for x and juice back

Thanos isn't inevitable. Iron Man however is inevitable.

News 12's @MarciRubinN12 talks to residents who were near Jersey City gunfire…

Trump campaign tweets video of Trump as 'Avengers' villain Thanos… “Christ! What has happened in #America that this man is trying to avoid #impeachment by making bizarre videos? Who did he hire as his marketing team?” #trump

Didi signing and 13-0 at home good night philly!

It hurts to see Didi go.

#AnnoyYourSignificantOther by calling their family member’s cat your cat because he loves you more…

I don't have to try. He gets fed up with my attitude LMAO #AnnoyYourSignificantOther

Kathleen Swinney is such a positive part of this Clemson family. This photo of her with Travis……

no offense but getting harry styles tickets for the forum this Friday and having a blast with my friend would really suck @MichelleKriche1 #ACxHarry

Facts r better than rumors: All of Us is mostly med & science researchers at MIT, Stanford, Rensselaer, UTexas, Penn State, Cornell, ND, Carnegie Mellon, Clemson, Pitt, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, Virginia Tech, Duke, LSU, etc. THOSE r the folks S. 386 cuts off.

Shame on Heisman voters for not having Lawrence or Etienne in New York. #Clemson…

Shame on Heisman voters for not having Lawrence or Etienne in New York. #Clemson…

ICYMI: WATCH: ESPN's Stephen A. Smith defends Swinney, predicts #Clemson to win it all:


#RIP #Marie Roxette хамтлагийн гоцлол дуучин Marie.F 61 насандаа бурхан боллоо. Listen to Your Heart, Marie


Indian work places are toxic as hell. My best friend is literally working 8 am to 2 am every day, doesn't get paid regularly and is crying because her boss won't let her take a TWO DAY leave. Chutiye

Really sad to hear this. Incredible voice, beautiful person. All those early, earnest and over the top Roxette hits were inescapable in my childhood. I resented them as I became a surly teen but came round to loving them as an adult. RIP.…

La cantante de Roxette, Marie Fredriksson, ha fallecido a los 61 años

"Lagu-lagu Roxette adalah soundtrack kehidupan remajaku. Terima kasih atas inspirasi dan musikmu," unggah @Anggun_Cipta. #ripmarie…

Enabling the fundamental civic rights for citizens of Pakistan, @telenorpakistan & @UNICEF are striving to leave no child behind by providing the basic human right of identity. To date over 780k children have been registered through DBR #HumanRightsDay

#BREAKING:An astute observation by #CNN's @davidgregory.Part of the reason we are living through this constitutional crisis is SLOW ACTION by courts re #Trump. Judges traditionally decide cases VERY FAST when they sense stalling tactics #TheResistance #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty


#TuesdayThoughts If you're struggling today, whether it be anxiety, depression or financial struggles, know that everything will be okay!

The men on my TL talking shit about Lizzo are going to go pick up heart medication for they big fat ass mothers this morning. Have a great day Kings !


I don’t know who needs to hear this but Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin and all the Never Trumpers are still Republicans!!!!

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