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Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the current top #Redskins meme that absolutely says it all... #MNF #HTTR #CHIvsWAS


Just realized we haven't seen Mike Davis all night. #CHIvsWAS

“I just hope for the game of footballs sake to have one of the better players back in the organization....” -Booger McFarland Wtf does that even mean!!?! He makes Magic Johnson sound eloquent. #MondayNightFootball #CHIvsWAS

How on earth can he not include Messi in his voting while the GOAT did include him....#FIFAFootballAwards

Mi elección para #TheBest es Messi

#SPIKESN The 3rd quarter comes to a close as the #Bears lead 28-9 heading into the 4th! #NFL #NFL100 #MNF #CHIvsWAS #Bears100

Booger again blaming everyone but Dan and Bruce. MNF has been a disaster for awhile now....just like the Redskins #CHIvsWAS

vou estudar porque quem ganha prêmio sem fazer nada é o Messi

Let’s give the Nobel Prize to all these White Knights defending Greta Thunberg’s honor.

If Trump gets a Nobel Peace Prize I'm going to start having issues with participation trophies.

Just boarded a plane to fly back to Ireland to start work on designing HHN 2020 and was greeted by this article in the in-flight magazine. No escaping HHN! Maybe this will help my adopted home country of Ireland embrace Halloween more? It’s getting a wee bit bigger every year!


No necesito disfraz de Halloween, me basta que se me meta el chucky y la britney pelona para asustar.

Greta is truly inspiring, Nobel peace prize for her. #HowDareYou #GretaThurnberg

Vejam o olhar pacífico da provável próxima ganhadora do prêmio Nobel da Paz.


Nobel de la Paz a la paciencia del pueblo argentino.

biscoitando pela primeira vez aqui #bivisibilityday


Trump can’t stop talking about the Nobel Peace Prize. It might have something to do with Obama.…


Just got a credit karma alert that my data was breached...on Club Penguin Rewritten

Jonah Hill should play the ventriloquist and Scarface. #TheBatman


Haven’t jumped into most of the QB stuff today but I do have a question. Internally sure, but why name Allen the starter publicly so early? I would think planning for Cam & Kyle are extremely different processes that keeps a D coordinator guessing. Can Ron really not bluff it?

.@MarcellusWiley explains why the Panthers should STRONGLY consider benching Cam Newton for Kyle Allen.


The Starting 11: I wrote about all 7 backup QBs, which ranged to brilliant to downright dreadful. Also: The Niners’ surprising defense, the ridiculous skills of Brian Burns, and more from Week 3.…

Week 3 saw seven different backup QBs take the field. Some soared (see: Danny Dimes) while others … well, performed like backups. Here are @robertmays’s biggest takeaways:…

Δημοσιογραφία των δελτίων Τύπου για την τράπεζα Πειραιώς και την Thomas Cook - INFO-WAR…


Thomas Cook resmen battı - Almanya Haber - Berlin Haberler - Son Dakika Avrupa Haberleri…

Gob shites on the news flipping at Thomas Cook staff at the airport who have just lost their jobs but still tried to help you - get to fuck ya selfish cunts!

I can't pretend... #Frozen2 is a mood.


começou a pior season de todas (pelo menos pra mim, que tenho na casa 12), pode entrar, libra



it’s libra season biiiiitchhh

It's Libra season, y'all my favourite people

it’s libra season... y’all know what THAT means!

8 things you didn't know about the autumnal equinox #FirstDayofFall #FirstDayofAutumn


”Alexa, show me how I feel every single day that @realDonaldTrump remains in office” h/t @GretaThunberg | #ShutDownDC #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #ClimateActionSummit #MondayMood #MondayMotivaton

Peaceful Protest is one of the most noble ways to exercise your Constitutional Rights #ShutDownDC

A los 80 años falleció Sid Haig, leyenda del cine de culto


I’ll be at Brewers on Yancey in Charlotte, Tuesday, 9/24 from 5pm to 7pm hanging out with @Sprint and #WFNZ and hopefully meeting YOU. #Sprint #keeppounding

Cam Newton has officially been ruled out against Houston next week. Let’s see a repeat @KyleAllen_10 #KeepPounding

Emilia is among Elle's 10 best dressed celebrities from the Emmys. "Emilia Clarke's navy dress reminds us of uniform pinafores, except sexy. What can we say, she's our schoolgirl crush." - @ELLEmagazine…

billy porter makes me so happy

Borderlands 3 tendrá un DLC gratuito por Halloween llamado Bloody Harvest. - Por tiempo Limitado en Octubre - Nuevos enemigos embrujados que pueden infligir un estado de terror - Explora un nuevo mapa y lucha contra un nuevo jefe - Adquiere armas legendarias terroríficas


C&C has only had 1 upload this year and it's preformed poorly......... people wonder why C&C is pretty dead and slow to upload. Hopefully I can get the next two episodes of TFE script edited and voiced. Perhaps something for Halloween, 5 year anniversary, 35th of TVS and...

Why does it feel like Scott is the better parent? There should be a punishment in that situation, not going off to a play date!! #KUWTK

why watch #KUWTK when u could watch this

Everyone called Daniel Jones a loser all offseason. On Sunday, he showed us what a winner looked like. @rodger breaks down the Giants rookie’s breakout and the rest of Week 3:…

In honor of the Emmys, we’re handing out honors to Kyle Allen, Daniel Jones, and the other new starting QBs who impressed us—or didn’t. @Danny_Heifetz:…

Game Takeaways #LARvsCLE 1. Cooper Kupp and Brandin Cooks both had 12 tgts, Robert Woods 8 1a. Kupp was RZ focus 2. Gurley has 6 tgts through 3 games 3. Baker threw off back foot and hesitated multiple times 4. Chubb touches increased: 23 rushes and 4 rec on 7 tgts

Why y'all on here playing with @KeyisQueen tonight? In hip-hop culture even more so than in the world at large, women are often seen as disposable toys. But Queen demands to be taken seriously -#TheBlockBeat…

Kyle Allen was the victim of one early lost fumble, but how he handled that adversity says more about him than the fumble itself: Allen orchestrated an 11-play, 75 yard scoring march, capped off by a beautiful touchdown strike to Curtis Samuel. #Panthers

Pelo menos meu cabelo e lindo e fodase #lovingLGBTQ

A Pashtun speaker speaking about @Gulalai_Ismail at our rally at #HowdyModi

I'm a helluva lot sadder about Keanu Neal losing another season to injury than I am about the #Falcons losing another game.

The Eternal Gandhi museum will be a prized cultural landmark in Houston. I have been associated with this effort for a while. It will surely make Gandhi Ji’s thoughts popular among the youth: PM @narendramodi in Houston #HowdyModi

eu precisava de uma desculpa pra postar minhas fotos no tt também #lovingLGBTQ


This is what a “HOUSE FULL” stadium looks like. All the “rent-a-Khalistani” protestors have been exposed as two-faced duplicitous mercenaries, just like their client General Qamar Javed Bajwa. #HowdyModi - 50,000 attendees inside the stadium. 10,000 outside, waiting to get in.

सदियों तक याद रखेगी दुनिया। The world will remember this for centuries. @realDonaldTrump @narendramodi #modiinhouston #HowdyModi

You all have set the stage for a glorious future as far as India-USA ties are concerned. I thank you all: PM @narendramodi tells the Indian community in Houston #HowdyModi

We salute this Indian humanitarian for standing up to #Modi s #Hindutava As a #Hindu she has started a movement #HindusforHumanrights flew in #Houston to protest at #howdymodi Indian like her are the only hope for #Kashmiris who been locked up for 50 days by #Modi…

Updated with the report (from @RapSheet) that Keanu Neal has a torn Achilles…

Falcons safety Keanu Neal believed to have torn Achilles vs. Colts (via @RapSheet)…


Heartbroken about Keanu Neal...just bummer luck in such a meaningless game. Falcons defense just doesn’t work like it needs to always without him out there.

Keanu Neal expected to miss rest of season with torn Achilles

I honestly can’t believe some Washington fans saw the Keanu Neal injury and called it karma. They can swallow glass shards.

Falcons S Keanu Neal Believed To Have Torn Achilles #Falcons


Me after this episode #PowerTV

UCLA scored more points against Washington State (67) than it had in the three previous games COMBINED (42).

Has any player's stock risen more than Jonathan Joseph's this #RWC2019 period? He's playing like the man that stormed the world in 2016 again. Quite possible he could bump Henry Slade to third choice outside centre. #ENGvTGA

I took some benedryl and went to bed at half time. UCLA WON?!?!?!?

How the fuck y’all kill the best lawyer in the game! #Power #PowerTV #PowerStarz

#Karen has evolved from disrupting lines at stores to disputing entire countries. It's too late, Karen cannot be stopped at this point

UCLA uses huge second half to stun Washington State, 67-63…

My life as a Polish blonde named Karen.: Growing up I had to endure countless Polish jokes. Then dumb blonde jokes became the trend. Lately it’s #Karen bashing. See what you made me do.

Oh hell they named a tropical storm after my mother #Karen- probably going to head straight for the dollar stores

"If every ducat in six thousand ducats were in six parts, and every part a ducat, I would not draw them. I would have my bond." Shylock wants justice in our Merchant Of Venice from our summer season 2019 #ShakespeareSunday


Apparently it’s my 10 year twitter anniversary. What a night to celebrate. #GoBruins #UCLA #MyTwitterAnniversary


Nights like tonight make this the best job out there. Unbelievable. Epic. Phenomenal. So much FIGHT. #GOBRUINS…

I've been a #UCLA football fan for about 23 years. That was one of the best wins/things ever. I never give up on our #Bruins. Unbelievable. YES. #uclavswsu #goBruins #westwood #rosebowl

WHAT in the WORLD just happened!? I think I like my new job... #GOBRUINS…

Please disregard every tweet by me tonight... #GoBruins

aku nak mengemis iphone 11 guna retweet tapi aku nak minta dekat siapa eh

iPhone kullanan bir dostum takipçi sayımı söyleyebilir mi

フルールの広告、バッグよりこのiPhoneケースが可愛いすぎる、、、 発売前なのかなあ調べても出てこないなあ(頭抱え)



The officials tonight were as clueless as a baby in a strip club. #UGAvsND

Well Notre Dame won’t make the playoffs and UCF won’t be able to claim a faux National Championship. So now we can concentrate on grown man football #thankyoupitt #godawgs

getting the iPhone 8+ soon YESS


My iPhone autocorrects ‘unfortunately’ to ‘unfit universe,’ and man, that’s deep.

Milky Way must go obviously. It's clearly the unloved stepchild of the bunch. Playground when Milky Way shows up:

Notre Dame AND Michigan lost? What a great day.

Coach Kelly says Georgia is a good football team. They made a few more plays than Notre Dame did.

Notre Dame's Brian Kelly: "This was probably one of the most physical games I've coached, and I have coached a long time."

Notre Dame's Brian Kelly: "This was probably one of the most physical games I've coached, and I have coached a long time."

Georgia Twitter reacts to Bulldogs top-ten win over Notre Dame

RSP stole the belt WTF #NGI4


wow that's a fucking awesome way to end the show. that rules. RSP! #ngi4

Talk about a program that has fallen — Arkansas Razorbacks. Lost at home tonight to San Jose State. Remember back in the day when they were great.

Nick Gage has retained the @GCWrestling_ World Title and claimed the Nick Gage Invitational 4 crown! Awesome show. #NGI4 Gage is the GOD and continues to be the loudest pop of every show he’s on. @RickeyShanePage attacks Gage! Fuckkkkk

Martell’s mistress when Melody answers his phone: "Melody, will you pass the phone to your husband? I called to speak to my boyfriend." #loveandmarriagehuntsville #LAMH

Bay bay bay bay in my funky dineva Voice Marsau just told on himself in the worst way. And walked himself smack jam into Martel’s trap. #lamh

San Jose State to the SEC...

Arkansas is a top 25 program in terms of recruiting. Arkansas is a top 25 program in terms of revenue. Arkansas has lost 75% of its games in the past two seasons. Something doesn’t add up here, and it starts with Chad Morris.

Great win considering we had multiple injuries at OL, CB, and a D lineman; the ACC crew also doesn’t recognize PI as a penalty I guess. We’ll improve and move on. #UGAvsND

I’m sorry when you win giving up 4 TO for 21 points and have 119 penalty yards and still have almost 700 yds offense and win that shows good coaching. You keep the team moving forward. #win900 #NEBvsILL

San Jose State, Kent State and Texas State were a combined 14-92 (.132) vs FBS teams since the start of 2016 and make up 3 of the 8 teams with 5 or fewer FBS wins in that stretch. All three beat FBS opponents today.

I’m over the comeback group #LAMH

.@MartinTruex_Jr is hanging out in the media center after winning the #Federated400!…

Is this Chad Morris’ “The Citadel” game?

Chad Morris opening statement @THV11

No Gary Danielson, I do not have to give Kirby Smart credit for kicking a FG, when he could’ve gone for it on 4th for a chance at a TD to go up 3 scores and put the game away.

Gary Danielson the ultimate apologist, Georgia should've absolutely gone for it to put it away. #NDvsUGA

Gary Danielson is always an embarrassment to broadcasting, and I’m no ND fan, but what an ass/idiot he’s been tonight.

Smokes, that Spencer Sanders run was filthy. Deshaun Watson-esque.

Watching Spencer Sanders over the next few years will

Michigan drive ends with an interception. 4th turnover today. Badgers win, 35-14. A painful loss. #goblue #michiganfootball #learfield


Trending worldwide Wisconsin 52.5K Tweets Trending worldwide #SerieAxESPN 406 Tweets Trending worldwide ادواردو 43.2K Tweets Trending worldwide #BatmanDay 130K Tweets

Win or lose, no matter how upset I am, it’s still all Maize and Blue for me!! #GoBlue

On, WWW-isconsin! U̶S̶F̶ C̶e̶n̶t̶r̶a̶l̶ ̶M̶i̶c̶h̶i̶g̶a̶n̶ N̶o̶.̶ ̶1̶1̶ ̶M̶i̶c̶h̶i̶g̶a̶n̶ #OnWisconsin

“Continuing to be dependent on the wealthy and powerful for campaign contributions is not the way forward,” says @BernieSanders, with an indirect shot at some of his fellow candidates here at the #SteakFry.


Do you remember? The 21st night of September

Note 10 Plus has all the features of the iPhone 11 Pro and more (like S-Pen, reverse wireless charging and expandable storage), yet it doesn't even have "PRO" in it's title. Phone manufacturers are naming their devices strategically for the sake of marketing, including OnePlus.

Guess I picked a good football Saturday to be out of the country. #goblue #vamosazul

tossing in my opinion about the new iphone 11

Batman: I've noticed that you turn on the Batsignal whenever the 8:15 flight from Metropolis is overhead. Why are you trying to blind- Commissioner Gordon: The pilot fucked my wife :( #BatmanDay

Ramai bertanya jangka hayat bagi iPhone. Secara kebiasaannya jangka hayat iPhone sekitar 3-5 tahun. Namun memandangkan Apple ke arah iPhone tanpa Touch ID. Saya berpandangan jangka hayat iPhone Touch ID mungkin sedikit terkesan disebabkan perubahan kitaran iPhone.

The last time #watfordfc had two points or fewer after the first six games of a season was 1990/91 in the old Division Two.


That was Jonathan Taylor's first fourth quarter carry of the year. His second carry in the quarter puts him over 200 yards on the day.

Jonathan Taylor now over 200 yards for the game. 22 carries, 202 yards

Ronnie Bell is the only guy that has shown up.

This is a complete mess on both sides of the ball. Michigan is a dumpster fire after two weeks of preparation. Can't get stops on 4th down. Can't catch gimme interceptions. Ronnie Bell is the only player on the whole roster who has made some plays.

This was 100% a catch by Ronnie Bell. Horseshit call by the refs overturning that.

dengar cerita orang malaysia yang beli iphone 11 pro max tu budak umur 17 tahun je. betul ke?

YouTube पर "GIVEAWAY + Unboxing Apple iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max from Hong Kong & Dubai" देखें


అలా వెండితెరకు పరిచయమైన శివప్రసాద్‌! #RIPSivaPrasad #CineJourney #Tollywood…

Instigating a hot debate before you know all the facts is aski... More for Virgo… “A gun is linked to the life of a Kodava from birth and till death, and its cultural influence is one of the reasons why the British gave the community an exemption to possess firearms."

iPhone 11 Proのナイトモードと超広角だとこれくらい簡単に誰でも撮れるんだろうなぁ(´・_・`)


I couldn’t fit all of mine into 1 tweet #MyUnpopularOpinionIs

Ground war would be so much better without these stupid fucking vehicles I'm so tired of getting killed by tanks

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