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Don't DISS America. Assimilate, Assimilate, dance to the music.

Y'ALL KNOW I LIVE FOR DRAMA, so of course this @OfficialMonstaX bop gave me LIFE. watch my "reacting to kpop videos" video here:

If any of you wonder why Black and Brown folks are responding so loudly to the racist rhetoric from the president, let's start here. (Thanks @ValeriaBrownEdu for retweeting this thread)…

It is so cool to me that there were people sitting in ballparks across America on this date in 1969 who learned that Apollo 11 had landed on the moon because a PA announcer said it or because the scoreboard said "They're on the moon" We just don't get moments *that way* anymore.


Follow your favourite boy, Mr kelyn Love y'all


If you think “The Rise Of Skywalker” will only have one meaning..... Y’all haven’t been paying attention lol

One thing I am very thankful for is that Walter Cronkite didn't have to witness Trump's America.

El nostre ambaixador Rafa Marañón ha lliurat una samarreta al president del @RCLens Joseph Oughourlian en els prolegòmens del partit #RCDE | #Volem | #EspanyoldeBarcelona


Y'all should just come back to Africa, make it one country and let's cut off the rest of the world as black people. Since the rest of the world seems to not want us.…

Throughout his career, Mariano Rivera impacted the lives of so many people, including the employees of our Official Airline @Delta.

the ONLY people who have the right to be mad about tom having a gf: • nicki minaj • jake gyllenhaal if u aren’t either of these people, shut ur mouth. PERIOD

I think, people will tweet this after my death! RIP #TheNo1Critic #TheBrandKRK #TheOneManArmy #TheNo1TradeAnalyst!

someone unfollowed me after i tweeted this.. they hate to see people with a…

Do other people feel like they need to impress their friend’s parents like you’re their significant other? I mean I don’t, but just wondering.

I don’t agree with Bernie Sanders on a lot of things...but I most certainly agree with him here. Only in America - a so called democracy - does the candidate who gets fewer votes go to the White House.…

I’ve tried to mostly cover Russiagate as a factual matter — because the facts, especially for journalists, are what matters. But there’s no hiding that I’m a leftist, & no hiding that Russiagate always stood to be a massive political disaster. This NYT header captures why:


Was a great turnout for @LeVeonBell at @iPlay_America. Thank you for having us!

'The Lion King' wins big at the Friday box office, knocking 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' out of the top spot.

'The Lion King' is on its way to beating a box-office record held by the 'Harry Potter' finale…

If we ever get a Democratic president again it's going to take a full year to get used to having a president who isn't insane. I'm looking forward to her.

.@disneylionking has returned! A story this legendary demands to be seen with the roaring immersive sound and awe inspiring images of @IMAX at AMC. Get Tickets:


I accidentally bought 3D tickets for the lion king someone shoot me

Trevenant, the first American female in space.

Già due anni senza #ChesterBennington....ciao ragazzo fragile ...e forte insieme..❤️#RipChesterBennington #LinkinPark #20Luglio

50 Facts About the Apollo 11 Moon Landing for Its 50th Anniversary, @mentalfloss


Prägendster Sänger meiner Jugend. Seit zwei Jahren schweigt diese großartige Seele. #RIPChesterBennington

Trump Retweets Notorious British Racist Katie Hopkins In Order To Prove He Isn't Racist

Katie Hopkins is a vicious antisemite and racist.…

I haven't checked to see why Katie Hopkins is trending, but I imagine it must be for something mind-bogglingly racist.

They did it, President Kennedy’s dream come true, as thrilling today as it was 50 years ago. #Apollo50 #NationalMoonDay

It will be extremely amazing tommorow at 9pm live on K24 Tv as @AnnKiguta will host our able Deputy President @WilliamsRuto on an interactive segment #Punchline


reminder : online friends > in real life people

It’s crazy how quick people be to switch up on ya

Trump and Melania meet with Buzz Aldrin to remember moon landing


If this video had been shot in early 2016 it still would have been ridiculous to claim that Trump's offensive, racist language had been an "out of left field" surprise. Claiming that now is...indescribable.…

Rep. Ilhan Omar Welcomed Back to Minnesota with Chants of “Welcome Home” After Racist Attacks by Trump…

Drake will never be better than Kendrick just facts

Tüv Süd es una empresa muy conocida en Alemania, donde es sinónimo de "seguridad". En Brasil fue la que certificó Brumadinho

Basculin, the voice for Yoda, Miss Piggy and Cookie Monster.

No, @Suriya_offl Draft NEP Doesn’t Advocate Closing Down Small Government Schools; Stop Your Fear-Mongering. Suriya's criticisms seem like a typically ill-informed, hyperbolic Tamil movie, devoid of real-life research and respect for facts.…

No. Just no. To that ending. That is all. Why..........things were going so well....just why. #VeronicaMarsSeason4 #veronicamars

President Trump on Iran: "We hope for their sake they don't do anything foolish. If they do, they will pay a price like nobody's ever paid a price."

President Muhammadu Buhari will not ask the country’s judiciary to set the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, free.... #Nigeria #DailyTrust…

“What people admire in Duterte is that he speaks his mind, he doesn’t edit what he says.” Philippine president and his crew of foul-mouthed officials: the new normal?

Opinion: I used to work in US intelligence. This is the biggest threat to America today…

U-M student Kathy Zhu stripped of Miss Michigan World America title… “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.” ― Charles J. Chaput

If you were covered from head to toe in your own mucus and slime, you'd probably have a bit of an odor too.


Some mythology facts 1)Shiv word has 2 different meanings Shiv is Shankar And Shiv is also Bramha ( ParBramha) Shivrup means death 2) There are 33 Cr gods. This Cr means Level. 33 different level of Gods. 3) Gayatri Mantra is considered as mind cleaner. It makes mind sharp.

My only complaint so far is the lack of Wallace. I get it would be hard to fit him in but if they found a way to include Dick I don’t see why Wallace couldn’t be included more. #VeronicaMars

LA Galaxy’s forward Zlatan Ibrahimović, 37, scored a hat-trick in #ElTrafico. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has become the second player in MLS history with multiple hat tricks at the age of 35 or older.


This is your daily reminder that Luke Jackson is not a closer.. also, name someone in the league who enjoys playing baseball more than Acuña.. I’ll wait.. #ChopOn

Or Luke Jackson heading to the mound again.…

moja baba wydała nową piosenkę y'all





Pepper Pig is that girl at the moment but we shouldn’t forget how lucky she is that Moana is on hiatus

i cannot believe this lil white girl is on twicetagram america really only caters to the white folk smfh


After @realDonaldTrump attacked four congresswomen of color on Twitter, suggesting they "go back" to the places they came from, 16,000 readers shared experiences of being told the same thing. Read and watch dozens of their stories here.


I live look at all the rest of the AFC West now knowing Tyreek Hill is free! Have fun stopping our juggernaut!

If it is true that Iran has seized a UK-flagged tanker in the Straits of Hormuz, Iran is playing a dangerous game that could easily get out of control. They will also have made it harder to keep the EU "onside" in the struggle with the Trump administration on the JCPOA.…

Call it the Trump heat wave: The current scorcher is just a taste of what’s coming – ThinkProgress… #SmartNews

Trump Administration Repatriates, Charges Citizen Who Allegedly Fought For ISIS

Sherry Lechner MY Name is Scott LaPaglia. I'm NOT Pal. AND I Know MY Facts!!!!! Sherry. YOUR Useless SCUM Just like Your Selfish, Racist, Egotistical and Sexist Asshole Trump!!!! Name calling????? Are YOU Serious Sherry???? ALL TRUMP does is Name Calling almost Everyday!!

Bennacer assist, Arsenal have one hell of a player

An NFL player who was the subject of a domestic violence investigation involving his young son will not be suspended, the league announces.

California liberal wants to lecture middle America about gratitude. That is a bold strategy.…

Patrick Mahomes already working out with his WRs - including Tyreek Hill - ahead of Training Camp. #Chiefs…

Monseñor Rolando Álvarez : "Estaban escondidos detrás de los árboles": Los armados fueron descubiertos por "una multitud" de personas que lo acompañaban, y que al ver a los armados, los siguieron con piedras y palos, hasta expulsarlos El clérigo reclamó…


Happy Birthday @shanedawson!!! Hope you have a blast. Also, this is me waiting for your new video when I thought it was gonna drop at 12...#happybirthdayshane

'America: Love It or Leave It': Pastor says he'll keep church sign up amid President Trump's 'go back' remarks to leftist congresswomen…

Horrific. #Sextrafficking—especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls—has become big business in #America, the fastest growing business in #organizedcrime and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.…

#FoxNews is hiding more than the facts about universal healthcare. 70% of Americans support medicare for all -and even 52% of Republicans agree. Trump is on a losing ticket on this one issue alone.… Fox News fears the figures on polls about healthcare

Zeke gets accused of domestic abuse with no evidence at all and he gets suspended 6 games. Tyreek Hill is on video threatening his ex and with evidence(albeit subjective) beat his 3 year old son and got NOTHING. This is absolutely horrible.

Tyreek Hill avoids suspension from NFL @BJ_Glash has more on Hill avoiding suspension and what the next steps are for the Kansas City wide receiver in this #FantasyFlash:

WHO KNOWS? @danbeyeronfox & @TheJonasKnox do!! They’re sitting in for @GottliebShow and explain why Tyreek Hill managed to skate on his domestic abuse charges… TUNE IN LIVE->


ICYMI, @thepowerrank and I have a new sports-betting podcast. First episode, discussing 2019 NFL player props with @LateRoundQB, is up on: YouTube:… Apple:… Spotify:…

Who are the top-five cornerbacks in NFL history? How would you rank them? Our @JonahTulsNFL answered those questions here:…

Aaron Boone got a bigger suspension than Tyreek Hill…

Coast-to-coast our ESPN NFL Nation reporters are covering all 32 teams. This hard-working crew is on the ground and ready for training camp and the 2019 season ahead.


To say that I am fucking heated about this Tyreek Hill situation is a huge understatement. The hypocrisy displayed by Goodell absolutely baffles me. Fuck both of those guys

#ImTooOldToBe need to be told that the planet is dying. Should have listened years ago and done something longer lasting. #SaveThePlanet

Restaurant in Greenville, Where Donald Trump's 'Send Her Back' Rally Was Held, Donates 100% of Proceeds to Help Immigrants One of the good guys…

The problem with this is that Trump knows he is lying but there are idiots that believe every lie he tells and they ignore the facts.…

It would be great to see more of this from the good people in the cities and towns where 45 holds rallies. Thank you to The Scullery in Greenville NC. cc: ⁦⁦@maddow⁩, ⁦@DeadlineWH⁩, ⁦@Lawrence⁩, ⁦⁦⁦…

Greenville hoes party every weekend and wonder why nobody won’t take them serious

Nothing special about that song but y'all just need to jump on the bandwagon to appear cool on the TL. It is like cocaine addicts passing around a needle.

See wizkid o -BROWN SKIN GIRL This guy no fall my hands.

歯石とっただけだった いやあ怖かた

See how you know that they sat down to think the album through. Bloody Hell!See Editor's note


When there’s no more room in hell, James Corden will walk the earth.


I heard Beyoncé and Wizkid harmonizing with my two Nigerian ears. This is real life. #TheGiftAlbum

#pmvisitingus This visit Would be the first strategic level engagement between the countries Direct interaction between Pm Imran and Trump can help address some of the misgivings.


The British public have certain basic expectations of their Prime Minister. One of them is to call out racism when they see it. It’s time for @BorisJohnson and @Jeremy_Hunt to call Trump’s comments what they are: racist.

What fuck u all bn smoking u gotta b doing some serious shit to sell ur endorsement get a fucking life this heres the real shit not the crap ur selling.

oh hey Stanley Kubrick apparently I'm here to work on a movie you're shooting? This hangar is huge by the way! How did they build this in Nevada without anyone noticing? #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

#Trump said: @IlhanMN needs to ❝go back❞ to where she came from & his #Evangelical crowd chanted ❝Send Her Back❞ WHY⁉️ ➤IT IS ALL ABOUT #Israel#Trump is willing to sacrifice the whole of #America for #Israel's sake ➤NOTHING MORE, , NOTHING LESS

societte and kou’s post-therapy cuddling-decompressing sessions... tfw deprogramming means u gotta talk abt ur feelings abt talking abt ur feelings.

America found Pakistan an important ally because of her geographical location that further helped the superpower increase its sphere of influence in Asia.  #PMvisitingUS

Life is so good, gotta make sure I enjoy this

Foreman’s name is Tony I text him asking “can we leave early tiny” lmao I’m boutta do overtime cuz this mf is little as hell!

"That's one small step for man, one giant --" "Cut. Let's try another take" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon


All you want to know about 'trickin' in America. Here is the highest level: "Now the fifth level is when you marry an Arab! Congratulations bitch, you own oils in the Pakistans, bitch.”

Hollyoaks fans, you NEED to know all these surprising facts about the show...


Allistics replying to a question for autistics: Why? And I don't mean undiagnosed autistics, I mean allistics who feel the need to explain why sharing facts and the truth can be harmful. Which is ironic... We need a term for this. Allisplaining?

Looking forward to this tomorrow! And tomorrow sees the last of @BFChorus #Spem40 40 daily tweets of facts about Thomas Tallis #SpeminAlium…

You struck the kerb with the wall of your tyre because you weren’t paying attending to the road. Perhaps you should reflect on the facts; people will make their minds up on facts, not your version.…

#DavidBegnaudPuede ser testigo de Jehová y le abriré la puerta de mi casa siempre que la toque.

#DavidBegnaudPuede caminar por donde acabo de mapear

#DavidBegnaudPuede Cortarse las uñas sobre mi cama y dejarlas tira.

This rally does have a deeply unpleasant whiff of Fascism. But then, the mad identity politics of the Left has a distinct whiff of Maoism. The irony is, they could not exist without each other.…

Restaurant in Greenville, where Donald Trump's "send her back" rally was held, donates 100% of proceeds to helping immigrants

Bravo!!!! Restaurant in Greenville, where Donald Trump's "send her back" rally was held, donates 100% of proceeds to helping immigrants…

When I tell y'all that I'm excited for Cats, IM NOT FUCKEN JOKING

John McCain trending again Your friendly reminder that he was a racist pos…

Lindsey Graham invoking John McCain in a fight over racism is hilarious since he helped inspire this Public Enemy song dragging the entirety of Arizona for being racist.

Zetus Lapetus! 'Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century' low-key predicted all our current fashion trends


hey girl i just want to make sure that ur not a catfish. can u send a picture of urself looking backwards in the mirror while holding a jar of mayonnaise right beside ur ass

I had to ask what they were chanting. Hard to understand. Anyway, Juan, there’s been way more offense from Dems...spitting on President’s son, hurting people physically, putting up Mexican flag. #TheFive

Cohen is in prison, in part, for having helped cover up what happened with Trump Tower Moscow. Here he is being instructed in writing, he says, to lie specifically about how much the president's daughter was involved in that project.

Our thanks to a leader with a heritage going back nine generations in the region for his best wishes and support. Charles Barwell OBE, former Banker, Former President of the National Convention of the Conservative party 2010.… #WestMidlands550


Joe Biden released this new video arguing against Medicare for All, while President Obama himself praised the idea

#cozy1242 京都アニメーションの作品はどの作品も素晴らしいものです。最近は響け!ユーフォニアムを好きで見ていました。今、公開されている映画も見ました。 #prayforkyoani

No Dembele can’t leave. The deal is stupid. Of course PSG would take the best players out of the 6 that are offered. Barcelona should stay with him and Semedo. All I gotta say #FCBarcelona

President Trump has been losing millions of dollars since he launched his Presidential campaign back in 2015. He has faced endless criticism by both sides of the aisle. However, we are tired of the “Status quo.” Our economy is strong due to his policies. #IStandWithPresTrump

Trump, rockin' the Ed Grimley style yank-'em-ups. Those huge clown pants have to be about 6 inches above his belly button. #ThursdayThoughts


The baby boomers are always mock worrying about the future of this country. I don't know why. Their generation was abusing drugs and screwing each other in the butt and America is still here.

Ovie; he gotta shoot his shot I guess #LoveIsland

Dirakam dari berita TV3 di Malaysia 9 jam yg lepas sebelum tambah sarikata Inggeris. Recorded from TV3 news in Malaysia 9 hours ago before english subs were added. #prayforkyoani

Everyday is the same, someone invents a rumor of Lili or Cole, and that’s annoying bc they are suppositions!! not real facts and some people believe this kind of things :(…

Maybe I was young and naive, but when W was president, I don’t remember anyone questioning his heart or his morals, maybe his actions, yes, but not his intentions for the greater good of America & her people. #BringBackW #AllRepublicansAreNotCreatedEqual

Republicans are trying to present “she hates America” as if it’s a conciliatory position. It isn’t. It’s grotesque and inflammatory in its own right, and juxtaposing against the even more rabidly hateful “send her back” shouldn’t make it any more acceptable.…

Como ter medo de palhaço sabendo que por trás de tudo isso tem esse homem maravilhoso #ITChapter2


WOW... Terrific refutation of the facts I laid out.…

This is heavy. I have no words, I will always love your animations. #KyotoAnimation #PrayForKyoani

Is Bill Barr the reason SDNY is not charging Hope Hicks, Don Jr., and the others? Isn't that direct obstruction of justice? And can he (WILL he) be held accountable?

Today, marks #MandelaDay. @RepMaloney & I will never forget sitting on the #NYC Council when we arrested opposing apartheid. Today, some of the focus and issues have changed -- but our struggle for #justice continues. #ThursdayThoughts

also spoke with then-campaign spokesman Hope Hicks a number of times on the phone. When the story came out and got limited traction, Cohen and Hicks exchanged celebratory text messages.…

Oh Bummer, the Left must be in tears. They sooo much wanted him to be guilty of something. Shrinks call that projection...…

Example of a good man. #MTPdaily #DeadlineWH Restaurant in Greenville, Where Donald Trump's 'Send Her Back' Rally Was Held, Donates 100% of Proceeds to Help Immigrants…

Restaurant in Greenville, where Donald Trump's "send her back" rally was held, donates 100% of proceeds to helping immigrants…

What a terrible thing to happen - our thoughts are with KyoAni and the family and friends of those who were killed today. Words can’t express how sad it is to see a place dedicated to bringing us wonderful stories attacked in this way. Just devastating.…

#TrumpRally crowd chants 'send her back' as president attacks congresswoman Ilhan Omar

I don't usually share gofundme stuff but this one is close to my heart. I visited them once upon a time.…

Lisbon Airport loses our suitcases, Venice airport plane breaks down I’m just a girl who is trying to get home to her cats

#3PopularThingsIHate ⚫️ Ketchup ⚫️ Love island ⚫️ Bullet points

Watch HAIM premiere new track ‘Summer Girl’ during Los Angeles performance


you people at time magazine should really fact check your sources it’s honestly sad to see a publication of your size to forget to put me in…

Fully backing Mustafi for the season ahead. Only positive vibes.

Nguéniène : pourquoi la limousine du président Macky Sall a pris feu


Rep. Al Green: "Why would we not send the President a powerful message that this country will not tolerate bigotry, racism, hate, xenophobia, Islamophobia? We ought to send him a message. Let him know that this is not the America that he wants us to be."


[Kyoto Animation News] Sentai Filmworks, the agency of Kyoto Animation in North America and other regions, started a fundraiser to help Kyoto Animation Studio and the victims of the arson on GoFundMe. #KyotoAnimation #SentaiFilmworks


so when i eventually sell my kidney to buy hitouch vip gold w/e for twice i gotta dress like a thot got it

इमरान खान के अमेरिका दौरे से पहले हाफिज को गिरफ्तार कर कहीं दिखावा तो नहीं कर रहा पाक?…

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro dismisses the report as being 'fraught with false statements.' Will the same happen to the Philippines?…

I just be tapped in my zone. I gotta detach to explode.



Walking with people and ranting about shit really helps man honestly don't know what I'd do without my cool ass friends.

President Trump presiding over a crowd chanting "Send her back!" about an American Muslim congresswoman exemplifies the tribal politics and white nationalism that Trump is making clear he plans to ride to reelection | Analysis by @stcollinson

It's now official Today starts a new phase of my life Finally working within IT and honestly couldn't be happier

nadie: literalmente nadie: los españoles yendo al area 51: HEMOS VENIIIDOOOO A ROBAR AAALIEEEENS Y EL RESULTADOOO NOS DA IGUAAAL

The rise of fascism continues unabated ....…

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