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Traveling or commuting in/out of London? Pop-in @popnrest for a #nap or to simply enjoy a #break. This summer we give you a 25% discount with code SUMMER25. #WednesdayWisdom #London #discount


now she can have her hot girl summer yasssss

i just don’t understand,,,, y’all calling this girl toms girlfriend and we have pics of them from ONE NIGHT. then coming up with assumptions they’ve been dating for years or that it just publicity i- just let tom live his fucking life

Yun nga lang ang naging trabaho nya ay sa bar girl. #TBWSelos KapusoBrigade @BattalionAmaya

#TheSquad who are handpicked and handled/controlled by socialist Anti-American #JusticeDemocrats ***Racism from their own mouths - in their own words. #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation to join #KAG2020…

Macka B's 'Quinoa' (REFIX/THROWBACK) Check out Quinoa recipes, there's also Red Quinoa and Black Quinoa Follow Macka B:… #mackab #quinoa #Reggae #Vegan #WednesdayWisdom

I’m finally getting a haircut after so long, short hair here we go, gotta please my man Yuta who loves short hair girl lmao I’m kidding

my girl be tellin my stupid ass "wag mo isama sa reply yung original na nag tweet sa mga inrrt ko" thread.

when I laugh she must smile when I smile she must laugh is it possible that I'd go for a girl in my path?

Advance happy birthday my baby girl #100DaysForMeghaAkashBDay


Storming Area 51 – the video game characters we need to recruit for the raid…


Humans this is a one time offer, in exchange for y’all freeing us from Area 51 we’ll slaughter all the mosquitoes.

Vários de vocês devem ter visto os memes sendo postados sobre o “ataque Area 51”. Bem, achei que era tudo apenas memes e era tudo brincadeira e sendo que tenho uma página de memes por diversão, postei alguns desses memes.

When the alien you bought home from Area 51 eats your parents so you can play fortnite until 6 in the morning

Instead of storming Area 51, why not... Storm plastic polluters P&G, Unilever? Storm tobacco companies? Storm big pharma for expensive meds? Storm oil and mining companies? Go after humans who can cause the end of the world rather than a bunch of alien prisoners.

The stones radiate warmth under my feet, holding onto the sun's energy as long as they can. I wish I was like them. Able to take in the best of something and reflect it back. I'm feeling much more black hole lately. Sucking the warmth and light from everything I touch. #1linewed

Waking with the #sun, he fixed his hair & got ready for fun. His #reputation for christmas crimes had almost ruined his life, & made him serve hard time. Yet now was a chance to keep the heart that grew & make a life anew, with a job watching dogs. #vss365 #1linewed #TalesNoir

#ARealPresidentWould get the medical industry under control so that people could afford the help they need. Nationalizing production and sales to stop corporations from profiting off the woes of the nation.

I was born with the wrong sign.

my name is this i was born to go my age is so cute i like to go to the gym…

Instead of #ARealPresidentWould, how about #ARealPoliticalPartyWould? I’ll start. A real political party wouldn’t spend all their time and energy trying to make up stories and do everything they can to throw shade at the president just because he isn’t the president they wanted.

Xbox cup for fortnite this weekend and I’m ready win some money :)

xbox cup bro the xbox players are not to be fucked with…


El reclamo de Trump al no firmarse acuerdo de tercer país seguro. Vea aquí.


#News #Republicans Here are the 4 Republicans who voted to condemn Trump’s racist tweets”

Yes! @realDonaldTrump make free speech great again! Thank you Mr. President. @FoxNews Nolte: Donald Trump Makes Telling the Truth Great Again via @BreitbartNews

Esse clipe está uma verdadeira obra de arte. #SpiritMusicVideo


Nascimento de Vênus - óleo sobre tela 2019 #SpiritMusicVideo #LionKing


Chego em casa, pós trabalho, e me deparo com o novo vídeo da @Beyonce Que perfeição ❤ #SpiritMusicVideo


When @repjohnlewis speaks, listen. When he writes, read. And when you've finished doing either, reflect. And then be grateful our country has had heroes like Congressman John Lewis.…

Photo featuring Kim Jong Un now hanging in White House


Here's a round-up of your favorite celebrities aged to perfection with the #FaceApp The app is loads of fun, but it apparently has a load of privacy issues people are concerned about ➡️


. @JasmineDragonV watches a teen heartthrob prepare to kiss the girl as she reports on One Direction singer Harry Styles landing the role of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid! #HarryStyles #TheLittleMermaid #movies #disney #remake #Ariel #Geeks #Gamers…

So sad to hear about Justice Stevens’s passing. This anecdote from @GreenhouseLinda’s moving obituary is such a touching demonstration of the humility and generosity that @TravisCrumLaw describes:…


During nearly 35 years on the court, Stevens stood for the freedom and dignity of individuals, be they students or immigrants or prisoners. #UpLateATL…

RIP Justice Stevens, who lived a long and eventful life with vigor, decency, charm and a lively intelligence

Justice Stevens's dissents provided the teeth that many dissents have historically lacked. His Parents Involved dissent was short, but it should be remembered as the most apt critique of the Roberts Court.


John Paul Stevens, Former Supreme Court Justice, Dies at 99 | R.I.P. .. prayers for the Stevens family and thanks to his service for the nation.… via @epochtimes

Our area hoopers age gracefully too! #AgeChallenge


Dem-led House formally condemns Trump remarks deemed 'racist,' after dramatic floor fight over Pelosi | Fox News. So now what happens. Are they going to condemn Pelosi’s and the Fab 4’s racist remarks or are condemnations limited to Republicans?…

John Lewis and Eric Swalwell send the House Republicans into a panic… via @PalmerReport

Brad Paisley Likens His #AGT Golden Buzzer Winner to Taylor Swift: 'I'd Like to Hear a Whole Album' #JudgeCuts

I’m gonna need a drink after that first round of #JudgeCuts. See you next week! #agt

Did your favorites make it through to the live shows? #JudgeCuts

Thanks for rocking out with us! #JudgeCuts continue next Tuesday on @nbc.

What did you think of the first #JudgeCuts?

The conduct of Republicans at today’s House of Representatives session was disgraceful and beneath the dignity of that August body. Only 4 Republicans voted for the House resolution condemning President Trump’s racist tweets. #HouseofRepresentatives…

Armstrong: "Houston, we are SEP. We have a CRYO PRESS light." CAPCOM: "Roger. Copy. CRYO PRESS light." CAPCOM: "Roger, 11. We recommend you turn the O₂ fans on manually and ensure that the O₂ heaters are in the AUTOMATIC position." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

House GOP presses members to oppose resolution condemning Trump remarks as racist…

Energy lobbyist raises 6-figure donation for Trump's reelection campaign

Carlos Rojas of @CosechaMovement: “The popular thing to do is to just point the finger at Trump. Just two weeks ago, @HouseDemocrats led by @SpeakerPelosi gave a fat check for $5 billion to DHS. They increased raids, they increased ICE activity across the country.” #ShutDownICE


#Apollo11 #50YearsAgoNow Lunar module extracted from rocket. Coupled spacecraft and crew now set for a 3-day voyage to the moon. MORE:


Cuando Ricky dice que tiene el respaldo del pueblo MIENTE. La estadística de las elecciones lo gritan. De 1,579,624 de personas, no votaron por Ricky 923,998 (58.49%). Y a ese casi millón súmenle a los PNPs que votaron por él y quieren que renuncie. (1/2) #RickyRenuciaYa


Removing the suicide scene is only ignoring the harsh reality of suicide. #13ReasonsWhy

AG Barr rejects Dept. of Justice recommendation to charge NYC officer in the death of Eric Garner…

Peter Thiel Calls on CIA, FBI to Investigate Google’s China Ties

Bill Barr just keeps adding piles of dirt on top of his professional casket. History will record him as the worst AG in league with the worst president in America's history. Twin bunk beds in a private prison would be a fitting end. "Eric Garner"

Somebody gotta explain to me the logic behind the decision to put the person who RECORDED #EricGarner being killed in jail but the cop who KILLED him won't be charged with a dam thing. I wanna know the name of the idiot box buffoon who makes these kinda decisions. #iCantBreathe

WTF. Barr sides against civil rights officials in declining to bring charges against NYPD officer in Garner case…

And so it goes, yet again. My heart breaks for Mrs. Garner. This cannot stand. Eric Garner’s Death Will Not Lead to Federal Charges for N.Y.P.D. Officer

The Justice Department won't charge a police officer for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. This piece by @YohuruWilliams examines the death of Eric Garner in the historical context of police violence and racial discrimination.

Why does Trump's racism resonate?

YES I AM THE PRESIDENT OF THE FAR RIGHT WHITE "REPUBLICANS" they love me because I am trashing every 'institutional' norm established for the AMERICAN PEOPLE IF YOU ARE NOT A RACIST BIGOT - YOU ARE SCREWED !…

If only the Republicans on the Hill didn't cower in the face of the hardcore communists that they are dealing with. Trump doesn't and that's why he's got our unwavering support.…

.@KirstenJohnFoy pledges 11 days of action saying NYC has not paid a high enough price for the death of Eric Garner

William Barr sides against civil rights officials in declining to bring charges against NYPD officer in Garner case | By David Shortell…

'Today we can't breathe': Garner family react after prosecutors fail to charge NYPD officer – video…

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz is back in HD later this year!…


Growing comes as second nature to me - My body can’t help it. #TuesdayThoughts #findom

Since the GOP have united in calling all democrats Radical Socialists, maybe democrats should unite in calling Republicans Radical Racists. Just a thought #TuesdayThoughts #RacistGOP #RacistTrump

The worst part of the Eric Garner saga, was not a "Choke hold". It wasn't his size or that he had asthma. In MY America- the land of the free- selling loose cigarettes ended up killing a man, destroying a community and continuing a race war that has yet to get hot. Yet.

If your gonna remove the suicide scene remove the rape scene in season 2. Never seen nothing more disturbing #13ReasonsWhy

SEE YA LATER, ALLIGATOR! A gator was first spotted in a lagoon at a Chicago park last week. A week later, “Chance the Snapper” has finally been captured.

The alligator had been on the loose in the park for almost a week -- forcing a partial shutdown of the site.​…

Launch SBA’s online courses to help you take your giant leap into business success → #Apollo11 #Apollo50th


Trump Says He Will 'Take a Look' at Investigating Google for Treason…

Primeros detalles oficiales de Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD -…


WATCH: NY Times columnist unloads on Trump in profanity-laced tirade after attacks on Democratic congresswomen


YESTERDAY: President Trump views product displays at the 3rd annual Made in America Product Showcase.

“When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said.”… #DonaldTrump #Congresswomen

I agree with Trump.

"Do not take the bait," Democratic congresswomen stress in response to Trump's latest Twitter attacks.

Kris Jenner: Blac Chyna trending, We need to do something... Kylie Jenner: I got this Mom...

Blac Chyna momma is pure trash..

honestly.....this was so disturbing to watch. idc how you feel about blac chyna, don’t nobody deserve this shit from their MOM…

Oh man George Conway totally slammed Trump. I mean his wife still works for the guy and takes his side over her own husband’s...and Trump continues to get away with *everything* because Ds are limpdicks and Rs are traitorous shitbags, but man oh man, Conway really nails the guy.

#DemigodClaim my mom would be Athena bc I almost cried yesterday looking at an obelisk older than Jesus, *and* my pride has gotten me in trouble more than a few times (also 5s on all AP tests but we aren’t trying to flex ;))

Sunset by the river. July 15, Richmond BC @StormHour #StormHour #POTW


"So my assignment manager says 'Take this transfer to Hoth as a hardship tour and we'll find someplace warm and quiet for your next post.'" #OverheardAtStarWarsCantina

If you drive a Fiero you can park it on the lawn. #FlavorTownOrdinances


#FlavorTownOrdinances Beat your meat

There's a 4th D, if you know what I mean... #FlavorTownOrdinances

When @NatbyNature got at @BeckyLynchWWE on the mic: #Raw #Fatal4Way

NOW: ICE raids are happening across the country, and #RacistPresident is trending. Is asylum a human right? Ask immigration attorneys @karamimmisolver @rubypowers and hear from their clients w/ host @1andrewking. #ICERaids #AsylumSeekers…

Madden is like Pokémon cards for football nerds.

#Richmond Love Your Block, Parks & Landscaping, @richmondcsd, Tool Library, @AnniesAnnuals, and my office are hosting a volunteer garden build day @ Mary "Peace" Head Memorial Garden! More Info: 707-208-0921 Facebook Event:…


LOL people angry about Madden ratings when they should be mad about being sold the exact same game every year

Austin Butler será Elvis Presley en la película biográfica del rey del rock que prepara Baz Luhrmann


Yes Trump is a #RacistPresident and that is a bad thing, yes BUT HE'S A CRIMINAL He's a TRAITOR He's broke, owes half a billion dollars to Vladimir Putin. He's sold the White House not just to Russia but Saudi Arabia, UAE, and how many others. He's caging kids, he's a monster

It is clear what Donald Trump stands for. If you support him, then you ARE him. Period. #RacistPresident

Never in my life did I think I would see the Office of President of The United States be reduced to a failing reality show inspiring twitter trends like #RacistPresident!!

"Madden NFL 20" celebrated Tom Brady's "new evidence" in perfect fashion.


Brit Hume is now actually on national TV explaining the definition of racism, just incredible

Being a male ARMY takes alot of everything, especially in our world full of discrimination. That's why most of the ARMY men were just quiet and discreet fan of BTS Let's BE PROUD that we stan a GREAT and LEGENDARY group. #방탄_별을다다줄게

No mames, no sabia que era Austin Butler, que cagado.…

Celtics #2KRatings predictions Kemba Walker: 90 Jayson Tatum: 85 Marcus Smart: 82 Jaylen Brown: 82 Gordon Hayward: 81 Enes Kanter: 80 Theis: 74 Romeo Langford: 74 Robert Williams: 73 Carson Edwards: 72 Grant Williams: 71 Vincent Poirier: 70 Wanamaker: 69 Tremont Waters: 66

Vanessa Hudgens Strolling with BF Austin Butler the New Elvis Casting…

Pelvis has never gotten a dime from me! Elvis Biopic Casts Austin Butler As King Of Rock And Roll…

In a profound example of mental gymnastics, Fox's Brit Hume argues Trump's racist tweets were not racist, but weren't tolerant either

They keep coming for Kobe Elvis! University of Richmond is the latest school to offer after an incredible week in Atlanta! #Scholarships


Vanessa Hudgens Strolling with BF Austin Butler the New Elvis Casting…


There are a lot of questions around @MizzouFootball regarding NCAA Sanctions / the program's appeal But as far as talent on the roster goes, Head Coach Barry Odom says there are no questions #SECMD19

Film:Austin Butler Is Elvis in Baz Luhrmann's King of Rock & Roll #films


It doesn't have to be crazy at work! We're not completely AWOL, but the entire @UpBuildTeam is at #mozcon this week. We planned this as if we'd all be on PTO and managed client work accordingly.

I deserve the world... MF’s be tryna give me Richmond, California

Richmond Mall (1978). Source: @Cleveland_PL


Pod won't be until Thursday night this week, apologies. On the upside it will give us a chance to discuss selection which will be super interesting and competitive this week

#WeirdThingsToBuyInBulk marshmallows

Hi. I'm North Stafford Street. I just might get a new "chicane" driving pattern. "What's that?" you ask.


Coach O: "Go Tigahs!" That means he's leaving the podium. #LSU #SECMD19

Solidarity to all taking strike action, they are fighting for fair wages & working conditions. Everyone should join the boycott of all amazon services today and tomorrow. Amazon subject their workers to dehumanising conditions. Support the workers✊ #AmazonStrike #PrimeDayAmazon


#PrimeDayAmazon got me like

An epic 9 week long journey of #BioEntrepreneurshipProgram comes to an end. The program started off with design thinking, mentoring session, expert talk & ended with Final Pitching in front of investors.We would like to wish all the #startup best for their future!#riidl #bioriidl


Ears up. Eyes forward. Ready to mooove through the week! #mondaymotivation


Cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. Our pillow edged Fontenay looks amazing all year round. Add underfloor heating and enjoy the luxurious feeling of cosy toes when the weather turns, no slippers required. #MondayMotivation #HerefordHour #GiveSomethingAwayDay


After 53 years, we have a new pair of Russian linesmen!… What's weird about this is the umpires spent ages conferring. Why wasn't it sent upstairs?! As a result, we'll never hear the end of it from the rest of the cricketing world, I promise!

amazing the number of people who now think cricket should be free to air after the #CWC19 final yesterday, when previously, they didn't know if you could be given out for hitting the ball in to a neighbours garden ...

#RacistPresident where are the #Evangelicals? #JerryFalwell? Catholic church? Children are locked up in cages. The alien is treated with disrespect & reckless abandon. Silence means consent #SilenceEqualsCompliance @VP @senatemajldr @tedcruz @marcorubio

#SilenceEqualsCompliance Speak out denouncing Trump's racist attacks on members of congress or be complicit @SenMcSallyAZ @RepDLesko @SenatorSinema

売店だけで行きましたが楽しかった!!阿部と二人で「ウラノさんが遠い世界の人に見える!!」と感動してました(笑)社長の試合も健在、11月の両国はその上を行かねば。中津も楽しそうに試合してて誇らしかった。(個人的見解です) #DDTWPP #basara_pw

#SilenceEqualsCompliance is finally trending! I had to type the entire line before I went to sleep last night!

The cowards who let their morbidly obese racist-in-Chief spout his ignorance are the worst. They won’t say they’re racist but they’ll hide behind an imbecilic traitor. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

#SilenceEqualsCompliance Actual Americans must stand up to the nasty attacks on this country and our President. Do not let their continuous rant on racism affect you. Speak truth and let’s keep our country away from those who would destroy it. #Trump2020 #MondayMotivaton #KAG

今日のDDT前半戦ではDNA同窓会&梅田壮行マッチもよかったですね。特に中津が目立ってた印象。個性というかBASARAでやってることが活きたというか、毛色が違うんですよねやっぱり。 #ddtpro #DDTWPP #basara_pw

DDT Wrestle Peter Pan 2019 attendance: 3798 #DDTWPP

Born with a small lump on his head, baby Ethan was referred to GOSH at 6 weeks old and diagnosed with Infantile Fibrosarcoma. He’s rung his end of treatment bell and now his mum Laura is running the Kew Gardens 10k at Richmond RUNFEST. Read their story:


Pursued by strange life forms masquerading as old trees on Richmond Park.


Bolton becomes our third Rising Star nominee in 2019, equalling Richmond’s most in a season. Last time we had 3 nominations was 2006 (Raines, Polo, Foley). And, it’s only Round 17... #gotiges

Give me more of The Club please! Preferably with a title, and Balor involved too. #ExtremeRules

If Finn Balor helps AJ Styles tonight #ExtremeRules

No. Because most of the #GOP is also #racist. They're also #homophobic, #xenophobic, #misogynist and basically just assholes. #RacistInChief…

Today, #RacistInChief posted a racist tweet against Reps @AOC, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib. He was denounced by DEMs, Meghan McCain, and EVEN Geraldo Rivera. But silence, as usual, from the boot licking Congressional GOP. When will they demand decency from #RacistTrump? #Resist


Sad to watch Trump take the low road? When has the moronic mango-faced Mussolini ever taken the high road? He's always been found, not even on the low road, but in the gutter, if not the sewer, along with all the other racist rats infesting American public life. #RacistInChief…

If it hates like a racist, defends racists, and embraces racist's support, then it's a racist. #RacistInChief

If the migrants were white, we'd never have heard anything about building a wall. It wouldn't have become a Republican rally chant, a Conservative hashtag staple, a MAGA t-shirt favorite, a Donald Trump fixation.… #DonaldTrumpIsARacist #RacistInChief

Opinion | The big, ugly lie at the core of Trump’s latest surrender… "Trumpian nationalism is, in reality, largely racial- and ethno-nationalism, and it does in fact have serious authoritarian tendencies." #RacistInChief

The more time @TheDemocrats and their fringe supporters spend shouting things like #RacistInChief & #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW, the less time they have to convince moderate Americans to vote for them in 2020. Booming Economy ISIS Eliminated Record Unemployment They're in trouble.

A: It's depressing when the entire @gop is silent but GERALDO is the moral compass. B: No, @GeraldoRivera...#trump ISN'T better than this. He (and his base) is likely much worse than this.…

Even on twitter sometimes I don’t t want to talk so I only reply in gifs. It's a mood for me. #IntrovertsUnite

From Geraldo Rivera: Must be really bad if he warns his "friend" against this type of tweet. @GeraldoRivera - are you not ashamed the way your "friend" treated Puerto Rico? You should be.....#noTrump2020…

This is Kazooie. She was just adopted from the Richmond SPCA last week. Threeie/Tooie, would never try to trick two primates and a croco * @dog_rates falls from the sky, mercifully kicks @dkvine into the bushes*


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