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Join the winning family, I made a subscription of 25.000 for yesterday's game staked high and see what I won, Contact @Edmark_Link if you’re interested. #CardiB #ORJIUZORKALU #TheExperience14 #YouTubeRewind #Encounter #spotifywrapped2019


All I know is if Jason Garrett still has a job tomorrow, he’s got pictures on Jerry. #Cowboys

BJP नेता मेनका गांधी ने उठाए हैदराबाद एनकाउंटर पर सवाल, कहा- ‘बंदूक है तो मारने लगेंगे क्या’ पढ़ें- #ABPonHydRapeEncounter #Encounter #hyderabadpolice

All About Luv promos will be Follow promos’ second version. Wonho’s voice will be everywhere but everyone will act as if Wonho never exist. So every day every each step hurts Monbebe. You know this. @STARSHIPent @OfficialMonstaX #AllAboutLuvForWonho #너_함께_걸어즐래


The @Cowboys will forever suck because of their douchebag owner supporting fellow douchebag owner Dean Spanos' theft of the San Diego @Chargers. Both franchises will be forever tied together by the unstoppable #SpanosCurse

ahgase are jaebeom’s source of happiness. just bc he feels down doesn’t mean we should feel this way too. please spread positivity, love and support. he needs it right now and we’re the only ones who can provide it! #WeLoveYouJaebeom

Sometimes important topics trend. Worth taking a look at #AnxietyFeelsLike



So @STARSHIPent let’s talk... when are you terminating the contract with your president? And since you were so quick to clean the searches on Naver about this why didn’t you do the same about @OfficialMonstaX ? #AllAboutLuvForWonho #너_함께_걸어줄래…

#AdoreYou elle est trop mimi cette chanson jlaime trop harry jtm

#AnxietyFeelsLike you need to sluff off your skin. Like you have a permanent knot in your stomach. Like you are actually going to lose your mind. Like you’re trapped feeling confused and blurry—where am I? What day is it?

#BillieEilishisoverparty Just saw these as one of the top hashtags, and was surprised cos I thought Billie was well loved in the mainstream. She had to have done something rly bad,like punt a baby across a football field. Turns out it was over something stupid. Whatd I expect.

The meat dress was one of, if not the most iconic piece of fashion for the decade and Billie is allowed to feel whatever she wants to feel like and that’s ok. I love Gaga forever, I love Billie with all my heart. Be kind. #BillieEilishisoverparty

Congrats to ⁦@KonradMarshall⁩ for launching his book tonight, lots of yellow and black in the room


Bosna Hersek'te gözaltına alınarak göçmen kampına götürülen Bihaç kentindeki Richmond Park Bihaç Koleji'nin müdürü Fatih Keskin yaşadıklarını anlattı: "Soğuk bir kamp odasında bekliyorum. Suçumun ne olduğunu bilen yok." @BOLDmedya

Four covers of Ghost Stories (1926-1932), an American pulp magazine. #supernatural #phantom #spirit #specter


ανατολή του ηλίου στο Richmond Park του Λονδίνου


#ItsNotTheHolidaysWithout you getting into an argument with someone & you're using Merry Christmas as a verb instead of a noun.

Everyone has forgotten that Richmond literally played a guy on debut in the grand final this year, and he was almost best on ground. .

هشتگ یوتیوب ریوایند رو نگاه میکنی یه سری طرفدار BTS میبینی دارن با دشمن فرضی دعوا میکنن و تو دهن دشمن فرضی میزنن با آمارایی که یوتیوب از بند مورد علاقه‌شون گذاشته چرا اینا اینجورین؟ =))) #YouTubeRewind

Thank you @billieeilish for spending 119 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped2019 #spotifywrapped

Giuliani threatens to release dirt on Biden very soon -CNN reports. Rudy is a traitor and should be charged with treason. #AmericansForImpeachment #ImpeachTrumpNow

Looking for a pretty sugar baby with a weekly allowance kik/snap: pcald267 or send a DM #ThankfulThursday #PitMad #miramar #poprap #AnxietyFeelsLike #college #verifyLTN #CollegeStudent #verifyMRT #WhyImNotANinja

me waiting for the real #YouTubeRewind 2019 video to release


#YouTubeRewind I mean it was fine I guess, it just felt like it lacked the excitement and energy of the previous years. Don’t get me wrong last years was awful but at least it had something. This is just like the first YouTube Rewind.

Trump is going to have another temper tantrum tonight, because Speaker Pelosi is doing a town hall on CNN, and the Speaker is going to tell the truth. Something Trump can’t handle. But if he didn’t wanna be impeached, he shouldn’t have committed crimes. #AmericansForImpeachment

This is the true #YouTubeRewind and you cannot change my mind Had a tribute to Etika, the editing was much better than the official one, and it wasn't a hecking top 10 It legitimately made me tear up a bit, nice work @JayLaw_YT…

lowkey natatakot ako sa #spotifywrapped2019 ko kasi di ko alam ano bubulaga sakin

ainda não esqueci isso aí harry só sabe fazer o fandom surtar né #HarryOnHits1


As someone who LOVES Mulan I am content on missing out on the film

The 2019 #YouTubeRewind is boringgg. 2018 was pretty bad but at least it comically bad

Couldn't have been a better day on the campaign trail for Scary Joe, and to top it off, John Kerry endorses!


"As a Catholic" #Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi I am glad young people have Pelosi, Karlan, Yovanovitch, and Hill to teach them to have the courage to correct corruption.


At 17, Autumn is way too old for an imaginary friend, but she made up Oliver as a way to cope with her obsessive thoughts. She joins a therapy group to make real friends, but when one ends up dead, that mystery becomes Autumn's--or Oliver's--new obsession. #PitMad #YA #T #MH #OWN

As a Catholic she resents the word hate!!?!??? But supports abortion!! The biggest hypocrite ever!…

Nancy Pelosi, as a catholic I resent you calling yourself a catholic

I'm seeing a lot of responses to this calling out Pelosi for supporting abortion while being Catholic, assuming that Catholics can only have one view on abortion. But did you know that medieval saints have abortions recorded as miracles?…

The live action Mulan doesn’t have Mushu but has a bird/witch?!!

Browsing on eBay? Did you know you can now #donate proceeds to Anxiety UK when you make a purchase? Favourite us on #eBay for #Charity and help us to help those living with #anxiety, #stress or anxiety based #depression. More info here: #ThursdayThoughts


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