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"It is because of the Eucharist that we can be, for the world, true messengers of hope - because our power comes from following Jesus poor and humble." -Fr. General Sosa in his homily at the Final Vows of four Jesuit priests in Seoul. via @jcapsj


Diputada venezolana (@gabyarellanoVE ) revela la posible ubicación de ‘Jesús Santrich’ → #MañanasBLU


Before I go to bed tonight I wanted to remind you all to check your white privilege. Also Jesus loves you, even if you are racist scum who denies their privilege. Night ❤️…

Cannabis CEOs are mostly white men – just like the rest of corporate America

y’all just weird for obsessing over people

”Black cooks have historically seen their foods and techniques co-opted, getting little credit for their influence on America’s culinary traditions...But this new vanguard is working to make sure that its ascent is more than a passing moment.”…

Democrats specialize in useless busywork. Democrats have done NOTHING for Americans in years. Years! Name one thing for America the Democratic House has achieved. I’ll wait...............…

Chout out to @hutcheyesun and the mayor @MikeTaylorShow you guys helped with a TERRIBLE day I had yesterday, by making me laugh with "peel off chones" it's hot talk. Love y'all hard! #thunderdome

A ansiedade só aumentou, meu Jesus Cristo amadooooo…

Me and the bois throwin a party with the aliens at area 51.…

i cant stop eating at this point im willing to just sew my mouth shut

Taliban shut dozens of health clinics in Afghan province -…


Do nice things for others without telling anyone about it. #WednesdayWisdom

#Neuralink is a real life Black Mirror episode.

Populares y pnp son madera del mismo árbol putrefacto. No los queremos, los vamo a sacar. #RickyRenuncia #RickyVeteYa

Now that is one hell of a soundtrack lineup!…

아...아아~~저학년 이후로 잘 안들었는데~

they drink oil, drink petrol, eat grass, talks about eating jesus's flesh and drinking his blood, then come back to call you stupid and evil for refusing to believe in their bullshit. bunch of vampires people.

Good morning Tune in to One America News for the latest! (Photo: An American flag flies above the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. -- Eric Thayer via Reuters) #OANN


You could be sincere in what you believe in but you can be sincerely wrong. Know the truth and find Jesus.

I like the patten app bc it drags the hell out of me but in a therapist kind of way where you don’t realize their exposing your clown behavior

Facebook’s cryptocurrency hasn’t even launched and bureaucrats want to shut it down. But in a free society we act by individual right, not permission from kings.… @BullsBearsFBN @FoxBusiness

What's the most pressing thing to do today? Don't procrastinate, do it first and then move on! #WednesdayWisdom


the entire US the internet air force warning us not to raid area 51


@ Area 51 aliens: you would be greeted as liberators

[Watch Lil Nas X Raid Area 51 in Old Town Road Remix] Me: wait didn’t this whole Area 51 thing just happen how are they doing this [Watch Lil Nas X as Moss Perricone Saying Wait Didn’t This Whole Area 51 Thing Just Happen How Are They Doing This in Old Town Road Remix]

SHUT UP I saw the pictures of tom holland and his girlfriend and I thought it was him and gwynth paltrow literally so confused

#ARealPresidentWould not use racist comments to distract from their connection to a pedophile sex trafficking ring. This is the @GOP's USA.

I really think people born from 85-90 had the best childhood. It was the time where technology hadn’t developed as much but health care and state of living had improved.. so basically I wish I was in my 30s

#SFGiants just watched the replay, Thank God they had Franklin Van Gurp laying around.

how did this app make me look like the mean girl at school in a coming of age teen movie


Is this worth it? Does anyone who read my tweets actually think I’m changing their mind about politics? Or making you see and think from another side? Make y’all see the Trump is not that bad? Or am I just another voice that’s been muted because I don’t tweet memes and my lunch?

Same dude whose wife just asked a journalist calling Trump’s racism into question: “What’s your ethnicity?” Follow, trust or retweet @gtconway3d at your own risk.…

Y’all remember when the #MNTwins could score?

y’all needa love @JovanAdepo good night

America does not deserve the agony of dorky white journos repeatedly saying "The Squad" for the next two years

Don’t need to do the old person filter bc there’s no way in hell yall will catch me living that long

Good is heaven. Evil is hell.

#GameOfThrones hizo historia al lograr 32 nominaciones a los premios #Emmy2019


OMG y’all it works on everything! #faceapp #faceappchallenge


Hoje eu tô toda espiritualizada! dêem stream para spirit nas plataformas, amores. #SpiritMusicVideo #Beyonce


e minha amiga que mandou DM pra Beyoncé de um storie meu pra ela me notar mas usou o google tradutor kkkkkkkkkk #SpiritMusicVideo


You can’t say Trump is a racist and then say nothing about his voters. It doesn’t work like that.

Our gorgeous girl #SuhanaKhan enjoy a family outing in Bandra, last night✨


This girl got mad at me like a week ago and now today she sent me the sigil of a demon sksksjskshkdjsjs LOL shit guys I'm fucked I guess it was nice knowing u


if harry isnt prince eric, i really feel bad for the guy that is LMAO

Yeli has to be from Area 51. Unreal. (MLB x @PapaJohns)

‘Go back’? Trump’s grandfather’s German hometown has a different message for the U.S. president…

This game is going to #FaceApp all of us by the time it's over.

For those who are my friends and I am mean to y’all. Let it be known I genuinely enjoy you, I’m mean because I FW you. you’ll know exactly how mean I am when someone messes with you.

y’all just goin remind me everyday that i slept on these?…

Bolillo Gómez não vai seguir à frente do Equador depois da péssima Copa América. Deveriam promover Jorge Célico da sub-20 para fazer a transição do bom time que jogou o Mundial…

Is this Trump's America? 92-year-old Mexican man beaten with a brick, told to "go back to your own country.”… #Trump #TrumpRacist #HouseofRepresentatives #Racism #Immigration #Refugees #WelcomeTheStranger #Jewish

Wake up America before it's too late and the Radical Socialist Demorats Destroy the Constitution and America,,, Build the Wall and Deport them All


how are we supposed to explain the area 51 meme to our kids it’s the weirdest thing that’s happened in a few years

While all the other HGs are enjoying Taco Tuesday Ovi is up in Camp Comeback Room talking to us. He's asking for our votes just in case coming back is an America's vote #BB21

My hands hurt like hell but my little Themkin Knight is now being followed be three happy little spiders and four happy chonky beetleflies, and I feel like Hollow Knight is finally the game I wanted it to be.

so my mom said we can storm area 51 but we have to eat roti before we go

Plus independent @JustinAmash Here are the 4 Republicans who voted to condemn Trump's racist tweets…

Family planning clinics must stop referring women for abortions immediately, the Trump administration says, declaring it will enforce a new regulation hailed by religious conservatives and denounced by medical organizations and women's rights groups.

Rep. John Lewis on Trump tweets: 'I know racism when I see it'…

Not sure why people are surprised that CNN gave a platform to Richard Spencer. What's the difference between an overt WS and all the other covert shills they have on?…

So it was proven beyond any doubt today that all but 4 #Republicans in the #HouseOfRepresentatives are racists who refuse to stand up and defend equality for all. Anyone who votes for them is a racist, too because tolerating racism IS racism. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #VoteBlue2020

You’re not dreaming, West Coast. #JudgeCuts on #AGT start NOW!

Never in our most amazing dreams did we think this could happen, we are through to the @AGT live rounds! #JudgeCuts


I was really hoping for @circusspinner to make it through #JudgeCuts. He was so good! His father would be proud! #agt @agt @howiemandel

Matthew Richardson got eliminated I'm so furious right now #JudgeCuts #AGT

Thanks for watching tonight! #JudgeCuts is back next Tuesday!

this 90 day cut gonna be HELL

Sen. Mitt Romney says “No, I wouldn’t attempt to be a co-sponsor” of a resolution Sen. Schumer intends to offer condemning Trump’s tweets.

Many MORE Reps NEED to take an example from @RepLizCheney & highlight HATRED directed at Americans, @POTUS Trump & USA from #TheSquad . WE the PEOPLE will NOT let democrats EVER FORGET WE KNOW Dems agree & side with USA HATERS @AOC @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib…

With respect, @SpeakerPelosi - the days of women, POC, different religions & sexualities being marginalized, abused, victimized & "otherized" are OVER-even if Trump & his supporters are clawing onto the past for dear life - it's time for zero tolerance-it's time for impeachment.…


i did not know a thor 4 was even gonna happen, hell yeah…

#TLDR #Tech #Automated | Thousands of people have taken a Facebook pledge to storm Area 51 to 'see them aliens' (1 minute read)…

The moment I learn the manager who made my life a living hell in my old job for several months and caused my most serious mental breakdown has been ya-yeeted out herself.

please shut the fuck up we all know you’re fucking clapped as fuck just accept that and stop being so sensitive — woah someone’s pressed…

What the hell?? Dude, are you fucking kidding with me?


#ObamaWasBetterAt just being a good human being. period.

Eu chegando com o alien que eu resgatei da Área 51 na Lar Doce Lar:


"America, love it or leave it" is one of the most un-American sentiments one can express. It's only possible to voice if you have no understanding whatsoever of the Constitution, the American Revolution and history in general.

Do you ever just want to run into the street and let out a primal scream?!That’s a little window into being Black in Trump’s America. Of course his racist ass #DOJ wouldn’t hold anyone accountable for the murder of #EricGarner! I’ve had a fucking nuff! They ALL need to BE REMOVED

Força Aérea dos EUA diz que defenderá Área 51 de tentativa de invasão convocada pelo Facebook

Peter Thiel Calls on CIA, FBI to Investigate Google’s China Ties

Christie says she "literally" isn't going to talk today and has proceeded to not shut up. #BB21

Looking to connect the Jesus story and lectionary texts to #Apollo11 or #Apollo11at50 , check out "The Christian Moon Walk" on

William Barr is the devil. #ICantBreathe

“None of the New York officers involved in Mr. Garner’s death have been charged with a crime or disciplined by the Police Department.”…

Michael Collins returns to #Apollo11's launch site on 50th anniversary

Oil Dives As Trump Says No Iran Regime Change; Pompeo Says They're "Ready To Negotiate"…

Judge finds longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone in violation of gag order.

shall i shut up now?

BIDEN: I’ll Challenge Trump To Do Push-Ups On Stage!…

the video of eric garner’s daughter was just...............all of this isn’t fair. it’s just not fair. and it’s exhausting to hear. i pray his family find peace.

depression is one hell of a bitch

I’ll b out pushin boundaries at Chik-Fil-As all over America this fall. Come see me on tour.

On the eve of the 5 year anniversary of the murder of Eric Garner, the Justice Department decided that the murder of a black man by a police officer isn’t enough for justice. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Justice for all or Justice for none!


America’s fucked ... UK’s fucked ... Germany is fucked ... France as fucked ..... Russia sitting on a deckchair having a large Vodka & smoking a fat one pissing itself laughing.

My Area 51 aliens after they find my siblings

More anti-American comments from an America hater.…

When we engage voters of all backgrounds, America wins with policies that better serve our entire population. #DisabilityVote…

#ObamaWasBetterAt prosecuting political opponents and members of the media, using the IRS to punish his opposition, and killing American citizens with drones!

50 years ago today, the #Apollo11 crew launched to the Moon. Celebrate by checking out this article on the evolution of spaceborne lidar—from various Apollo missions to now #Apollo50th…


The BNI should investigate how Shatta Wale kept his mouth shut about a song with Beyoncé .@shattawalegh

El alíen que me robe del área 51 viéndome entrar en crisis porque nunca iré a un concierto de skz

"Never again para nadie" Singing outside ICE headquarters in DC as we shut down the street to #CloseTheCampsNow #NeverAgainIsNow #AbolishICE

50 years ago today, a rocket left Earth carrying the 1st humans who would walk on another world. The #Apollo11 mission forever changed humanity's place in the universe. Check out our full gallery at… for some key moments that made this history happen.


We @democracynow are at New York City Hall where Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr, his sister and public officials are speaking out in light of the news that the justice department won’t bring charges against Pantaleo. Gwen Carr says this fight is not over.…

Eric Garner was killed right before our eyes, his death captured on camera. His killer not only kept his job but now makes a six figure salary. This is a disgraceful miscarriage of justice and if Commissioner O'Neill doesn't do the right thing, the Mayor should. #FirePantaleo…

I can’t wait to hear @SabrinaAnnLynn sing “shut up” on her next tour #SingularAct2

so much bad is happening right now buT DID YOU GUYS SEE THE ALLIGATOR NAMED CHANCE THE SNAPPER

So apparently it's #WorldSnakeDay, and this guy is pretty darned happy about it.


Only the best people: Peter Thiel, who gave $1.25m to Trump, has called date rape 'belated regret'…

I just wanna be shaped like draya

ACTUALIZACIÓN: ¡#SuperMonkeyBall: Banana Blitz HD también llegará a Occidente! LEER MÁS:

From “racially-hued hullaballoos” to “racially klutzy wibble-wobbles,” The Daily Show’s Trump Racist Euphemism Headline Generator has it all!

THIS ⬇️ is what Trump doesn’t want you to be reading about. You can bet his ties to the disgusting pedophile #Epstein are wide & deep. #VoteOutGOP Jeffrey Epstein: diamonds, cash and fake passport found in raid, prosecutors say…

Hong Kong protesters awaits Trump the Great Liberator, the well known defender of Human Rights…

Venezuelans In Florida Are Growing Unhappy With Trump. It Could Cost Him In 2020. - BuzzFeed News

Thomas Rhett wasn’t lying when he said there ain’t nothing a beer can’t fix. I had a horrible day and here I am, chugging a beer and happy as hell

how the hell do people eat 24 nuggets I’m about to pass out

What do you mean drinks went up, because someone made a mess?! Don't be so greedo. #OverheardAtStarWarsCantina

Guessing the plan is for Maldonado to catch Lester at least. Need someone with a better arm than Caratini or Davis with him.

The #fatal4way may not have been great to some people, but those fans in Long Island have zero class. Those women busted their asses. #RAW

Imagine being a “conservative” who spent all day sanctimoniously defending Ilhan Omar’s virtue and courage and contributions to American democracy, only to have her hold a press conference where she refused to denounce Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism.

Ilhan Omar Asked About Her Comments on Al-Qaeda and 9-11 - Defends Muslims - Shies Away from Marriage to Brother (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar accuses President Trump of "launching a blatantly racist attack on four duly elected members" of the US House of Representatives. "This is the agenda of white nationalists."

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi said the House will vote on a bill condemning President Trump's "racist" tweets slamming progressive congresswomen.

Neal Katyal: The remarks Donald Trump made, make him unfit for the office of the presidency. #RacistPresident #SilenceEqualsCompliance #TheBeat


Reminder: You can’t be for Trump but against his racism. #RacistPresident

Viajes a universos paralelos 6 casos sorprendentes… vía @RCENI24 #FelizLunes #SinLuz Caracas #Guarenas #UsurpaciónSinVerguenza #15Jul FaceApp Fuerte Área 51

xq de la nada hay tantos memes del area 51?

خدایا مخم گوزید دقیقا شبی که در مورد Area 51 خوندم این قسمت HIMYM که دارم میبینم یه لحظه کوتاه در مورد حادثه رازول صحبت کرد. اپیزود Tailgate

me teaching my alien to pose after i save it from area 51


So refreshing to hear these voices speaking out against the racism and xenophobia being perpetuated by our President. #RacistPresident #StopTheHate…

This is why people think you are pro Al Qaeda. You were given the chance to denounce them and did not. You decide America.

Don't blame @AOC, @AyannaPressley, @IlhanMN or @RashidaTlaib. Don't blame @SpeakerPelosi or other Democrats. Put the blame right where it belongs-squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump and the GOP. Let's commit now to working together to take back 2020. #RacistPresident

Madeline Albright on Fascism: "Violence is a crucial element of fascism. Whatever else it is, fascism involves the endorsement and use of violence to achieve political goals and stay in power. It’s a bully with an army." #RacistPresident

El presidente Trump nombra a la puertorriqueña Carmen Cantor como embajadora ante la Federación de Estados de Micronesia, que tiene un pacto de libre asociación con EE.UU..

MD Dem chair: Trump emboldens those who want to harm people of color @JFKucinich @seungminkim @MayaRockeymoore @BillKristol discuss @TheLeadCNN


Macron hablará con Trump y Putin para intentar salvar el pacto nuclear iraní

pa sports hatte heute einen schlaganfall weil ihn die area 51 tweets überfordert haben gute besserung kleiner

#RacistPresident the better question to Republicans is not “do you think Trump’s comments are racist?” but “do you support Trump’s racist comments?” Full stop.

I've found that Area 69 is just as inaccessible to me as Area 51 tbh

Can someone please show me where Ilhan Omar has condemned al Qaeda... because she certainly dodged the question today... and if Trump dodged White Nationalist questions, it's news for a week. I want to be proven wrong here... please show me evidence.

Yall still buying madden?

What’s the point of holding a press conference to complain about the president’s pro-Al Qaeda accusation if you refuse to condemn Al Qaeda during your own press conference?

Up to 50% off PC Gaming laptops, #RacistPresident #RickyRenuncia JR Smith #TheSquad Madden Brees Ben Simmons #2KRatings Mitt Romney Al Qaeda #TemptationIsland Joanna #LeRoiLion Seyi Madden #laptops #laptop #gaming #gamingpc #pcgaming #promotion


Celebrity> People>Elvis Biopic Casts Austin Butler As King Of Ro >> #people


THE KING IS CAST: Ansel Elgort, Harry Styles and Miles Teller all reportedly tested for the role ultimately won by 27-year-old Austin Butler.…

"I will not dignify it with an answer because I know that every single Islamophobe ---every single person who is hateful, who is driven by an ideology of 'othering' as this president is, rejoices in us responding to that and us defending ourselves."

Man I can't believe that the president who said he wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the US and said refugees are secretly terrorists would baselessly accuse a Muslim refugee of supporting Al Qaeda


Austin Butler really was casted as Elvis?? Whew, the talent

Can Austin Butler sing? Genuinely curious. I think he is a solid actor, but can he sing?

austin butler is playing elvis cute

LSU S Grant Delpit on #Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa and his WRs: “They’re great athletes. They definitely know what they’re doing. They’ve got that offense down pat. It’s tough to stop them, but I’ll take my secondary, our group of DBs any day.” #SECMD19

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