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Marvel's first Asian lead is a Chinese-Canadian actor who went to business school and spent one year working at an accounting firm before chasing his dream. ..I feel so seen. ;_;…

SCARLETT JOHANSSON on if she'll return to the #MCU after BLACK WIDOW:…


It's a proven fact that sniffing glue will cause serious brain damage. Eating it has to be worse. So of course Trump hired him.…

não tenho foto bonita desculpa mundo #LGBTQglowup


No one can rap like @NICKIMINAJ she’s the queen of rap and that’s that. #weloveyounicki

we love a woman who worked at Red Lobster and wrote her ass off instead of drugging men to get where she is . #WeLoveYouNicki

Amen we don’t respect that bird she don’t write she’s a fraud #WeLoveyouNicki…

ہر صدی میں کسی نا کسی ملک میں انقلاب آتا رہا ھے اور 21 صدی میں باری ھے پاکستان کی Thank You #ImranKhan #PMIKJalsaInUSA #PMIKInUSA

#Psalms 46:1 God is our mighty fortress, always ready to help in times of trouble.#CEV God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.#NRSV #Church #Jesus #BiblePic #Christian #Christianity #God #Amen #Lord #Christ #scripture #fortress #refuge #strength #mighty


Ex-Reagan Adviser: Evangelical Leaders Who Back Trump Do More Harm to Christian Values Than Atheists…

That’s a wrap! I’m going to miss seeing your everybody’s beautiful faces everyday! @CameranEvans- thank you for being an amazing Christian Grey! You had some big shoes to fill and you filled them with no problem at all and put your own twist on it! I’m proud of you! ♥️


Skin not only dark, it shines and tell my story #BrownSkinGirlChallenge will never trade me for anybody else


This Stephen Miller dude is having a coming out party. Look at his suit. He is... dangerous. He’s not the most powerful character in this Trump show, but he is the scariest one out of all of them. He’s the one with the vision being executed openly here.…

#Christian #Meditation 13: Walking With God mini podcast personal growth

Christian Zionism is not a religion per se, but rather a set of beliefs based on interpretations of specific parts of the Bible that has made the return of the Jews to the Holy Land @philipgiraldi…

Is it possible for the Jews to kick Stephen Miller out?

Mudkip Community Day! ✅107 Mudkip Caught ✅ 3 Shiny Mudkip #PokemonGOCommunityDay


#MuseumFire Latest news release from Coconino County: "Set Stage (pre-evacuation) orders in place"


Apollo 8 command module pilot Jim Lovell recounts the epic voyage of humanity's first trip around the Moon. #Apollo50th

Mucho cambió en la Tierra desde el alunizaje del #Apollo11 en 1969 pero no siempre en la dirección correcta. Hoy la concentración en nuestra #Atmósfera de #CO2 (principal GasInvernadero causante del #CambioClimatico) es 27% mayor q hace 50años! #Apollo50th…


First aerial photos of the #MuseumFire burning hundreds of acres dangerously close to Flagstaff, AZ. #azfire


The straight men are so confused by Charli XCX, they thought she was talking about jalapeño poppers #p4kfest

I asked if the new seasons will follow the new characters and Aaron said Yes! He explained to me how it will be like in the original trilogy of Star Wars movies where each movie starts not directly where the last one ended in terms of location and time (1/2) #tdp #TheDragonPrince

Sydnee and Akeem check out a wild immersive experience at Comic-Con, all thanks to Amazon’s The Boys. #SDCC2019

When you’re a politician and create a #HateHoax especially after the #JussieSmollettHoax #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho #EricaThomas

clubs are actually willing to give us valuable assets for gareth bale

#sdcc was chill this year, but I’m ready to be home with my cats and back to avoiding social interactions on the weekends

quando eu vi esse ngc do album novo se chamar ''map of the soul: shadow'' eu juro que meu coração parou pq eu ja imaginei um conceito totalmente reverso de bwt, dark sexy cm as fotos estilo da era fake love meu papai, jungkook de mullet... s u r t o #HEAR_YOURSELF

For your Sunday enjoyment.....motherfucking christian pastor..Pastor says he was sucking demons out of men he sexually assaulted, lawsuit claims…

I am surprised, and quite frankly disappointed, to learn that no cat has yet walked on the moon. #CatsOfTwitter #Apollo50th


Stephen King unearthing the members of Cats from a Pet *Sematary

Very savvy: @TCM deliberately ran this Film Noir about the danger of COMIC BOOKS on the same weekend as San Diego ComicCon! #WhileTheCitySleeps #TCMParty #SDCC2019

As a university student, Mr Ruto was a God-fearing Christian who served at one time as the chairman of the University of Nairobi’s choir. #RutoOnPunchline PHOTO: COURTESY

It contains around 80 celestial maps from the 17th century, alongside 20 moon globes and scientific instruments.… #Apollo50th #Apollo50 #Apollo11

I would like to go see either Toy’s Story 4 or the Lion King today ..

"Presidential Harassment" definition: living in a country where the president lies constantly, harasses anyone not a right wing christian male and feels free to sexually assault any woman - then claims he can't be prosecuted and defies subpoenas.

Anuncios de DC del día de ayer en #SDCC2019: -#YoungJustice tendrá una 4ª temporada. -Aqualad y Deathstroke saldrán en la 2ª temporada de #TITANS. -Se confirma 2ª temporada de #DoomPatrol. -El Superman que interpretará Brandon Routh en el crossover de CW será el de #KingdomCome.


A little late to the #Apollo50th party but still feeling honored to have met the one & only @TheRealBuzz #BuzzAldrin #MoonLanding #NASA


#signssomeoneispsycho - When they say they hate pets, but can’t stop grabbing pussy.

#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho Uncaring. Shallow Emotions. ... Irresponsibility. ... Insincere Speech. ... Overconfidence. ... Narrowing of Attention. ... Selfishness. ... Inability to Plan for the Future.

#PHOTO | “The L I N E U P. Comic-Con-style. The #JennaTakeover COMIC-CON EDITION begins!” #SDCC2019 #FearTWD (via feartwd)


Short video from Beyond Scream Queens panel with @RuthieConnell and @AlainaHuffman at #SDCC2019. More video and article coming soon! #SPNFamiIy

.@VP Mike Pence speaks in Cape Canaveral, FL: "If Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins aren't heroes, then there are no heroes. We honor these men today and America will always honor our Apollo astronauts. They were heroes, all." #Apollo50 #Apollo50th

When I was little I used to freeze my Han Solo Star Wars figures in little bowls of ice. What’s the longest you went without friends for? #epV

[SDCC19] Todas las novedades editoriales de Star Wars #BlogosferaOGRO


Drawing with Chuck Norris in a first to 100 victories Arm-Wrestling competition. #ManlyReasonsToIgnoreACall

#ManlyReasonsToIgnoreACall I find out that person calling hasn't bought my book. >Please check out my ebook. LINK IN BIO.<

#ManlyReasonsToIgnoreACall cos I'm a man and talkin' is a woman's thing

LOOK: Mommy D prays for Manny Pacquiao a few minutes before his fight against Keith Thurman | via Val Cuenca, ABS-CBN News #PacquiaoThurman


“I believe Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather that night.” Skip... skip your drunk ass back to your seat and enjoy the show my man. You’re wild’n. #PacquiaoThurman

im not really excited for the phase 4 that much

Really LOVED what @Marvel did. They only showed PART of Phase 4. And these are all setup movies. At D23 we'll get the rest with a Fantastic Four Announcement. #MarvelSDCC, #SDCC

Marvel Phase 4 kicks off with Angelina Jolie, ‘The Eternals’…

i wanna go watch the lion king

"I think it's been tremendously discrediting to the Christian faith," Wehner said, referring to those who back Trump. "I think it's shown to a watching world a tremendous amount of hypocrisy. After all: this 'character counts' and 'personal integrity'..."…

Bout to watch the Lion King with my family. We got like 2 whole rows #TheLionKing

I watched The Lion King tonight and honestly it was just okay Some scenes, especially the ending with Simba battling Scar, were hype. Everything else just didn’t feel as good as the original, especially facial expressions Even the music was eh. They ruined Be Prepared, imo

⚡️ Quote of the Day: "Wishing won't keep you safe, safety will" - Unknown ———— #SDCC19 #HighTech #CyberPunk #NetflixOnUS #SwaggerScan #CaptainMarvel #UFCSanAntonio #HEATWAVE2019

The return to Pride Rock is finally here: 'Lion King' remake in theaters this weekend…


LINDOS! Madelaine e o elenco de Riverdale fotografados pela TV Line durante a #SDCC2019.


Dembski and Reyerson are both out of the game, replaced by Haveman and Bannister, as Pella Christian and West Marshall head to the 9th still scoreless. Both teams got runners into scoring position in the 8th to no avail. #iahsbb

The trailer for Harley Quinn escaped from MTV’s Liquid Television lineup #SDCC2019…


Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Luka! ♥️


picard is gonna have a romulan character???? guess i gotta marathon tng now

So, based on what I’ve gathered from #SDCC announcements so far, I will need: - Disney+ (All things Marvel) - CBS All Access (Picard) - HBO (Watchmen) - Movie money (Because Marvel’s Phase 4!)

That's it for Day 2 at #P4Kfest! Rest up and we'll see you for the final day tomorrow. Photo by Matt Lief Anderson for Pitchfork #P4Kfest


Ernie Isley just shredded all over Seals & Croft’s “Summer Breeze” and I’ll never hear that song the same way again, my gawd #P4Kfest


The #IsleyBrothers influenced the artists who influenced the artists who influenced the music on the charts today. Not only are they the most important act at @pitchforkfest but one of the most vital artists of all time. We wouldn't even be attending a #P4Kfest if not for them!

Huge dance party breaks out for “twist and shout.” Yeh, the Isleys had a hit with that too. #p4kfest

A young Jimi Hendrix once lived with the Isley Brothers when he was in their touring band. A young Ernie Isley picked up a few things. He’s firing on “who’s that lady.” #P4Kfest

Wah wah guitar in full effect as Isley Brothers kick open the door to headlining set with “Fight the Power.” #P4Kfest

Wild to see Jeremih perform “Birthday Sex” on this, my grandmother’s birthday. #P4Kfest

Today: Pooch "Number 1" name confirmed Art & info for Lower Decks Short Treks discussed: - 3 Pike, #1 & Spock Shorts - Trill spotted - Tribble eaten by totes adorbs girl Picard Trailer: - Data - Seven of Nine - Borg Cube - B4 #TheExpanse trailer I'm pooped What'd I miss?

Finally saw someone wearing a @BlockClubCHI gator watch shirt at #P4Kfest

Kinda bummed the guy who played melodica for Belle & Sebastian didn’t play a solo #P4Kfest

Belle and Sebastian are performing their classic album “If You’re Feeling Sinister” at Pitchfork right now. The album wouldn’t exist without Scotland’s welfare state.… #p4kfest

y’all see this? majo does have a heart and soul


Trump retweets far-right British commentator praising his attacks on Omar


100T Faze mapset will be interesting. Faze lost some of their strong maps at PL, so it will be a tough one to call. My prediction: HP: Arsenal, Hacienda SND: Payload, Frequency CTL: Arsenal #CWLFinals #CWLMiami

You cannot serve two masters. Multiculturalism. The single most important thing for a new citizen of America is to assimilate into our Culture. Some like Omar never do and never will. So how does that contribute to America? It doesn't. So why did you come here?

The lion king was sooo good bro

I can’t wait for the thunderpuss remix to the CATS soundtrack

Three days of human feats and failings, all playing out in our house — on a television! Then suddenly it was gone. The Eagle returned to the Apollo spacecraft, and our television returned to the rental store.

That Cats trailer is rough. The trailer for the book was better.

You know if both this and CATS do major box office, half the movies are going to start adding digital fur to everyone on screen, right?…

Santa & Mrs. Claus came by Christmas in July & are huge @realDonaldTrump supporters. The enthusiasm for Trump here is outrageous in Hernando County. #SaturdayMorning


Who needs a job?? This will be a interesting farm to work on.…

I am told by a friend that the plastic wrap machines were being run by the same company for years - however the difference now is that the plastic wrapping has been made mandatory at Rs 50 per piece of checked baggage which means that the said company will get lots of business


Ike's DS is the most interesting to me....straight to the point and honest #BBNaija

Interesting article in FT. Interaction between mental health & employment clearly a massive issue. For policies involving employers worth thinking about effectiveness, but also coerciveness, potential for discrimination from disclosure, data privacy, & much more.…

We dont want any Kim back, she was not interesting. #bbnaija

Did some fun fact on Fragleague Top Div this season. Teams who stop in circle 1-3 to take out rotation kills (loosing time in their own rotation) - Ending up, 5th place or lower. Very interesting stuff.

waiting to see the lion king with jenn towards the end of august is honestly TORTURE and it’s only been out one day so far

Lots of interesting discussion on this take. It seems like the phrase “purity culture” can cover a lot of things, some very harmful and sexist. It’s a bit discouraging how many have responded to this by no longer holding anything like a Christian sexual ethic, though.…

a7: I want to see the lion King, Aladdin and Toy Story 4! #PeriGirlsChat

Is Trump a Racist or a Narcissist? He’s Both…

Rarely have I felt so ancient as now: having to explain to J that a. 'Cats' was a stage musical first and b. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it.

12:44:03 EST The LM (Eagle) undocks from the CSM (Columbia). Aldrin films Columbia from Eagle as the two ships begin to drift apart. #AvGeeks11 #Apollo50th


If you need to quote Katie Hopkins to prove you aren’t a racist then you may have a problem

Love you Katie Hopkins. You can speak for me all day long. The media can't accept the truth. The people are sick and tired of THESE immigrants from all over the world being put before OUR own pensioners and veterans. STOP defending Islamic cultists and promote OUR cultural belief…

We're back at the track with our new, race-inspired Eagle F1 SuperSport Range. #MoveAside


Stanford Olsen joins The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square by performing Mack Wilberg's arrangement of "The Holy City."


I think Andrea on some "Save a Nigga" shit. This is not some Mormon mission. The fuck she thinking??? #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Only 38% of Utahns ready to vote for a second term for President Trump, poll finds… via @KSLcom

The moon landing is a anti-Mormon hoax #apollo11 #apollo50


Weekend: Saturday Disappointment: Draturday Broken mirror: Shatterday Overeating: Faturday Trumpet lessons: Blaturday Tea Party: Hatterday Anything Mormon: Latterday Yelling “my wife!”: Boraturday Pregnancy: Pitterpatterday Axe murder: Splatterday

What can Mormon Lit do? A thread in twelve recommendations.

A decent shot of Common mormon finally..


this bitch in the theatre next to me @braincelltwo @juliasavoca during lion king after yaking three times on the floor: mom I frowd up


“I’m fucking drunk and I fucking love this community.” - Chip Zdarsky #FPSDCC #SDCC #Eisners #eisnerawards


#ThingsStupidPeopleSay agggghhh is it too much to ask that everyone in the world adore me to an irrational degree???!!! (Me, this morning)


"I thought our story was epic, you know, you and me. Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, bloodshed, epic. No one writes songs about the ones that come easy." #LoVe FOREVER. rob thomas you suck. #VeronicaMars

PETA Urges New Jersey Race Track to Cancel Racing During East Coast Heat Wave…


Ppl literally a week a go:the lion King remake is the worst,most useless waste of disney bucks. Its existence is an abomination and a disgrace Ppl now: if y'all sleep on the masterpiece that lion King where beyonce stars but give money to a taylor swift movie, I swear to godhfjf

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay When I was working in the Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow (5 floors of books), a customer said "I'm looking for a book. I can't remember who it's by, or what it's called, but it's got a blue cover."

cats the musical is the reason im gay and also a childhood furry

Reports claim that the English and Hindi version of #TheLionKing have been leaked online by TamilRockers…

The Eisner for best single issue goes to Chip Zdarsky for Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #310! @zdarsky #comics #EisnerAward #SDCC #eisnerawards #spiderman


50% of the conversation around Comic Con: "Did you see the new CATS trailer?!"

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay *While I am literally making coffee* Roommate: Are you making coffee?

Golden Freddy Idol 1600LE #funkofundays2019 #funkofundays ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Repost @serlentpops #funko #popkeep #funkonews #SDCC #sdcc2019 #funkosdcc #SDCC50



Your kids start acting funny. #SignsYourHouseIsHaunted

For those of us who watched Matt Harvey every five days in 2011, 2013 and 2015 when he was at his best, his Shakespearean fall has been brutal to watch. I’ll never stop rooting for him to find some sort of comfort.

Marcelino just doesn’t like Brittany’s friends #LifeAfterLockup #LoveAfterLockup

My boyfriends wife #LifeAfterLockup

#RNR9 was a snoozefest. Not a good look for me hyping up how great of an event it is to people watching for the first time. Blood rule states, headgear states, get rid of 'em or find a loophole.

#RNR9 I nominate @BodeyCoomes “Green Budweiser” at 135lbs for #RNR10 retweet to make it happen!

Sad that the snake was the best part of #RNR9

BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Worst fucking fight of the night what a goddamn disappointment! #RnR9 @roughnrowdy @BarstoolBigCat @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente

These punches are coming from wayyyyy down south #RNR9

This fat 'frat guy' is the Mark Gottfried of NC State fighting #RnR9

The #ECU kid “Space Boy” just won a (terrible) fight at #RoughandRowdy #RNR9

Just over a third of Utahns would vote for another term for President Donald Trump, according to a new poll as controversy continues over his "racist comments" directed at four minority congresswomen.…

How significant is era when discussing passing stats? Well, in 2002 Tom Brady led the NFL with 28 passing TDs. In 2018 that would have been good for 11th. Era context matters.

The EPA is deciding not to ban a pesticide that’s been shown to hurt chlidren’s brains, despite calls to do so. NBC’s @byJacobWard joins @AymanM to explain why.…


#TheLionKing is technically marvelous, but sadly the film isn't much more than that and is hindered by casting issues. Review by @mrsingleton:…


If I knew today would start how it did I would have went and saw The Lion King for a second time.

are u gonna see the lion king in theaters!! @mitchgrassi

Jared Goff supplied Cooper Kupp with catchable passes at the highest rate of any #NFL quarterback last season (84.9%) He's also the only QB to be on this list with multiple receivers: He's 24 years old.

I forgot the song Memories was from Cats

Me and my girlfriend have been sexting as cats all morning and I highly recommend it.

the gender binary but it’s lion king cgi and cats cgi

*UK GOVT: `URGENTLY SEEKING FURTHER INFORMATION' ON GULF TANKER - but first black tea with milk and sugar.

"It's not about the message," reads the memo from Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, obtained by THR. "It's about the use of [the] ESPN platform”

#BREAKING: White House national security council says #US aware of reports that Iranian forces seized a British oil tanker - Bolton has been waiting for this special day for years...

In this week's notebook, @BuckyBrooks spotlights six major bounce-back candidates, identifies two superstars who were shortchanged by the "Madden" rankings and much more.…


Is this a typical format for hearing “complaints”? A group of victims surrounding the throne? It’s like the king’s court. Sometimes he will turn his head to look at you. Or your Nobel prize. Or mistake your people for an area of the map. I’ve lost track of the jester.…


The newest #4thAnd1 podcast is now up. @todpalmer & @Jacobs71 react to the latest news on Tyreek Hill, preview training camp, #NameThatChief and #CheckTheTweets . #Chiefs Apple:… Spotify:…

When I was younger I wasn’t a big fan of Dan Le Batard...but my opinions of him changed drastically after watching him call out the idiot we have running the country and his racist supporters. Well done sir, we may not always agree on sports but you were spot on with this.

Are you trying to say that Iran war is already priced-in?…

Tyreek hill shouldn’t even be in the nfl and he’s not even getting a suspension

the nfl goes out of their way to play ads about domestic abuse during commercial breaks and then they let tyreek hill go without ANY level of punishment. just say you prioritize money over victims and go @nflcommish

The Nobel Laureate who suggested VitaminC heavy dosage did not get Nobel Prize in medicine but in chemistry. However I think we should have given him Nobel Laureate for Medicine; can vouch heavy dosage of VitaminC works in controlling & curing common cold. Am out of it 2 days


Roger Goodell when he sees who MVP Patrick Mahomes would have to throw to without Tyreek Hill

Grab your popcorn and head over to FOX, Caleb Plant vs Mike lee is lookin’ to steal the show tomorrow night!

Mike Lee is concerned about the deficit ... Not!


44% of Utahns 'strongly' disapprove--53% 'disapprove' of Trump. I used to think our Utah DC GOP lemurs were silent because they were afraid of the Trump voters. Now, I think maybe, they agree with the racist. Sad. #utpol…

You’re right, Jon Stewart. Politics must not stand in the way of compensation for our brave first responders.…

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