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“Perceiving a threat?” What threat? Describe it. & finding a gun in the house says nothing. Texas is an #opencarry state. Was the weapon brandished at the cop. Were there previous calls to this home? What is the officers name? I have questions. #AtatianaJefferson #FortWorthPD…

Yurt dışında Kpop denilince akla ilk onların gelmesi bile sadece bir örnek #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY

Just a reminder of why Colin Kapernick kneeled #AtatianaJefferson #NFL

#ABDgündemineTwitAtalım HE IS SO HAPPY KURDS THAT HIS CITY HAS BEEN CLEARED FROM THE PKK/YPG. Menbiç'e Tyreek Hill Sidney Jones Suriye Ordusu Putin Diggs #MEB2019AlanDegisikligi .

Here we go again in Texas! See what all that shucking, jiving , and forgiveness gets us? #AtatianaJefferson

Baker Mayfield "I bet nobody can throw more INTS than me this season! Jameis Winston-"Hold my crab legs"

Minutes before she was shot and killed by a Fort Worth police officer, #AtatianaJefferson was playing Xbox in her bedroom with her 8-year-old nephew, @MeritLaw told me.…

Opportunistic F**kboy!! #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Imagine having Pat Mahomes and Tyreek Hill on the field, and you run the ball on 2-14. Imagine that. #ChiefsKingdom

İlk bölümü bitti, önümüzdeki hafta içinde geri kalanı bitirip yayınlayacağım.…

Dili 'rengi, ırkı umurumda degil benim için insanlar iyi ve kötü insan olarak ikiye ayrılır kalanı beni ilgilendirmez

Utah moves up to #13 in the latest @AP_Top25 Poll. Their opponent on Saturday, ASU is now #17 #Utes

By holding Oregon State to 48 yards on the ground, the #Utes moves their season avg. to 52.8 rushing yards allowed. That’s No. 2 in the nation behind only Wisconsin(44.7).

PAC-12 QB Rating: 1. Huntley (Utah) - 187.6 2. Gordon (WSU) - 169.2 3. Herbert (Ore) - 166.3 4. Slovis (USC) - 162.5 5. Eason (UW) - 154.2 6. Daniels (ASU) - 153.8 7. Tate (UA) - 153 8. Garbers (Cal) - 148.1 9. Mills (Stan) - 145.7 10. Luton (OSU) - 144.2 11. Montez (CU) - 139

See what you’ve done to me #BYUFootball


3 Thoughts from Reser Stadium 1. Huntley is playing at QB level not seen at Utah since Alex Smith. Best in Pac12 this season 2. The LB duo of Bernard/Lloyd have reached the Hansen/Barton level of impact & playmaking of 2018 3. The Best 2 teams in the Pac12 are Oregon/Utah #Utes

QB Rating thru Week 7 187.6—Huntley, Utah 169.2—Gordon, WSU 166.3—Herbert, UO 162.3—Slovis, USC 154.2—Eason, UW 153.8—Daniels, ASU 152.9—Tate, UA 148.2—Garbers, Cal 145.7—Mills, Stan 144.2—Luton, OSU 139.0—Montez, CU 137.8—Thompson-Robinson, UCLA

I absolutely love seeing former Utes tweeting about the program. There is nothing but love and it shows that it really is family. Proud to cheer for this school and call them my team.

I hope @Utah_Football fans realize how well Tyler Huntley is playing this year. Through the first half of the season he’s having the best year by a Ute QB since Alex Smith in ‘04 and Brian Johnson in ‘08.


For those of you #BYUFOOTBALL fans on the #FireKalani train. This started long before his arrival. Unless we change the foundation this will be our new norm no matter who the coach is. Don’t @ me about bronco, he’s an incredible coach and we were spoiled to have him here!


beni mutlu etmenin 70 yolu var biri bira geri kalanı 69

Lewis signing autographs for the grid kids + at the drivers parade---via mercedesamgf1 #JapaneseGP

What’s the return policy on engagement rings? Either way that’s gonna be an awkward convo #powertv

Tommy Tommy we are about to see bloodbath on the next episode of #PowerTV

It was Mercedes’ day as the Silver Arrows captured a 6th successive Constructors Championship in Suzuka after @ValtteriBottas , stormed to victory ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and fellow Mercedes ace, @LewisHamilton. Can the latter capture the title next? #VietnamGP

Aşk şarkılarına biri dur demeli unutturmuyor ne kalanı ne de gideni

Hon'ble MR will flagged of "Sewa service " trains on 15th,oct 19. 3 trains for SRLy. 1Karur-Salem,. 2 Kalani - Coimbatore and 3Coimbatore- Pollachi


i love when ppl ask leo if he is moving to oregon with me when i go to school as if i didn’t move across the country for him?? like yea he’s moving one state down for me, c’mon

Funny thing is BYU beating Boise State next week would be the most Sitake led BYU team thing eve #BYUFOOTBALL

Sometimes I think about the folks that wanted to fire Whitt and hire the likes of Bob Davie, Craig Bohl, Kalani Sitake, etc. man we have some interesting fans.

This isn't a stretch. This is truth. Tyler Huntley has been impressive.…

Sabah erken kalkmak zorunda olan herkeslere günaayyyydııınnn☀☕ Geri kalanı size çok sinirliyim şuan ahsjsjsk

Utah and Tyler Huntley are the only P5 team that hasn't thrown an interception this season. Huntley has 131 attempts on the year. #Utes

Utah entered tonight the only team in the Pac 12 with a Pick 6, they had two. They remain the only team in the Pac 12 with an INT for TD, now with 3 on the season. #Utes

Tyler Huntley is building a strong resume for PAC-12 offensive player of the year. Another brilliant performance in Corvallis. He still has not thrown a pick this year and has thrown 133 straight passes without an INT. Utah one of three teams in the country without an INT #Utes

Tyler Huntley 14-17--247yds 2TD Continues to play at an extremely high level/Best QB in the Pac 12 right now... #Utes

That's what I'm talking about Utes. Great to see this squad fulling their potential.

I asked Zack Moss if he thought about the all-time rushing record after busting off that 91-yard TD run. Zack said he did, but added he’s glad it’s within striking distance now with the upcoming home game vs. ASU next weekend because his parents are coming out from Florida.

The Utes just put two of the most dominant performances in the conference back to back. #momentum

Utah Defense Sack/6 TFL/8 PBU/INT for TD #Utes

Also — HUGE shout out to @USFFootball fans. They were beyond cool and extremely friendly today. Good people. Made the loss a little less brutal. #GoCougs #BYUFOOTBALL

#UFCTampa results: Cub Swanson schools Kron Gracie in thrilling throwdown (via @davedoylemma)

Aquí viene Waterson #UFCTampa

#UFCTampa #UFC

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