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Eleanor Roosevelt was the first to address the country after Pearl Harbor & her words were as inspiring as her husband’s. “Whatever is asked of us I am sure we can accomplish it. We are the free and unconquerable people of the United States of America.”…

"At the dawning of last century, I thought I knew the score. The miner's lost the battle, But the good guys won the war, I stayed up with my folks, We drank champagne til 6 A.M The day we saw the @Conservativesout of number 10" .#SaturdayThoughts #PeopleBeforePrivilege

The dude who fought Brother Nature is a great representation of all the lame clout chasing boys in Miami

The only person who can tackle Corruption in Nigeria... Wan-Bissaka #MCIMUN


Trump tweets out bullshit every day yet when it comes to something sacred and important like Pearl Harbor ..crickets Sad!

78 years ago today my grandfather, Leonard L Curry, was on the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor when all hell broke loose that morning. He survived the attack swimming under flames. #PearlHarborRemembranceDay #PearlHarbor

i’m impressed by the guy that jumped brother nature, he’s tall

Not one animal came to Brother Nature rescue?? Smh

Because #USC and #Utah's conference record is within one game, the Alamo could still pick the 3rd place Trojans.…


#ToiletTrump guess he was on his on his 2nd or 3rd covfefe when disaster struck

Flags at US Capitol lowered to half-staff today for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. #PearlHarbor78


#ToiletTrump Come on push Shitler push .Drain the swamp.I see kelly Anne and Moscow Mitch coming


#APleaToGenZ learn BJJ and Muay Thai and bully the millennials.

Hello fellow gen-z kids also looking through this shithole of a hashtag. You can rest here. #APleaToGenZ



WATCH: Pearl Harbor remembered at Milwaukee County War Memorial…


#toiletgate #ToiletTrump I don't think "water pressure" is to blame for Trump's flushing issues: 1. Developmentally, Trump isn't up to *going like a big boy." He needs help. 2. No toilet can handle a 300lb, walking turd, especially if the turd is an idiot, and Putin's.

If I get stomped out.. please don’t let Shaun King come to my rescue.

#APleaToGenZ To say what has already been said. We do not care - Almost all of us aren't even close to being 30, and most aren't even 20 - Your "plea" means nothing, because nothing is good enough to boomers.

Shaun King gonna try to fight the dude that mauled Brother Nature and get the civil rights beat out of him

Just spoke with Alamo Bowl pres/CEO Derrick Fox. While not ready to commit to anything, he said it's not a sure thing that they would choose Utah over USC should they have the option. USC will receive strong consideration.

Texans WIL fight for their land. Remember the Alamo #OneVoice1 Texans on southern border vow to fight Trump’s efforts to take their homes for border wall…

More than a game ❤️ After @oregonfootball's @pac12 Championship victory over Utah last night, Penei Sewell consoled his older brother, Nephi, a cornerback for the Utes.

Me and my sister at the Alamo museum in 1975 and my son at the same spot today.


Utes have experienced some brutal late season disappointments the last handful of years. Maybe it's better to be a BYU fan and be disappointed every few weeks all year long. It helps us never get too high.

More than a game ❤️ After @Oregonfootball's @Pac12 Championship victory over Utah last night, Penei Sewell consoled his older brother, Nephi, a cornerback for the Utes.

Still bummed about the Utes game last night, but giving stuff away always cheers me up. LET’S DO ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! Today’s prize: - Nike 2017-2018 Joel Embiid City jersey All you gotta do: - Retweet & follow Winner will be selected @ halftime tonight! Good luck! Go Sixers!


"That’s the best part of football, man, when you physically beat someone." No. 13 @oregonfootball dominated the line of scrimmage against No. 5 @Utah_Football to take the @pac12 title bout by KO on Friday at Levi's Stadium. #GoDucks #GoUtes @rg_ducksports…

Only a few things went wrong for the Utes last night. The problem was most of it started at the line of scrimmage which was unexpected. Great season, great team! Tough game.…

It was a championship caliber performance on both sides of the ball. But @oregonfootball’s celebration game was on another LEVEL! Here are some of the best moments from when that clock hit 00:00. #PAC12Championship @coach_cristobal @TheOregonDuck

Great pitches from SA startups @sendspark and @floatmeapp at @venture4america Demo Day. So proud! Nice win @floatmeapp for bringing home the “crowd favorite” prize. @activecapitalvc #SAinvesting #SAstartups @Alamo_Angels…

Congratulations Son!! I’m sooo proud of you and your teammates and so very honored God chosw me to be your mother!!! #TookThePack #PAC12Championship @Fat_Mac34 @oregonfootball


ICYMI Oregon Ducks are headed to the Rose Bowl after crushing the Utah Utes, 37-15, in Pac-12 championship game AP Photo/Tony Avelar @oregonfootball @Utah_Football #PAC12Championship. @rg_ducksports @rgduckfootball #GoDucks #PAC12FCG


#katyperryisoverparty ستان ماديسون بير ملكة المواهب و الأخلاق

#DepressionFeelsLike you can't breathe but somehow you're still getting enough oxygen to keep you alive (even though you wish you weren't)

#DepressionFeelsLike having to eat a bag of skittles every morning. Except it’s not a bag of skittles, it’s actually a handful of psych meds and instead of getting cavities you get ED.

Every month, I go to RML hospital in Delhi to meet the doctor to discuss about the condition of father. Some how #DepressionFeelsLike I'm also the victim of this and it's slowly-slowly trying to eat me.

Grande maturità nel far partire un hashtag del genere al giorno per ogni minima frase che non vi va a genio. Comincerei a chiedermi se il problema sono davvero gli altri, o se magari siete voi #katyperryisoverparty

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