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Sheesh, for what they're paying Gerrit Cole, the Yankees could have had bought TWO AND A HALF IAN DESMONDS. Hmm...yeah, take Cole.

I can’t believe Gerrit Cole rejected our 5 year/10 million dollar contract offer to sign with the Yankees. At least we signed Hector Noesi to ease the pain.

What are the odds the Yankees don’t wind up regretting the Gerrit Cole contract? Less than 50%?

Nick Cannon Tells Eminem To Bring His Wheelchair To Rap Battle

If Nick Cannon keeps it up, he may find his Christmas Stocking STUFFED w/ M&Ms! #RIPNickCanon #RIPNickCannon #EminemDiss

Un mensaje para todo el fandom de PJO: se que estamos todos contentos por la adaptación pero por favor dejen de spoilear las mejores partes de los libros. Mucha gente no los ha leído y disfrutarán más si entran sin saber mucho. #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson

Lizzo's Lakers Outfit Draws Hot Take From Comedian Lil Duval -…

Man I hate the way Eminem’s My Name Is is 50,000 times louder than everything else on Spotify. Makes me jump every tome it comes on.

Srry to post about the Lizzo thing again but why aren’t y’all this mad about white guys streaking at every other sporting event where there are also children present

BREAKING: Jersey City's mayor says gunman in today's deadly standoff were deliberately targeting the Jewish market where it all unfolded.

Nomar Mazara presents a ton of latent upside at a very reasonable trade cost, so you could understand the White Sox having interest. He also hasn’t been very good, so I would understand YOU not having interest…

"These are sad and strange times we are going through. Fortunately all things, even national nightmares, eventually come to an end," said Thanos creator Jim Starlin, pondering the bizarre new Trump campaign video.

President Donald Trump's campaign morphed him into the Avengers supervillain Thanos in a video that appeared on Twitter.…

Loud volleys of gunfire could be heard at regular intervals but subsided around 2 p.m. in the city, which is just across the Hudson River from #Manhattan.…

Hey @NickCannon lmfao omg bwahahaha bougie B****. Imma come at u hard bruh. Yo @Eminem feature me bro, plz feature me. Im hungry enough to eat that p***y. #ripnickcannon #NickCannon #Eminem #Eminemvsnickcannon @TMZ @enews @WORLDSTAR #ayemarie


This the only video @Eminem needs to post on his twitter feed. @NickCannon basically calling #eminem the #greatest alive. This was only three months ago. #ripnickcannon #NickCannon #rap #diss #top5 now we just need Nick to admit he’s doing this for the ratings.

Detective Joseph Seals identified as officer killed in gun battle prompted by apparent drug deal gone bad in Jersey City, officials say.

“El alcalde de Jersey City dice que los investigadores creen que el ‘blanco’ era una tienda judía de abarrotes’…

this lizzo song still playing and I’m mad about it bc it was never good like huh?

Is this a racist comment against Thanos????…

What if thanos and harambe?

Gracias por siempre pensar en mí y compartir esta aventura conmigo. Siempre es un honor trabajar contigo ❤️ ¡Viene bueno!…

yo thinking about didi not in pinstripes has got me in fuckin tears bro

#Yankees Didi walked which I don't really mind but a lot do. Next the Yankees need to give away HR Happ. If Cashman/Hal fail to offer Cole the most $$ & lose him and the big move is resigning Gardner again who should never be brought back, I hope Yankees fans revolt.... #Cole

Today was such an amazing experience. So thankful for all of the help today and the way our wonderful city San Antonio treated us. But the highlight of my day was meeting the legend Pop!! #BirdsUp #DrawTheline


Nieto de Emiliano Zapata demandará al INBAL por pintura! #NOTIVER #VERACRUZ #NACIONALES…


Jeff Traylor is a proven winner as a high school head coach and he won the press conference today.

this is the best thing to wake up to #BROCKHAMPTON


give us sugar mv merch or give us death ! #BROCKHAMPTON

if you haven’t watched the Sugar music video yet (go watch it) this sums it up #BROCKHAMPTON

this is transcendent ciarán please release her @bearfaceington #BROCKHAMPTON

Jeff Traylor sounded like a southern baptist preacher at his press conference today. The excitement was palpable.

AD Lisa Campos says Jeff Traylor has 4 coaches already in San Antonio ready to be hired.

Jeff Traylor said he already has assistants here today and is just waiting for the okay from the athletic director to send them out recruiting tonight.

Jeff Traylor says his wife is “hotter than fish grease”

UTSA coach Jeff Traylor said Matt Rhule talked with him for three hours to prepare for the interview, even though it was the week of the Big 12 title game. "I'm rooting for the Baylor Bears like crazy because they represent what we are about."

UTSA coach Jeff Traylor, with no script, speaking on the administration: "I felt them in my spirit, I knew it in my soul, we just connected, and it ignited my passion even more when I communicated with them about what I felt. This job and its potential is absolutely unlimited."

After seven years at his alma mater, Barry Lunney Jr. is heading to UTSA to join Jeff Traylor's staff:… #WPS

The marquee sign at the Alamodome has a welcome Jeff Traylor message


On #HumanRightsDay we call upon the @un to safeguard our basic rights in Pakistan. #PakViolatePashtunRights #HRViolationsInPakistan

Specific wave patterns in the jet stream can trigger #heatwaves that simultaneously bake parts of North America, Europe and Asia responsible for 25 percent of the world's food. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #TuesdayThoughts…

जमीयत उलेमा हिंद से हमारा यह सवाल है। #RajyaSabha में #CABBill 11दिसंबर को पेश हो रहा है। और बिल पास होने के बाद13 दिसंबर को विरोध प्रदर्शन करने का क्या फायदा? #HumanRightsDay #IndiaRejectsCAB #CABAgainstConstitution #StandUp4HumanRights #किसीकेबापकाभारतथोड़ीहै #CountryAgainstBJP


Horrible OT win against the Eli led giants

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