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Tape shows Trump & Epstein discussing young girls at a 1992 party.…

Michael Goodwin, a Trump defender, mostly blames the press but calls Trump out for the tweets and seems to have tried to explain to Trump over the phone why he shouldn’t have done them…

Trump is going to win again because he’s popular. Don’t believe the hype. Tv talking heads are not real. They’re paid to troll him. People may not admit it but they are fans.

Do you stand with the President Of The United States against these attacks by the left? Let us know below and visit our BRAND NEW website ==>


Oh look - Another Trump friend who wants the US to fight his war…

KESİN KARAR: Trump manyağı silah lobisi baskısıyla ille F35 satmak istiyor, hatta daha fazla alırsak susacaklar. AMA ASLA ALMAYIN VE PARAMIZI ÇOK ÂCİL İADE İSTEYİN! #Çarşamba SeniSeviyorum HemdeÇok #TemizLigİçinAdilFikstür #YusufTosunTutuklansın MI? 3 Türk #çöktü #Erbil #WhatsApp


I love this. And I love you. And I’m glad I’m in that room with you. If, for nothing else than to be by your side. For all of it. Until we become our old FaceApp photos. And beyond! Your strength and passion are boundless. Happy birthday @Dagword…

One of the first acts of Georgia's new Putin-friendly president was to re-ignite an unnecessary conflict with Azerbaijan over some disputed cultural sites on the border. Some people seem to have an interest in escalating this clash.…

"President Trump is reportedly dissatisfied with Republican lawmakers for their lack of defense of his weekend tweets, which targeted a group of minority progressive lawmakers."…

‘Trump ain’t playing 3D chess’: CNN polling analyst blows up myth that president’s racism is smart strategy…


Pretty generous of FaceApp not to factor in male pattern baldness for a lot of us.

⚡️ Describe your favourite #CursedChild character in emojis… #WorldEmojiDay

Lily Allen wrote a song about 'Game of Thrones' star Alfie Allen in 2006. It's gone viral again.


It takes a special kind of lack of situational awareness to drive in the left lane of an interstate 5 miles under the speed limit. #WednesdayWisdom #beaware #really #prayforpatience

If we would only attempt those things we think we can not do; it might surprise us what we could accomplish. #quote #WednesdayWisdom


#العلاوه_السنويه9 همتكم ايها المعلمون ، حساب أنصفنا وحساب ضدنا في قضيتنا ،، اريد التغير واضح في عدد المتابعين بالزيادة ( للمهيب ) والنقص ( لسبق ) لكي يكونوا عبرة لغيرهم :


NEW: "If @realDonaldTrump is ousted, expect the resolve of a new administration & the Europeans to buckle faster than a fan offered free tickets to a Carrie Underwood concert." @JJCarafano offers his latest #Iran analysis & reveals his music preferences:…

I’m not a lawyer so I’d really appreciate it if someone who is could explain how the office of the presidency can’t/won’t shield Trump from prosecution if he’s indeed implicated in Epstein’s crimes.

Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party…

Attitude overload – contents may explode if provoked. #quote #wednesdaywisdom


I don't like this FaceApp aging thing.


It was great to meet with @FairmontState President Dr. @MirtaMMartin, aviation program director and chief pilot Joel Kirk, and members of @SGFairmontState about the many opportunities students have in the aerospace industry ✈


on fox & friends, rep. doug collins spent almost three minutes complaining about nancy pelosi calling the racist president's racist tweets "racist." three minutes!


Every time I see something about the President. I am going to scroll on by. I am not giving him the time of day. I know what he is. I want to focus on ideas that unite us. #HumanityFirst #YangGang #Yang2020

With six Emmy nominations for "Homecoming," Beyoncé already looks poised to emerge from the Hollywood award season as a big winner.

#FaceApp: aplicação que está a recolher dados à custa de filtros… App, que lidera downloads, admite na sua política de #privacidade que constrói uma base de dados dos utilizadores. Você se preocupa com privacidade? @faceapp_ai @PlayStoreForum @GooglePlay


Emmy nominations: The good, the bad and the just weird reveals


This is what happens when your writers get an Emmy nomination and there is a J. Crew in the building.…

#NewDefinitionsForGOP G-reed O-ver P-eople Once owned solely by US oligarchs & corporations, they’ve expanded to be jointly owned by by Russian ones too They want unchecked power & $$$$ & they don’t give a damn about YOU or US #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica


mark my words when I say @txxnzy is coming 1st in the xbox cup

everyone. the upset of the year is that my mum doesn't know where she was born. i was telling her about birth chart stuff to explain my aqua moon & she said i should do hers so i asked you know. where were you born mother. and she tells me i dunno. i can't believe it

Eric Bischoff had ZERO to do with last night’s #SDLive.

Like something out of Black Mirror? Elon Musk, the man behind @Tesla & @SpaceX, announces plans to merge human brains with computers. Neuralink is a tiny chip that's surgically inserted & could be trialled as early as 2020, @elonmusk said yday #Neuralink…

This is my parent's friend and neighbor since I was born. She worked with Werner Van Braun and was on the lunch crew of Apollo 11.…

They say the sunrise starts a new day, but there was no light in our morning after. #1linewed

Photos: Khalid brings 'Free Spirit World Tour' to Texas


"It's always exciting starting a new season, but I don't start looking at the Championship picture until February, " says @OsheaTadhg on #OnTheBridle. "I'm very lucky to have the job I have, with Khalid Al Nabooda and @RacingUAE."

#TextsFromMyParents always make me wince... I mean, I’m trying to let the PAST DIE, over here. Hey... *Suspiciously* How did they even my number?


When Khalid said “maybe you weren’t the one for me, but deep down I wanted you to be”, I felt that shit

What a freaking tease. D-Bry’s segment on #SDLive was perfectly done. Question: Is there a better, more committed on-screen talent than @WWEDanielBryan?? Everything he does is so considered and effective. Couldn’t love him more


#Jobberteers! It's #WrestlingWednesday! Keep our community growing. Follow anyone who likes, replies, & RTs. #RAW #SDLive #WWENXT #205Live #AEW #ROH #NJPW Post a gif of which wrestler will be the next #UniversalChampion.

#FaceApp I look like I should be in charge of Jurassic park.


Look, you just have to judge Trump by the standards of his time. People spoke differently way back in 2019. Not fair to impose our modern sensibilities on the past.

Trump isn't backing down in battle with 'Squad' Dems


Our Parliamentarians Maleeka Bokhari and Kanwal Shauzab had an excellent meeting with Maria Fernanda Espinosa, President of the General Assembly today


Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Every Trump Administration Official Accused of Using Personal Email for Work…

The creepiest thing about #FaceApp isn't the bags, sags, gray hair and wrinkles, it's the app developer's User Agreement.

To the people who didn't vote against Trump by voting for the Democrat: President Marianne Williamson thanks you. She's all your fault.

TIME: "Ursula von der Leyen Confirmed as First Female President of the European Commission


This is me if I was the worship leader of a struggling megachurch in Idaho Falls. #FaceApp #EmoJon


'Unfit to be president': Full text of House impeachment resolution on Trump…

I'm not sure how much I'll like Zero-One himself, but the fact that he seems to be a president makes things interesting


Thinking back to my interview in 2007 with Justice Stevens: “This is a country in which people can disagree without being disagreeable.” Reminded me of another conversation around that time (see 2nd photo). I remember those two (frequent adversaries) went for a burger afterward.



Justice Stevens was a remarkable man. He was the leading liberal on the Court & he was brilliant & full of grace & class. Having argued 9 cases before SCOTUS, I can tell you first-hand there was no more dangerous or effective questioner than Justice Stevens. May he Rest In Peace.…

i still overplay the shit out of intro by khalid

i saw harry styles trending for being "in talks to play prince eric" and my first thought was can he even sing bc i forgot that he is a singer and not just a kardashian type celeb

Justice Stevens, just months into his Supreme Court tenure in 1976: "I think it clear that even the inmate retains an unalienable interest in liberty – at the very minimum, the right to be treated with dignity – which the Constitution may never ignore." Meachum v. Fano

RIP John Paul Stevens, retired Supreme Court justice. A GOOD MAN. @DavidGSavage writes: "the independent-minded jurist whose bright bow ties and courteous manner symbolized an old-fashioned style of integrity [is] dead at 99."…

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I can tell you everything I did & the emotions that I felt. As I walked out on my deck that night, an eerie silence. A historic destruction of human life & this Neanderthal simply says this! America, you better wake up. This is the test!…

Coming To America is on

Me standing still auditioning to be a lamp in prince eric’s castle just so I can meet harry

Planned Parenthood removes Leana Wen as president - Planned Parenthood on Tuesday removed its president, Dr. Leana Wen, leaving it in search of a leader at a time of unprecedented uncertainty around abortion and other reproductive rights…

Prime Minister's Office (PMO) replies to AIMTC President's Letter.. Govt Response & Effort Appreciation Series. Read more* *Weblink by All India Motor Transport Congress - Apex body of Transporters #DTiX #AIRTRTI #TEUG #RTASG #Motor


Lollllllll! This is So Scary. Still Repping that BGOE Though! #FaceApp


Trump: Turkey Will Be Out of F-35 Fighter Jet Program After S-400 Buy

why are people I follow, following dick of the century aka Donald trump wtf


Woah guys this face app thing is wild #AgeChallenge


Le président chinois #XiJinping a mis l'accent sur la mise en œuvre de la pensée de développement axée sur le peuple et la transformation des zones frontalières pour les rendre plus attractives, lors de sa tournée d'inspection dans la région autonome de #Mongolie intérieure.


Trump is so racist that Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, hates him because Trump isn’t racist?…


In May, more than 200 cartoonists signed a declaration that was sent to the UN's cultural agency, UNESCO, demanding safeguards for artistic freedoms

Counterintuitive tip: When I'm low on energy at home, I find that action items (ex. taking a walk, running errands, socializing) can help me regain energy. Note: Don't push yourself if you feel this will not suit your situation. #TuesdayThoughts #selfcare

The team at @800273TALK is a resource save in your phone for a time you or someone you know may need to talk to a trained professional who is there to lend a helping hand. As #TuesdayThoughts turn to #WednesdayWisdom, take note & take action. #SuicideAwareness #WednesdayThoughts…

Khalid is singing in a spurs hat right now. I love him so much wow

This is why @TylerJCameron3 is our fav!! Can’t decide if we want him to be with @AlabamaHannah more or be the next Bachelor more? Either way, we can’t get enough of Tyler C. #bitchinboutbach #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor #tylercforbachelor @BacheloretteABC @BachelorABC…

If I ran a cable news channel I would give Richard Spencer airtime on the condition that he was being punched for the entire time he was on the air.

#TuesdayThoughts संत रामपाल जी महाराज द्वारा पूरे विश्व में एक ऐसा दहेज रहित,नशा मुक्त कुरीति मुक्त समाज का निर्माण भारत में ही नहीं पूरे विश्व में अपना नियम लागू किया जायेगा। प्रमाण देखें साधना चैनल पर सत्संग 7:30 PM @AmitShah @cmohry…

16 July 1945: The U.S. #Army conducts the first #nuclear test in history as part of the #Manhattan Project. The codename for the test was #Trinity and it was conducted at 5:29 am at #Alamogordo, New Mexico. #WWII #WW2 #history #OTD #TuesdayThoughts


Do not hold the delusion that your advancement is accomplished by crushing others. - Cicero #quote #TuesdayThoughts


One is very crazy when in love. - Sigmund Freud #quote #TuesdayThoughts


John Lewis is a real American hero. We are really lucky to have him in Congress.…

Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. - Byrd Baggett #quote #TuesdayThoughts


Trump’s Bold Truth-Telling About ‘The Squad’ Makes Free Speech Great Again…

Trump's Racist Attacks on Democratic Congresswomen: A Closer Look


President Trump's tweets on the Four Congresswomen of the Apocalypse (Antifa, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Marxism) is the perfect teachable moment on wartime conservatives vs peacetime cons in terms of dealing with mass media.

its funny that Trump's racist tweets are basically agreeing with nancy pelosi that these upstart young congresswoman need to hush up and listen to their elderly bosses, Trump just added in overt racist dogwhistling

GOP congressman withers on CNN after host points out Trump’s America-bashing hypocrisy | Raw Story…

#ObamaWasBetterAt fucking this country over, apologizing for things that need not be apologized for, race baiting, being a piss poor president, making the presidency and this nation look like a joke. AND SO MANY OTHER THINGS TOO!

Dos de los tres tripulantes, Buzz Aldrin y Michael Collins, se reúnen este martes en la misma plataforma de lanzamiento de la misión #Apollo11 hacia la #Luna hace 50 años. #Apollo50

Can't believe they named that Chicago alligator "Chance the Snapper," when "Chief Teef" was right there.

#ObamaWasBetterAt separating families of illegal aliens and caging the children.

Debemos proteger a Jay, "hasta la última gota de sangre" #RickyRenucia #RickyRenuciaYa…

MOON SPACESUIT: Neil Armstrong’s moon spacesuit is back on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. for the first time in 13 years. The suit underwent a process to preserve the fragile material. #Apollo11

Fugitive alligator Chance the Snapper finally caught in Chicago park, makes appearance at news conference

Bleh, Banana Blitz was the game that made me stop playing Super Monkey Ball, so I’m not super excited about the remake. However, not having waggle controls might make it a much better experience. (1/2)

You guys realize you moan and complain about everything Trump does. The left just isn’t used to being called out, so they scream racist and sexist as if those words have any meaning anymore. @realDonaldTrump punches back at anyone who comes at him. Always have, always will.

The failure of the GOP to condemn Trump’s racist tweets means they have become “ a Party of Wusses”.

Başkan Trump ağız değiştirmedi. Bakalım devamı nasıl gelecek?

Of course Trump isn’t racist. He LOVES curry

#ObamaWasBetterAt setting the middle east on fire and establishing a Caliphate



New York City Public Advocate @JumaaneWilliams urges Mayor DeBlasio to “do something or never mention Eric Garner’s name ever again.”

i posted this picture of luke on my vsco and my locals are republishing it. very inch resting.


“You can not be president with Daniel Pantaleo on the force...⁦@BilldeBlasio⁩ do something or don’t say Eric Garner’s name ever again,” ⁦@JumaaneWilliams


On July 20, 1969, the world united to celebrate the most remarkable technological achievement in human experience. And in that celebration, our leaders focused on our common hope for peace. #Apollo11 (via @ConversationUS)

Ok folks. What are you dying to know about Hellbenders? Ask away. #TuesdayThoughts


so they get rid of the suicide but not the rape? are you fucking kidding me? #13ReasonsWhy

A @NASA intern bought the master videotapes of the 1969 #Apollo11 Moon landing at a company auction in 1976 — for $218. They’re up for auction this Saturday. Opening bid: $700,000.

BREAKING: Feds Announce No Charges Against NYPD Officer In Eric Garner's Death This decision comes after the autopsy report showed that Garner died of a medical emergency. Follow @bluelivesmtr #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue Full Story


the tiny debacle over the suggestion of a live-action CORALINE today reminds me that there were positive reactions toward LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS that were basically "segment x is so good that it should be adapted into a live-action series" and I just want to die

Barr Decides Against Charges For NYPD Officer Involved In Eric Garner’s Death…


Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD coming to #Steam #XboxOne #PS4 and #Switch on October 29th 2019


Launch Pad 39A: Moon to Mars by @considercosmos (part 1) 1964: A southwest facing aerial view of early Pad 39A construction, one of two sites built for the Saturn V 1969: Saturn V Apollo 11 and the Mobile Service Structure (MSS) #Apollo11 #Apollo50


The 16th of July is celebrated as #worldsnakeday Here are some snakes from the @KremlinMuseums #kremlinmuseums


Peter Thiel. Tucker Carlson. John Bolton. What’s most striking about the trio headlining the National Conservatism Conference is that none of the three has ever been elected to anything. But most everyone else, most of all the Hill, has nothing to say.…

نيجيريا: خطف ثلاثة مسؤولين ومقتل رابع #عكاظ @Okaz_Policy

SEE YA LATER, ALLIGATOR! A gator was first spotted in a lagoon at a Chicago park last week. A week later, “Chance the Snapper” has finally been captured.

Before his concert tonight, @thegreatkhalid explored San Antonio by visiting North Star Mall and then giving a free performance at karaoke. "WATCH: Khalid shows San Antonio love, sings karaoke at BBQ restaurant" STORY ->


البصر هو أن ترى مثل الآخرين أما البصيرة هي أن ترى قبل الآخرين


is this outfit cute for a khalid concert in a couple weeks?


Khalid shows up at San Antonio's Smoke BBQ Restaurant for feast, karaoke

I don’t want to know what awful racist thing could cause awful, dead racist Woodrow Wilson to trend.

#icantbreathe Eric GARNER choked to death by police for selling cigarettes. Jeffrey EPSTEIN kid glove treatment and bail hearings after years of pedophilia. No justice…

Stars trails tracked around the North Star, Polaris, over a lavender field Photo by Joaquín Suárez


North Texas SC sign Ghana U23 star

Five-star guard Caleb Love will visit North Carolina in August — due to the dead period, he can’t visit this week which was a tentative plan. | More on his recruitment:…


Breaking down the implications of the Cubs’ acquisition of Martín Maldonado and Willson Contreras’ injury…

I actually wanted Randy Orton to win. Seth Rollins was one of the most boring options #RAW

Brava to these amazing Congress women who stood up and fought back to the racist and xenophobic Trump administration. #RacistPresident


Kein gutes #RAW (nach einem echt feinen #extremerules) Mainer okay (Orton bekommt mehr Pops als Rollins...good job #WWE), 24/7 Highlight. Rest war Mist und boring (wyatt war 0815 Hokuspokus). Kein guter Start für Heyman.

قالوا : من باب الأدب انصت للآخرين جيداً ، أما من باب الإحتياط فلا تصدق كل مايقولون .. #صباح_الخير

Now Playing: Love Lies by Khalid & Normani.…

Decades after tge assassination of Martin Luther King the US has a racist president. Wake up Amerika. Your president is a shame to the entire world #RacistPresident #racism…

Now Playing: Youth (feat. Khalid) by Shawn Mendes.…

Agree. George Conway is complicit. He’s working for himself and most likely positioning hi@self to help shift the dialogue on get at some point…

Did you know these intriguing facts? Know more such facts, get in touch with us #MediaTrendz #DigitalMarketing #SocialMedia #MarketingTools #MondayMotivation #Monday


#OverheardAtStarWarsCantina Ok ok ok... WOULD YOU RATHER.... find out your father is your worst enemy....ORRRRRRRR.... hear me out... make out with your sister?

Anistasia is doing great, for a non-chef stepping into a chef's position. #BelowDeckMed

Mike Montgomery will be the answer to a trivia question for the rest of time.

At least we can stop pretending Mike Montgomery is a LOOGY. Trading for a backup catcher is indeed a necessity for the cubs, but at this point (and I will admit Caratini shut me up with his play) it’s like the fifth or sixth most important need for the club.

So. Ok. Let's be hypothetical momentarily. What happens in "10 days" when Contreras comes back? No chance they carry 3 catchers in August. Can't be good for Caratini.

Proud of @anthonycouncil5 on making the North Carolina East v West All Star game. Spartan Pride!! @SSS_Basketball @coachcudd @SSS_SpartanFB @DavidKAllen_


bro stop making Area 51 jokes ur scaring the aliens

O Sterling Shepard de 81 nesse Madden terá no mínimo 87 no próximo. Confio muito no upgrade dele nessa temporada. Volume de jogo não faltará, é a hora dele. #GFam…

I can't wait to teach my Area 51 alien about anime

austin butler is gonna play elvis??? good

#MondayMotivation As the weather heats up, it is important to remember that you should only run your irrigation between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. to avoid losing water to evaporation.


Why is #RIPBianca trending? 17-year-old Bianca Devins brutally murdered, photos posted on Instagram

Why did Lindsey Graham change his tune on Trump? Oh.…

Vanessa Hudgens cuddles with beau Austin Butler after he is cast as Elvis Presley in biopic: The 27-year-old actor certainly looked happy as he gave his 30-year-old girlfriend a big hug as news was breaking that he will be starring in the Baz Luhrmann…


You don't have to write code to be a game developer any more than you have to sing songs to be a musician. Stop waiting to build your dream game. (1/6) #gamedev #MondayMotivation

How entitled can a man feel, to kill another living human ? What makes you feel entitled to decide the life and death of another being with feelings, emotions and thoughts? What makes you entitled enought to ruin someone's future by stopping their present life? #ripbianca

There is no use in deceiving ourselves....Full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties. Ludwig von Mises #MondayMotivation #politics


Madden Rankings. Harry 94 Thielen 94 Diggs 93 Hunter 86 Joseph 86 Rhodes 86 Everson 85 Rudy 85 Cook 85 Vikings are an 83 overall ranking

Tell me. Where does WWE go from #ExtremeRules?


TYT LIVE - Trump’s Racism; GOP Enablers; Meghan McCain v. Lindsey Graham... via @YouTube #tytlive

No one will ever beat Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.

Fox's Brit Hume is here to tell us what is and isn't racist.…

Graham declines to condemn racist Trump tweets and calls Democratic congresswomen 'a bunch of communists' - CNNPolitics…

Alan #Turing to be the face of the new £50 note. Delighted in that. You are using his legacy to the world, right now.

Lindsey Graham Just Debased Himself Again While Running Cover for Trump's Racist Twitter Tirade…

Prayers go out to the Whitaker Family. Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker introduced Norfolk to the World...#truelegend #RIP #WorldChamp


Ready for some 2K player ratings? Here's how you can watch tonight's #NBA2K20 #2KRatings event.


Vanessa Hudgens congratulates boyfriend Austin Butler being cast as Elvis Presley: ‘I’m over the f—king moon’


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