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voy a llorar porque Bangtan va a presentar #BlackSwan en the late late show y yo no lo voy a poder ver porque no voy a estar en mi país


This is a Win Win situation for Rap genre. Anyone who is complaining is not a rap fan period. Stop clout chasing and Stream #MusicToBeMurderedBy and #circles Shoutout to #Eminem and #MacMiller


Inside the making of Netflix's Aaron Hernandez doc series, from new revelations to jailhouse tapes…

Bin jetzt auf dem Weg zum Fitnessstudio und werde mit dem Trainer gleich ein paar Geräte ausprobieren. Ich wünsche mir #Gewichtsreduzierung und mehr #Muskelaufbau, aber alles in einem gesunden Maß ohne Anabolika. #FridayFeeling

RIP Mac Miller the legend lives on

Aaron Hernandez’s HS QB on the Netflix documentary seems way too excited to be there

Well at least patriots fans are happy.. #MLBCheatingScandal


If anyone needs me I'll be quietly crying to Mac Miller's new album at my work desk all day

Mac Miller's family released a new album of his music today. Miller died in Sept. 2018.…

Never checked out Mac Miller before, started with circles and am now listening from front to back. Two thoughts: 1. What incredible growth and evolution by this dude. 2. Songs hit harder knowing the end of the story.

The duo arrives at the Riegan Residence, in the latest update of [Rising Star]! #FE3H #FE風花雪月 #ClaudeVonRiegan #Byleth #Claudeleth #AimoDraws


the ending of godzilla, OH MY GOD #MusicToBeMurderedBy

Wtfffff Aaron Hernandez was gay?!

Nick Cannon waiting for Eminem to drop his name on his new album: #MusicToBeMurderedBy #SlimShady

Clearly buzzers we’re not packable.. #MLBCheatingScandal


It's literally a fucking joke that they're not stripping the Astros of their 2017 title #MLBCheatingScandal

We talk about relationships endlessly. It might not be right, but it's true that we have kiddos where we are the most important people to them. Without having adults to step up to do this for them, where will they be later in life? I think about this all the time. #PLSDproud…

I use Meme of the Day and GIFs in my classroom a lot. The students love it and look forward to them! Culturally relevant teaching!! <3 #PLSDproud…

#OddReasonsToQuitAJob Their web framework you have to program for is Struts 1.0 #Java

I just donated to Mark Kelly for rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign for Senate representing Arizona. #McSallyIsAHack To donate:…

#McSallyIsAHack . Martha McSally’s vicious outburst shows the corruption of Trump’s defenders - The Washington Post…

Bout to watch this Aaron Hernandez shit on Netflix no one ruin the ending for me plz

I’m seeing a little Xenoblade fans feeling cheated w/ Byleth in over Rex & the whole late planning “contradiction” comparing to Greninja’s Sm4sh entry. That’s on Nintendo, not Sakurai. They chose the fighters in FP1 & they’ve been prioritizing FE since 2013, ntm 3H is dummy big

Aaron Hernandez documentary might be the wildest shit I watched this year so far

Aaron Hernandez dancing on his way into the gas station before killing dude is so sicko

Fire Emblem's Byleth Will Be Voiced By Zack Aguilar In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… #Repost #NintendoSwitch #SuperSmashBros #FireEmblem #DLC


new eminem & deluxe dreamville album.. fucking christmas

Dreamville was 1.5/11 on the songs they dropped tonight

Actually you know what, I’m glad a boring first party rep like Byleth joined Smash because I don’t think I could’ve taken another “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS A REAL GAME” tweet if it was a third party.

Bonjour à tous, sauf à ceux qui n'ont jamais cru en Brandon Ingram


Dreamville Deluxe solid, New Mac perfect, & New Em surprisingly his best in a long time. Great night

halsey,eminem,mac miller,dreamville all just in one morning wow i love 2020 already

It's time to have the conversation about the fact that JID is the best Dreamville rapper.

RIP, Christopher Tolkien. Thank you for your work.…

Martha McSally vs Manu Raju

.@Maddow Draws Biggest Audience Ever With Lev Parnas Interview…

Este es el verdadero significado tras el gesto de Sakurai en la presentación de Byleth -…


Analysis: The Trump team keeps denying it knows Lev Parnas, despite growing photographic evidence

Dans un ciel vivaient deux Hobbits... Splendide héritier d'un merveilleux conteur, Christopher Tolkien a rejoint le lumineux Valinor. Qu'il repose en paix.…

I just want to thank Sakurai for making Byleth look AMAZING


Aaron Hernandez was fine idc

EVERYONE IS DROPPING MUSIC. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE @christianfrench TOUL @sbgabrielblack punisher @iamblackbear #meandurghost @halsey MANIC @chelseacutler HTBH

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