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The shells Schiff sells are surely seashells. If Schiff sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure Schiff sells seashore shells.

Thanks for the motivation, @HillaryClinton. I made a donation to Bernie today because #ILikeBernie. You inspired my boyfriend too. #Bernie2020

Adam Schiff does not look OR sound tired. Jumped right in with a smile on his face after 11 hours of this. He's really something. #ImpeachmentTrial

Late Nite with Adam Schiff currently on TV, worst show ever

Fact Check: Adam Schiff Tries to Defend Secret House Impeachment Hearings via @BreitbartNews

Dems: "We're going to talk for 45 minutes, reading notes we took from months of research we did." Reps: "We're going to see how many times we can say 'unconstitutional' in a 45-second span." #ShamTrial #GOPCoverup #Snark

Sekulow is dressed like a 1992 American Airlines flight attendant. #ImpeachmentTrial #GOPCoverup


Hall of Fame mystery, who did not cast vote for Yankee's Jeter


Baseball may not have the romance it once did, but it has an unprecedented reach that swelled during the era in which Derek Jeter served as the game’s greatest ambassador, writes Tom Verducci

Ozuna's 1-year deal fills the Donaldson void in the lineup, without blocking Pache or Waters. BUT ... neither Pache nor Waters will be hitting cleanup on Opening Day next year. So it's important for the Braves to find out this year what they have with Austin Riley.

I am happy Walker can join the party in Cooperstown. I was proud of my ballot, which included five other stalwarts of the sport. by @markkiszla

33 + 33 = 2 HOFers Congrats to Larry Walker on being inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame! Something special about that #33 here in Denver!


Liking Larry Walker getting to the HOF. Guessing @JayKornegay digs it, too.

Fuck Derek Jeter lol Barry Bonds would trash him in a fight

Baseball made so much money off of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, but they’re too high and mighty to throw them in the record books. That era of baseball was so awesome to watch as a kid.

There's at least one person who votes for Roger Clemens for the HOF but not Barry Bonds, and, let me tell you, that person is a racist.

Signed Reggie Smith. He's a borderline #HOFer IMHO. #topps #MLB #tradingcards


Take a shot every time one of these senators mentions the founding fathers, finish your drink if it's Alexander Hamilton #ImpeachmentTrial

Sen Schumer just proposed an amendment to the #ImpeachmentTrial to subpoena any information about White House investigations into the DNC hack and Crowdstrike. This is a very, very telling move by Schumer. Very interesting. They're impeaching because they're scared.

#MAGA folks: Is it really desperation on the part of Dems to want to see #documentsandwitnesses for this trial? Why is it a sham trial to ask for docs & witnesses? If Trump is innocent then let everyone see the evidence that shows he is innocent. #Impeachment #ImpeachmentTrial

The stuff about Delonte West is a joke, because he’s an athlete / celebrity people wana help. However those same people walk by people on the streets in the same boat and mental capacity and don’t bat an eye

Delonte West, el caso que la NBA no quiere que conozcas;… #NBA


Iniciando las actividades de hoy, nos reunimos en la Mesa para la Construcción de la Paz desde #PozaRica donde delineamos planes de acción para fortalecer la seguridad. En conjunto @GobiernoMX, @GobiernoVer, municipios y autoridades estamos #ConstruyendoLaPaz en #Veracruz.


It isn’t unusual to amend legislation/resolutions in pen. Those get submitted to the desk all the time. What IS unusual is did they tell the Democrats? #ImpeachmentTrial #MSNBC

When you can’t argue the facts, stand there and spew lies. Trump lawyers are horrific. #ImpeachmentTrial #ImpeachNowRemove



If Democrats Want to Honor Legacy of Dr. King, Says Ocasio-Cortez, "We Have to Be Dangerous Too" @AOC…

Could you imagine a murder walking into a court room like: “ I dismiss it, bye!” #TrumpIsCorrupt #ImpeachmentTrial #impeachment

I must admit, that I have learned more from my negative experiences than I have ever learned from my positive one. – John Paul Warren #Quotes #TuesdayThoughts


After ex-NBA player videoed shirtless and in handcuffs, former teammates offer their help…

More and more are seeing that new blood is needed to counter the arterial blockage of freedom. Help us share and let us restore the Heartland to one of prosperity and Liberty. #MAGA #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts…

This is the first time Dr. Shaun Harper has appeared on our Facebook Live, but he's no stranger to public speaking. Here he is delivering the keynote address for @DukeU's Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration in 2016:…

Mesa: Aceptación de la renuncia de Evo desmiente la tesis del golpe de Estado…

El primer mes de gobierno. La preocupación por las medidas de la ministra de Seguridad. El ajuste a los sectores productivos. El debate por la nominación del Procurador General de la Nación. Temas de nuestra primera reunión de mesa del año, encabezada por @difusioncornejo.


#BREAKING Prince George’s County officer under investigation for allegedly recording cuffed Delonte West, officials say…

The TR School District community celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the 2020 MLK Day March.


Distressed by Infinite Jest being cut in half. It needs way more editing than that.

#DPSCommunity | Special thanks to Durham Beautiful, Trees Durham, the Latino Community Credit Union and Partners for Youth Opportunity. The groups partnered and planted trees at Eastway Elementary as part of a #MLKDay of Service beautification project. | #Durham #WeAreDPS


Algunos miembrxs del @consejocvih, como @German_Yago @AklexBrito Nicole Finkelstein y su servidor, acompañadxs de @Psico_Calii y @genarolozano tuvimos ayer reunión con directivxs del @Tu_IMSS y estos son algunos acuerdos que se plantearon en la mesa:

clinton, romney, and bright eyes are trending. what year did I wake up in

Bachelor Producer: I swear to god if you stop holding hands, your mom loses another finger. #TheBachelor

life with derek was like an ultra extended porn intro that just never got to the sex part

Still thinking about the fact that if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated today, it would likely be by a white supremacist emboldened by the President of the United States.

1.21.20. Remember: Every mistake is God's opportunity to make it into something great. #TuesdayThoughts

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