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CAPCOM: "Eagle, Houston. We recommend the AGS initial - Well, we see it coming up now on the AGS initialization. Over." Aldrin: "Roger." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

CAPCOM: "Eagle, we've got a K-factor (a time bias for the AGS shorter word size for Ground Elapsed Time) for you. Over." Aldrin: "Roger. Ready to copy." CAPCOM: "Roger, Buzz. K-factor coming at you: 90 00 00 15. Over." Aldrin: "Roger. 90 00 00 15." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

lion king was good but not better than aladdin

I showed Beetlejuice the CATS trailer


I think lion king is a an extremely dark and bleak and fucked up movie to show children and I think everyone who says it’s their fave disney movie is depressed now

psttt palantawon nyo ko sang lion king bi pls lang maluoy kamo sa pulubi :((((( maaaaaa!!! pls langgg

The Cats trailer is a good time to bring up my proudest moment, which was placing the Vinyl Record of CATS Broadway in the line of sight of James Corden, AKA Bustopher Jones, AKA A CAT, when @latelateshow surprised me with Mystery Pizza Box. This gesture went unnoticed till now!


Let me say it one more time: We ❤️ Marvel. We ❤️ their merch. We ❤️ their booth workers. But we tell EVERYONE to avoid their booth signings. #SDCC…

I tried to show my dog the CATS trailer on my phone and he stared at it and finally said, "Wait, you can use this thing to contact the outside world?"

Zlatan Ibrahimović talked trash. Carlos Vela hit back.


It’s a good day when the twitter news returns it’s focus to the important things like the creepy Cats trailer.

We're less than 2 hours away! Follow us right here for live updates from the @Comic_Con panel. #SDCC #StarTrekSDCC

Having said he didn't like the "send her back" chants Trump found Katie Hopkins, to send a reassuring wink back to his white nationalist backers…

PHOTO | Katie, Melissa Benoist, Nicole Maines and Andrea Brooks yesterday with fans at the WB Party in San Diego! #SDCC #Supergirl


Another #SaturdayMorning talking to neighbors in #Ashburn about our duty to a #BlueVa2019


I can't be at #SDCC #ComicCon2019 but I never forget.


I can't move the rock. But I CAN move it piece by piece. (Best part? So can YOU!) #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation


Nach seinem Dreier-Pack schießt Zlatan Ibrahimović jetzt verbal um sich. #zlatan…


#Comiccon2019 loving every second and nerding the fuck out #dragonballz


Good workout today. Wan Bissaka an immense improvement at RB. James, Chong lively. Greenwood with a nice finish. Pogba showing off some skills. Team pressed high, lots of energy, tho clearly fitter than Inter which led to a lot of attack v defence.

50 years ago today, these men landed the Eagle at the Tranquility Base on the Moon, marking a monumental time in history. The Apollo 11 Lunar Mission will always remain a pivotal moment in man and technology. Take……

Queria estar sendo salvo pelo Super-Homem que eu gosto, viu... Olha que maravilhoso o Henry Cavill no painel da @netflix na #ComicCon2019. O muso estava acompanhado das atrizes Freya Allan e Anya Chalotra para falar de #TheWitcher... (Foto: Getty)


If your at #ComicCon2019 be sure to check out the #Netflix #SeisManos panel today at 10:30a. Meet the voice cast & creators/writers!


.@therookie star @NathanFillion and writer/executive producer, Alexi Hawley sat down for an intimate panel conversation at #COMICCON2019 in anticipation of the Season 2 premiere of the hit drama on Sunday, September 29. (ABC/Troy Harvey) #NATHANFILLION


Wan Bissaka is fucking immense

I hate CATS. what the fuck is a Bustopher Jones????? bitch im gonna kill you

"it's racist to call white people cracker" #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

love that the general consensus of all of us theatre people™️ is that cats the movie looks like garbage

When ur ghost does this shit? #SignsYourHouseIsHaunted

Question: why do they add “Lebanese” when saying he’s American? George Nader charged with child sex trafficking…

LoVe shippers be like #VeronicaMars #LoganEcholls

Fifteen years, endless petitions and lobbying from one of the most devoted & active fanbases in television history - and THIS is the arrogance of showrunners who wanted to end season 4 in a 'clever' and noir way while ruining the heart and soul of the show. #VeronicaMars

Nah. Nope. Nope. Nope. The end of the new season got me messed up. I am not okay. Wtf. #VeronicaMars

Bill Sienkiewicz’s MUTANTS AND MOON KNIGHTS... wins for Best Archival Collection/Project - Comic Books! #FPSDCC #SDCC #Eisners #eisnerawards


Nah man. How are you gonna talk up Logan’s development and growth and have it end like that? I’m BIG mad @RobThomas @jason_dohring #VeronicaMars

i have a very important question for everyone. dogs or cats?

Incredible. I thought the audio threat alone was enough for two games. If this guy screws up again the NFL and #Chiefs will have a PR nightmare on their hands.…

In White House meetings, Trump has inveighed against allowing immigrants from "shithole countries" into the U.S. - noting that, unlike residents of Norway, Haitians all had AIDS and Nigerians lived in "huts. #RacistPresident #GOPCommunists #RacistInChief


Harvard, 2003: "Epstein’s friends include princes, presidents and Nobel Prize winners. Epstein is also well acquainted with University President Lawrence H. Summers. The two serve together on the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations."…

SPIRIT (From Disney's "The Lion King") via @YouTube

OK maybe #cats is sappy. But how come so many of the same people who LOVE cute corny dog content are, like, Up In Arms re Cats? I suspect a dog musical, however nonsensical & rhyming, would CRUSH. Same for a movie. #dogs #mushthemusical (Amirite @TheGoldenRatio4 & @ChrissieBodz?)

Sir McKellan can do no wrong. ***watches CATS trailer*** WHAT DID YOU DO, IAN?! #CatsMovie #CatsTrailer

Lion King opening next week! So looking forward to it :)

E o Kenny Loggins está gravando uma versão nova de Danger Zone pro próximo Top Gun, YEAH!!!!!

بمناسبة the lion king اليوم( ◠‿◠ )


Page 5 of the NFL's personal conduct policy, section 3A: "Child abuse is only permitted in such cases where the aggressor is not under the influence of Marijuana".…

Dan Le Batard will apparently avoid suspension, while ESPN insists their no politics rule remains in force


Another group of trainees who will be joining the produce series biggest loss list #PRODUCE_X_101


#produce_X_101 is 2nd trending worldwide. The power those 20 trainees hold.


โคตรรักเค้าเลยหว่ะ #PRODUCE_X_101


The Russos film company AGBO stemmed from working with Marku/McFeely. Will be a filmmaker's collaborative group to disrupt stories like how Steven Soderbergh helped them 20 years ago. #SDCC

Fuck the NFL, if he smoked then I guarantee he’d get suspended smh…

Trump had a very awkward exchange with Nobel Peace Prize-winner Nadia Murad… via @TheWeek


Missing Goose? Tom Cruise's Wingman Makes A Photo Cameo In The Top Gun 2 Trailer


Here are all the screw ups in the Top Gun: Maverick trailer already


The NFL chose not to suspend Tyreek Hill, but the league’s statement does not explain why Hill’s verbal threat to the mother of his children isn’t a violation of the personal conduct policy:…

The NFL has chosen to not suspend Tyreek Hill, but the audio record, in which Hill verbally threatened his fiancée, should have been enough to trigger a punishment

NFL says they won't suspend Kansas City Chiefs' Tyreek Hill after domestic violence case involving his son.

"The way he spoke was the way so many athletes wanted and want to be spoken about: with unparalleled charisma and respect.” Stuart Scott was beacon of light for the athletes he covered and the North Star for aspiring black sports reporters…

ESPN's Dan Le Batard called out the "Send Her Back" chants at a Trump rally on his show Thursday, saying, "There’s a racial division in this country that’s being instigated by the president." He pointed out the cowardice of sports shows not discussing obvious racism


What the hell?? This is like not worrying about the person who cracked up your car in a hit-and-run because you got it fixed. Cancel Roger Goodell man.…

Stuart Scott would’ve turned 54 today. His highlight call of the Jordan flu game became almost as memorable as the game itself. Stuart was a boss! Miss his presence.

Another day where Roger Goodell keeps running the NFL into the ground. Players who assault women and children continue to get free passes, but those who have committed less heinous offenses (kneeling, deflating footballs) are the ones who get punished? Makes fucking sense.

SportsCenter will never be the same without Stuart Scott, who would’ve turned 54 today. #RIP

Tyreek Hill must’ve went to his meeting with Roger Goodell wearing glasses

Yet Josh Gordon was basically suspended for 2 years because dude smoked some weed... Roger Goodell & the NFL are clearly colluding to keep him in so the Chiefs will hopefully have a similarly explosive season as last year so people will watch. Absolutely fucking ridiculous.…

1st question to Roger Goodell from any reporter on this Hill situation should cut right to the chase: “Why did you allow an NFL player to go unpunished who threatened a woman with ‘You should be terrified of me too, bitch,’ a woman he already had a history of DV with?”

Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for ..." Buzz Aldrin: "Not Mars tho is it." #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon



#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon “We were wrong. It’s not cheese, guys!”

Good morning to everyone except those involved in the making of the Cats movie


Just realised I’m wearing a cat t-shirt today. They have weird faces, but not as weird as CATS.


Do your cats often change where they sleep? Captain Benny’s new favourite spot is underneath the bed.


Extremely disappointed that TIG the Change UK Tiger was not invited to appear in the Cats movie. Even after I sent in a very good audition tape.…

Yo who’s on the “Find your way back” sounds like don jazzy or dbanj

Así se ve Tom Cruise en el tráiler de 'Top Gun: Maverick'.

(j'ai la musique de Top Gun dans la tête depuis hier soir)

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon " I thought you said we were going to Centre Parcs this year"


Sorry Mr Kubrick I knocked the studio light over #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Hope everyone likes my @entertainmentweekly cover. Dream come true for me. Let’s do this #SDCC ... (channeling the incredibly talented @DerekMears )


Should there really be wind on the moon? #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

I have toned paper commission samples at #SDCC pre-made & available at my booth (4901): a Mouse of death. #MouseGuard


I have toned paper commission samples at #SDCC pre-made & available at my booth (4901): a Guardmouse with a flower. #MouseGuard


watching Christie and Jack scramble after Cliff’s HOH win has me LIVING #bb21

I have toned paper commission samples at #SDCC pre-made & available at my booth (4901): a Mouse with a lovely patterned dress. #MouseGuard


I have toned paper commission samples at #SDCC pre-made & available at my booth (4901): a Mouse gambler #MouseGuard


I have toned paper commission samples at #SDCC pre-made & available at my booth (4901): a Guardmouse #MouseGuard


Your new favorite TV trio! ❤️❤️❤️@CobieSmulders, Jake Johnson, and @MichaelEaly are at #SDCC for #Stumptown, coming to ABC this fall.


I have toned paper commission samples at #SDCC pre-made & available at my booth (4901): a Guardmouse #MouseGuard


.@RuthieConnell @RachelMiner1 : Psychology of TV panel - San Diego Comic Con 2019 #SDCC2019 #SDCC #Supernatural


#SDCC toned paper commission: A Mouse Spartan #MouseGuard


#DavidBegnaudPuede tirarse un peo en el salón y digo que fui yo

List of the good songs on #TheGift : Ja Ara E, Brown Skin Girl, The Otherside, Spirit, Find Your Way Back, My Power, The Nile, Mood 4 Eva, Keys to the Kingdom, Water, Already, Bigger, Scar, Don’t Jealous Me.

An epic #RUNtheShow preview at tonight’s @getFANDOM party. Catch the preview on their Instagram! (IG: runtheshow) #SDCC #ComicCon #FandomParty19 #SDCC50 #SDCC2019


Thank you to everyone who came out to our panel tonight! We had a blast and we’re so excited about all the ideas already submitted for the Spider-man Far From Home HISHE! PLEASE stop by and see us tomorrow (Friday) from 12p-1:30p in the Sails Pavilion! #SDCC #ComicCon


#Batman writer Tom King will begin work on the New Gods movie after #ComicCon…


Bernie Sanders has revealed he was with Ilhan Omar last night as she heard the chants from Trump’s rally. He says “Ilhan was pretty unfazed” at the “send her home” chants.


İnstanın bitki örtüsü faceApp


Ab ke pardes mein beemar hua hai majnoo Dekhiye dasht ki veerani kahan jaati hai Omar Farooq


Newly released court documents are raising questions about whether former White House communications director Hope Hicks misled House lawmakers during a closed-door interview last month. @politico

I can't help thinking did we ever find out who actually let the dogs out? #ThursdayThoughts #WellDidWe

One moment can change a life. Watch this exclusive #SDCC teaser for our new original series, #Undone. Coming soon.

The final trailer for #ITChapter2 and The CW's Arrowverse reveals are among the biggest stories of #SDCC2019 so far.…

Tengo un mensaje para todxs aquellxs que se quejan de la letra de #HighwayToHeaven en inglés:

.@TomCruise hits #ComicCon2019 to debut the trailer for #TopGun: Maverick! Keep up with all the pics: #SDCC2019


Os Visuais da Animação da Arlerquina do DC Universe. #SDCC #SDCC50 #SDCC2019 #COMICCON2019 #SDCC19


#FoundAtArea51 the decipherment of my tweet

Today is exhausting. From the “send her back” chants to Hunt refusing to use “the ‘R’ word” to the Hitler comparisons to the leading ad magazine sycophantically promoting a “brand” that was manufactured to spread hate and polarise.

This whole thing is disgusting but at least #racistpresident is trending. The President of America is a racist, doing and saying racist things which his followers are also doing and any attempt to dilute that is also dangerous ...… via @IrishTimesWorld

Anyone else feel shivers when they started chanting 'Send her back'?

Heard of the #KyoAni fire... I do enjoy their animation... as you can tell by my Winamp (IK... 2019... but... I loveeeee this skin... It's why I keep it) I let HTT play all the songs while editing... Even super driver and other joys! Love and Prayers for everyone there!


Ce matin, un incendie d'origine criminelle a frappé le Studio 1 de Kyoto Animation. Une vingtaine de personnes sont malheureusement décédées, et près de 40 autres sont blessées. Toutes nos prières vont à la famille des victimes.


Supporters of @realDonaldTrump, as they wave their plastic American flags and wear their Make America Great Again caps, chanting “send her back” about Ilhan Omar, defy everything the brave Allies fought against in WWII, resembling exactly the fascist crowds of a Hitler rally.

As Trump’s North Carolina rally chants “send her back” about Ilhan Omar, here’s this week’s cover of @TheNewEuropean. Please buy and/or subscribe and support our work to defeat populism and Brexit


Most people in this world are decent and loving. Racism is a disease and we must recognise and reject actions we know are the bacteria which seeks to infect the world. #IStandWithIlhan

#IStandWithIlhan Even in Trump's replies he's not winning. We've got hope for 2020


The Krabby Patty Secret Formula #FoundAtArea51

#FoundAtArea51 Jimmy Hoffa

Mustafi starting for Arsenal this season will ruin us.

Back again...a new episode of The Big Brother Jake Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure! Check it out and laugh your ass off! #faceapp #area51 #tupac #2pac #jerryfoxhoven #iowa #huggies…

New blog post 'Do emojis post a threat to the future of language?' by Philip Seargeant is now available on Core. Click the link to read the full post: #emoji #worldemojiday


#JerryFoxhoven is a fan of tupac so theerfore #ISTANDWITHJERRYFOXHOVEN at least we knew were he stood in this mad world

#KyoAni brought us so much joy, they popularized moe anime that alwats tugs at your heart strings, they brought us Haruhi Suzumiya, they brought us lucky star, Maid Dragon, a silent voice, Hyouka, they brought us Chuunibyu, they brought us so much joy, they don't deserve this.

Metul seems slightly controlling #SouthernCharm

Pardon me but what? #JaneTheVirgin

They cancelled She’s Gotta Have It

It’s Paddack not Paddock.


The Black squad will give y’all a sweet deal. We’ll trade you Candace Owens, the Hodge Twins, Diamond and Silk, Paris Denard, and Jesse Lee Peterson, for #JerryFoxhoven. #TupacShakur

Thought we were going to see Pads first no-hitter tonight and appreciate Austin taking a minute to talk with us about what he saw in Paddack tonight as well as his oppo HR to win game. Thanks Hedgey! #HumanWall #Padres…

"I'm a 66-year-old white guy from the Midwest who likes rap music, who likes #Tupac!" Foxhoven said, per @NPR (after being forced to resign.) Keep ya head up #JerryFoxhoven #Squad We will incl #ScherieMurray for free.


“His stuff looked good. ... And it’s Paddack. This is what he lives for.” Nine outs in, the #Padres started thinking Chris Paddack could go nine innings without allowing a hit. He almost did it. They’re confident he’ll give himself the chance again.…

Teacher: OMG, Is that a hard on? Me: Nooo.. I forgot to remove my cup after practice Teacher: What do you play? Me: Chess..mostly with myself #MyAwkwardTeenageMoments

Joaquín Guzmán o El Chapo is planning his escape already

El Chapo was sentenced today to life in prison plus 30 years. So I guess, 30 years after he is buried, he will be released.

The “CATS” trailer coming out on Friday will be 2 minutes and 26 seconds long!


Susan Collins sternly scolds Trump for attacking those awful, horrible House Democrats she hates…

Just like when you said Obama would turn us socialist and he handed off the economy to Trump that he brags about 300 times a day. You were wrong for 8 years, time to shut up now.…

JUST IN: Ross responds to contempt vote - "House Democrats never sought to have a productive relationship with the Trump Administration, and today’s PR stunt further demonstrates their unending quest to generate headlines instead of operating in good faith with our Department"

"Well there's a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother, I know nothing about it, I hear she was married to her brother..I don't know.." Trump retaliates agains @IlhanMN by blatantly fueling an unfounded rumor to the press.

EEUU ARMAS - El Congreso de EE.UU. aprueba bloquear el poder de Trump para vender armas a Arabia Saudí #Mundo


Want to increase your followers? Reply with "YES" and follow who like your reply. Gossip Girl Rand Paul #تحب_البنت_السمينه_ولا_النحيفه Greg #ThankYouISI #ICJverdict #KulbhushanJadhav

Cómo que una nueva temporada de Gossip Girl sin la mismísima Blair Waldorf¿?

Please read this very good report on FaceApp made by @NBCNews…

#APBio: Season three; cancelled sitcom revived for @nbc streaming service


I’m just a guy who has seen the CATS trailer, waiting for the rest of the world to see the CATS trailer. Stunning. #CatsMovie

I’m fine with Scarlett Johansson playing a tree if it’s in Cats

Federal Law #Trump s State Law REPEAL THE 1986 VACCINE INJURY ACT End Mandates #Fix1986 #SB276 #SB277 #CDCWhistleBlower #HearThisWell We All Know #VAXXED Rand Paul #WorldEmojiDay #YIAY51 #RickyVeteYa Gossip Girl Kevin Spacey #NationalHotDogDay Jon Stewart El Chapo #truceisgold

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Sentenced to Life Plus 30 Years 2/2…

The first responders that risked their lives for others should at least be rewarded by this, stop Rand Paul, #911onFOX #FirstResponders #stoprandpaul

Why would any American want to serve in either emergency services or the military when the government can’t find the money to fund medical care afterwards for those sick and dying? Yet tax cuts for the rich are fine. Rand Paul, you are a disgrace.


We give billions in handouts to illegal aliens, but suddenly you block AMERICAN HEROES from getting the health care they deserve for saving lives on 9/11?!? What the hell is wrong with you, Rand Paul and Mike Lee?!?

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