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monbebe we are strong warriors no matter how long it takes we'll be here for wonho we'll be here for monsta x we'll be here to protect our family #FightingForWonho #우리를_지켜봐 @OfficialMonstaX

Фото Мина, просто вместо тысячи слов #FightingForWonho @OfficialMonstaX


The other thing about Trump's witness intimidation today: the president impulsively commits impeachable crimes, all the time. It's what he does. His instincts are criminal ones.

Pointy shoes guy: "Youse better think long and hard about what you got to say when youse testifies, or you might get clipped." Witness: "Are you trying to intimidate me?" Pointy Shoes guy: "No way, I'm just expressing my opinion that youse might get clipped."…

So Trump tweets while #Yovanovitch is testifying. Adam Schiff reads her the tweet. And Fox News says it might be #witnesstampering? How? It was Adam Schiff who read it to her? Was Adam Schiff trying to influence the witness? Wouldn't it be he that is tampering?

Max Kellerman is a moron. "People only care about this because the quarterback is white" Are you fucking kidding me? First of all, the reason anyone cares is because dude was a QUARTERBACK. Why you all think ESPN's ratings are tanking.

Here's the problem with what you just said -- @CapstoneReport actually has a link to the video and the audio. And I quoted the comments verbatim. What does your Southern Baptist Seminary say about bearing false witness? You owe @CapstoneReport an apology.…

#Browns Freddie Kitchens on a conf call on Myles Garrett: We'll support him. He understands he let himself down, the team down. Says it's not who Myles is. He apologized

Am I looking at this Mason Rudolph/Myles Garrett video incorrectly? Garrett is *every* kind of wrong. No doubt about that. Suspension warranted imo. But it looks like Rudolph started it. He was the 1st to go for Garrett’s helmet then gave chase. No fine/suspension for him?

The NFL has given the Steelers the worst punishment possible by not suspending Mason Rudolph

Big Sean really subtweeting me lol pussy

So’re suspending Rudolph for getting hit in the head with his helmet. Because you wouldn’t suspend him for running over there if Garrett didn’t swing his helmet. You see how that looks right?…

No options are being taken off the table, according to Mason Rudolph's agent

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was suspended for at least the rest of the regular season and postseason by the NFL for using a helmet “as a weapon” and striking Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head. #KAKEnews

I think a video/commercial spot starring Garrett and Rudolph touching on anger management and forgiveness would also be a nice move. There are lessons to be learned here. We’ve all done really dumb things when tempers flare, just not on national TV

Dr. Wenstrup with another round of buttering up. But the bitter taste of Rep. Turner rudely shutting the witness down remains. The GOP disrespects this woman's service.

suspend mason rudolph too

“You are not recognized” ...using it in my home from here on out to shut nonsense down #ImpeachmentHearing #FridayFeeling #BoogedyChallenge

Myles Garret represents everything Cleveland is perfectly. Trash

Cleveland Browns' Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely after brawl with Steelers, teams fined $250G each…

Esto ocurrió en pleno juego de jueves por la noche de la NFL. El ala defensiva de los Browns, Myles Garrett, agredió con un casco al Quarterbarck de Pittsburgh, Mason Rudolph. Ameritará uno de los castigos más severos en la historia de la liga (VIDEO)


It was no surprise when Sean Doolittle expressed his support after the big win.

YOU’RE PLAYING YOURSELF if you’re trying to talk shit about Max Kellerman. If someone slaps you, they shouldn’t be mad that you punch the fuck outta them. Are they equal actions? No! BUT THE FIRST ACTION CAUSES THE REACTION YOU FUCKING DUMMIES

"Spiderman" the first TV series...c. 1970 "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size...catches thieves just like flies... Come on, you know the rest. #BestCartoonThemeSong

no contest #BestCartoonThemeSong

I mean....Max Kellerman is making hella sense rn

It's #AmericaRecyclesDay! Learn What’s recyclable, what becomes trash — and why! Great information to apply at #home and #school!

Max Kellerman is so desperate to be black.

The irony of Max Kellerman having to argue with two black men about consequences not fitting the actions SMH…

Taking a moment this #AmericaRecyclesDay to recognize @ATT’s recent efforts to upcycle 7K sq ft of materials from our most recent event (where we handed out these iPad covers, upcycled from previous events). AT&T’s total tally this year is 8 TONS of materials. #ATTimpact


This was Mason Rudolph after being knocked out cold during the Steelers-Ravens game last month. Yesterday, he was assaulted by Myles Garrett w his helmet and took a huge blow to the head. If I’m him, I don’t take a 3rd chance.


#DisneyPlus I think I downloaded the wrong Disney plus


MILWAUKEE-Asked restaurant host: "God, did you hear about Mason Rudolph?" Host: "No." Adam Schefter: "Died. Myles Garrett killed him." Thought he would cry.

今なら公式アカウントのアイコン 凍ったものがみれます! レアですぜ


Derek Barnett was, is, and always will be superior to Myles Garrett.…

#BestCartoonThemeSong I can solve this one for you, Twitter. It's M.A.S.K. in 1st place and everything else in 2nd place.

that jhene song hurt my feelings all over again lol lemme do some healing today

I really like Jhene Aikos new song

Jhene aiko seemed like a respectful mature woman wit dignity..until she stooped low & dissed Ariana, 1st of all shes pushing 40 while Ariana is 16 and Sean said it himself that she was toxic 4 his mental health. Move on sis...

Hey Vsauce, Michael here. Skeletons are scary. And spooky. But you know what else is? Jhene.

Disney plus or Netflix? Read about the debate here…

PHOTOS - Demolition of former Bongo's building at Disney Springs picks up pace…

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