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If you’ve never received wrong call from Hausa person, are you a Nigerian?' - Singer Adekunle Gold asks, Twitter reacts… #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling #ReadThis #TopStories

Even DP #RUTO has been invited to #BBIAtTononoka. He has to Attend the Rallies and most Importantly be Disciplined. #FridayThoughts @WilliamsRuto


Naomi Osaka was the third former Open winner to bow out of the draw after Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki, who won the title in 2017 and 2018, lost their respective matches at Melbourne Park earlier in the day. #AusOpen

TODAY GAME IS OUT . HURRY UP AND PURCHASE NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE TIME : 14:00 PM CALL OR WHATSAPP #MadeInLagos #EducationDay #coco #serena #ippis #juma #egede #adesewa #obasanjo #robbo #lemar #bigconspiracy #JoorConcert5


This girl is going to be a serious, serious talent. Knocking out top 20 players and now the defending champion at the age of 15 years old! If, and I say If because it has changed before, but if she keeps level headed she will be able to reach the heights of Serena IMO. #gauff…

The stardate has arrived. #StarTrekPicard is out on Prime Video UK and it's one wild galactic ride. Boldly go straight to the sofa now.

Get timber that can do it all... #dollypartonchallenge


We are giving thousands of $ every single day in PayPal cash. Enter now to urge a and avail your free entries by next few simple steps listed down below! Joe Rogan #RightMatters #KIISGrammys #TheSexiestThingYouCanSay B.I.T.C.H


¡Ha llegado el día! #StarTrekPicard

Jim Lehrer was kind enough to invite me on 3 occasions to do extended commentaries for the PBS News Hour. If you ever wonder what real journalism was at its best Jim was it. Loved you Jim. R.I.P.

Let’s gooooo!!! Yang is up to polling 4th in the nation above Bloomberg and Buttigieg. #YangSurge #YangGang2020


Remembering legendary PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer @YouTubeさんから 米の名キャスターであった #ジム・レーラー 氏がお亡くなりになりました。 数々の大統領選のモデレーターをなさるなど、レーラー氏の放送で英語を学ばせていただきました。ご冥福をお祈りいたします。

'White House officials and Ukrainian officials knew they had no choice but to deal with Rudy Giuliani,' Representative Zoe Lofgren said during President Trump’s Senate #ImpeachmentTrial

Jim Lehrer’s Rule #9: “I’m not in the entertainment business”.…

SF Mayor London Breed is endorsing Mike Bloomberg for president, boosting the billionaire’s chances in the state. Breed told The Chronicle that she “thought long and hard” before making her decision.


Join us in honoring the legacy of one of the most respected broadcasters in the business, former PBS (@PBS) anchor and #sagaftramember Jim Lehrer, who died today at 85.…

Wasn't the church of England founded so that a man, having an extra-marital affair, could divorce his wife and marry his mistress that he believed would be able to produce a son?…

Question for all Republicans who want the Bidens to testify: If the Bidens were engaged in wrongdoing, why do you want them investigated by Ukraine instead of the FBI? #impeachment #ImpeachmentTrial #ImpeachmentHearings

Great to hear Zion is feeling good today after practice! Can’t wait to see round 2 tomorrow!

Wow. Did not expect Picard to kill Mr. Peanut right off the bat. That was brutal.

It Sure Looks Like Prince Charles Snubbed Mike Pence… via @Digg

Rip 2 mr Peanut but im different

“This is America - The country I served & defended. That all of my brothers have served And here... Right Matters” ~Lt.ColVindman Does it, @SenateGOP? I know that this Purple Heart winner is doing his duty - while @MarshaBlackburn & @SenJoniErnst are “bored”. #ImpeachmentTrial

Red Panda dropping plates. Mr Peanut reportedly dies. What the hell!

Na temporada passada, Diogo Jota ajudou bem. Nesta, Adama Traoré tem sido imenso. Mas o dono do Wolverhampton, o maior responsável em campo por duas campanhas muito acima do esperado, é Raúl Jiménez. Inteligência, movimentação, velocidade, finalização. Primeira prateleira.


This has been out there for awhile but it’s so beautiful. Prince Charles showing Pence all the respect he merits.…

you know how in majora's mask everyone in the town can clearly see that the moon is falling and that the end of the world is coming, but they don't do anything about it and just go about their normal days? that is literally what we are all doing rn #DoomsdayClock

All these bullies are gonna feel so bad when they find out Zion just has really big bones.

Am I the only one who doesn't rate Adama Traore that high? Hes a decent player but no where near this pedastal people are putting gim on.

I wasn't planning on doing another #WOTUS data thread, but EPA asked for it so here we go. 1/…

Also fuck Mr Peanut that dead prick owes me money

The city needs a hero that will protect women from rape. There is so much crime going on, but more importantly, Mr. Peanut is somewhere missing, and that is why The Coon will save the day. #TheCoon #CoonAndFriends #FuckFreedomPals


Hurrah for Prince Charles!…

If Dolly’s gonna do it then so will I. #dollypartonchallenge


In 2016, Mike Bloomberg gave Harvard $36 million to create a "training program" for elected mayors of cities. And now, three California mayors who went to that program, including SF Mayor London Breed, are backing Bloomberg for president.…

San Francisco Mayor London Breed endorses Bloomberg


Endorse A Billionaire Former Republican Now Democrat Who Refuses To Campaign In All 50 States? Don't Talk To Me About #VotingRights #MLK! #RegisterToVote #Bernie2020 #CaucusWithBernie San Francisco Mayor London Breed endorses Mike Bloomberg for president…

I, personally, think Zion Williamson is a fun player. I also think Ben Simmons is a fun player. Also basketball is fun. None of you are fun though

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