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Bueno, el GOTY de 2019 en #TheGameAwards ha coincidido conmigo y le ha sido otorgado al grandisimo #SekiroShadowsDieTwice de la gente de #FromSoftware más que merecido si señor me alegro mucho


庭のレイアウトを変えた。ガーデニンググラベルで道作れるのいいね。 #ffxivsnaps #GPOSERS


에덴이 에덴잡으러 간다 기다려

David Stern victime d’une hémorragie cérébrale : la NBA est sous le choc et envoie ses prières à l’ancien Commish…

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has undergone emergency brain surgery.

was watching futsal shuffle videos



Сейчас будут танцы! Lul Uzi Vert выпустил новый сингл с долгожданного альбома "Eternal Atake".…

me getting ready to hear futsal shuffle for the 80th time tonight

L'ancien boss de la NBA David Stern opéré après une hémorragie cérébrale

David Stern suffers brain hemorrhage.


El excomisionado de la NBA David Stern sufre un derrame cerebral…


Interesting decision by Geoff Seeff to ensure arch Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith could return to Westminster.…

QUINTET is awesome. That is all. #QUINTETUltra

Anyone else watching part 1 of #TemptationIsland finale? Let me know your thoughts!!

Team UFC wraps up the #QUINTETUltra title anchored by @GilbertDurinho who was a freaking beast tonight.

Anthony Smith vs. "JZ" Cavalcante proved a far better match than I would ever expect. Lots of fun grappling between these two, but Teams UFC and Strikeforce conclude with five straight draws after Burns vs. Shields. #QUINTETUltra

Damn @GilbertDurinho looks like he secured a W for Team UFC. What a beast. #QUINTETUltra

That Youngboy Dirty Diana remix is fire

I don't care if Greta Thunberg is a "public figure." I don't care what you think about her "politics." She's a 16-year-old girl, FFS. If your "president" is such a tough guy, why's he picking on somebody's TEENAGE DAUGHTER? And @FLOTUS? You are a #BeBest birther fraud.

Ya listo para comenzar el #Directo de los #GameAwards2019!!! Recuerden, la cita es a las 7:00 pm en el canal de Youtube #SegunElGeorge!!! No te lo pierdas!!! Empezamos en una hora!!!


Is there any member of the Trump family who makes a real effort to #BeBest? Is any even a half decent human?

Gonna stream the Game Awards tonight, so if you wanna come hang out and chat as a community, everyone is welcome! Stream Room:… #YouTube #GamerThumbTV #gameawards #gameawards2019 #gameoftheyear

Like or retweet this tweet if you want the link to #FineLine by Harry Styles & if you have your DMs open I’ll send it to you #votelabour #votelabourtoday

Eu hoje divulgando o álbum do milênio no grupo da família #FineLine



In a new tweet this morning, President Trump criticized Greta Thunberg and suggested she needs anger management. Melania Trump's anti-bullying campaign #BeBest is trending as a result

How do I get thru the #impeachmentDebate you ask... Hit mute button or change the channel when the #republicans are speaking. It eliminates the amount of stupidity I need to digest while watching

Trump mocks Greta Thunberg less than 24 hours after Time names her person of the year… via @TheWeek

These @gop reps are all traitors to the constitution. #shameful #JudiciaryCommittee #impeachmentDebate They can never be trusted with power again.

Doesn't little Greta expect to die before age 20 from global warming?…

Podrá gustarte o no las formas de Greta, pero necesitabamos urgente personas como ella.…

< Darn> cant find bikini pics of greta thurnburg

#DougCollins shut the hell up! You don't know if those people would have died or not without the aid! You are disgusting! #impeachmentDebate #ArticlesOfImpeachment

Want to boost your creativity? Take a 20 minute walk. Research shows you can increase your "out of the box" thinking that way. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #exercise #creativity


Collins just said "It doesnt matter if they had the money, they were gonna die anyway!" Thats uh...... thats something #impeachmentDebate

I’m gonna need a Democrat to stand up, look at the Republicans and ask “What’s the matter with you?” @RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff #HouseHearing #impeachmentDebate

Truth tellers don’t have to yell #impeachmentDebate

People died while Trump was shaking a foriegn country for his get out of jail card to try to stay in office #impeachmentDebate

The lowdown on Takumi Minamino.

Is there a Snyder Cut of The Last Jedi?

ICYMI: The "consensus" among three teams is that Marcus Morris would return a first-round pick via trade, @IanBegley reports


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