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CAPCOM: "Eagle, Houston. We would like you to zero, as called out in the timeline, all three addresses, 404, 405, 406, before undocking. After undocking you can load them back to the values that you have right now. Over." Aldrin: "Eagle. Roger." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Un día como hoy de 2017 muere #ChesterBennington el entonces líder de #LinkinPark #RIPChesterBennington


Extra-inning wins are extra special. @BankofAmerica | #SFGiants

The Eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the trialist is described as 'he' Ruling out 50% of the population when it comes to working out who it is…

“In the woods, we return to reason & faith.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson #SaturdayMorning


The America I accepted as real wouldn't tolerate an unrepentant racist at its helm. That America is dead. Our leaders no longer even need to pretend. They can hate with impunity. It is not lamented by their supporters, but celebrated. #SaturdayMorning…

Lion King was a very enjoyable movie

Recent back-to-back losses in which Mets starting pitchers pitched at least 7 innings and allowed 1 run or less: July 18-19, 2019: deGrom & Syndergaard against Giants June 30-July 1, 2015: Niese & Colon against Cubs July 15-16, 2010: Dickey & Niese against Giants

That Cats trailer was so fascinating I watched it a couple of times. Definitely intrigued by it, especially because I never saw the musical. Here's me playing with my digital Gouache brushes and trying something new.


#OTD 20 July 1969: @jodrellbank tracked #Apollo50 Start: Computer-controlled descent. Middle: Bumps show where Neil Armstrong took manual control of the LM to fly it over uneven ground. End: The signal becomes a straight line when the Eagle finally lands on the Moon’s surface.


I disagree. Starter need is more urgent in my opinion. And “insane” is a bit extreme when 7 teams have more than #Braves’ 17 blown saves including Red Sox (18), Dodgers (18), Padres (18), Pirates (18), Mariners (18), Nats (19) and Mets (21). A’s also 17, Yanks & Cubs 16 each.…

Bullying of any kind from anyone no matter what their position is life is, is UNACCEPTABLE! #SaturdayMorning #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #Courage #Kindness #Peace #BeTheChange


Linkin Park is still among my favourite artists and Minutes to Midnight is one of my top favourite albums. Thank you, Chester. #RIPChesterBennington

Frodd while listing cards being played by d housemates,you forgot "the towncriers" bro. #bbnaija

Barring an unexpected push, it will be four seasons since Jacob deGrom pitched in the playoffs. For all his brilliance, his team can't get him back to October. He re-signed through 2024, and the Mets have struggled to build a winning roster around him:…

Let’s check in on the New York Mets shall we

The Mets use infielders in the outfielders. Those infielders have done well in the outfield, but there are nights their inexperience shows. Last night was one of those nights as a routine fly ball to left actually leads to the game-winning run:…

The Eagle landed A man then took a small step Mankind's giant leap #OnThisDay #HaikuHistory #haiku #eaglehaslanded #MOON #MoonLanding50


The #SFGiants are an MLB-best 13-2 in July.

Are you prepared? @PGE4ME, @RedCrossNorCal and @LouSeal01 want to make sure #SFGiants fans know how to prepare their emergency kit. More info:


“I’ve been in that situation before and once you’re tentative, anything can happen." Alex Dickerson saw uncertainty in the left fielder's eyes last night. As soon as that happened, he knew he'd have a chance to score the #SFGiants game-winning run.…

Best @MLB record, last 10 games: Giants 9-1 #SFGiants A’s 8-2 #RootedInOakland Indians 8-2 #RallyTogether Cubs 8-2 #EverybodyIn D-Backs 7-3 #RattleOn

Thank YOU Daniel Rich. 200 games of dedication & loyalty to the mighty @brisbanelions. That last quarter 60 metre goal by you tonight was just sensational. Lions fans love you!!! @daniel_rich10 #allforone #uncaged #AFLLionsNorth


Average scores for CARL under David Teague 81.3 in Wins 100.0 in Losses @CarltonFC #AFLBluesSuns @AFL

Look, Ronald’s decision to sell his Apple stock was an error in judgment and cost him a motza... But I can give you 20-plus examples of a worse, more confounding and downright indefensible decision from today’s umpires. #AFLBluesSuns #BoundByBlue…

Brown: It’s not going to be a nice review on Monday. We want to be a top 8 side #GoHardGoKnights  #20Knighteen #NRLRoostersKnights

#TheWitcher am i the only who wasn't impressed by the trailer honestly it couldn't look more like generic fantasy TV/movies we have seen already. I'll check it out because I enjoyed the Witcher 3 although never finished it. But my expectations are low

La série Netflix The Witcher dévoile sa première bande-annonce : #TheWitcher #Netflix

Witness the rise of Simba as #TheLionKing in IMAX! Book your tickets now on Paytm. @disneyfilmindia

If a movie could be judged solely on technique, #TheLionKing might qualify as a great one.…

just watched the lion king and how can i marry someone’s (beyoncé’s) voice? asking for help

caitlyn just compared human’s having big toes to cats having whiskers


I don’t want any access to any tweets from people who kill this many animals. @peta please block me you disgusting freaks


This...this makes me happy. #1 and #2 on trending :') @shanedawson @AndrewSiwicki @Eugenia_Cooney


Our group arrived at 5:30AM, there were maybe 200 people in front of us. Even if they all had 5 allotted they were holding spots for, we should have been in group A. But we got C. A lot of people who were here almost all day are not getting in. #HallHLine @HallHLine #HallH #SDCC

La Revisteria wins the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award. #FPSDCC #SDCC #Eisners #eisnerawards


Trump no's a lot of perverts bc he is one! Maddow revolted by child sex trafficking charges against Trump pal George Nader: ‘None of this is normal’ -…

Tyreek Hill and his girlfriend after the NFL decided not to suspend him.

The NFL will not suspend Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill following its investigation into a March incident in which Hill’s son was injured

Roger Goodell’s decision to clear Tyreek Hill is packed with controversy. What convinced the commissioner? @McCannSportsLaw tries to make sense of it:


Tyreek Hill hits his kid. Nfl... Josh Gordon looks at weed. Nfl...

Matt Harvey (Mystic, Conn.) designated for assignment.…

12 hours to reflect and I still reckon that's close to Essendon's best win for 10 years last night. Five of best dozen out, 30pts down on the road. Apart from usual suspects, awesome from Mitch Brown & Conor McKenna, loved games of Francis, Gleeson and Hartley, too. #AFLCrowsDons

A woman has been filmed allegedly slapping and punching a man in the stands at the Adelaide Oval last night. #AFLCrowsDons MORE >>>…

They're two wins safe in the eight with Gold Coast up next week. Many didn't believe in @essendonfc earlier this season - but John Worsfold always "knew where it was going". #AFLCrowsDons…

Cuppa, couch, heater on, puppies chilling next to me and replay on. Happy Saturday! God this win felt GOOD. The handball chains in the second half are giving me butterflies. Wallas disposal inside 50. Stringers toughness. This is the best win all year. #AFLCrowsDons

One of my fav plays. 200cm Jenkins crying to umpire for help when he can’t outmark 178cm McGrath #AFLCrowsDons

My daughter Esme got to be the @essendonfc junior mascot last night. All day she was asking me if she would get to speak to Walla. Then this happened! Thanks for making her night @McTipungwuti43 #DonTheSash #GoBombers #AFLCrowsDons

I’m putting it out there, and I hate that I’m about to say this... but the Bombers are coming. At the right time of the year too. If they get their injuries under control they could be dangerous #AFLCrowsDons

ESPN memo reminds staff to avoid discussing "pure politics" after radio host Dan Le Batard's attack on Trump.


No great businessman. No stable genius...…

Beyaz Saray az önce: Trump, Fransa liderini arayarak İran'ı görüştü İngiltere acil toplandı: Takipteyiz İngiliz tanker şirketi: Botlar ve helikopterler tankerimize yaklaştı ardından iletişimimiz koptu…

Trump Vs. Bitcoin, Japanese Exchange Hacked | Coffee and Crypto

Trump Administration Wants To Accept Zero Refugees Into The Country Next Year…

The most full throated condemnation of trumps kkk rally & racist, vile twitter rant I heard has came from Dan Le batard... a guy who works @ Espn. Smh

In regards to the Cats movie: Remember when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker and everyone was like “He’s gonna be so bad!” and then he was so so good? Okay well this situation is nothing like that and Cats is gonna be fucking ridiculous.

can’t believe we’re pushing these unrealistic body standards on our cats

the tl rn: -Area 51 -spell coconut with ur waist -lil nas x talking to some random ass celebrity -that horrifying cats movie -hey look another tweet about cats -oh wow jaboukie got suspended for impersonating them -that movie is so scary why is jason derulo a cat

Lion King was okay

Beyoncé – SPIRIT from Disney’s The Lion King (Official Video)…

A man who truly deserve to debut , I just want to say thank you for all your hardwork in those past episodes I feel so emo seeing you like this I will still support you jinhyuk be healthy as always #PRODUCE_X_101


He was talking heat! Dan Le Batard calls ESPN's apolitical stance 'cowardly' in response to the 'send her back' controversy…

Paramount kicked off this year’s Con with a Terminator and Top Gun double-whammy. #SDCC2019

Ex-Giants offensive lineman dead of heat stroke at age 32

A 32-year-old former New York Giants offensive lineman and Super Bowl winner died of heat stroke after working outside in triple-digit temperatures in his native Arkansas, officials said Friday.…

Last Chance U..... AND All of Nothing: Carolina Panthers Inject football docs into my mf veins

"Are you gonna do somethin'? Or just stand there and bleed?"…

me watching #QueerEye4

Hoy se inaugura la FIL para todo el público, en una edición dedicada a MVLL, un homenaje merecido, una enorme oportunidad para que mucha más gente conozca la pluma de este enorme escritor, nuestro premio Nobel, quizá la expresión cultural más grande que tenemos hoy. Me apena ⬇️

So I guess Top Gun: Maverick will not be pairing the youthful 57-year-old Tom Cruise with the geriatric 62-year-old Kelly McGillis because Hollywood?

.@antoni sitting in the hallway with the corgi is literally me at every social function where there is a dog. #queereye #QueerEye4

#suits filming bay and adelaide now. Big crowd @TOFilming_EM @olv @WhatsFilmingON


Pugmire’s piece in the Athletic about Robert and Adelaide Byrd reminds me, I haven’t repeated it in a while: Just because someone has been doing something a long time, that does not make them good at it. We see it in boxing among officials.

William Kentridge is curating an exhibition of his own works at the Art Gallery of South Australia.


The name is Adelaide and I’m your @MountainAmerica Credit Union Pet of the Week! I'm a friendly gal who loves to follow my nose, play fetch, and go on walks with my person. Oh, and I love showing off my many talents. Could you be the one I've been looking for?


Don Pyke admits Adelaide's second-half fade outs are becoming 'a bit of a trend' #AFLCrowsDons

Wizkid and Beyonce on same song. Look at what God can do!! I Remember when that boy was just a Studio rat during M.I's first album days. #TheGiftAlbum


Planned Parenthood won’t comply with Trump abortion rules


"you didnt even know anyone in that building!" Heck, I only grew up with their projects.I hardly know my dead relatives. guess I shouldnt be upset about Steve Irwin dead. You dont get to tell us what to be sad about. Surreal to have kyoani gone. "BRUTAL" come on


#HayırlıCumalar,#DOLAR ,#foreks ,#S400 ,#Trump Bu Trump tam bir tüccar Türkiye'ye yatırım yapan Amerikan fonları zarar etmesin diye böyle ikiyüzlü konuşuyor olabilir.Uygun zamanı kollayıp çıkar giderler. Bizde öküzün trene baktığı gibi bakarız arkalarından, Yaptırım kaçınılmaz

An Unintended Consequence of Trump's Repeated Threats of Raids: More Immigrants Know Their Rights - TIME…

Despite video evidence, Trump claims he tried to stop "send her back" chants - CBS News


Good god the Cats film looks horrifying

Guys, I’m signing off twitter for a while. The news about #KyoAni is too upsetting to me. I’ve learned all that I want to about the tragedy, I’m going to be quiet for a while.

#PrayForKyoAni: Heartbreaking loss for anime fans and industry


Y’all are dumb to want Bella out this week. Cliff needs to evict someone from the 6 because the 5 remaining will still be after nick and bella regardless. So Cliff doesn’t need to waste a week doing someone else’s dirty work when he can take a real threat out. Please #BB21

'Top Gun: Maverick' - Tom Cruise Is Feeling The Need For Speed Again…

Jackson's telling Christie that his brilliant plan to keep everyone's cover is just to tell Cliff to put up Nick and Jackson. Christie looks confused. Probably because this plan is silly. #bb21

Sorpresa, torna 'Top Gun': Tom Cruise presenta il nuovo trailer


#ThursdayThoughts If you marry your cousin and then get a divorce are they an ex cousin or a cousin once removed? Asking for some friends from my #TrumpRally

How #ITChapter2 promises to be more frightening than the first film

IT Chapter 2: Νέο trailer με τον εφιαλτικό Pennywise να σπέρνει τον τρόμο #ITChapter2


#CatsTrailer has dropped and Twitter has never seen anything creepier: ‘It’s scarier than


"Choose what is best over that which is merely good" #ThursdayThoughts #thursdaymorning

Did people used to be better, or did i just grow up? #ThursdayThoughts #PeopleNow

Kendini faceapp 'tan yaşlandırmayan kaldıysa gelın bi sarılalım.

Love it! Donald Trump threw his Supporters RIGHT UNDER THE BUS this morning, claiming "they were chanting, not me. It's their fault, not mine!" He thinks you're RACISTS, not him! Welcome to Trump's version of Loyalty Trumpies! ROFL! #TrumpRally…

Then why are so many Republican governors and the Trump admin fighting right now in court to kill the ACA including pre-existing conditions. You lie sir.…

(quote via New York Times) Steve Vladeck, University of Texas law professor: “I’m old enough to remember when John McCain literally took the microphone away from a supporter at a 2008 campaign rally after she called [Barack Obama] ‘an Arab.’ How far we’ve fallen.

Many families live in a reality where they have to work several low wage jobs to put food on the table. Raising the minimum wage will lift families out of poverty and has ripple effects for everyone. #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage…

Today I voted for the #RaiseTheWage Act, which would raise the national minimum wage from the current $7.25 per hour to $15 by 2024. It would raise pay for 1.475 million Pennsylvania workers, about 25% of the state’s workforce.…

“Does it look egotistical if I quote myself on Twitter?” - Mark Lamprecht #ThursdayThoughts

#ThursdayThoughts from my co-host @SciTalker of @UNLincoln: "It's the act of communicating the research that makes it #science.” Listen to my latest episode, "Science Communication Saves the World!", for more #scicomm reflections!…

Today I voted to #RaiseTheWage not only will this help working families, it will also make our AZ economy stronger.…

It’s been a “suplex-a-deer” sort of day. #KyoAni

I didn't even know that charging Hope Hicks was one of their fantasies. Oh, well. Imagine being so full of hate you want to charge the lovely Hope Hicks with a fake crime. Sad!…

Yep, Michael Cohen Is A Criminal. Sounds Like His Boss And Hope Hicks Are Too!…

I'm old enough to remember when the New York Times wrote a fawning profile on Hope Hicks as she decided not to cooperate with investigations as though she was deciding on what to major in rather than whether or not to commit obstruction of justice.…

Hope Hicks may have lied under oath that she wasn’t present when Trump and Cohen discussed Stormy Daniels…

Unsealed Cohen documents suggest Trump, Hope Hicks knew of hush money payments before 2016 election, via me + ⁦…

i am a chaotic gay my last three tweets are all so different the gemini in me JUMPED out

Lovie Smith looks like he says "Young Man" every other sentence…

The President led an army of red hats into a chant of SEND HER BACK about a sitting member of Congress who just so happens to be a black Muslim woman, and “moderate” pundits are going to go on writing their op-eds warning that liberals might lose their vote over angry discourse.

Professor Hu Hailan at Zhejiang University was awarded the IBRO-Kemali International Prize for research in basic and clinical neurosciences on July 15, marking the first time for the prize to be awarded to a scientist outside Europe and North America since 1998


I hear SO MANY eople say Trump has #dementia, but whenever anyone brings up #JeffreyEpstein around him, (“yeah, I know him, terrific guy, like beautiful girls just like me, a little on the young side, hahahahaha”) he sure looks like he remembers everything to me.

Some #TrumpSupporters are so dense they chant Send Americans Back to America? #DOH #TCOT #MAGA #MAGA3X #PJNET #CTOT #TrumpTrain #Trump #TrumpPatriotsRising #MAGAcoalition #MAGA1000x #TrumpAllAmerican #TrumpNewsFeed @realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @Cabinet @GOPChairwoman

Reuters’a konuşan bazı Trump yönetimi yetkilileri, Türkiye’nin S-400’ü ısrarla tercih etme sebebinin CB Erdoğan’a 15 Temmuz’da yapılan suikast ve darbe girişimi olabileceğini söyledi.

Enjoying all the folk tweeting about that faceapp being Russian as if they're the big clever boys here to educate us plebs. Like they don't have a million dodgy apps on their phones already. Ye use facebook, pal?

¿Cómo sería Jordi Hurtado si de verdad tuviera su edad? Un misterio resuelto... Me voy a por el sentido de la vida #FaceApp #faceappchallenge un icono por siempre


Na "lock her up" nu "send her back". En dan heb je nog kinkels die menen dat retoriek maar een detail is.

ATTENTION!!! Do you need help to improve your grades and school performance,worry no more .pay our experts to make you excell in: essay summer class term paper assignment homework research paper math Computer science Sociology Psychology #IStandWithIlhan #payessay #paymath

Popular Russia-based application FaceApp, which allows users to change their appearance to look older or younger, came under fire in the United States Wednesday, with one senator urging an FBI investigation. #VisionUpdates #FaceApp #faceappchallenge


I liked a @YouTube Republicans Pretend They Haven’t Seen Trump’s Racist Tweets: A Closer Look

I can't find any words to describe how I feel about what happened to KyoAni. Please be aware people lost their lifes and friends and family members have lost their dear ones. This is so much more than an anime studio, there are real people behind it.

Viral Aplikasi FaceApp, Hati-Hati Menggunakannya!

the director who made clannad is missing from the fire in kyoani. :(

#IStandWithIlhan - as a #European, I am horrified to see a #Trump rally turn into the type of dangerous + hateful event staged by #Hitler + the #Nazis in 1930's Germany! Shame on America…

Alle inclusieve nationalisten van N-VA en totaal-niet-racistische-hoe-kóm-je-erbij VB'ers komen op straat om de SEND HER BACK-rally van #Trump met klem te veroordelen.


"Suksa-suka gue" kalo kata #Gemini kadang gak peduli bener / salah gemini suka ambil keputusan berdasarkan intuisi bukan logika

Les frères Winklevoss et leur plateforme d’échange Gemini pourrait rejoindre le projet Libra ! - Thecointribune ➡️Plus d'actus crypto sur… #cryptomonnaies #Bitcoin #Ethereum

Scorpio mum, virgo dad, Sagittarius sister, gemini sister, Capricorn sister and I’m a Pisces!!!!…

Bella is literally the grossest person I’ve ever seen like what a huge bully. This entire freaking H8ful alliance is full of liars and bullies. Like do you know people are watching everything you’re doing or do you genuinely think your in the right #BB21 #bigbrother

Lloris > Leno Aurier < Bellerin Toby > Sokratis Vertonghen > Mustafi Rose > Monreal Sissoko > Torreira Ndombele > Xhaka Eriksen > Ozil Alli > Iwobi Son = Lacazette Kane > Aubameyang There’s really no discussion about whether North London is white or red at this present time.

The DNC sent a security alert to 2020 presidential campaigns warning them about FaceApp: "This app allows users to perform different transformations on photos of people... Unfortunately, this novelty is not without risk: FaceApp was developed by Russians."

Cause the Russians funded twitter

Me using the "Old" filter on FaceApp fully knowing the Russians has a copy of my face in their database now:

In all this talk of anti-Semitism, is racist Russophobia really acceptable? A woman on the @JeremyVineOn5 show said "We asked our viewers, what's wrong with Russians, is assassination in their DNA" Where's the outrage? @DerbyChrisW @FabianLeedsNE @PiersRobinson1 @georgegalloway…

“I want to smoke weed for my anxiety, but my anxiety won’t let me smoke weed for my anxiety”- CAMERAN JUST GETS IT. #SouthernCharm

You need to come out of your past very soon #DontKnowWhoNeedsToHearThisBut

U.S. House joins Senate in voting to block Saudi arms sales, setting up Trump veto


Do not fear a from a lack of understanding. Just understand a lack of fear produces a great men. Thank you Donald J. Trump. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Godspeed My Friend


“If the conference is any indication, the new populist Right is content with incoherence, or worse, inertia, on the key question of America’s role in the world.”…

chuck and blair was the life and blood of gossip girl who has the nerve to reboot the show, casts new people then think its gonna thrive I CACKLED

Gossip girl without the original cast? We don’t want it

#NuevoVideoDefensor: El Chapo Pide Un Último Favor a AMLO a Cambio De Miles De Millones De Dólares: ¿Debe AMLO Aceptar?


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