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If you'd like to understand the dynamics of the #MovesLikeBloomberg #DropOutBloomberg hoax, visit the aptly named Hoaxy:… Hit the play button and watch it hop through Gravel & the left & networks connected to the comedians over to an account on the right.


Happy Friday the 13th, all. I was a tad bit busy with the full moon this week, but couldn't let the last Friday the 13th of the teens to pass without celebrating.

Happy Friday the 13th pt.2


Like I said, Im not a big fan of Cenk, but all of this nonsense is bullshit created by the establishment democrats because they dont want progressives in office.…

Would Democrats in US meet the same fate as the Labour Party of UK?

Even the liberals on Cenk Uygur’s show gasped when he said he wanted to legalize bestiality. Then they thought he was joking and then they realized he was serious. This degenerate is running for Congress and is endorsed by Crazy Bernie. Let that sink in.

Labour managed to hang together when you went off to America sulking. I don't think we need your advice…

I'm not usually political, but.... Fuck the hell off -- Home Alone 3 is NOT better than Home Alone 1 or 2.

Still helping the #world, as we have always done, just no longer by negative, divisive and destructive force. #England #Wales #NorthernIreland #Scotland #BRexit #UK our #WorldPeaceMission

1/5 UK lessons for DNC neoliberals: there's rarely a center to win. Splitting the difference on major policy issues (#brexit, #MedicareForAll, etc.) rarely wins foes or energizes the base. Clear, bold, moral policies are needed to win. #Sanders2020…

Glad to see the worst film ever made, Home Alone 3, is trending

#YourTrueSelfIsRevealedWhen You don't video an injustice for likes and retweets, but step in and help.

Wow the #TheGameAwards was pretty cool my fellow humans!


ఆ హోదాలో కూర్చునేందుకు ఆయనకు తగిన అర్హతలు లేవంటూ చాలా మంది విమర్శలు చేశారు. #BorisJohnson #UKElection #UKelection2019

Kinda confused as to why Terrell Suggs hasn’t been announced as a Raven yet....

Cardinals are ungrateful. How you cut Suggs bruh

.@RickyPonting discusses the debate around injury substitutes in Test cricket as Australia look to push on without Josh Hazlewood in Perth… #AUSvNZ


The upside down Test: @ARamseyCricket discusses how the pink ball has flipped the essential template for a day of Test cricket on it's head… #AUSvNZ


Travis Head has had limited opportunities this summer so was doubly disappointed to see his hard work undone after making another fifty… #AUSvNZ


it’s friday the 13th I’m superstitious let’s have sex

Happy Friday the 13th from that one time I put my cat in a little sweater.


It's Friday the 13th read Ayat ul Kursi rn tf you doing

Happy Friday the 13th! However you celebrate, know that we're all doomed. DOOMED.


Twitter rounds on speaker John Bercow as he appears tearful on TV Has He Leant A Valuable Lesson, Cheating & Scheming Doesn’t Work, You Have BeenFound Out!

LIVE: Protesters take to Downing Street after Tory election win @Conservatives

As I have said from the start: Brexit will be the beginning of the end of the UK.…

One day Lamar Jackson is going to win Super Bowl MVP and in the replies to the NFL's tweet about it there'll be a guy like "I agree that he's an exciting player but NFL defenses are going to figure him out eventually"

"Lamar Jackson doesn't look young. The game is not overwhelming him. He's overwhelming the game." — @ColinCowherd


Yvette Cooper as labour leader will give Tory’s a majority for at least the next two elections . Good luck Yvette.…

More from me & @JohnDomokos: written piece on the toppling of Labour’s Red Wall & the big questions about working class representation…

My (uncultured) co-worker heard KAYTRANADA’s new project in my car during our break and she said it sounds like “H&M Music”.. she didn’t lie when I think about it but I still feel she tried it lmao

Gran nota de @jpfbath sobre las elecciones en UK, el triunfo de los tories y los desafíos del labour y progresismo… @ElPaisDigitalOK

You don’t think Katie Hopkins can sink any lower and then you find she’s pure lead. @SayeedaWarsi is worth a thousand of her. Hopkins should be prevented from Tory party membership for her tweets alone.

LIVE: Protesters take to downing street after Tory election win @Conservatives

Harry with fans at the #FineLine listening party in Berlin! November 27, 2019 •…


Laissons ce débat stérile Kendrick/Drake qui revient chaque année et parlons de l’excellent nouvel album de Kaytranada BUBBA.

Happy Album release day to the Beyoncé of One Direction! #FineLine

My critical analysis of @Harry_Styles’s #FineLine? It slaps. My pseudo-review this week: 1/10

I bust Lamar Jackson chops all the time but I have to give him credit, he's got the best spiral I've ever seen thrown from a running back. The playoffs are lurking..

Listen to: Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix) Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edit) Sade - Kiss of Life (Kaytranada Edit)…


“Lamar Jackson is making it look easy. It’s a foregone conclusion he’s going to be the MVP. Now, the only question I have is will it be unanimous? We've never seen anything like this, he's been unbelievable." — @ShannonSharpe

“Lamar Jackson is making it look easy. It’s a foregone conclusion he’s going to be the MVP. Now, the only question I have is will it be unanimous? We've never seen anything like this, he's been unbelievable." — @ShannonSharpe

Bro 49er fans are the most butthurt people i’ve ever seen on this app. Lamar Jackson is living rent-free in their heads.

"It's astonishing when you think about Lamar Jackson breaking Michael Vick's record. This kind of renaissance of black QBs is allowing people's talent to dictate what we see. They are redefining the position.” — @MichaelEDyson

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge and welcome the fact an overt-antisemite was handily defeated in the #UKElection yesterday.

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