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#This man was a warning and we didn't listen #TheGameAwards


being single is fine until your single friends aren't single anymore now your single with no single friends #beingsingle #singchallenge #exitpoll #TheGameAwards #GeneralElection

#TheGameAwards الجائزة لي بعد 4 سنوات. تذكروا ذلك.

Top story: @NFL: 'Everyone wanted a jersey swap with Lamar postgame. So @Lj_era8 brought a few extra to give away. #RavensFlock ' , see more…

Pengarah Sukan Salzburg, Christoph Freund mengesahkan bahawa Liverpool telah mengadakan perbincangan dengan pihaknya bagi mendapatkan khidmat Takumi Minamino. #sinarharian…

Ja, Lamar hat den Rushing-Rekord von Mike Vick gestern gebrochen - aber man, hatte der ein paar Würfe drin. Das ist nach dem Spiel bei mir deutlich mehr hängen geblieben.

Joel Embiid en la victoria de Philadelphia Sixers ante Boston Celtics: 38 puntos 13 rebotes 6 asistencias #PhilaUnite

Our tag-team center combo of Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis put together strong fight Thursday night while facing one of the toughest big men in the league.

Joel Embiid a répondu aux critiques de la meilleure des manières…


They actually closed the show with a Fast and the Furious game. Let that set in. #TheGameAwards2019 #TGA2019

Lamar Jackson carves up the Jets... and then gives them autographed jerseys after 42-21 primetime laugher. Story:…


This is the same Hank Johnson that said he feared stationing 8,000 Marines on Guam would cause the island to 'become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.'…

Everybody laughing at democrats being idiots! Democrat Village Idiot Hank Johnson Wants to Impeach President Trump For *Checks Notes* - Being Too Tall (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

The moment when Rep. Hank Johnson eclipsed @RepMattGaetz #MattGaetzDUI #MattGaetz

I want Josh Hader. Give me Josh Hader. Give up whoever Milawaukee wants besides the Martian. The Martian is off limits.

I could listen to Hank Johnson all day. He talks in cadence. I wanna snap my fingers and listen to jazz #impeachmentDebate

Show is live over on twitch! Going to be watching #gameawards2019 Feel free to join if you need a place this evening!

#GameAwards2019 I think we ALL know who's going to be revealed as the 5th fighter tonight...


Looking for good sex today! if you want sex too, call me on whatsapp Brexit UKElection Britain Scotland Boris Johnson exitpoll BeBest impeachmentDebate YoungBoy AlaskaHappyHour The UK England Wishbone Dirty Diana 22nd Amendment exitpoll GeneralElection UKElection Blyth Valley


#impeachmentDebate .@JimPressOffice Speaking of fact witnesses....did you ask .@realDonaldTrump why he blocked first-hand eye witnesses Mulvaney, Giuliani, Pompeo, Perry, and Bolton? They could have proven his innocence and avoided this. .@RepDougCollins

Any doubts or judgments or fears you have about yourself were learned over time — they are not the truth, they are just mental constructs. #youareabadass #QOTD #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts


You attract what you focus on the most. Keep dreaming, stay hustling. If you can visualize it then you can have it. #blessed #gratefuleveryday #ThursdayMotivation

I am waiting for ANY Dem to turn to the lying Republicans and ask them, "What the fuck are you talking about?!". #impeachmentDebate

#Dems on House Judiciary who were part of #Nixon & #Clinton impeachments point out what is wrong with #GOP args that the process is wrong. A great front row seat to history that matters - depositions not public, Nixon hearings in Senate Select Committee. #impeachmentDebate

I expect Sensenbrenner will be checking out for a nap soon! #MSNBC #impeachmentDebate

Sensenbrenner telling millions watching that he is in a "secret basement" while making his case for supporting crime. #ImpeachmentDebate


Watching these Republicans in the #impeachmentDebate try to circumvent protections for whistle blowers makes me sick. Whistle blowers have anonymity for a reason and they know this. assholes

Sensenbrenner sounds like he is gargling on a Sausage McMuffin with Egg this morning #impeachmentDebate…

Sensenbrennar is telling boldfaced lies, that reps weren’t given a chance to prepare a defense, and they can’t get fact witnesses while ignoring that 45 won’t allow them to testify #impeachmentDebate

“If President Trump really could prove he is innocent, he would have made some effort to do so by now. If the President really does think the facts will exonerate him, why won’t he let those facts come out?” #ImpeachmentDebate…

i just woke up to rendon news and the fact that i’m typing this in lowercase let’s all do a round of applause for my incredible self-restraint

Minamino to Liverpool eh? Another Salzburg starlet off to Merseyside.

So #Minamino would cost less than what we sold Rafa #Camacho or Karbon #Steward for! Build this man a statue!


The Last Jedi was good and The Force Awakens was bad. The Last Jedi was good and The Force Awakens was bad. The Last Jedi was good and The Force Awakens was bad. I repeat this to myself every morning instead of shaving so the neck hair doesn’t even grow in the first place

Anthony Rendon - Los Angeles Angels

Rendon Signs with the Angels - Thanks for the Memories…


I’m very happy the Cubs won’t have to face Anthony Rendon six games every season anymore

With Rendon to the #Angels, time for the #Braves to step up and give Donaldson that 4th year… #Dodgers in on Rendon....kinda tough to be in on a guy you never even negotiate with.…

This is the absurd part. Rendon just cost money. Has anyone checked on the @Dodgers to see if the lights are still on over there? Times are clearly tough.…

Rendon to Angels for 245mil, 7 years. Trout and Rendon in the same lineup. Wow. Now if they could only pitch. #Mets fans should be happy, #Yankee fans? ho-hum. @WFAN660

Cards twitter: See bad contracts doesn't stop Angels from spending $245M. Makes no difference. Quietly Angels give up Will Wilson first round draft pick 2019 to clear Cozart's $12M before they make the Rendon deal. This is not a winning formula. #STLCards

Dorm mates of Tessa Majors, 18, tell me they are stunned. Say campus is very quiet. Many crying for first year student stabbed to death in a robbery in Morningside Park early Wednesday evening. @wcbs880 wcbs880


The Last Jedi was, in my opinion, far and away the best Star Wars movie and its so disheartening to see everyone involved in Rise of the Skywalker treat it like some big misstep

Joining Space Force to defend The Last Jedi from Disney itself

GOOD MORNING! tonight we are finally ending our star wars watch party journey with The Last Jedi!

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