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***NEW VIDEO*** EXTENSIVE damage in North Dallas, TX after overnight #tornado ripped through town. Here you can see part of a Home Depot completely tore apart. Stay tuned for more info on the severe weather and tornado reports. #TXwx #tornadodamage

Tonton kembali momen-momen penting dari hasil imbang 1-1 semalam dengan Liverpool di Old Trafford. #MUFC #MUNLIV

"I always wanted to play against Michael Vick," Jadeveon Clowney said after facing Lamar Jackson for the first time. @Matt_Calkins has more:

Robbie Eagles springboard dropkick to the knee is one of my favorite moves these days. Always well placed in the match, looks great, and sets up the Ron Miller Special

Can’t wait for Watchmen!. I’m a huge fan of leftovers, excited for lindleof doing this. I drew the team in pixels. Check out my kickstarter in bio. #pointandclick #adventuregames #lucasarts #games #gaming #kickstarter #indiedev #Watchmen #WatchmenHBO #AlanMoore #DamonLindelof


(Retweet) What an embarrassment to Utah Pontius Pilate A.K. Mitt is!He doesn’t have what it takes in this time of our history to be President. He is a Heretic a dissenter! Social media responds to Mitt Romney’s apparent Pierre Delecto Twitter account…

We have a better record than the Eagles,the Lions and the Chargers lmaooo

NFL Week 7 Awards: Is this the best photo ever taken of a NFL player?…


Hey Avery, maybe you should have talked to a lawyer before you married a Syrian #90DayFiance

100 Yard Rushing Games this season: Cook - 5 Elliott - 4 Fournette -3 Lamar Jackson - 3 McCaffery - 3 Carson - 3 Chubb - 2 Mack - 2 Lamar Jackson has the 3rd most 100 yard rushing games this season. 2019 NFL is going exactly how we thought it would.

Patrick Mahomes and Matt Ryan are injured. Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson are going into bye weeks. Here are the best replacement QB options for your fantasy team. @DannyBKelly:…

Doug Pederson right now...


Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was writing checks that Lane Johnson couldn't cash. Insufficient Funds: Please try again later....

Cowboys WR Amari Cooper: “Man, if I can ball out in the same game that Zeke balls out in, we’ll never lose.”

Amari Cooper's four games against the Eagles: 12-25-17) 3 receptions, 66 yards, TD 11-11-18) 6 receptions, 75 yards 12-09-18) 10 receptions, 217 yards, 3 TD 10-20-19) 5 receptions, 106 yards

More important than 100 yards rushing from Ezekiel Elliott or 100 yards receiving from Amari Cooper was the defense creating four turnovers that #Cowboys turned into 21 points - 11 more than in six previous games combined.

I’ll take a YOLO ball. Next time not to Tavon Austin tho

Yeah I don’t know why Dak would throw that Tavon Austin

We are nearly three minutes into the fourth quarter, and Zach Ertz just made his first catch of the game. One earlier was negated by a Lane Johnson penalty

I said after Green Bay that the Daniels/Whitehair swap was a mistake. Daniels had a great game vs Aaron Donald last year at LG. That should say a lot. Screw his future at C. And Whitehair was darn good at C.

Marvin Jones sets Lions record, joins select NFL company with another 4-TD catch day

FINAL: @Ravens take down the Seahawks in Seattle! #BALvsSEA #RavensFlock

Anyone remember that Ghostface lyric "Jay Cutler on dust"? Pretty sure he predicted Josh Allen with that.

WATCH: #Bills QB Josh Allen celebrates by launching ball into stands. Here's where that guy landed:

Ex-Cats in NFL report: Josh Allen 2 TFL, 1 sack for Jaguars in 27-17 win over Bengals; Za’Darius Smith 2 tackles for GB in 42-24 win over Raiders; Lonnie Johnson 7 tackles for Texans in 30-23 loss to Colts; Corey Peters 4 tackles, 1 sack for Arizona in 27-21 win over NY Giants

Can’t get the image of Aaron Donald lifting Devante Freeman by his shoulder pads out of my head.

Aaron Donald isn’t the only elite defender for the #Rams now! #NFL #NFL100 #LosAngeles #LAR


Cindy looked stunning for the #headies2019 last night #BBNaija


Kingsbury w/@PaulCalvisi postgame, "I thought Vance's (Joseph) plan was incredible"; added "(Peterson's return) was a huge boost" #AZvsNYG

The saddest thing about this Giants team is that even though they are absolutely abysmal, there are even worse teams who will steal the top draft picks from them. A team this bad deserves Chase Young. They won’t get him. They’re in no man’s land #AZvsNYG #GiantsPride  #NFL

Pugh w/@PaulCalvisi postgame, "We were able to get out there in space. Chase (Edmonds) made us look good." #AZvsNYG

Everyone knows I’m a Yankees fan that homerun walk off by altuve really really hurt. Tried to sleep it off I’m still sick to my stomach. Why not throw the fastball?

Not like he had my vote but Hillary caught up another one. Once again she never named Tulsi but so many tripping up to defend her. Bye bye Pete.…

good morning rhuhiiiiise and shine so wonderful to hear the news that Jose Altuve adopted 40 poor, desolate children from the Bronx last night what a good soul


Here’s how it looked from the Astros radio booth for Jose Altuve’s walk-off homer (via @raford3)

Lol Altuve really is Pablo Sanchez

America is losing its democracy! #RussianActiveMeasures & no one believes a prophet #Hillary, the Town Crier has spoken! Hear ye! Hear ye! #AMJoy #SundayThoughts #ImpeachtRump…

The magic that happened last night at #StarBoyFest should be a documentary on Netflix

Reigning king Atlanta United is moving on, Jordan Morris and Seattle Sounders prevail in a 7-goal thriller as the single-elimination format yielded its desired effect on the first day of the 2019 #MLSCupPlayoffs


Woke up this morning after a stressful, but very cool night at the ballpark. It’s not lost on me how cool it is that I get to be in the building for so many great moments. Jose Altuve has provided a bunch of those... excited to cover another World Series next week.

So Hillary’s chess move has the added benefit for me of eliminating candidates once and for all. Bye Beto, bye Mayor Pete...any Dem defending that Russian Stooge is done in my book.

To @realDonaldTrump Hillary continues to live rent free in your empty dark head.

Two pieces from late last night, in case you missed 'em: First, on José Altuve, baseball legend…

"Here can I sit alone, unseen of any, And to the nightingale's complaining notes Tune my distresses and record my woes." TGOV 4.5 #ShakespeareSunday


दक्षिण अफ्रीका के खिलाफ सीरीज में भारतीय टीम का धमाल, तीन खिलाड़ियों ने ठोंका दोहरा शतक. @imVkohli @ImRo45 @mayankcricket @BCCI @ICC #ViratKohli #INDvSA #RohitSharma #MayankAgarwal #IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia…

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