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#SurbhiChandna dons 'Captain America with K' look for #BhartiSingh & #Haarsh's Khatra Khatra Khatra; View Pics -… @SurbhiChandna

Premier's visit to America will prove vital for bilateral ties: FM Qureshi…


#ImpeachNow @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer Our country, Our democracy depends on it. History and We the people of the United States are watching.


Complete your streaming setup with this #PrimeDay Blue Yeti microphone sale.


Oferta Prime Day: Blink XT Sistema de cámaras de seguridad con detección de movimiento, instalación en paredes, vídeo HD, 2 años de autonomía y almacenamiento en el Cloud - 3 cámaras Link oferta: #PrimeDayAmazon #PrimeDay


Oferta Prime Day: Oral-B Genius 8000N Cepillo Eléctrico, Plata. Link oferta: #PrimeDayAmazon #PrimeDay


Wow - Amazon slashes Prime membership by £20 for #PrimeDay 2019…

Make #TylerC the next Bachelor. #TheBachelorette

Ok the way Luke keeps referring to Hannah, a grown woman, making adult choices, possibly having sex with one of the other guys as “slipping up” makes me want to punch him more than I already do. #thebachelorette

Martín Maldonado has been traded to the Cubs for pitcher Mike Montgomery.…

nobody wants to see #thefamilychantel and no one gives a damn about Kate....#90dayfiancetheotherway

So, June is just completely baked in her interviews, yes? #belowdeck #belowdeckmed #belowdeckmediterranean

I get it now. Mike Montgomery has infinity more upside than current fifth starter Glenn Sparkman. Two years of innings or a year plus prospects for a cheap rental is pretty good work.

Really happy to see Anastasia succeeding in the new gig. Good on ya, girl! #belowdeckmed #belowdeckmediterranean

Everyone must wear the proper footwear. #FlavorTownOrdinances


#BelowDeckMed but why they got Pantene in their shower?! That shit is straight wax on the hair. You’re spending thousands on a cruise. Least you can do is protect your hair and spend a decent amount on the integrity of your hair.

Tyler White pitches better than Framber Valdez.

People who put ketchup on scrambled eggs are banned for life #FlavorTownOrdinances #PassTheSalsa!

Every order of fries must include an “accidental” onion ring #FlavorTownOrdinances

Do you have any idea how much cooler it would have been to see Randy Orton get his revenge for getting busted open at Summerslam by going over on Brock instead of Brock vs Rollins again? The answer is; No, you don't, & that's why you suck. @wwe #RAW

This pace is how the #Fatal4Way should have gone. #RAW

#WWE #RAW#Fatal4Way Natalya bat Naomi - Carmella - Alexa Bliss et affrontera Becky Lynch © à #SummerSlam .


After that, Baron Corbin and Alexa Bliss need to be a mixed tag team. #RAW #Fatal4Way


Wow @ShannonMcGuirk_ talk at #MozCon is one of the strongest link building talks I've attended! As a Tech SEO, it's given me serious appreciation on the amount of internal processes and planning it takes to secure high authority coverage! Visit

Every quarter, the @airadigital team review every single campaign we've launched and place them on this matrix. It shows us trends and patterns which we can use for future campaigns. #mozcon


Don't forget to get a demo of our new #LocalMarketAnalytics at the #mozcon Moz Pro demo booth! It's time to sail into the future of local search!

.... et pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas l'histoire d'Alan Turing, (le nouveau visage des billets de £50, annoncé aujourd'hui) ...bon article qui vient de paraître dans Courrier International ... @courrierinter…

genuinely embarrassing living in a place where #RacistPresident is trending

It's never easy to cope with finding out that you're a racist. But if you still support the #RacistPresident, well...…

Donald Trump puts babies in cages. Donald Trump puts babies in cages. Donald Trump puts babies in cages. Donald Trump puts babies in cages. Donald Trump puts babies in cages. Donald Trump puts babies in cages. Donald Trump puts babies in cages. #RacistPresident

The next wave of digital success is where PR, content and SEO collide, says @ShannonMcGuirk_. The guy who has a PR degree, built content marketing and strategy programs and currently oversees SEO and PPC is feeling pretty stoked. (Hint: it's me) #mozcon

GO Zerlina, but here's the thing, if Kornacki perceived any of what Omar said as a 'personal attack on the President' what the hell are the GOP/Trump base going to say about her remarks? Brace yourselves, kids.. this will be the new distraction. #MondayMotivation #TheSquad @MSNBC

⚡️#RacistPresident trends on Twitter after Donald Trump's attack on congresswomen

It is rancid cowardice for GOP Members of Congress to privately call these four women and apologize but not denounce Trump in public. The Republican party is now synonymous with racism in the minds of a majority of Americans. It is indeed a sad day for America. #RacistPresident

FACT CHECK: Trump falsely accuses Rep. Ilhan Omar of praising al Qaeda

Fox News analyst slammed for saying Trump's "go back" tweets are "xenophobic" but not "racist"

If @EAMaddenNFL is any indication, the Redskins QB battle will come right down to the wire. MORE:


“Alcaida.” Only a person who hasn’t read any newspaper articles or briefing papers in the last 20 years would not know how to spell Al Qaeda.…

If Madden 20 sucks I’m officially becoming a Roblox youtuber and that’s that

The ONLY #2KRatings that matters...



Wait, today is gummy awareness day??? #mozcon

Miss Lindsey Graham call four Congresswomen Communists, Who's the One Kissing Putin and Kim Jung Un's Ass, president "Grab Them By The Pussy"!#VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

Sen. Lindsey Graham Won't Condemn Racist Trump Tweets, Calls Democratic Congresswomen 'A Bunch Of Communists'…


Lindsey Graham: "I Don't Care" If Migrants "Stay in These Facilities for 400 Days" | By Kevin Fitzpatrick…

Best seats in the house watching @ShannonMcGuirk_ rock the #MozCon stage!


Le hashtag #ripbianca ⬇️ (Faites attention à vous, internet est très dangereux rempli de psychopathe )


It don't surprise me that Lindsey Graham said that. He's from South Carolina. That's a racist State. That's why he is still in the Senate. He used John McCain to make it seem like he was moderate. His true colors are out there now. Hoping he gets voted out in 2020.…

What has the #ripbianca story taught you? Reply below

Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Lindsey Graham: 'Graham wants to bring back 1950s McCarthyism'…

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopic Casts Its Lead After Competitive Search for New Star… via @indiewire

Madden rated Trubisky worse than a QB with one more td passing than our SAFETY Eddie Jackson has total TDS... Okay

This Prime delivery truck was briefly blocked by picketers outside the Amazon fulfillment Center in Shakopee, MN on the afternoon of #AmazonPrimeDay #AmazonStrike


Golden Tate on Matthew Stafford: 'The guy can flat-out play' | Lions Wire via @thelionswire…

Do we also need a reminder of Donnie being first gen American? #SilenceEqualsCompliance


Racist scumbags are losing their shit because the majority of Americans find them vile and ignorant. They are not acceptable on social media. #socialmediaslavery


"I'm more comfortable being the head coach at #LSU." Ed O. #SECMD19


The current occupant of the White House uses hate and racism to cowardly (typical pathetic fake bully) hide behind the reality of his criminal and perverted behavior with friends like Epstein. We will not forget or be silent. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

Thank you @IAmSophiaNelson for reminding us how the current occupant of the White House uses hate and racism to cowardly hide behind the reality of his criminal and perverted behavior with friends like Epstein. We will not forget or be silent. #SilenceEqualsCompliance…

DVD copies of Paul Blart Mall Cop #WeirdThingsToBuyInBulk

So, even though the president is spouting racism online without being held even the least bit accountable, and the fact that people of color represent a small fraction of government, media, education — conservatives are being “silenced”. HELL NO. #socialmediaslavery is a lie.

Brit Hume is the Tomi Lahren of David Dukes.

Area 51? Nah fam I'm busy. #Area51


When u get knocked out at Area 51 and this the first thing u see

my Area 51 alien after introducing it to uk garage

We are a family of foreigners, but we’ve never been told to “go back to where we came from.” I wonder why. #racism #RacistInChief


#SilenceEqualsCompliance this is how American presidents use to speak to inspire. 45 is here to stoke fear just like passionately did with @POTUS44 with #Birtherism #TrumpIsARacist #RacistTrump #RacistInChief

So now we know what the #RacistInChief 2020 campaign slogan will be: Fuck it I'm a racist. @cspanwj


Top 5 thrillers I have watched in cricket: Chennai Test 1999 WC Final 2019 Birmingham Test 2005 WC semi-final 1999 434 ODI in Johannesburg #CWC19Final

#CWC19 #CWC19Final Kane Williamson named captain of ICC’s Team of the Tournament for World Cup 2019…

بوبي لاشلي يقوم بتنفيذ دفعة جبارة لبرون سترومان على طاولة التعليق #ExtremeRules

.@josbuttler celebrates the World Cup win with his wife & daughter. #CWC19Final


Che partita incredibile hanno giocato ieri @rogerfederer e @DjokerNole?!? Per capirlo basta guardare questo scambio: il più lungo di sempre in una finale maschile a #Wimbledon! #tennis #WimbledonFinal

“Un match del quale lo scriba, che ha passato la vita al tennis, non ricorda l’eguale”. Che gioia leggere #GianniClerici, oggi più che mai #WimbledonFinal #FedererVsDjokovic


In addition to legislation and enforcement, what are the human skills we all need to foster such a world?… #MondayMotivation #ALGNGA

PM Theresa May is doing what Republicans won't do. Condemn #RacistInChief #DonaldTrump for racist attacks on four freshmen lawmakers of color. “The language that was used to refer to these women was completely unacceptable,” her office told CNN.

Apart from JD liking Baron attacking Becky (wrong) he also thinks they should do Brock v Kofi at SunmerSlam to unify the tiles with Kofi going over. Oh dear. He must know if that happens WWE will give us #Brocky2Belts - which surely he doesn't want. #ExtremeRules

Hallan muerto a un actor que participó en Seinfeld y LA Law (+Foto) #LaIguanaTV

Don't know why this America/UK divide exists but it does. Maybe US feminists are more extreme. For example in tennis the US Open gave women equal pay in 1973. Wimbledon did it in 2007. Not much of a difference. #ExtremeRules

Now we have a conflict of interest within @WWE #Raw. @HeymanHustle is the #WWE Executive Director of Monday nights but he's also the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed, Universal Heavyweight Champion @BrockLesnar. #ExtremeRules #AndNew

Mi parte favorita de #BigLittleLies es como están empeñadas en encubrir un crimen comportándose de la forma más sospechosa posible.

I #VoteVako for MLS Player of the Week!

Unpopular opinion When is someone going to stand up and say this new female James Bond is a load of bollocks?? The clue is in the title, James Bond is a man, stuff this equality shit! It's a flipping film character! What next? Cinders a male, Jaws 4 as a dolphin! Get a grip ffs

não posso ver uma tag que já quero biscoito #issaLGBTQ


It’s #InternationalNonBinaryDay and I’m over here figuring out if I can get like a free sundae somewhere.

Lashana Lynch será 007 em novo longa da franquia, diz jornal britânico…

Reports say Lashana Lynch, a black British actress, will be the next 007


What a day in the sporting history! Of glorious uncertainty and the mystery. A decider super rover, Marathon tie-breaker. The real fans of the sports can claim the victory. #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final #WimbledonFinal @bibekdebroy

Meanwhile on the international grass market... Golden green :) #WimbledonFinal #Wimbledon #Wimbledon2019 #NoleFam #Djokovic #DjokovicFederer #ATPTour #tennis #Nole #legend #GOAT


Mahrez a fait fermer sa gueule à tout ses détracteurs ❤️ ( dédicace à El Heddaf)

The War of 13-12: Federer had the edge in every stat except the scoreline. How Djokovic found his best when it mattered most, and prevailed in a shell-shocking #WimbledonFinal…

I hope ICC learns something from today's #WimbledonFinal Federer and Djokovic kept playing until there was a clear winner. In case of a tie, the person who hit more aces didn't win. There must be hard earned victory. #CWC19 #ENGvsNZ #NZvsENG

I completely get why all who stood on two legs or four furry ones were glued and hooked. What a match!!! My hearts a bit broken but a great guy still won #WimbledonFinal #FedererDjokovic #legends #bestmatchever…

La final de Wimbledon causó sensación tras la llegada de estos dos vengadores de Marvel (+fotos) #WimbledonFinal #WIMBLEDONxESPN -…


I love that, when faced with the possiblity of pissing off racists by casting a black man to play James Bond, they decided to piss off misogynists, too. Not a huge James Bond movie person, but this one I'll be sure to see in theaters.…

#IntrovertsUnite This is lovely. Just a safe, if public space. I remember the morning I realized I was done with the human race. We hadn't saved the world and we weren't going to. So far things are following most of my predictions. After decades of talking about it I quit.

Lashana Lynch, Mulher Preta, 007. O louco disso tudo é que o Idris Elba desistiu pq disse que não iria aguentar a pressão por ser negro. Idris você é Rei, meu querido. Mas Lashana Lynch pisou em cima dos machistas e racistas para sempre.


Trade season is starting to heat up. Today, the Oakland A's acquired Homer Bailey from the Royals. @BReis__ has the details…

The Oakland Athletics have acquired Homer Bailey from the Kansas City Royals. A long time Cincinnati Red, Bailey has had a bit of a resurgence this year following multiple Tommy John surgeries. #Royals #Athletics

Ex-Dodger great Homer Bailey gets traded from Royals to Oakland.

Everything you need to know about the #Athletics newest pitcher.…

Why’s this dude Homer Bailey look like an old, white @miggygmouse23 from an alternate timeline?


England need 242 runs only. #CWC19Final

இங்கிலாந்து - 16/0 (ஓவர் 4.0) --------------------------------------- #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final #CWC19 #England #NewZealand #Worldcupcricket ஜேசன் ராய் - 13 ஜானி பேர்ஸ்டோவ் - 2

Trent Boult making Jason Roy look more like Jason Donovan at times #CWC19Final #ENGVSNZ #CWC19


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Blue #AddBlueToAMovie

“The fact that Federer and Serena are the exact same age as me is such a great reminder that I still got it,” I say through a mouth filled with donut holes.

Milli Savunma Bakanlığı: Irak kuzeyinde devam eden Pençe-2 Harekâtı’na havadan destek veren ATAK taarruz helikopterlerimiz tespit edilen PKK terör örgütü hedeflerini imha etti.

#IfMyCouchCouldTalk It would tell me to stay the fuck away from Taco Bell.

“I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” James Baldwin #congresswomen #goback #trump #ICEraid #pence #Christians #DetentionCenters etc.

Irak kuzeyinde devam eden Pençe-2 Harekâtı’na havadan destek veren ATAK taarruz helikopterlerimiz tespit edilen PKK terör örgütü hedeflerini imha etti.

‘I had no time for emotions’: Halep on her fearless defeat of Williams…

Yeah, #FightForTheFallen was way too long. Not really bad or anything, but waaaaaay too stretched out for my liking.

#AddBlueToAMovie Lord of the Rings: The Blue Towers

Last thing on #FightForTheFallen, you can criticize AEW for a plethora of things, but the one thing that was and is undeniable after tonight...they kick the WWE's ass in terms of tag-team wrestling. It isn't close and tonight was a great showcase of that. #EVOLVE131

If for some reason you did miss @AEWrestling's #FightForTheFallen, you can catch it on-demand with unlimited replays till August 28th, only on @FiteTV in the UK & Ireland:……

Tomorrow's MSM headlines "Toxic alt-right embraces Scarlett Johansson into their bigotry and misogynist ways"


Kenny Omega changed the 'Bang' to 'boing' in his closing 'Goodbye And Good Night' remarks, noting the gun violence issue. Classy move on his part. #FightForTheFallen

Guys I really don’t think we should break in Area 51. How would you feel if someone broke into your home? #alienprivacymatters #area51

Alguien se prende para acompañarme a la invasión del area 51??

forget area 51, I'm going to area 69.

I don’t think anyone will actually show up for the Area 51 raid but on the other hand it seems 100% inevitable that there will eventually be the world’s first ironic massacre so who knows

When I hear alien poop is gonna be on sale at Area 51. Me:

The scary thing is that everybody knew Pence was coming, so they picked the "best" concentration camp they presented it the "best" way possible.…

BREAKING: Power restored to all 73K customers in midtown Manhattan blackout, Con Edison says

THE MACHINE! @PujolsFive blasts a three-run HR and the Angels lead is now 9-2! #TheHaloWay

“YOU ARE NO LONGER STRANGERS” Christians believe that when you come to my home, “You are no longer strangers & aliens, but you are fellow citizens & members of the household of God” (Ephesians 2:19) True men of faith know God. I think Pence knows Trump #MikePence #Christian

Tomorrow, on Sunday July 14th, 2019, VP Mike Pence will attend a church service. He’ll kneel, pray, do the whole sermon thing, praying for the poor, most vulnerable, and the disenfranchised. It’s a farce. Mike Pence is a demon ghoul trying to be an angel. FUCK HIM!!

Albert Pujols with a three-run homer to left and the #Angels are up 9-2 in the seventh.

Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels (14) 3-run

one two scarlett johansson four five

Pence spends the rest of his life in detention centers as a janitor.…

If this doesn't convince you of how morally bankrupt, Trump, Pence and the whole damn Republican Party is, nothing will.…

Cut to June 2021. President Elizabeth Warren calls Meryl Streep to wish her a happy birthday. Meryl replies: you too, POTUS. Add that to your list of reasons to knock doors + make #PresidentElizabethWarren a reality.

According to @VP Pence this is what it looks like to be “treated well.” I will NEVER stop protesting this.…

#Dear Pence, Isaiah 56:7 Even those I will bring to My holy mountain And make them joyful in My house of prayer Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples." #PenceIsNotAChristian

We let ScarJo get away with playing a character who was neither Black nor a widow and it went to her head.

Elated to announce I shall be playing Scarlett Johansson in an upcoming Lifetime biopic.

"And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man." ~John 1:51 #Faith #Bible #Jesus

皆さん13日間お疲れ様でした(・∀・) 無事に雪歩&エレナ1000位入ることが出来ました\('ω')/


On his birthday, Angels put no-hitter ball in Skaggs' locker. @joereedy

me whacking scarjo like a piñata until she understands that she's not the only one who needs jobs, that she's actively taken work from minorities, and that meaningful representation in film is important asmr

Simona Halep venció a Serena Williams y conquistó su primera corona -…


Twins’ Max Kepler, Jake Cave provide big blows in win over Indians


The California #earthquake was phase one and the New York City #blackout is phase two of the plan to raid Area 51.

[気象庁情報]14日 12時24分頃 奄美大島近海(N27.9/E129.9)にて 最大震度1(M3.7)の地震が発生。 震源の深さは60km。( ) #saigai #jishin #earthquake

New York's power is coming back after Manhattan spent hours in the dark #HurricaneBarry #earthquake #Blackout You can keep this #trifecta…

■■緊急地震速報(最終報)■■ 奄美大島近海で地震 最大震度 2(推定) [詳細] 2019/07/14 12:24:14発生 M3.8 深さ60km #earthquake #緊急地震速報

■■緊急地震速報(第5報)■■ 奄美大島近海で地震 最大震度 2(推定) [詳細] 2019/07/14 12:24:14発生 M3.8 深さ60km #earthquake #緊急地震速報

■■緊急地震速報(第4報)■■ 奄美大島近海で地震 最大震度 2(推定) [詳細] 2019/07/14 12:24:14発生 M3.8 深さ60km #earthquake #緊急地震速報

■■緊急地震速報(第1報)■■ 奄美大島近海で地震 最大震度 2(推定) [詳細] 2019/07/14 12:24:14発生 M3.7 深さ60km #earthquake #緊急地震速報

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid: "Thou shalt grab 'em by the p*ssy." (See also: #FakeChristian)


My daughter, Walter, is so dramatic. #Caturday


Thou shall not have border security or any wall along the border #ThingsJesusNeverSaid…

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